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Soshi Sentai Sorceger

Spell 3: A Lazy Hurricane

Nativus Sanctuarii

It was a normal day for the Sorceger's or at least what they had come to expect to be normal. In the mornings they would combat training with Eoti and in the afternoons they would have class with Iatnes, where he would teach them the history of the world or some magic. Now here were 4 of the 5 Sorceger's fighting Eoti, seemingly sparing with him. Lian ran up and aimed a kick at his face, Eoti moved quickly to the side to avoid the kick and Lian thinking he was distracted aimed a kick at his legs but he jumped causing her to miss the kick. He smiled at her, "Good Lady Lian, always have a back up plan if your opponent dodged your first attack."

He was interrupted though by Maya jumping at him from behind and attempting to punch him. He grabbed the young girl and threw her across the room, "Excellent, using your opponent being distracted to your advantage, but do be careful they don't use your smaller size against you Maya."

Terra stood in front of him, ready for his turn and merely launched forward, the two Gaian's trading blows before Eoti punched him in the stomach and knocked the wind out of them, "Not bad Terra, your punches hurt but you leave yourself wide open for attacks." Finally Hikayasu appeared, charging at him and shocking Eoti. Hikayasu punched him fast and continuously forcing Eoti to walk backwards dodging each punch before Hikayasu managed to land a kick on him causing the Gaian to put a hand on his gut, "Very good Hikayasu, you attack like a raging fire but do keep in mind that you can't put all your stamina into one attack hoping to finish your opponent quickly."

Eoti looked around, seeing only 4 of them at practice and frowned, "Where's the 5th one, Diego?" Scarlett who had been watching the sparring match waved her hand to get his attention, "I think my brother is still sleeping." Eoti let out a low growl like groan, "I thought I made it clear that all 5 of you must be here exactly at the time I said, no more no less." Before he could continue Diego sauntered in, yawning and waving to his teammates, "Good morning everyone what'd I miss?" Eoti glared at him, "You were supposed to be here an hour ago boy, do you have no respect for my training?"

Diego shook his head, "Uh no? Listen man can't you just not make the training so early I need my beauty sleep if you want me to do anything." Hikayasu smirked at him, "Well you must need more sleep cause the beauty sleep clearly isn't working buddy." Maya and Scarlett burst out laughing at his comment and even Lian tried hiding her smile as Eoti scowled at Diego, "Enough, now that you're here we shall continue the lessons." Diego nodded, "Whatever you say Sir." Eoti glared at him one more time before beginning to speak about the different fighting styles of the different countries, he continued on for 20 minutes before he began to hear snoring.

Turning around he saw Diego sleeping near the fountain at the otherside of the room, causing him to begin to stomp over to him. Hikayasu trying to save his best friend got in front of him, "Look Eoti, I know Diego comes off as lazy but he's the smartest guy I know and he comes through when it counts." Eoti pushed him aside, "You're leader of this team Hikayasu, I would suggest that next time you deal with this instead of making excuses for him." Eoti continued his march over to Diego still sleeping peacefully and when he arrived brought his massive foot down on the ground, resulting in the earth below Diego to come up and launch the boy upwards, eventually resulting in him being thrown into the fountain. Diego now awake rose from the water and glared at Eoti, "Hey what gives man!"

Eoti pulled him from the fountain and threw him across the room to the sparring area, Diego stopped himself from falling as Eoti stomped over to him, "It's rude to sleep during a lesson, and it's rude to arrive late for it." Before Eoti could continue his violent lesson with Diego he was met with a tiny blast of air from behind. He turned to see a rather angry Scarlett, "Stop hurting my brother you jerk, your lessons are boring anyway." Eoti scoffed at her, "Get lost girl, the only reason you're even here right now is because Iatnes told me to allow you to watch, now sit down and be quiet." Diego got up and glared at Eoti, for the first time showing any emotion besides tiredness, "Do not talk to her that way."

Gathering up the air around him he shot it forward, launching Eoti back into the same fountain he had just been knocked into. Diego said nothing, leaving the training grounds and walking out. The other Sorceger's followed as the class was seemingly over. Eoti sprung forth from the fountain and grit his teeth, "I WILL BREAK YOU OUT OF YOUR LAZY HABITS" He got out of the fountain, one way or another he would stop SorceAir from being so lazy.


