been a while, hasn't it? So uh... important announcement, very important.

Well, ill be straightforward and say that I've actually been rewriting this fic for the past few months. All the current chapters, 9 + 2 omakes with a total of 100k words are on QQ right now, and I decided that I'll upload on FF after I have a good word count.

And well, 100k is pretty decent, yea?

The problems is, the rewrite is severely different. The tone, characters, even world is different. It might be a turn-off for some, but I can confidently say that this is objectively better than the previous version, because I actually put a lot of thought into it.

What you'll be reading soon is the first chapter of the rewrite. This isn't just a DxD world anymore, but a crossover with the Yakuza series. Mostly because I love the games from the bottom of my heart, and because I thought about giving the humans more firepower and make them actually threatening, using lovable characters instead of OCs.

I've been having a lot of fun writing this, and I want to share said fun by uploading it here, on the largest fanfiction website. This of course means that Play The Game Again will be on hiatus for a while. I'm sorry if I'm disappointing you.

I really, really hope you read this and tell me what you think. Ill pull a shiro and make another fic for it, but take this chapter as a sample of what's to come.

Hope you enjoy.

…What… is this? Where am I? Why can't I feel my body? I try to scream, but nothing comes out. I can't feel my throat – I can't even breathe. It's dark in here, I can't see anything.

What… what have I been doing before… this? I was somewhere in… damn it, I can't remember. The last thing I remember was a hot feeling in my chest, then I felt cold. I was scared when it happened – there's no way I can forget that feeling.

I felt alone, cold, and in pain, but why? Why did I feel all of that? What happened? What did I do?

Did- did I.. die? Is this hell? Purgatory? I'm not oblivious; I can still remember the things I did before whatever this is. There's no way I'm going to Heaven unless God had a fucked up sense of humor and decided to reward the selfish instead.

I fully doubt that though.

...Am I stuck here? Is this my punishment? My personal Hell? A void that stretches endlessly with nothing to do. Not even the ability to feel my body.

Haha… That's just too cruel, isn't it? I only scammed and stole, God. I never killed anyone. Destroyed a life here and there, but they're still alive, aren't they? I haven't robbed them of everything. They can still turn their lives around again with enough determination.

You still feel no remorse?

I would've frozen if I still had my body as I stare at the blue window, accusing me of such a thing. That… speech window was the only thing in this endlessly stretched darkness. I wasn't quite sure how to react, trying to speak out loud, but nothing comes out.

I remind myself that my throat and vocal cords don't exist here, but I'm still not sure how to respond to that thing.

Thinking of your response is enough.

I gaze at the new speech window and would've nodded, but I seem to be lacking my head at the moment.

I'm not sure how to go about this, but any explanation?

You are dead.

I've figured that much. How if I may ask?

A direct stab to the heart. You did not take long before dying, only felt sharp agony for a few seconds.

I-I… see…

So I did die then, and in such a stupid way as well. A stab? Really? Couldn't I have dodged or something?

I'm not quite sure what to feel about this...

I don't suppose you're willing to give me a second chance, will you? I promise to not steal anymore, just please get me out of this place. I don't think I can remain here for too long without breaking.

I know I'm a loner weeb before, but even I crave some social interactions sometimes.

You seem… awfully calm about this, considering the situation.

Well, I tried to scream and move, but I couldn't, so what's the point? Of course, not counting the shock that's keeping me calm right now.

As amusing as that would be to see lose your mind, I'd rather be done with this.

Be done with what-

Congratulations, you've been chosen as the next host of The System.


...Do these remind you of anything?

Perks gained

[Gamer's Mind] – Perk

Immunity to most high-level mental attacks, such as mind control and mind-reading, and makes the user calm in heated situations. The user will think with logic more than emotions.

Certain Traits and Debuffs will bypass the mental protection of this perk.

[Gamer's Body] – Perk

Your body will act as that of a Video Game character but slightly grounded into reality. You'll still need to eat, drink, and sleep, but sleeping in comfort will fully restore HP, SP, and MP while sleeping on the hard floor will only restore a quarter of that. Eating food restores HP, and especially high-quality food might even give buffs.

You are able to regenerate severed limbs excluding your head – Certain races will ignore that weakness – but if the wound is cauterized, you won't be able to do as such.

Skills gained

[Observe] – Skill

A vision-based spell that shows the stats of the target. The spell can be sensed by powerful and experienced beings, or any individual very sensitive to magic.

Costs 0 MP

[ID Create] – Skill

Create a tiny pocket dimension 10k kilometers big with never-ending and continuously respawning mobs. Each dungeon will have ten waves, and each wave will be more difficult than the last. The fifth and ten waves will have a mini-boss and a dungeon boss respectively.

Clearing a wave will yield rewards for the caster, but only for the first time.

Only able to use it two hours a day, and completed waves/dungeons will yield 0 EXP and rewards for the caster

Current available dungeons: [Undead]

Costs 0 MP

I couldn't help but stare in shock at the windows. I felt multiple emotions go through me, mostly disbelief, awe, and joy. I've read enough fanfiction and shitty novels to know what this means, even if it looks different from the usual.

A second chance. I am getting a second chance at life, with the path to unlimited wealth and power open to me. I, the same person who ruined lives for my own greed and selfish needs. I'm self-aware enough to realize that someone like me doesn't deserve this – no, what I deserve is to be sent down to the deepest parts of hell.

Yet here we are.

I can barely believe what I'm seeing in front of me right now. I am The Gamer, the same absurd entity that can surpass universal and cosmic gods after three years of half-hearted training.

You know what this is. Very good, this means we can cut to the chase.

Please select your race.

[Human] [?] [?] [?]

Human, and three unknown choices. Mind explaining?

Two of the choices are lower-tier entities, such as Goblin, Insects, Slimes, and so on.

And the third choice is a high-tier entity. Dragon, Leviathan, True Devil, Primarch, etcetera.

And humans is a guaranteed middle-tier race. Either I play it safe by choosing Human, or take the gamble and select one of the unknown choices. I'm not one to risk my career over something so trivial, but a Primarch or Dragon is making it very tempting.

Hell, there are probably hundreds of strong races. Necrons, Saiyans, Kryptonians, Titans – but what if I choose the wrong thing? I don't want to be stuck as a Slime or god forbid a Goblin. Rimuru only survived and thrived because of his broken Devour ability, but I have no such thing.

I suppose I'll choose the safe option. I can grow more powerful with time, and Humans are usually the jacks of all trades, so there's no big disadvantage there.

Human it is.

Race chosen

[Human] – Race

With every universe existing, Humans shall walk its Earth as well. In every corner of this Omniverse, you'll see subjects of this race living, cruelly dominating weaker races in numbers, as well as having mid-level intelligence and strength. Humans' true potential in their ability to learn and understand, as the strongest and most intelligent of humans were able to turn the tides against far more powerful foes of different species.

