AN: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my brand new sentai. This idea is influenced by a lot of things including Avatar the last airbender, Final Fantasy and a bunch of other little things. I hope you all enjoy it and please leave a review if you did.

Soshi Sentai Sorceger

Spell 1: A Magical Beginning

Long ago…. When the earth was still young and humans were still drawing on cave walls there was magic in the world and together with it the elements. Soon the magic formed together to form 7 elemental crystals, fire, air, water, earth, forest, light and darkness. Feeling themselves grow stronger from the crystals, people began to develop lands around these 7 crystals and eventually after many centuries 7 kingdoms were formed around them. They were the bold Faiahato, the intelligent Brisagera, the graceful Agul, the strong Gaia, the crafty Amazonia, the advanced Paxlux and the isolated Finternis.

The first 5 countries went to war with each other over these centuries, fighting for land and because of opposing ideals. However, these conflicts were always solved by the more advanced Paxlux who used their crystal to develop themselves and help the world. Meanwhile, Finternis opted to stay isolated from the other 6 with its people being a mystery to the rest of the world. You see there was so much conflict because these crystals did more than just make people stronger, it granted them access to elemental magic. It was a world where everyone could use magic and each race used their own element.

Although everyone could use magic not all devoted themselves to training and using it, as well as those closer to the crystals had more of a natural talent for it. Those that did choose to devote themselves to training themselves body and mind to learning magic became known as Sorcerer's and were highly respected in society. Now thanks to Paxlux the world has been at peace for 50 long years and Sorcerer's have become a rarity due to technology advancing and there not being a need for them anymore.

However, Finternis has come out of its isolation and revealed itself to be advanced in both magic and technology, having bided it's time for the other countries to be weak. Now they have emerged from their isolation, ready to go to war with the other countries and steal their crystals. This is where our story begins, with the attack on Paxlux and the fall of the kingdom that kept the other 5 at peace.


The Country of Paxlux

Aurum the capital city of Paxlux was burning, and everywhere people were being slaughtered like cattle by what appeared to be purple skinned humans with claws and fangs. A lone man dressed in white robes and carrying a staff ran through the city tearfully ignoring the cries from citizens for help. Occasionally some purple skinned creatures would try to stop him causing him to slam the staff down as he yelled at them, "Back away Dundatin's".

Out of the staff came a flash of light causing the Dundatin's to dissolve into darkness. The robbed man continued to run and entered into the great palace of Aureum that was in the center of the city. The palace shook as he ran and soon he entered into the throne room finding the king seated at his throne with the crystal of flight floating in a chamber behind him.

The robbed man bowed before the king, "King Ordor I have come as you have commanded." King Ordor nodded at him, "Rise Iatnes we have much to discuss." Iatnes stood back up and approached the king, "Your majesty there isn't much time, the country is falling, and we need to evacuate you." King Ordor nodded, "I know, the crystal has shown me the future." Iatnes looked at King Ordor with hope in his eyes, "Did it tell you what we must do."

King Ordor nodded, "I'm afraid this is the end of our people, few will survive, and I am destined to die defending the crystal till my last breath." Iatnes frowned, "And what must I do my lord?" King Ordor reached for a case beside his throne, "The light crystal could not do much but its fellow crystals reached out, offered a solution to Finternis's tyranny." Iatnes looked at his king, "And what does that have to do with me?" King Ordor frowned, "Iatnes you are young but you are a powerful sorcerer, you have been chosen to gather 5 people who will one day become legendary sorcerer's and stop the darkness."

Iatnes took the case from his hands, "How will I know who these 5 are?" King Ordor smiled at him, "The small crystals in this case will recognize them as worthy and when that happens it will be the time to fight Finternis, before then hide yourself and do not get involved." Iatnes frowned again, "Your majesty, you expect me to gather 5 people from the countries and hope they can work together?" King Ordor nodded, "The 5 countries will have to unite to do what Paxlux could not, the chosen ones will help guide them."

