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I got Disney and I watched all of the Tinkerbell movies, and they are even more brilliant than I remembered.

I wrote this recently after rewatching Secret of the Wings. I always knew I wanted to do a fic on it but I never knew how so here I am with the finished product!

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"We can't risk-" Queen Clarion was cut off by a knock on the door, "yes?"

Her private secretary, Kodi, popped her head in.

"Your Majesty? I'm ever so sorry to disturb you, but an urgent message just arrived from the Lord of Winter. It's a code blue" Kodi said.

Clarion's eyes widened.

"Of course, thank you Kodi. I'm so sorry, ministers, I have to take my leave" she said.

"Of course" Bruno, the Minister for Autumn, responded as Clarion left the room.

"Here's the message" Kodi handed Clarion the message scroll, curtseyed and then left the queen to read it.

Clarion unrolled the message to see the writing of someone she still loved very much.

Your Majesty,

Earlier on, my owl spotted a winter fairy of mine crossing the border. There were other winter fairies there too, but they did not cross. Three of your fairies were also present.

Yesterday, I also found one of the Keeper's books in a snowflake basket. It could have just been left there, but I have reason to believe that and today's crossing are connected.


Lord Milori

Clarion gasped before she dropped the scroll and flew to the border.

"The rule is there to protect you" a voice said and Clarion's eyes widened a little, "I'm sorry. You two may never see each other again."

"Please don't do this! We belong together!" A fairy cried.

"We're sisters!" Tinkerbell stated, "we were born of the the same laugh."

"All the more reason you should want to keep each other safe" Milori responded, "return home."

"C'mon Tink" Vidia said, "let's go home."

"No!" She heard Tinkerbell's fierce and determined voice, "Lord Milori. Your rule will not keep us apart."

"Tinkerbell" Clarion said and the tinker and her friends turned around, "this is not Lord Milori's rule, it's mine."

"Queen Clarion" Tinkerbell pleaded.

"I'm sorry" Clarion responded.

Tinkerbell's shoulders slumped and she sighed sadly before turning around to face her sister, who looked heartbroken.

"You should get deeper into the cold" Milori told the younger winter fairy, "back to the north side of the mountain."

Tinkerbell's sister walked a few steps before she looked back. Tinkerbell fluttered forward a little and then her sister sighed and ran to the tinker, giving her a big hug. Clarion saw the tears on the younger winter fairy's face and the ache she had felt for so many seasons became more painful than ever. Tinkerbell's sister and Tinkerbell and her friends all flew away.

Clarion looked at Milori and he looked at her in return, and she felt her heart break all over again because they had no choice but to say goodbye again. Clarion then flew away. She reached her office and sighed sadly, feeling more empty than ever. There was a knock on her door.

"Come in" she called quietly.

It was Tinkerbell.

"Queen Clarion, why?" Tinkerbell asked.

Clarion knew she should tell Tinkerbell off for her manners, but she did not have the heart. Instead, she told the tinker the truth.

"Tinkerbell, long ago, when Pixie Hollow was very young, two fairies met and fell in love. One of them was a winter fairy, and the other was from the warm seasons. The two fairies were enchanted with each other and every sunset they met at the border where Spring touches winter."

"But as their love grew stronger, they wished to be together and share each others' worlds so they disregarded the danger and crossed. One of them broke a wing," Tinkerbell gasped as Clarion saw the image of Milori's teared wing in her mind, clear as day and the Fairy Queen turned around away from the tinker, still guilty about what had happened, "for which there is no cure. From that day forward I decreed that fairies must never again cross the border, and Lord Milori agreed that our two worlds should forever remain apart."

"And the two fairies? What happened to them?" Tinkerbell inquired, sounding a little hopeful.

Clarion's wings drooped and she turned around to face the tinker again with no strength to keep her composure.

"They had to say goodbye" Clarion told her.

Tinkerbell grew even more downhearted and walked over to the window. She gasped and Clarion turned around.

"What is it?" The queen asked and then she saw it.


"We need to go" she told Tinkerbell who nodded.

They both flew out of the Pixie Dust Tree and into Pixie Hollow quickly.

"We saw the snow" Iridessa said as she, Rosetta and Vidia flew up to Clarion and Tinkerbell.

"Queen Clarion, something's wrong!" Daphne, the Summer Minister, cried.

"The temperature, it seems to be plummeting" Bruno stated.

"The hibiscus are halfway to hibernation!" Daphne answered.

"Now, now, ministers, let's not panic" Clarion told them.

"Absolutely right" Xavier, the Spring Minister, said, "AH! Snow!"

Clarion's eyes widened and her hand went to her chest. There was a huge tornado of snow and ice and there were two voices saying "heave!" and "ho!" over and over. It was Clank and Bobble. The snow machine that Tinkerbell had most likely made was in the river between the border. Tinkerbell flew down to them.

"What happened?!" Tinkerbell asked, "how did it get here?!"

"We don't know, Miss Bell" Clank told her, "but it's stuck real good!"

"Aye, and it's making that thing bigger by the minute!" Bobble pointed out.

"Guys, down here! Tinkerbell called.

