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Nick Burkhardt stretched his back, and then went back to reading the list of facts, suspects, alibis, probable causes… and so on and on from the case Hank and he were on. The bald man's head was bobbing from time to time, and Nick had given up in trying to keep him awake. If the seven cups of coffee hadn't done anything to his system, well, Nick snapping his fingers in front of him wouldn't be of much help for more than a few seconds. He understood Hank's exhaustion, though. He didn't have a Grimm's stamina, and they had been staying late for a week, getting early to work as well.

The case itself seemed ridiculously simple, but Nick had learned long ago that 'seeming' simple wasn't 'being' simple. And the 'simple' cases were, more often than not, much more complicated. This one in particular just kept them with dead ends with each clue. He simply did not understand.

Dying with a face of shock, not even a hint of a heart failure, a stroke… nothing. As if someone had just had their life energy sucked out. At that thought, he frowned. He remembered, by now, all the Wesen that his ancestors had compiled, some even from other Grimms… and none of them had that description. Something about a curse that left you to die slowly, maybe, especially coming from a Hexenbiest or a Zauberbiest, but Renard, and even Adalind, had confirmed they couldn't sense anything of the sort on the body, or in the victim's house. No poison, new or old, because no toxins had been found, no mysterious substances… nothing… not even a hole that could be attributed to a needle… nothing.

Finally, with a heavy sigh, and after looking at the 1:02 on the clock, he decided to close his growing file of dead ends, and then went to shake Hank awake.

"Where are we going?"

"Home, Hank. We need to sleep. Come on, I'll take you home" he patted his back, and Hank sighed as he put his jacket on. Both made their way to Nick's truck. Nick focused on the road, despite the faint attempts of Hank at conversation. It had consisted more of mumbles, of course, but the last thing Nick needed was to crash the car, even if the streets were mostly empty.

He stopped at a red light. He never dared to run one, not even if there weren't cars in sight. All it took was a few seconds, and…

A green light flashed in one shop… or, well, what he supposed was the apartment above it. He suddenly saw a man going out, his eyes seemed crazed, blood-shot. He looked around, and, apparently, the truck at the traffic light was not something that might worry him. The man started walking in tense calm, as if he was pretending to be calm. Suddenly, another man appeared out of nowhere. Nick was sure the man had materialized out of thin air, because he would've noticed if he had walked or run towards the crazed man.

Said crazed man seemed to notice.

"By Merlin, you're alone, you bloody wanker!" Nick startled at the newcomer's voice. It was British, definitely.

"You'll never catch me, you…"

Five different shots of light hit the man before he could finish talking, and Nick watched in fascination as the other man, who seemed younger, angry, and satisfied, put a foot on the man's back, forcing him to stay. He made it look easy, and Nick wondered how strong the sane man was.

The sane man suddenly looked up, and Nick noticed his eyes seemed to be glowing similar to the green light he had seen. That man, however, narrowed his eyes, and Nick suddenly remembered he was driving. The red light turned to green, a much duller green, and he darted out of there, seeing the man with glowing eyes take out a phone. Shit.

After making sure Hank got safely into his house, he went to his own house. The one he used to share with Juliette was sold not long after their split. It held too many bad memories for him to want to live in it. He had moved into another house in the same neighborhood.

He fell asleep with the glowing green eyes in his mind.

He would've forgotten about those eyes (yeah, right), if nothing happened after that. He considered it being an illusion, product of his tiredness.

Two days after that, however, a man in full black clothing came in. He didn't look like an angst-fueled teenager, but rather a young man, maybe in his mid-twenties, and the clothes came more off as combat clothes than civilian clothes. He was wearing a badge Nick had never seen before, safely secured to his left sleeve.

"Nicholas Burkhardt?" he called. Nick stood to attention almost instantly. The man definitely inspired obedience, "Ah. Great. Take me to your captain" it wasn't a request, obviously, and Nick hesitated.

"Who are you?"

"You will find out if you take me to your captain" he seemed more amused than insulted, luckily, "And the rest of you, go gossip all you like, or at least get some work done!"

Everyone coughed, and rushed around, trying to pretend they weren't being scolded. Nick made a motion for the newcomer to follow him, and he did. They entered Renard's office, which closed automatically behind the man, locking itself, and all the shades closing.


"Renard, long time no see" the new man smiled faintly.

