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He was stabbed in the back by black zetsu. He has been so close to bring everlasting peace to the world. Jet here he was. Slowly taken over like a vessel for Kaguya Ootsutsuki. His body didn't respond. Not even his Rinnegan could save him now. He was wavering. His realisation shocked himself. He endured everything for his family and friends. Madara couldn't help but inwardly smile to himself. Now he experienced everything. His gaze fell upon his opponents Naruto and Sasuke. Both stood strong, like true warriors. And for his last brief moments he put his faith in them to defeat Kaguya. He closed his eyes to prepare himself for the afterlife. Only darkness surrounded him. But he wasn't a child who was afraid of the dark. He walked forwards to confront whatever deity he would be jugded by. But nothing came. Was this a test of his patience or was he trapped inside Kaguyas Body.

With Naruto Sasuke

Naruto was panting. While Sasuke controlled his breathing better his fatigue was shown in form of sweat running down his face. They needed a plan to distract her. They tried cutting her in half with Sasukes blade and it didn't work, so it seemed the sage was right and they needed to seal her. She had simply regenerated her lower half. That's when it hit Naruto. And he distracted her with his reverse Harem jutsu. It almost did the trick. But she managed to dodge them. As she retreated into her dimension Sasuke saw it. Her lower half still on the ground. That's when he got a crazy idea. He swiftly grabbed Naruto and took him to the body.

"What are you doing Sasuke? We should have followed her." Untill Naruto saw the bodypart.

"Sasuke what are you thinking?"

"Can you sense Madaras energy in there?"

"Yes" Naruto answers reluctantly.

"Then we should use our powers to get him out there and help us". Stated Sasuke

"Are you crazy?" Sounded the familiar voices of their teammates Sakura and Kakashi

"No, I am not. We need help and the only one capable of doing so is him"

"But he is the one who started this war." Said Sakura in disbelief

"He is right" said Kakashi after thinking it through

"Madara wanted peace, and only declared war to gather the bijuu. If we need to choose between a dreamworld or beeing a mindless white zetsu in an army lead by a corrupted deity, I think the answer is clear."

Explained Kakashi by jugding the worst-case scenarios.

While Naruto and Sasuke started to work on the body, Sakura treated Obito and Kakashi watched out for Kaguya.

Back to Madara

Madara was really unnerved by now. For what felt like hours he walked around in this void. Then he felt a light breeze strengthening him. As this power washed over him he started to reconnect to his surroundings. He sensed 7 beeings in close proximity. 3 of them felt very familiar. But the most powerful one drafed them all by a large margin. As he rose to his feet and opened his eyes he realized that his eyes had changed jet again. It was time to end the war once and for all. Determind like never before to finally bring peace he raised to his feet standing alongside his decendant and the loudmouthed Uzumaki for the final confrontation against black zetsu and kaguya.

Back to Kaguya

"They are weak mother. You should destroy them." Black zetsu said with a devilish grin. Kaguya didn't bother to answer zetsu and insead just raised her arms to attack them with her all-killing ash bones. As she was about to make her attack something or rather someone caught her eye. Another Ootsutsuki? But someone she didn't know.

While she hesitated Sasuke and Naruto saw this as an opening to attack. She managed to avoid their touch as Kakashi attacked from the blindspot every Hyuuga has. His raikiri cut through her shoulder and seperated black zetsu from her. Thinking fast Naruto used a truth-seeking-ball to imobilise black zetsu like Nagato had done in their fight. Seeing zetsu trapped Madara chose to destroy him with his all-killing-ash-bones. Now Kaguya was worried. This Ootsutsuki had killed her last son. Therefore he must be aiding them.

Fighting all three of them would be impossible. She knew she had lost the moment this Ootsutsuki entered the battlefield.

Her only chance for survival was the reincarnation of Ashura. His kindness and love could be manipulated to let her live.

