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Phase 2: Chapter 2

Colorful Allies

"That's new!" Kurai yelled as the class came into contact with a lumbering beast that looked like a mutated gargoyle mixed with a bull. The shadows of the trees made it difficult to make out its shape too clearly, but it was obvious that whatever the thing was, it was not to be taken lightly.

"This is awesome!" Yang laughed as she and Bakugo stopped their charge into the forest in order to take brief stock of the situation. "We can start this summer camp with a 'Yang'!" Looking back at her new classmates, she snickered as she watched most of them show dismay at the pun of her choice.

"Come on, Sis!" Ruby groaned. "You're embarrassing me!"

"Stop talking and get outta the way!" Bakugo snarled as he used an explosion to launch himself into the air. "Watch and learn how an upcoming pro gets it done!" Propelling himself toward the monster at high speed, he unleashed a devastating explosion that blew it to pieces and scorched the earth and trees around him.

"Someone's eager to show off," Weiss sniffed as the class drew to halt.

"Ha!" Bakugo barked without turning around. "Some of us know how to take the initiative, Snow Angel."

"What did you-?!"

"Stay on alert," Kurai interrupted as his scouter beeped again. "We got more incoming."

"Great!" Yang said as she cracked her knuckles. "I was hoping to get in a good warmup before lunch."

"Split up into groups!" Iida yelled. "Stay within shouting distance, but don't clump together and make easy targets! Remember, we need to keep heading north by northeast!"

"Got it!" most of the class yelled back, though Bakugo opted to tell Iida a creative method of using his glasses.

"Mina, Midoriya, Uraraka!" Kurai called as he ran into the trees. "You coming?!"

"You know it!" his girlfriend answered as she kept up with his rapid pace.

"This'll be just like the Sport's Festival!" Uraraka cheered as she and Izuku followed them both.

"We've got this!" the green-haired boy added confidently as his body lit up with lightning of the same color.

"Mind if I tag along?" a girl's voice asked, drawing the group's attention to Ruby, who was giving them an awkward smile as she ran slightly behind them.

"You're not going with your friends?" Uraraka asked.

"Yang says I need to make more friends, and Midoriya talked to me," Ruby said shyly, causing the gravity girl to pout a little bit.

"We'd be glad to have- whoa!" Midoriya's reply was turned into a shout of surprise as they came into contact with another one of the creatures that Bakugo had destroyed earlier. Only this time, instead of being hidden by the shadows, the sunlight was sufficient for them to see that the monster was huge, easily big enough to tower over the likes of Shoji. The tusks coming from its eyeless face were an ancient brown, and its fur was covered in-

"Hey, wait a sec," Mina frowned as they peered harder at the creature, all while it roared its defiance at them for trespassing. "Anyone else seeing that?"

"That's not mud in its skin," Midoriya said as pieces of the monster crumbled away after coming into contact with a low branch. "That thing is actually made out of dirt!"

"Pixie Bob?" Kurai guessed as he readied Energon.

"Probably," his friend nodded as the lightning covering his body began to crackle more intensely. "Okay, guys, let's do this!"

"Mina, take point!" Kurai shouted, and the girl sprung into action, dashing between the legs of the forest monster and melting them at the joints with her acid, and causing it to crash into the earth with a savage growl. However, it still had a tail that it was aiming to flatten her with, and Kurai was going to have none of it. "Midoriya, now!"

"Smash!" the boy yelled as he blasted through the monster's only working appendage.

Seeing more signals incoming on his scouter, Kurai turned to Uraraka and said, "Can you get that thing above the trees?"

"You got it!" she nodded as she ran forward and placed her hand on the dirt monster, sending it floating upward, just above the treetop. "All yours!"

"Thanks!" he grunted before he leaped up high, marveling at how much easier it was to maintain control of his mind while using his powers as he did so. Drawing his fist back, he unleashed a full-power roundhouse at his target, decimating its body and sending a shower of dirt, rocks, wood, and high-speed winds at another three monsters that were headed toward his friends. The rain of destruction turned them into piles of lifeless earth once again, and it was with a good amount of satisfaction that he returned to the ground.

"Nice work, everyone," he said as he hi-fived Midoriya and accepted a side hug from Mina. "But I get the feeling that we're not done."