Iatnes nodded, "One more question your majesty, what of your newborn grandson?" King Ordor smiled with a tear in his eye, "He has been sent away to somewhere he'll never be found, but one day he'll return a man and bring rise to our people again." Iatnes nodded and turned away from the king, "I will do as you have commanded my king." As he began to walk from the throne room King Ordor called out to him, "Iatnes may the light guide your steps".

Iatnes summoned a portal and left his country and his people, ready to begin his time in hiding till the time was right. King Ordor turned to face the doors of the throne room now glowing purple about to be blown open by the armies of Finternis. Using his magic he commanded the doors to open and the army spilled into the room. He summoned a large sword and began to charge at the army crying out, "THE PEOPLE OF THE LIGHT WILL RISE AGAIN!" He then became consumed by the army and though he put up a good fight he would soon fall, and soon too would his country fall to the darkness.


The Country of Faiahato(20 Years Later)

Shinkuhono, the capital city of Faiahato and a bustling city full of people with places to be. The city was divided into two parts, Taiyo the place where those who had money and power resided and the place where those who controlled the country lived. The other part of the city was Nokoribi where the poor and merchants lived, the streets were filled with orphans and vendors, Nokoribi was filled with crime resulting in it being patrolled most often by the police.

This part of town could make or break you and not many escaped it but those who did quickly forgot of where they came from. It was a sunny day as was usual in the warm and dry country and people were working to make ends meet, children ran through the streets and vendors were shouting trying to get passersby to take a look at their merchandise. One such merchant was seen trying to get someone to buy something when all of the sudden a young man wearing a red hoodie and white bandana around his neck bumped into him. The young man who had short and styled ashed brown hair and devilish smile with one red eye and one golden eye waved at him, "Sorry about that"

The merchant raised his fist and began to curse at the young man, "Dammit Hikayasu watch where you're going." The young man, HIkayasu nodded, "Right, I'd love to apologize further but I really gotta get going." He began to run causing the merchant to curse at him further before he was run into again, this time police officers seemingly chasing him. The merchant stood up and shook his head, "That kid is the reason the crime rate is so high." Meanwhile with Hikayasu he continued to run in an attempt to from the law enforcement chasing him all the while not taking it particularly seriously, having a smile on his face the whole time.

He turned to the police officers still chasing him, "Come on guys I just stole a little food, is that really a reason to get the whole squad on me?" He was met by an officer throwing a fireball at him causing him to continue running, "I'll take that as a yes." He began to weave between the other stalls in an effort to lose his pursuers and when that didn't work he darted into a side alley and soon began to climb the walls in an effort to reach the roof. As he reached the roof he looked down to see that thankfully the officers had no means of chasing him.

The lead officer yelled up at him, "Dammit Hikayasu come back down here." Hikayasu smiled at him, "Why so you can arrest me Captain Hiei?" Nah I'm good." He laughed at the captain who fired one last fireball at him before turning away and continuing on to freedom causing Captain Hiei to curse under breath, "Dammit I'll get that kid one day" Arriving at a safer location Hikayasu removed the bag he had on his back off and opened it revealing several loaves of bread he had stolen from the baker, "Man they make this too easy sometimes." Suddenly he heard someone approaching him and looked up to see two young children who were looking at him hungrily. Sighing he took out one of the loafs he had and handed it to the larger child who smiled at him and ran off with the other leaving him to sigh, "I swear I'm too nice sometimes."

Shrugging it off he began to journey towards the outskirts of Nokoribi, eventually arriving at a seemingly abandoned building he pushed a button revealing stone steps that he began to climb before finally arriving inside of a mostly rundown apartment. He stepped in through the window and announced, "Honey I'm home!" Hearing a rumbling he found in the bedroom a young man about his age with white hair and goggles and wearing a black vest with a white shirt seemingly sleeping and floating in the air. Hikayasu frowned at him, "Oi Diego wake up I'm back"

The white haired man, Diego suddenly woke from a start and sat up still floating and yawned, "Oh welcome back Yasu did you get any food?" Hikayasu nodded, "Man you could've helped me you know, are all residents of Brisagera as lazy as you?" Diego dropped to the ground and began to stand up still yawning, "I didn't mean to go to sleep, I was practicing some magic and it was really comfy so I just drifted off." Hikayasu frowned at him, "You and your magic, what's so great about magic anyway? I prefer a good old fashioned fist fight."

