"You sure this is the address, missy?"

The woman in the taxi managed a nod, staring at the building. "Um, yeah. This is it." She pulled out the cash to pay for the ride, handing it to the driver. "Thanks for this." Before he could say another word, she darted out.

The taxi screeched off. Vanny Valdez ignored it and the gathering storm, pushing open the game studio's door. It was empty and dark inside.

It had been that way since the day janitor had gone in for his shift a few months ago to find the whole studio dead.

Vanny turned on the lights, wincing at the few minutes it took. They still flickered as she walked, looking around. All the stuff was still here. She thought the cops would've taken it all during the investigation. It had only gone a few weeks before all the deaths were written off as heart attacks, ignoring the fact that none of the developers had any reason to have a heart attack.

Including her sister.

Vanny slipped inside the room marked as the testing chamber, where Amy Valdez's body had been found. It was a large, white room. The only thing of interest was the goggles hanging from the ceiling. She examined them, raising a brow. "Are these VR?"

She headed back outside, opening up the computer to try and get a peek at what they were doing. "Okay, so, you said you were doing a commission…"

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria: Help Wanted looked up at her. Vanny's expression dropped. "Dammit, Amy." She glared at it before sighing. "Okay. Okay, you can do this." She started up the game, quickly returning to the VR goggles.

"Let's see what you did."

Black paint collected on the paintbrush before he started the delicate eye work. The mask was coming along nicely for his backup body. He ignored the whimpers in the back of his mind. The two of them were a bit too sensitive for his tastes, but he had to make due.

A knock on the door startled him. He set aside the mask and walked to the apartment door. It opened with a creak, revealing the little old landlady. "Yes?" he asked, leaning forward with a smile.

"A letter came for you, dearie," she said, holding it out. "Looks rather interesting."

"Thank you." He snatched it from her hand. He paused before slamming the door, waiting for the last word. "Do you-"

"Are you feeling well, dearie?" At his confused look, she gestured to her own eye. "Your eyepatch is turning red." Now that he was aware of it, he felt stuff leaking from his eye. He muttered a curse, ignoring her shocked gasp, and slammed the door shut.

He peeled off the eyepatch and turned towards the full length mirror. "Your turn Vanny." William Afton said to the girl's reflection. Then he was gone, back with the death suit. Vanny Valdez stumbled forward.

She managed to catch herself before doing a faceplant. Instead, she threw up. She collapsed next to her puddle of vomit, feeling her missing eye lazily leak. Vanny looked down at the crumple of paper in her fist.

By the time her phone beeped, she had pulled out the letter and read it through.

"Hey. Yeah, I'm fine. Guess what?" She waited for the person on the other end to make his guess before giggling. "Nope. But I think we have an opportunity."

Dear Miss Valdez,

Due to your job experience, we believe that we have a job opportunity for you...