25% EXP gain

Comprehending, making, and learning new skills is slightly easier

Race stats:

HP = END x 10

HP Regeneration = END x 2

SP = END x 10

SP Regeneration = END x 2

MP = INT x 10

MP Regeneration = WIS x 2

Huh, quite a bit better than I initially expected to be honest. The EXP bonus is gonna be very helpful, especially when I become powerful. The seemingly average race stats are good as well, but I can't be too sure just yet.

I still have no idea how powerful the people will be in whatever world I'm thrown in.

Are you finished? If so, then please select a class

[Mage] [Fighter] [Support] [Rogue] [Ranger] [Production]

Six choices, all with their own degrees of strengths and weaknesses. Fighter most likely has its own sub-classes as well, like Samurai or Knight. So from there, I can choose a swift and strong sub-class, a tank that can absorb and withstand a lot of punishment, or maybe a balanced sub-class.

A part of me wants a Martial Artist sub-class. Knowing how to fight with your fists is one of the most useful abilities in case I was hit with some magic-nullifying skill or my weapon gets knocked away from my hands.

Support at a stage this early seems counterproductive. I can't be too sure that I'll 'spawn' with an army or friends waiting for me. I can most likely take a healer or druid, and those are good classes, but not this early.

Rogue seems like a good choice. Probably thieves, assassins, scouts, and the like. However, most of these sub-classes are glass canons. A single hit could end me, even at a high level, and the need to get close to your opponent for a backstab seems risky.

Good class, but I don't think I'd want to put myself at risk at the moment. Maybe when I get a bit tougher.

Ranger is very tempting. Archers and Gunners seem to be a good choice, but once I run out of ammo, I'm done for. Again, I can't be sure that I'll be reborn rich or something like that, so getting hold of bullets or arrows might be difficult.

As for Production… well, I'm not sure what that means. As in Engineers and the like? Starting with that seems to be a bit of a bad idea. I'll need materials to build and create stuff, and same issue as some of the other classes, I have no idea what world and what position I'll be reborn in.

Finally, Mage class. Personally, it seems to me that it's the most versatile class to take. Mana means infinite ammo, even if I need to wait for my MP to recharge. No need to get close to an enemy if I can blast them with lightning or fire. And I don't need materials to work my way up from there to grow stronger. I should be able to do it with the ID Create spell.

...is what I assume. I'm not sure if there's a class stronger than another, or if they're all equal. Hell, I'm not sure if what I thought about the classes is even right. All of it is baseless assumptions coming from my previous knowledge of past entertainment media.

Regardless, I think I should take Mage. Aside from it being the best possible class to take at this stage, shooting spells sounds fun to do.

1 Reputation with The Game [1/100]

Good analysis of each class.

Now please choose a specialization

[Elementalist] [Illusionist] [Necromancer] [Summoner]

I cross out Illusionist for now. I need an offensive sub-class, and as useful as it is, I don't think I'll need it at the moment. Summoner and Necromancer seem to be similar in a way, letting your servants fight for you as you watch from the back, in a safe spot.

However, for Necromancer, I'm not quite sure that I'm gonna have a dead body ready for me to raise, so I might need to kill something quickly, and I don't think I'm good enough to hide from whatever authority is in the world I'll be in. I'm sure Necromancy has its own offensive spells, but it's mostly death spells.

I'm quite sure that Undead are resistant if not outright immune to death spells, so leveling up will be very difficult.

Summoner seems like the better choice, but I'm not sure if they have any offensive spells, so the moment my summons are dead, I'm completely fucked. Hell, if the enemy somehow bypasses the summons, then that's certain death too.

Which leaves Elementalist. Becoming individually powerful is my best chance here, so let's see what elements I can select.

Choose an element

[Pyromancer] [Geomancer] [Aeromancer] [Cryomancer] [Electromancer] [Hydromancer]

Hm… This seems like more of a preference-based choice. Every element has its own weakness and strength, and whatever I choose now shouldn't affect me later on, unless I'm extremely unlucky and the people in the world I'm spawning in have immunity to whatever element I choose.

I'm slightly surprised that Hydro and Cryo aren't the same, but I suppose one controls and generates ice while the other controls and generates water. Similar, but not quite the same. I don't think this System follows the original DnD rules anyway.

So if I'm going to choose based on my preference then…

Ice magic.

Class gained

[Cryomancer] - LVL 1/100 [0%]

Gain 5 INT and 5 WIS every level

Mastery Skills gained

[Mana Control: Novice] – Mastery Skill

Magic. The energy that existed before the multiverse's birth, eons and eons ago when hundreds of gods wielded it to mold and create life and death. Granted to most living beings, and while some might use it differently than others, it is magic all the same

You've only just gotten the feeling of your magic. It's expected of you to struggle to control the flow within.

Spend 25,000 MP and deal 5,000 Magic Damage to progress to the next Rank. Progress to Apprentice Rank [0/25,000] [0/5,000]

[Ice Magic Control: Novice] – Mastery Skill

Ice Magic, while one of the most common elements out there in the multiverse, is no doubt a very powerful one. Control and manipulation over sharp and deadly weaponry made of ice, freezing the target's skin, blood, and flesh, or forming thick walls to protect you, this element is the perfect balance between offense and defense.

You are merely a beginner, and more complicated spells will be hard to create.

Deal 10,000 Ice Damage to reach the next Rank. Progress to Apprentice Rank [0/10,000]

Oh… oh this is weird. Very weird. So much knowledge is being crammed into my head like this – and I feel something strange. It's calm, flowing like a river, even though it's quite weak. Is this what mana feels like?

It's relaxing…

I can't wait to actually practice magic. This feels like a dream, and I could wake up at any second, but damn if it isn't a great dream.

You'll realize that this is all true soon. Only one more step and you will experience it all for yourself.

This step is optional, but you can receive one perk for a trait. You might gain an incredibly powerful perk like a blessing from a powerful god or a catastrophic trait like cancer

However, please keep in mind that not all traits are bad. They could manifest in a physical, mental, or spiritual way, and has a chance of aiding you in certain situations.

Hm… Well, I am guaranteed to get a good thing, right? I… suppose I could do it once and only once. No need to risk myself by getting greedy.

A roll, please.

Trait gained

[Sociopath] – Trait

A Sociopath is a personality disorder where the one inflicted with it is unable to understand the emotions of others, as well as the inability to form any emotional connections with others. This means that you will never feel guilt or emotional attachment to someone, for it is a foreign concept.

You are more likely to emotionally and mentally manipulate the ones around you to get what you desire, discarding them whenever they've outlived their usefulness.

Note: This trait is almost impossible to overcome

Perk Gained

[Great Magic Core] – Perk

A magic core is a spiritual 'Organ' that continuously produces mana within the being until their reserves are completely filled, and yours is an unnaturally powerful core

You generate three times more mana than usual, tripling your MP Regeneration.