"Yeah, I think we're probably gonna be late for lunch…" Ruby said, sounding disappointed. "I just hope they have cookies when we get there…"

"Uh…" Kurai gaped as he stared behind the little girl. "Did you… do all that?" As he spoke, he felt all of his friends stiffen with surprise as they realized what he was looking at.

"Yeah, they're not that tough, but there's a lot of 'em," Ruby nodded as she crossed her arms. "And I'm already hungry." The girl was standing in front of a massive pile of what had to be the remnants of at least five of the dirt monsters, if not more.

It was a few seconds before Mina put into words what they were all more or less thinking. "What the heck is with this kid?!" she demanded of no one in particular.

"Uh-oh!" Ruby yelped as she took a running stance while looking behind and above them. "Look out!" The group turned around to see a new monster, this one shaped like a dragon, diving at them from the sky.

However, before any of them could do anything about it, a red blur shot over their heads, trailing a cloud of rose petals that smashed into the dragon. The flower pieces surrounded it in a storm of crimson that tore it apart in less than two seconds flat and scattered the debris to the wind before congealing in front of them and clearing away to reveal little Ruby, grinning at them.

"That was a close one," she said sheepishly. "Sorry about that. Uncle Crow says I need to work on my awareness."

Mina drew in a deep breath, paused, let it out halfway, and then said, "I don't need to repeat my question, do I?"

"Nope," her boyfriend said, dumbstruck at how much Ruby had outclassed them.

Elsewhere, Todoroki was using his ice to block any of the dirt creatures from impeding his progress, preferring not to use his flames as to avoid setting the forest on fire. He was skating along on a path of frozen spikes when he heard an unfamiliar cry of alarm coming from his left. It only took a moment's thought to alter his course, and when he found the source of the sound, he was a little surprised at what he discovered.

Weiss was facing off against two earth beasts, one shaped like a giant boar, the other appearing as a tiger. She was using hexes shaped like snowflakes to increase her speed as she leaped from one to another, becoming a white blur herself as she avoided the tusks and claws of her enemies. Before he could offer to help, a smaller hex appeared over her right hand, and out came an icy sword that she used to cut the monsters to ribbons, leaving them as piles of mulch on the forest floor.

"Ugh," the girl grumbled as the sword evaporated into mist. "Where's Ruby when I need her? She enjoys this kind of work."

"Sorry, should I have assisted you?" Todoroki asked as he stepped out of the shadows, temporarily startling the girl.

When she had recovered, though, she turned her nose up at him and replied, "I handled myself, so there was no need. Why are you here, anyway?"

"I heard someone scream, and I assumed that they would need help," he answered with a shrug. "Was that not you?"

"…Those beasts caught me by surprise," she admitted sourly.

"I take it that you're used to fighting in a team?" Todoroki guessed.

"Back at Second Amendment, our classes are all further broken down into teams of four," Weiss answered. "Ruby, Yang, Blake, and I make Team RWBY."

"Why aren't you working as a team now?" the boy asked as they began to walk toward the base camp again, with Todoroki making sure to keep his distance from the frosty girl, in case she got prickly again.

"Yang got it Ruby's head that we should split up and try working with your classmates to try and build camaraderie," Weiss muttered. "Now I have no idea where any of them are. Ugh, this is just like our entrance exam!"

"Do you want me to stay with you, or should I leave you alone?" the heterochromic student inquired, unsure of what the foreign girl wanted.

"You might as well stick around," she huffed reluctantly. "I did hear that you got the top scores for students that got into U.A. on recommendations. Is that correct?"


"Then we have that in common," Weiss said with- what Todoroki assumed was an attempt at- a genuine smile. "I look forward to seeing what you can do, Todoroki. Just try to keep up, okay?"

"Same to you," he replied with traces of irritation, wondering why on earth he was bothering with the pale girl. Maybe something about her reminds me of when I started at this school. Either that, or Midoriya has a bigger influence on me than I thought.

Iida grunted as his engines stalled, having just used his Recipro Burst to demolish three dirt monsters obstructing his path. However, for every one that he, Kirishima, and Asui took out, there seemed to be another one ready to take its place. That Pixie Bob woman is no joke, he thought grimly as he saw another beast being formed from the ground.

He tried to engage his engines again, but they were still shot. No good- if only Todoroki was here to cool it down for me!