"I thought you couldn't do that in front of people that were not in the know"

"He saw me perform some magic two nights ago. What was he doing in the streets so late, is my question?" he looked at Nick, and that was when the Grimm noticed the green eyes. They weren't glowing, but they were sharp, bright, and piercing enough that he was sure he was the man he had seen that night, "I am Hadrian, Harry if you'd like, Black-Potter"

Nick blinked, and, at Harry's expectant stare, he remembered he had to answer a question, seeing as Renard wasn't going to, even if it seemed to be directed at the captain.

"My partner and I stayed late working on a case that… we still haven't solved. We would've stayed until later if I hadn't proposed we took a break to rest ourselves"

"Wise" was all Harry said, "Well, Sean, when were you going to tell me you found a Grimm right in your territory? Isn't that incredibly fortunate? How long?"

"Four years" Renard replied, "He got his powers when he was already working here, Hadrian, do not get so upset" he sighed.

"I'm not upset. However, since he has spent quite a while with weird things going on, I was given clearance to tell him about my world. Also, seeing as his currently unsolved case is related to my own case, this might be the start of a great partnership" Harry made a movement with his hands, and a kettle appeared with three cups and a small plate of cookies, "Well, this is better with some tea and biscuits"

"You're way too British"

"I do wonder why sometimes" Harry deadpanned, getting a glare that seemed to bounce off of him.

"What are you?" Nick blurted out, still trying to process everything that was going on.

"Take a seat, Nick. Take, some tea. I make a rather good Earl Grey and biscuits, if I may say so myself. The Queen seems to prefer I prepare it when I visit"

Still confused, and still full of questions, he sat in the other armchair, and accepted the cup of tea, even if he wasn't much of a fan of it. His curiosity seemed to beat his preference for coffee, and his usual distaste for tea. Reminded him too much of Juliette at times, especially considering she had become prone to infusions and tea as Eve.

What followed was something he would have laughed at if he were a normal human. As it was, being a Grimm had made him much more open-minded regarding several things. In particular what could be thought as weird and impossible. Harry had been willing to show him several spells and what they did, explained that he mostly went without a wand, because it was easier and it caught people by surprise. He showed Nick his wands, yes, wands. Explained a bit of the War, how he was a hero and then decided to have a freelance job as a bounty hunter, after spending six years as one of the top Aurors in Britain. The paperwork killed him, apparently, and his new job left the paperwork to the people that were still in law enforcement.

"And you're telling me this because…" Nick finally spoke.

"Ah, your current case. The deaths have been odd, right?"

"You're saying… that has to do with magic?"

"In great part. Hit wizards are a thing, or used to be. I trained to be one, for example, but only as another skill in my bounty hunter curriculum. They are pretty much like hitmen or hitwomen, killing anyone for a price. They do represent a lot of problems for us, though, because they hired themselves to muggles most of the time, which increases the chance of being exposed, as you saw two nights ago"

"That light…"

"It was a killing curse. No one survives it. Well… one exception"

"Who?" Nick seemed confused.

"Me. Got hit twice, survived both times, as you can see" Harry shrugged, "Anyway, I would like it if you told whoever also knows of your Wesen thing here. About this, I mean. I have clearance for two other people. The one that was with you in the car seemed… ideal"

"Hank. Yes, he knows about everything. And, uh, Wu"

"Wu?" Harry asked, though his question seemed to refer to it actually being a name.

"Drew Wu" Nick replied. Harry blinked.

"And who is that? Your boyfriend?" he asked.

"No, he is a deputy here. He knows about Wesen"

"Good, good. That will be incredibly useful, more people at your paperwork. So, on your part, I have some names of the people that hired him"

"Wow, he confessed quickly"

"He hasn't said a word. Ah, us wizards… we have this ability to read minds. If I was still and Auror, I would've needed some kind of permission from a superior, but… well… another perk of working on my own. And when people hire me, they do want to get things done, whatever it takes" Harry shrugged, "So, I have the names here" he took out a file Nick was sure he didn't have before, "Will you want to work with me?"

Nick would be a lot more worried about this sudden weird thing, and how easily he would solve the current case… and how easily this stranger had given him enough information to know about a new world… if Renard hadn't been present during the entire meeting, and seemingly knowing said stranger. Also, Nick himself had developed his senses to know when people were lying.

This man didn't lie.

