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Chapter X

There was a time, before Superman turned evil, when the people of Earth looked up to him. They saw him as a hero, a savior, and even a god. One that can't be killed and will always protect the people. Standing for truth, honor, and justice.

Superman has never met an enemy that he couldn't beat. Whether they were other aliens, robots, monsters, demons, interdimensional beings, evil clones, magical beings, and even ancient gods. To the people, they knew no one could beat their hero. That he will always be the planet's last defense to protect them from evil.

For a long time, that's what everyone believed. They had faith in Superman and knew he would never lose a fight. That was, until years ago when he met his match. When he fought a being that had not only defeated his friends, but almost killed him.

A being that came from the stars and had killed millions of lives. A being, who's powers grew over time with each fight. A being that adapted wherever it went. And a being that can't die.

His name…was Doomsday.

The Justice League had no information about this creature or where he came from until a year after its defeat. They found out the creature was made on Krypton, 250,000 years ago. Before the Kryptonians existed. The creature was made in a cruel experiment, where a mad scientist was trying to create the perfect organism.

The scientist would send the humanoid infant on the planet surface, watch the infant be killed, collect the remains, and make a clone of it. Repeat the process repeatedly for lord knows how many years. Each time, the clone would adapt and evolve. Unable to die the same way it did before and would get stronger over time.

This would go on for decades, until the being known as Doomsday came to be.

For the scientist, he felt this experiment was a huge success. His creation had become the perfect living organism. One that survived the horrors of the planet, its environment, and evolved. Over time, becoming the perfect killing machine.

However, there was one thing that the scientist did not take into account. Every time the monster was killed, it would remember everything. It remembered how it died, the pain it went through, the suffering it underwent, and it was all it could think about. Because of this, it grew to hate all life.

Anything alive, Doomsday will kill it. Just like it did to every lifeform on the planet he was made from. Until only the scientist and his team were left. Doomsday broke in and killed off everyone. Remembering what the scientist put the monster through and killed him.

Doomsday then found a way off-world. Traveling planet to planet, killing life wherever he went. Until one day, he was defeated by a super powerful alien, that managed to seal him away. Inside a prison container before he was sent out into space. Drifting in the dark void, until he crashed landed on Earth and remained buried for thousands of years.

Doomsday's prison remained buried deep beneath the planet, until he broke free and began attacking the people. The Justice League tried to stop him, but he was too strong for them to beat. One-by-one, they all fell before Doomsday. Even their biggest heavy hitters couldn't stop him.

This left Superman as their last hope to stop him. The two appeared evenly matched, to the point that they couldn't beat the other. However, as time passed, Superman began to weaken. Doomsday was becoming too much for him and Superman knew it.

So, with one last big of strength, he managed to finally put down the monster for good. Though it almost came with him losing his life.

Doomsday though was revealed to not be dead. He came back, stronger than ever, and Superman couldn't kill him the same way as before. He managed to find a way to beat him, even captured him when he became evil. Thankfully, Supergirl was able to beat the monster and even trap him in the Phantom Zone.

A "pocket universe" discovered by Kal's father, Jor-El. It existed outside the space-time continuum. It was used on the planet Krypton as a humane method of imprisoning criminals. Superman would go on to use it as a last resort to keep the dangerous criminals locked up.

They had hope that Doomsday would remain locked up forever in that prison. Never to break free and never to bring any harm to the universe. Or so they thought.

Arkham Prison

The prison has been placed under lockdown as the criminals inside are locked in their cells for their protection, while also to keep them from causing trouble. The prison guards, including the robots begin getting into position as they see the monster Doomsday attacking the shield, that protected the prison. Kymera and Abigail had set up the barrier, to protect the prison. Keeping people from breaking in and even keep the prisoners from breaking out.

Doomsday continued to attack the barrier, while behind him, stood Black Manta and his followers. Savage managed to use a special device to give the monster some intelligence. Offering him to kill Superman and his allies, in exchange for his services. Doomsday accepted and continued slamming against the barrier.