"What's the plan, class rep?" Kirishima asked as he and Asui flanked their leader. The three of them had been thrown together by coincidence only a few minutes ago, but they had managed to make the seemingly odd team-up work.

"Asui, use your tongue to slingshot Kirishima at the-!"

WHAM! Crunch. Whoof.

The monster crumbled to dust beneath the force of a certain blond girl's fists, who rolled over to stand up in front of the surprised trio with a grin on her face. "Sorry guys," Yang said cheerily. "I guess this place just needed a good dusting."

Iida and Kirishima's faces fell, with the latter saying, "That pun hurt worse than Midoriya's punches."

"Where's Bakugo?" Iida asked, ignoring his peer's complaint. "I thought you were going in the same directions as him?"

"We got separated," Yang shrugged. "I heard you guys close by, so I thought I'd come and see if you wanted to team up?"

"Bakugo totally ditched you, didn't he?" Asui deadpanned.

"Shut up, it was mutual!"

The sun had nearly set by the time class 1-A stumbled into the base camp. None of them had escaped the forest unscathed, and most of them were covered in more dirt than not. Some were limping along due to minor injuries, and even Ruby- the endless wellspring of energy- looked completely beat.

The class had come back together and then split up into smaller groups a few times throughout the day, and as luck would have it, they were all present for the arrival at the place where they would be spending their nights.

"Nice job, you guys!" Pixie Bob called out as they finally stopped halfway between the log-based building and the tree line.

"We have been fighting…" Kurai growled, "for nine hours!" He was having to use Energon to strengthen himself enough to support Mina, who had sprained her knee after mistiming an acid-coated slide maneuver in order to avoid being crushed.

"Yeah, so?"

"You said it would be three!" Kirishima groaned as he collapsed onto his rear alongside Sato. "We're starving!"

"Yeah, sorry about that," Mandalay chuckled. "Guess I was basing the time on how long it would've taken our team to complete."

"Now you're gonna brag about how much better you are than us?" Yang grumbled.

"They are better than us," her black-haired teammate commented dryly. Of the four of them, she was the only one that had more or less fought on her own throughout the forest.

"Not helping, Blake!"

"Meow, meow, meow!" Pixie Bob admonished them, before adding, "I thought it was gonna take you guys even longer, so well done! Especially… those five!" She flexed one of her claws and pointed at Todoroki, Bakugo, Iida, Midoriya, and Kurai. "I've got dibs on these kittens- I'll groom them myself!" So saying, she launched herself into a hissing, spitting frenzy around the five boys, who all shouted in protest, while Mina added her voice to the outcries of dissent.

"What's her deal?" Weiss asked as she and the others watched the bizarre scene. "This hardly seems appropriate behavior for a pro hero, let alone a teacher."

"Yeah, and we took out way more monsters than those guys did!" Ruby added with a slight pout.

"Say that again, I dare you!" Bakugo shouted from within Pixie Bob's antics. "I'll kill you, Red!"

"Try it, and you'll be getting a knuckle sandwich!" Yang shot back as she popped her fingers ominously, her eyes flaring crimson for a second.

"Mandalay, has Pixie Bob always been like this?" Aizawa asked as he walked up to the brunette woman, ignoring the exchange between the two sisters and Bakugo. He doubted that this would be the last time that they would clash, and if they were capable of handling it on their own, he would let them be.

"It's been worse than usual, lately," she admitted. "She's starting to worry that she's gonna wind up all alone."

"Sexual harassment!" Kurai shouted as he swatted the other woman's paws away from him. "No way I'm training with this crazy lady!"

"Since when was Kurai so vocal about stuff that bothers him?" Kaminari asked tiredly. "Sure, the guy's gotten mad, but normally he doesn't talk about it- he just does something to fix it."

"He's probably like this because he doesn't have to worry about his brain melting if he loses his temper anymore," Jiro panted, still feeling out of breath.

"Hey, about people's ages-" Midoriya began, but he soon found his face being smothered by Pixie Bob's left paw, her claws extended and ready to slash.

"Choose your words carefully," she warned him.

"I've just been wondering…" he said in a muffled voice as he pointed behind the cat-woman. "Who's that kid?" Everyone followed his finger to spot a little boy, who couldn't have been any older than five years old.

"Oh, this little guy?" Mandalay said warmly as she turned to the child, who had a stoic face underneath his red, horned hat. "He's my cousin's kid, Kota." To the boy, she added, "Say 'hello' to everyone- they're going to be here for a week."