Heh, seems my 'condition' is following me even in death, huh? Ah well, it doesn't matter. I don't care about feeling sympathy or love, any of that sappy stuff really. Better to care about myself and me alone, even if I feel slightly curious about those feelings.

The trade-off is excellent. Tripled MP regen is gonna make it far easier to powerlevel in the dungeon. With my level-ups, I'll be able to make my MP regen even faster and faster, enough to be able to spam twenty low-tier spells per second without losing a single point.

...Maybe I can roll another. Shouldn't be that bad, right?

Let's see what I get.

Trait gained

[Thanatophobia] – Trait

The very notion of death terrifies you more than it should, for what could possibly be waiting for you in the afterlife?

You are less likely to put yourself in dangerous situations as long as you're sure you won't perish, no matter the reward. You'll put your life above others, and are likely to throw away your allies and friends for your own safety.

Note: This trait can be easily overcome

Perk Gained

[Friendly Face] – Perk

You emit an unnoticeable aura that draws in other people. Your smile would brighten the day of others, and your general kindness and cheerfulness will always lift everyone's spirits up. You are more likely to gain the trust of others, as your eyes hold nothing but understanding and gentleness.

Reputation and Affection are much easier to gain, others are more likely to confide in you with their problems and issues, and they'll forgive you for whatever problems you cause. Keep in mind this perk has its limits. Effectiveness is far lower with targets who have Evil alignments

Oh, so I can get rid of traits? That's good to know, not that this is a bad trait either; it'll mean that I won't do anything dumb and fuck myself over. The perk is useful as well, seeing that I'll be able to befriend others and get connections that way. Fix whatever problem this very important person has and I'll gain a powerful ally.

So far so good, so I think I'll do it one more time.

Trait gained

[Sin of Wrath] – Trait

You are short-tempered and easily angered. You won't rest until the one who incurred your wrath is punished, whether through death, torture, or humiliation. The method depends on you.

You will become completely uncontrollable once your rage hits a certain point, giving you the buff/debuff [Red-Hot Fury], increasing your physical stats by 75% but reducing your mental stats and defense stat by 50%.

Note: This trait is hard to overcome

Perk gained

[Rising Star] – Perk

You are born a prodigy among prodigies, with growth that will make all your peers envious yet in awe. Your ability to learn and progress far exceeds that of regular beings, whether it's in the mental, spiritual, or physical department.

With your unnatural growth, leveling up and becoming stronger is much easier, and as such, EXP and stat gain are doubled. Learning and comprehending new abilities comes naturally for you, and for that, all skill Rank-up requirements are cut by 25%

That's… well, anger is gonna be tough to handle, but with Rising Star's admittedly insane advantage, I guess it's a fair trade. Way fairer than the other pulls for sure, which makes it uncomfortable now that I think of worse traits I could've gained.

Shit, I've never had to handle rage as not a lot of things pissed me off a lot. The good thing from this trait though would be the buff it gives. Even though I'm a mage-based class right now, I'm planning to take a few fighter classes later to balance out my stats.

I might be able to get rid of Thanatophobia with this too, so maybe it's not all that bad…

I think I'm done with this. I suppose I'll be reincarnated now?

Correct. Take a look at your stats before that.

Name - Akane Amamiya

Level – 1

Title - None

Class - Cryomancer - LVL 1/100 [0%]

Race - Human

Rank - Mortal

Alignment - Neutral Evil

HP - 100 [20 per minute]

MP - 100 [60 per minute]

SP - 100 [20 per minute]

STR - 10

END - 10

DEX - 10

INT - 10

WIS - 10

CHA - 10

LUK – 10

Akane… Amamiya? That's a Japanese name. Will I be reborn in Japan if that's the case? But which Japan? A normal, boring Japan, one with Supernatural creatures filling it, or maybe ancient Japan?

You will know soon enough. Are you ready?

I don't think there's anything left to do, so yes, I guess I am.

Very well.

You will be reincarnated in 5….4…..3….2…..1….

With strain, I slowly open my eyes, blinking away the blurriness before gazing at the ceiling. I slowly turn left, the moonlit sky lighting up a part of my room from the open door. I wince slightly as I get up before yawning.

Ugh, why do I feel so tired? It's still midnight, but I can barely even lift an arm.

It took me a few seconds, but when I realized my situation, my eyes widened. Memories of that void came rushing back – creating a jumbled mess between the memories of my old life and the memories of Akane Amamiya. I take a deep breath and a few minutes to separate the memories of the two souls.

A 17 years old girl, born and raised in Japan, Kiyoraha Prefecture. The only living relative is her mother, but there is a very close friend of the family. The father, Tatsu Amamiya, passed away in a car crash ten years ago, and the mother, Mizuki Amamiya, is seemingly living off her life savings. Said savings are in the billions of Yens. Akane is still wondering where she got the money from, or what job she used to do. Mizuki is extremely secretive about it, even under all that childish behavior.

Akane is a 5'5 tall girl with silky, back-length hair and Blood-Red eyes. She lives in a traditional Japanese mansion along with her mother in a town called Kiyoraha in Kansai, but will soon move to Kuoh in Kanto to continue the daughter's education. Mizuki already bought a home there with the insane amount of money she has, and their flight to Kuoh is in a few days from now.

Akane is a quiet girl, usually minds her own business, but isn't socially inept. She's usually laid back, calm, and tries to act kindly to everyone, but is not one who'll take insults laying down. She's gotten in a fight more than once against delinquents and gang members and was able to beat them handily. She's very suspicious that they never try to take revenge for what she does to them, and used to be on guard whenever she's near their turfs.

Until the Omi kicked them out and took the place two years ago, giving it to the Go-Ryu Clan branch. Whatever Gang you might be from, you do not fuck with the Yakuza, especially not the Go-Ryu Clan.

She put off her need to see a therapist for her anger issues as she never saw a problem with herself. She's never gotten angry at her friends or family and thought that it was no big deal to let out some steam on people who truly got on her nerves. Mizuki is an extreme pushover when it came to her daughter and never forced her to call a therapist.

...Referring to myself in third person is weird. I am Akane Amamiya, mixed with the knowledge and some of the memories of my old past and the traits I gained from that system thing. Speaking of…

I pinch myself, blinking a few times before grinning widely. So I'm not dreaming?

As I go through my memories, I lose my smile and frown in thought. Kuoh Academy means DxD. I've seen the anime, read some of the novels, and quite a bit of fanfics, so I know how dangerous this world is. Old Satans, Seraphs, Gods, Dragons – and so on. I'm at a disadvantage of being a human, but I know how absurd humans can be.

Vasco Strada for example, or Dulio Gesualdo.

As The Gamer, I should be able to catch up fast. However, any fuck up could kill me. If I'm going to Kuoh, then I think my best bet would be to befriend Rias and Sona. I'm not joining their peerage, no matter the benefit I'll get.

