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Consider this just a small treat for you all. It's a translation of my old story 'El secreto de Castiel', something silly I wrote back in… wow, 2015. It's just a silly piece, with an abrupt ending and several unexplained details, but still I thought it was funny when I wrote it. It's just a one-shot, you guys, I'm not going to let myself be roped into continuing this whilst I've got so many unfinished stories. Maybe if I don't die before finishing them… (somehow I'll doubt that happen, but who knows… I'm rewatching the show so I shouldn't really talk hehehe)

Castiel's Secret

"Are you sure this is safe?" asked Dean Winchester for the thousandth time.


"And that we won't be putting out the house's owner?" asked Bobby on the phone.

"We don't want to get anyone into this." said Sam.

"You have nothing to worry about. You'll thank me soon."

"What does that…?"

"You'll understand when you see." he cut.

"How are you so sure not even Lucifer will be able to find us?" enquired Gabriel also from the phone's other side.

"I simply am."

"You'll have to give me something more to make me enter that place, angel." said Crowley.

"If you'd rather try your luck on your own…" he drawled.

The demon next to him growled but did shut up.

"And how did you meet this mystery person?"

"I'm a millennial angel. I know lots of people." answered Castiel evasively.

"We're going to the house of a millennial being?" exclaimed Dean, incredulous.

"No." said the angel as if it were obvious. "And even if we were, I don't understand why it should pose a problem. I'm a millennial being."

"Yes, you've made that clear enough." muttered Dean.

"How did you meet them, then? It's been ages without coming down to Earth, right?" asked Sam, unable to contain his curiosity.

"Contrary to what you may all believe, I don't spend all my time with you. I have a personal life." declared the stoic angel.

Everyone looked at him incredulously, but his face remained as imperturbable as ever.

"Are you serious? Come on, what do you do? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but killing demons does not count as having a personal life, Cas." intervened Dean.

"I thought that's what you did."

Everyone could hear Bobby and Sam holding onto their laughter as Dean spluttered, but Gabriel didn't bother trying to. Crowley rolled his eyes before looking out of the Impala's window.

"Turn right, Dean." instructed the angel.

"Why can't you take us there with your powers?"

Castile held back a sigh and looked at the human he was in charge of.

"For the last time, Dean, the house's protections require you to have visited it at least once before to be able to enter that way and none of you've ever been there."

"And you're sure we won't be a bother?"

"For the last time, Sam," he repeated, letting some of his annoyance show. "no."

Sam closed his mouth and looked forward, obviously ashamed.

"What did you say our host was called?" asked Gabriel.

"I did not say." he answered, hiding a satisfied smile.

"You gonna share with the class?" demanded Dean a few seconds later.

Castiel tilted his head slightly to the side and looked at him in silence for a few seconds, knowing how uncomfortable that made the hunter.


The demon next to him hid a smile at seeing the older Winchester's frown.

"How much's left?" he asked when Sam, once more, lowered the music.

"Turn right." Instructed again the angel not bothering to answer.

Dean frowned again as he drove. By turning on the road, they left the forest and found themselves in front of a hill where the road continued up till it disappeared on the other side.

"Stop." Indicated Castiel before disappearing and reappearing outside the car.

"Is it so hard using the door?" exclaimed Dean getting out of the car.

"It's unnecessary."

"Why are we stopping here?" wanted to know Bobby, getting out of his van.

Gabriel and Crowley followed suit and the three hunters watched with confusion the supernaturals. They must be seeing something none of them could because Gabriel and Crowley where looking at the hill with something akin to fascination.

"Maybe the cherub's right, for once." muttered the demon reluctantly.

"How is it that all the creatures on the world aren't sensing this?" asked aloud Gabriel. "They're the most powerful protections I've seen in my whole life. And I'm older than dirt."

Surprising them all, Castiel chuckled.

"This place's well hidden."

"Ah, Castiel… That's just a hill."

Said angel gave Dean a piece of paper. The parchment kept changing hands until they all had read it and the angel took it back before destroying it.

As soon as he did, the hunters gaped at the fence that appeared out of nothing in front of them and, on top of the hill, a mansion.

Castiel started to walk towards the fence and it opened as soon as the angel touched it.

"At least our host's got class." commented Crowley. "I was starting to think I'd end up trapped in an underground bunk with you all."

"I'm warning you now, Crowley, you and all the others." added Castiel in the darkest voice any of them had ever heard, which was saying something. "If any of you offends him in his own house, I'll throw them out myself."

"I'm offended you think so low of me." Muttered Crowley feigning being hurt by the comment.