Diego smiled at his friend, "You only say that because you suck at magic." Hikayasu glanced at him, "That's not true I can cast a fireball." Diego rolled his eyes, "Whatever man is Scarlett back yet?" Hikayasu shook his head, "We kind of got seperated because the police came after us." Diego signed, "This is why I wish you wouldn't include my little sister in your plans." Hikayasu shrugged, "She volunteers and besides have more faith in her than that I'm sure she's fine."

Diego smiled at his friend, "I do have faith in her, it's your plans I don't have faith in. There's a reason why I'm the planner here." Hikayasu threw his bag at him annoyed by the comment, "Remind me why we're best friends?" Diego smiled at his friend, "Because I'm the only one willing to put up with you." Hikayasu laughed at his comment, "Fair enough" The two friends began to laugh when suddenly the window opened again and a younger girl looking like Diego with white hair tied into a ponytail came into the room. Hikayasu smiled at the younger girl, "Oh good it's Scarlett, see Diego I told you she was fine."

Scarlett smiled at the two, "None of the police chased after me because they all really want Hikayasu." Hikayasu smiled at the comment, "What can I say I'm popular" Scarlett then held up a piece of large meat, "And thanks to your popularity I was able to steal this." Diego frowned at her reveal, "Can you not start stealing like him?" Hikayasu waved him off, "My student I'm so proud of you." Scarlett laughed at his praise, "Well Yasu I did learn from the best." Diego sighed, "Clearly I lost this argument now come on let's go cook dinner." Hikayasu pumped his fist, "Alright we're gonna eat tonight." The trio all exited the bedroom to go into the kitchen, though it wasn't normal they were all happy with the little family they had formed.


The Next Day

The following day Hikayasu had opted to simply go for a walk in the markets, not really looking to steal anything but wouldn't be opposed if he could pickpocket a few people. As he walked he noticed an odd sight, a blonde haired man with a beard clothed in a white robe talking to a merchant at his shop. Hikayasu had never seen a man like him before and he had figured he was a foreigner from another country. It was strange to see people from other races as the other countries had been closed off, all fighting their own war against the evil country Finternis.

If you looked in the city though you never would've guessed there was a war going on as it had yet to reach the capital city. Still though there were more refugees pouring into the city everyday, some Faiahatians and some from other countries. It was actually how he'd met Diego and Scarlett so long ago as they were on vacation with their parents and they were caught in an attack, their parents didn't survive and he had met them on the streets. Looking at the older man in the robe, Hikayasu noticed he carried a pouch on him that from the looks of it seemed to be filled to the top and Hikayasu decided it wouldn't be too hard to simply swipe it from him.

He approached the man and pretended to bump into him, taking the pouch as he made contact with him. Hikayasu put on a fake smile, "I'm so sorry about that sir please excuse me." The older man smiled at him, "It's perfectly alright my boy, have a fine day." Hikayasu nodded, "Uh right you too" He walked away from the older man and soon began to run down an alleyway as soon as he thought he was out of sight. He'd wait to get back to his apartment to check how much he'd stolen, still if weight was anything to go by he'd certainly stolen something of value.


He had arrived back at the apartment eager to show Diego and Scarlett what he'd stolen, "Oi Diego, Scarlett get out here I got something good." Scarlett who had been sitting on the couch reading a dirty book got up quickly, "What'd you get?" More slowly Diego appeared from the bedroom yawning into his hand, "Please tell me you didn't get chased by the police again." Hikayasu shook his head, "Nope I swiped this off an old man and I was waiting to show you to see what I got."

