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Day 1: Decorating
Jordan Ridgeway and Rafe Hernandez

"What the hell is that?" Jordan asked as the front door opened and Rafe dragged a massive Douglas Fir tree inside. It must have been at least an eight-footer and it was wide, so wide in fact that it almost hadn't fit through the door.

Rafe smiled at her. "If I have to tell you what it is, then we've got a big problem."

Jordan shook her head but she was smiling. "I know what it is. It's a tree. A very enormous tree, but what's it doing here?"

"Uh, it's Christmas, honey. Tis the season to put up Christmas trees, string lights and all that silly stuff."

"Again, I know, but I thought we agreed that we weren't going to go overboard this year. We don't want to go full-on Griswald do we?"

"Sure we do. Why wouldn't we?" Rafe asked, giving her his cheekiest smile. "Can you grab the stand off of the porch?"

"Yeah, sure," Jordan said after giving him a thorough eye-roll. She brought in the stand and Rafe went to work setting it up.

Jordan stood off to the side, watching him work. When she was young, before everything went straight to hell in a handbasket, her mom used to do her utmost best to make every holiday as special as it could be. But once she was gone, the holiday had lost its wonder and meaning.

Except Rafe, well, he was determined to make her love Christmastime as much as he did.

"What do you think?" He asked as he righted the ginormous tree.

"I think -" it's too big for this living room - "it smells good," she said.

"I'll take that," Rafe said. He moved over to her and pressed a kiss to her left temple. "Why don't you relax while I finish decorating the place?"

"There's more huh?"

"Lots and lots more," Rafe said. "Now that Gigi is getting older, she's starting to appreciate all the sights and sounds of the holiday."

"So this is all for our two-year-old's benefit then?"

"Yeah, of course. Who else?" He said with a sly grin. "I mean, it's not like I could ever coax you into liking the holiday… could I?"

"Well, I am trying. I really am."

Several hours later, Rafe had the whole place decorated from stem to stern. There were twinkling lights strung from every surface, ornaments all over the tree, and a huge, electronic Santa Claus danced for passerby in the driveway.

Gigi was sitting on Jordan's lap, gazing in wonder at all of the bright decorations. She reached for a glass ornament and Jordan stayed her hand, not wanting her to break it and hurt herself. Rafe immediately presented Gigi with her very own Elf on the Shelf doll.

"That is one creepy thing," Jordan said but seeing the delight on her daughter's face, she smiled too. She might not be sold on the whole holiday thing just yet, but Gigi was happy, her husband was too… What more could Jordan ever possibly ask for? Not a thing.