16 Years Ago

A 4 year old Diego sat in the waiting room of a hospital, his mommy was giving birth to his new baby sister and he was so excited to meet her. The door opened and out stepped his daddy holding a blanket in his arms. His daddy approached him and knelt down, revealing a pair of white eyes and a tuft of white hair staring at him. His daddy smiled at him, "Diego this is your baby sister, Scarlett, would you like to hold her?" Diego nodded and his daddy put his new born sister in his arms, showing him how to hold her as Diego simply stared at the baby wondering what she would do.

His daddy put a hand on his shoulder, "You're a big brother now Diego, you gotta promise to always protect her because family is the only thing that truly matters in this world and a good big brother protects his little sister no matter what." Diego looked down at the baby who simply stared wide eyed at her brother. Diego smiled at her and nodded, "I got it daddy, I always protect Scarlett, no matter what." This was the first lesson Diego's daddy would ever teach him, that no matter what family was the only thing that truly mattered in the world.


Long ago 7 elemental crystals came into being, and 7 countries were born from them. Now after centuries of war the country of darkness comes for the other crystals. The 5 remaining crystals gather 5 guardians to stop the spreading only ones who seem to be able to stop them are…. SOSHI SENTAI SORCEGER!

Sorceger opening: Fire by Koji Wada

A guitar riff starts as each ranger flashes on screen, Hikayasu with SorceDragon behind him, Diego with SorceHawk, Lian with SorceDolphin, Maya and SorceBear and finally Terra and SorceLion. The logo appears on screen before before transitioning into a large stretch of land on The Nativus Sanctuarii

Kusubutteta mune ni nage irero fire, Chiheisen e kokoro tobasu nda

SorceFire is shown riding on SorceDragon, racing with a napping SorceAir on SorceHawk, SorceWater is shown riding on a swimming SorceDolphin and SorceForest and SorceEarth are riding on their running partners. Transition to all 5 in their countries gazing at their crystals.

Kara mawari no kimochi o keri agetara, Saki ni iku ze tsugi no frontier

Each Sorceger is shown performing magic in civilian form, Hikayasu makes a small fireball, Diego is shown sleeping in the air, Lian is creating waves, Maya fires some leaves and Terra creates a small boulder. Flash of the light crystal being taken and a worried Iatnes.

Kanau sa kanau, Hakkaten wo mo sugu da ze

The Sorceger's are shown placing their crystals in the Sorcebattons and revealing they're facing a dark army

Dekiru dekiru sa, Bakuhatsu shite miseru nda

The Sorceger's place the crystals in and perform the movements to transform, before yelling, multicolored lights before they emerge as the Sorceger's.

Burn up'n go

Paxlux the country of light is shown exploding into darkness, before the Sorceger's helmets flash on screen similar to the first scene

Gomibako o tobikoeta saki ni aru mirai, Hikari o matotte get a fire power

The Sorceger's all fight the army showcasing their various magic and weapons before posing together as a team.

Giragira to moeagare hitomi no chikara, Kesenai yuuki de get a fire power

Each Sorceger is shown piloting their SorceBeast before they combine in a flash into a posing SorceOh.

Michi ga michi teru

The emperor of Finternis is shown in the shadows sitting in his throne with two other shadows kneeling in front of him.

Frontier e, Hashiri tsuzekeru nda

Final flashes of the other countries

Kimi o tsurete

To end the opening the Sorceger's are shown back in the same stretch of land, posing with the SorceBeasts behind them. The logo being shown one last time.


Nativus Sanctuarii

The next day Iatnes had called everyone to the gathering room seemingly with news, "I'm going to visit an old friend in the capital of Brisagera, and because I want you all to learn about the different cultures I've decided you all are coming with me. Think of this as a little break because of all your hard work." The others cheered as Hikayasu turned to Diego, "Have you ever been to the capital city Diego?" Diego nodded his head, "It's been a long time since I even lived in Brisagera, but my parents took me to Rosatante once, I've always remembered how great the air felt ." Scarlett looked at Diego, "Diego let me go too, I want to see the capital of our home country."

