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Login: Daniel Alexander

Status: Pilot

Allegiance: Angel City Elite

Password: ********

Entry Log #001

My Name is Daniel. Daniel Alexander. And as of today, I am no longer a member of the Apex Predators. Now I am in A.C.E.s. Led by Robert Taube, or as he likes us to refer to him as: Barker. Barker's a pretty cool guy. He rescued me y'know? I feel like he gets me. He gave me a free room, computer, (albeit a bit old,) and bed. He respects me. He respects all of us. Every Pilot. Anyways, I should probably record how he even rescued me in the first place…

"Oi! Piliots, It's done! Let's get outta 'ere, eh? Looks like you ain't getting paid fa dis."

Blisk yelled into his pilots helmets. It was a Rare occasion the Apex Predators lost a battle of attrition, partly due to the wrath (and lack of a paycheck.) from their leader, Kuben Blisk. Daniel sighed. He joined up with the predators to get serious cash and explore the frontier, not to flee drydock with their tail in between their legs. And definitely not losing to a rag-tag group of pilots led by an alcoholic. With nothing else to do, Daniel did what he was ordered to do: run. He ran through the muck and filth to the marked evac point, where much to his horror he discovered two Titans waiting to blow the ship to pieces. 'Crap, now what the hell do I do?' Thought Daniel. 'Looks like I'm going to have to weave my way through.' Daniel knew he had to be careful. His suit had taken damage during the battle, and the autoregen capabilities were disabled due to this. Clutching his R-101C carbine rifle as tight as he can, Daniel used his grappling hook to attach to a wall, run off it and leap onto one of the titans, a Northstar to be exact. Quickly, as he knew the evac ship would arrive any second he leapt off the titan, (Not without a free Titan battery to sell.) and onto a roof where to his surprise, he saw two of his fellow pilots, hiding behind some cover.

"Where's everyone else?" Daniel asked as he leapt into hiding with them.

"Dead." One responded.

"What? No that can't be! There were 20 of us! There can't be 3 left!" Daniel responded.

"Check the H.U.D in your helmet and see for yourself rookie." The other Pilot responded.

Daniel did just that, and pulled up the list of Apex predators that just fought. And sure enough, every name except for Daniel's and the two Pilots were marked in grey. They're names are replaced by three letters.


Killed in Action.

Before anyone could say anything about the matter, the evac dropship appeared. One by one the Pilots boarded the ship while the Titans rained bullets on the ship until it was Daniel's turn to jump off the roof.

"Hold it Rookie." One of the Pilots said.


"3 Kills? Only 3 Kills? Out of a team of 26?"

"What the hell are guys talking about?"

"Look Rookie, In case you haven't noticed, we are an ELITE group of mercenaries. We ain't got no time for leeches like you, hoping to just ride out the battle, hiding in the bushes somewhere and then reap the credits."

"What are you guys sayi-" Daniel tried to say before he was cut off. '

"I'm saying you don't belong in the predators. You don't belong to the rank of Pilot, and you sure as hell don't belong to that battery that I'm sure you're planning to sell the second we get back to HQ."

"Are you guys going to let me on or what?

"I'm so sorry Daniel, But I can't let you go on now, or in life at all."

"What the Hell…?"

"My Name is Hunter Club. This is my B3 Wingman revolver. He says Hello."

The next thing Daniel knew, he was on the ground, the ship was leaving, and he was bleeding from a fresh new hole in his chest. The Titans stopped shooting, as the ship managed to hyperjump out of drydock. Daniel lay there bleeding and going on a roller coaster of emotions. Hurt. Shock. Fear. Depression. Hate. Anger. He felt them all at once and more. The Last thing he remembered was a Pilot disembarking from his Titian and walking over to him, before he passed out from blood loss.

Daniel Awoke in a Hospital bed. In a plain white room. To his left was a medical M.R.V.N analyzing and examining medical machinery. To his right was a little table, on it was his Pilot helmet, and a Leather couch. Sitting on it was a man wearing a green jumpsuit. It was unzipped a bit, underneath the jumpsuit was a black shirt. He could see the three dogtags he wore around his neck. The names was to small to read but he could three distinct logos.




"Oh, You're up." Said the man. Daniel said nothing. The man pulled a flask from an inner pocket in his jumpsuit. He extended his hand towards Daniel.

