Our story begins on an island far out in the ocean, where a platinum-haired woman was in a jungle near a hidden base. She was currently lifting weights, trying to make herself strong.

"Come on, Mirage. Show them what you're made of!" the woman said as she lifted weights of 40 pounds. Once she had lifted those for a good while, she did a few sit-ups before she started testing her strength against a punching bag before she tried doing stretches and went back to lifting weights, this time going over 60 pounds. After about 10 minutes, she set them down and went over to a nearby lake. She looked at herself and flexed, smiling at seeing her muscles.

"All right, now that blood's pumping in my arms, time to get some blood pumping in my legs." Mirage said before she readied herself like a track meet competitor.

"Gotta go fast." she said before she started jogging. She ran a few good miles before she took a break and took a drink before she got back to jogging.

As she jogged near a clearing, she saw, to her surprise, a battle robot that had a tank-like body with tracks for feet and two long arms that ended in sharp pincer-like claws that had two powerful cannons in the middle. It was about the size of an adult human. Mirage recognized it as a very early design of a battle robot her boss was building to combat the Supers, the Omnidroid. However, she found it strange that he kept this version. It was an early version of the first one. He should have destroyed it long ago.

"Well, that's something. He didn't destroy the prototype." Mirage said before she suddenly thought a bit and decided to challenge the robot herself. She slid down the hill to the clearing and said, "HEY!" getting the robot's attention.

"Bring it ON!" she shouted as she rushed at the robot. She went flying with a kick, only for the robot to catch her ankle and throw her over to a large rock, giving her a couple of scrapes on her arms.

"Not bad, but the fight's just getting started." Mirage said before she lifted the rock and rushed at the robot with it, successfully knocking it back a bit and cracking its glass visor. Mirage then threw the rock as the robot was recovering, successfully knocking it down. Mirage sirked before she ran and jumped, ready to deactivate the robot with a strong punch, only for the robot to recover and fire a powerful blast at her from its visor, knocking her back into the side of a cliff, causing her great pain and leaving her unable to get up as the robot neared. Suddenly, a powerful blast of blue energy zapped the robot, causing it to deactivate before it fell back and exploded. Mirage looked surprised before she looked up and saw a man in a black mask with orange hair, white gloves and boots, and a black suit with a giant white S on the front, as well as a cape. This is her boss, Syndrome.

"Not bad, Mirage. Not bad at all." Syndrome said as he activated a small drone that healed Mirage's wounds. Mirage stood up as Syndrome landed and the drone perched on his shoulder.

"Syndrome, I was…" Mirage said before Syndrome cut her off.

"I know. You were trying to test your strength. I admire that. But, you forget, fighting is not your role." he said before he handed her a file labeled "UNIVERSAL MAN"

"He is the first Super who will fight the Omnidroid 1. Make preparations like I instructed." Syndrome said.

"Yes, sir." Mirage said before Syndrome flew off.

However, Mirage looked at the open sky and asked herself, "If fighting isn't my role, what is?"

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A young boy named Dash Parr laughed as he ran through a backyard.

"Come on, Aunt Mirage! You gotta be quicker than that!" Dash taunted as Mirage ran to catch him, only for him to use super speed to zip away at the last second.

"Whew. Come on, Dash, how about you cut me a break?" Mirage asked.

"What? You mean go slow? No thanks." Dash said.

Mirage smiled before she said, "Hey, Dash, I'm feeling a little hungry. How about a race to the kitchen?"

"All right!" Dash said before he went beside Mirage and they both readied.

"3, 2, 1, GO!" Mirage said before they ran through the backyard and into the house before making a beeline for the kitchen, Dash winning despite not using his super speed.

"And the crowd goes wild!" Dash said before he imitated a cheering crowd and started bowing as Mirage walked in and smiled before she got them both a snack.

After they finished their snacks, Mirage looked at Dash and said, "You know, Dash, you might be faster than me, but there are plenty of other things that I'm far better than you at."

Dash looked at her and asked playfully, "Oh, yeah? What's that?"

"Well, for starters, I'm stronger. What do you say to an arm wrestle?" Mirage said before she flexed her muscles.

"You're on." Dash said before they started an arm wrestle that Mirage won in less than a minute.

"Wow, you are pretty strong, Aunt Mirage. What else are you good at?" Dash asked.

"Well, I can also burp way louder than you." Mirage said before Dash rushed to her fridge and grabbed some Mello Yello.

"Prove it." Dash challenged.

"Okay, but just remember, you're the one who asked for it." Mirage said before she took a sip of soda and let out a loud burp. Dash countered it with a long burp. Mirage came back with a loud but short burp. This went on for a good while until Mirage drank a whole can of Mello Yello at one time and let out a giant burp that was both very loud and very long. So much so, it shook the living room for about 30 seconds.

Dash looked bewildered before he smirked and said, "I want a rematch!"

Suddenly, there was a loud BOOM! outside.

"What was that?!" Mirage asked as they looked outside and saw a giant robot made to look like a Darkside from Kingdom Hearts.

"I'm going in!" Dash said before he got his Super suit and ran towards the giant robot at super speed.

"Dash, Wait!" Mirage said, hurrying after him as fast as her feet would carry her.

Meanwhile, Dash had the robot attacking him with powerful energy blasts that he managed to zip away from before the robot tried to flatten him with its hand, only for him to zip out of the way and avoid the shockwave it caused. Mirage caught up and she joined Dash in attacking the robot. As Dash super speed attacked the robot's hand, causing it damage, Mirage threw large rocks at the robot's face, damaging it slightly and even breaking a few circuits. However, once the robot recovered, its eyes glowed an eerie blood-red and it shot lasers out of its eyes that Dash and Mirage just barely managed to avoid. However, at one point, when Dash was off-guard, the robot readied another ground pound.

"Speed Demon, LOOK OUT!" Mirage yelled.

But, before Dash could react, the robot slammed its hand down on the ground with more power than before, causing Dash to go flying into a pile of rocks and rubble, giving him bad injuries. The robot then reached for him, only for Mirage to get in front of him and put her arms out.

"Leave him alone, you monster!" Mirage yelled before the robot swept her aside, causing her to fly into another pile of bricks and rubble.

"AUNT MIRAGE!" Dash yelled before he was grabbed by the robot and gripped tightly, making him yell in pain.

Mirage looked at the boy with sorrow, hating to see her poor nephew in this kind of pain.

Suddenly, without warning...