"Maybe Skylor?" Nya suggested, "how's she doing, by the way?"

The siblings where in the workshop, attempting to repair one of the group's land vehicles, Nya working under it while Kai worked on the engine

"I don't know" said Kai, "we haven't really talked since after the battle"

"Really?" Nya asked, "I mean, I get it, she's busy, but, I mean, it can't be that hard to find time for her boyfriend"

"I'm not her boyfriend" said Kai "we broke up"

Nya rolled herself out from under the vehicle and looked up at him, eyebrows raised, "What? When?"

"A few months back, before the Sons of Garmadon" he said, fiddling with the engine.

"Huh, think she'd have said something" Nya muttered, sitting up"what happened?"

"It wasn't working out" said Kai, a bit distant.

"But-" Nya started, then stopped, thinking, "I... that makes sense, actually"

"Hey" Kai snapped, indignant, "We weren't that distant"

"You... kinda were, looking back" she shrugged, "do you need to talk about it?"

Kai looked up from his work, frowning, "yes, actually" he said, he closed the hood and wiped the grease off his hands with a towel, "I'm gay"

"Ah" said Nya, quietly, she frowned, examining her hands.

"Nya?" Kai said, feeling his heart begin to sink

Nya looked up at him, flashing a strained smile.

"I... Of course" she said, "I understand"

She lay back down and dragged herself under the vehicle.

"What does that mean"

Nya didn't say anything, focused on her work.

"Nya, what does that mean?" Kai repeated.

He didn't get an answer.