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Soshi Sentai Sorceger

Spell 2: Red Hot Determination

Finternis Throne Room

Darkness filled the room, as the Emperor of the great country of Finternis sat on his throne. Before him was his top advisor and scientist, General Mond who bowed before the mighty emperor. The Emperor growled at him, "Mond you've been working in your lab for a week, what are you concocting." Mond laughed at the Emperor's curiosity, "I realized our DunSoldat's will not be enough to deal with those Sorceger's so I've been working on a backup plan if one is defeated." The Emperor smiled, "Oh really and do explain your plan?"

Mond nodded, "You see the DunSoldat's shall be imbued with more magical energy, when defeated that energy shall trigger an expansion and they shall grow large enough to destroy wherever they may be." Mond began to laugh at his genius, even if the Sorceger's managed to defeat his test subjects they'll just grow larger and crush them under their feet. The Emperor nodded, "I see and how are you so sure that this will work?" Mond smiled at the question, "I'm glad you asked, with your permission I'd like to take a DunSoldat and have it be defeated by the Sorceger's to see if it works, preferably in a crowded city." The Emperor let out a groan from thinking, "Very well, take one to the Taiyo District in Faiaharto, they have the largest military strength and with their capital destroyed it would cripple them."

Mond bowed to him once again, "Thank you my Emperor." He turned to leave but the Emperor held up a finger signaling him to stay, "Prince Vulkan will be accompanying you on this endeavor." Mond noded hesitantly, "Are you sure about that my liege? Wouldn't the Prince be better suited elsewhere and not with me on a science experiment?" The Emperor's hand glowed with darkness, "Do not question me Mond, I told you last time that Vulkan will be working with you, if you aren't successful in this attempt then he will be there to kill the Sorceger's himself." Mond said nothing and bowed once again, he knew better to challenge the Emperor or even Prince Vulkan for that matter.


Nativus Sanctuarii

It had been about two weeks since the Sorceger's been gathered together by Iatnes, and two weeks of training. Everyone was growing in their magical abilities, save for one. Hikayasu or SorceFire as he was known by his enemies had just had a fireball blow up in his face. He had tried to make it bigger or even try out a different spell but even after two weeks he had only managed to make a fireball with not as much concentration as before. He looked at the others' reactions to his failure, Iatnes looked at him with patience, knowing that he was trying his best. Diego was trying his hardest not to laugh at his best friend.

Lian definitely wasn't holding anything back as she began to laugh at him, the two didn't have the best relationship. She was a princess who didn't know the first thing about normal people and regarded him as a thief. He didn't like her stuck up attitude and mockingly called her princess instead of her name. Maya, who was the youngest and most caring looked at him in concern, "Yasu are you ok?" Hikayasu got along well with her, she tried helping him with his magic a couple of times and he was grateful for that. In return he showed her how to have fun by interacting with their SorceBeasts and riding on them.

Then there was SorceBlack, Terra Nova as he was called. He never so much as had an emotion on his face and simply looked at Hikayasu's failure blankly. He didn't talk much or say anything about himself, but Hikayasu didn't mind. The giant man had a gentle presence and Hikayasu was pretty sure he wouldn't hurt a fly if he could help it. Hikayasu glared at Lian, "Oi knock it off, I'm trying my hardest over here." Lian wiped a tear from her eye, "Yes we can see that, clearly it's getting you nowhere." Hikayasu scoffed at her, "So I can only make a fireball so what?" Lian laughed at him harder, "We're supposed to be sorcerer's, how can you be one if you can't go beyond basic magic?"

Hikayasu was starting to get annoyed with the high and mighty routine of her's, "Oh shut up, I bet you in just a physical contest I can beat all of you." Before Lian could retort, Iatnes spoke up, "Hikaysu does have a good point, you all may be skilled in magic but you also need physical training as well." Hikayasu blinked in astonishment, "I'm glad you agree Iatnes, so how do you plan to whip us into shape?" Iatnes shook his head, "Oh I won't, he will" Snapping his fingers the door opened and into the training stepped a large man, as big as Terra. He was middle aged but muscular, with short brown hair, a goatee and a scar and eyepatch on his face. He carried a sword on his back and what seemed to be a permanent scowl on his face.

As he approached, Iatnes motioned to him, "This, is Eoti my bodyguard and most trusted confidant, he will be training you in physical combat." Lian turned to Iatnes and frowned, "But if we're gonna be sorcerer's then why do we need to train our bodies too?" Iatnes smiled, "Because there may come times that you may not have your magic, so you need to defend yourself in other ways." Eoti approached them and immediately yelled at them, "Alright maggots, I don't care if you don't want to do this, I don't care if you want to rely on some dainty magic, Iatnes has charged me with whipping you into shape and that is what I'll do."