Nick watched Wu and Hank analyzing this new information, and Harry was by his side, his eyes drifting around the station. People still glanced at him from time to time, but they weren't openly staring, and Harry wasn't scolding them. What Nick wondered was how Harry had gotten that scar on his forehead. Aside from his eyes, it was his most striking feature. However, they had more important things to do at the moment, so he focused on answering their questions, though sometimes Harry intervened if he couldn't answer.

"So… you'll help us take them down?"

"I'll give you names, and I will go with you, just in case the man I captured isn't the only wizard they know or hire. One can never be too careful" Harry nodded to Hank, who sighed.

"Wesen, and wizards… great. The world gets bigger"

"Not really. You're one of the few muggles that know, that isn't married or otherwise related to a wizard or a witch. This cannot go beyond this little group. Not even your Wesen friends" Harry was serious, which just told them he meant business, because he had been mostly relaxed, sometimes amused, during the conversation, "Now, these are the names I have"

He opened the file on the desk, and Hank started searching them all. After getting the different addresses each had, they left the station, Harry with them.

The actual imprisonment of each of the people that had hired the man was anticlimactic, because it was terribly easy, even if there had been other wizards and a couple of witches. Nick couldn't help but feel as his breath caught every time that he watched how Harry used magic to subdue all of them. And he had to be powerful, because the man had taken on a barrage of those lights, spells, coming from five of his people at once. It was fascinating, and he felt part of him gain a lot more interest in the wizard.

"How did you manage all that?"

"Combat magic, of course. While everyone has a wand and can cast the spells, not everyone is ready to use them the same way I did" Harry brushed off some dust, and then looked at his clothes, "I think I might need a shower" he mumbled, " Do you happen to know of a decent place, not overpriced, where I could stay for a week or so?"


"Or guest houses, whatever works. The motel I was staying at… I don't think their sanitary registry, or whatever that thing is, is… recent, or authentic" Harry scrunched up his nose.

"Which motel was it?"

"Dunking Daisies or something like that"

"Dumping Dirt" Nick hummed, recalling one especially nasty visit to a suspect there.

"That seems more appropriate. Anyway, do you know any places?"

"A week, you say?"

"I think so, yes. I might come across a new job during that time, but I will have to go back at some point. To Britain, I mean" for a British man that should have a home there, Harry didn't seem too excited about that thought in particular.

"How well off are you? There are some B&B's I can think of" Nick offered.

"Hey, Nick, you coming?" Hank called, tapping his watch.

"I'll catch up, Hank! Greet Monroe and Rosalee for me, would you?" Nick called back. Harry stared at Hank and Wu drove off with their latest and last batch of criminals, "You can stay at my house if you want. I can't promise getting your bed made and all, but you'll only have to buy your food"

"That actually sounds great, Nicholas" Harry was nearly purring, and Nick narrowed his eyes.

"You wanted me to offer"

"To an extent" the green-eyed man smirked, "I find you fascinating"

"I'm not the one that shoots spells out of my hands"

"No, you are not. Well, then, let's get to your house!" Harry added with a chirp. Nick wondered why he didn't feel annoyed at the shameless admittance of manipulation… or at the manipulation itself.

He decided it was because no one got harmed.

Right, champ, a little voice echoed in his head. He chose to ignore it and took Harry home.

At first, it had been weird on different levels, living with someone else again, and not being emotionally involved with said someone else. Harry, Nick had noticed from the first two days, was one of the most unobtrusive people he had met. He cleaned up after himself really well. He also cooked breakfast for both of them, and left before Nick came down to eat in the morning. It frustrated him quite a bit, because Nick actually wanted to ask a lot more things about Harry's world.

"Hey, Nick" Harry came early, Nick noted, "Would you terribly mind if I stay for another two weeks?" he scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

"At all. Breakfast has been amazing" Nick joked. He couldn't explain what exactly happened inside him when he heard Harry laugh. It was… like… water, an oasis in a desert. Nick wondered if he had been so romantically deprived that he was feeling like this so easily.


"A job came up?"

"Sort of"

"Can you talk about it? Do you want to?" Nick offered, and he truly wanted to say it was just professional interest, to see if he would have to get involved, but he knew otherwise. Harry hesitated, "I got a couple of beers, and the pizza should be here any minute now" he added, and he was glad his bribe seemed to work.

"Okay. I'll pay for the pizza, though"

Minutes later, they were sitting side by side, eating pizza, each with a beer open and on different levels of emptiness.

"So… what's the new case about?"