Inside the control room, Harley Quinn is seen with Poison Ivy, seeing how things are looking. The barrier is holding so far, but they were told before that someone like Doomsday could try piercing through the barrier. If the monster figures this out, then he can break in and cause a lot of damage. They have to be ready for when that happens, which means they'll have to get their guards back.

"Harley, how's it looking up there?" Jason asked through Harley's communicator.

"Well, could be worse. They could have brought an army of Parademons," said Harley as she noticed Black Manta and his soldiers. "Of course, if Doomsday ends up killing a lot of our guys then that's going to be a big problem."

Jason knows that Doomsday coming here is no coincidence. He was sent to kill Diana. Obviously, curtesy of Vandal Savage.

"Okay, do whatever you can to keep the barrier up. Kara will be joining you guys shortly. In the meantime, I need a team to come down here to keep an eye on Diana," said Jason knowing they will need to help out against Doomsday and Black Manta.

"What about Sups? Is he getting involved?" Harley asked knowing Superman was here.

"He has no powers. Remember?" said Jason reminding Harley that when they sent Superman into the Phantom Zone, they depowered him. "Listen, just hurry up and get some guards down here. Also contact the others and let them know we'll have to go with Operation Swan Song."

Harley knew the codename and sighed softly. "Hopefully it will work on this guy. All right. I'll let the others know and send some guards down to keep an eye on Diana."

Once she finished talking to Jason, Harley turns to Ivy. "Ivy, I'm going to need you to contact the others and let them know what we're going to do. I'm going down there to join the team and try holding off Doomsday."

"Are you crazy? You can't beat Doomsday, Harles. You know that," said Ivy knowing that Ivy fighting Doomsday is crazy. "I'll go down there and fight him off. You stay here and keep an eye on things."

"Ivy, there aren't any plants around here. The whole island is plant-free to avoid anyone with plant powers from breaking in or out," Harley knew Ivy and Swamp Thing were the only ones she knew that have such abilities, but it didn't mean the team didn't take any precaution. "Look, I'll be fine. I won't be alone. I'll be down there with the others and we just need to hold him off until Kara gets there."

"Harley, I just don't want to see you get hurt," said Ivy who didn't want to risk losing Harley to that monster.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine," said Harley as she held Ivy's hand. "I promise. I'll be okay. I just need you to stay here and try to keep everyone together."

Ivy knew this was a big mistake, but she knew they didn't have time to argue. She sees Doomsday finding a chink in the barrier's armor and was breaking through.

Ivy lets out a loud sigh and held Harley's hand back. "You better come back to me in one piece. I don't want to have to tell your kid what happened to you."

Harley gives Ivy a quick kiss on the lips and smiles. "Our kid. Lucy thinks of you like another mom too. So, she'll want both of us to come back to her in one piece. So, don't worry."

Harley pulls out a baseball bat, which looked different from the one she used to use before. She even pulls out two handguns and places them in her holsters.

"Hold down the fort, call the others, and make sure no one touches my coffee mug. I'm not done with it yet," Harley soon took off and goes to join her teammates.

She makes it down to see Deadshot, Katana, Captain Cold, and King Shark.

"All right. We ready then?" Harley asked.

"Not like we have much of a choice," said Deadshot knowing with what they are up against, they'll need to be ready. "At least we'll go out swinging."

Harley hands her teammates the super pills that were made to help give normal humans superhuman abilities.

"Remember, once Kara shows up, we'll leave the fight to her. Our job is to make sure that Doomsday's buddies stay out of the prison," said Harley as she gives her team their orders.

"And not kill them?" Captain Cold asked as he takes his pill. "Not going to be easy to not kill them."

"Maybe for you, but all I have to do is shoot them in the right spot to keep them down," said Deadshot as he takes his pill and checks his weapons. "Even Boomerang would have an easy time wounding them than your freeze gun."

