Cahir entered his quarters, his temper flaring ever since he spoke to his father earlier shortly following the wedding ceremony. He was basically told he had one sole purpose, and one only. To get a male heir, much like his brothers, and continue on serving the Nilfgaardian military. He had devoted his entire life serving as a knight, but still it wasn't enough. His father had arranged a marriage with the only daughter to a family that had served his father for many years.

The parents had just recently died in a tragic fire, leaving their fifteen year old daughter an orphan. His father had taken her in less than a month ago, becoming the center of attention with his sisters, all of which were just beginning to be married off, and start families themselves. Cahir had always felt like an outcast within his family, and the moment his father announced he had plans for her to marry this girl, he couldn't believe it.

"But she's just a child!"

He tried to yell. He himself was twenty-eight, and besides a few visits with local whores, hadn't ever had the interest nor the time to take a lover since he was training all the time. His father who was a cruel, controlling man had slapped Cahir hard enough across the face and split his bottom lip. Used to his father's abuse, Cahir stood back, his blue eyes narrowing, holding back his simmering rage, as his father explained to him that all of his brothers and sisters were married, starting families and carrying on the Mawr Dyffryn app Ceallach name. The young girl who's name was Isabella had been staying with them since her parent's death. Her father was a sword maker just outside the kingdom from a small village and had been making Cahir's family's swords and weapons for years. Isabella was at the market when the fire happened, and had lost everything.

Devastated, as well as in shock, she had been taken in by Cahir's parents, who promised they would protect her at any costs. Cahir had been away in battle when this happened, and when he returned home, he didn't even get a chance to climb off his horse when his sisters all flocked outside to tell him what happened. When he came inside, he laid eyes on Isabelle for the first time. She was a young tiny little thing with long black hair, and clear blue eyes. He could tell she was frightened, and sat in a dress, most likely belonging to one of his sister's. She sat at the dinner table, not saying a word, her large blue eyes looking around wide, and curious. After dinner, Cahir's father informed him about his plans.

Two days later, they were married. The ceremony had been held at the Nilfgaardian chapel. Since Cahir was a knight, most of the court were there. Cahir was dressed in his armor, and knelt before the priest with Isabella wearing a lace custom gown. Her hair pinned up, and beautiful sparking earrings dangling from each side of her. They hadn't said a single word to each other, and now here they where, kneeling side by side, getting married in front of the kingdom's court, as well as Cahir's family, and other fellow knights and soldiers. He knew she had been the darling to his mother and sisters in these last few days as they fussed over her, planning the ceremony.

Cahir knew if he argued it would only result in more problems from his father who was a mean controlling bastard, who had arranged every single one of his children's marriages, all in a way to benefit him. He hated the fact that his bride had to be some young orphan with no place to go. He saw that looking past her age she was quite beautiful. She had dark features, and her eyes were the most striking, like clear pools of water from the sea. Still, he found this to be nonsense. He had his military career to worry about. He didn't have time to look after a wife. When the priest announced they were now man and wife, wrapping their family crest around their hands, Cahir sighed, taking the family ring his mother had given him and turned towards his wife. She stared at him, her veil pulled back, her eyes staring at him frightened. He stared at her, before carefuly slipping the ring onto her thin slender finger.

He then knew it was time to kiss her. His Adam's apple bobbled up and down, before he leaned forward and kissed her. He saw she was caught off guard by this, and more than likely she was having her first kiss right then and there in front of everyone in this church. Her lips were closed tight. Cahir could faintly smell her perfume, and withdrew his head, raising an eyebrow, seeing the stunned expression left on her face. Feeling slightly amused, he smirked, staring at her, before they were announced as husband and wife. Afterwards there was a feast held in their honor. Cahir sat at the main table, side by side with his new bride, watching his father drunk and roaring with laughter dance with his mother.

The occasion, had been festive, lots of lively music, tons to eat, and lots of Cahir's side of the family coming to pay their respects, all remarking that rumor was that he was climbing the ranks of the Nilfgaardian army, and becoming one of the best marksmen in the fleet. Cahir shook hands, accepted thanks, and praise on his new marriage with many well wishes, and blessings. Isabella meanwhile sat still, barley eating, speaking in a soft polite voice whenever someone remarked on what a beautiful bride she made, and what a fine pair she made with her new husband. When their first dance came, Cahir took her hand and led her to the dance floor. Music began to play, as Isabella stared up with unsure eyes.

"I...don't know how to dance..."

She said barley above a whisper. Smirking, Cahir actually found how wide eyed and innocent pretty amusing. Putting his hand around her waist, he brought her In close, and stared down at the swell of her breasts from the gown.

"That's fine, just let me lead."