Scarlett getting excited started to shake him by the shoulder, "Well open it up then, let's see what you got." Hikayasu rolled his eyes at her excitement, "Teenagers, always so excited." Untying the rope of the pouch Hikayasu opened it up and took out the content of the pouch, much to his disappointment it just seemed to be two small colorless crystals. Scarlett before he had time to react quickly snatched them out of his hand, "Oh yeah great find Yasu, just some stupid stones." Diego frowned at his sister and swiped one of the stones from her, "First off they're crystals and second off we could probably at least sell these."

As he looked at the crystal he swiped it all of the sudden changed colors, going from a clear and colorless form to a pure white and shiny stone. Diego smiled at it's little trick, "Hmm that's interesting." Scarlett held up her crystal and frowned, "How'd you do that it won't work for me." Hikayasu laughed at her and took the crystal from her, "Maybe it just doesn't like you." As he took the crystal it felt warm in his hands and it changed from it's colorless form to a crimson red in color. He smiled at her, "See it just doesn't like you."

Before Scarlett could respond they heard a voice from behind him, "The crystals shined for you two, very interesting." The three turned around to see the old man who Hikayasu had stolen the pouch from standing in their apartment. Hikayasu began to get nervous, "You're the old man I stole these from." The old man smiled at him, "I never would've expected to find the last two in a place like this, oh well the crystals work in mysterious ways." Diego frowned at the old man, "How'd you find us old man?" The old man laughed, "Oh your young friend is good but not that good, many people have tried to steal those crystals, most better thieves than you."

Hikayasu took offense to this, "So what do you want, old man?" The old man chuckled, "Oh I'm not that old my boy. My name is Iatnes and I suppose I've come to recruit you." Diego glared at him, "Recruit us for what?" Iatnes waved his hand and a portal appeared, "For something very important, now come with me and I'll explain when we arrive at a safer place." Diego shook his head, "I'm not leaving my sister here and going with you." Hikayasu elbowed him in the ribs, "Something tells me he won't give us a choice." Diego sighed, "Fine, Scarlett stay here and stay out of trouble we'll be back soon." Scarlett nodded and soon Hikayasu and Diego followed Iatnes into the portal, unsure what was going to await them on the other side.


Nativus Sanctuarii

In a flash of light Hikayasu and Diego walked through the portal into what appeared to be a white palace. In the center of the room were 5 crystals. Red, White, Blue, Black and Green. There were chairs along with what appeared to be portals as well also color coded with the 5 colors they had seen already. Iatnes smiled at them, "Welcome to the Nativus Sanctuari." Hikayasu looked around the room in awe, "What is this place?" Iatnes pointed them towards two chairs one red and one white, "This is a neutral space I have set up on a remote island, free from Finternis control." Diego, still saddened about leaving his sister behind, refused to sit down, "Enough showing off your palace, why did you bring us here." Iatnes sighed, "I suppose you noticed that those crystals only took on a color when you held them correct?" Hikayasu who was making himself comfortable nodded, "Yup mine got really red."

Iatnes nodded, "Those aren't normal crystals, they're portions of the powers from the main crystals given to me so that one day I recruit the chosen ones who will one day defeat the darkness looming over the world." Hikayasu nearly fell over in his chair, "What does that have to do with us?" Iatnes looked at him, "You have been chosen by these crystals to become great sorcerer's and heroes who will make the world a better place for everyone." Diego looked at the man, "So we've been chosen to fight Finernis, so I could make a better world for my sister?" Iatnes nodded, "Yes correct, together with the other 3 you can create a better world."

Hikayasu laughed at him, "Well sorry to disappoint you but I'm no sorcerer, hell I can barely cast a fireball." Iatnes shook his head, "Magical ability does not matter, you've been chosen for a reason and now all that matters is you accept your destiny." With that he snapped and three other people walked out of the portals to join them. Out of the blue portal came a young woman with black hair tied into two buns, blue eyes and a diamond tattoo on her forehead. She wore a simple blue dress and Iatnes pointed at her, "This is Lian Fa princess of Agul, she has been chosen by the blue crystal." She looked at them and signed, "So you expect me to work with commoners then Iatnes?"