Rias is a whiny, lazy, and spoilt princess complaining about Riser without any drive to improve herself. With something like the Power of Destruction, Riser should've never stood a chance against her, but all she did was sit around and whine, waiting for someone to do her job for her. Someone like her honestly disgusts me. Has incredible power and potential, but no ambitions.

Sona is leagues better, but I dislike know-it-all people, and whatever individual who's adamant in following the rules really. Do what you want, just don't shove your stupid beliefs down my throat.

Of course, that's not counting my disdain for working under others. I work for myself, under my own rules and beliefs. Why should I follow after some NPC?

I sigh and shake my head. Ah, whatever. Thinking about this is pissing me off.

I'll try to make connections with them, through that the Devil Faction, but remain independent. Contrary to how many fanfictions portray them, The New Satans aren't bloodthirsty monsters that will immediately kill me the moment I refuse something from them. They're not like the Old Satans – they want to build positive connections instead of making everyone an enemy, even to a human like me.

They want to break the 'Devils are evil' stereotype apart, unlike the Old Satans who embody evil and act on it.

I get up from my futon, struggling a bit as I feel slightly sluggish, then walk towards the open door and into the front garden. I gaze up at the full moon at its highest point, slowly strolling to the middle of the garden.

My mother should be asleep right now if not drinking her ass off, so I should have a bit of time practicing some magic maybe. We're the only people in the compound anyway.

I close my eyes and focus, trying to get the same feeling I felt in the void – the same calming energy that I felt when getting my magic. A weak, but noticeable tugging sensation made itself known in my chest and reacting on instincts, I pull.

I slowly open my eyes and smile as I see light blue auras covering my hands, and focusing again, I instinctively mold my magic to an icicle as small as a pencil. Focusing felt quite easy after a few seconds, so I turn to my left and fling the small icicle at a small decorative boulder nearby.

Skill created

[Cryomancy: Ice Needle] – Skill

A thin, small, yet very sharp and pointy construct of ice. A weak spell, but quick to cast and shoot whilst having a low MP cost

Deals 5 + INTx0.7 Ice Damage

Costs 5 MP

I mute a squeal of excitement, focusing on my mana to create another spell. This time, I forced more MP, creating a larger icicle before flinging it again, shattering on impact.

Oooh~ This is fun~

Skill created

[Cryomancy: Icicle] – Skill

A sharp and thick icicle thrown at the enemy to impale them. A good beginner spell to practice ice magic

Deals 15 + INTx1.2 Ice Damage

Costs 15 MP

Alright, this is how you force your magic out naturally. How about molding it? I'm only able to make icicles and needles at the moment, so let's see if I make… an arrow perhaps.

I take a deep breath and imagine spell as I create the spell with my magic, a short yet sharp arrow with a thin spine and very thin fletchings. I let the flow of mana does its job, and seconds later, a short arrow made of ice floats above my hand.

Skill created

[Cryomancy: Ice Arrow] – Skill

A high-tier novice spell useful for battle, training one's flow of magic, and control over Cryomancy. Arrows are sharper and soars faster than icicles.

Deals 25 + INTx1.5 Ice Damage

Costs 30 MP

This is really fun~

But I need a… living target to really see what these can do. A dead target will do just as good, so I think it's high time I use my ID create.

I was about to use the skill, but I hesitate slightly. I'm not really sure if I'm equipped for this – all I have on me right now are my red pajamas and spells. I don't know what this dungeon has in store for me. I could be fighting high-level liches or something.

...S-should I go? Try to level up a bit? Or do I wait until tomorrow?

I can… maybe only go through the first wave before leaving. I have a week before I leave for Kuoh, so surely I have enough time to get used to my spells and such, right?

I sigh. Only one way to find out…

As a strange, multicolored glow covers my hand, I clench my fist, casting the spell. The very sky turns red as the mansion around me shifts into a more ruined version of it. I blink a few times, looking around me as I feel a shiver go through my spine. I quickly form an arrow in both hands before hearing a low growl followed by a creaking noise.

Wave start

Defeat 25 Slow Zombies [0/25]

Rewards: 1 Common Gacha Token, Petty Frost Ring, 50 Credits, 2 Minor Stat Crystals

Blinking at the message, I smile slightly. Do rewards cater to my needs? What are the odds of getting a Cryomancy item this early?

I turn around to look at where the noise came from and see a rotten and bloodied old man slowly walk towards me from my room, gurgling and growling. Let's see…


Name: Zombie

Title: None

HP - 100

MP - 10

SP - 100

Race – Petty Undead

LVL - 2

STR - 11

END - 7

DEX - 3

INT – 0.5

WIS – 0.2

CHA – 0.1

LUK – 2

Reputation – -100

Affection – - 100

Obedience – - 100

Loyalty – - 100

Thoughts about you - Food

Two arrows and one needle should be enough to destroy it. I don't want to waste MP – I have a limited amount.

I aim both hands at the zombie, shooting it in the chest and thigh. It stumbles and falls on the ground, and as it slowly tries to crawl, I fling a needle at its head, killing it quickly.

Level up!

Name - Akane Amamiya

Level – 2

Title - None

Class - Cryomancer - LVL 2/100 [1%]

Race - Human

Rank - Mortal

Alignment - Neutral Evil

HP - 100 [20 per minute]

MP - 200 [120 per minute]

SP - 100 [20 per minute]

STR - 10

END - 10

DEX - 10

INT - 20

WIS - 20

CHA - 10

LUK – 10

Already? But it was just one zombie?

I mean, I guess I can understand. I have the 25% bonus from my human race and a double EXP bonus from the Rising Star perk. This is good, I can level up quickly and learn how to use my magic efficiently. I need to be able to hide my magic before I move to Kuoh. That'll give me the advantage of observing the devils without them observing me.

I quickly twirl around as I hear another noise, taking a step back as I see three zombies slowly coming towards me. With confidence in my recent level-up, I shoot them down with arrows and icicles, killing them before they get too close to me.

Catching one with the corner of my eye, I cast three icicles at it, riddling it with holes and ending its life- er, unlife? Is that even a word?

Level up!

My easy smile turns into a smug smirk. This is getting easy, and my fast leveling is making it a breeze.

I wait for a few minutes, but no more zombies come, making my lips thin in annoyance. Do I really have to go look for them? I'm… not sure if fighting in a closed area is a good idea, but I don't think I have any choice.

With a frustrated sigh, walking around the house while keeping my senses sharp. I know the place like the back of my hand, but I'm not sure where the zombies are.

I made sure to step on the creaking wooden floors lightly to not alert any zombies, making sure I'm able to hear anything nearby. A groan to my left stops me in place, and I slowly slide the door open, smirking at two zombies inside. I get rid of them with arrows, then walk towards the next-!

