Where am I? What is this place? There's only darkness in this place, stretching as far as the eye could see. Am I dead? Or am I asleep? Can you even be aware that you're asleep? I mean, I'm definitely not dreaming. Unless... I am?

Actually, It's the former. You are dead.

What? Who are you? What are you? Am I really dead? How?

I said you are dead. I'm The Game. A cosmic entity. Yes. You were stabbed to death.

But why? What did I do? I remember going back home after winning a lawsuit but then... Then... I can't remember. Someone was... chasing me? With a... Knife?

Why? Well, considering that you toyed with a person's emotions then actively destroyed his life by getting him indebted to you via manipulating the law was one way to make enemies.

Oh yeah... Now I remember. That was... a long time ago. How did that one find out where I lived? I moved to another state after getting his stuff.

That's not important. While I would certainly love talking about how many people you fooled, It's time to tell you why you're here and not burning in hell.

You've been chosen as the Host of the Gamer System!

The Gamer? As in, the manhwa?

No. Something far superior.

Skills Gained

[Gamer's Mind] (Passive)

Allows the user to calmly and logically think.

Gives a peaceful state of mind

Immunity to psychological status effect

[Gamer's Body] (Passive)

Gives the body the ability to live like an RPG character

[Observe] (Active)

Provides information about the target

Gamer's Mind... Was it the reason why I was calm the entire time?

Nope. It was shock that kept you from freaking out.

Anyway, now choose your race.

[Human] [?] [?] [?] [Locked] [Locked]

What are the question marks? And what's the point of having locked choices? Seems very unnecessary if you ask me.

The question marks are random. It could range from a Dragon God to a Cockroach. Care to take the risk?

Then, no. It's too risky in my opinion. I don't trust a 50-50 chance at all. A Human it is then.


The race that dominated the multiverse in terms of population.

The jack of all trades.

25% bonus class EXP

Now select a class.

[Fighter] [Ranger] [Support] [Mage] [Rogue]

Hmm... I never really enjoyed playing as a fighter in games, so that one is out. Ranger seems like a good choice. Staying back and raining hell on my enemies with arrows and bullets is a good way for leveling up early. Support is a no for now. I doubt I'll start up with an army, so choosing that is stupid. The choice between the last two was somewhat hard. As a mage, I could potentially a lot of powerful spells like gravity manipulation, or space manipulation. But killing enemies before they knew what hit them seems like a pretty sweet gig.

I think... I should go with magic. Rouge feels like a glass cannon the more I think about it. There might be magic to power my defense but I doubt Rogue has anything like that.

Select a specialization.

[Elementalist] [Illusionist] [Druid] [Necromancer] [Summoner] [Enchanter]

Out of the six, the two that caught my attention were Elementalist and Necromancer. Necromancer is very tempting but in most worlds revolving around magic, it's usually frowned upon if not forbidden. I don't want bounty hunters or some spiteful mage to get me in trouble or straight up kill me. Elementalist is the safer choice. And if my theory is correct, then it could be the most powerful.

Choose an element.

[Cryokenisis] [Pyrokenisis] [Geokenisis] [Aerokenisis] [Hydrokenisis] [Locked] [Locked] [Locked]...

There were hundreds of choices, but all of them are locked. This might mean that every 'Kenisis', and if so, then Elementalist is the strongest class. Really, Atokenisis? Essekenisis? There are a lot of these, and some of them are just insanely powerful.

But with the choices is I have, I'll take Ice Manipulation. While Fire is the most compatible with other elements, Ice is the closest to time. I could possibly freeze time if I get strong enough. Esdeath could, so why couldn't I?

Class Gained

[Cryomancer] - LVL 1/100 [0%]

Gain 5 INT and 5 WIS every level

Skills Gained

[Ice Arrow]

Costs 20 MP

Deals 50 Ice Damage

[Ice Spike]

Costs 70 MP

Deals 120 Ice Damage

[Ice Sword]

Costs 75 MP

Deals 50 Ice Damage

[Freeze Target]

Costs 100 MP

Freezes the target, lowering their defense and health.