As he began to rant at them, Hikayasu began to turn to walk away. Diego seeing this put a hand on his shoulder, "Where do you think you're going Yasu?" Hikayasu shrugged, "I need some air man, I can't do this magic stuff no matter how hard I try and it's getting me down." He shook off Diego's hand and left the training room, no one tried to stop him. Iatnes knew he needed to get to the bottom of Hikayasu's block with magic, and if he didn't do it soon they may lose one of the Sorceger's.


Long ago 7 elemental crystals came into being, and 7 countries were born from them. Now after centuries of war the country of darkness comes for the other crystals. The 5 remaining crystals gather 5 guardians to stop the spreading only ones who seem to be able to stop them areā€¦. SOSHI SENTAI SORCEGER!

Sorceger opening: Fire by Koji Wada

A guitar riff starts as each ranger flashes on screen, Hikayasu with SorceDragon behind him, Diego with SorceHawk, Lian with SorceDolphin, Maya and SorceBear and finally Terra and SorceLion. The logo appears on screen before before transitioning into a large stretch of land on The Nativus Sanctuarii

Kusubutteta mune ni nage irero fire, Chiheisen e kokoro tobasu nda

SorceFire is shown riding on SorceDragon, racing with a napping SorceAir on SorceHawk, SorceWater is shown riding on a swimming SorceDolphin and SorceForest and SorceEarth are riding on their running partners. Transition to all 5 in their countries gazing at their crystals.

Kara mawari no kimochi o keri agetara, Saki ni iku ze tsugi no frontier

Each Sorceger is shown performing magic in civilian form, Hikayasu makes a small fireball, Diego is shown sleeping in the air, Lian is creating waves, Maya fires some leaves and Terra creates a small boulder. Flash of the light crystal being taken and a worried Iatnes.

Kanau sa kanau, Hakkaten wo mo sugu da ze

The Sorceger's are shown placing their crystals in the Sorcebattons and revealing they're facing a dark army

Dekiru dekiru sa, Bakuhatsu shite miseru nda

The Sorceger's place the crystals in and perform the movements to transform, before yelling, multicolored lights before they emerge as the Sorceger's.

Burn up'n go

Paxlux the country of light is shown exploding into darkness, before the Sorceger's helmets flash on screen similar to the first scene

Gomibako o tobikoeta saki ni aru mirai, Hikari o matotte get a fire power

The Sorceger's all fight the army showcasing their various magic and weapons before posing together as a team.

Giragira to moeagare hitomi no chikara, Kesenai yuuki de get a fire power

Each Sorceger is shown piloting their SorceBeast before they combine in a flash into a posing SorceOh.

Michi ga michi teru

The emperor of Finternis is shown in the shadows sitting in his throne with two other shadows kneeling in front of him.

Frontier e, Hashiri tsuzekeru nda

Final flashes of the other countries

Kimi o tsurete

To end the opening the Sorceger's are shown back in the same stretch of land, posing with the SorceBeasts behind them. The logo being shown one last time.


Many Years Ago

It was a bright and sunny day in Faiaharto and the heat was hot and humid, something it's citizens were used to. Outside in a courtyard a group of 5 children were circled around another child. The child had lighter hair than the rest and unlike the others who all had red eyes, he had one red eye and one yellow eye. The child had some bread in his hand, clearly the other children had circled around him during lunchtime. They were laughing at him and calling him names, ridiculing him for having two different colored eyes.

The boy angrily began to yell at them, "Leave me alone, not like I choose to have two different colored eyes." The other kids still laughed at, "That's probably why your parents dropped you off at this orphanage Hikayasu, you were a freak even to them." The young Hikayasu glared at the ringleader, "Just go away, I didn't do anything wrong." One of the other kids laughed, "Careful guys, he might use some weird magic to hurt us." The leader laughed, "Oh please he couldn't use magic if he tried." Hikayasu grit his teeth, "I can too, just watch me."

He concentrated all his energy into his right hand and soon it began to feel warmer, he willed the energy to turn to fire, hoping to scare them with even the tiniest bit of the element. However nothing came, all that seemed to come from was smoke. This caused the group to laugh even harder, "Man he can't even do magic right, what a joke." One of them raised his hand, "Here I'll show you some real magic." A tiny fireball came out of his hand and hit Hikayasu's hand, causing him to recoil in pain and drop his bread.

Hikayasu went to pick up the bread, but before he could another one of the kids shot another firespell to completely burn it to a crisp. The leader laughed at him, "That's how you do magic weakling." Hikayasu scowled at them, "If that's magic then I don't need it, I'll train my body to its physical limit so I don't need your stupid magic." The other kids laughed at his declaration as he started to run and broke through their circle. On that day Hikayasu vowed, he'd never rely on magic, instead relying on his own hard work and strength.


Outside the Nativus Sanctuarii

He felt the wind blow against him as he flew through the air. Riding on the back of SorceDragon, he always felt calm and relaxed so he'd taken to going on rides with his partner when he needed to clear his head. He knew he shouldn't be giving up so easily, but as long as he could remember magic had never worked for him, so why would it now. His partner let out a soft growl as they began to descend causing Hikayasu to pet his head, "Thanks for worrying Drago but I'll be fine, I can't give up after all can I?" The dragon made a noise back at him causing him to laugh, "I'll take that as a no." The two landed and Hikayasu saw someone waiting for him on the balcony where Drago would leave him. Hikayasu walked up and smiled at the person, "Scarlett to what do I owe the visit?"

