A world where evil prevails two wounded souls are revealed ... the end of a life ... the beginning of a new existence.

Couple: Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

Disclamer: The characters belong to JK Rowling ...

The first part is Hermione's perspective.


When you catch a glimpse of the man who for more than twenty years was your partner pointing a wand at you about to throw a killing curse at you, your whole life passes before your eyes ... it was the end of a life for Hermione Granger ... one last sacrifice.

She had days like that when she felt so out of her mind, that her life was not what she wanted, it was as if events pushed her to act in a certain way ... she would soon understand why such an impression ...

That afternoon when she arrived from the ministry she was reviewing some manuscripts about a law she was working on, she was so distracted that she was walking through her study that she hit a shelf from which an apparently deteriorated old book fell, which she did not think she had seen before Wondering how something like this had gotten to her home, she assumed that her husband had used it in his investigations as an auror. Intrigued by the finding, she decided to read its content, the greater her surprise when trying to open it, there seemed to be some kind of spell that would prevent it ... but what she had lost the least was her tenacity as soon as a mystery appeared, she decided to put aside her At work, his intuition told him that it was important for him to discover what was inside.

… ..

A couple of hours after she achieved her mission, she had had to resort to the most powerful spells she knew, she was not willing to let that topic pass. She used a very old book that Draco Malfoy had given her a few days before her death, in gratitude for what she had done for him and his family, a sincere sign of repentance and gratitude, because she had been the main defender of that family. , when it already seemed that the bloody war had ended, an attack on the blood traitors had been perpetrated, the Malfoys, Nott, Zabini, Parkinson, Greengras ... among other families had been killed.

He sadly remembered those few minutes that he had secretly gone to meet in a muggle park with Draco from his friends, they had talked for a couple of hours, they had apologized and forgiven for the old wounds, they found a point of balance, the beginning of a friendship, when he handed her that book he knew it was something very precious to his family, it was a gift that had belonged to the Malfoys for many generations, it contained the memories of their ancestors as well as the most complete knowledge of the dark arts that he could have read. He himself had a powerful spell that allowed the wearer to absorb knowledge through an oath of blood ... after the death of all the exmortiphages he did not want to put his life on the line for possessing such an element and performed the ritual Draco had told him ... I need a couple of days to recover, so he went with Harry to Grimmauld Place ... the entire Weasley family had been keeping an eye on each of his movements, especially his friends and the matriarch ... which did not seem out of the ordinary.

A little over two months after the final battle, where in the end they had emerged victorious after so many deaths and sacrifices, peace had come, he remembered with great regret the death of his parents, the atrocity of the way they had been massacred and tortured Only her faithful friends had been able to help her endure so much pain. Especially the love of Ronald, and the affection of Mrs. Weasley ...

The knowledge in the book could be activated at will, for so long that he had not tried to use that knowledge, he had used all his intelligence to prevent anyone from perceiving the change in his magic, although he had felt that his brother-in-law William was more observant after the days. that he had been in recovery, I attribute it to concern for his health ... without further delay I evoke an ancient spell to open the book ... just like the other only blood could open it, confirming his suspicion of dark magic.

It was an old medieval diary belonging to the Weasleys, she talked about the memories, she went to the last pages and read her husband's messy handwriting, in every word she felt she lost her breath and fell into an abyss, nothing could be true ... her beloved husband expressed in each word the hatred towards her and Harry, an atrocious hatred, for having had to marry a being as hateful and insufferable as her, but soon everything would end ... on the following pages it was written in handwriting his two sons in broad strokes the same words of their father ... so much was the bewilderment and pain that he felt that it fell from his hands ... and a letter came out of it. The letter was from Rodolfus Lestrange himself, he spoke of the beginning of the implementation of the last steps of the master plan, he did not speak specifically of events, he mentioned briefly that the Mudblood and the idiot Potter should not suspect anything.

Not finished processing the events that were before her eyes, every word was inconceivable, it must be a lie, infamies, a bad joke, her beloved family could not be true that they hated her in such a way. With her mind revolutionized at a thousand an hour, she listened to the sound of the fireplace, announcing the arrival of her husband and children, they had gone to spend the day in the den, quickly put the letter away and put the newspaper in its place, and putting Besides, everything decided to go out to receive his family. The Christmas holidays had begun and the entire Weasley family had fully committed themselves to the burrow.

As he approached them, he saw some small signs of what was written in the newspaper, he hid any different reaction, he was still shocked by what he had discovered. Noticing a certain coldness and reticence in his treatment, so he decided to look back and assess the situation in a more appropriate way. If there was something that had always characterized her person, it was that she always took situations into her hands, it seemed inconceivable that her husband and children felt such animosity towards her, there must be some background to all these events and she knew that the answer lay in the weekly family gathering in the burrow was to prepare for the unimaginable.