"Oh, shut up. I can take care of these guys without killing them," said Captain Cold knowing his weapon can just freeze the goons without them dying. "And besides, the only reason he isn't here is because you had him volunteer to go into space."

"Harley could have said no, but she didn't," said Deadshot as he continued to argue with Captain Cold.

"Shut up you two," said King Shark as he stood before the two men to end their fighting. "None of that matters right now. We need to focus on wounding these guys and make sure they don't get through."

"Yeah, about that…" Harley looks around making sure she isn't being watched before she approached the team. "Since Bats isn't here and technically, we're in the middle of a war, I say we go nuts on these guys. Not like we'll be going to prison for self-defense."

The moment the three men heard this they all began to smile. Its about time they get to go all out and kick some ass.

"Now that's more like it," said Deadshot as he turns to Katana. "Guess that means you'll be able to go all out too, huh?"

Katana didn't say anything and unlike the others didn't care what happens. She knew what she has to do in order to make sure they complete their mission. She pulls her sword out and got ready for this fight. Live or die…at least she'll be in the company of her comrades.

Deadshot puts his mask on and looks to see Doomsday piercing through the barrier. "All right, you bastard. Let's see how you like this."

Deadshot moves his right arm up and aims his wrist gauntlet guns at Doomsday. He begins opening fire at the monster trying to keep him from breaking through. Doomsday though kept on getting through until half of his body got passed the barrier. Captain Cold uses his ice gun and fires at the monster to try freezing him.

It seemed to have worked, but not for long so they needed to try finding a way to put him down. A different way then how Doomsday has been killed since he can't die the same way twice.

Black Manta sees this and begins contacting their partner. "How long until you get us full-access?" he didn't hear anything from their partner, but he did receive a message through his suit letting him know they have gained access to the security system. "Good work."

Black Manta then turns to Doomsday and communicates with him through the com-link he placed in his ear…or where he believes he can hear. "Doomsday, I'm about to drop the barrier. Get ready."

The ice begins to crack, showing the monster is breaking through the ice. Black Manta approached the barrier with his soldiers behind him and pressed a button on his wrist gauntlet. The moment he did this, the barrier begins shutting down. Even the weapons systems around the facility has been shut down as well, leaving the Suicide Squad surprised.

"Ivy, what's going on?" Harley asked wondering why the barrier is shutting down.

"I don't know. Something hacked into our security system and shut the whole thing down," Ivy has her team scramble to regain control, but nothing was working. "The prison cell doors are still locked, but the rest of the security system is gone."

"Shit. That's not good," said Harley as she sees the barrier is soon gone.

Doomsday broke free of the ice and roared loudly before he begins charging at the team. Before he got close though, Supergirl flies from beneath the ground and punched the monster under his jaw, sending him flying into the air. Kara flies off after him hits him when she brought both her fists down to his head. Sending him towards the water. Kara soon flies off after him knowing this fight isn't over yet.

This gave the Suicide Squad a chance and begin focusing on Black Manta's men. Black Manta orders his men to open fire and engage the enemy, while the Suicide Squad charge in and begin making their move as well.

Deadshot took cover and begins opening fire, killing some of Black Manta's men. Katana deflects their blasters and sliced through their weapons. Even taking a few of their arms and heads. Deadshot covered her and shot down any of the men she missed or tried to sneak up on her.

Captain Cold took cover and begins creating an ice wall around him for better defenses. He opened fire and tries to freeze up many of Black Manta's men. All while protecting King Shark, who slashed many of his enemies. Even bit many of them down and rips them apart as he roared loudly.

Harley takes down some of Black Manta's men and goes right after the big man himself. She leaps over and tries to hit him with the baseball bat. However, Black Manta moves out of the way and opened fire at her. Harley barely dodged his eye beams, which ended up almost hitting Captain Cold.

"Harley!" Captain Cold shouted.

"Sorry, Leonard!" Harley shouted as she dodges Black Manta's wrist blades and even blocks them with her bat.