"Hey, care for some moonshine?" He asked. Daniel shook his head.

"Eh, suit yourself." He said as he took a swig from the flask. On it was a logo. It showed a spade with red wings and a Red 'A' on it. Above the spade it said: ACES.

"What's ACES?" Daniel asked in a raspy voice.

"Ah! So the kid does speak." The man said. "Well they're my team. I lead them. Oh but where are my manners? The name's Robert. Robert Taube. But you can call me Barker. We had a little scuffle with your "Friends." Real Rays of sunshine they are." Barker said before taking another swig of moonshine. My Pilots saw how they totally backstabbed you. It's like I always say kid, you can't trust anyone one hundred percent. Well anyway, my Pilot gave me a ring and asked whether or not he should put another bullet in you. But, me being the oh-so-generous soul I am, I decided to take you back here to HQ and patch you up. And here we are."

Daniel thought about this. Why did the leader of the enemy take him in? What will he do to him? Where will he go? After a few minutes of pondering Daniel finally spoke.

"What will happen now?" He asked.

"What happens now kid, is I'm going to make you an offer. Join us. Become an ACE. I mean, we ain't no Apex predators, but we got decent grub, clean sheets, all that jazz. Plus you could provide some valuable intel that might tip the scales in our favor in our little rivalry."

Daniel once again thought about this.

"What do you fight for?" He asked.

"What do we fight for? Ourselves Kid. Though we're pretty chummy with the marauder corps, we like doin' our own thing you know? There's a whole universe out there, Someone's got to see it all, there's plenty of stuff to figure out besides this whole war schtick, y'know?"

Daniel Nodded in agreement. He was amazed. All Blisk talked about was money this and paycheck that with his stupid accent. And here was Barker. Sure he was helping the fight for freedom of the frontier, but he was also looking for questions and answers beyond the scope of war.

"So, you in Kid?" Barker asked.

"Yes!" Daniel replied a little too quickly.

"Heh, that's a surprise. Never seen anyone so ecstatic to join up. Welp, you're in. Congrats. Here's to you….Mr…..who?"

"Daniel. Daniel Alexander."

"Well, here's to you Daniel Alexander." Barker said as he yet again, took a swig of moonshine. "When you're done licking your wounds, howzabout we get you some real gear? I have a feeling your R-101C rifle won't cut it no more."

"Really?" Daniel asked. This was shocking. Due to the Blisk's greedy nature, they always always had to roll with the cheap stuff. In fact, getting a Titan was only for the top ranking Pilots.

"Sure thing kid. Oh and do you have a Titan?"

"No sir."

Barker burst out laughing at this.

"Is it the moonshine or did you just call me 'sir'?" Barker said, still chuckling.

"I did."

"Well, don't. I ain't no damn saint. I told ya, just call me Barker kid. That's what I am. Always have, always will be. Well anyway if you don't have a Titan, how about we link one up to you in a couple days?"

"Really Barker?"

"Sure thing kid. Alright I'll let you heal up. Just let Marvin know if you need anything." Barker said, pointing to the yellow robot.

...And that's pretty much it. After that I was let out of the Hospital ward, I was given my own room, in A.C.E.s HQ In Angel City, where I thought I should record my adventures in the A.C.E.s. Barker should be coming any second now to up me, pick and establish a nuro-link with my new Titan and I can't Wait!

Pilot Daniel Alexander has logged out.

"Hey Kid! Are ya ready for your new Titan?"

"Nervous? Ah, Don't worry Kid, We're ACES!"

Authors Note: Hey Guys! I'm Back! New username and everything! Due to this whole Coronavirus thing I've been cooped up in the house and decided to write to pass the time! Now I have decided to write one of my favorite games on the PS4, Titanfall! This story will be centered around my favorite team, the A.C.E.S! Decided to write an O.C (And he's not gonna be the only one!) to go out and venture through the frontier on a quest for vengeance. Now, he's not gonna be no Jack Cooper, but I wanted to write a hero for the A.C.E.S because it's always been my idea that behind every faction is a hero who's a bit like the "boss pilot" so to speak. (Hunter and Daniel will become one of these.) My idea for this is to have it play like a road trip of sorts. With the A.C.E.S encountering friends and foes alike on the way. So what do you guys think about this? Reviews and criticism always welcome!

See you next chapter!