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Madara wasn't sure where he was, but he wouldn't stop until he found another civilisation where he could start all over again. He had failed time and time again to protect the people he cared for. Every loss was like a kunai to the heart. But Hashirama always kept walking. Just like this Naruto brat he fought against. And when things went downhill they gave everybody a second chance. The entire time hunting down the Ootsutsuki he thought he was doing the right thing. Until he returned to earth and realized that everybody was gone. He should have been there. Amongst them. He was so deep in thought that he didn't even realize a second beeing walking right next to him. Until the old and fragil looking man spoke. Within a split second Madara had backflipped thrown a volley of kunai and started to form handsings, when his eyes found the 'threat?'. The old man wore a simple white robe and was anything but normal. He had a spear of condensed light in his hand. While Madara was used to different weapons that caught him off guard. Immidiatly he braced for an incoming attack but it never came. Instead he only heard the mans powerful voice. "Please relax, I mean you no harm." Even though Madara knew well not to drop his guard around someone who could sneak up on him like that he relaxed a little, but before he could prepare for combat again the man spoke again. "I am terribly sorry for scaring you like that." Madaras eye twitched. That man was very cunning to sneak up on him and mock him just like that. But it seemed he had the power to back it up. The more he looked at this man the more he started to see similarities between Hashirama and this...human?

"Who are you?" Asked Madara. "Most people refer to me as the biblical God." was the short answer he got. Though it did sound powerful since it had the term god in it Madara wanted more information. Yet before he could get more out of this man he spoke again. "And what is your Name?" Asked the old man. "Madara Uchiha" was his short answer. But this time he followed his answer up with another question.

"What do you want from me?" God smiled sadly at him, before looking down in shame.

"I need your help" admitted God. That immidiatly got Madaras interest. "Why?" was his short reply in hope for more information.

"I was killed in my universe, and I am not capable of returning to fix the problems I created. I would like to send you instead. In return I would grant you what I am able to give."

At that Madara stopped him. "What are the problems you created? And what are you able to give to me for my trouble?"

"The problems I created are bound to the System that seperates good from evil. Every devil is evil according to the System even if they never sin. No fallen Angel is allowed back into heaven once they fell from grace. My death over a thousand years ago loosend that System and since then the devil society evolved. They adapted and rebelled against their own rulers. These new generations are born with a soul. They can choose their path and should be able to go to heaven if the System could be changed. That was the reason I created humanity in the first place. To show that you have always a choice. But my and my systems existence made it impossible for them to go to heaven and live an eternal live with everyone they knew and love. And for the second question, it could be anything. A powerful weapon, knowledge about this universe, or perhaps a lover?" Madara looked at the god with an unreadable expression. He was considering his options carefully. After a few moments in silence Madara spoke.

"You can create live? Then I want you to go to my universe and fill it with live once more." God smiled at that. An agrement had been made. Live sure had a way of working itself out. He gave someone the opportunity to start anew, and in return he would be able to start anew aswell.

They opend their respective portals and moved on with their lives.

Scene change

Yasaka was resting in her privat bed chambers while cuddling her daughter Kunou when it happened. An unimagineable amount of Chakra flooded her senses. It was like a god had descended on to earth. But even Amaterasu, Susanno and Tsukuyomi combind weren't able to generate this much chakra. Not even the entire planets amount of chakra combind with their gods would be able to stop this beeing. Had the end of time come? Was this beeing trihexa? Without loosing a single second she rose from her bed and casted a few spells on Kunou. As soon as she was ready she made her way outside her personal chambers to gather her most trusted guards in an attempt to find out what this beeing wanted and how she could avoid mayhem. She fixed her attire and departed towards the rapidly fading chakra source. She had only one thing in mind. Protecting Kunou at any cost.

Scene change

Madara had just kidnapped a human beeing and read his mind with the human path of his Rinnegan, when he felt several chakra sources closing in on his position. Their leader gave him a very familiar feeling. One that he last felt when he captured the Kyuubi. Immidiatly a picture of the Uzumaki brat came to mind. He managed to befriend the Ninetails. And in the end they won the war. So Narutos and Hashiramas way was the better way to go. But for that he needed to befriend his opponents then. He sighed. Annoyed that he would have to change in order to save the world, so he couldn't take any chances. He needed to become a beacon of hope for this world if he wanted to save it. Steeling his mind for the upcomming confrontation he waited patiencently for his opponents to arrive.

A few moments later Yasaka and her guards arrived. Madara looked at her and tried not to stare at her voluptous curves. She was a stunning beauty. But he could not let his desire show. A few moments passed before she finally decided to break the silence.

"Greetings stranger" she said with a slight bow in a polite tone to hopefully de-escalate the situation.

Madara was unsure how to respond since he mostly negotiated with his fists. So he desided to mimic her. "Greetings stranger" he said with a small bow of his own. But he didn't take his eyes of them while he did so.

Yasaka couldn't help the tension rise between them so she introduced herself properly. "My name is Yasaka, ruler of the Yokai faction and a ninetailed fox."

"Madara Uchiha" was his stoic reply.

Yasaka had hoped for more information from this man but at least she was sure now that it wasn't trihexa.

He was a no nonsense kinda person so she decided a more direct approach would have better results. "I would like to know where you came from and what you want in my city?"

He looked at her judging if he could trust her. So far she hadn't attacked, but that might be the case because he was far stronger. So she might try to play nice just to stab him in the back, when an opportunity arrieves. He closed his eyes in thought and his mind wandered back to Hashiramas and Narutos way of giving everybody a second chance. They always trusted others in hope of gaining an ally. Yet he already asumed that she might stab him in the back. He should not waver that easily.

Having made up his mind he answered "I am the last survivor from another universe and came here in hope of saving this world before it destroys itself."

From all the answers he could have given Yasaka was sure he choose the one that sounded the most ridiculus. Yet her sensory ability couldn't pick up on a lie. Was he telling the truth? Then what did he wait for? He could have given that answer straight away. But when she looked into his eyes he let her see. Madara used his sharingan ability to cast genjutsu to show his destroyed earth. She immidiatly felt regret for her doubt. To even imagine beeing the last living being on the planet send shivers down her spine. Yet this mans dedication to protect others was so strong that he even managed to travel to a different universe to help others. This person wasn't a threat. He was a blessing. Before she even knew what she was doing, she had closed the distance and pulled him into a hug. To say Madara wasn't used to getting hugs was an understatement. The last person to hug him was his brother Izuna. Yet here he stood on a different earth getting hugged by a voluptous blond beauty with golden eyes and no idea what to do now.

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