She tried to get a good hit in, but Black Manta was as fast as her. The two blocked and dodged each other's moves, while also avoiding any fatal injuries. Harley tried getting around him and even use her gymnastics to do just that. She then goes to swing her weapon, but the back of Black Manta's helmet revealed a small laser and fired.

The laser pierced through Harley's right shoulder and caused her to fall to the ground. Harley grips where she got shot and hissed a little when she felt the sharp pain. Black Manta kick's her weapon away and placed his foot on her chest. Harley couldn't get freed as she sees Black Manta's helmet eyes glowing red as he got ready to fire.

Harley though simply smiled and even begins laughing. Black Manta seems confused by this as he pushes his foot down on her chest some more to silence her.

"What are you laughing at, clown?" Black Manta asked.

"Oh, I'm just laughing at how much this is going to hurt," Harley moves her left hand up, revealing a knife in hand, and thrusts it to the side of Black Manta's foot. Driving it through the Achilles tendon.

Black Manta screams in pain as he took his foot off of her. Harley grabs her bat and swings it, driving it into the eyes of Black Manta's helmet. Shattering the glass and damaging his weapon. The force of the swing also sends Black Manta towards a nearby wall. The wall cracks and begins falling down on Manta, burying him in the debris.

Harley looks down at her bat as it made a strange sound, which sounded like James' shield. Harley couldn't help but smile knowing it was the same as James' shield, at least, what it's made of.

"Thank you Wakanda for the nifty toys," said Harley as she goes to join the others in the fight.

Captain Cold continued using his ice gun to continue freezing more of Black Manta's soldiers. Even keep them from getting passed them and head inside. King Shark tackles down more of the soldiers and rips them apart as he roared loudly. Even lifting a truck and throwing them at the enemy.

Katana deflects the blaster shots from the soldiers, while Deadshot opened fire from behind her. The two managed to take down the remainder of the soldiers, before taking cover as they see the ship where Black Manta's soldiers came from, is sending out more soldiers. Firing at them, as Deadshot and Katana took cover.

Harley leaps over to join her teammates as she sees them taking cover. "Looks like the fun is just getting started. We ready for round two?"

"Like you need to ask?" Deadshot asked as he reloads and prepares to continue.

"Good. We need to keep them out and make sure they don't get through," the moment Harley said that, she hears an explosion nearby and sees Black Manta's soldiers blowing up a hole in the wall.

She sees them running past them and head inside the hole where Kara came through from. Harley cursed quietly before she begins contacting Jason.

"All right. Let's focus on these guys and make sure more don't get passed us," said Harley who didn't want the enemy to get passed them and get lectured by the others. "Come on, let's kick their ass!"


Inside the prison, Jason is seen escorting Kal and Diana towards a more secure location. Kara had to leap through the ceiling in order to get to Doomsday before he can attack the others. So, they have to move somewhere with no holes around. Luckily, he still has Diana cuffed, to keep her from using her powers.

This was good, since he didn't want to risk her getting freed and cause trouble. As for Kal, well he has no powers, so he doesn't have to worry about him. At least, as long as he keeps his eyes on him. He may be without powers, but it didn't mean he was weak.

The three made their way down the hallway towards a secure room, when they got word that some of Black Manta's men got inside the facility. Kara is fighting Doomsday and trying to take the fight elsewhere. But he knew she's going to need help. They had planned for this and will have to try taking care of him once and for all.

"Once I get you secured in here, I'm going to join Kara and help her," said Jason as he has his blasters on hand. "I don't want you two trying anything, while the fighting is going on."

"Not like we can do much anyways," said Kal knowing that Jason and Kara have the keys to free them. "In any case, do you have a plan on how to stop Doomsday?"

Jason nods in response. "We've been preparing for this moment for some time ever since Kara fought against him. We had planned to use the Time Stone to trap him in a never-ending time loop. However, since it's not on this planet, we'll send him to our universe where we can use the Time Stone from there to trap the monster. Never to harm another living soul again."

"Hmm, that actually sounds like a perfect way to stop him for good," Kal had tried finding a permanent way to kill Doomsday.

