A/N: This story is something that my wife and I are having way too much fun writing, and I would just like to say that I am very much looking forward to seeing what my regular readers have to say about, as well as welcoming new friends into the fold of adventures that are born of my particular brand of creativity/madness.

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I'm gonna make this a plus-ultra story, everybody! And no, I'm not sorry that I will probably be overusing that phrase in the author's notes and/or omake segments!

Your Hero Academia

This message is meant for Detective Tsukauchi of the Japanese Police Force, as well as the faculty members of UA High School, specifically those in charge of the hero course.

For identification purposes, allow me to state that this is being recorded by Kurai Hikari, UA hero course student, and a provisionally licensed hero operating under the alias of 'the Guardian Hero'. You likely already know this, and are investigating the incident involving a villain capable of stealing quirks from others. I believe that I can make your job considerably easier.

I have attached a large number of files to this message, and have the majority of them backed up to another secure location, accessible by one Akarui Hikari. I have listed the files under the title 'Your Hero Academia'. The most prevalent files to this case are located toward the proverbial bottom of the stack, though the earlier ones will aid in lending some context to the situation. They all contain the story of class 1-A's struggles, and I entrust their story to your care.

They were unique individuals, and I am proud to have fought beside them for as long as I did. Together we laughed, cried, struggled, celebrated, and went beyond, plus ultra. In the end, they were fine heroes, and the greatest friends I could have ever wished for- and I shall miss them all dearly.

If this message comes off as maudlin, or even over-dramatic, then I'll ask that you forgive me. This is, after all…

The story of how I die.

Deku: That was so dark!

Mataras: Eh, sue me. I'm a big Red vs. Blue fan (up to season 15, anyway), and I wanted to open up this story on a strong note.

Deku: More like a jarring one! Who is this Kurai guy, anyway?!

Mataras: Your classmate, duh. He said he was in class 1-A, remember?

Deku: But wait, we only have 20 students in our class, where'd he come from? Also... is this another self-insert story?

Mataras: HAH! No! Not even close! Kurai resembles me very little, that I can tell you. As for where he came from, don't worry about it yet. All you need to know is that there will be a distinct lack of perverted behavior in your class this time around.

Deku: Wait, did you get rid of-?

Mataras: Nope! We do not speak of him!

Deku: But-!

Mataras: No. Not happening. He does not exist, he is an unpleasant thought in the back of your mind, and he bears no relevance to my version of this story. That is all. Thank you, and good night!

Deku: But, wait! This is a super short prologue! When is the next chapter going to go up?!

Mataras: Oh, yeah, schedules. If this story has piqued your interest, please join me again on April 18, 2020, for the first proper installment in Your Hero Academia!

Deku: Next time- Getting In!

Mataras: Go beyond!

Deku: Plus Ultra!

2023 A/N: Because Your Hero Academia has become such a long story as of the writing of this note, I decided to take the suggestion of a friend and reformat the story as to be more... palatable. What I mean by that is that I will be dividing this massive saga into a series of smaller stories that will (hopefully) make reading each part less daunting. I mean, it's probably easier to look at a few books each set over 25 chapters or so as opposed to one giant epic sitting at a hundred chapters and 750,000+ words...

All that to say that the parts of the story that have already been released will not be changed, only where they can be found. The first part (formerly phase 1) is now called Your Hero Academia: Evolution, and the second instalment (formerly phase 2) shall be given the suffix of 'Survival'. This pattern will be applied to everything that has been released thus far, and the remaining content shall be uploaded in the same fashion. I hope that this will make things easier not only for new readers, but those who wish to come back to certain moments and enjoy them without needing to scroll through what seems like an eternity of words.

My best wishes to my supporters for all that they have done to make Your Hero Academia even be possible to begin with. I hope that I will continue to see you for many years and stories to come.