So, this is more of a profile for my OC. This one shot includes her backstory, how she met the ninja, her family life, daily life throughout the season, and then basics like appearance and personality. I also explain and give a somewhat short summary of what Livs role was in each season. I might do other profile one-shots for the other ninja along with a timeline headcanon that I have. Because it's about time someone pinned down the show's timeline (Along with these ages, but that's another battle for another day).

Liv Harlow Garmadon.

Birth day: December 30

Age: 15 (older than Lloyd by a minute)

Gender: Female. She/Her

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Eye color: Jade green with strawberry red flecks

Siblings: Lloyd Garmadon (twin)

Parents: Misako and Garmadon… Garmadon

Zodiac: Capricorn

Name meaning: Liv=Life Harlow=army Garmadon=giver of darkness.

True potential: not unlocked

Weapon: daggers

Element: dark energy/matter

Focus season: 8 - 9

Stealth: 10/10

Intelligence: 7/10

Agility: 8/10

Strength: 8/10

Speed: 7/10

Stamina: 6/10

Social skills: 5/10

Humor: 7/10

Empathy: 9/10

attitude: 4/10

Patience: 7/10

Backstory: set throughout the pilot episodes of ninjago.

So, Garmadon and Misako actually had two kids. Twins, matter of fact. Liv Harlow Garmadon is the older twin by a minute. Garmadon was angry when he found out that Misako planned on abandoning Lloyd when she found out he was the green ninja. So when Garmadon was banished to the underworld, he had taken Liv with him. So Misako took Lloyd, and dropped him off at Darklys boarding school for bad boys while she tried to find a way to stop the prophecy of the Green Ninja.

Liv unlocks her powers over Dark energy at the age of six. And Garmadon, who is still set on recreating Ninjago in his image to be with his wife and son, decides that with the help of his daughter, he can tip the scales of balance between Darkness and light.

So Garmadon teaches Liv how to use her powers from a young age. And by the time she's ten, Garmadon sends her to a remote village in Ninjago with Samukai, in an attempt to spark her interest in taking over Ninjago.

So Samukai takes Liv to Ninjago and feeds her lies to spark her rage. Liv ends up listening to Samukai, and gives into her fear and lies. Liv destroys the village. When the dust settles, and Liv can see the full extent of her destruction, she's terrified and overwhelmed, and blames her father for encouraging her destructive capabilities.

Samukai takes her back to the underworld, and Garmadon considers the trip a success. Liv keeps quiet about her fear of her powers and pretends that nothing is wrong while she plans to run away. She hasn't used her powers since.

Two weeks after the destruction of the village, Garmadon sends his skeletons to Ninjago in an attempt to steal the golden weapons from the ninja. This is also when the ninja have just retrieved three out of the four golden weapons, and are about to get the sword of is also when Liv sneaks onto Samukai's monster truck and leaves the underworld.

From there, Liv is drawn to the beauty of Ninjago in contrast to the underworld. Using a map that she'd stolen from the skeletons, Liv finds and stays in Jamonikai village.

Garmadon flees from the underworld when the ninja arrive to stop him. This is where he ends up in the realm of madness. He is tempted to go to ninjago instead to find his runaway daughter, but thinks better of it and hopes that Wu finds her. Once he gets to the realm of madness, he is happy he decided not to go after Liv, as the realm is no place for a child. The ninja, as seen in the show, counts this as a half victory. Because while Garmadon is gone, he is not defeated.

Three days after Garmadon escapes to the realm of madness. Liv runs into her uncle, Sensei Wu. Wu, who had been searching for his niece after Garmadon left the underworld, offers Liv to stay with him and the ninja, but Liv declines. Opting for a life of travel and wonder. Wu respects the decision, but still stops by Jamonikai village every day to give Liv food, water, clothes, money, and, upon suggestion, Wu brings Liv a pair of color contacts to hide her strawberry red eyes. Liv is even more thankful for the brown eyed contacts when she sees the ninja.

Family life

Liv has a rocky relationship with her mother, Misako. Even though she is happy to a certain extent that Misako did not tell Lloyd about her. She is more upset with the fact that if she did Lloyd doesn't remember. And the reason he doesn't remember is because Misako left him.

When Liv unlocked her powers when she was six, Garmadon thought that she could help him create Ninjago in his image. He thought Liv could tip the scales between darkness and light. So, in an attempt to spark Livs interest in taking over Ninjago, he sends her to a remote village in Ninjago. Liv is overwhelmed by the powers she has, and is mentally scarred by the damage she caused. Liv doesn't use powers unless she has to after that day. And blames her father for encouraging her destruction.

Liv just avoids her parents on the whole.

Season one.

Three months later the ninja came to Jamonikai, thinking that Lord Garmadon had returned. Liv doesn't intervene when Lloyd is hung from the roof until after the ninja have left. She offers Lloyd to stay with her, he reluctantly agrees.

