Fae pov

I looked at my grimoire as it came to rest in my hands. I looked at the cover and gasped. There was no clover on the cover just a pair of butterfly wings. I immediately hid it from view I was sure to be ridiculed at home and did not want that to happen here. Telling Mimosa that I would see her at the castle I headed back home, not once looking inside my grimoire.

Matt pov

Everyone started laughing at me and Asta after they got over the shock of Yuno having the four leaf clover, I mean they just couldn't resist to mock us, the kid with no grimiore and the kid with a grimiore with no clover only the head of a wolf. I sighed and headed home, not ready to deal with the teasing. I looked in my grimoire and was suprised to see a spell already written into it: Wolf Magic: Lycanthropy.

Authors Note:

Yeah sorry, no updates on shadow of the shield but this wouldn't stay out of my head and has been kicking around for a while.

Constructive criticism is welcome and can anyone guess what is in Fae's grimoire?