Welcome everyone! As promised, it's been a year since Avengers: Endgame and two years since Infinity War. But we are now back and as promised my third sequel is going to be about the Infinity Stones. Yeah, that's right it's all here and I am looking forward to it.

Now, a few things first. Due to how many characters I have in the story it won't be completely like from Infinity War. So, don't expect every scene to be a shot by shot of the movie. But does this mean it won't have a bad ending like Infinity War?

Are we going to get a happy ending? Well, you all will have to keep up with the story to find that out. Also, this is going to take place a year after the second story. So, we will pick up with our characters a year afterwards.

Now then, last time our heroes defeated Brainiac and were able to save their world. However, during the fight they discovered an Infinity Stone in the DC Universe. Leading them to conclude that there are five other stones in the universe too. Have they found all six stones in a year or did someone else find them?

Tune in today to find out and thank you to everyone for the support. I appreciate all the support on the stories, and I hope everyone likes this new story. I don't own anything from Marvel or DC they are both owned separately. So, without any further delays let's get started and enjoy the story!


My name is Kara Zor-El, I was born on the planet Krypton with my mother for almost my entire life. Until one day, our world was attacked by the evil Brainiac. A Coluan alien that goes from planet to planet, taking the cities of those worlds to study and learn from. Brainiac came to my world to do the same and once he took what he wants he planned to destroy my world.

My mother, sacrificed herself to save me and send me off world, along with my cousin, Kal-El. His father, Jor-El, send him off world as well so we would both live on a safe world together. Until we were both separated, and I found myself in a different alternate universe. And it was in this world where I got to meet the love of my life…Jason.

Jason, his family, and his friends took me in after I lost my home and accepted me. And during my time living in this new world…Jason and I fell in love.

Jason found a way to bring me back home to my universe where I found out my cousin had grown up. He became a hero of his world and formed his own family on this world. That was, until he lost his family and he became evil. He enslaved his world, he killed any who stood in his way, including his friends, and believed himself to be a god.

Jason, our friends, and I managed to stop Kal and we brought back peace to the world. Five years later, Brainiac came to our world and soon attempted to do the same thing he did on Krypton. But thanks to our friends, Jason's family, and our allies we were able to stop him. We even saved the cities that he took, and we found a way to restore them back to normal.

I went from losing everything I once held dear to me to now having everything back. A new home, new friends, a new family, and soon I will become a mother. Jason and I are excited to become parents, despite worrying how this will affect our jobs as heroes. Still, as long as we have our friends, family, and allies we will be able to overcome anything that comes our way.

Marvel Earth (Year: 2039)

In the capitol of Alaska, there lies a large home that is outside of the city of Juneau, lies a large two-story house in the forest near a large lake. Near the house lies a large observatory with a large telescope. The house belongs to Arthur Foster, son of Jane Foster and Thor Odinson. The home was given to him by his mother after she got back together with Thor years ago.

Arthur didn't mind that his parents are together again since he figures the two deserve one another. Despite the issues the two had before every time his father left and came back after a long time.

Arthur is currently at his home gathering some things before his trip with his family. They planned to head back to the other universe to pay it a visit. He wanted to introduce his parents to Megan and hope they will like her. He doesn't doubt they will, but he still felt he should introduce them to her.

Arthur began grabbing a few books to bring back to the other universe to show Megan some of the things he wrote during his adventures across the stars. He then spots an old book that he hasn't seen in quite some time. He opens it and recognizes the book. He leans back against his chair and leans back until he saw Jason on his desk.

Arthur jumped a little when he saw his friend. "Seriously! There is a door there! Do you not know how to knock?!"

Jason shrugs his shoulders. "Whoops. I forgot. I also thought after all these years you would remember I am very sneaky."

"I can thank your mom and crazy assassin aunt for that," said Arthur as he sighed before putting the book down. "What's up?"