"Kya!" I let out a startled yelp as something pushes me down.

A loud and drawn-out groan makes my heart drop and I quickly try to push away the zombie trying to bite me. It slams my shoulder down, opening its rotten maw as it tries to bite me. Acting fast, I stick an icicle inside its mouth and throat, pushing it away and forcing it to fall on its back before I shoot it with two arrows, one more for good measures.

HP - 63/100

I let out a shaky sigh of relief, standing up soon after as I hear more and more undead coming. Must've heard my scream… Fuck.

I rush towards the garden, grimacing as I see over ten zombies already there coming towards me. I look to each side, my hands starting to shake after seeing undead coming from each side. I calm myself down with a deep breath, then kill two zombies coming from the right corridors to make an escape route. I slowly walk backward, counting the zombies to make sure nothing could come behind me, then nod to myself as I deduce that these are all that's left.

Knowing that leveling up fills my MP reserves by leveling up, I keep casting arrow after arrow, destroying the zombies getting closer. Level 5 made me able to kill the zombies with one arrow, making it far easier. After around two minutes of slowly backing away as I shoot them, I finally clear them out, completing the wave.

Wave complete

Rewards added to inventory

Proceed to the next wave?

I sigh deeply, my knees finally giving out as I fall down.

Too close. Way too close for comfort.

If all that made me lose over thirty points of HP, then a bite would've instantly killed me. I'm lucky I was able to think quickly, even under that situation.

But inventory, huh? So I have that too. Do I just think about-

A light blue window opens in front of me, making me chuckle lowly. Alright, guess thinking about it is fine.

Let's see what I got…

[Common Gacha Token] – Item

The lowest tier Gacha Token, snatching common items like a mop or a bottle of water from the vast multiverse. Snap to use!

[Petty Frost Ring] – Item

A very weak enchanted silver ring with a weak magical sapphire. Such an item would be discarded as a failed experiment to most enchanters, but it still has its uses

Increases Ice Magic Damage by 2%

Increases Ice Damage Resistance by 2%

[Lesser DEX Crystal] – Item

A weak magical crystal that when crushed, increases one's DEX by 5

[Lesser CHA Crystal] – Item

A weak magical crystal that when crushed, increases one's CHA by 5

[Credits] – Credits

Credits are the Gamer's currency, used to purchase almost anything from the Store.

The Store is unlocked at level 25

I take out the ring, crystals, and Gacha Token. The DEX and CHA crystals are mint-green and pink respectively, and the Gacha is a thin, black stick as long as my middle finger that has a golden "G" at the end of it. First thing I do is put the ring on, then look at the Token with slight anticipation. It's common level, but I wonder what I'll get…

I snap it, and a brown bracer appears in my hand.

[Leather Bracer] – Item

A basic leather bracer to protect your arm. Light and durable enough to protect you from an average-powered slash from an iron sword.

Gain 2% Physical Damage resistance on the armored part

I raise a brow. Only one bracer? Not even a pair?


I scoff quietly before sending it to my inventory. Last two things are the crystals.

I crush them, colorful orbs flying off of them before I absorb them. I bring up my stats and my eyes widen slightly, a grin blooming on my face.

Name - Akane Amamiya

Level – 7

Title - None

Class - Cryomancer - LVL 7/100 [24%]

Race - Human

Rank - Mortal

Alignment - Neutral Evil

HP - 100 [20 per minute]

MP - 700 [420 per minute]

SP - 100 [20 per minute]

STR - 10

END - 10

DEX - 20

INT - 70

WIS - 70

CHA - 20

LUK – 10

Heh, I got ten points in DEX and CHA instead of five. Rising Star perk affects crystals as well it seems. Isn't that overpowered?

Even still, I think I'm done for today. Maybe I'll continue tomorrow after I buy some stuff from nearby stores. There's a pawn store somewhere near the mansion, maybe they have something for sale that can help a bit.

There's also a katana in my mother's room – it's there as decoration, sure, but it's a real sword. She never settled for half-hearted decoration for the mansion, always buying the real stuff. Hell, I think there's a spear as well somewhere in the storage shack. An actual spear too.

I can use those as backup weapons in case I run out of magic, or when zombies get too close. Should be useful for now, and later on whenever I get a Spearman or a Swordsman class.

My arm moves on its own, raising high up before clenching my fist, undoing the ID Create spell, and shattering the dungeon. Quite literally too. The air itself shattered like glass, breaking everywhere before everything turns to normal.

I rub my eyes tiredly then walk to my room, pausing as I see my mother holding her head in pain as she strolled through the compound. I step forward to her and she notices me, smiling cheerfully while hiding a wince.

It's… actually kinda strange to look at her now. I know what she looks like, short black hair framing a round-ish face, with bangs in-between her steel-gray eyes. She wore a pair of triangular earrings and a small necklace over the top of her black shirt.

You'd think she looks pretty normal for a Japanese woman, but there's this… I don't know how to say it, but anime-ish look. It's honestly hard to explain, but this made her look far better than any woman in my old world. If she was there, then you can bet she'll make every supermodel out there completely irrelevant.

Hell, that's not counting her body. To me, it looks average, but to my old world, it's almost supernatural. One to die for.

And you know? I look fairly similar, albeit two inches shorter, with smaller boobs, and red eyes I inherited from my deceased father.

"There ya are!" Mizuki states. "I wanted to check up on ya, but didn't find you anywhere! Ya had me pretty damn worried."

"Your Kansai accent is showing again." I remind her instinctively, making her freeze before cursing under her breath. "And I couldn't sleep when I woke up, so I took a walk."

"And you didn't think you should reassure your poor and worried mother that you were fine?" She glares at me, crossing her arms. "You fell down sick so suddenly yesterday, and the first thing you do when you feel better is take a walk?"

"And the first thing you do after I lie down on my futon is sit in front of the TV and drink?" I raise a brow, unfazed. Her flinch almost made me smirk. "Not stay with me and make sure I was okay?"

"I-I- that's- I thought you went to sleep!" She argues. "I didn't want to bother you. You know that, right? Right?"

"Hm, who knows." I shrug. "I never understood what goes through that thick head of yours anyway, and I gave up a long time ago."

"So mean!" She pouts. "I was gonna cancel our flight to Kuoh, you know? That's how much I've been worried."

...A part of me wishes that you did.

"Ah, thank you for your hospitality. You almost ruined my only chance of getting into a highly prestigious school." I snark. "Feels great to know people care."

"That's- you…ugh." She groans, massaging the bridge of her nose. "Alright, fine, I concede. Let's just say that we both messed up and-"

"But only you messed up."

"Akane!" She glares at me. "I'm trying to come to a-"

"I didn't do anything wrong." I shrug, cutting her off. "A mother should care for her daughter, not the other way around."

"No no no!" My mother shakes her head in a panic. "Family cares for each other! Who taught you these strange things?!"