[Ice Wall]

Costs 50 MP

Creates an Ice Wall

[Ice Shell]

Costs 75 MP

Encases the user in a thick ice shell, protecting them and increasing their health regen

Huh... It feels weird, getting all this knowledge shoved into my head. Still, I can't say I'm not excited to try them out. Using magic is something I always wished was real. Though, I thought I would've gotten a lot more skills than just five. But I guess the stronger my class is, the more skill I get.

Correct. Although you can get more skills through other means too.

And new classes are unlocked through certain circumstances or once you max out the current class.

You'll get to choose a secondary class once you reach a certain level too.

That's good. What else is there to know?



Level - 1

Class - Cryomancer - LVL 1/100 [0%]

Race - Human

Rank - Mortal

Alignment - Neutral Evil

HP - 100 [20 per minute]

MP - 100 [20 per minute]

SP - 100 [20 per minute]

STR - 10

END - 10

DEX - 10

INT - 10

WIS - 10

CHA - 10

LUK - 10

MP Regen = WIS X 2

MP = INT X 10

SP/Health Regen = END X 2

SP/HP = END X 10

Akane? I don't get to choose my name? Oh well, at least it's a nice name. And I can't remember my previous name either.

Finally, you can get a random bonus perk, but a random trait will also be added. Do you wish to test your luck?

A bonus for a trait? It sounds too risky but very tempting, I'll admit. I have no idea what I'll get, but once shouldn't hurt, right? I need to know what I'm dealing with here.

Trait Gained


You care about no one but yourself

The inability to form an emotional connection with others, and/or feel guilt

Perk Gained

[Great Magic Core]

Your magic generator is greater than many

Mana regen from WIS is Tripled.

...If only I could laugh. The trait basically means nothing because, well, I've always been a sociopath. Too bad I won't get to feel real emotions for once.

Can I get rid of these traits once I'm strong enough?

You can.

...That's good. I've always wondered what's so great about love. Another roll, please.

Trait Gained

[Sin of Greed]

You are never satisfied. You always want more and more...

Perk Gained

[Friendly Face]

You look like a nice person

People are more inclined to trust you. Reputation and Affection gain is much easier to get.

Well, I've always been greedy too. I don't think that this is much of a change. Friendly Face is gonna be incredibly useful, so I think this was a good trade. Once more.

Trait Gained

[Sin of Wrath]

You have a short temper and become utterly uncontrollable once fully enraged

Perk Gained

[Rising Star]

You are climbing the Mountain of Power like a madwoman, leaving your peers in the dust.

Stat gain and class EXP are doubled


Level - 1

Class - Cryomancer - LVL 1/100 [0%]

Race - Human

Rank - Mortal

Alignment - Neutral Evil

HP - 100 [20 per minute]

MP - 100 [60 per minute]

SP - 100 [20 per minute]

STR - 10

END - 10

DEX - 10

INT - 10

WIS - 10

CHA - 10

LUK - 10

Okay, this one is not fair, at all. I've always been a calm and collected person, so I have no idea how to deal with a short fuse. The bonus is very good, yes, but again, rage is not something I know how to take care of.

Damn it...

Now we got that out of the way, you can finally start your adventure. One more thing...

Skill Gained

[ID Create] (Active)

Creates an instant dungeon

Dungeons available


Good luck with your next life! Try not to die too early, please.

Your starter world has been pre-chosen. Starting in...






I slowly open my eyes, looking around a room that is strangely familiar. Getting down from my bed, I begin inspecting the neatly organized but utterly normal room, deducing that it is mine from the unfamiliar memories in my head.

Akane Amamiya. 17 years old. A kind girl, but is easily angered when provoked. The top student in her past school and doesn't have any problems socializing with others. Moved into Kuoh with her mother, Akari Amamiya, after her father died in a car accident. Said mother is unemployed and is living off her father's admittedly large inheritance. No relation to the supernatural at all.

Highschool DXD... That is not a world I want to start in. Goddamn it...

My head is snapped to the door when it was knocked on. "Akane honey, are you up? You're gonna be late on your first day."