"Just came to see how you are doing," Jason replied as he got off the desk. "And to see if you are going to be back in time for the birthday of the babies. I would hate if their uncle didn't arrive in time for their first birthday."

"I will be there, don't worry. I wouldn't miss their birthday for anything," said Arthur as he picks up the book he dropped before setting it on his desk. "I just needed to come by and pick some stuff up. I also plan to bring my folks over with me as well."

"I guess it's time for dad to meet Megan?" Jason asked as he sits down in his friend's chair and spins around. "I know your mom met her but how do you think she'll do with the god of thunder himself?"

Arthur stops his friend's spinning and smiles. "I think he'll accept her as much as he has accepted me not one day ruling Asgard."

Jason figured as much his friend wasn't going to rule. Sure, Valkyrie has been pretty much in charge, but she has talked to Thor about passing the reign over to Arthur. But Arthur, isn't sure about it. Jason figures he isn't cut out for the job and prefers following in the footsteps of his mother.

"That's good to…" Jason then noticed the book and took it as he looked over it. "What's this?" he asked as he noticed the language isn't in English.

Arthur took the book and reads the language. "It's in Asgardian. It basically tells the story of the Six Infinity Gems."

Jason stares at his friend confused. "You mean the Infinity Stones?"

Arthur shrugs his shoulders. "Gems, stones…it doesn't matter. But basically, it tells of their origins and their powers. My mom wrote it after the fight against Thanos and how the Avengers set everything back to normal. I'm sure you remember that."

Jason remembers that day despite only being three years old. "How could I forget? That was when half the universe turned to dust. Half of the Ravagers even disappeared. Luckily we survived…" Jason sighed before he turns to his friend. "Well, except mom, dad, uncle Drax, aunt Mantis, and Groot."

Arthur nods remembering that too. How could he forget? He may have been two years old, but it didn't mean he could forget half of his neighborhood vanishing. He's just glad the others fixed everything in the end.

"Yeah well, ever since then my mom wanted to study the stones before the Avengers send them back to their timeline. That was until we discovered the stones Thanos used were never destroyed," Arthur puts the book in his bag as he recalled how during a mission, Captain Marvel found the Space Stone.

It was revealed that due to how powerful the Infinity Stones were that Thanos couldn't destroy them. Well, he could have but if he did their powers combined would have wiped out the entire galaxy down to its last molecule. So, for once in his life he lied about destroying them and send them away where only he knew where they were.

"I also figured Batman would like to read about the stones ever since we found the Space Stone in his universe," said Arthur knowing that ever since they found the Space Stone with Brainiac that they have been looking for the other stones. "Speaking of which, how's the search for the other stones going?"

"Pretty good," Jason replied as he leans against his friend's desk with his arms crossed. "We found the Power, Mind, Time, and Reality Stones. The Power Stone is…"

"Don't tell me," said Arthur as he didn't want to know where the stones is at. "No offense, but I prefer having less people know where the stones are. Even those close to our group."

Jason understood and knew why they have to keep this a secret. So far, they have kept the existence of the stones a secret from the galaxy. He knew that ever since the others found out about the stones, there has been some concerns that they will be found and used to harm the lives of the entire galaxy. That's why they have to find the stones and bring them to their universe.

Abigail's father theorized that the stones don't work in another universe outside of their own. So, if they find the stones then they can hide them in their universe and perhaps hide the stones of their own universe in the other.

"Still, we shouldn't worry about it too much. You and your folks are planning to bring back the stones once you finish with your visit, right?" Jason asked figuring the plan they had gone over to bring the stones over is going through.

Arthur nods in response as he puts his stuff away in his bag. "We're only bringing one of the stones. We don't want to risk bringing them all just in case. Even though I'm still worried doing this will end up going badly for us if our enemies find out about the stones."

"Well, so far we've been lucky, so I don't think we need to worry about that for very long," said Jason as he sees the time on his watch. "Well, time to get going. Are you coming or you going to go with your folks?"