Diego shook his head, "No way, you never know what might happen or what danger we could find." Iatnes stroked his beard, "She can come, Rosatante is a floating city powered by magical generators that draw power from Brisagerans, so nothing wrong with having one more Brisageran going." Diego frowned at the idea but Lian stepped forward, "What if I look out for her?" Hikayasu nearly fell over from the shock of Lian offering to do something nice, "Wait, the Princess is offering to look out for a commoner? Quick someone take her temperature she might be sick."

Lian ignored his comment, "I'll make sure nothing happens to her Diego, I've grown fond of your little sister." Scarlett looked at Diego with pleading eyes causing him to sigh, "Fine, I know I'm not gonna win this fight anyway." Scarlett cheered as everyone began to make preparations for the journey to Rosatante, the Sorceger's were certainly looking forward to some down time.


Finternis Throne Room

Emperor Wonkle sat in his throne, his two children at his side as the door to the throne room opened and in stepped General Mond flanked by a Dunsoldat. Wonkle grunted in recognition as Mond bowed before him, "My liege." Wonkle glared at him, "What is it Mond? I still haven't forgotten your failure in Taiyo." Mond frowned, "Worry not my liege I've come to you with a new plan today." Prince Vulkan smirked at his comment, "Is that why you've brought one of your experiments before us?" Wonkle glared at his son, "Speak Mond before I grant my son his dream of chasing you out of here." Mond sighed, "Well sire remember when we had last discussed Brisagera?"

The Emperor nodded, "Yes we had decided there was no point in invading them as they would never fight back and would sooner die than be conquered by us." Mond nodded, "Yes sire, well anyway I had an idea, why not send a message to the other countries that we are to be feared." Wonkle raised an eyebrow, "You're trying my patience Mond, what does this have to do with Brisagera." Mond smiled, "Well what if we destroyed Rosatante, causing it to fall from the sky and crash into the rest of Brisagera." Wonkle smiled, "Resulting in the countries destruction and a reminder to the other countries and the Sorceger's that we cannot be stopped." Mond nodded, "Precisely sire, and all it would take is putting their people to sleep, with them asleep the generators powering the city would have no magic to draw on."

Before Wonkle could say anything Nessa spoke up, "Father is this really a good idea? Genocide over just conquering the country." Wonkle glared at his daughter, "The Brisageran's are too good hearted to ever willingly be conquered by us, it would be better to make an example of them. I appreciate your desire to conquer my daughter but sometimes these things have to be done." Nessa looked to Vulkan to help her, reasoning that he owed her for saving his life but he said nothing as he avoided her gaze. Reluctantly she nodded, "Yes father I understand." Wonkle smiled, "Good with the objections out of the way, go forth with your plan Mond and do not fail this time." Mond nodded and left the throne room, this genocide was going to be so much fun.



The party had arrived at their destination and everyone besides Iatnes who had been in the city before was amazed by it. Rosatante was a city that blended together science and magic, there were tall buildings and high tech areas but there were also temples and places of magic throughout the area. It was large and they could see the very 5 generators that powered the city being at the corners of the city. Diego couldn't help but smile and stretch putting his arms behind his head, "It's been years since I've been back here." Scarlett ran in front of him equally excited, "I want to experience everything here, it's gonna be awesome." As she began to run ahead Diego sighed, "Hey don't run off."

As he was about to follow his sister he was stopped by a large hand on his shoulder, "Where do you think you're going?" Diego frowned at Eoti, "Come on man can't you chill for a day? I haven't been to my country in years." Eoti shook his head, "Just because Iatnes said everyone else earned some fun doesn't mean you did, this is your punishment for being lazy." Slowly the others followed Scarlett, leaving Diego behind, Terra was the only one left as Diego smiled at him, "Terra you aren't gonna leave me with him right?" Terra had a ghost of a smile on his lips, "Need to make sure Hikayasu doesn't break the law." Diego could hear Hikayasu yell a curse at Terra as the tall man followed the rest of the group, he hung his head in defeat as he was left with Eoti and Iatnes.