One way was to send him to the end of time. Drifting into nothing with every life in the universe by then gone. However, he didn't have the needs to do this. Although, it seems like Kara and the others have the means to do it but are resorting to trapping the monster in a time loop.

To be honest? Still works, especially since he isn't sure if by the end of time there is even going to be any sort of life still existing by then.

"I'm surprise you didn't decide to try using the Infinity Stones to wipe out all of evil in the galaxy when you had the chance," said Diana. "With that kind of power, you could finally achieve the peace you've craved for."

Jason stops and turns towards Diana. "Define evil. By evil, do you mean wiping away all form of people who've committed all form of crimes and evil?"

Diana nods in response. "Exactly. If you had done so, then none of this would be happening. Darkseid would be gone and so would Savage."

"Including yourself," said Kal as he points out the flaw in Diana's plan.

Diana turns to Kal and seemed a bit hurt that he puts her in the same category of evil as Savage. "I'm not like them, Kal. We both did what we had to do in order to protect the people of this world and bring peace."

Kal sighed softly as he looks away from Diana before looking down at his cuffs. "I thought the same thing too. I once believed what we were doing was the right thing. That we had to do what needed to be done to ensure what happened to Metropolis never happens again. However, that was a lie."

Kal turns once more to Diana and held her hands. "We killed people, Diana. We took the lives of criminals yes, but we also took the lives of innocent people and even our friends," he closed his eyes and thinks back of all those they killed.

"Oliver, Kate, Helena, Carter, J'onn, Alfred…we killed them all and we tried to justify our actions. We tried to claim it was their fault, that they should have joined us, and none of this would have happened…but we know that was a lie. We were trying to justify what we did, but it was all a lie and we knew it. I know every day their deaths still haunt you, like they do with me."

Diana looks away. Refusing to look Kal in the eyes, because she knew what he said is true. When she joined Kal, she wanted to believe what they were doing was right. She wanted to believe that the way they handled crime wasn't working. Joker was proof of that and they needed to take drastic measures.

She had hope they wouldn't have to kill anyone, and she avoided doing that for so long. But after what she did to Helena…the look on Kate's face when she took someone she loved. She couldn't blame her for what she did next. When she beat her within an inch of her life and almost killed her, which she would have deserved.

She tried to justify what happened and try pushing all the lives they took, the innocent ones, down so she wouldn't feel so guilty.

Kal opens his eyes and grasps Diana's hands tightly, before he held her close.

Jason cleared his throat and spoke again. "I asked you to define evil. I explained what it was, and you agreed with everything I said. So, if you had the power of the Infinity Stones, you would wipe away all form of evil then? Even the innocent?"

Diana turns to Jason and looks confused by what he means. "Of course not. I would only wipe out all form of evil."

"That also includes people who committed petty crimes, who were used as drug mules, people who broke into the country illegally to live a better life, who stole money from their parents or their siblings, who did small crimes. In your view during your time ruling the planet, you saw all of these as crimes. Evil deeds that need to be taken care of in order to bring peace," Jason pointed out the flaw in Diana's logic about evil and how it needs to be eliminated.

"Evil is defined as the opposite or absence of good. To do something you know is wrong, but you do it anyways. The stones would end up wiping away all those who committed evil sinful deeds, including the innocent who aren't like the Joke or the supervillains you guys fought against. That means you would end up becoming exactly like Darkseid. Committing genocide."

Diana knew they weren't close to being like Darkseid, but what Jason said was something she didn't consider. It seems the stones are a lot like a wish. You have to be specific with what you want. If you end up screwing it up then you end up taking the lives of the innocent instead of the ones they want taken out.

Kal seem to understand this well, especially after what Kara told him a bit about the stones. "Kara told me also, while we were on our way here that the energy emitted by the stones is too much for one person to handle?"