Diego's younger sister had thankfully moved to the Sanctuarii with them, at first there was a little conflict as Iatnes wasn't sure if he wanted what he considered an outsider there with them. But after making it clear that he and Diego wouldn't be staying if he didn't he decided to let her stay. Plus Scarlett volunteered to do some chores around so she at least pulled her weight. Scarlett shrugged at him, "I saw you weren't with the others getting your ass kicked by that drill instructor, so I figured you were out here. Still can't get more than a fireball out I take it?" Hikayasu nodded, "No matter how much I train I can't make anything else, and that stupid princess keeps mocking me." Scarlett smiled, "Well you know those Princesses, they seem to think everyone has to be perfect or they're useless."

Hikayasu laughed at her comment, "Still, Iatnes said he could help me but nothing seems to matter." Scarlett put a hand on his shoulder, "Hikayasu it's been only a week, you gotta give it more time." He signed, "Yeah, I know, it's still a little disheartneing, so how's being a maid?" Scarlett smiled mischievously at him, "Oh it's fine when you have magic." Hikayasu was about to yell at her when all of the sudden a golden orb appeared, "Hikayasu I need you in the meeting chamber." Hikayasu smiled at Scarlett, "Lucky you, saved by Iatnes's call."

Scarlett stuck her tongue out at him, "More like you were saved by his call, now go see what the old man wants." He jokingly glared at her and walked back into the giant building, curious about what the old sorcerer wanted.


The old man has kept him waiting for 30 minutes, despite being the one to call him. Hikayasu had simply sat in his chair, deciding to wait for the old man and was now enjoying himself by leaning back in his chair. The doors opened and the Hikayasu turned to see it wasn't Iatnes but instead the others, causing him to be disappointed. Lian frowned at seeing his disappointment, "You know a true gentleman would be bowing at seeing a princess right about now." Hikayasu scoffed at her, "I don't bow to anyone Princess, especially not a spoiled person like you." Before Lian could retort Maya got in front of her, "Hey let's just all try and get along." Hikayasu said nothing and rolled his eyes. He turned to Diego who now sat next to him, "So did Iatnes summon you guys too?"

Diego shook his head, "Nope only you, but Eoti told us you got summoned so we came over to see why he summoned just you." Hikayasu frowned, "You just wanted to see me get chewed out." Diego smiled at his best friend and clapped him on his back, "Nonsense, I wanted to see how you'd get out of being chewed out." Hikayasu rolled his eyes as the door opened again to reveal Iatnes, who was now dressed in much more formal robes. He scanned the room and frowned, "I only summoned Hikayasu, why are all of you here?" Lian smiled at him, "To see if you have a need for the rest of us as well." Iatnes shook his head, "No I only need Hikayasu, go back to training with Eoti." The four lingered for a moment as Hikayasu looked the old man over, "Fancy robes there old man, going on a date?"

Iatnes shook his head, "No, I'm going to visit the Prime Minister of Faiaharto over in Shinkuhono, so of course I need to dress nicer." Hikayasu nodded, "Right, and why are you going to visit him." Iatnes turned to face the group, "Well since you are all here I'll explain, even with the power you 5 posess we'll still need allies against Finternis, so I plan to meet with the leaders of the other 5 countries to get whatever support we can." Hikayasu nodded, "Right and why did you summon me?" Iatnes smiled, "Because you my boy are coming with me, I'm hoping the Prime Minister feels more comfortable if he meets Faiaharto's representative of the Sorceger's."

Lian's eyes widened at the news, "Uh Master Iatnes don't you think it'd be better if you didn't take a thief to meet a world leader?" Hikayasu nodded, "As much as I hate to agree with the Princess, I'm really not the right guy for a diplomatic mission." Iatnes waved him off, "Nonsense, you'll be fine now we best be off, the rest of you continue to train and I'll summon you if needed." The others nodded and began to leave as a frowning Hikayasu stood up to follow Iatnes. Shockingly Terra stopped as the two were passing each other. The taller man put a hand on his shoulder, "You'll be fine" Hikayasu was sure he saw what appeared to be a smile form on the silent man's lips. This day couldn't get any weirder, first he was being forced to meet with the leader of his country and next a stone statue just talked to him. At this point nothing would surprise him at this point, running after Iatnes as the old man opened the portal to the capital city of Faiaharto.


Taiyo Disctrict(Shinkuhono)

Steam rose up from the Taiyo district as people walked through the busy streets, ignoring anything that didn't concern them. Unlike Nokoribi where those who didn't have money lived, Taiyo was filled with those who had power and wealth. The buildings were tall and gears everywhere making the city function. Steam rose from the streets as a result of the heat and the district overall had a steampunk feel to it. There were shops and restaurants everywhere and those with money enjoyed themselves with the various entertainment. Those who visited both Taiyo and Nokoribi sometimes questioned how the two districts were in the same city.