"A rogue werewolf, basically. Not everyone can track down one, and it usually takes at least three fully trained wizards to take one down"

"And I'm guessing you will have to find him and then turn him in?"

"No. I have to find him, and kill him. I have to turn in his body" Harry grimaced, even as he took a bite out of his slice of pizza (he had already picked out the mushrooms). Nick looked at him, and he could feel the wizard tense. After a long silence, "Just ask"

"And you just… kill him on sight? No back-up? Wouldn't he hurt you? Do you have to kill him?" for all his Grimm aspect, Nick still believed that it was better to imprison people that were dangerous. Harry carefully tossed the crust to his plate, and took another swig from his beer before answering, "Do you have to kill him?" Nick repeated, and then added, "Do you want to kill him?"

"It really doesn't come down to my desire to kill someone or not, Nick. Werewolves aren't Wesen, and one of them being rogue means he lost all trace of sanity. Trying to reason with them does not work. Trust me, I've tried" Harry gave a sigh that sounded bitter to the Grimm, "And yes, it involved killing on sight, before he does any more damage. As for him hurting me, that's the reason I was hired for this. I said it usually takes four wizards… well… let's just say I have more power than four wizards together"

"Have you hunted them before?" Nick wondered.

"Yes. Two in the past seven years. It isn't common, most werewolves have a pack to keep them sane" Harry clicked his tongue, "Anything else, or will you continue to judge my job?"

"Not judging, I just…"

"You struggle with it" Harry deadpanned. At Nick's apologetic smile, Harry relaxed a bit, and smiled to him, "I understand, you know. When I was a kid, I used to believe in all the thing about law enforcement working well, but as I advanced in my previous Auror career… well, it opened my eyes, if nothing else. Everyone worried more about paperwork than doing what it took to make sure people were safe. They preferred to leave a case grow cold than actually pursue a solution, find the guilty one, because of resources. But what about justice? And I struggled to train to be what I am today. My first kill… that's something you don't forget"

"I still shouldn't have judged you like that. I also understand… doing things outside of the eye of the law, to protect the ones you love" Nick replied softly, "Being a Grimm can sometimes clash with my job as a detective"

Harry relaxed even more at that, and Nick wondered if anyone had ever tried to understand Harry, for the wizard to expect all his questions about killing on sight and not imprisonment. Or if anyone had listened to his reasons, his thoughts, or his feelings on the matter. He watched as Harry kept picking out the mushrooms from his third slice of pizza.

"Thank you" Harry said quietly, and they kept eating peacefully. Nick felt different, and as if that gratitude went deeper than what the wizard let on.

"When will you start? Maybe Hank and I can check if anyone has seen your target close by, if you have a name, or a face" Harry turned to look at him as if he had grown a second head.

"You would do that?"

"Of course, if you want. Maybe we can't help you with the entire takedown part, but maybe make your job easier" Nick also wanted to say this was out of generosity, and not out of his sudden worry about Harry's wellbeing. It was confusing for him, this entire thing, because they had barely spent six days together, and most of that time together had been sleeping in separate rooms and Harry cooking breakfast for them. Not exactly talking about their lives and feelings.

"Thank you, Nick. I would really appreciate it. Would you mind if I went with you to the station tomorrow?" Harry gave him an honest smile, and Nick shook his head.

"At all. We'll leave by eight, if that's okay with you"


That good mood translated to an extraordinarily delicious breakfast next morning.

Hank had worn a calculating look while Nick and Harry were both focused on the monitor, and the Grimm wasn't sure what his bald partner was looking for. Wu called, though, and they had to leave.

"At least we already found his last location! Thank you so much, I won't hold you guys back from your case" Harry had beamed at them, and then left the station.



"You're drooling" Hank smirked. Nick rubbed his face right away, and then glared at Hank, who was laughing when the Grimm noticed he hadn't been drooling at all, "Seriously, though, you seem oddly taken with Harry"

"I just wanted to help him with his new case" Nick shrugged, trying to sound casual. Hank rolled his eyes, but decided not to say anything else. Both also left the station, and made their way outside.

It never occurred to Nick that Harry's case would again be related to his. The last victim was swearing it had been a werewolf, and Nick would've thought of a Blutbad, if he hadn't known there was currently a rogue wizarding werewolf on the loose. He, of course, decided to calm the only surviving victim so far by telling him that they were looking for the criminal already, and that he was lucky.