She's... speaking Japanese yet I easily understood what she said. My mouth opened before I could comprehend what happened. "Yeah, I'll be down in a sec."

"That's good." She responds. "But please hurry up. Your breakfast will get cold. It's your favorrite~"


Wait no, that wasn't me. Ugh, these memories are gonna take a while to get used to.

Shaking my head, I take off my PJs and wear my school uniform, slightly grimacing at the uncomfortably short skirt before brushing it off. I put on my shoes and take a look at my appearance.

I already knew what I looked like, but seeing it like this is... really surreal. Standing at 5'5, with long smooth black hair reaching my waist, and two big deep red eyes is how I look like. I gaze down at my somewhat large breasts, cupping them for a bit before staring at the mirror again. Also, there's this weird... almost anime-ish look. Not to the creepy degree, but it's there. It's actually making me look prettier.


I shake my head, taking my school bag and making my way downstairs, seeing my "Mom' in the kitchen, humming a pleasant tone while cooking. As she notices me, She smiles warmly. "Goodmorning sweetie, did you sleep well?"

I nod, taking a seat and holding a spoon, ready to dig in. "Yep."

Just as I was about to eat, I stop myself. Hmm...


[Home-cooked curry]

A simple beef curry, cooked by your mother.

Restores 20 HP

I knew it.

"Hey, Mom," I call out, getting her to stop her cooking to look at me in curiosity. "I'm not really hungry. Can you put it in a bento for me to eat later?"

She blinks then smiles kindly. "Of course, sweetie."



Akari Amamiya

Your mother

Level - 3

Race - Human

HP - 110

SP - 110

STR - 12

END - 11

DEX - 10

INT - 10

WIS - 10

CHA - 14

LUK - 10

Affection - 100

Thoughts about you - Unconditional love

This skill is really useful.

"Here." She hands me a plain red-colored bento box. "Now shoo! You're gonna be late."

I fake a giggle as she kisses my forehead, not really caring about her anymore I did anyone else, but I don't like being rude for no reason, so whatever.

I get up and walk to the front door. "I'm going now."

"Take care!"

I shut the door, walking towards the devil infested school, wearing a blank face.

Now... How do I deal with them? Both Rias and Sona will one day sense my magic, considering I can't hide it, and will try to recruit me into their Peerage. I don't exactly like working for other people, and I definitely won't become a glorified slave for some spoiled princess. Even though I like Sona, in the show at least, I don't see myself obeying her every whim. And Rias... Disgusts me.

She has one of the most powerful abilities in the show and doesn't train it. At all. She could've easily crushed Riser if she put her mind to it. Instead, she wastes her life away looking for slaves to do her bidding, not moving her ass to deal with the problem herself. If you're so desperate, why are you not exploiting that broken power of yours?

So annoying...

"Akane Amamiya I presume?" A voice interrupts my thought. I look up, seeing Sona Sitri, gazing at me. "I am Souna Shitori, the president of the student council at Kuoh Academy."

I smile. "Nice to meet you, president. Hope I'm not too late?"

She smiles back and shakes her head. "Just in time actually. Though, I'd like for you to wait here for a moment. There's still one more student that has yet to arrive, and I'd like to give you both a tour when he does so."


Sona Sitri

Natural Genius

HP - 10000

SP - 8500

MP - 15000

Race - Devil

LVL - 40

STR - 49

END - 50

DEX - 53

INT - 134

WIS - 122

CHA - 80

LUK - 50

Thoughts about you - Disinterest

That's... Weaker than I expected. I can catch up INT and WIS wise in only 13 levels. But I doubt I can increase my other stats as easily. Still, if Raynare is as strong as her, then it isn't really much of a stretch to say that I'm currently safe. That's if the timeline at least follows the first season.

"Oh, well, sure." I nod, standing beside her. "Who is this person, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Issei Hyoudou." She answers. "Transferred from Mishima High. Under-average student and a pervert... That's what his records say at least. I hope they're wrong this time..."

The "main character" hmm? How am I gonna deal with that can of worms?

"I'm sure he's not that bad." I lie through my teeth. "Is there anything I need to be aware of here?"

