3rd person POV note

While they never asked the bookkeeper's name was Christine. Christine raised Violet like her own daughter with the help of the millions of dollars that Jay left her. She published the book that Nick had written and Jay had finished. She published it with the author as Nick and Jay Gatsby which she knew Jay would hate but Nick would love. She smiled every time she looked at the cover thinking about the two interesting dynamics. The cover was actually the picture Jay had drew of him and Nick. When she read it, it all made sense why they had all the money that they did. She looked often at the ring Jay had given her shortly before he had killed himself. She decided to keep the ring until Violet got a partner in life. Violet lived happily with Christine and when Jay didn't return during the week that followed she began to ask Christine more and more frequently where her daddy went. Eventually, Christine had to tell Violet that her daddy had joined her dad in heaven. She cried for weeks because this was the second family she had lost completely. She grew very close to Christine who never got married. Violet learned to read fluently in two years. Violet had little to devote her time to so she enjoyed reading more than many things in her life. When she finally learned the complete and final truth about her dads she cried even more. She hated that her daddy was selfish enough to kill himself to join Nick but leave her alone without a family. Sure, Violet began to call Christine her mom but it was never the same relationship she had with Jay and Nick. She had thought about killing herself to join her fathers but couldn't do that to Christine who had only had her in her life. She wasn't going to follow in her daddy's footsteps like that. She did follow in Jay's footsteps by joining the same gang that Jay had been in. They respected her last name and despite being a woman she was fierce. She came to gain respect as she showed her strength and power. She eventually started to date another man who was in the gang when she turned 22. They were both scared of each other because they both knew if they messed up they would blow each other up but they both loved each other so it was worth the risk. Violet took him home one night and while Christine didn't love him she knew that Violet was happy. When he asked for her hand in marriage almost a year later Christine gave him the ring Jay had given to her all the years ago. He asked where it was from and she said he needed to read 'The Great Gatsby' and 'The Great Gatsby's' which would explain what she has been through. She suggested he do this before he proposed because he needed to be able to handle everything she could feel. When he proposed she cried because she immediately recognized the ring. While she had actually never seen the ring her daddy gave to Christine she had an idea of what it looked like by the way Nick had described it when he first saw it. Christine eventually published a book titled 'Violet Gatsby' that shared what happened in their lives together but it never got many sales so many were left wondering what happened to Violet if they had ever seen 'The Great Gatsby's' which wasn't as popular as the original untrue story.