This little piece was based on the following lyrics, song of which I do not own or profit from: "I put your picture away, I wonder where you've been. I can't look at you while I'm lyin next to him." - Picture by Kid Rock and ft. Sheryl Crow.


Hermione entered her flat carrying the brown paper bag with her shopping. She kicked off her flats and tossed her handbag on the wooden door by the entrance. It was nearly 8 pm and she was bone-tired after a long and seemingly endless meeting at the ministry.

She heard a song floating in from the tiny kitchen, it was one of those old rock tunes, the type The Beatles in their early days would play and there he was dancing in just his pajama bottoms in the kitchen, his back to her, something delicious baking in the oven.

She felt her heart sink and hated herself for it. This man was brilliant, lovely and endearing, but he wasn't the man she truly loved and wanted. Hermione glanced at the black iron Victorian fireplace in the living room, littered with meaningful cards and picture frames… None of him though, she didn't think it fitting, although she was the only one who felt that way. What did that say about her?

10 years she'd been hiding her feelings for him, pining and suffering in silence. He was out in the world living life grand, without her by his side because she'd never said a word.

Later that night she lay in bed staring at the antique crown moldings of her bedroom ceiling, her lover slept peacefully beside her, hogging the blankets for himself. Tonight she didn't care. Her mind kept wandering to that old picture of her and Harry, buried deep inside a box in her office wardrobe… It all felt many times, in many ways like betrayal.