She shakes her head. "Nothing different from your old school." She looks at me with a tiny smirk. "Hopefully, you keep on being the top student. Though, that might be harder here."

Oh? Is that a challenge?

I couldn't help but smirk back. "Oh, you don't have to worry about me. I'll manage."

7 Reputation with Sona Sitri

Seven points? Why- Oh, Friendly Face, right.

We wait for a few minutes exchanging small talk, her getting progressively more annoyed until the "Main Character" finally arrives running.

"Sorry." He pants, struggling to catch his breath. "I got distracted by some glorious Oppai on the way."

I almost snorted when I saw Sona grimace at his excuse, but I also saw how her eyes shone with intrigue. "By some... What now?"

"Oppai!" He screams. "Beautiful and soft, squishy and big. The most incredible thing that graced us mortals. OPPAI!"

... This is the protagonist ladies and gentlemen.


Issei Hyoudou

Red Dragon Emperor

HP - 100

SP - 40

Race - Human

LVL - 2

STR - 10

END - 13

DEX - 10

INT - 5

WIS - 3

CHA - 4

LUK - 100

Affection - 4

Thoughts about you - You have nice Oppai

And he already annoys me.

"I'll... Pretend I didn't hear that." Sona grounds out. "Next time you're late, it will have an effect on your score, understood?"

He salutes. "Yes, Ma'am!"

After that, she took us on the tour, one that was so obviously rushed from how many things she skipped. I'll assume because of how late Issei was that classes were beginning soon. She drops us at homeroom, wishing us luck and leaving us.

"I'm Issei Hyoudou! Nice to meet y'all!" He introduced himself then takes up his seat.

"My name is Akane Amamiya. A pleasure to meet you." I bow curtly, shortly before taking up my own seat.

The rest of the day goes as normal as any school day would, with some girls trying to get to know me as my Friendly Face perk works amazingly. I honestly don't give them much attention, nodding along and smiling through their chatter. Thankfully, because of how low my magic is, Sona and Rias ignore me completely, focusing on Issei because of his broken power. Not long after, the day finally ends as excitement bubbles inside of me, wanting to try out actual magic for the first time.

I give a quick glance to my home before walking further, hiding in an alley when I made sure no one was following me. As much as I want to change my current clothes, I can't handle the anticipation anymore.

Putting my bag in my inventory, I use [ID Create] and choose Zombie, since that's the only thing I currently have.

As soon as I use it, cracks appear on the ground and walls of the alleyway I'm in. I walk out, seeing Kuoh completely ruined, and not a single life is seen. I spot a lot of zombies slowly walking towards me and I ready an Ice Arrow, casting [Observe] all the while.


Level 2

HP - 100

I pause and stop my ice spell. Killing it should be easy, but there are dozens of them, and while my MP regen is tripled, it's definitely not enough to deal with them all. I don't have any other form of attacking. Unless...

A sword of Ice forms in my hand, and I quickly used [Observe] on it.

Ice Sword

A sharp blade made of ice

12 Physical Damage + STR/2 + 3 Ice Damage

That's 20 Damage per strike.

I smirk. Good enough.

I sprint towards the first one, slashing its torso then leaping back from its attack. I get in close again and slice off its right hand, ducking under a swing of its remaining arm, then striking its chest again, and finally killing it with an Ice Arrow

Level up

Cryomancer leveled up

What? Only one enemy? This might not be so bad after all...

Now I have 200 MP and 120 regen per minute. This is so broken...

I glance at the other undead and raise my arm, shooting arrows until my mana depletes, which is not happening anytime soon because leveling up recovers it all, and I'm already at level 6. Surprisingly, this is not getting boring at all. Simply shooting cannon fodder like this is somewhat satisfying to do. I keep killing these weaklings until I finally reach level ten, which only took me two minutes.

And that got me a few Cryomancer skills too.