The others after leaving Diego to Eoti's wrath had arrived at a large outdoor shopping mall. Lian and Scarlett insisted on going shopping after Lian had said Scarlett deserved to be spoiled after so many years on the streets. Hikayasu still wasn't sure why Lian liked Scarlett so much but he stopped caring after he tricked Terra into buying him a rather expensive lunch. The man was so focused on making sure Hikayasu didn't steal anything that he didn't seem to mind buying him food. Maya ended up going with them, saying shopping wasn't for her and that had left Lian and Scarlett to shop. Now it was Lian and Scarlett in a store, shopping and having fun as they looked for things to buy, Scarlett had to admit that Lian wasn't so bad when she wasn't being serious all the time and it was certainly easy to get her to buy her things.

As the two were looking through a clothes rack Lian spoke up, "So why is Diego so protective of you?" Scarlett blinked at her question as it left her confused, "What do you mean?" Lian shrugged, "All I've ever seen him do is be really lazy or sleep but whenever it comes to you he seems to jump right into action ready to fight anyone who messes with you." Scarlett shrugged, "That's just how Diego was raised, our parents were really family oriented so protecting each other was the only thing they were ever really strict about." Lian frowned, "I'm jealous, my family isn't close in the slightest so I guess I admire how close you and Diego are." Scarlett smiled, "I'm close with both of my brothers, Yasu is just as much part of our family at this point." The two went back to silently shopping, but soon that was interrupted as screams could be heard and the two ran out of the shop to investigate them.


There was chaos in the streets as Mond's Dunsoldat arrived leading some Dundatin's through the city of Rosatante. Citizens who didn't manage to flee from them ended up on the ground, seemingly in a coma like state. As it walked though it was suddenly hit by a fireball and there before him were 4 of the Sorceger's along with Scarlett. It growled at them, "Sorceger's, I wasn't told all 5 of you would be here, no matter." Scarlett was confused, the Dunsoldat was confusing her with Diego but before she could correct them Hikayasu spoke up, "Finternis, I guess it was too much to ask to have a day of relaxing without you guys pulling something."

The gauntlet on his arm began to glow as the Dunsoldat pointed it at them, "This is perfect, General Mond will reward me for getting rid of you too." The Sorceger's were ready to charge in, however the gauntlet seemed to fire some kind of purple like magic. The Sorceger's began to feel drowsy as one by one they feel to the ground as Lian noted, "Why do I feel so…. Sleepy." None of them responded however as they soon ended up in the same exact state as the other Brisageran's. The Dunsoldat laughed in victory, now no one could stand in Finternis's way.


A portal opened within Rosatante and out stepped Diego and Eoti, Eoti holding a package in his hands as Diego groaned in annoyance, "Man I can't believe you dragged me back to the Sanctuarii because Iatnes for got some gift for his friend, he's like a 100 years old how does he even forget something like that?" Eoti glared at him, "Stop whining, Iatnes has a lot on his mind so you'd have to forgive him for forgetting something minor like this, now let's get this over with and maybe I'll let you out of my sight." Diego pumped his fist in excitement as the two arrived back at Iatnes's friends home.

Things seemed quiet as the two knocked on the door causing Diego to look around, "Something's wrong, the air doesn't feel right." Eoti raised an eyebrow at him, "How do I know this isn't you trying to get out of me babysitting you." Diego looked at the older man seriously, "Look believe me or not but something is wrong, bust the door open cause I got a bad feeling something is off." Eoti deciding to listen to the air sorcerer kicked in the door and to the two's horror they found Iatnes and his friend collapsed onto the floor asleep. Eoti checked their bodies and frowned, "They're asleep, what could've caused this?" Diego shook his head, "Some kind of magic, I'm willing to bet though that the rest of the city is like this too." Suddenly Diego ran out of the house causing Eoti to run after him.

As they ran through the city they found sleeping people everywhere they turned, finally they arrived at the mall where the others had been. Diego fell to his knees in horror at seeing the others including his sister being put to sleep. Eoti appeared behind him and frowned, "This isn't good, you seem to be the only Brisageran awake in the city, which means you're the only one keeping this place floating." Diego punched the ground in anger, "Was this Finternis? Did they attack my sister like this?" Eoti nodded slowly, "Only thing I could guess, Finternis always had difficulties fighting Brisagera so I guess they decided to wipe them out instead of conquering them."