He began to waltz them across the floor, as Isabella held onto him for dear life. When the night had ended, he took her hand and helped her into the carriage. Before he got inside, his father grabbed his arm, the stink of whiskey hot on his breath.

"Remember what I said, you work on putting that seed to good use. Make a male heir, the sooner the better."

Cahir, still dressed in his armor paused, staring at his father with so much hate in his eyes he could barley stand it. Sighting, he simply nodded, before getting into the carriage, and sitting down right beside his wife. The horses cried out, as the driver began to led the horses away. They were currently staying at the same guest house on her father's property. That was until Cahir could find a home of their home outside the kingdom, a place he felt Isabella could be safe while he traveled with the military. He wasn't too sure how he felt about now having to take care of a young bride, a wife young enough to be a child...but one thing was for certain, he was going to prove his father wrong.

He would prove he was a man, and if becoming one of the highest ranking members of the military wouldn't do it, then making a male heir to add to the other countless grandchildren his father demanded, so be it. As they rode, the sound of the horses clopping against the cobblestone streets, Cahir glared forward. His temper was getting the better of him, something he had inherited from his father. Glaring, his hand which held Isabella's squeezed it before she looked at him.

" okay?"

Cahir took a second, slightly taken off guard as he blinked, snapped out of his own thoughts as he slowly turned and stared at her.


Isabella sighed, tilting her head to the side.

"Your father, he upset you...what did he say?"

Cahir couldn't believe she had noticed. Instead, he sat there, stoned face for a moment, glaring at her before shaking his head.


Isabella stared up at him, not looking fully convinced, but nevertheless dropped her eyes as Cahir sighed. Feeling how frightened she was, he gave her hand a gentle squeeze, causing her to lift her eyes up at him again.

"You're safe're Isabella Mawr Dyffryn app Ceallach of Nilfgaardian. You are married into one of the finest families of the kingdom. You're name now actually means something. I know all of this is frightening, don't have to be afraid."

Isabella dropped her eyes.

"I...lived a very sheltered life, I don't know if I'll make a good wife..."

Cahir sighed, brow wrinkling as he stared down at her.

"You will..."

Just then the horse cried out as the carriage stopped in front of the guest house. Cahir held onto her hand, helping her out of the carriage, breathing in the crisp night air as he led her inside.


The driver had brought in the trunk Cahir's mother had packed for Isabella. Cahir lit candles throughout the small house, locking the front door, and taking a swing of whiskey to calm his nerves. Isabella had dressed for bed, and when he entered, carrying a lantern, he saw her laying in bed, dressed in a plain white nightgown, her hair still pinned up, her face scrubbed clean, looking so young and innocent. He placed down the candle, seeing her wide eyes as he removed the heavy armor piece by piece, never taking his eyes off her as he did so. Sighing, he knew the faster they got this over with the better. Walking to the bed, he stared at her. "Your first duty as my wife is to provide me with a male heir." Isabella stared up at him frightened, her blue eyes catching the flickering flame of the lantern from across the room. Breathing deeply, Cahir now just stood in his shirt and slacks.

Peeling his shirt off, he threw it to the floor, revealing his thin chest, and flat stomach. Isabella's blue eyes slowly drifted up and down his body, both fascinated and frightened. Smirking, he undid his slacks, and pulled them down, where almost instantly his penis popped up, standing up straight. Isabella snapped her eyes shut, bringing the sheets up to her chin, almost as if she pretended he wasn't there he would just go away. Taking a deep breath, he wished there was any other way, but he figured the faster he got this over with, the better. Pulling back his side of the covers, he climbed underneath, and pushed her nightgown up. Instantly Isabella tried to put it back down.

"No please don't..."

She whispered, sounding absolutely terrified. Chair was in no mood, he knew his temper might lash out, so instead, he pushed it up again, before finding the buttons and ripping them open in one single snap, the buttons flying. Hovering above her naked body, he stared at her. "Just lay still my dear, don't fight it..." Isabella's eyes were open now, wide as she struggled beneath him, trying to push him off as she tried closing her legs.

"No, please wait...I'm not ready, please..."

Cahir sighed, frustrated, before he took the length of his penis, and forced himself between her two spread legs. Positioning himself, he took a second, before in one swift motion he entered her, swiftly. He struggled for a moment, before gritting his teeth and pushing his hips against hers. Feeling his pulsing manhood fill her right up to her womb, he heard her cry out in both surprise and pain, her entire body stiffened as he sank down inside of her. Lifting his head, he stared at her, tears of pain rolling from his eyes, when suddenly it dawned on him that this was his wife. His bride, the only family that actually belonged to him. He could make her love him. He knew he needed to take her far away from his family, and start his own with her.

