The UNSC fifth fleet consisted of the UNSC Infinite one of the two fully built Infinity class supercarriers, 29 Autumn class heavy cruisers, the medium hitters of the fleet, 234 Strident class Frigates, the numbers of this fleet, 122 Izanagi class destroyers the ship you do NOT want to be on the wrong end of, 42 Posiden class light carriers, the ship you never wanted to see in groups and 12 Warlock class super heavy cruisers, the ship that could ruin your day wherever you went.

This was a huge fleet considering the UNSCs ship number which was roughly 50,000 ships, and they were starring down a Republic fleet consisting of 431 Venator class star destroyers and 732 acclamator assault ships, so in short, if a fight broke out, there was no winning factor, and it bugged Fleet Admiral Harper, there were to many unknowns, he was tired, tired of war and the suffering it brought, how much more would he have too endure.

"Xeno" Harper asked

"Yes sir" The shipboard AI responded, appearing on the holo table.

"Get that Fleets flagship and that translator working" Harper continued

"Coms, as soon as Xeno gets the flagship, I want you to hail it, let's see what their doing in UEG territory" Harper

"General, there hailing us, shall I respond" The Coms officer questioned.

"Also sir, ask them what there doing in Republic territory" A clone guarding the doors asked.

"Now is not the time Hook" General Anakin Skywalker said glaring at the patriotic clone "For all you know this was already theirs before we were even alive"

"Yeah yeah sir" CT 2341 said

"On screen now sir" The comms officer called out.

The veteran nodded, he was traumatised by the Human-Covenant war and was terrified to see if that would become like that, or worse.

"This is Fleet Admiral Harper of the Unified Earth Govement and United Nations Space Command, whom am I speaking too" The HIGHCOM member asked hiding his shock that there were actually Humans of a different faction, of course he had been briefed Admiral Parangonsky herself, but hearing it was something and seeing it was another.

"This is General Anakin Skywalker of the Grand Army of the Republic, may we meet somewhere in person" Skywalker asked, hoping everything would go according to plan.

"I can, I'll send you coordianates to a shio that will i move to the centre" Harper asked

Anakin nodded and shut off the screen and started walking down to the hangar.

"So master, how did it go" His young padawan asked

"Decent, come on let's go find Rex, Fives and Echo" Skywalker replied

"Fleet Admiral, shall I ask Captain Lasky too come aid us if nogotiations go wrong" Xeno asked

"Yes make sure they stay in the next system, with Laskys numbers we would be on even footing and it would boost moral considering Lasky is one of the most respected Captains in the entire Human race or in this case I'll refer to us as Reclaimers" Harper replied

Xeno nodded and disappeared and went to contact the 'Infinitys' AI Roland.

"Sir, I've done a scan of the other flagship and there weapons are superior but lack range of the our MAC and energy projectors but fire more rapidly although our Spartan lasers to more damage they would take to long to charge" Thr officer in charge of scanning informed the Fleet Admiral.

(A/N if you were wondering, it's 8 seconds for the laser to charge)

Harper nodded before looking at the scans himself and activating a holo projector for both fleets and highlighted his fleet yellow and the Republic fleet red.

"Xeno ask general Zachary to grab a squad of Spartan Vs not the IVs, also may I ask why the Spartan 4 program was discontinued" Wondered

"Yes sir, I have informed the General, as for the Spartan 4 program, it was discontinued because the 4s were undisciplined and were receiving to many casualties, and so the Spartan V program was born, it selected the Spartans in the same way as the 4s but they had to go through extra training and disciplining" Xeno answered.

Harper left Thr room while Xeno infoef the crew that XO had the bridge as long as he was negotiating with Republic General.

As Harper entered the hangar he saw the Spartan squad, he noticed the weapons they were holding did not make it look like a negotiation: One was holding a standard MA5E and another BR85 and that where it ended with standard weaponry, two were holding M7 nonlinear rifles (Newer version of the handheld SPARTAN Laser), another was holding a machine gun, and the last one was holding a rocket launcher.

"Are we sure were heading to negotiate Spartans" Harper asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Sure we are sir, we'll be guarding the Pelican while they come with you" Spartan V-537 said pointing to the General or Spartan V-007 Spartan V-098.

Harper nodded too the pilot and the Pican headed towards the UNSC Izanagi class destroyer 'Emblem' as this was where negotiations would take place and there current destination.