The next one was a large man with brown hair combed neatly along with a short beard and brown eyes. He wore a simple brown shirt along with a black jacket, "This is Terra Nova of Gaia and chosen by the black crystal." The large man said nothing and simply nodded at him. The last one was a smaller girl with long green hair adorned with jewelry, she had green eyes and freckles along with pointed ears. She wore a green shirt, white vest and star shaped necklace, "This is Maya Birch of Amazonia and chosen by the green crystal."

She smiled brightly at them and waved at him, "Hi guys it's so great to meet you." The other three approached and took their seats at the table with the 5 now together and looked at Iatnes. Iatnes smiled at them all, "Now with the 5 of you together you can finally go forth and become the Soshi Sentai Sorceger." Hikayasu still not comfortable with this whole thing shook his head, "No way old man, you expect me to work with these guys? No way I have no stake in this and I don't want to have a stake in it." Iatnes frowned at him, "And what do you intend to do? Go back to your thievery? Finternis will one day come to Shinkuhono and you will regret that you did not act then."

Lian frowned at Hikayasu, "Iatnes working with commoners was one thing but working with a thief? You ask too much." Maya stood up trying to calm everyone down, "Hey let's all try to get along now, we've all been chosen by the crystals so let's work together." Hikayasu shook his head, "No way, I'm out of here." He turned and began to walk away as Diego tried calling out to him, "Hikayasu come back!" As he was about to run after his friend he was stopped by Iatnes, "He can't leave here that easily, so just allow him some time to think things over." Diego stopped and sighed, he needed to let his friend come to his own decisions. Just because he was willing to hear the old man out in order to create a better world didn't mean Hikayasu was.


Shinkuhono(Nokoribi District)

Captain Hiei sat in the police headquarters angry at himself. For countless times he always let that street rat Hikayasu get away. That blasted thief always outsmarted him and it was getting on his nerves. His rage growing he let out a fireball sending it smouldering into a wall. As he sat there trying to calm himself down he heard a laugh from behind him, "Oh my look at all that rage, certainly intriguing." He turned around to see a man in a black cloak with glowing purple eyes standing before him, "Who are you?"

The figure in the cloak laughed, "Does it matter? You want to crush the street rat, correct?" Captain Hiei slowly nodded, "I'm tired of him embarrassing me in this place." The cloaked figure laughed, "I can help you with that." Before Captain Hiei could question him, the figure took out a dark syringe and injected it deep into his neck. Captain Hiei slowly began to feel magic slowly over taking him as his usually red eyes began to darken. The cloaked figure laughed and disappeared as a dark glow slowly began to fill the headquarters.


Nativus Sanctuarii

Hikayasu wandered the halls of the Sanctuarii and couldn't help but be amazed by the lavishness that was inside of it. It was the fanciest place he'd ever been to and he couldn't help but think about how any of the stuff he stole from here could set him up for life. He approached a balcony and began to look out of it seeing a lush jungle outside of the Sanctuarii. As he enjoyed the breeze he suddenly felt breathing on him, opening his eyes he came face to face with a pair of glowing red eyes. Jumping back he found the head of a dragon looking at him. Laughing nervously he looked at it, "Uh hi there, I'm Hikayasu, who are you?"

The dragon breathed blowing air into his face and growled lightly at him. Hikayasu swore he could hear a voice, "So you're SorceDragon huh? That's a mouthful how about I just call you Drago?" The dragon seemingly liked the idea, nodded and smiled at him before proceeding to let out it's tongue to lick him. Hikayasu chuckled and pet Drago's snout, "Awww you're a nice dragon aren't you?" From behind him a voice came, "You have doubts about yourself but yet SorceDragon likes you."

Hikayasu turned around to see Iatnes smiling at him, "Here to convince me to come back, old man?" Iatnes nodded, "I was but I see you've found your partner." Hikayasu looked at the large dragon who had his face peering over the balcony and smiled at it, "Drago is my partner?" Iatnes nodded, "Correct, the last thing the crystal of light did before being captured by Finternis was create the SorceBeasts, destined partners to the Sorceger's. You claim to not be worthy but Drago as you call him has never liked anyone before."