"More like normal living beings. Even super powerful ones like one of our heroes back home got badly hurt when he used the stones. To the point he lost the use of his right arm. Even an enhanced human can end up dying if they use the stones," said Jason who knew James' father was the one who died when he used the stones.

"In any case. That's why we have to keep the stones away from Darkseid. We have to stop him in any way we can before he gets them all," otherwise, Jason knows that it will be over.

"That's why we need to find his allies and defeat them first so we can focus our whole attention on Darkseid," said Kal as he tries once more to convince Diana to help them. "Diana, you have to tell us. Please."

Diana still isn't sure about all of this. She wants to believe that Kal knows what he's doing by believing in these children. But, she knows that their plan to stop Darkseid will not work. Not while he has the stones and not when he has all the power.

However, she didn't want to end up being a slave to him and lose everything else.

Before she has a chance to respond, she sees Black Manta's men arriving and grabs Kal before taking cover. Jason sees this and managed to dodge the blaster shots from the enemy. Jason pressed his right hand against the side of his face as his mask appears around his head. Jason then begins opening fire as he shoots down Black Manta's men.

Diana got Kal behind a corner as they see Jason avoiding getting shot and fights against the enemy. She wanted to join in the fight, even with the cuffs on.

Kal sees this and stops her. "Diana, if you tell us where Savage is at, we'll let you go of those cuffs?"

Diana looks surprised by this and wasn't sure if Kal even could do this. "And what makes you think they'll let me go?"

"They won't," said Kal who isn't going to lie to Diana. "However, given the circumstances, if what you tell us is true, then I'm sure they'll be willing to let you out of those cuffs. Provided you help us. Not kill and don't betray them. If you do that then you can help us."

Diana could tell Kal meant every word of what he's saying. He's serious about this. He's serious about letting her go, even though he has no authority to do this. Much less be in any position to make these promises.

However, she knew that if she doesn't help them then Darkseid or Vandal Savage will win. She hates both men and is only doing this to get revenge. But, seeing Kal here, seeing him put so much trust in these kids, and how they are still fighting despite the odds stacked against them.

It reminds her a lot of the old Justice League. Before they turned on each other and how they both did all they could to protect everyone. Even when the odds were stacked against them. They did all they could to help protect the world.

Jason took cover with them and sees the enemy trying to through. "Okay. I'm going to try something and hopefully it will work."

"Jason, hold on. Let Diana out of her cuffs," said Kal.

Jason turns to Kal and scoffed. "Yeah. And while I'm at it, I'm going to go see if Doomsday wants to play tennis."

"I'm serious," said Kal as he explains his plan to Jason and how he will make sure Diana helps them. "You have to give her a chance."

"Pretty sure when we gave her a chance, she stabbed Donna and tried to kill us. I'm not going to let her out," said Jason as he opens fire from around the corner and takes down one of Black Manta's men, but more are approaching them.

Diana knew Jason has every right not to trust her or believe she'll help them. She knows she would do the same thing he's doing.

"And I don't blame you for not wanting to let me out. However, Kal is right. You need my help, right? And we both don't want Darkseid or his allies to win," said Diana as she gives her word…which yes, she really doesn't have much of, but she still gave it and reassured him he won't betray them. "If I try anything, then you can use the nanites in my system to neutralize me. I know you injected them in me when I was captured."

Diana is referring to the nanites that Abigail had placed inside the criminals that are brought into the prison. They run through the bloodstream of the body and can activate at any time if the prisoner escapes from their cuffs. If they try to cause any trouble, then the nanites can neutralize them. Its somewhat painful, but it won't kill them.

Jason knew that if he does this then he won't ever hear the end of it from the others. However, he knows right now he needs all the help he can get. If the information Diana provides helps them, then she's got a deal. If she tries anything, then they can take her out.

Black Manta's men continued approaching the group. Ready to kill everyone and complete their mission. As they got closer, they see something being thrown at them. One of the men gets hit in the head knocking him out, while the others look on wondering what it is.