"I'll go with my parents," said Arthur as he got his stuff ready. "We'll be there as soon as we can," he then pulls out from under his desk two stuffed animals. "You think your kids will like this?"

Jason sees the two stuff animal bears and smiled. "I think they'll love it."

A few days later (DC Universe - Year: 2019)

The scene opens in complete darkness as the sound of fighting can be heard echoing along with some explosions, screams, and roars. This continues until it went silent for what seem like hours but was only minutes.

Then the sound of someone speaking through a radio can be heard speaking. "This is the Asgardian royal vessel, Frigga. Can anyone hear me?" the voice spoke as the sounds of screams and fighting can be heard in the background. "We are under assault by an unknown enemy ship. I repeat, we are under assault. The engines are dead, our shields are down, and we're being boarded. Requesting aid from any vessel or any Green Lanterns within range."

The scene soon opens with a large ship hovering over a much smaller ship as smaller fighter ships can be seen surrounding the ship, while the transmission keeps on going.

"Please, we need help. Our king and our guards are trying to hold back the enemy. But they are losing. Please, send help soon we're…" suddenly the transmission was cut off and all that can be heard is static.

Inside the ship, there appear to be flames in parts of the cargo room where there are bodies all around the ground. Bodies of soldiers wearing Asgardian armor while near the bodies of monstrous creatures. Some Asgardian soldiers appear to be alive but are being restrained by the creatures that appeared insect-demonic like and by four figures.

One appearing as an elderly tall woman, the other a tall armored man, the third a small but bulky looking man, and the fourth a bald-headed man in a uniform with a monocle in his right eye.

"You should all be honored to be in the presence of our father," spoke the bald-headed man as he as he walks past the soldiers as he continued to speak. "Our father has spared you all to witness this moment. The moment when he takes another step closer to his goal. His goal of bringing this universe to its knees, to bend to his will, and to make it in his image. Perhaps, if you pledge yourselves to our father then you will get to live to see it."

The elderly woman soon walks forward and begins speaking next. "Of course, you will all need to be taught to obey our father. But don't worry, Granny Goodness will make sure of it," she then reveals a long whip in his hand. "Fail to do so…and you will be punished like bad children."

She then walks over to another figure who is on his knees, his hands cuffed behind his back, and appeared to be missing his right eye. "Perhaps if you beg for it, we might even spare your son and have him pledge his loyalty to our father."

They then turn towards a large dark figure as he appears to be looking out through the window of the ship to see the blackness of space.

"I know that look on your face," the figure spoke with a dark booming voice. "It is the same look my enemies have when they realize all is lost. There is no hope and they are defeated. I have even seen it on those like yourself, god of thunder. How it can turn people like you into helpless children."

The figure soon turns around to reveal his stone-like face, his red eyes, his armor, and an omega symbol on his chest. All while in his left hand he held a young man by his armor as he drags him towards the one-eyed figure.

"Frightening, isn't it? To know in time, your friends will know this feeling. They too will know what it is like to lose. To feel so helpless and to fail all the same," the figure soon stood in front of the one-eyed figure.

"Dread it, run from it, for I have come now to bring the end to you all. And soon…" the figure now revealed to be Darkseid lifts his right hand to reveal a gold glove with a purple stone in one of the knuckles. "The universe will be mine."

The young man, revealed to be Arthur, begins coughing blood as he looks up Darkseid. "P-piss off…y-you stone bastard."

Darkseid looks down at the boy and drops him on the ground before turning to the one-eyed figure, now revealed to be Thor. "I am going to give you a choice, god of thunder. Give me the stone and your son will be spared."

Thor looks up at Darkseid with blood dripping down his forehead and his missing eye. He then looks at his son before looking at Darkseid.

"How do I know…you will spare him?" Thor asked as he breathed heavily after what he went through. "You aren't exactly…someone who appears…to keep his word."

Granny Goodness hits Thor with a backhand to the face before she unleashes her whip. "You dare insult lord Darkseid?"