Diego said nothing as he got up and searched the area, he went into various rooms within the mall in order to find any sort of clues that could aid them. Stopping in the security area he looked at the security video and smiled. Eoti walked into the room behind him, "Find anything useful?" Diego shrugged, "Nah, you know what I think I'm just gonna relax a bit." He walked back to the entrance of the mall and sat down against a wall, seemingly content of just relaxing. Eoti glared at him, "You're really choosing to be lazy at a time like this? Don't you care about what happened to your sister or the others? Don't you care that the city could fall if we don't find out what happened." Diego shrugged, "I'll let you find that out big guy, let me know when you need me." Eoti practically growled at him, "You aren't fit to be a Sorceger boy." WIth those words he stormed off, leaving Diego to seemingly doze off enjoying his relaxation.


12 Years Ago

8 year old Diego Venti was so excited, he and his family were in Faiaharto the country of fire and he wanted to see everything. He was jumping up and down in the room they were staying in, his parents opting to sleep in, "Come on, Mom, Dad we need to go see the city." His Dad yawned and sat up from his bed, "Diego stop rushing, we're here for a while so no need to do everything in one day." Diego frowned at his father, "Yeah but shouldn't we get started as soon as possible so we see more?" His Dad shook his head, "Let me tell you one of life's great secret's Diego, life is short so you can't rush through it. Take your time and don't rush because then life will be over quicker. We'll get to it when we're ready but for now let's get some rest so we have energy when it counts."

Diego frowned, "I guess that makes sense, but still why go slow when you do more going fast." His Dad smiled at him, "Because quality over quantity my boy, you'll find that when you go slow and relax you'll see things others don't. Go fast and rush and you just might miss something important." Diego nodded in understanding, now he understood why his Dad always seemed lazy. He was taking in everything around him and enjoying himself, his Dad was the smartest person he knew so he figured if he did it, why shouldn't he?


Present Day

The Dunsoldat walked throughout Rosatante, appreciating his handy work, everyone was asleep and soon the city would fall, wiping out the country of air. He was confused though as the city should've run out of backup magic by now and fallen. He arrived back at the mall he had taken out the Sorceger's at and noticed a lone Brisageran sitting against the wall. The white haired young man waved at him, "Yo, are you the guy who put everyone to sleep?" The Dunsoldat glared at him, "Everyone except you apparently." The young man nodded and stood up, "Well good, you put my friends to sleep and I can't let you get away with it." The Dunsoldat laughed, "And what do you plan to do about it Brisageran?"

The young man shrugged, "Not much, besides this." He took out a baton looking device from his belt and placed a crystal into it, "AIR" Realizing who he was the Dunsoldat glared at him, "A Sorceger? I thought I got rid of you pests." Diego smiled and shook his head, "Nah, you just attacked my little sister, and that's the worst move you'll ever make." He brought the glowing baton to his wrist and turned his arm in a circle before raising it to the sky, "SOSHICHANGE" Air began to blow faster and surround him as he was enveloped in bright white light, emerging as SorceAir. He brought up his baton and it glowed turning it into a scythe, "SORCESCYTHE" Before he could charge though the monster charged his gauntlet at him, hitting him. Eoti arrived, hearing the commotion and still believing Diego was lazy, decided he was going to defeat the monster himself.

He watched as SorceAir, the last hope the city fell back onto the wall, asleep and with his weapon still in his hand. Eoti sank to his knees in horror, the city would fall now. But it didn't, nothing seemed to happen as the Dunsoldat laughed triumphantly. Growing confused it began to approach SorceAir, wanting to know why the city wasn't falling. As he neared him the Dunsoldat heard a small chuckle, "SURPRISE!" SorceAir brought his scythe up at him and struck his gauntlet, destroying it. The Dunsoldat screamed in horror as the magic behind the spell began to wear off, "I hit you, how didn't you fall asleep." SorceAir laughed at him, "I saw your little trick on security footage, your gauntlet emits a special gas that people breathe in so all I had to do was hold my breath and wait for you to approach me. It's why I was waiting here, I knew it'd be better to let you come to me and set off my little trap."

Eoti was shocked, "You weren't being lazy at all? Just letting him come to you instead of recklessly going after him." SorceAir nodded, "Bingo, now it's time to finish you off cause no one hurts my family." The Dunsoldat screamed at him, "I don't need some gauntlet, I can destroy you and cause the city to fall." Diego held up his scythe and pointed it at him, "Bring it then tough guy." Before the Dunsoldat could act however he was hit by a fireball, arriving on the scene were the other Sorceger's already transformed. The others made their way to SorceAir as SorceFire high fived him, "Sorry about taking a nap, what'd we miss?" SorceAir shrugged, "Oh you know me saving the day as usual." The Dunsoldat yelled in rage, "Dammit I could deal with one Sorceger but now all 5 are here, DUNDATIN'S!"