"Yes, yes, I'll behave." Answered the demon like a small child. "You angels are always taking away all my fun."

"I don't think offending him will be such a funny thing; at least not for you." Said the angel in a low voice, though not low enough not to be heard. "Come on, it's best if you get in."

Castiel started up the road, the others following.

"But my car…"

"It's inside the first layer of wards, Dean. It'll be safe."

"Castiel, who lives here?" asked Gabriel in a low voice.

The younger angel looked at him from the corner of his eyes before fixing his stare ahead.

"Someone important."

"That I'd already guessed by the power coming from the house."

"Someone important to me."

Gabriel almost tripped on air at his little brother's words and kept silent for a few minutes, where only Dean's complains at having to walk all the way up were audible.

"Cas, your power's… different." The angel nodded. "You've obeyed your superior's orders." Castiel nodded yet again. "And I know you've become… fond, in a way, of the Winchesters." After a second's doubt, Cas nodded for the third time. "But you haven't Fallen. You've still got your Grace, even if it's not exactly the same as it used to."

Castile looked the archangel in the eyes and answered the unasked question in little more than a whisper.

"Even Death needs an angel."

Gabriel's eyes opened wide, his mind making the connection between the power in that house and the change in the other angel.


"I had no other choice, Gabriel. I was Falling and he saved me."

"Still, Castiel, being Death's Angel… there must be something I can do."

"I don't want you to do anything, Gabriel. I'm not Death's Angel, brother; I'm their partner."

The archangel almost tripped, again, and kept silence, thinking over what he'd been told.

"Why were you falling?"

"Because I fell in love." he answered in a whisper after a small pause.

The archangel said nothing else and it didn't take them much longer to reach the door. It opened at Castiel's touch, but Sam stopped him before he entered.

"Shouldn't we call first?"

"It's unnecessary." answered the angel walking in.

The others followed after a small second of doubt and they found themselves in a big entrance, tastefully decorated.

The new arrivals took in every detail they could until they heard steps. They were fast and noisy and very obviously not human.

The three hunters had their guns on their hands in a second, pointed at the door in front of them. Much to their confusion, their angel friend ordered them to put them away.

By the steps' sound, they soon realised whatever it was, there were more than one being.

Suddenly, two shadows ―one black and the other golden― jumped onto the angel, throwing him to the floor. Dean was about to shoot when he heard Castiel chucle. They'd heard that sound more times in that one day than in all the time they'd known the angel.

The hunter lowered the gun slowly at the strange sight before him.

Castile sat on the floor, trying to get off him a pair of dogs that were currently licking his face as they wagged their tail happily.

"Alright, alright, I'm happy to see you too." Greeted the angel finally standing up and petting their backs.

The enormous black dog calmed and sat down, looking at them warily. The other, a beautiful golden retriever, started to jump all around them.

Sam laughed and carefully petted the excited animal.

"Hey, mutt, come here." Exclaimed Dean squatting down next to other.

Instantly, the black dog growled and showed a full mouth of very white and very sharp looking teeth. Dean, who wasn't expecting such a reaction, fell onto his butt. Sam cracked up.

"Oh, yes, Shadow's easily offended." Commented Castiel looking at the downed hunter and calming down the dog with a simple touch to the head.

"Offended? Is he the White House's President or what?" he asked with sarcasm.

The angel ignored him.

"What's this one's name?" asked Sam, still stroking the other dog and grinning at his brother with satisfaction.

"Golddie!" exclaimed Dean.

"Golddie? Seriously, Dean?" asked Bobby.

"What? Its face screams Golddie!" he answered with pride.

"His name's Goliath." Said Castiel, ignoring Dean again.

The three hunters looked at him as if he'd gone crazy and even Gabriel stopped nosing around.

"Goliath? As in 'David and Goliath'?" asked Bobby just to be sure.

Castiel nodded and Dean broke into a laugh.

"Goliath? Really? It's a terrible name." he said grabbing Crowley's attention, who had been looking at a picture.

"It's not. Goliath's a good name." he shot back with a small frown.

Why had Castiel gotten so defensive? And was that… a blush? Never one to give up an argument, no matter how many he lost, Dean went on.

"No, it's not. Goliath, please! It's a horrible name. Golddie would be much better."

"Golddie is a ridiculous name." he said with finality, sending them a stare that reminded them they were talking with a warrior, even if he didn't always seem to be one.

"That one I've got to agree with the little angel on." Said Crowley. "Now are you going to introduce us to our host or are we going to keep arguing about the dog's name?"