Darkseid clears his throat getting the attention of Granny Goodness. She turns to him and then bows her head as she backs away.

"You believe I am without mercy? Believe it or not I do grant some mercy, but only to those who do as I tell them," said Darkseid as he kneels down, placing his right knee on Arthur's back, and moves his right hand down to the back of the boy's head. "However, for those who refuse to do as I say then their death will be long and painful. Now, one more time…the stone or the boy. What says you?"

Thor looks down at Arthur as the boy struggles to get freed. Thor says nothing though as Arthur looks at his father and shakes his head.

"Don't give this bastard anything," Arthur spoke as coughs up more blood. "He'll just end up killing us all anyways. That's what the others said about him. He doesn't know shit about mercy. He's like Thanos…he's a monster."

Darkseid simply scoffed at what the boy said before he looks over to Thor. "So, I assume you will not cooperate then?" once he looks to see Thor's facial expression change, he got his answer. "Fine, then they both die."

Thor and Arthur look over to see two Parademons bring in Jane Foster. She struggled in their grip as the Granny Goodness pulls out a knife and moves it near her neck.

"Now, they both will die in front of you," said Darkseid as he pressed the Power Stone in the back of Arthur's head and causes its power to surge into his body.

Arthur screams in pain as Granny Goodness begins pressing her knife against Jane's stomach, ready to slit her open. Thor looks on as his son writhes in pain and Jane is about to be killed. It soon forced him to make a decision as he speaks up loudly. "Stop! Stop! I'll tell you where it is!"

Darkseid and Granny Goodness stop as they hear Thor giving in to their demands. Thor sighed softly as the restrains around him are removed. He soon begins pressing a button on his wrist gauntlet as the floor behind him begins opening to show a container being lifted up from the floor. Inside the container is the Space Stone as it glows brightly for all to see.

Darkseid stands up and approached Thor who stood up in front of him. "Open the container, god of thunder and no tricks."

Thor looks over to see Arthur still on the ground recovering from what happened before he looks up at Darkseid. "Tricks? Oh no. Thor Odison doesn't do tricks. It's not his style…" it was then Darkseid noticed Thor's left eye changing color and soon his voice changed too. "My brother, Loki on the other hand? Is quite good at it…now!"

Soon the fake Thor transforms back to Loki and ducks as the real Thor appeared from the ceiling with his Stormbreaker. Thor unleashed his attack on Darkseid as the lightning sends him flying through the wall of the ship. Granny Goodness attempts to kill Jane, when the human kicks her in the chest sending her across the room. Soon Jane shapeshifts to reveal herself as M'gann aka Megan aka Miss Martian as she attacks the Parademons.

Soon Valkyrie appears and kills Virman Vundabar and begins fighting against the Parademons. The Parademons begin to attack until Arthur summons his sword and cuts them down. Thor frees the Asgardian guards and has them grab some weapons. Steppenwolf attacks Thor but Loki appears behind him and stabs him in the back of the head killing him before Arthur kicks him away.

"Nice plan, uncle," said Arthur who is glad his uncle Loki's plan worked like a charm. "Although, I did wish you didn't have dad wait so long to make his move."

"We needed to buy him time to get the survivors to the escape ship. Speaking of which, did that wife of yours get everyone in?" Loki asked as grabs a blaster from one of the dead Parademons and opened fire.

"They're all onboard and just waiting for us," said Thor as he uses his Stormbreaker to fight Steppenwolf. "Arthur, take Megan and the guards with you. Loki, you go with them I'll handle this."

"What? No, dad we go together," said Arthur as he sees more Parademons arriving.

"Do not argue with me. Just go!" Thor then turns to Valkyrie. "Valkyrie, get the guards and go now!"

Valkyrie nods as she leads the guards to the escape ship. Loki does the same as he goes to get Megan to follow them. Arthur though stood by with his father and didn't want to leave him as he uses his sword to stab another Parademon and allow Thor to kill it. Thor turns to his son and can tell he doesn't want him to go.