"Hi," Midoriya said as he moved toward Kota, extending hand in a polite greeting. "I'm Izuku Midoriya. It's very nice to meet you."

Kota just gave him a flat stare- right before delivering a straight punch to the older boy's groin, causing him to double over in pain with an agonized groan. Before he could fall over completely, though, Kurai and Iida caught him up, both of them glaring at the little boy as he walked away from the injured Midoriya.

"What was that for?!" Kurai demanded. "He didn't do anything to you!"

"Fiend of a child!" Iida added angrily. "A punch to the scrotum is unforgivable!"

Kota looked over his shoulder at the trio with an unbridled hatred before he spat out, "The last thing I'd ever want is to hang out with some wannabe heroes!"

Kurai blinked in surprise- he hadn't thought that a child was capable of possessing so much rage, and he was not quite certain how to confront it. Iida, on the other hand, managed to reply with the words, "Wannabe?! How old are you, kid?!"

Off to the side, Bakugo was grinning at Kota as he retreated away from the stunned look of his aunt. "That kid's got spunk," he said with something like approval.

"Of course you'd approve," Mina scowled at the blond boy. "Must be like looking in a mirror."

"He's like a mini version of you," Todoroki added quietly, igniting the short fuse that was Bakugo's temper.

"You wanna try that again, Raccoon Eyes?!" Bakugo shot back as he advanced on the other two students, who stared back at him unflinchingly. "Huh, Icy-Hot?! You better shut your mouths before I blast you to hell!"

"Uh-huh," Mina said with a roll of her eyes.

"Hey, Bakugo!" Kurai snapped, drawing the attention of his volatile peer. "Touch her, and it'll be you that gets a one-way ticket to the afterlife."

"Aw man," Yang grinned as she turned to her friends. "Who wants to bet on this? My money says Hikari stomps him."

"That's a sucker's bet," Weiss replied with folded arms. "We all know that he beat Bakugo at the Sport's Festival."

"All right, that's enough of that," Aizawa called out before any blows could actually be traded. "Get your stuff off the bus, and then you can eat and bathe. Bear in mind that the real training starts tomorrow."

"I hope they have cookies," Ruby groaned as she rubbed her lean stomach while the beaten class began to head toward the school bus, which was parked right next to the main entrance to the building.

"For the last time, Sis, cookies are not a food group!" Yang scolded the younger girl.

"You don't decide that!"

"No, science does that for everyone!"

"Lies! All lies!"

As soon as everyone had stashed their bags in the proper places and gotten their hands washed, the mess hall was filled with the sounds of hungry teenagers wolfing down every morsel of food that they could get. Even Yaoyorozu and Weiss, who normally prided themselves on excellent manners, broke down and ate as fast as they could, their slim bellies demanding that they be filled to capacity as soon as humanly possible, etiquette be damned.

"Wow," Yang mumbled through a mouthful of food. "Didn't think she had that in her."

"I'm just worried that these cat ladies are gonna run out of fish before Blake is done eating," Ruby giggled as she watched Blake tear through the filleted white meat that was offered to them.

"This stuff is as good as Lunch Rush's food!" Kirishima declared. "Maybe even better!"

"Well, enjoy it, because today's the only day that we're making your dinner," Pixie Bob told them as she passed out bowls filled with beef chunks that would pair well with the rice that most of the boys had snatched up.

"Yes, ma'am!" Sato said appreciatively.

While the meat was being passed around, Kurai- who was sitting between Todoroki and Mina, and across from the Xiao Long sisters, Uraraka, and Midoriya- chose then to ask, "Since we're all gonna be working together for the foreseeable future, do you mind if we go over quirks?"

"Yeah, I was thinking the same thing," Midoriya nodded excitedly. Turning to Ruby, he said, "We saw your quirk in action today, but I don't totally understand it- I've never seen anything like it before!"

"Oh, uh…" the girl said abashedly, so her sister decided to take over.

"She's got a pretty sweet power, even if she'd never admit it," Yang told them with a proud smile as she set down her chopsticks. "It's called "Petal Burst', and it lets her move at super speed if she keeps the petals that it generates clustered around her body. She can also completely split apart into the same stuff so that she can avoid taking damage."

Hikari whistled, suitably impressed by the revelation. "That is an amazing power," he told the younger girl, who reddened at the praise.