Hikayasu looked at the happy dragon, "Is that true Drago you don't like anyone? You seem like a big old softie to me." Iatnes smiled at him, "Why not come back, be a part of something greater." Hikayasu shook my head, "I don't have any magical ability so how can I help?" Iatnes put a hand on his shoulder, "Everyone has magical ability my boy, all it takes is a strong heart and I believe you have that." Hikayasu sighed, "Are you sure? Because you could probably find someone better, someone who actually wants to change the world." Iatnes smiled, "Even if you don't have a desire yourself, why not support someone else's desire? Your friend wants to make things better for his sister." Hikayasu nodded, "You're right, alright old man, for Diego, and Scarlett and even Drago here I'll try to be a Sorceger" Iatnes nodded, "I can only ask that you try." He nodded and waved goodbye to Drago before following Iatnes back to the main room.


The two had arrived back to the main room to see the others looking at a screen in alarm. Iatnes looked at them confused, "What's going on?" Diego frowned, "It's Shinkuhono it's somehow got the armies of Finternis attacking it." Hikayasu looked at the screen in concern, "What how?" The 5 looked at the screen showing what appeared to be a large purple skinned monster attacking the area of Nokoribi with fire magic. Iatnes sighed, "Well I was hoping to train you all first but it appears that this will have to be the first training."

He created a portal and magically appeared 5 baton like devices, "These are your SorceBatons, insert your crystals and you will become the Sorceger's, they'll also become your weapons." The five nodded and grabbed the SorceBaton's as Diego became more frantic, "Come on let's go." Hikayasu nodded, "Let's go make sure Scarlett is ok." The five all ran to the portal, not worrying right now about working together or whatever differences they had.


Nokoribi District

Having arrived in the area where the army was attacking the five got their bearings and found Dundatin's attacking people. Jumping into action Hikayasu charged forward kicking one of them and punching another. Thanks to him being on the streets for so long and running from police officers his body was in peak condition. He fired a small fireball at one and frowned at seeing it barely scratched them. As he was about to get hit from behind Terra stopped the attack and lifted up the Dundatin and threw it against the wall. Hikayasu nodded at him, "Thanks big guy" He nodded at him and using a spell caused the earth to move below some of the Dundatin's feet causing them to fall down.

Diego meanwhile began searching for his sister who had decided to try and help save some civilians. Seeing some of the monsters getting close to him he used the wind to lift them up and threw them across the market. He looked sternly at his sister, "Get out of here now." Not used to seeing her brother so serious she nodded and started to run listening to him. Lian meanwhile was having more trouble as there was no water for her to use in the hot country. Opting instead to kick a few and using what little water she could to create almost a whip to launch at them. Maya, having always kept leaves on her, used them to launch at the Dundatin causing them to fall over from the leaves being much sharper than they looked.

As good of a fight they put up soon the figure that they'd seen on the screen earlier appeared and growled at them, "Hikayasu I found you" Hikayasu looked at him in shock, "Wait Captain Hiei what happened to you?" Diego looked at his friend, "Wait that's the police captain you always run from?" They were soon met by a dark colored fireball and knocked back. Hikayasu slowly got up and nodded, "Yup but his fireballs hurt a lot more now." Maya helped Diego up and frowned, "That must be a DunSoldat, Iatnes said they're people Finternis corrupts and uses to break into cities and villages." Lian sighed, "I've been here for 5 minutes and the thief has gotten us into trouble" Hikayasu smiled at her, "What can I say trouble likes me, but don't worry I'm good at getting us out of trouble."