To their surprise, they see its some cuffs. They wonder who it belongs to and soon got their answer when Diana rushed over and punched one so hard in the face, he got send flying towards the group behind him. The other tried to shoot her, but she managed to dodge the blast and drives her knee into his gut, before kicking him through the wall near her. She sees the soldiers beginning to recover and prepare to open fire.

But Jason runs over and throws a flash bomb at them. This caused the soldiers to become disoriented, which allowed Diana and Jason to begin attacking them. Jason uses his blasters to stun the men and not kill them, while Diana uses hand-to-hand combat to take them down. Both trying not to kill and both making sure they are all knocked out.

Jason sees the last five men left and sees them throwing some grenades. Jason presses his right hand against the wall and using his Celestial powers, begins creating a shield to cover them. The shield took the blast of the grenades, before Jason lowers it, allowing Diana to leap over him. Diana rushes over to the guards and begins taking all five men down quickly before they had a chance to use their guns.

Once they were down, Diana turns to Jason, who kept his guard up. Kal walks over and sees the tension between the two.

He gets between then and tries to make sure everything is fine. "We all right then?"

Jason kept his eyes on Diana, and she did the same. Jason knew by doing this he might end up risking everything. He doesn't trust her, and he knows if Bruce is here, he wouldn't be okay with this. But then again, the guy did let Superman out when they fought Brainiac.

So, if he's going to do this then he has to be sure he's follows through with it. "Let's get going. We need to make sure Kara and the others are all right."


Outside, Kara managed to take the fight with Doomsday towards the outskirts of the city. She wanted to avoid any innocent people from getting hurt and avoid any damage to the city. She managed to get the early advantage against him. The new armor she wore, also helped lessen any serious damages and protect her from his spiked claws.

However, Doomsday began regaining some control and his past fight experiences with Superman helped the monster evolve. Learn from past mistakes and with the help from Savage, increasing his intelligence, the monster was now more dangerous. Kara tried to slow him down using her super breath, but the monster managed to break free of the ice and attack her. Kara tried to use her speed to get some distance, but Doomsday was just as fast as her.

She began blocking his attacks and avoided his spikes. She knew they had a poison that could end up killing her. So, she had to avoid it piercing her skin. Even a small dosage could do her in.

She began using her super speed to fly towards a lake. Doomsday follows her and leaps over to tackle her. Kara anticipated this and turns to face him before leaping back. She then brought her feet up and kicks him forward towards the lake.

Kara flies to grab two large boulders, then lifts them up as Doomsday comes out of the water. Kara throws the boulders at him, but Doomsday punched them. Shattering the two boulders, but this was a distraction to allow her to punch him right in the face. She then grabs his right arm before spinning around until she created a small tornado.

She throws Doomsday and launched him towards the ground. She knew though that won't be enough to stop him. But she's hoping her attacks will at least slow him down. She knows she's using all she has to beat him, since she can't pull back her punches.

She has to hit him with all she has. Otherwise, he'll kill her and then end up trying to kill the others. She has to hold out, long enough until he's too tired to keep fighting. She sees Doomsday recovering and looks up at her.

She stays in the air and sees Doomsday leap up after her. She fires her heat vision into his eyes, managing to hurt him. Doomsday roared in pain and fell into the ground. Kara flies down and tackles him down.

She then begins repeatedly punching him, trying to wear him down. However, Doomsday punches her in the face and sends her through some trees. Kara slowly began getting up as she groaned softly. She sees Doomsday getting back up, but she flies in after him to try taking him down.

Doomsday though grabs her by the throat just as she came close to him. He then slams her on the ground and repeatedly punched her in the face. He then brought his foot down on her throat to try killing her. Kara though managed to keep his foot from making contact with her throat.

She was shocked that he could see her despite losing his eyes. He must have adapted already. So, she'll need to try something else. She begins using her heat vision and pierced through his foot.

She even burns it in half causing the monster to roar in pain and get off-balanced. Kara gets up and delivers a swift uppercut. Kara then goes to throw another punch, but Doomsday caught her hand and drives his knee into her gut knocking the air out of her. He then lifts her up by her hair, before bringing her down on his right knee.