[Ice Lance]

Costs 50 MP

Deals 100 Ice Damage

[Ice Floor]

Costs 150 MP for every 5x5 meters

Turn the floor into Ice, either to make a slippery battlefield or to freeze your enemies' legs


One zombie slowly makes its way to me, causing me to test my new Ice Lance spell on it, killing it in one hit. A small chest suddenly appears in the distance, and I quickly run to it. Is this some kind of a reward? How many zombies have I killed? Oh well, it doesn't matter.

I open up the chest and spot two crystals. As I take them out, a message catches my attention.

6 Credits

What? what's that? Is it useful? Hey, Game, what is that?

Something you'll need later

...If you say so.

I glance at the crystals and use [Observe] on them.

END Stat Crystal

Use to increase END by 5

CHA Stat Crystal

Use to increase CHA by 5

I couldn't help but grin. Good to know that there other ways to improve my stats. Without wasting any time, I use them both and check on my status.

Akane Amamiya

Level - 10

Class - Cryomancer - LVL 10/100 [14%]

Race - Human

Rank - Mortal

Alignment - Neutral Evil

HP - 200 [40 per minute]

MP - 1000 [600 per minute]

SP - 200 [40 per minute]

STR - 10

END - 20

DEX - 10

INT - 100

WIS - 100

CHA - 20

LUK - 10

...What? They increased it by ten not...

My eyes widen. The [Rising Star] perk affects other means too? That might be a fair trade after all.

I giggle, feeling giddiness at the turn of events. Getting strong might not be hard, with that overpowered perk of course.

I continue on my way, killing the few zombies I see, noticing how they get faster with each kill. After three more minutes, they're practically sprinting at me, growling and groaning, trying to get a hit one but to no avail as I easily slaughter every one of them.

One of them suddenly leaps on me, howling with its claws for nails. I make an ice wall, blocking the undead as I back way, killing the ones behind me for a space to get back.



Level - 14

HP - 1200

A hunter from Left 4 Dead... This means that other special zombies could be around.

It growls as it circles around me, trying to find a weakness it could exploit. I instantly freeze the ground, trapping its hands and feet in ice as I start to barrage it with Lances. It doesn't really get the chance to retaliate as it's filled with ice, dying in seconds.

And this just leveled me up twice. This is really easy... That's before any Tanks show up. Hopefully, I don't get to fight with these assholes just yet.

I spend the next five minutes leveling up, not really pressured by the amounts of enemies running at me. Not long after, Hellhounds start appearing. They're not much stronger than the average zombie, in fact, they have only half the HP of one, but they're pretty damn fast. I did struggle with a few until I felt comfortable dealing with them.

But then a Charger had to appear and ruin my comfort.


Level - 18

HP - 1500

It rushes me, making me cast Ice Wall in front of me. I widen my eyes and roll out of the way as it breaks through the wall with ease. As it keeps on going forward, I use the chance to bombard it with ice magic. It dies after one minute of non-stop attacks to its back causing me to sigh in relief. If it had hit me, then I could've easily died...

I... need someone to help me out. I might be able to easily overpower anything with pure offensive capabilities after a few levels but... One hit from these things and I'm dead.

A chest appears where the Charger died, and I quickly jog over to it.

I take out what's inside, a light-red colored necklace with a heart-shaped pendant and one crystal.

12 Credits

And a few Credits as well

Necklace of Regeneration

Increase HP Regen by 10%

I wear the little ornament, hiding the little pendant inside my shirt.

DEX Stat Crystal

Use to increase DEX by 5

I chuckle and use the crystal, checking on my stats once again

Akane Amamiya

Level - 18

Class - Cryomancer - LVL 18/100 [48%]

Race - Human

Rank - Mortal

Alignment - Neutral Evil

HP - 200 [44 per minute]

MP - 1800 [1080 per minute]

SP - 200 [40 per minute]

STR - 10

END - 20

DEX - 20

INT - 180

WIS - 180

CHA - 20

LUK - 10

This is turning out to be amazing...

I think that's enough for today. I get out of the dungeon, walking back home with a content smile.

(The next day)

As I make my way back to the dungeon, wondering how to defend myself, seeing that currently, I don't have anyone to rely on to be my vanguard. I sigh to myself, not able to think up of anything that doesn't involve the devils. At the corner of my eye, I see Issei inside a park, smiling sadly at the playground.