Thor sighed as he placed his hand on his son's shoulder. "I'll be there. I promise, now go!"

Arthur looks down with his eyes closed knowing his dad is lying, but he knew he had to get his mother and the others out first. So…he nods and begins to leave with the others as Thor stays behind. He sees more Parademons charge at him and tackle him down as they try taking down the god of thunder. But Thor begins summoning his powers and blasts them off him.

Meanwhile, Jane is onboard the escape ship getting ready to get the survivors off the ship. She looks to see Valkyrie and the remaining guards heading their way as they get inside.

"Where's Arthur?" Jane asked as she sees Loki coming down with Megan and Arthur. "There you are. Where's your father?"

"He's staying behind to buy us time," said Loki as he gets in the ship and checks to make sure they can escape with what little of the Space Stone they have left to get home. "He'll use Stormbreaker to teleport back home and hopefully…hopefully in one piece."

Jane nods knowing she didn't want to leave Thor behind, but she knows they have to. She turns to see Arthur still in the hallway with Megan.

"Arthur, we need to go. Now," said Jane knowing they can't stay long. "Your father will be okay. I know him."

Arthur turns to his mother and sighed as he nods in response. "I know he will. I just…"

Megan placed her hand on Arthur's shoulder and smiles. "He'll be okay. But we need to go, now. We need to also warn the others what is going on before it's too late."

Arthur turns to Megan knowing she is right. They have to warn Jason and the others about Darkseid and the stones. They have to do it and soon. The two are about to enter the ship when they heard the cries of someone begging for help.

"A survivor. I'll go get him," said Megan as she runs down the hallway. She turns the corner and suddenly is stabbed by a yellow blade that pierced her gut and slams her against the wall.

"Megan!" Arthur runs over and uses his sword to cut the weapon in half and free Megan before he sees who it is. "You?!"

"Yes, me…" the attacker is soon revealed to be Sinestro as he appears with his Yellow Lantern ring and powers. "And none of you are going anywhere."

Sinestro prepares to attack but Arthur fires some lightning at him knocking him away. Arthur looks over to see Atrocitus as he turns to the evacuation ship. He prepares to attack the ship when Arthur fires some lightning at him to get his attention.

"Go! Now!" Arthur shouted as Jane calls for her son, but Loki held her back.

Arthur knows he can't get to the ship while fighting Atrocitus. He also knows he can't do it with Megan wounded. So, he took out a knife and throws it at the button to close the entrance to the escape ship. The ship soon begins to activate and begins ejecting it from the main ship.

Valkyrie and Loki both realize what Arthur is doing both know they have to save the people before it is too late. So, against Jane's wishes they fly the ship away from the main ship and begin making their escape using the last energy from the Space Stone to jump back to their universe. Once they are gone, Arthur sees both Sinestro and Atrocitus recovering from his attack. He knows he doesn't have time to fight them while protecting Megan so…he made a choice.

He turns to her and kisses her before he gives her something. "I promise, I will see you in this life or the next."

He then turns to his sword and closed his eyes. "Allfathers…let the dark magic flow through me and send her…home."

Soon the magic from his sword begins teleporting Megan off the ship towards Earth. Once she was gone Sinestro and Atrocitus turn to the boy to see what he just did.

"That was a big mistake, boy," said Sinestro as both ring wielders charge at the boy.

Meanwhile, Thor kills the last of the Parademons and managed to wound Granny Goodness. He punched her in the face and sends her towards the wall. Thor prepares to kill her when Darkseid's Omega Beams came at him. Thor managed to block the attack with his weapon, but it knocked him away. Thor though managed to recover as he sees Darkseid emerge from the hole unscathed.

"Come on," said Thor as he swings his weapon. "Is that all you've got? Because I can go all…" suddenly a sword slashes through his right arm causing Thor to scream.