"It's only logical," I respond calmly. "Cubs don't protect their mothers from danger-"

"Those are bears!" She groans loudly. "We are not bears! We're humans! Hu-mans!"

It's always been fun to mess with her like this, but I'm too tired to keep this up.

"Eh, whatever." I shrug nonchalantly. "I don't really care about bears-"

"That's not what we were talking about!"

"-but I'm tired and want to sleep." As soon as I say that, I yawn. "Goodnight, I guess."

I give her a half-hearted wave and slide the door to my room open, but then I feel her breasts pressing against my back as she embraces me gently. Aside from being too used to smelling it, I can still catch a whiff of alcohol, but it isn't too strong, so I was able to resist the urge to push her away from me.

"I'm so happy that you're fine…" She whispers. "I was so worried, y'know? It- it was so sudden I-"

"I know." I tightly hold her hand. "It's fine, Kaa-san. I'm fine, there's nothing wrong with me. Didn't the doctor say that? It was just a fever."

"...Y-yes, yer right." Mizuki sighs, reverting back to her Kansai accent before backing away. "It's gettin' late and I'm being annoying again. I-I'll leave ya alone now."

She walks away from me, a sad and guilty look on her face as she heads to her room.

"Kaa-san." She stops as I call her. "I love you."

10 Affection with Mizuki Amamiya [80/100]


It took a moment, but her shoulders start to shake before she responds. "I love ya too, sweetie."

She disappears into her room seconds later, but not before I cast observe on her, my eyes widening at her stats.

Name: Mizuki Amamiya

Title: Loving Mother

HP – 1400

MP – 5

SP – 1400

Race – Human

LVL - 42

STR - 103

END - 70

DEX - 111

INT – 56

WIS – 31

CHA – 45

LUK – 15

Reputation – 100

Affection – 80

Obedience – 60

Loyalty – 100

Thoughts about you – Loves you more than anything in the world, but feels very guilty about it

Those… aren't average human stats. What the hell? Why is she so strong for a human? Is she related to the Supernatural somehow? I never saw anything strange with her at all – she's always been the airheaded and energetic mother with slight alcohol and smoke addiction.

And why guilt? What did she do?

I might need to keep an eye on her.

Maybe I should search around her room once she's out or something, see what she's hiding. No average human should be that powerful.

Quest added

[Bloodstained Past] – Quest

Objective: Discover what Mizuki is hiding

Rewards: 2 Common Gacha Tokens, 1 Uncommon Gacha Token, Minor EXP, 100 Credits

Danger Level: Low

A quest? This only makes me want to know about her more, though… Bloodstained Past, huh?


But I'll worry about it tomorrow. I'm still tired as hell…

Wandering around the compound, I let out a yawn as I head towards the living room. Birds chirping and the sun shining, I rub my eyes tiredly as I slide the door open, glancing at Mizuki who was lying down on her side as she watched TV.

"Oh, you're up." She raises her arm, then points at my breakfast on the table in the middle of the room. "Just finished with my own food, so yours should still be hot."

"Mhm…" I sit down, taking my chopsticks.

"I can heat it up for you if it isn't." Mizuki offers.

I take a bite of the fish, responding a second later. "It's good."

"Hm… By the way, did you sleep well last night?" She asks, changing channels with the remote. "Did the fever return?"

"I'm fine, Kaa-san." I sigh. "I'm still surprised you're able to wake up earlier than me relatively fine considering how much you drink."

"What can I say? I'm an early bird!" She states proudly, raising a can of beer in the air. "Besides, I inherited your father's livers. Hangovers are no problem for me!"

"That's not how genes or the human body work," I say calmly, a small smile of amusement on my face. "But nothing I say will go through that thick head of yours anyway."


We spend the next few minutes in silence, me eating in peace as my mother changes the channels, probably looking for something entertaining. Not long after, the TV lands on the news channel, but before Mizuki could change, the news reveals something mildly interesting.

"Up next, we have the increasingly concerning news about the missing girls in Kiyoraha." The news reporter says. "Without a word, young girls from twelve to twenty years old have gone missing without a trace. The Police Force still hasn't got a clue about these incidents, so please make sure to not leave the house alone late at night and always have a phone in hand."

"Heeh…" Mizuki sips from her can. "Poor girls. I hope nothing bad happened to them."

"They most likely got kidnapped and trafficked," I comment bluntly. "Prrrrooobably raped on the way too."

That prompted my mother to choke on her own drink, coughing violently as she adjusts her seating position – crossed-legged before she looks at me in shock.


"What?" I raise a brow. "I just came to a logical conclusion with the information in hand. It's horrible, sure, but no use in denying reality."

She flinches, sighing a second later. "Ya really don't mince yer words, do ya…"

"Accent, Kaa-san."

"Gah! Damn it!"

I turn my attention to the TV, finishing the last bite of my breakfast.

Missing girls, huh? Wonder what really kidnapped them though. It's a possibility that some yakuza grunts not knowing how yakuza works got them, but it could be something else. The Supernatural does exist after all, so I won't be surprised if a Devil or something snatched them away.

Creatures of Sin kidnapping young and beautiful women. I wonder why?

Quest added

[Shadow of Kiyoraha] – Quest

Objective: Discover who's been kidnapping girls in Kiyoraha

Bonus Objective: Kill the Kidnapper

Rewards: 3 Common Gacha Tokens, 2 Uncommon Gacha Tokens, Minor EXP, Necklace of Rejuvenation

Bonus Rewards: 1 Rare Gacha Token, Moderate EXP, Frost Soldier Pin

Danger Level: High

Time Limit: 6 Days, 3 Hours, 52 Minutes...

A smile stretches across my face. Those look like good rewards, but I think I'll need to level up a bit before I start it. It's where I live, so they're probably close by. I'm pretty sure they'll show up if I start walking around the neighborhood really late at night.

When that happens, I'll be ready.

"So!" Mizuki speaks up, turning the TV off before looking at me with a grin. "Any plans for today?"

"Not particularly." I shrug. "I'll just walk around town, maybe visit the pawnshop to see if they have anything. What about you?"

"Hehehe…" She chuckles, giving me a proud smile. "The Champion of Kiyoraha has been challenged once again in a match of-"

"Mahjong. Got it."

"Don't make it sound so lame!" She whines.

"Should I expect you to come back late then?" I ask, ignoring her antics. "Last time you were 'challenged', you passed out drunk in a bar nearby to 'celebrate your victory'. You're lucky one of the neighbors recognized you and brought you here."

Mizuki winces, giggling nervously. "T-that was an accident. It won't happen again, I promise. I'll be back before dinner."

My gaze lingers on her fidgeting form, then I relented with a sigh. "Fine, but no drinking."

"Why am I being scolded?" My mother sighs, a dark cloud hanging over her head. "I'm s'posed to be the mother..."