Seven days had passed since the last victim, the one that survived. Harry didn't spend the nights at Nick's house anymore, but he seemed to still cook breakfast. Nick always found him asleep in his room. He was surprised, then, when he went down to eat, and saw the wizard staring almost blankly at his orange juice. No other source of nourishment seemed to be close to him, even if there was a plate ready and warm for Nick.

"Harry?" the wizard gave a minute jump, and then turned to look at him with a slightly strained smile, "What's wrong?" at that, Harry slumped a bit.

"There's been another victim" he said softly, and slid a picture for Nick to see. He didn't know if it was his Grimm part or his detective training that didn't make him flinch, but the body was mangled, to put it mildly, "I think I'm getting closer, but it still…" Harry trailed off. Nick was familiar with the feeling.

"It isn't enough?" the detective sat beside Harry, "It always feels like that, but if you focus more on the amount of people you save, and not the ones you couldn't… well, I cope better when I think like that. It's never easy, but I guess it's part of the job description?"

Harry looked at him, and there was something in his eyes that made Nick think that, really, no one ever had taken much of Harry or his feelings into account. Not this way. Which made him wonder, didn't he have friends? Family? He hadn't seemed enthusiastic about his inevitable return to Britain… he also had to return; he hadn't said anything about wanting to go back.

"Thank you, Nick. You have no idea how much that means to me" Harry hesitated, but squeezed Nick's hand, his face grateful, "I need to get going, though. Still have to hunt him down" another squeeze, and he disappeared. Nick stared at his hand, and why did it feel warm because Harry had touched, and so empty because Harry wasn't touching it anymore?

He shook his head, and went out of the house.

It was night, and Hank, Wu, and Nick were in the forest, Monroe with them, a bit more on edge than usual. Monroe had gotten the werewolf's trail, but it was something so out of control, so wild, and so unknown, that the Blutbad was more nervous than when he helped them catch any other Wesen.

A twig snapped, and they all turned to see… a bunny. Nick sighed as quietly as he could. They heard a howl. It was a full moon again, and Harry had warned them to not go looking for the werewolf in a full moon, but Nick didn't want the wizard to face this alone, power of four wizards or not. Hank and Wu had gone to make sure Nick didn't do anything reckless, and Monroe had grudgingly gone with them because 'this Grimm always got himself into trouble'.

A growl was heard, much closer, and heavy footsteps… or running.

"Avada Kedavra!"

The words sent a chill down all their spines, and a green light caught up with…

A body dropped behind them, and they turned to point their guns at it, but it wasn't moving. Another rustle, and they turned to where they had been looking at. Harry's eyes were glowing like the green light they had just seen.

"If I don't move, that means I won't be shot, right?" he asked, amused, and lifted his hands slightly. Nick rolled his eyes, putting his gun away, and approaching him, checking if he was hurt, "Why are you checking if I'm hurt, you stupid Grimm?" Harry glared at him, and a low growl seemed to come from Monroe, "And don't you snap at me, Blutbad! What the fuck were you all thinking?! I told you not to look for him in a full moon, Nick!"

"You were doing it, and alone!" Nick protested, but Harry's glare didn't budge.

"It was so fucking stupid. Aside from you and Monroe, Hank and Drew are muggles, and you have any idea of how much more painful it is for them to transform without magic to heal them? I don't even know the effects the bite could have on Wesen or on a Grimm, for that matter, especially with how crazed this one was!"

"But we're fine. I just… I wanted to help"

That seemed to deflate Harry immediately. He looked at Nick, and he also made sure the Grimm was fine.

"Next time you plan on doing what I told you not to do, might as well join me. I would prefer to keep a close eye on you" he said, "Come on, let's go home. Monroe can ride with Hank, for a change"

Nick nodded, and took the hand Harry offered. He suddenly felt a bit nauseous, but it passed really quickly.

"What the fuck was that?" he heaved a bit. Harry laughed.

"A light revenge for worrying me like that. In other words, Apparition. Side-along, in your case, because I transported you. It usually feels like being sucked into a straw, but I managed to change that, so it wasn't so unpleasant. You're lucky, huh?"

"If that is not as unpleasant, I don't think I would like to try a normal one" Nick took a deep breath.

"You okay again? Do you think you can stomach some food?"

"Yes, please"

Harry snorted, and started cooking. After another hour, which Nick was commanded to use to take shower and change clothes, he came back to the kitchen to see two plates of carbonara pasta.