Those in Taiyo though didn't even know about those in Nokoribi and those in Nokoribi envied those in Taiyo. Everyone walked ignorant that the war with Finternis had come to the city at all. In a side alley that no one walked down a dark portal appeared and out walked General Mond and Prince Vulkan who seemed to have dressed in a more formal attire. Behind them walked a squad of Dundatin's and one DunSoldat who seemed to be ready to cause destruction. Mond created a ball of darkness in his hand, "Let's start the fun shall we?" Vulkan shook his head, "No, I intend to negotiate with the Prime Minister first, no sense in causing unneeded destruction if they give us what we want anyway."

Mond sighed, "Very well, but when that goes sideways then I won't be holding back my creations." Vulkan frowned, "As long as you remember who's in charge General and don't do anything before you're told." Mond nodded and mockingly bowed to him, "Of course my prince." Vulkan rolled his eyes and began to walk towards the capitol building, if all went well then they wouldn't need to destroy potential territory.


Meanwhile on the other side of town, Iatnes and Hikayasu arrived from their own portal. The two began to walk towards the capitol building, both were silent though at some points Iatnes had to glare at Hikayasu from preventing him from running off and stealing from the people passing by. Finally after a few minutes of silence, Iatnes spoke up, "So Hikayasu, why do you doubt your ability to improve your magic." Hikayasu frowned, "I've never been good at it, ever since I lived in an orphanage I was picked on for being different and not being good with magic." Iatnes nodded, "What makes you think your differences are what's holding you back?"

Hikayasu shrugged, "I'm not like the other Faiahartians, my hair is lighter, I have two different colored eyes and I can barely cast a fireball, clearly I'm some kind of freak and that blocks any magical potential I have." Iatnes shook his head, "You're wrong my boy, those who are different is where magic can shine, your real problem is you've listened to your peers and because of that have created a mental block on your magical ability." Hikayasu raised an eyebrow, "That's really my problem? I listened to some bullies telling me I suck with magic?" Iatnes chuckled, "The mind is a strange thing is it not? Our bodies listen to it and respond accordingly, if you put as much confidence and hard work in training in magic as you've done in training your body then I have doubt you'll become a fine sorcerer."

Hikayasu nodded, "Ok, but I have to ask, old man, do you have any idea why I may be different?" Iatnes scratched his beard thinking deeply, "Unfortunately I've never seen anything like your appearance, as you know every race has distinct characteristics that never really change, so I'd have to do more research into why you have the appearance you do." Hikayasu nodded in disappointment, "I see, well I suppose it was worth a shot asking." As the two continued to walk, Hikayasu began to think back to his childhood once again.


11 Years Ago

He'd have had enough, the bullying, the always burning his food, and of course anytime he'd fought back getting in trouble with the caretakers. No one wanted to adopt him, and no one cared about him anyway. So 9 year old Hikayasu decided it was time to leave the orphanage. No one really stopped him as he left, he just packed whatever little he had and took some food and walked out. No one questioned it or watched him as he left, not like anyone would beg him to leave either. He would head to Shinuhono the capital of the country. Though it was a little far, he'd train his body to its limits in order to make the tough journey there, and that's exactly what he did. It took him a few months but he journeyed to the capitol, becoming stronger and faster as he went. No one ever questioned who he was and no one really wanted to go near him as they didn't want to deal with a kid with no parents.

Along the way he'd learned to steal and climb, he could make his way across any rooftop and that was usually how he ran from his victims. Of course he would've gotten to Shinkuhono already if he wasn't taking time in each place he arrived at to steal as much as he could before he made a reputation for himself. Plus there was the war going on and sometimes travel was forbidden between cities. One day though everything changed, a battle was happening in the city he was living in and he was struggling to stay alive and out of conflict. As he was running though, he heard what appeared to be crying. Against his better judgement he followed the cries and found something weird, two kids. The boy was probably about his age and the girl looked 4 or 5 years younger than him, the weird part is they both had white hair and eyes. They looked so confused and as much as he knew he shouldn't help them he couldn't just leave them.

Hearing a distant explosion, Hikayasu made a decision and ran in front of them, "Oi you two, what's your name?" The boy looked at him confused, "Where did you come from?" Hikayasu just stared at the two, "Doesn't matter now if you want to live then we need to go." The boy nodded, "Fine, I'm Diego and this is my sister Scarlett." Scarlett was crying and Hikayasu sighed, "Alright well tell her to stop crying and let's go, we don't have long before they find us."

Diego shook his sister, "Scarlett we need to go, so I need you to be a big girl and stop crying." She rubbed the tears from her eyes and nodded. Soon the three were running and managed to escape the city, after that the three became a mini family, the two never questioned where Hikayasu came from and for the first time they didn't judge him by his appearance. The two joined him on his journey to Shinkuhono, where they'd live until being discovered by Iatnes and Hikayasu and Diego found their destinies as Sorceger's.