His weapon falls to the ground as he turns around and gets punched in the face being sent flying in the air before landing on the ground. Thor looks over to see who attacked him and it is revealed to be Diana Prince. She appears wearing a dark armor and with short hair after she cut her long hair. Next to her stood Black Adam as he fires lightning at Thor through his wound further hurting the god of thunder.

Soon the door opened to reveal Sinestro and Atrocitus entering the room with a wounded Arthur as they throw him towards Thor. Thor turns to his son to check on him and finds him still alive but badly hurt. Soon the four villains surround the heroes preparing to kill them when they hear a snap.

They look over to see Vandal Savage entering the room with Talia al Ghul. They walk over the bodies of the dead soldiers before they stood before the wounded father and son.

"That's enough. I believe they are done now," said Savage as he turns to the container where the Space Stone is placed. He examines it and smiles before turning to Diana as he motions for the arm of Thor.

Diana grabs the severed arm and tosses it to Savage. Savage places the hand on the container revealing it can be opened through the handprint of Thor. Once it opens Savage carefully pulls the stone out and presents it to Darkseid.

"As promised. The Light has kept its end of the bargain where we will help you acquire all six Infinity Stones. And in exchange you promise the Light will be given all we desire," said Savage as he lowers his head to Darkseid. "Our world to rule, our own world to control, and our own world where none will stand against us."

Darkseid soon took the Space Stone in his hand and stares at it. "Provided you do as I say…yes. I will keep my end of the deal," said Darkseid as he moves the stone to his gauntlet and soon, he can feel its power surging through him as the ship shook from the power coming from the stone.

Darkseid can feel its power and knows now he has two of the stones in his possession. He looks down at the four empty holes and knew he isn't done yet. "I was informed that two of the stones are on Earth. Go to Earth and bring the stones to me. I will wait for you on Bylan 5."

Thor begins slowly standing up as he refused to let Darkseid get away with this. "If you want to get to the other stones…you'll need to get through me first."

Darkseid simply chuckled evilly seeing the god of thunder not a threat against him. "And what can you do with only one arm, Asgardian? You know you can't defeat me. Fighting me would be a grave mistake."

"You think this is the first time I've been in a situation like this? It's not. And I've made a lot of grave mistakes all the time. Yet, I always find a way to overcome it all," said Thor as he turns to his son and begins calling on his power as his eyes glowed before turning to Darkseid. "I am Thor…son of Odin…god of thunder…and a father to my son. I will stop you, no matter what. Even if it means dying to do so."

Thor throws a punch but Darkseid catches his hand as the lightning zaps at Darkseid's face. However, Darkseid seems unfazed by the attack as he looks down at Thor.

"Dying huh? I would be careful with your choice of words," said Darkseid as he pressed his right hand against his gut and soon used the Power Stone to blast a hole into Thor's chest.

Arthur couldn't speak or scream as he sees his father being killed in front of him. The last bit of life left Thor's body as he fell to the ground and dies next to his son. Darkseid soon looks down at the boy as he struggled to get to his father. Darkseid decides not to kill the boy himself…but begins using the power of the Power Stone to cause the ship to begin building up to explode.

Darkseid then uses the Space Stone to teleport himself and his followers out of the ship.

Arthur held his father's body as he begins to cry. All while the ship begins coming apart and begins shaking until finally it explodes destroying everything.


The Bifrost that took Megan off the ship continues flying through space as it takes her towards the planet, Earth.

It has been a year since the planet was attacked by Brainiac and since the heroes of the world saved the cities he had planned to take. Since then, the planet has used the technology from Brainiac's ships to upgrade their defenses. Their satellites will be able to alert them of any danger coming their way and make sure they can detect anything strange that might be a threat.

However, the Bifrost passed by the satellites and it appears they didn't detect it. Soon, the Bifrost begins heading towards a large wooden house that appears to be in a park. The house belongs to John Constantine and Zatanna as they live in the house along with their guests. On this particular day, they are visited by a friend of Jason who came to speak with Zatanna and about the stone she has.