"Yeah, well, Yang's no slouch, either," she said quickly. "Her quirk, 'Burn', lets her strike back with twice as much force that gets dealt to her."

"That, or I can store up the energy from whenever I get hit and let it all out in one monster punch," Yang added with an evil grin.

"An absorption-and-release quirk," Midoriya murmured, making a mental note to log the information in his journal at the first opportunity. "Does it make you impervious to attacks?"

"I wish," the blond girl sighed. "My quirk is actually tied in to my hair- the longer and healthier it is, the more energy I can hold before releasing."

"That's kinda like how Fat Gum's quirk works," Midoriya said, almost to himself. "His works based on how much fat he had in his body at any given moment, but he can store up absorbed force for later use, too. Of course, he can hold onto it for long periods of time, as long as he…"

While the green-haired boy began to monologue to himself, Kurai turned to the sisters and said, "Yeah, he does this a lot. Give him a minute, he'll come back."

"Why's he comparing me to a guy called 'Fat Gum'?" Yang demanded as her eyes flared red again. "Is he trying to start something?!"

"No, he's not, promise!" Uraraka said nervously, having seen what happened to some of the dirt monsters that the blond girl had come across. "Deku just has a habit of thinking out loud without realizing it."

"Believe or not, Fat Gum is actually a pretty cool hero," Mina interjected. "He's also a looker, despite his name."

"I have a hard time believing that," Yang deadpanned, though her eyes went back to being purple.

"Here," Kurai said as he pulled up a picture of the man on his phone, making sure to include a before-and-after of the man using his quirk's maximum effect so that Yang would understand what his girlfriend meant.

"Oh," she said as she looked at the picture. "Damn, he is a hunk."

"On that note…" Kurai said as he looked askance at the pink girl. "Do I have competition?"

"Not much," she answered with a teasing grin.

"Not much?!"

"Hey Xiao Long, what do Belladonna and Schnee's quirks do?"

"Don't change the subject!"

"I gotta say, I'm not normally one for public baths, but after today, this feels too good for me to complain," Kurai sighed as he closed his eyes and leaned back in the steaming hot spring that they had given to use in order to relax their tired muscles. The boys and girls were separated by a thick wooden wall that offered nothing in the way of a peephole, somewhat to the chagrin of Kaminari, but the other boys didn't pay it much heed.

"I hope that they let us do this every night," Kirishima replied in a docile manner.

"I wouldn't count on it," Iida told them. "At least, not for you, Kaminari and Sato. You all have extra lessons with Mister Aizawa for the rest of the week."

"Aw man, why'd you have to remind us of that?" the sweets hero groaned.

"That's on top of the fact that Aizawa said that the training would get even more intense tomorrow," Kaminari muttered as he sank further into the water.

"Way to rub salt in the wound, Tenya," Kurai said as he cracked one eye open to give his classmate a disapproving look.

"What?" the bespectacled boy asked. "They failed the exam, and now they have to face the consequences for their lack of preparation."

"Let's not fight, guys," Midoriya said before Kurai could get another word in. "We should take the time to rest so that we're ready for whatever the teachers throw at us."

"We're not fighting," Kurai said as he closed his eye again. "We're having a difference in opinion like civilized people. We can still manage that, eh?"

"Certainly," Iida replied with a sharp nod. "Despite our differences, Kurai and I have both matured enough to act like responsible individuals."

"Ugh, kiss and make up already," Bakugo gagged.

"Shut up, Bakugo," Kurai muttered, too tired and relaxed to come up with a better retort.

On the other side of the wall, Yang Xiao Long was up to no good, much to the worry of her sister and teammates.

"Yang, what are you doing?" Ruby asked as the older girl finished wrapping up in her towel.

"Shh!" the blond said fiercely as she headed for a tree in the corner between the fence and the building. "You're gonna blow my cover."

Blake and Weiss exchanged a look before the white-haired girl asked, "She's not going to…"

"Yeah, she is," Blake answered with a roll of her eyes.

"Yang, get down!" Ashido whisper-shouted as the other girl began to scale the low branches of the tree.

"Why?" she replied with a mischievous smirk as she looked back at the other girls, most of them only looking up at her with open-mouthed shock at what she was about to attempt. "You and Uraraka should be trying to get in on this action."