The Burning Palace(Taiyo District)

Hikayasu had to admit, the Taiyo district was impressive. But the coolest thing he saw was the government building where the Prime Minister and the council of flames worked. The Burning Palace as it was called was an immaculate building, made from steel and covered in the same steampunk design as the rest of the district. Here the Prime Minister who was the face of the government worked along with the council of flames who created laws for the Prime Minister to pass or veto into effect. The council was made up of about 50 people and were all elected officials, sadly most were those who were rich or had a military background, so of course none cared about those less fortunate than themselves.

Hikayasu had to admit it was impressive how everyone seemed to know Iatnes and allowed him to walk around the building unguarded. The two walked towards the Prime Minister's office as Iatnes was briefing him. Iatnes didn't want him to speak unless he was spoken to and unless the Prime Minister wanted an opinion from the Sorceger chosen by the fire crystal. Hikayasu had no problem with that, he knew he shouldn't have been there anyway, so the less he had to talk the better. The two arrived at two large red doors guarded by two police officers, they nodded at Iatnes and opened the doors leading into the Prime Minister's office. Prime Minister Ryuhi Soma stood at his desk waiting for the two. Ryuhi was a tall man in his late 40's with long and wild brown hair and piercing red eyes, he wore a casual suit with a suit jacket and a normal red shirt.

Hikayasu felt intimidated by the man as soon as the two entered and walked up to the desk. Iatnes bowed slightly to him, "Prime Minister Soma, it is a pleasure to see you again." The Prime Minister stood up and shook his hand, "Iatnes, always nice to see you, and who's this young man with you?" Iatnes gestured towards Hikayasu, "This is the young man who was chosen to be SorceFire, Hikayasu." Prime Minister Soma reached his hand towards Hikayasu who took and shook it, "Well it's a pleasure to meet the young man who was chosen by the crystal, though I do have to ask, your name is just Hikayasu?" Hikayasu nodded, "I've been an orphan since birth, so I've never had a last name." Soma nodded, "Well, that's certainly interesting. So tell me Iatnes what can I do for you?" Iatnes frowned, "You know I hate to do this Ryuhi but we need help, now that the Sorceger's have gathered we need to unite to defeat Finternis." Prime Minister Soma sighed, "Iatnes, I wish I could help I really do, but the council won't allow me to do anything since it hasn't hit Shinkuhono yet."

Upon hearing that Hikayasu tightened his fist in annoyance, "You're kidding right?" Prime Minister Soma's eyes went wide from his outburst, "Excuse me young man?" Iatnes put a hand on Hikayasu's shoulder trying to stop him, but he continued, "The army of Finternis appeared last week in Nokoribi and the Sorceger's fought them off. Do you just not care about those with less money than you or do you people in your shining district of Taiyo not care about those of us anywhere else?" Prime Minister Soma sighed, "Listen young man, I am a very busy man so excuse me if I don't know everything that happened a week ago." Hikayasu rolled his eyes, "Don't give me that bullshit, Finternis has been attacking this country for years, I would know I've nearly been killed by them by just being in the cities while traveling to this city, none of you lift a finger because you don't care about those below you."

Prime Minister Soma frowned, "Even if you aren't wrong, what do you expect us to do? Do you really think we can do things for everyone?" Hikayasu shook his head, "That's just a coward's excuse, you're just scared, you haven't been affected so you don't want to fight, but you know what I will, you don't want to do something so let me. I will fight for this country, EVERYONE in this country and I'll fight till I either die or succeed because I won't give up!" Before the Prime Minister or Iatnes could respond to his outburst one of the two guards suddenly came flying through the doors. Prime Minister Soma got up in surprise, "What in the world is going on here?" Stepping through the door was Prince Vulkan who smiled at him, "Prime Minister Ryuhi Soma, I am Prince Vulkan of Finternis and I've come to discuss the terms of your countries surrender."

Prime Minister Soma scoffed at him, "You think you can burst in here and make demands?" Vulkan created a dark orb from his hand and nodded, "If you don't then this city will be destroyed." Hikayasu got in the way of a now worried Prime Minister Soma, "That's not gonna happen!" Vulkan laughed at his declaration, "And who do you think you are to stop me?" Hikayasu removed his SorceBaton from his belt, "Someone who doesn't want to see any more death or destruction from you." Vulkan smiled, "So one of the Sorceger's? Do you really think just 5 of you can stop all of Finternis?" Hikayasu took the red SorceCrystal, "Doesn't matter if we can or we can't, we'll keep on fighting you till we either win or die trying, but as long as we work hard and train to the fullest, I believe that we can overcome even your armies."