Anakin was unnerved because what had these Humans seen that they built all of their ships with hundreds of weapons and there size, it was unimaginable, who built so big, almost all of them were bigger than a Venator and the 17 kilometre long behemoth was armed with no less that 10,000 turbo lasers although these were different, they didn't look like the usual weaponry of the Galaxy, some of them looked they even used slug throwers, slug throwers! Who would use primitive weaponry on such a potentially powerful ship, oh he was in for the shock of his life.

As Harper entered the door with his spartan bodyguards, so did this General Anakin Skywalker of this so called 'Grand Army of the Republic',in his opinion it wasn't so grand as it used clones that didn't even have rights! And no fully dedicated warship only carriers, were they out of there minds not having a warship to soak up and seal back damage!

"I presume your General Skywalker and not just some decoy or clone" Harper started

"Yes I am in fact the original" Anakin said annoyance seeping through his voice

"Well then, first off, what were you doing in UEG territory" Harper asked going right up to Skywalkers face.

Immediately, his 3 guards moved for their weapons before the Spartans appeared out thin air disabling their active camouflage with weapons raised.

Rex was shocked, this Faction had troops that could go invisible.

Fives was pissed, not only did these troops have an advantage over ARC troopers, but they had basically been shown that this so called UEG was holding them hostage, although he would love to see them go up against the General.

Echo was fascinated, there troops could go invisible, he wished he could go invisible as it would help so much on missions.

Harper put his hand up and signalled the troops to return to active camo.

Anakin glared at Joseph.

"Your ship destroyed mine" The veteran responded.

"Yes but your ship attacked ours killing the crew without provocation but not before we destroyed the ships bridge" Harper retaliated.

"You killed the remainder of the ships crew and more when you destroyed your ship" Anakin responded anger clear in his voice.

"You still didn't answer my original question, what were you doing In UEG territory" Harper repeated.

"You don't know what's going in the rest of the Galaxy do you" Anakin smirked

"What the Clone wars, how the CIS attempted to break away from the Republic, how you use clones that have no rights or how the Jedi are horrible peace keapers and that you started the last few wars" Harper stayed not letting his joy seep into his voice.

This wiped the smile off the slaves face replaced by uncontrollable anger.

Anakin quickly stormed out of the room back to his ship followed by the Clones and the LAAT gunship left the hangar and started heading back to the Republic fleet.

"Well that could have gone better" Gerric, the Emblems shipboard AI stated to Harper.

"It could have yes but too late now, Gerric inform Captain Jamason that I am leaving to go back to the Infinite" Harper ordered the AI

Gerric nodded and disappeared leaving the Fleet Admiral to his thoughts.

"General, how did it go" Yularen asked as Anakin walked onto the Resolutes' Bridge.

"Horrible, they insulted out very Republic" Ankin responded, "I'm going to contact the Chancellor about this.

"Ahhh young Skywalker, what can I do for you" Palpatine asked in a deceiving tone just like usual.

"Chancellor, we found the ones that destroyed two Venators, according to them, the Venator fired first but I'm hesitant to even consider it" Anakin started, Palpatine nodded ort him to continue,"They had a Fleet of almost 450 ships, but all of them had at least 600 guns but for some reason all of them had slug throwers on their ships" Ankin continued with confusion.

"I'll take this up with Senate too see if they want to declare war or enter a peace treaty and join the Republic" The Sith Lord said

"Wait Chancellor, they had an enormous 17 kilometre long behemoth that was armed with at least 10,000 turrets, good day Chancellor" Anakin said before deactivating the hologram projector.

Darth Sidious didn't like this, a new contender that could possibly wipe out his new Empire before he fight back, he'd eed the Republic as cannon fodder for when he turned it into his new Galactic Empire!

But for now he'd have to convince the Senate for a war declaration.

"My friends, today Jedi Anakin Skywalker found the ones who destroyed out poor, innocent crew, they were called the UEG, a nd they mercilessly attacked a Venator, I propose we avenge the fallen and destroy this new government before they begun there campaign against us" Palpatine told the Senate. "All in favor"

Almost the entirety of the Senate called for war except a few who sought peace.

"Then it is final! I Chancellor Sheev Palpatine declare war on the UEG"

Cheers echoed across the Senate Chambers all of them happy that they were going to make extra credits in this war.

A/N well there we have it, Palpatine has decalered war, the UNSC is still preparing, ONIs most likely planning assassination attemprs on the Senate and the UEG is sitting in their asses.