He could learn to love her, to be a good husband and father, and have her learn to love him. He could make her love him, he knew it. He knew this wasn't ideal, but he was determined to impregnate her, and get a son. She was young, but she had nobody else. It was just the two of them. Pushing forward, he bucked his hips as she cried out. Staring down at her, his bangs hanging in his face, he gave his hips another pump. She cried out, snapping her eyes shut both disgusted and in pain, as he stared down fascinated at her young beautiful face. His hand reached over and cupped her bare breast, so full and plump. He stared down at her, before he pumped again, staring down, closely studying his face. His own thighs helping to spread hers as he suddenly found a face and began to thrust quickly. The headboard loudly creaked as he withdrew, and sunk into her, going in and out at her at a frightening rate. He continued doing so, laying his thin body against hers, before his free hand gently cupped the side of her face.


It was the first time he had spoken her name. This caused her to open her eyes, staring up at him.

"It...hurts...please take it out, it's too big..."

She softly cried. Cahir hated himself for doing this, and he continued moving in and out of her. Sighing, he leaned down and covered her mouth with his. His mouth deeply opened and closed against hers, moaning through the kiss as he tasted her. His other hand roughly continued to cup her breast, before finally he withdrew, spit trailing between both of their breathless open mouths. Grinning, he stared down at her.

"Shhhh my dear, it's almost over...then you'll be a woman."

Isabella stared up at him unsure, before he took her hand and brought it down behind him, resting on his firm, yet tensing ass as he continued pumping away inside of her. It took a second, before her hand grasped onto him, nails thinly digging into his flesh, as he lightly laughed and grinned as he continued thrusting into her. Finally he gritted his teeth as he swore, and drove himself roughly into her once, twice, and finally snapped his eyes shut as he climaxed. Exhausted, he collapsed against her, draining his seed inside of her as her entire body tensed. Collapsing against her, they laid in silence, before finally he roughly withdrew from her. His sex was softened, and flopped before he rolled over and snuggled in close to her. Isabella laid there stunned, before she weakly lifted her eyes and brought back the sheet slightly. Staring down, her eyes widened.

"I'm bleeding!"

Cahir brought her in close, draping his arm around her, bringing her in close, snuggling against her he shook his head.

"You're a woman're my wife, and..." He reached and swept his hand across her flat stomach before smiling and nuzzling against the side of her face.

"Maybe, you're now carrying our son?"

Staring at him, exhausted, Isabella sighed before resting her head against his. Smiling, he brushed back her hair, kissing her temple before he brought her in close and let sleep take over him.

A few days later...

Cahir had been called away. He didn't know how long he would be gone, but he promised himself once he returned he would take Isabella away, and bring her with him as he traveled with the Nilfgaardian army. Until then, he knew she would be safe with his family, as much as he hated to leave her. In these last few days, he supposed he loved her, even though she was still such a stranger. She was still scared when it came to him making love to her, but he was determined to have a son with her as soon as possible. Not for his father, but for himself. He couldn't wait to have a son, and not make the same mistakes his father did. This morning it was lightly raining. Isabella wore a simple black dress, a fur coat draped over her shoulders. She stood in the doorway of the guest house, frightened as Cahir stood before her, dressed in his armor, ready to climb on his horse and join the others. Sighing, he stared at her. He hated to admit it, but he didn't want to leave her. Staring at her, he saw her scared eyes filling with tears. Sadly smiling, he tilted her chin up to look at him. He smiled.

"Take care of yourself, I shall be back in a month, two at the most..."

Isabella fought back tears, trying to blink them away.

"I...don't want you to go..."

Cahir had never had anyone in his life care if he went away. Sighing, he stared at her, before tilting his head.

"I need to serve my army, but when I return we'll never be apart again. I swear...and perhaps by the time I come back...we'll know if you are in fact carrying our son?"

He smiled, his other hand gently pressing against her flat stomach. Smiling, Cahir waited for her to look up at him, before finally she did. Slowly she smiled through her tears before she nodded.

"Please come back to me..."

Cahir nodded.

"I will. Remember, if anyone harms one hair on your head...or brothers you in any way, I swear...your knight husband will slaughter them all. Remember that."

Smiling sadly, Isabella nodded before he leaned forward, pressing his forehead against hers, before he lightly kissed her. Knowing he needed to leave, he sighed before stepping back. Isabella reached and placed a small silk handkerchief into his hand.

Smiling, he tucked it into his armor, before he gently patted the side of her face before he turned, and climbed onto his horse. Once he was on it, he stared down at her, before he trotted away. Sighing, it took everything inside of him not to look back. As much as he hated to admit it, he actually loved his new bride, and hated to leave her.