Vulkan waved his hand and suddenly black and purple armor formed on him, "Then come try it Sorceger, but I warn you I will not hesitate to kill you." Hikayasu nodded, "Iatnes protect the Prime Minister, I'll deal with this so-called Prince." Iatnes nodded, "I'll alert the others, don't do anything foolish and good luck." He created a portal and teleported himself and Prime Minister Soma out of the room leaving Vulkan and Hikayasu. Vulkan took out a sword with a purple handle and black blade, "You're going to regret that Sorceger." Hikayasu smiled at him, "Man you guys really like black and purple, you need a new color scheme." He quickly placed his crystal into the SorceBaton causing it to announce "FIRE"

It began to glow as Hikayasu lined it up with his other wrist before slowly turning it in a circle and raising it to the sky, "SOSHICHANGE" He became bathed in a fiery glow before emerging as SorceFire and immediately summoned his weapon, "SorceBlade" Both fighters got into a fighting stance and charged at each other, when they met darkness and fire danced around them causing a mild explosion that knocked them both back. Vulkan smiled, "I'm mildly impressed, SorceFire, you're better than you look." SorceFire chuckled lightly, "Oh I'm just getting warmed up." The two charged each other again and soon all that could be heard coming from the Burning Palace was the sound of swords colliding against each other.


Outside of the Burning Palace, General Mond was patiently waiting for Vulkan to fail at negotiating. That was when he sensed a great burst of magic coming from the Prime Minister's office and he knew it was time. He was surprised though, he was fighting a Sorceger, SorceFire to be precise. He wasn't one to complain, they wanted the Sorceger's here anyway. Signaling to his group of DunDatin's and the one DunSoldat who seemed to be covered in some kind of armor they began their march of destruction. They began to fire their spells at the stores and buildings causing the unsuspecting people to run in panic. He couldn't resist laughing maniacally, "That's right you fools run, run from the power of Finternis."

If this wasn't enough to lure out the Sorceger's nothing would. All of the sudden a gust of air seemed to blow back one of his soldiers and he knew that meant. He let out a long exasperated sigh, "Finally, I was hoping they'd never get here." The other four Sorceger's appeared before him ready to fight. He let out a laugh, "Greetings Sorceger's, it appears you got here later than the red one." Diego taking the lead without Hikayasu glared at him, "Who the hell are you?" Mond laughed at the question, "Me? Why I am General Mond, Emperor Wonkle's most trusted general and head sorcerer in Finternis." Maya looked at him with concern, "Wait you mentioned Hikayasu, where is he?"

Mond smiled at them, "Who? Oh you mean SorceFire, he's fighting Prince Vulkan in the Burning Palace so it won't be long till he's killed. I wouldn't worry about trying to help him though, I've provided enough of my minions to fill your time." Diego scoffed at him, "I wouldn't underestimate him like that, besides we've been training and got a few new tricks ourselves, so we'll deal with your goons and go help him out." Mond shrugged, "I don't care if you win or not, I only care about if my creations works, have fun Sorceger's" Without another word he teleported away in a dark portal. The Sorceger's watched as the Dundatin's and DunSoldat terrorized the people around them, they were all so used to being in comfort and luxury that they didn't know how to fight themselves.

Diego nodded to the others, "We need to save these people." Maya frowned, "What about Hikayasu?" Diego smiled as he took out his gear, "Yasu will be fine, we need to focus on saving the people." The others nodded and took out their crystals, all 4 put their crystals into their SorceBatons, "AIR, WATER, EARTH, FOREST" The 4 brought the Baton to line up with their other wrist and then turned their arm slowly before raising the Baton's into the air, "SOSHICHANGE" White, blue, black and green lights surrounded them before they finally emerged as the Sorceger's. Taking out their SorceBaton's that extended into the SorceStaff's they charged in to defend the people. The Dundatin's weren't much of a problem, easily getting taken care of by a few gusts of wind from SorceAir. There were a lot though and soon they found that their spells weren't as effective as they were before.

SorceWater noticed the problem, "That DunSoldat's armor, it has a magic dampening field, our magic won't work well as long as it's a thing." SorceAir shrugged seemingly not worried, "Then let's try out that new trick we learned from Eoti, SorceScythe" His SorceStaff glowed white and turned into a large scythe, charging in he began to practically dance around the enemies, seemingly having no problems attacking them and seemingly leaving gusts of wind in the places he struck with the scythe. SorceEarth seemingly muttered something under his breath about property damage before joining in, "SorceHammer" A large hammer formed from his Staff and he jumped towards the Dundatin's bringing it down and creating a crater around him as the hammer caused a small earthquake with each swing.

SorceForest laughed and turned to SorceWater, "Well if you can't beat the boys, join them, SorceClaws" A green glow appeared on her hands as two claws formed as she quickly charged a Dundatin, showing off her speed and attacking it before sending a few vines from the ends of the claws at a few more tying them up. SorceWater sighed, "Well I suppose if I can't use magic, SorceBow" A large bow appeared in her hands and she pulled it back, an arrow made of water before formed before firing it into the sky, resulting in hundreds of water arrows raining down on a few foot soldiers. People were getting to safety as the Sorceger's were clearing out the Dundatins, that is until the DunSoldat fired a large blast of darkness and knocked them all back, causing SorceAir to groan in pain, "Ok not even Eoti's training hurt that bad."