"Hey." I put on a fake smile and call out.

He whips his head at me. "Oh, uh, Akane right?" I nod. "What're you doing here?"

"I was walking back home when I saw you here looking all gloomy." I turn my gaze to the playground. "What's wrong?"

"It's just uh..." He sighs. "I was remembering the past is all. When I was a kid, there was this boy that I always played with, but we got separated when his family had to go to England I think..." He smiles fondly. "I guess I was just wondering what he's up to."

I hum, not interested in what he said. This is supposed to be the protagonist, the one who will become insanely overpowered with time. But look at him now, so weak, so open, and very easily killable. Just one lance to the back, and that's one obstacle out of my way.

Quest Added

[No Chance to Shine]

Objective - Kill Issei Hyoudou

Rewards - Boosted Gear, ?, ?, ?

Oh? So there are quests. I was beginning to think they weren't gonna appear. And the Boosted Gear for a reward? Sorry Issei, but I don't think you'll get to be the "Harem King" In this timeline.

I make an Ice Lance, and just as I was about to end him, an idea struck. I uncast the spell, smirking darkly.

Now now, why kill him? That seems very counter-productive when you think about it. True, the Boosted Gear would be an amazing ability to have, but the weapon is sentient. There's something living inside and it might not accept me. Dragons are proud creatures, and Ddraig might not take too kindly on me stealing the gear from Issei.

And Issei... Well, I did just say I wanted a vanguard to help me out in the dungeons, right? And a prime candidate is right in front of me.

Issei Hyoudou, a lucky fool granted one of the most powerful weapons out there. But you know? I don't hate the guy. Unlike Rias, he didn't know about it, and if he did, he would've trained the hell out of it. If not for protecting others, then to beat Vali.

Still, a fool is still a fool. He's naive, dumb, inexperienced, moldable... and so easily manipulated.

Even so, taking him with me will probably lock me out of the "Villain Route". He most likely won't do any evil deeds for me, and I would have to do it myself in secret... But I've always liked playing the hero anyway.

So why should I risk an easy pawn for a power that might not work on me?

I couldn't help but giggle slightly. Sorry Rias, but Issei is mine.

"What's so funny?" He questions.

I shake my head. "So there was a soft person under all these perverted nonsense."

He looks at me incredulously. "N-NONSENSE?! How could you say that?! Oppai are-"

I roll my eyes. "Yes, yes The 'most glorious things that have ever existed' and whatnot. You said it four times today." I smile teasingly. "And that's why you'll stay a virgin your entire life. No one in their right mind would declare this to a school that was recently all-girls."

He blushes. "A-a virgin?!"

"Yep. Forever a virgin."

"N-not even-"

"Nope. Forever a virgin."

He falls to his knees, comically crying his eyes out. "Why cruel world? Why do you hate us pervert that much? What have we ever done to you?! Why?! WHYYY?!"

I giggle sweetly, turning his fake crying into laughter as he gets up. He sighs and looks at me with a grateful smile. "Thanks, Akane. That really cheered me up."

I nod with a grin. "Sure. Us new students gotta stick together, yeah?"

He returns the grin with his own. "You got it!"

I chuckle before checking the time. "Sorry, gotta cut this short. Mom's gonna be angry at me if I'm late. See ya."

As I walk away, he stops me. "WAIT!"

I stop mid-step.

"Not to sound ungrateful, but... Why are you nice to me? I thought you hated me like all the other girls..."

I hid a dark smirk and settle with a gentle smile. "I'll admit, your perverted antics are really annoying to deal with, but I had a feeling you're a good guy." I shrug. "Turns out I was right. That's all there is to it really."

I don't wait for a response as I keep walking towards my home, and after seeing a couple of messages, I chuckle darkly.

Quest Failed

[No Chance to Shine]

Quest Added

[Different Path For The Hero]

Objective - Befriend And Recruit Issei Hyoudou to Your Cause

Rewards - 5 Random Stat Crystals, 1 Gacha Token, Greatly Increase Affection with Issei Hyoudou, Issei Hyoudou as a companion

20 Affection with Issei Hyoudou

This is only the beginning...