Once the dinner was over, he excused himself with his family, alleging a very important case in which he worked and had to return to the library, a fact that everyone responded nonchalantly, although with very little masked gestures of annoyance. That night, after he felt that everyone was in his rooms, he decided to do something that went against everything he always proclaimed, using his great magical abilities, he evaluated his entire environment, and great was his surprise to discover the great amount of magic. dark hidden throughout the place ... even the ring of his hand gave off a large amount, in his children and Ronald was surprising the dark spells he had found, he remembered that William had brought for his brothers and nephews those strange contraptions that were simply magical protections Something about her had always mistrusted her brother-in-law, but she dismissed these thoughts, claiming that they were only meaningless figurations. Something inside her knew that everything was too perfect to be real.

He spent the night preparing his mental protections, and unlocking his magic, he was amazed to see his engagement ring fall from his hand and burst the diamond that he owned, it had been put in his hand only a couple of months after the battle from Hogwarts, it seemed early to get married but always gave in to the requests of the redhead. It was as if it was not possible to refuse anything, always complacent with her opinions and those of her family ... when the glass broke something in her was released, it was as if her mind and will had been cleared of a dense fog. He had put up strong protections in the library to avoid any interruption. Her mind began to recount many situations she had experienced, in which she had been frustrated by not being able to act according to her instincts, she already knew that something was behind everything.

He sensed that his life after the next day would not be the same, he would need all his tenacity and intelligence to get out of the abyss that hovered over his destiny, nothing would stop him, he wanted to be free, and nothing would stop him, he knew that he should be cautious before everything, could not afford to fail r. Draco Malfoy had bequeathed to him the best of the gifts he could hope for in life, something told him that the truth he was about to discover had to do with those deaths, he was almost completely sure ...

Someone else was as affected as she was with all that situation, she could only think of everything that was happening in the life of her dearest friend Harry and the problems with his wife and children, the great manipulation of their lives, he wanted it to dawn for to be able to put an end to the lie that surrounded them.

Even though she had to be in control of herself, nothing could escape, she knew she didn't have much time and every second counted. He knew that the answers were in William, his instinct was not failing, he had to find a way to enter his mind ... I evoke all the memories of the book looking for the most suitable form ... in a couple of hours going through each spell in his mind he finally found the suitable.

Sella Hellium, that spell went beyond simple magic, it was an undetectable soulish projection, able to enter anyone's mind despite the protections, it connected the person with its projection through a psychic connection impossible to detect. Hermione decided to create a series of memories for her mind to project when entering the mind of the aforementioned. If he tried to read her mind, he would only see the memories she had selected.

When dawn came he made a faithful copy of the ring before putting it on, he left with a new life mission from that library, a new woman would emerge from his ashes, he cried like never before, because despite his logical mind he was a human being who felt a great pain to see that the only thing he yearned for in this life, a sincere love had been a cruel lie. She had little time to get ready before everyone else as usual, nothing had to be different even though the desire to throw a few curses at her beloved family was almost impossible to contain ... she only took a few deep breaths to control herself ...


They arrived at the burrow a couple of hours later amid jokes about the delay of their offspring and her beloved husband, dared to play a couple of jokes with her brother-in-law George, causing laughter in all in the midst of the normal chaos of that large family. Behind those smiles his blood began to boil, he wanted to end everything, but he had to be patient to have all the hidden truths in his hands.

Once the whole family was reunited, he began to activate the spell gradually, trying to avoid looking at anyone in particular, only letting himself be carried away by the environment and the reigning hubbub.

William was trying to talk with his brother Percy about issues related to ministerial policies, in short, everyday issues for her when she worked as part of the ministerial cabinet, which at the time seemed to her nothing. He focused his mind on his projection to enter his brother-in-law's memories later, for now he just had to extract them and take them to the memory container. Tonight he would see them in his personal pensieve in the ministry office, he feared that the one in his house was manipulated. He wanted to warn Harry, but not to act impulsively. Once the family meal was over everyone scattered to talk, she went to where Harry was talking to George, he joined the conversation taking her simply to the tasks that the twin did in his store, it was funny and easy. Without lowering their defenses, I continue with them for a couple of hours talking about everything and nothing. Being close to his friend allowed him to remain calm, something that despite the time did not change was his closeness, although lately they could not see each other so regularly nothing could break that real connection that existed, he knew that only in him could he blindly trust.


After a couple of hours more at dusk, everyone was saying goodbye when his gaze met Potter's, only a second was enough for him to understand that they should be alone. That night held many unpleasant surprises for them.

Upon arriving home with his family, he began the routine the next day, he needed to plan his steps to be able to visualize the evidence. Things got somewhat complicated when Ronald was somewhat drunk, as always not wanting to go to bed he began to annoy everyone, his children escaped to their rooms leaving him with him, who was strangely very affectionate, but she was not willing to be touched, in fact towards long enough that they did not become intimate, for her this estrangement was normal, she never questioned anything, until now. After an hour and with his patience completely overwhelmed, he threatened Ronald to curse him if he did not go to bed immediately ... That sparkle in his gaze was enough to let him know that he was very serious, and finally he could be calm.