Matt POV

Matt looked at the page in his grimoire still pondering what this spell would do. He had looked through all his grimoire and only found one spell in it's entirety.

Wolf Magic: Lycanthropy

Seeing no other choice he cast the spell. Immediately a he noticed a change, every single one of his senses where heightened especially smell. Suddenly he felt something weird like something was pulling him somewhere. But as he turned around though, his vision faded to black.


Nothing could quite describe the disapointment that Fae Vermillion felt at that moment. Her a noble didn't even get a three clover grimoire. How could this happen? To her? A noble? In anger she knocked her grimiore off her desk, she had been sulking in her room ever since she returned from the ceremony. It landed page-up open at a page with some writing on it, examining it closer all it said was the name of the spell:

Faerie Magic: Titania

Well now that she looked at it though her grimoire itself was disappointing the magic it contained seemed interesting at the very least. Casting the spell and standing up she noticed her hands beginning to glow ever so slightly just as her vision faded to black.

Matt POV

Waking up and looking around Matt could tell he was in a forest and not one that he was familiar with. A painful scream made him turn around exclaiming.

"Easy, easy that hurts you know." The girl who had screamed.

"Well excuse me for being shocked that I was just dumped into a place I do not recognise - and what am I wearing?" She replied hotly, at this Matt glanced down at himself and found himself dressed in only a pair of trousers that were torn off at the knee.

"At least you have most parts of you covered up." He grunted. Jesturing to her simple dark purple dress which exposed her upper back which showed off part of a weird wing pattern tattoo.

"And who might you be?" She hissed obviously insulted for whatever reason.

"Matt, orphan. You?" He answered. She blinked as if shocked that he did not know her.

"Fae Vermillion."

"Oh, right." The reaction to this shocked her.

"Why that reaction?" She asked. He turned to her.

"Look Princess right now we are in the middle of an unknown and very likely dangerous and you want me to - What was that?" His head snapped around as she stiffened at his words.

"What, where?"

"Growling, right were I'm looking." Their grimoires lit up and started hovering round about them opening at pages where words were appearing. Out of Matt's grimoire came the handle of something which when he drew it turned out to be a knife with a blade like a fang.

Wolf Magic: Mother's Fang

Fae's spell caused her tattoos to flare to life as fairy wings.

Faerie Magic: Titania's wings

Out of the shadow's came two types of creatures: hunched over Fairies with withered wings and large black Wolves with crooked teeth. Matt turned to Fae.

"You willing to fly the both of us out of here Princess?" His answer was the arms that snaked around his shoulder's and the sudden lift he felt when she started flying away from the monsters coming at them. He smirked at her. "So you decided to stick around and help a commoner then eh?" She glared down at him.

"Do you want me to drop you?" His answering laugh gave her his answer.

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