"Hope you like it"

"Smells delicious"

Both tucked into their food as starved men, barely talking.

The next morning, Nick found Harry again in the kitchen island, eating some cereal. He realized that last night Harry had killed the werewolf.

"What did you do with the body?"

"Threw a Portkey onto it before getting us here. I already got my second half of the payment" Harry didn't jump at his sudden question, "Good morning"

"Right, sorry. Good morning. Does that mean that you will return to Britain?" Nick asked, and he regretted it instantly, because Harry tensed.

"Yes. Nothing to do here anymore" he muttered, and went back to eating his cereal. Nick frowned, and approached him, taking his cereal away, "I was…"

"Will you visit?" Nick interrupted the half-hearted start of Harry's protest. The wizard fully turned, and looked at him so clueless that he almost felt pity. Not so much after he remembered how sly Harry truly was.


"You don't seem terribly enthusiastic about going back to Britain, where one would assume you have a home, and friends, and family waiting for you. If you ever want somewhere to stay… you'll always be welcome here, Harry"


"I think you know. Let me break it down for you. I don't know how, or when, but during your stay here, I fell in love with you, Harry. If you don't feel the same, I will not resent you, and I still think of you as a friend. Hence, you'll always be welcome"

Harry's smile was like sunshine, Nick decided.

"I love you too, Nick" he said, and the Grimm decided to finally kiss the wizard, who pulled him closer so his legs would be open in a way that Nick was between them as their kiss deepened, "Give me two days, and I'll come back"

"Another job?"

"For you, dummy"

"Sorry, your kisses got me drunk"

"And sappy, Nick" Harry pecked his lips again.

"Maybe. But I love that" Nick chuckled, and kissed him again.

Nick arrived late to work that day. Renard had stared, and then had given him a knowing look, which confused him.

True to his word, Harry appeared two days later again in the house, while Nick was having the incredibly healthy dinner of his usual pizza, minus mushrooms, and a cheese-filled crust. Harry had been a bit tense, but his smile had been so honest, and so happy, Nick had kissed him again.

"Harry, would you mind me asking why you don't like going back to Britain?" Nick asked, finally, after a year dating. They had moved in together two months ago, and Harry had been ecstatic, "You even avoid jobs there"

Harry hummed, and kept drawing curls on Nick's bare chest, both having calmed down from their rather… passionate… evening.

"I wondered when you'd ask that. I could see the question almost since before we started dating" the wizard sighed, "Remember the War and all that? When I first told you of the Wizarding World?"

Yes, Nick remembered, and, having done the math, Harry had barely been seventeen when it all ended. Harry, at his nod, proceeded to reveal how he got the lightning bolt scar that branched down his forehead, and how he had been famous, and he hadn't known until he went to his magical school. He then proceeded to tell him some of the adventures, and Nick was sure he was editing them heavily, leaving out the more dangerous parts.

And he told him about his two exes, Ginny, and Draco. Ginny, since before the War, and Draco after the War. He explained the Light side and the Dark side, why him dating Draco had been so scandalous, and how Draco hadn't thought it was worth the trouble to continue dating Harry, and went on to marry some girl and have his perfect family. And how people had expected and insisted so much on Harry getting back together with Ginny, because it would be the new Light power couple, and a fairytale ending. And how his childhood best friends would only talk to him again if he 'did the right thing and marry Ginny'.

Being in Britain had become a chore because he always ended up being recognized, and how people thought he had to live there because he was still their hero.

"That sucks" Nick deadpanned. Harry smacked his chest, but he was shaking with controlled laughter, "Sorry, but that's true! And they aren't real friends if they don't want your happiness, Harry, and if they only expect you to do as you're told. You're not a puppet for them to control"

"I love you, Nick" Harry managed to land a kiss on his Grimm's lips.

"Love you too. Marry me?"

Harry chocked on air.


Nick shuffled so he could reach his bedside table, and took a little box, while not letting Harry go, and then went back.

"I know we've only been together for a year, but… I mean… I love you, and I really want to spend the rest of my life with you. And… you know, have children together, have a family" Nick had learned of Harry's ability to get pregnant, like all wizards could, and instead of freaked out, like Harry had expected, he had been elated that they could have their own children if they wanted.

"Yes, yes, yes to all that, a thousand times!" Harry kissed him, and he felt a ring slide into his finger.