A squad of Dundatin's appeared around him and causing the Sorceger's to get into fighting poses, "The Bold Sorcerer, SorceFire", SorceAir twirled his scythe around him, "The Intelligent Sorcerer, SorceAir" SorceWater formed her SorceBow and aimed it at the enemy, "The Graceful Sorcerer, SorceWater" SorceEarth formed his SorceHammer and simply let it rest on the ground as he held it, "The Strong Sorcerer, SorceEarth." Finally SorceForest formed her SorceClaws and twirled them in excitement, "The Crafty Sorcerer, SorceForest." The 5 brought their weapons together in a circle and posed, "The chosen ones who create magic wherever they go, SOSHI SENTAI SORCEGER" SorceAir pointed his scythe again at the DunSoldat, "TIme to show you the power of the elements"

The 5 charged forward, SorceFire coated his sword in fire and began to slash at DunDatin's making them fall around him until he spun around fully, creating a vortex of fire and causing the rest near him to be defeated. SorceForest and SorceWater opted to team up, SorceForest using her speed to attack multiple DunDatin's and pulling them together with the power of her vines and SorceWater creating a large cloud of arrows that then rained down on the remaining footsoldiers. Meanwhile SorceEarth attacked his own group, using his hammer to create large tremors and send the DunDatin's into the air and humorously hitting them with it, causing them to be sent flying away from the city. SorceAir rushed at the DunSoldat, using the air to attack him from all sides. He twirled his scythe around his body, alternating it and using it to hit him in multiple places before eventually knocking him back.

SorceAir took out his crystal and placed it into his scythe, "Time to use that attack Eoti kept going on and on about." He tapped the crystal causing it to announce, "SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU" He raised the scythe over his head and began to rotate it, gathering the wind around him and developing winds as fast as a hurricane above him. He began to run up to the DunSoldat, "SORCESPELL: RAGING HURRICANE" He slashed at the DunSoldat multiple times, hitting him with the hurricane like wind, causing it to float up into the air and then violently dropped from all the wind pressure. He exploded as SorceAir turned around happy in his victory. The others rejoined him as he looked at SorceWater, "Where's my sister?Is she ok?"

SorceWater nodded, "She's fine, we sent her to check up on Iatnes, no need to bring her here and possibly have you made at us if she gets hurt." Suddenly a pool of darkness began to form at the remains of the DunSoldat and soon it rose from its grave becoming larger than ever. SorceFire sighed, "Oh right this part." The 5 brought out their SorceStaff's and aimed them at the sky, "SORCEBEASTS APPEAR" 5 large portals opened up above the city and out came the SorceBeasts's ready to fight as the 5 went inside their respective partners. The 5 twirled their staffs, "SORCEBEASTS COMBINE" SorceDragon soon folded up to become the body, SorceBear and SorceDolphin becoming the arms, SorceLion folded up to become the feet and finally SorceHawk became the head.

The 5 Sorceger's teleported into the cockpit and each placed their staffs into an altar like control console, "SORCEOH READY FOR BATTLE" SorceOh summoned it's staff and charged at the DunSoldat who once again had his gauntlet but it now fired normal magic at them. SorceOh raised a shield in an effort to deflect the attacks but it was still hit causing the Sorceger's to be rattled a bit. SorceFire groaned in pain, "There has to be a way for us to go on the offensive here." That was when SorceAir noticed a small indent in the command console, looking at it he noticed it was crystal shaped, "Let me try something." He placed his crystal inside of the indent, causing it to start glowing and from the hawk part of SorceOh a scythe appeared and flew into its hand.