Liv had taken up residence at the top of a small mountain near Jamonikai. The mountain was easy to climb and gave Liv a beautiful view of the small village. On the small mountain was a large cherry tree. Another reason Liv chose to live there. The set up Liv has for her home under the cherry tree is simple. Wu had made her a small tent, the tent was placed under the cherry tree. In the tent were a sleeping bag, a pillow and a few extra thick blankets for winter, the map of Ninjago she'd taken from her father, string lights she'd made, a portable lamp, art tools, and lastly, food and water. There were also a few string lights strone around the cherry tree by her and Wu.

While Lloyd is with Liv, she uses her middle name, Harlow, and brown eyed contacts. She doesn't tell Lloyd who she is because she thinks that he would be unsafe with her, she doesn't want to accidentally hurt him with her powers or for him to think she's a freak. A week after Lloyd came to stay with her, he tells her about his plans to release the serpentine to get revenge on the ninja.

Liv is reluctant to leave Jamonikai. And while she doesn't know or trust the ninja, she isn't a fan of Lloyd wanting revenge. Lloyd leaves by himself four days later. During Wu's next visit, Liv caves and tells him about Lloyd's plans for revenge. Wu convinces Liv to come with him to warn the ninja of the coming trouble.

From there, Liv works with the ninja, and becomes close friends with Jay. She stays with the ninja until Lloyd is brought aboard, and after a long night with Wu, Liv decides to leave the ninja and continue to explore Ninjago. She doesn't leave, however, until the ninja, Nya, and Wu sworn not to tell Lloyd anything about her. Liv leaves the destiny's bounty and returns to Jamonikai village. Where, thankfully, her tent and cherry tree are untouched.

When Lloyd is captured, Liv goes back to the ninja to help rescue him. But when her father is brought aboard, she keeps her distance and rarely speaks to him. She leaves once Lloyds is safe, but makes her father promise not to tell Lloyd about her. Liv doesn't help fight the Great Devour, instead, she helps get the people away from the battle and to safety.

Season two

Liv continues her life of exploration. And Jay sometimes sneaks out to join her. Liv doesn't know how she feels about the whole tomorrow's tea incident. And tried to keep her distance from her father.

When Misako joins the mix, Liv doesn't want anything to do with her after she left both Lloyd and her. And Liv is very successful in avoiding her. But after some convincing from Jay and Wu, Misako meets Liv in Jamonikai and they talk. They're relationship is still pretty rocky, but Liv goes with Misako to the city, deciding to explore the wonders of Ninjago city.

The stone warriors pose a problem when Liv is forced to flee the city with the ninja. Thankfully she still wears her brown eyed contacts. But Lloyd remembers Liv as his friend from Jamonikai who helped him down from the roof. The girl named Harlow. He even introduces her to the ninja, Nya, Misako, and Wu. Who all just play along.

Liv decides to go back to Jamonikai once it's safe, but Jay doesn't let her leave until she's taken a comm link. In case they ever need her help. When the ninja go to the dark island, Liv stays in Ninjago, keeping the people safe. When the overlord sends his dark matter bombs that corrupted everyone in the city, Liv is unaffected by the matter because of her powers. She helps get as many people as possible indoors, but is eventually unable to resist the dark matter and is corrupted.

When Garmadon is purged of evil, the first thing he does is ask Wu, in private, we're Liv was. Wu tells him that she was in Jamonikai, Garmadon goes to see her, but Liv refuses to talk to him. Still scarred from his old ways of destruction.

Season three

Since Lloyd was always off accepting awards and doing Golden ninja stuff, Liv spends a lot more time with the ninja. She expertly avoids her father, no matter how many times Jay tries to talk her into it. She doesn't avoid her mother as much, but still stays clear of both.

She also tried to stay clear of Jay and Cole when the whole perfect match thing came up. Nya often came to Liv for advice. Liv was uncomfortable with the new level Jay and Cole reached in their battle over Nya, and Liv eventually told Nya to choose neither of them.

When the overlord returns, Liv waits until her father and Lloyd have fled the city before she begins to help the ninja. She went with them to take out the power, and even helped them wipe the overlord from the digiverse. When Lloyd was rescued and brought back, Liv made a swift escape.

The loss of Zane is a smack in the face for Liv. She hadn't realized the threat of death was a thing when it came to the ninja because they had survived so much. She keeps a close watch on her brother after that, and has less and less time to do her own interests and exploring.

Season four

Liv was devastated when the ninja spit. And visits Lloyd as Harlow a few times. But since Lloyd lives with Garmadon, Wu, and Misako, Liv couldn't stay with them. Jay was still Liv's best friend, so she decided to move in with him.

Liv didn't participate in the tournaments of elements. Refusing to use her powers in any form of fighting. Instead, she tries to help the ninja from the samurai X cave with Nya, Wu, and Misako.