"That wasn't a 'yes'."

"Y-yes ma'am!" She salutes. "No drinking! Want a Pinky Promise?"

I roll my eyes and stand up. "Whatever."

"Wait, where are you going?"

"I told you; I'm taking a walk," I respond, sliding the door open. "Send me a message when you leave the house."

"Okay." She waves with a happy smile. "Take care!"

Strolling around the city, I notice that people in groups are more common than individuals going alone. I guess the news about this kidnapping got everyone on edge lately, especially with how surprisingly common it is. No one is sure when it happens since people went missing midday even, but late at night seems to be more frequent.

Whoever, or whatever they are, they're restless. It won't take long for them to mess up and attack the wrong person. A supernatural creature like a Yokai or maybe a high-ranking yakuza. Unless it's a very powerful entity, I don't think it'll be able to keep this up.

I already have a couple of ideas on what it could be. I doubt it's a Fallen, Angel, or Yokai. These don't seem the type to attack and kidnap random citizens for no reason. Someone might say that they could be hunting for Sacred Gear users, but I very much doubt it. Tens of Sacred Gear users in the same place? Impossible.

So this leaves us with two suspects. Devils and Humans.

I can see thugs or delinquents kidnapping girls and trafficking them somewhere for money. It's possible, and it did happen before, but I don't think the kidnappers are this stupid to do it in broad daylight. Specifically, how random it is. There is no pattern from what I read in the article – they're just vanishing left and right without any form of organizing or planning. Once the Go-Ryu hears about this, then there's no saving them, no ifs, buts, and whys.

It's reckless, extremely reckless. Humans are arrogant, but they're not dumb.

Speaking of arrogant and dumb… doesn't that describe how Devils are? Arrogance to the point of pure stupidity? Don't get me wrong, someone like the Four Satans isn't what I'd call stupid. They're intelligent to the point of it being honestly terrifying, but we're not talking about the Satans here.

Devils, even the low-class, are egotistical and cocky. They see humans as nothing more than ants, so they walk over them without any fear of possible consequences. After all, what can a human do to a devil?

So this would explain the recklessness, but doesn't explain why? They're creatures of sin, but why so many women? Wouldn't one or two, maybe even three be enough? Over twelve women went missing now, so what exactly is going on?

One more piece to solve this stupid puzzle…

Arriving at my destination, I take a good look at the Pawnshop in front of me. Only here to buy some protective gear. I have the money thankfully, but let's hope that they have what I want.

I open the door, the elderly shopkeeper giving me a warm smile as he welcomes me from behind the counter. "Welcome!"

He lets me browse in peace, glass display cases all around the store. Jewelry, handbags, perfumes, baseball bats, scarfs – multiple pretty but undoubtedly low-quality items decorating the place. My lips thin as I don't see anything that can be used as armor.

"Do you have anything for protection?" I ask, making his eyes go wide.

"Ojou-san, I'm... afraid I don't sell that kind of protection here. You can try the convenience store a few blocks that way."

"Not that." I scowl in annoyance. "I meant literal protection. Something like body armor."

"Ah…" He scratches his chin. "I think I have something like that. Just a moment."

As he goes to the backroom, I glance around a second time, looking for anything that interests me. Bags look great from a distance, but they're all outdated and of very poor quality compared to the real stuff – not like I buy bags anyway – and Jewelry is all most likely plastic.

Observe confirms that.

Some scarfs look good, but it's not even winter. Besides, a scarf can be disadvantageous in a fight, especially when someone decides to hold on to them and pull.

At the corner of the shop, there's a basket filled with baseball bats. I take a step towards it, tilting my head as I grab a basic metal one.

[Metal Bat] – Item

A very normal metal baseball bat. Usually used for baseball, but it can be used as a lethal weapon. Possibility of giving a concussion when used to hit someone's head.

Deals 50 + STRx2.5 Physical Damage

Hmm, not bad for a common level item. Maybe I should take one? I might need it in the Zombie Dungeon – Blunt force could help out later on.

I take a quick glance around the shop, clicking my tongue in annoyance as I see a security camera. Stealing it is out of the question. Even if I stuff it in my inventory, the camera will still catch what happened.

Guess I'm buying it then…

I spot the elderly shopkeeper finally coming back, putting what seems to be black body armor on the counter. I smile slightly, taking the bat with me as I inspect the item.

[Armored Motorcycle Jacket] – Item

A regular Biker Armor made of leather and kevlar, protecting the wearer from sudden falls on the pavement or life-threatening collisions with other bikes. Looks stylish.

Gain 10% Physical Damage resistance on the armored part

"Nice…" I put the bat on the counter next to it. "How much?"

"21,000 Yen." He says, making me frown slightly before sighing.

I take out my wallet and give him the amount, causing a smile to appear on his face. He was about to take the items to put them in a bag, but I snatch them before he could, quickly walking out of the place. Making sure no one was looking, I stuff the items inside my inventory, then go about my merry way.

Now that's taken care of, I'll spend the rest of my day gathering information about the kidnapper until my mother leaves the house, then I can go back and snoop around her room to discover what she's hiding. The best place to look for info would be where the last incident took place.

An empty alley around the corner of a popular burger chain. I'm not sure if the police should be there, but they shouldn't take too long to investigate.

I wave at the cab parked a block away from the pawnshop, the taxi driver opens the window and nods.

"Where to, Ojou-san? Fare is 550 Yen."

"Smile Burger, the one close to the boulevard."

He nods. "Understood. Please get in."

I nod back and get in the backseat of the car.

I really hope I can find a clue or something...

I glance at my watch, grimacing slightly as I see that it's 4 PM. I've been waiting for the police to leave the scene for two hours now, going from one place to another while observing them. There's some detective going with two officers inside the alley as one more officer guards the entrance, shooing away anyone who tries to enter.

I've been making sure to stay subtle, not getting in the officer's line of sight except maybe a few times. I'm not stupid; he might get an idea if he saw me walking around the same place too many times, same with staying too close for too long.

"Here's your order, miss." The waitress says, putting the tray on the table in front of me. "Enjoy your food."

"Thank you," I mumble absentmindedly, unwrapping the burger before taking a bite.

I've been in this place for twenty minutes now, taking my time to order my food just so I can stay in longer. Besides, it's a very good place for observing the alleyway and the police guarding it. Once they leave, I'll rush in and see what I can find.

And it's time for lunch anyway. Might as well get a meal out of this.

I take a sip from my drink, eyes widening as I see the detective finally leaving the alley. I blink a few times, glancing around me quickly to make sure no one is looking before putting the remaining food inside my inventory.

I make sure that I'm not seen, waiting for them to fuck off, then dash inside the alleyway and into a tight place. Empty boxes, lumber, garbage cans – nothing quite interesting. My eyes narrow, looking for anything out of the ordinary.