Castiel nodded, clearing his throat, and turned towards the black dog ―Shadow, he'd said.

"He's in the kitchen, right?"

It was then the others noticed the delicious smell of recently baked cookies that permeated the air.

Shadow stood onto his four legs and went back through the door he'd come in through, scaring Dean when he thought he saw the dog nod.

Castile followed him, the others copying him and Sam laughing when Goliath broke into a run and took over all of them.

"That dog's not normal." Muttered Dean.

"Just because he doesn't like you, it doesn't mean it's a monster." Answered Sam in a low voice.

"I'm telling you, Sam, that dog's not normal." Shadow looked at him and growled. "That's totally not normal."

"Alright, it's creepy." Agreed Sam. "But Castiel wouldn't allow anything to happen to us."

Dean said nothing else and they both focused on taking in every little detail of the place.

They'd got to give it to whoever owned the house: it was real cosy. Clearly a tasteful person. All but for name. really, what kind of person named their dog Goliath?

Soon, much too soon for some of them and not enough for the others, they reached the kitchen, where that heavenly smell came from.

The guests stopped at the entrance and they show a figure with their back turned to them. From the door they could see nothing but their dark wild hair.

The dogs run over and started to jump around them.

"Shadow, Goliath, be careful. Did Cas get back?"

Shadow nodded with bark, confirming Sam and Dean's suspicions.

Stupefied, they watched as Castiel walked in with confidence and wrapped a hand around the smaller man's waist whilst reaching for a still smoking tray full of cookies.

"Cas, if you touch it now, you'll burn yourself." Scolded the man gently slapping the angel's hand away from the tray.

The angel sighed, but obeyed and took his hand away.

"I've brought guests over." Announced Castiel even though his attention was still mostly focused on the cookies.


"One. Three hunters. And a demon." Informed Cas looking a little nervous. "We can look for another place to stay at, if you'd rather…"

What the hell was Castiel doing? He'd insisted that house was the most secure place until they'd accepted to go and now he wanted to leave?

"That's not necessary, Castiel. You know, as long they don't try to kill me, I'm fine with you bringing anyone you want to." Reprimanded the young man surprising them. "You want me to disappear for a few days?"

"Of course not; this is your house." Said the angel with a small frown.

"Yours too, Cas." Reminded him the other.

"Wait, this is your house?" asked Dean totally caught by surprise.

They all saw the man next to Castiel tense slightly before he slowly turned in their direction.

The whole group stood agape. The youth before them was an exact copy of Dean, although his eyes were a much brighter shade of green and his appearance was more feminine.

The stranger's eyes were wide open and fixed on Dean. Nobody talked.

"Dean..?" whispered weakly their host.


"Hadrian?" asked Dean arching an eyebrow.

The youth's gaze, Hadrian's, swung to him and his eyes opened even wider.

"Sammy." He breathed.

"It's Sam." Protested the hunter when the archangel and the demon laughed at him.

"Sam." Hadrian swallowed. "You've grown up. You've both grown up."

"So have you." Replied Dean instantly, still entranced by the image before him. "Though I'm still the taller one."

"Everyone's taller than Harry." Said Castiel.

The youth pouted at the angel, but it seemed a bit forced.

"Is that really you, Hadrian?" asked Bobby in a low voice.

"Y-yeah, Bobby. It's me." He answered after swallowing again.

"How do you know each other? And how do you know me?" enquired Sam.

"You remember all those trips dad took us on when we were little? Remember dad and I were looking for someone?"

"Yeah. You didn't really stop looking. You think I don't notice, but we don't visit the places we do just because."

"Yeah, well, here's the reason for those trips." Interrupted Bobby. "Sam, meet…"

"Hadrian 'Harry' Winchester. My twin brother." Finished Dean.

"Kidnapped when you were little more than a babe." Explained Bobby.

"Also known to the rest of the world as Harry Potter, saviour of the wizarding world and killer of dark lord, if I'm not wrong." Added Gabriel looking at the youth with a strange shine in his eyes.

"First Grey Mage in over seven centuries and Master of Death." Said Crowley adding his own two cents.

"My fiancé." Finished Castiel soflty kissing the man in his arms.

Sam did the only thing someone in his place could do: he fainted.

"Will he be alright?" asked Harry, worried for his little brother.

"Yeah, of course. He'll wake up soon. Stranger things have happened in our life."

"Why don't you exchange stories whilst we eat the most delicious cookies in the universe and give Sam time to get back to consciousness?" suggested Castiel offering them a seat at the table as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

They didn't have any complains to the idea.