Liv fought in the corridor of elders as Harlow, but never got the chance to say goodbye to her father.

Season five

When Lloyd is possessed by Morro, Liv is working hard and endlessly to save him that the ninja often had to force her to rest. Since Liv doesn't rely on her powers like the others, she's an asset for the team. This season reminds Liv just how fast things can change. And Liv makes the tough call to devote all her focus on Lloyd — and the ninjas, protection.

She still doesn't tell him who she is.

This season is when Liv really cracks down on life and follows the ninja. Camping out near the bounty and checking in with them once a week. Her mission to explore the whole of Ninjago is replaced by a new one to protect her family. And sometimes, the ninja question if this is for better or for worse.

Season six

With the ninja being together a lot in this season, Liv doesn't help out until after Lloyd is captured. But she does help Nya and Jay get to safety. She's the last to be captured by Nadakhans sword after trying to wish away her powers. Like everyone else besides Jay and Nya, Liv doesn't remember this.

Season seven

Once again, the ninja are closely knit in this season. Giving Liv little room to help out without being noticed by Lloyd. But when she starts to get back into her habit of exploring, Wu disappears. And Liv is heartbroken.


blond, wavy hair that is almost always in a long braid. She has natural scarlet eyes but as she got older her eyes turned to more of a greenish color with specs of red. Her skin is slightly pale from living in the underworld for so long. Liv usually wears a violet sweater and leggings for easy mobility.

Gi style:

So, the base color is black with a violet sash around her waist and chest. The violet sash has jade green accents and trims. Livs gi also has a short black skirt that parts right down the middle so she can run easily. The skirt has a violet trim. The sleeves of Livs gi are also black with once again violet sash tied around her arms and hands. Livs gi has no gloves. Lastly we have her ninja mask. For her ninja mask, think of season three. Her mask only covers her mouth. The mask is black.


Dark energy. Her powers are the exact opposite of Lloyd's. Whereas Lloyd's powers are green energy, pure and creative. Liv's powers are dark and destructive. Hence she has more of a restraint on herself than the other elemental masters. She is slightly immune to the effects of dark matter and can sometimes control it, or strip it from someone.

Dragon/Oni balance:

Liv leans more on the Oni side. With her powers of dark energy, she has more Oni blood than dragon.


Liv is a very curious person. She has a fascination for the night and is always looking for something new to see or do. Liv can be very fun and wild or she can be serious and calm. She's seen her family get hurt too many times too, and her fun, curious mentality slowly faded into the background.

Fighting style:

Liv doesn't rely on her power, therefore if she loses them she's not disadvantaged. Liv is very agile due to her years of sneaking around. She prefers daggers for close proximity combat. And if she is left with no other option, she will use her power to form her elemental dragon, or she will use her powers in defense or the protection of others.


Chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and strawberry berries is Liv's all time favorite food. She loves fuzzy socks and exploring. Liv would draw and sometimes paint the landscapes she explores. She is also prone to journal everyday. Liv has tons of journals that she writes in everyday. Liv likes training and clear sky's. She prefers sunsets over sunrises. Sometimes, if she's in the mood, Liv likes to go out and dance or play in the rain, sometimes dragging Nya out with her. Her favorite color is violet, but she tries to keep that a secret. Liv prefers fruity drinks and loves lemonade, herbal tea and nature movies.


Liv isn't perfect, no one is. Here's her imperfect traits

When she gets nervous or uncomfortable, Liv tends to twirl her hair around her fingers, or any type of fabric or ribbon. Sometimes while she's in deep thought, she twirls a small ribbon of dark energy around her fingers. But it's more of a subconscious thing.

When trying to stall or avoid a certain topic, Liv likes to bring up things she's already said or talked about, or she just puts "uh" or "um" in front of every word until you forgot what you wanted to ask her, or get annoyed and drop the conversation entirely.

For a ninja, she tries her hardest to refrain from fighting with her powers. Instead, she focuses more on her ability to use any weapon, she prefers daggers. But sometimes uses her powers as a defense mechanism. Ex: shield, small orbs, elemental dragon, etc... But because she doesn't use her powers that much, she hasn't unlocked her true potential like the others.

Liv is very anxious sometimes, and can be very closed off. After Zane died, Liv became a little more involved with the ninja and watched them more. When Lloyd was possessed she snapped and focused only on the safety of her friends and brother.


When someone leaves a bit of ice cream in the tub. Or when somebody decides to crush her high scores in video games. Liv hates talking about her past with her father and when someone leaves water on the floor (it makes her fuzzy socks wet). Liv has mixed feelings about rain. She either loves it or she despises it. It really just depends on her mood. If she catches you snooping through her journals, prepare to run. And lastly, she loathes her powers and their destructive capabilities.