She was baffled by what she had sensed a while ago. Completely and utterly speechless at the sheer skyrocketing of one Akane's magic power. Yesterday, she was just a normal high school girl, nothing special or noteworthy about that. Just a regular ol' human, with a regular ol' magic core. Then, a single day later, Her magic power went through the roof. Over fifteen times stronger than before.

"What in Lucifer's name...?" She uttered, still not believing her senses.

That was not possible. No matter how much potential a human has, this is not normal.

The door to the Occult Research Club opened, revealing Sona wearing a grim look.

"Did you find anything?" Rias asked.

Her best friend shook her head. "None. Her parents are normal humans, no ancestry worth mentioning, and no relation to the supernatural."

Rias sighed. "So we're gonna believe that her magic appeared out of nowhere?"

"I never said that." Sona sat on the sofa opposite of her. "But we barely have any information about her, and we need to handle this smartly. There is a chance that she knows what we are, and if she spots anyone out our of peerages tailing her, we might not get the chance to recruit her."

"I know that. " Rias sighed again but then grinned, an air of arrogance around her. "But I have confidence in Koneko's ability. She can never be caught by someone so inexperienced!"

"So you've chosen?"


Sona stared at her crimson-haired friend with a serious frown. "I told you, you can't take the two of them, Rias. It's either Akane or Issei."

Rias winced. "I...I..." With a sigh, she slumped back. "That's true."

Sona's features softened. "If you want my advice, I think you should get Akane. You still have a bishop piece while I don't. And If her growth is any indication of her potential, she could become one formidable mage in the future."

Unsure on what to do, Rias gazed at the roof, her eyes closed in concentration. "I... Want to think about this a little more."

"Of course." Sona smiled gently. "We still have a lot of time. Tell me whenever you're ready."

And with that, Sona left the room.

A dragon-type sacred gear or a mage with insane growth... She thought. I should get more information about them both. Akane does seem like the better choice yes, but if she uses fire then...

That won't help her against Riser at all. Using fire against a Phenex is something only a moron would do.

A knock on the door cut off her thoughts. "Enter." She said, her Queen entering the room with a concerned look.

"Rias are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Akeno. Just thinking about the new students." Rias paused before continuing. "Akeno, can you find out more about Issei Hyoudou? And please tell Koneko to tail Akane Amamiya. I need to know who is more suited to join the Peerage."

Akeno smiled and nodded. "Of course, president."

Rias smiled back. "Thank you."

It's fine, there's still time to choose. The marriage with Riser is a bit over a month, and that is more than enough time to decide. She hopes that when the day comes, Akane does agree to join them.

Hello reader! How are you doing in this trying time? Hopefully, you're home like everyone else should be. COVID-19 is not something to be taken lightly, you know.

Now, this is obviously inspired by Dark Wolf Shiro's Necromancer. Not the new Conquest one, even though that one is pretty good too. And I shamelessly ripped off Shiro's Game system, because I thought it would suit this much better. By the way, if you want a dark gamer filled with well-written smut, I recommend Shiro's stories. They are dark though, so you've been warned.

And to my other readers, who read my first story.

Before you nail me on a cross and demand why I posted this when I didn't post Optimist in like, two months, I want a chance to speak for myself. First. Optimist's next chapter is 90% done, and it's gonna be 15k words, so the biggest chapter yet. Second, well, I honestly felt a little unmotivated when writing Optimist. Don't get me wrong, I love my first story and I'm not dropping it, even with all the cringy shit I write.

Which is why I started this.

I needed something different so I don't burn myself out.

Also, a warning for dark story lovers. It's gonna take a while for Akane to really do anything evil. Just as she said, she likes playing hero, which means evil deeds will either be done in secret and/or in a different world when she travels. Also, no lemons, probably, since I'm not very comfortable writing them. Maybe one day, but not in the near future.

Final warning, this is gonna be much darker than Optimist, at least, after like 10-20 chapters. So if you're not good with this kind of thing then please don't hurt yourself.

I guess that's that.

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