"All I am saying is the stone will be safe with my father back home," said the young man who appears to be in his 20s with short black hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and wearing a strange outfit with a long red cape. "You guys can keep the Time Stone from our world, and we keep the one you guys have."

"I know that, and I am aware of the plan, Christopher," said Zatanna as she walks down the staircase with Christopher and John as they go over the stone situation. "But as the new Doctor Fate, I believe the stone will be safer with me."

"I don't know, love. I think Strange here is right," said John as he agrees with the boy who is revealed to be Doctor Strange's son. "I think we need to go with the plan Bats told us to follow. Why risk someone or something coming in here trying to get that stone?"

"You don't think I can defend it?" Zatanna asked John feeling a little upset he doesn't believe in her.

"I didn't say that," said John who had to choose his words wisely. "I am just saying the stone is too dangerous to keep it here, especially with our guests who make a mess around here."

"I hope you aren't talking about me," they look over to see Hellboy coming out of the kitchen with some nachos. "Because I'll have you know I don't make a mess."

"Then why is it I keep finding those darn cats making a mess everywhere?" John asked as he sees a cat following Hellboy.

"Not my fault there's a lot of stuff in here they like to try playing with," said Hellboy as he took a bite of his food. "Besides, your kid doesn't seem to mind the cats."

Walking from behind Hellboy, is a young dark-skinned girl with long black hair and blue eyes. She is the daughter of John, Rose. Her father had slept with her mother long ago and she became pregnant with Rose.

John found her after the Green Lanterns that came to stop Superman were killed. John took her in and began raising her with Zatanna, while teaching his daughter how to use magic when he found out she can use it.

"It's okay, dad. I can use my magic to clean up the mess," said Rose as she uses her magic to clean the mess with ease.

John is pleased to see how far his daughter has come since he began teaching her magic, but he wishes she didn't use it to clean up someone's mess. "Nicely done, Rose. But next time, conjure up a mop and a broom for Hellboy to use to clean up his own mess."

"Okay, let's stay focus on the stone situation," said Christopher as he turns to Zatanna. "Look, from one sorcerer to another…you and I both know we have to do what we must to avoid any problems. You keep our Time Stone and we give you ours for safe keeping. You know it's better than risking someone coming for it."

"Considering we're the only ones who know about the stones, who else would come for it?" Zatanna asked feeling she can defend the stone better than sending it away.

Before their argument can continue a bright light crashes through the roof of the house and crashes through the staircase. Christopher, Zatanna, and John uses their magic to get ready for battle, while Hellboy runs over and aims his gun at what crashed through the house.

They look down to see its Megan as she appears injured and panting heavily. "D-Darkseid…Darkseid…he's coming."

Zatanna and John look on shocked, while Christopher and Hellboy look at each other confused. "Who?" Hellboy asked.

Injustice III: Infinity War

That's the end of the chapter and yeah so, the opening much like the Infinity War movie. Of course, with some changes. This time Loki does not die and its Thor who ends up dying. Also, for those who are not aware of this I have Loki in this version live and yeah, I have Jane with Thor. Although, it looks like they are no longer together after what just happened.

Brought in a new character, Christopher Strange. Son of Doctor Strange and he is one of the many new heroes who will appear in the story. Again, due to the number of people I am bringing in this story will be a little longer. Since I want to give everyone time to be in the story and be given time to get developed.

So, I hope everyone likes this and yeah, a little sad how I am opening this. Still, Infinity War didn't start off with a happy opening. So, no one should be surprised how this is opening. Still, what is going to happen next time?

How will the others take it when they find out Arthur is gone? What will they do when they must fight Darkseid? What the hell is Diana, Sinestro, Savage, and the rest of the Light doing joining up with the crazed psycho? And will they end up all dying or will they get locked up?

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