He took out the SorceBatton with the others following suit. The five placed their crystals into the Batton as it announced, "FIRE, WIND, WATER, EARTH, FOREST" The battons began to glow as the group held them in front of their arm before raising them to the sky and calling out, "SOSHI CHANGE" There was a glow of red, white, blue, black and green light and out emerged 5 warriors. All 5 suits had appeared to be spandex in the form of robes with a triangle pattern on the chest. Each had three crystals in their adorned colors around their necks and a belt holding the SorceBatton around their waist. Their legs had trench coats resembling robes and boots with guards around them. Each helmet was designed after a different animal. With red''s being a dragon, white having a hawk, blue being a dolphin, earth being a lion and green being a bear.

Lastly they all had designs that looked like hoods on their helmets as well. Red posed first, "The Bold Sorcerer, SorceFire." White followed him next, "The Intelligent Sorcerer, SorceWind." Next was blue, "The Graceful Sorcerer, SorceWater" Black although reluctantly went next, "The Strong Sorcerer, SorceEarth." Lastly was green, "The Crafty Sorcerer, SorceForest." As they posed Red pointed at the DunSoldat, "The chosen ones who create magic wherever we go." The Five chanted together, "SOSHI SENTAI SORCEGER" Red snapped afterwards, "Time to show them the power of the elements"

Charging forward with the Battons turning into Staffs they began to fight the remaining DunDatin's as SorceFire charged at the DunSoldat. It continued to growl at him, "Hikayasu I've always dreamt of destroying you." SorceFire hit him with his staff and let out this time a larger fireball, "Well keep dreaming." He continued to fight but found his weapon to be a bit lacking, "This isn't bad but I could use a better weapon." Suddenly the staff glowed and turned into a katana causing him to smile under his helmet, "Now this is much better."

He charged forward slashing at the former Captain Hiei a few times. Meanwhile with the others SorceWind was defeating DunDatin's with ease as he used the wind to raise them and allow them to drop down before SorceEarth opened a hole to allow them to plunge into the earth. SorceWind was going to attack some near a shop but he was stopped by SorceEarth, "No unnecessary property damage." SorceWind nodded, "Whatever you say, big guy." Over with SorceWater and SorceForest they were having no trouble at all as SorceForrest summoned vines to capture DunDatin's and SorceWater used the water she had to make water shaped arrows to fire at them. SorceForrest pumped her fist in victory, "Not bad Lian."

SorceWater laughed, "Of course, what would you expect from a princess." Once all the DunDatin were finished the others met back up with SorceFire as they now stood against the DunSoldat, "Alright let's finish this." The others nodded and all prepared their finishing spells, "ElementalFinish" SorceWind launched a small tornado at the DunSoldat with SorceFire adding fire to it along with SorceEarth throwing rocks into it. SorceForest used leaves to restrain the DunSoldat and finally SorceWater fired water arrows along with the tornado. The attacks hit him and soon he fell resulting in a explosion and the Sorceger's to turn around in victory. All that was left of the attack was a defeated Captain Hiei who was now back to normal. The Sorceger's soon began to celebrate their first victory over the Finternis.


A little while later they were back at the Santuarii celebrating their victory and explaining things to Iatnes. He smiled at them all, "You all did well for your first time, but do not get ahead of yourselves there is a long battle to go." Hikayasu sighed, "I'm still not sure about this but I'll keep trying." Diego slapped him on the back, "Hey you were pretty cool out there so don't worry too much." The five continued to celebrate happy of their first victory and ready for whatever Finternis could throw at them.


Unknown Location

The cloaked figure that had injected the syringe into Captain Hiei kneeled before a throne, a sinister voice spoke to him, "General Mond how went your experiment." The cloaked figure laughed, "It went better than expected, we know the DunSoldat's work and now our enemies have revealed themselves." The being in the throne growled, "Are you sure these Sorceger's won't be a problem?"

The cloaked figure shook his head, "No my emperor I swear to you they won't be." The Emperor of Finternis nodded, "Good, but just in case I will have my son be working with you." The cloaked figure nodded, the prince was going to be working with him. He could always use that to his advantage. His research was only just beginning and that fool Iatnes and his Sorceger's had no idea how much they had helped him in his plans.



Next time on Soshi Sentai Sorceger

Hikayasu is seen being knocked down

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