Discovering a Hidden Treasure Chapter 4

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"Hello, dear. How are you feeling today?" Elizabeth Devereux asked as she kissed her daughter's cheek.

"We are doing well, Mother," Helen informed her, taking a seat at the table that had been reserved for them. It was getting harder and harder for her to sit down. She only had a few more weeks before their precious baby made her appearance.

"How is my grandchild?" Elizabeth asked, taking a drink of her wine.

"She is growing by leaps and bounds," she replied, rubbing her belly fondly.

Elizabeth smiled at her daughter fondly. In the last few months, they had been meeting once a week for lunch. George still hadn't said another word to his eldest child, but Elizabeth would never turn her back on her child. No matter what her husband demanded her to do. She was not his puppet to string along and she would be damned if she was going to miss the birth of her first grandchild.

"How is your Sirius?" she asked her daughter, as she looked over the menu.

Helen smiled. The more time she spent with him, she became more in love with the man. She didn't think it was possible. He treated her like a Queen and she could tell that he would treat their daughter like a princess.

"He's doing well, but he's hovering. He won't let me do a damn thing, no matter what it is! He's hired more maids. There's one for cleaning, one for cooking, one for the yard work. He's even hired one for when the baby comes, to help around the house," she replied, exasperated.

"Darling, he's just trying to take care of you. At least he's not like your father was and just leaves the house until there is a decision to be made. Then he shows up and demands that his way is the only way," her mother said, sounding slightly bitter.

The waiter showed up just then, taking their orders.

"True. How is Father doing?" Helen asked, not really caring, but knowing it was proper to inquire about one's spouse.

"Your father is your father," she replied, waving off her daughter's question. She didn't want to talk about George Devereux.

"He's not still giving you trouble about seeing me, is he?" the younger woman asked, rubbing her belly.

"Your father can try and keep me from you until he turns blue in the face. You are my oldest daughter and pregnant with my first grandchild. It may not be under the circumstances that I would have liked, but I will always support you. Your father can either get behind it or miss out on the wonderful things that are coming," Elizabeth assured her daughter, squeezing one of her hands, causing Helen to tear up.

"Thank you, Mother," she said, smiling.

"Think nothing of it," the older woman said, reaching out and taking a drink from her wine glass. "Now, have you thought of any names for our little lamb?"


"How's Helen holding up, Padfoot?" James asked one of his best friends as he put the finishing touches on some paperwork from a case they had been working on.

"She's bloody miserable," Sirius admitted, running his hand over his face. "She's been moving things around the nursery several times a day, even though she can barely move. The poor dear is waddling everywhere she goes."

James laughed loudly, drawing attention from their boss.

"Potter! I see nothing funny about a murder case! Get back to work!" Alistar Moody, their boss, barked at the Marauder.

"Sorry, Sir," the Potter heir replied, not sounding sorry at all. Turning back to Sirius he grinned. "You better not let Helen or Lily hear you say anything about her waddling."

"Oh, I learned that the hard way," Sirius admitted, grinning. "I got a good whack on the back of my head for that screwup."

"What happened? How are you still alive?" His friend wanted to know.

"I went and bought every bar of chocolate and all the children's books I could find. It ended up being one of the best nights I've had in a long time," he answered, a sly smile playing on his lips.

James laughed again, being cautious to keep it down. "Only another week until she's supposed to have the baby, right?"

Sirius nodded, closing the file that was in front of him. "Yes, our baby girl should make her appearance in a week or so. I'm so excited to see our princess, but I'm going to miss seeing Helen carrying my child."

"I get that. I can't wait until my Lily flower is carrying our little Prongslet." James replied, a faraway smile on his face.

Before Sirius could reply, a wisp of silver rushed in the room and paused right in front of him. "Sirius! Get to the hospital! Helen's water has broken!" the doe exclaimed in Lily's voice.

Sirius shot up, knocking his chair over and all of the papers off of his desk in the process. "She's…. It's….what….where…..what do I do? It's too early. The baby is going to come out too early and look like my mother. Oh, Merlin, Helen's having my mother!"

James chuckled as he stood up, taking a hold of his best friend's shoulders and heading towards the door. "Moody, Sirius is about to have a baby. We'll be gone for the next few days."

"Just don't make a mess while you're at it," Moody grumbled, shooing them out the door.

James apperated them to the alley near the muggle hospital where Helen was having the baby. They were using a squib doctor just in case there were any issues with accidental magic from the baby. Sirius said that rarely happened, but neither one of them wanted to take any chances.

After sending a patronus off to Remus and Peter to let them know the baby was on its way, James led a silent Sirus to the elevator.

"Padfoot," James called, waving his hand in front of his friends' eyes. Sirius just stood there, staring at the closed door. "Padfoot! Okay, you'll thank me for this later." James pulled his arm back and punched Sirius in the face.

"Bloody hell, James! What the hell was that for? And why are we in an elevator?" Sirius shouted, holding his face.

"I punched you to wake you up. We are in an elevator because Helen's water broke,"

"What?" Sirius exclaimed trying to open the elevator door.

"Padfoot! Calm the hell down, you idiot!" James exclaimed. "You have got to calm down before we go in there. This is about Helen, not about you."

"Hey, that's my baby too," the Black heir started.

"Yes, she is, but you aren't about to push a watermelon out of your vagina! She is! You have to pull your head out of your arse and go in there and be there for her! Do you understand me?" James exclaimed.

Sirius closed his eyes and took several deep breaths just as the elevator doors opened. "I can do this. For Helen, I can do anything. Thanks, Prongs."

"Of course. That's what I'm here for," he replied, grinning. "Let's go have a baby!"

The elevator doors opened to reveal a stark white lobby area. The two friends walked up to the reception window and inquired about the status of Helen. They were then informed of her room number, which they quickly scurried to. Sirius opened the door and the quiet muteness of the lobby turned into screaming pandemonium. Helen looked over at the door as it opened and stopped hollering as the contraction ended.

"Oh, Sirius. I'm so glad you're here. I thought you wouldn't make it," she said gently, a few tears escaping her eyes.

"I wouldn't miss this for the world, love. Our precious princess is about to enter our world and I can't wait. Are you doing alright? Is there anything I can do for you?"

James looked on the scene fondly. He liked Helen. She was smart, witty, and could definitely keep up with the Marauder Mischief. Sirius treated her like a Queen and Helen treated Sirius like a King. They were perfect for each other and James was glad to see Sirius stepping up and putting someone else first for a change. And now, he was about to have a little girl to spoil.

"I'm fine, love. Just tired. She's stubborn, just like her daddy. She wanted to come out but I think she's changed her mind," Helen replied, grabbing Sirius' hand as a smaller contraction started.

Sirius looked to the squib doctor. "Is there something wrong? Why isn't the baby coming?"

The doctor smiled kindly and said "Lord Black, Helen here has only been here about an hour. It takes many more than that to finish the deal. I'd expect at least 15 more hours of labor before the little lass is ready for her debut."

Sirius paled and looked at Helen, who also looked slightly pale, not at all liking the thought of 15 more hours of contractions.

It was more than 15 hours. It was more than 25 hours. Helen went through 37 hours of strenuous labor before their little lamb was born with a full head of short, loose, dark curls and the brownest eyes with just a sprinkling of gold flecks. Sirius looked down at his daughter in Helen's arms and smiled

"Welcome to the world, Hermione Cassiopeia Black."

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