They weren't the only ones seemingly getting knocked back as the doors to the Burning Palace burst open and SorceFire was thrown out of them from a blast of darkness. He landed next to them causing SorceForest to nearly hug him, "Hikayasu, you're ok!" He rubbed his side and stood up, "I don't know if I'd say ok but I'm alive." Walking out of the palace was a very angry Prince Vulkan who now seemed to have a large wound down the side of his face, "Damn you SorceFire you scared my face." SorceFire laughed, "Well look at it this way, now it's not even a face a mother would love." He growled in response and prepared a what seemed to be flaming darkness, "Sorceger's you will fall!"

He shot it at them causing an explosion behind them and the 5 to fall to the ground once again struggling to get up. SorceWater groaned in pain, "How can we possibly even beat him without our magic, it's impossible." SorceAir nodded in agreement, "As much as I hate to agree with Lian, she's right." SorceFire shook his head, "It's not over, as long as we breathe it'll never be over. So what if our magic isn't at full strength, we don't need it, the crystals chose us for a reason and it wasn't skill in sorcery. We can't give up because we're the ones chosen to fight and if we give up then all seems lost. So let's get back up and fight and WIN!" He slowly began to stand up and soon the others joined him, inspired by his words. The Sorceger's were reinvigorated as they began to perform their role call, "The Bold Sorcerer, SorceFire!",

Next came white, "The Intelligent Sorcerer, SorceAir!", Water posed next, "The Graceful Sorcerer, SorceWater." Black followed next with the most determination they'd ever heard in his voice, "The Strong Sorcerer, SorceEarth." Finally Green finished it off, "The Craft Sorcerer, SorceForest." The 5 all brought their staffs together in a circle before posing, The chosen ones who create magic wherever they go, SOSHI SENTAI SORCEGER!" SorceFire pointed at Prince Vulkan ready to continue their fight, "Time to show you the power of the elements." He charged Vulkan who brought up his sword to block but was surprised when he was met with a gust of air, SorceFire turned to SorceAir, "Thanks buddy, now let's take him." SorceAir nodded, "Got your back Yasu."

The two charged Vulkan who was only used to fighting sword wielders, had trouble keeping up with the combination of scythe and sword attacks from the two resulting in him finally getting knocked off balance and thrown back. Meanwhile with the other 3 they were attacking the DunSoldat, SorceWater from afar launching a volley of arrows at him and SorceEarth and Forest attacking him up close. The SorceHammer came down and caused an earthquake launching him into the air and SorceForest used the opportunity to wrap vines around him and launch him around, sending him flying to Prince Vulkan. The Sorceger's gathered again as Hikayasu stopped them from attacking, "I got this guys." He turned his blade back into his staff and began to concentrate, he began to feel it, warmth flowing into him. The feeling of magic going through his veins, yes this is what he needed.

He tapped his crystal as the staff announced, "SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU" Fire erupted around his body as he began to concentrate and form it into a large flaming circle, "SORCESPELL: FLAMING VORTEX" He launched the spell at the DunSoldat and Prince Vulkan who in a moment of cowardice used it to shield him from the spell. The vortex connected and with one explosion the DunSoldat was destroyed and Prince Vulkan was knocked to his knees. He glared at SorceFire, "You win this round Sorceger's, but I will not forget this SorceFire." He left in a dark portal leaving the Sorceger's to celebrate. SorceFire and SorceAir high fived as he congratulated him, "Nice spell Yasu, I knew you had it in you." Though before they could finish celebrating, SorceForest pointed to what seemed to be some kind of symbol circling around the DunSoldat's remains. SorceWater looked at it in surprise, "That can't be good."

Sadly she was right, darkness began to rise and soon the DunSoldat was reborn and began to grow to the size of a skyscraper. The Sorceger's looked on in shock as SorceFire commented, "Did they always do that?" SorceWater sighed, "What do we do?" Iatnes thankfully appeared before them, "This is what the SorceBeasts are for, simply call to them and they will come." The 5 nodded before raising their Staffs into the sky, "SORCEBEASTS APPEAR" 5 large portals opened up in the city as the 5 SorceBeasts appeared, SorceDragon launched flames at the DunSoldat, as both SorceBear and SorceLion attacked him and knocked him over. SorceDolphin seemingly swimming in the air, kicked him while he tried to stand up and SorceHawk attacked him with its wings. Iatnes nodded, "Good now combine them." SorceFire looked at the old sorcerer, "Wait really?"