So she prostrated herself in the dogeza position to beg for her life in front of Naruto. Seeing this confused everybody. Madara thought she was pathetic for surrendering, Sasuke was annoyed because she didn't bow infront of him, while Naruto didn't know what was going on at all. Kakashi thought this was a trap and Sakura was to exausted to form a coherent thought. When Kaguya didn't hear anything she began to worry that she misjugded Ashuras incarnation. But their attacks never came. So she decided that they needed another push to sway them. "If you accept my surrender and grant my live I will free everyone trapped in the infinite tsukuyomi and will serve you for eternity." Naruto snapped out of his thoughts by her melodic voice and could only shake his head in approval. All he wanted was to save everyone. Gaining her as a servant wouldn't be a problem for him. He treats everyone nicely as long as they do the same. Seeing him nod she let her gaze fall to the incarnation of indra. He just "hnn'd" at her and turned away. Now only one person was left. The other Ootsutsuki. Meeting his battle-hardend gaze she saw that he had not dropped his guard. He was still itching vor a fight. Then she had a brilliant idea. She told them about Kinshiki and Momoshiki after she released everyone from the genjutsu.

With every word she said everyones worries grew and they were already on edge because two of the main reasons for the war were right there and 'changed sides?!'.

Exept one. Madaras interest found new levels by the second. They were the reason for all of this. And he wanted a fight. So the five Kage as well as Naruto, Sasuke, Kaguya and him discussed what they should do. In the end it was decided that Naruto, Sasuke, Kaguya and Madara would move to intercept them before they reach earth. And so a new Team made his way to the stars.

Timeskip Arrival on the 1st Planet

As soon as they landed to take a short break Kaguya wanted to flee. She feared Kinshiki and Momoshiki more than this Madara. Yet before she could rise to the sky a chain wrapped itself around her waist. It came out of Madaras back. Even Madara was confused seeing them. Chakra Chains are a Kekkei Genkai from the Uzumaki clan. More specificly the females of said clan. Was it part of the sages power? Possible. But for some reason he remembered talking to the one that revived him with Edo Tensei. "I made you better than you have been in your prime."

While Madara was remembering this Kaguya saw a chance to escape. Madara swiftly followed her and this time used the chains to stop her once and for all. He impaled her with them. As soon as the chains pierced her flesh, he felt her Chakra run towards him through the chains. They had the ability to absorb. He immidiatly strengthened his hold on her and once the rest of her Chakra was gone the chains started to absorb her liveforce instead. As the process went on she screamed in pain and agony until nothing was left of her. His gaze then fell towards the Uchiha and the Uzumaki.

Timeskip Fight with Momoshiki Kinshiki

As soon as the 3 men team encountered Kinshiki and Momoshiki all hell broke loose. They were in a dangerous stalemate and needed to come up with a plan. Madara needed time to set up a trap and needed Sasuke and Naruto to keep them occupied. When Madara was ready he unleashed a series of different attacks to slowy guide Kinshiki into position for his trap. As soon as his feet touched the ground and Momoshiki was attacked by Naruto and Sasuke Madara sprung his trap and started to absorb Kinshikis Chakra. After he absorbed him sensed Sasukes and Narutos Chakra weaken. He made haste to help them. They were both fataly injured. With both of them unable to continue the fight Madara challenged Momoshiki to draw his attention. The fight was short and brutal. After all Madara had the power of 3 Ootsutsuki. Madara absorbed him aswell. His mission was tecnically over but from their memories he learned that there are far more Ootsutsuki around then they anticipated. An entire race of conquerers. Telling his doomed teammates both made the same choice to protect the elemental nations from the Ootsutsuki by letting Madara absorb them. And so Madara continued his journey to kill and absorb every Ootsutsuki in the universe. He ate every Chakrafruit and became more powerful than any beeing in this universe to be able to protect his world.

Timeskip return to earth

When he returned to earth he saw that the Moon has crashed on the planet and wiped out every form of life. He couldn't believe it. He had masacred an entire race of powerhungry individuals in hope of keeping earth save from destruction.

With noone there in this universe anymore Madara chose to leave it behind and try to make a new beginning somewhere else. To a place he could protect, and defend to his best capabilities and redeem himself. With his new nindo in mind he opend his eyes to create a portal to another universe and left.

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