Iridessa, Vidia and Rosetta flew down the three tinkers' level and after some team effort, they pushed the snowmaker into the river and they all cheered.

"It's over" Tinkerbell stated.

"Uh, I don't think it is" Vidia replied, pointing to the ice making its way to the warmer seasons.

"Oh my goodness! The seasons have been thrown out of balance!" Clarion realized.

"But if the temperatures continue to drop, it will freeze all of Pixie Hollow!" Xavier cried.

A branch fell off a tree and Clarion and the three ministers all gasped.

"Oh no" the queen said.

"Queen Clarion, the Pixie Dust Tree" Bruno told her.

Clarion let out a huge gasp before she flew in the direction of it.

"We must hope the tree survives the freeze, otherwise there will be no more pixie dust. Life in Pixie Hollow will change forever, and no fairy will ever fly again" she said, and everyone else's jaws dropped, "hurry! We must do everything we can!"


"I found blankets!" Fairy Mary said, and Clank and Bobble went to help her with them.

"Grab as many as you can, and head for the Pixie Dust Tree!" Bobble instructed.

Fairies covered the tree in blankets as others went to save animals and insects.


"That's it, Clanky!" Bobble said.

Blankets flew away and everyone gasped.

"Queen Clarion, it's not working!" Clank told her.

"The wind, it's too strong!" Bobble stated.

Clarion's face fell, and then there was a loud purr. The queen gasped and looked up to see Tinkerbell on a lynx with three winter fairies, one of whom was her sister.

"Tinkerbell!" She said, about to tell her off as she walked over to them.

"Queen Clarion! They can help" Tinkerbell informed her.

"Our frost. It covers like a blanket. It can protect the tree" the tinker's sister explained.

Clarion turned around to look at the pixie dust flowing through the tree before she looked at the girls.

"Do it" she told them.

The three winter fairies attempted to frost the tree but the freeze was moving in fast.

"Oh no" Fawn said, "it's getting colder!"

"Let's hand out the blankets! They'll keep us warm!" Tinkerbell cried before she looked at her sister, "hurry, Peri! Hurry!"

Blankets were handed out to fairies before the winter fairies, Clarion, Mary, Tinkerbell and some others gathered at the top of the tree.

"The tree!" The dark haired winter fairy said, "it's too big! We're never going to make it!"

Tink and Peri faced each other.

"I'm... sorry" Peri stated sadly.

Just then, there was a twitter of an owl, and everyone looked up. Clarion's eyes widened briefly. Milori was at the front on his owl, with many fairies and owls behind. Clarion looked up with love at her soulmate. He called for some fairies to cover the other seasons and for the remaining to frost the tree. After some seconds, all of the winter fairies had gathered in the base of the tree.

"The freeze is upon us" Milori said, "you must take cover."

He and Clarion moved towards one another as the other fairies, with the exception of Tink and Peri, all flew to take shelter.

"Oh, I hope it works" Clarion heard Periwinkle say.

Tinkerbell made a small hum of agreement before Clank called for Tinkerbell and she went over to him and the rest of her friends.

"Will everything be alright?" Clarion asked Milori, needing some reassurance.

"I don't know" Milori responded honestly, "I've never seen anything like this."

Clarion was about to say something when a violent shiver racked her frame. Without any hesitation, Milori took off his feather cloak and wrapped it around her.

"Thank you, Milori" she said quietly.

"Please, take cover" he begged her.

Her shoulders slumped and she turned around to do just that. She then looked back as he walked in the opposite direction from her and looked at his broken wing. Her face fell and she went into a hole in the tree.

'It can't be too late to tell him I still love him, is it?' She asked herself before she let out a small sigh, 'never mind, it's doesn't matter.'

The cover of leaves around the hole grew dark and Clarion bit her lip slightly as she closed her eyes.

'Please let the tree survive, please let the tree survive' she prayed silently.

She opened her eyes just as sunlight was coming in through the cover of the hole. She flew out and into the middle of the tree, where everyone else had gathered. They all looked up, wordlessly praying there would still be pixie dust. The ice melted, pixie dust flowed and Clarion smiled in relief as the younger fairies all cheered and danced around the flow.

"Tink, come on!" Periwinkle cried.

Everyone turned to look at Tinkerbell, who was not flying around with everyone else. The tinker looked heartbroken.

"Tink?" Peri asked, "what... what's wrong?"

Tinkerbell turned around and took off her jacket to reveal a broken wing.

"Oh!" Peri gasped.

The fairies who were previously in the air flew down, all of them upset for the tinker.

"When you flew to Winter, that's why you fell" Peri stated.

"Oh no" Clarion said.

"Oh, Tinkerbell" Mary sympathised.

"Tink, why didn't you tell me?" Periwinkle asked.

"We had to save the tree. Besides, there's no cure for a broken wing" Tink responded.

"I'm so sorry" Peri answered before she embraced her sister.

Clarion's face grew sadder, and Milori placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"This happened because we tried to keep you apart" he said and she looked up at him.

"But never again" she told them as they broke apart and looked at her, "you belong together."

The sisters looked at each other happily and Tinkerbell wiped away a tear before sunlight creeped into the tree.