Iatnes nodded, "If you will it, then it will happen." Once again they raised their staffs up to the sky, "SORCEBEASTS COMBINE" They jumped up and all went inside their respective partners before the process began. SorceDragon began to fold up, his head going to the center of his body and his limbs folding up, becoming one massive body. SorceLion stood up and his head moved as well, becoming two legs as SorceDragon became attached to them. SorceDolphin and SorceBear folded up as well and became the arms. Finally SorceHawk descended and folded up, landing on the top and folding up to become the head. The 5 Sorceger's teleported into what seemed to be a cockpit and placed their SorceBaton's in an altar like device as they announced, "SORCEOH READY FOR BATTLE"

SorceOh posed before it began to walk towards the DunSoldat who began to charge it. It shot darkness at it but SorceOh seemed to just walk on, not caring about being attacked. It reached the DunSoldat and punched it a few times, sending it flying back. SorceFire in the center of where the Sorceger's were standing pumped his fist in excitement, "We can do this guys, just keep on going." They all placed their hands on the altar and announced, "Summon: SorceWand." A large wand appeared in SorceOh's hands before the 5 Sorceger's placed their crystals into the atlar, "Final Attack: SoshiStrike"

The wand glowed with power as 5 orbs of each color appeared and it launched itself at the DunSoldat, resulting it in it being destroyed. Victorious SorceOh powered down as SorceFire announced, "Well looks like we win the day." The others began to celebrate with him, as Iatnes looked on from the ground, proud that he had managed to pull through.


Later against his better judgement Hikayasu was standing again in Prime Minister Soma's office, now a little messy from his fight with Prince Vulkan. He looked at Hikayasu, "You know, I was a little nervous at first, you yelling at me, accusing me of not caring about my people and simply sitting around while the world burns." Hikayasu tried to interrupt after getting a lecture from Iatnes he was supposed to apologize. Soma kept going, "And you know what? You were right." Hikayasu looked at him confused, "I am?" Prime Minister Soma nodded, "I admit, I've spent too many years worrying about those in Taiyo, I couldn't even remember the last time I visited Nokoribi or even any other city. I need to fight for everyone again, the whole country needs taking care of, not just the rich and powerful."

Hikayasu smiled, "So does this mean you'll help us?" The Prime Minister smiled, "I can't guarantee anything yet, since I have to run things by the Council of Ashes, but I will tell them that a determined and hard working member of our country is representing us." Hikayasu nodded, "What do you mean?" Prime Minister Ryuhi put an arm around his shoulder, "I figured you'd be visiting a lot of other countries and well, we need someone speaking for us, so I'm making you an official representative of Fairaharto."

Hikayasu smiled at the news, "Thank you sir, that's a huge honor." He laughed, "Call me Ryuhi, now go keep fighting for what you believe in, good luck Hikayasu of Faiaharto." Hikayasu smiled, he needed to keep working hard, this came from his own determination and hard work. If he could somehow manage to become a representative of his country, then maybe just maybe he could figure this magic thing out.


Nativus Sanctuarii

When Hikayasu had finally arrived back at the Santuarii, he had joined with the others in the training room. As he stood there waiting for Eoti's training, Diego cleared his throat, "So Yasu, we've been talking and well you really saved our asses today." He looked at the four of them and even Terra was nodding in agreement. Maya continued for Diego, "So we decided, we wanted to make you our official leader." Hikayasu raised an eyebrow, "Really, even Princess is fine with it?" Lian glared at him, "I was wrong ok, I'm sorry for criticising your magic skills, clearly you're good enough to be one of us."

Hikayasu smiled, "Well thank you, even you Lian." Lian said nothing as Eoti entered the room, "Alright maggots listen up, we're gonna be running the entire Sanctuarii, and if any of you slow down or stop then you'll be in for a punishment." Lian, Diego, and Maya groaned at his remark before Hikayasu smiled, "Now team, a little run never hurt anyone, now let's go." He began to run behind Eoti, with a seemingly eager Terra following him. As the other 3 began to follow, Diego sighed, "I'm regretting making him leader already." Maya snickered as the 5 began running, things in the end had turned out ok and Hikayasu was beginning to get over his mental block. Maybe he could make a fine sorcerer yet.


Finternis Throne Room

Prince Vulkan was thrown across the throne room as his father rose from his chair in anger, "You coward, fleeing instead of giving your all to fight the Sorceger's" Prince Vulkan got to his feet clearly afraid of his father, "Father please forgive me, it was Mond's fault. His soldier's were defeated and he had fled." Emperor Wonkle ignored his pleas and approached his son, ready to punish him.

Suddenly a voice stopped him, "Father please spare him!" The Emperor turned to the newly arrived figure, "Nessa what are you doing here?" Princess Nessa emerged from the shadows, her purple hair being different from her father and brothers. Her deep purple eyes looked at her father, "Father it was one mistake, Vulkan will grow stronger and he will defeat the Sorceger's, let him use this anger and grow stronger from it." The Emperor sighed, "Unable to say no to his daughter, "Very well, but do not fail again." He went back to his throne before Nessa walked over to her brother and helped him up, "Thank you sister, I owe you one." Nessa said nothing as she left the throne room, the war with the other countries were heating up, now that the Sorceger's were here.



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