SorceOh held up the scythe as the Sorceger's announced, "HawkScythe ready!" SorceAir laughed, "Does that work for you Yasu?" SorceFire nodded, "Works plenty, now let's take this guy down." SorceOh charged forward as the DunSoldat fired more blasts at it, this time they hit them with the scythe cutting them in half and neutralizing them. Approaching him, SorceOh slashed several times before the Sorceger's placed their hands on the altar, "Final Attack: HAWKSTRIKE" The HawkScythe glowed white and slashed at the monster multiple times, strikes landing on him as fast as the wind before they launched one last strike, resulting in the monster being defeated and exploding. SorceOh shut down and stood triumphantly as SorceAir announced, "Monster defeated, Sorceger's win the day." The vile plot to wipe out Brisagera had been stopped, thanks to luck on the Sorceger's part and Diego's lazy ways.


Nativus Sanctuarii

It had been a week since the fight in Rosatante, the Sorceger's stuck around for a bit after Finternis's attack to make sure they weren't planning anything else. Now they were back in the Sanctuarii and it was a usual day, Eoti teaching combat practice and Diego of course was sleeping. Diego didn't sleep long though as he was woken up by a loud yell, "DIEGOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He woke up with a start and turned to an angry Eoti, "Come on man, didn't I prove myself last week, just let me sleep." Eoti pulled him up to his feet, "Yes and now that I know how smart you are I'm even more determined to break you out of your lazy habits. If we had had your intelligence constantly then we'd be beating Finternis more."

Diego yawned, "Come on, you can't force that." Eoti ignored him, "Enough back sass, give me 15 laps around the Sanctuarii, no magic." Diego groaned and turned to his allies, "Yasu help me, you're the leader after all." Hikayasu smiled at him, "Oh I don't know Diego maybe Eoti is right, you being not as lazy could help us." Diego frowned, "Some best friend you are." Maya waved at him, "Have fun on your run, we'll save you some lunch." Diego began to run, cursing under his breath as he could hear their laughs as Eoti ran after him, yelling "encouraging" chants. Diego was slowly starting to hate their combat trainer.



Laughter filled the air as Princess Nessa of Finternis sat on the grass outside an orphanage. Due to the amount of orphans her father's war created she felt it was her duty to visit them and help out where she could. She loved visiting them and they loved seeing her, always flocking to her and trying to show off their developing magical abilities to them. As she watched their demonstration she heard one crying out in joy, "Prince Vulkan, Prince Vulkan has come to visit us." Nessa turned to see her brother approaching in more casual clothes, the same frown on his face he'd always had and the fresh scar on the side of his face from his battle with SorceFire. Nessa smiled at her older brother, "Brother what brings you here?" Vulkan nodded at her, "Sister, can we walk and talk for a moment?"

Nessa stood up and nodded, "Of course, I'll be back in a minute children, play a game while I'm gone." The kids nodded and Nessa walked off with her brother, the two walking until they were now behind the orphanage and away from the children's ears, "So what is this about brother?" Vulkan sighed, "I'm just here to warn you my dear little sister, father has no tolerance for weaklings." Nessa raised an eyebrow at him, "What are you talking about Vulkan?" Vulkan got closer to her and whispered into her ear, "I know you didn't argue with father over his plans for Brisagera because you thought we should conquer it, you just wanted to stop the genocide." Nessa glared at him and her fist glowed purple, Vulkan was suddenly pushed into the wall of the orphanage, a thick darkness keeping him there. Nessa stared him in the eyes, "If you tell him then so help me you will feel the full force of my power."

Vulkan laughed, "Oh don't worry sister I won't, after all family is everything isn't it?" Nessa opened her clenched hand and the darkness around him faded, she caught her breath feeling weak from the display of magic, "We both know father would kill either one of us for having a weak resolve." Vulkan smiled at her, "Then I suggest you strengthen your resolve dear sister, because the only reason I've even warned you is because I owed you one."

He began to walk away, saying nothing further as he left Nessa to ponder what he'd said. She couldn't keep this up much longer, she couldn't keep pretending that she knew her father's crusade against the other countries in his endless pursuit of power was wrong. She just feared what would happen when he found out her dark little secret.



Next time on Soshi Sentai Sorceger

Lian gets a surprise when visiting her family in Agul

"What do you mean you're surrendering to Finternis?"

Lian and Nessa are face to face both pointing magic at each other

"You and I both know surrendering to my country is better than the alternative"

Lastly Lian is shown with water surrounding her looking determined

"Even if it means fighting my own family, I won't let Finternis hurt anymore innocent people."