"It's getting warmer" the tinker said, "you should get back to Winter."

Periwinkle's shoulders drooped and she looked down at the ground.

"Yeah" she agreed before she walked away slightly and then looked back at her sister.

"Hey" Tinkerbell stated almost silently, "I'll be OK. I'll meet you tomorrow at the border."

Periwinkle smiled before she walked back towards the tinker.

"Sisters?" Tink asked.

"Sisters" Peri agreed, turning around.

They put their wings together and a bright light repaired itself. They separated and part of the rip in Tinkerbell's went back together. She and Periwinkle looked at each other with widened eyes. They put their wings together once again, closing their eyes and holding each other's hands.

An even brighter light came off the wings this time and everyone looked with widened eyes before the light became blinding and everyone had to cover their eyes. When they looked again, the tear had fully repaired itself. Tinkerbell and Periwinkle looked at each other with surprise, happiness and relief mixed into one.

"That's a new chapter!" Dewey, the Keeper, declared.

Tink flew around a little as she and Peri laughed before the friends of both Tinkerbell and Periwinkle all gathered around the two sisters, laughing excitedly. They then turned to face the couple. Milori had just placed a hand on Clarion's lower back, and the other hand had taken her own. Her jaw dropped slightly before she looked up at his face and kissed him.

"Oh! Queen Clarion!" Mary said in a teasing manner.

"Well I didn't know they were gonna do the smoochy smootchity" Dewey said, "guess they're telling people now."

Clarion and Milori broke apart and glared at Dewey as Tinkerbell and Periwinkle looked at each other in realization. They took each other's hands and flew into the air, above the pixie dust tree.

"Peri?" Tink asked her sister suddenly.

"Yeah, Tink?" Peri answered.

"What if we tried frosting the wings of the warm fairies? Frost saved the tree, what if it can save our wings too?" The tinker questioned.

"Tink, you're a genius!" Peri cried, "that might actually work!"

"I'll meet you tomorrow morning at the border. Same time as today?" Tink asked.

Peri nodded. She and her sister hugged before the winter fairies went back to their home. Milori and Clarion flew to the border together and when they got there, she wrapped her arms around him tightly, tears in her eyes.

"I love you" she whispered, "I haven't stopped thinking about you since we broke up."

"I love you too, Clarion, and I never stopped thinking about you either" he told her before he kissed her until they could barely breathe, "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Me too" she whispered.

They kissed again and then he walked away from the border and she flew back to the Pixie Dust Tree, ready for the next day to come.


Tink and Peri both got up early that morning. Tink made sure to cut holes in her coat for her wings before going straight to the border.

"Morning, Peri" she said as they hugged.

"Morning Tink" her sister responded and then they pulled back, "you ready?"

Tinkerbell nodded and turned away from Periwinkle. Peri frosted Tink's wings and the latter attempted to fly and it worked. Tink and Peri cheered and then they flew around the Winter Woods for a while to test it out. Half an hour later, the wings were still intact.

"We need to tell Lord Milori about this" Tinkerbell told her sister who nodded in agreement.

"Come on, I'll take you to him" Periwinkle stated.

The two of them flew to Lord Milori's house and knocked on the door. It opened, to reveal Lord Milori.

"Good morning. What can I do for the both of you?" He questioned.

"We know how fairies can cross to one side of the border without their wings tearing" Tinkerbell said.

Lord Milori let them in, and they explained it to him.

"That's a brilliant idea!" He cried before regaining his composure, "how shall we tell the others?"

"You can tell Queen Clarion. It would be nice for her to have a surprise. I can get my friends to help me sort everything else out" Tinkerbell told him.

He nodded.

"Thank you, you two" he stated as they got up.

"It's nothing" they answered.

The Next Day

Milori woke up and his eyes widened. He was late.

"By the second star!" He yelped.

He quickly got dressed and went outside. Jazaar, his owl, was in front of the door as usual and when he saw Milori coming, he glared.

"I know, I know, I'm late. Come on, we need to get Clarion. She'll be wondering where I am."

Jazaar took Milori across to the border to where Clarion was waiting. He dismounted his owl and ran to her, lifting her up and spinning her around.

"Milori!" She squealed.

He put her down and they kissed quickly.

"What's this about? Why am I here so early?" She asked.

"Turn around" he told her.

"Why?" She questioned.

"Turn around" he repeated with a ghost of a smile on his lips and she did as he asked her to.

Milori frosted her wings and Clarion let out a small cry at how cold it was.

"That's freezing!" She said, "hang on, what on earth did you do?"

"Frosted your wings" he informed her.

"You what? How on earth did you think of that?" She inquired.

"It wasn't me, it was Tinkerbell and Periwinkle" he told her.

"Those two never cease to amaze me" she stated with a small smile.

"Do you want a ride on Jazaar?" He asked.

Clarion looked slightly nervous.

"I promise you'll be fine" he assured her, "just hold on tight to me."

She hesitated before she nodded and they both got on his owl and flew around the Winter Woods. Finally, they were together, and nothing was ever going to tear them apart again.

Thanks for reading guys! Xx