"E-Excuse me?!" the gravity girl sputtered. "Why would I-?!"

"C'mon, I've seen you checking out Midoriya more than a few times today," Yang snickered as she clambered up a few more branches, causing the poor girl to nearly pass out from sheer embarrassment. "And I'm sure that Pinky's wanted to get a good look at her boyfriend in the buff at some point before now. Come on, no one's gonna get hurt from a little peek."

"That's what you think." Mandalay's voice coming from on top of the fence startled Yang enough that she lost her grip on one of the branches, just in time for one of the woman's cat paws to knock into her head and send her back into the spring water with an angry yell. As she came up, coughing and gasping for air, Mandalay leaned over the top of the wall with a smirk of her own and said, "Nice try, kid, but you're gonna have to be a lot more clever than that if you wanna sneak a peek at these guys on my watch."

"Thank you, Miss Mandalay!" Iida's voice called from the other side.

"No problem, boys," she replied as her head disappeared back over the fence.

Kai: Bath scene? Really? You, of all people?

Mataras: Yeah, I know. I was initially going to skip that scene, but I also saw an opportunity for comedy, as opposed to fanservice.

Deku: Comedy?

Mataras: Well, yeah. How many times do we see the girls in a show trying to peep in on the guys? I thought it'd be funny to subvert everyone's expectations a little. And in case anyone thinks I'm trying to stretch this one a little, I refer you to RWBY Chibi, season 1, episode 24 for context. Yes, I'm aware that the shorts were made for comedic purposes, but so was the final scene in this chapter.

Kai: I guess that makes a kind of sense...? Eh, whatever. You still haven't told us what you did to my quirk.

Mataras: I didn't do anything to it.

Deku: But he didn't-

Mataras: Akarui, on the other hand, might have some answers.

Kai: Stop that!

Mataras: Look, all in due time. As in next chapter, you'll have your answers, more or less.

Kai: It'd better be more than less.

Deku: Those girls from America seem to be fitting in with us pretty well so far. It's honestly kind of surprising.

Mataras: You ever been on a summer camp before?

Deku: Not really, no.

Mataras: Well, based on my experiences, for whatever the reason, the people that I went to camps with when I was a kid are the people outside of my hometown that I still talk to the most consistently. One guy I made friends with in Australia flew out just for my wedding, while people that I invited who lived in town didn't even bother to send a response to the invite...

Kai: Still feeling a little salty about that, huh?

Mataras: That's right. I'm a saltine cracker, that's what I am.

Deku: Uh... Was that a joke about your ethnicity or your attitude?

Mataras: Yes.

Kai: ...I feel like we should move on.

Mataras: Yes, let's. Next time- Hard Work

Deku: I wonder if our training will be altered to accommodate Team RWBY?

Kai: I'm more interested to see if my quirks alterations will come into play while I'm doing my intensive workouts.

Mataras: Bet on it. Get ready...

Deku: To Go Beyond!

Kai: Plus Ultra!

Next time on Your Hero Academia...

"Hey sweetie, can you get me some wood for the fire?" Mina asked as she noticed her boyfriend staring blankly at his hand. "Kurai?"

"Hmm?" he asked slowly as he dropped his hand and turned toward her, a befuddled look on his face. "Sorry, what's that?"

"You know where the firewood is?" she asked him with a light grin. "We're gonna need it to get the meat cooking."

"Oh, uh, sure," he said uncertainly as he turned around and began to walk toward the side of the building. "Just gimme a minute."

"Kay, no rush," she giggled. That is, until she noticed something odd in his behavior.

At first she couldn't quite put her finger on what was off, but as she watched him get further away from her, she noticed that he was consistently keeping a hand on whichever table was next to him, though he wasn't leaning on it. Now, what was really strange was the fact that once he passed the last table, his gait slowed down considerably, and while he was still heading in the right direction, he seemed to be unable to walk in a straight line to get there.

I know he got enough sleep last night, she thought quickly. He took his medicine, and Midoriya said that he slept like a log the whole night, as far as they all know. So what's he doing?

Her smile gone, she nudged Uraraka and pointed with her chin to ask, "Does he look right to you?"

Her friend watched him reach the wall- which he nearly walked into- and then stooped down in order to unsteadily gather a small pile of wood into his arms. Letting out a small gasp, she then whispered, "Ashido, I don't think he can see."