Part I:


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Eurydice was buzzing with excitement and nerves as she walked home from the market. Today she was going to tell Orpheus the news she had been holding in for 12 whole days. She was pregnant! Eurydice's smiled to the world as she walked back to the bar. Orpheus had been having a rough 2 weeks after coming back from Hadestown. His stab wound had gotten infected, and he had spent the past week vomiting his guts out. His wound was red and angry as his body would jolt with each bout of vomit. He had an extremely high fever for many days, and it was yet to break, but it had gone down slightly. Not to mention the nightmares both the lovers had been having after returning from Hadestown. Even in his pain, Orpheus made sure to show his love to Eurydice. She knew he would be so excited to be a father.

Eurydice walked up to the door of the bar and pushed it open and saw a surprising sight. Orpheus was sitting at a table with his lyre, his head bowed as he strummed some cords. As Eurydice walked closer, she could hear the faint hum of a song.

"Orpheus. How did you get down here?" Eurydice asked, ready to share the news. Orpheus' head shot up at the sound of Eurydice's voice. His cheeks were flushed bright red, but his eyes were glistening with childish love. His mouth spread into a goofy grin when he saw his beautiful lover. His smile quickly turned into a grimace as he straightening his back caused his wound to send waves of pain radiating up his still healing stomach.

"Lover, you should be resting. You still have a fever." Eurydice coaxed, putting a hand on his shoulder, wanting to tell Orpheus somewhere where they weren't surrounded by people.

"Well, I needed a change of scenery from our room upstairs." Orpheus explained, his face somehow getting even more blushed from being ratted out.

Eurydice turned her head when she heard footsteps coming from the backroom. She was delighted to see Hermes. Hermes' face broke into a grin as he saw the 2 lovers.

"Ah. I see he managed to get down here," Hermes chuckled, as his smile growing, "guess you better get back to bed before your girl forces you back to be."

Orpheus' face managed to blush another shade darker, Eurydice looked at her lover and nodded towards the stairs. Orpheus nodded and slowly stood, grabbing onto Eurydice's hand and the couple limped their way to the stairs.

Once they got there, Eurydice slide her arm under Orpheus' arm to proved some support and the two started the trek up the made it about 4 stairs before Orpheus let out a breath of pain, as the pain became to much for him as their movement shot pain through his body. Eurydice pulled them to a stop once Orpheus began panting.

"Do you need a break?" Eurydice asked, having done this many times with him before. Orpheus shook his head, as he let out a couple pained breaths. The two lovers kept going until they got to their room. Eurydice laid Orpheus down on the bed, as she cuddled up next to him. Orpheus closed his eyes and rested his head on top of Eurydice's shoulder.

"I love you so much, Eurydice." Orpheus breathed out in a whisper.

Eurydice took a breath, almost imploding from excitement.

"Orpheus, I have something to tell you." Eurydice started, waiting to see how Orpheus reacted to just that sentence. Not wanting to overwhelm him with words.

"Mhm?" Orpheus hummed tired, clearly wanting to go to sleep but he kept listening to his wife.

"So, uh, I'm… pregnant! Surprise!" Eurydice exclaimed.

Orpheus lifted his head, eyes wide with excitement.

"A-are you serious?!" Orpheus yelped, his arms wrapping around Eurydice as he began kissing the side of her face. Eurydice let out a laughed and reached her arms over to Orpheus and gently wrapped her arms around him. Orpheus buried his face into her neck, as his body began to get wrecked with cried of happiness and pain too. Eurydice's own tears began to run freely down her face at the reaction of her poet. Orpheus lifted his head and looked into Eurydice's eyes, with his own watery eyes and a wide smile spread across his face. His eyes had begun to drift closed as he laid his head back onto Eurydice's shoulder.

They laid like that for a long time, before they were interrupted by a gentle knock on the door. Eurydice lifted her head and craned her neck to see that Orpheus had fallen asleep, his body exhausted from both the emotional and physical exhaustion. Then the door slowly open and Persephone stepped into the room, the goddess smiled at the sweet sight. She quietly walked to the bed and kneeled down next to the two.

"How are you two lovebirds doing?" Persephone questioned, moving her head to see Orpheus' sleeping face peeking out from behind Eurydice's head.

"He's still quiet warm from the fever. He also managed to make his way down to the bar today well I was out," Eurydice stated, as Persephone laid a hand onto Orpheus' cheek, "I don't think he'll ever not be stubborn when it comes to his recovery."

"Well he's a bit warmer then when I left a few hours ago, but if it doesn't get down by tomorrow night I'll have to call a doctor to come by." Persephone said, hoping it would not come to that.

Just as Eurydice opened her mouth to share the news with Persephone as Orpheus stirred and the two women looked to him.

Orpheus' eyes slowly blinked open, then the thought of being a father struck his mind and he immediately woke.

"Orpheus… do you want to tell 'Seph about the news?" Eurydice coaxed, the edges of her lips tugging into a giant smile.

Orpheus looked into Eurydice's eyes and he smiled goofily once again, and then looked to Persephone.

"'Seph… Eurydice and I are going to have a baby!" Orpheus exclaimed, lacing an arm around Eurydice. Persephone smiled, "I knew something was up as soon as I walked in her. Congratulations to you both!" Persephone said, as she wrapped her arm around the two lovers.

"They will be beautiful just like their mamma and handsome just like their father, I know it."


There was part I to this next big chapter of my AU of Hadestown! Hope you all liked it, I will try and get then next chapter out as soon as possible! Hope you all are safe and healthy! I know this is a very hard time and I hope reading this gives you a smile and some love! Love you all!