Kara screams in pain as it felt like he broke her back. Doomsday then throws her into the air, jumps up, and then drives his hands down sending her to the ground. The blow of the attack caused a huge impact, creating a crater. Kara groaned loudly as she felt her whole body is in pain.

She tried to get up, but she was too hurt. Doomsday lands on the ground and walks over to her, even begins speaking.

"I'm disappointed. The second time I fought Superman, he put up more a fight than this," said Doomsday as he grabs Kara by the hair and lifts her up. "He even brought something new to our fight. Giving me more of a challenge. But you? You've done nothing but show off the same moves he would pull. You are a huge disappointment."

Doomsday growls as he grew a long sharp claw from his wrist. He then aims it directly at her heart.

"Any last words, hero?" Doomsday asked.

Kara begins coughing loudly as she looks at Doomsday and then at his claw, getting an idea. "Yeah…ever been killed by your own poison?"

She used her heat vision to sever his right arm, that was holding her up. Doomsday roared in pain and tries to stab her, but she caught his left hand and moves it away before using her heat vision to cut off his left arm. She then takes the arm and drives it through the mouth of Doomsday. Silencing the monster, as the poison that he uses has now been injected into him.

Kara though needed to be sure he was down for the count. So, she grabs him from behind and flies him into the air. She begins taking him into orbit before driving him back towards the ground. She then using all of her strength to go superfast and drive him towards a hill.

She lets him go just before she could hit the hill with him. She crashes through some trees and into a nearby lake. All while Doomsday crashed into the hill. Shattering it and causing the ground around the shake. Debris flew into the air and scattered for miles.

Even going into the water where she's at. Kara tried to get out of the water, but she was exhausted. She used up all her strength to try beating Doomsday. To the point she can't fly out of here.

The light from the sun began hitting her body through the water, but it was not working fast enough to get her out. Her eyes begin to close as she was losing oxygen and wasn't sure if she'll get out of this. Fortunately for her, someone came to her aid.

Jason arrived and dives into the water to save her. He held her in his arms and flies her out of the water. He managed to get her to shore and lets her down gently. Allowing her to catch her breath as she coughed up some of the water.

"Kara, are you okay? Are you injured?" Jason asked as he checks his wife to make sure she's okay.

Kara managed to finally catch her breath before she nods in response. "Y-yeah. I-I'm fine. I'm just…in a lot of pain."

Jason sighed in relief that she's at least alive and begins helping her up before embracing her in a hug. Kara sighed happily as she returned the hug and is happy that Jason came to help her.

Kara though broke the hug and remembered something. "Did you call the others? Let them know Doomsday is down? We have to lock him away before he recovers and adapts. We need to go and…"

"Kara, Kara. Relax. Its okay. I already called them the moment I saw him crash into the hill," said Jason as he reassured Kara it's all okay.

Proof of that came when he saw Abigail arrived with her Iron Legion to help capture Doomsday. So, they can transport him to their universe and go through with their plan to finally stop him.

Kara sighed in relief and knows that at least they took down another ally of Vandal Savage. "Good. That's good to know. Where's Kal and Diana?"

"Back in the prison and by the way, she's ready to tell us everything," Jason replied.

"Really? Good. We can at least use what she gives us to help us stop Savage and then focus on stopping Doomsday," said Kara who at least knows this is going to help get them closer to stop them.

"Yeah, about that…" Jason sighed knowing what he's going to tell her, it's not something she'll be happy to hear.

Kara took notice of this and narrowed her eyes at him. "Jason, what did you do?"

That's the end of the chapter and it looks like Kara managed to put down Doomsday. For good? Unlikely, but still she did her best. She even did something I bet no one had tried before. Stab Doomsday with his own claws.

In any case, Diana will assist the heroes. But it won't go over well with everyone. Think they'll be able to survive whatever Darkseid and his allies are up to? Will they stop them from getting all the stones?

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