Part 11

The battle halted as Moonflower and Anthony lay dying in Each other's arms. Katherine wasn't aware that Anthony had been hit by a stray bullet. She wanted Moonflower dead but not with Anthony in her arms dying as well, the vision and intimacy of the act itself made her sick.

Akeela laughed

"You think yourself worthy of Magic, master of your own destiny, you think you can rewrite fate" She said mockingly to Shathu as she held her bad arm.

"You were able to separate them in life, but they will remain together forever in the afterlife"

"NO!" Katherine shrilled

"Do Something" She hissed at Shathu shaking his arms.

Shathu pushed Katherine of him sending her flailing to the floor. He began an incantation which he never completed as Running Wolf sunk his own blade into Shathu's dark heart.

"Thank Goddess he didn't complete that" Akeela breathed then with his dying breath Shathu completed the last 3 words of the spell.

"Mighty Hera; give me strength" Akeela called as she furiously tried to undo the separation spell Shathu cast.

Shathu's magic was too evil and flawed for Akeela to undo so she improvised and turned the spell into a curse.

"In the light of the full moon 2 enemies shall meet all hate shall dissipate and both shall continue on the course of fate so mote it be!" She cried out collapsing from the energy drain casting spells caused. The child howled in pure agony as her parents souls left her on the cold forest floor. Flying Eagle picked up the infant and placed her in Akeela's arms as he dragged her towards the thicket away from the fighting that resumed between the pale faces and his people. Some of Shathu's surviving men had pledged allegiance to Running Wolf and joined him in his fight with the pale faces.

The smell of fresh blood had brought a different being all together to watch the battle continue. His red eyes looked in displeasure at the blood that was wasted on the ground.

What a feast this will be

Aro thought to himself as he watched the warriors bathe the land in more blood. He wished his brothers were there with him. He looked towards the twins he had started transforming. They would need blood when they awakened to their new life in a few minutes. His mouth pulled down at the corner as the slight smell of wet dog permeated the air.

Running wolf was in control in the fight; his people had the upper hand then at least 50 more pale faces showed up with snapping snarling dogs. His men were spent as was he, but he would die fighting – he would never give up. He couldn't save Moonflower, but he could at least try to save her daughter. Flying Eagle came to his side as they both launched at the pale faces.

Running Wolf was forced to his knees, some of the men were ordered to go back and move the women and children to a safer location and defend them. Flying Eagle lay dead and the pale faces rejoiced around them. Katherine wanted to kill Running Wolf slowly the way she intended to kill Moonflower. That thought was short lived as Running Wolf spotted a shimmering red eyed figure staring through the brushes –since when did his sight get so accurate, he wondered idly before a surge of heat rippled through his body permeating from his core.

He howled in pain as his body seized and contorted, he felt red hot fire run through his veins, his body literally felt as if it were about to explode. He gasped for air as it became harder to breathe. His niece was on the floor in front of him her crying died down as she watched him with curious eyes, Akeela had torn off part of her lion skin clothing and wrapped the baby in it before she passed out from a blow to the head from the butt of Katherine's gun. Her wounded man had taken her and hobbled towards town with her limp body. He tried in his convulsed state not to fall on the child. It was Anthony's older brother who had the sense to pick the child up. Running wolf was sure he wanted no part in the war and followed the men from town to the clearing out of curiosity. He nuzzled the little girl then started edging away from the crowd. His first thought was to escape with the baby; his wife has just lost a son in the womb and with it her ability to have children again. The child was his brother's she had his green eyes; he would never turn his back on his blood.

Running wolf continued to convulse in sheer agony and pain, it felt as if each bone in his body were literally breaking, his body contorted again, and he was on his hands and knees. Katherine shrieked as fur covered the young chief. Bullets started hailing towards the huge russet wolf that now stood in the clearing – all human thought processes were gone as the beast took over. There were mangled bodies strewn everywhere as the wolf retaliated to protect itself. Jeremiah Wiggins held his niece tight against his chest and squeezed his eyes shut, he was a lover not a fighter, all he wanted was to get the precious child in his arms somewhere safe and warm.

Two streaks of white shot through the remaining mob; leaving drained mangled bodies in their wake. The streaks stopped and studied the huge russet wolf which cringed from the overly sweet smell. The boy and girl were no older than 13; possibly twins. There was an older red eyed being with dark hair that had his lips pressed to Lady Katherine's neck. She screamed and gurgled as the life drained out of her. He then turned his attention to Jeremiah and the baby; he licked his lips with the knowledge that the baby's blood would be sweet and untainted – the purest blood he would ever taste fresh out the womb.

The russet wolf growled as the chief recollected the tribe's legends. He hurled towards the older vampire knocking him out of the way and ripping of his arm in the process. Then the pain came, the two younger vampires sunk their fangs into his sides.

"Come now children we don't eat like that" Aro chided.

Running wolf grabbed Jeremiah by the scruff of his coat and tossed him on his back. He bared the pain surging through his body and raced off towards town. He toppled Jeremiah on the roadside and turned on the 3 vampires following him. Jeremiah had sense to run as fast as he could into the densest part of town. The 2 younger vampires were about to go after Jeremiah when Aro spoke.

"Now now, Jane, Alec we cannot expose ourselves… but we can take care of this monstrosity" He said with a little too much enthusiasm as they launched themselves against him.

Bella swallowed, how did the old woman know about Aro, Jane and Alec.

"Vampires? Come on those don't exist and how would you know that part of the story if everyone had died?"

"The child was there, she was connected to the pack Alpha because the gene had become active in her mother at the time of birth, her uncle was also with her. Jeremiah had taken her in and raised her with his wife as their own, the town was on the lookout for giant wolves for months and Lillian took over the tribe until her son reached full maturity. They named Moonflower's little girl Luna. She grew up to marry one of the local boys from the Makah tribe by then her adoptive mother had died as the result of a hate crime for having a mixed baby. Jeremiah was steeped in politics along with Luna, he was involved in a lot of movements for equal rights; he eventually married a Quileute woman himself. Luna had her own daughter thereafter who married into the Quileute reserve – that's when the magic came into the Clearwater bloodline." She said with a smirk.

Those were the old woman's last words and her last smirk – Bella had made sure of that.

She felt nothing when she heard the old women cry for help, she even heard her pray before the smoke took her. She went to a hotel and showered and changed before picking Renesmee from Sue and Charlie's then she went home only to find Edward staring at the moon lost in thought with images of Leah echoing in the confines of his mind.