There must be something here, right? There can't be zero evidence, no matter how small. The kidnapper must've screwed up or something.

I unconsciously bite my lips, unable to find anything as I get further and further away from the entrance of the alley. Come on, anything will do…

"Well, well, lookie here!" A voice calls out, making me pause. "Looks like we got a pretty one boys!"

I slowly turn around, my back against the wall as five people wearing green tracksuits look at me with lecherous grins. One was holding a baseball bat, two others were gripping on pipes, but all of them mean bad business.

Great, now I got these idiots to deal with…

Gangs might be annoying, but they sure as hell were fierce when someone fucked with their turf, and all of them knew me and kept their distance. If a Yakuza saw this scene, he'd push the delinquents away and be on his business, but the Omi is nowhere near as protective as the old gangs I used to fight against.

I miss them...

"Whachu doin' here, Ojou-chan?" The leader asks, a smug smirk on his face. "Are ya lost? You poor little thing~"

I resist a roll of my eyes as his friends laugh along with him. Stereotypical delinquents…

"And what are you doing?" I raise a brow. "Really, harassing someone in Go-Ryu grounds? You have a death wish or something?"

The moron pauses, looking at me dumbfounded. "What?"

"Are you deaf, dipshit?" I smirk. "I said this is Omi turf. If you value your life, then turn around, be a good little boy and fuck off."

His eyes widen, then he scowls. "The hell d'you say, bitch?!"

"O-oi, boss, we should go." One of his friends who had a wide smile was now looking at me with terror. "W-we shouldn't harass people. Goda might be watchin' us, dude. He's gonna fuck us up before movin' on to our families."

"Ya serious?" The 'boss' turned around, glaring at his buddy. "We been in this town fer months now, and we barely saw any yakuza. Ya think they're gonna snap out 'o thin air cuz this bitch said so?!"

"You should listen to your friend, boss," I smirk condescendingly. I already know where this is gonna go. "Come on now, shoo. You might be late for dinner~"

"You piece of shit." He sneers, grabbing me by the collar. "You think you're cute?!"

"Bitch-" I push him back, tightly grabbing his neck. "I'm adorable."

Without another word, I kick him in the nuts, forcing him to let go of me before kneeling. I quickly take out my baseball bat and swing at his head with every bit of my strength, and a quick glance at his HP tells me that he's dead. He shouldn't be with my lack of strength, but I did hit his head. So location damage bonus is a thing here, huh?

The others were shell-shocked, and I use the chance to dismiss my bat and use both hands to cast ice arrows at them, killing the farthest three. The last one charges with his fist swinging at me, and I quickly sidestep as it smashes into the wall behind me. I kick his leg, making him fall, then immediately shoot an ice arrow at his face.

Level up x2

I take a minute to process what's happened, my eyes widening as I look at the corpses of the delinquents.

"Holy crap..." I mumble. "I just killed 'em all..."

I look at my hands, clenching and unclenching my fists as I process what happened. It was so fast - I reacted on instinct. The moment I hit the leader, my body felt like it was on autopilot. I knew I needed to kill them before they reacted to their friend suddenly dying like this.

My back was against the wall, and all of them had more physical stats than me. They could've easily pinned me down if they got close, and I don't think I'm skilled enough to come up with spells on the spot like this.

I've gotten in a lot of fights before, I've sent lots of people to the hospital- hell, I went there more than once too after brutal fights that involved nearby objects in the streets. Beating people to an inch of their lives wasn't new to me, in fact, I've gotten so used to it I started to enjoy it sometimes.

But I've never killed anyone before this. The correct and natural response would be fear and maybe guilt, but I don't feel anything. A part of me even feels morbid catharsis. It's not right to feel this way, I know it isn't, but I can't help but feel so apathetic.

I let out a sigh, smirking a second later. This must be the work of Gamer's Mind mixed with Sociopath, then. I knew it was powerful, but I admittedly underestimated it. Besides, this is all self-defense. I didn't really do anything bad here.

And a double level up? I won't say no to that.

I don't think anyone heard the commotion, but better to deal with this mess now before anyone comes here. I really, really hope the Omi didn't somehow see this. Even with the Gamer, I don't think I can deal with an entire Yakuza organization right now.

I crouch down at the corpse of the leader. Can I stuff corpses in my inventory?

Said corpse instantly vanishes from sight, my smirk widening at that. I can apparently.

I do the same for the other corpses, making sure to not take my time in hiding the evidence. My ice arrows already melted or dispelled to be more accurate, so nothing remained here except for the blood. Maybe I can check their belongings once I go back home, they might have something useful for me to use. I'll just burn the corpses or something later. No use in having them there if they're useless.

I crouch next to the last corpse in the corner, making it vanish into my inventory the next instant. I was about to get up and leave the place, but then I noticed something… dried blood? It's almost unnoticeable, and it's nigh invisible even when I'm this close to it.

Dried blood leads to behind a large crate, surrounded by garbage bins, boxes, and other, smaller crates. Some kind of a possible clue?

I move the stuff around, enough for me to get closer to the large crate. I think I might be able to pull this away…

I take a deep breath then grab the edges of the crate, pulling it back and away from whatever clue I found. It was heavy, and I even saw my Stamina drop to 80, 60, 50, 40, until it reaches 10. I let go of the crate, catching my breath for a few seconds before I decide to look around the crate.

The sight made my eyes widen in shock.

A grotesque half-eaten head and a bloodied face. The eyes were plucked out, and there was a hole in the skull. The brain was nowhere to be seen – as if it was sucked out. Half of the teeth were broken, and the tongue is sliced in half.

It was… honestly sickening to look at.

As well as morbidly fascinating.

...Pretty sure I lost my appetite though. Good god, did whatever did this have to go this far?

On the bright side, I think I know who's the 'kidnapper' is. Turns out it wasn't a kidnapper, but most likely a Stray Devil – Kinda forgot they exist to be honest – devouring people, targeting young women for some reason. Not sure why, but that's the only possible conclusion I've come to.

And now that I did…

I think it's time to fuck right off back home. Fuck waiting for my mother to call. I'm not suffering the same fate as this girl.

I quickly jog out of the alley, shivering as I felt cold air going through me. I feel something is watching me, which only made me nope out of there faster than my legs can take me. Nah, I'm not messing with a Stray Devil at my level.

I have a week to train. I can deal with it later.

I'll just stick to my wonderful haven I call 'home'.

Soo uh, that's it.

As you can see, very different. For one, Akane isn't in Kuoh yet and the fic is slower. Mostly because Im taking the character development route for this version instead of constant plot progression. Akane ain't evil right now, but the path is a slippery one.

So you can say that she's gonna have a corruption arc where she slowly loses her mind and goes batshit like the predecessor.

Rest of the fic is gonna be uploaded elsewhere, of course, gimme a few minutes and ill make one. hope I see you there.

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