Part II:

Eurydice and Orpheus layed in bed for hours after they informed Persephone of Eurydice's pregnancy. Orpheus had fallen asleep once again with his head on Eurydice's shoulder as she stroked his hair. Eurydice slowly pulled herself out from underneath the blankets and gently placed Orpheus' head on a pillow. She turned her back to Orpheus as she quietly made her way to the door.

"Eurydice?" Eurydice turned around to see a very groggy and sleepy Orpheus rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Eurydice sighed and made her way back to him.

"Orpheus… you should go back to sleep." Eurydice told her tired poet. Orpheus lifted one of his hands and touched Eurydice's hair. His face spreading into his beautiful smile

"'Eurydice. We need to tell Hermes about our child!" Orpheus said, knowing they had too. He sat upright, cringing in pain as he did so. Orpheus pulled the blankets off and put his legs over the edge of the bed. He placed his hand over his wound and took a breath and stood up. Eurydice grabbed onto his hand and the couple made their way out of the room and down the stairs stopping a couple times so Orpheus could rest.

Once the two got to the bar, Hermes was just closing up, whipping the tables and counter down with a rag as Persephone was sitting at the bar taking a sip from her glass of wine. Eurydice guided Orpheus to a seat next to Persephone, the two women made eye contact. Peresphone gave her a supportive wink. Hermes finished wiping up the counter, and smiled.

"Now there's the two lovers! I made you two something to eat." Hermes claimed, not having a clue about what he would be hearing next.

The two looked at each other, subconsciously deciding who was going to share the news.

Orpheus cleared his throat and started.

"Mister Hermes… me and Eurydice are going to have a baby!" Orpheus yelled in happiness.

A gigantic smile spread across Hermes face at the news. His godson would be a father in the coming months.

Hermes hustled around the bar to the two lovers and wrapped his arms around them.

"Congratulations you two! You both will be the most amazing parents." Hermes said knowingly, then he pulled away and turned to Persephone.

"I'm guessing you already knew of this?" Hermes questioned sarcastically, Persephone laughed as Orpheus and Eurydice giggled. Orpheus' hand coming to the center of Eurydice's stomach and he rested his head on Eurydice's shoulder once again. Eurydice kissed the top of his head and played with his hair with one of her arms.

Hermes turned to look at Orpheus and Eurydice once again.

"Now let's get you both some food, it's getting cold." Hermes stated, as he slid the plate to all of his family. Hermes leaned towards Persephone and whispered, "They are going to be amazing parents."

Hermes was sitting at the bar late at night. Everyone else had gone to sleep a few hours earlier. Hermes was thinking about everything that had happened the past weeks when he heard footsteps coming down the stair. Hermes' head turned to the stairs at the sound, to see Orpheus limping down the stairs with his lyre.

"What are you doing up, Orpheus?" Hermes asked, his voice gentle. Even though Hermes talked softly Orpheus still jumped at the noise. Orpheus' head franticly looked around until his eyes landed on Hermes' form. He let out a breath. Orpheus continued to limp towards Hermes.

"Mister Hermes… I didn't expect you to be-" Orpheus started, but Hermes cut him off.

"Orpheus, don't play that game with me. I asked first, what are you doing up?" Hermes commanded, Orpheus looked down at the floor, desperate not to make eyes contact.

"I-I couldn't sleep." Orpheus justified, still rattled from his jump scare a few seconds earlier. Hermes got up and lead Orpheus to a table a few inches away. They sat down, Orpheus' eyes glistening with tears and Hermes' glistening with worry.

"Orpheus, I know you. You were drowning in your doubts." Hermes had been raising this boy for years, so he knew Orpheus was worrying about being a father.

Orpheus immediately began to sob as he buried his face in his hand, his body shaking.

"W-what if I fail them? What i-if I turn out like my parents?!" Orpheus choked out. Hermes placed a comforting hand on his back and began rubbing soft circles.

"Orpheus. You are the most kind, selfless, loving, caring soul I've ever met. I can tell you would already do anything for you child. Just as you would for your wife." Hermes told, his wisdom seeping into his words. Orpheus lifted his head and looked Hermes in the eye.

"But what if I can't handle it?! What if I leave because the pressure becomes too much?! What if they don't… love me?" Orpheus whispered, his doubts controlling him. Hermes took a breath, knowing that keeping Orpheus at bay with his doubts would be challenging.

"I know you, Orpheus. Every part of your living being is built of love and passion. That child already loves you and can't wait to meet you. You would already die for this child and just as quickly kill for this child. You won't ever leave your family, not after what you've been through with your lover. Your child will always want to hear your songs and stories. They will love the story of the two songbirds who walked right out of Hadestown together." Hermes spoke, the words lifting a heavy weight off of Orpheus' shoulders. Hermes pulled the still shaking Orpheus into gentle but strong hug.

By the time the hug broke Orpheus was drifting off, his head lolling down. Hermes smiled a tiny smile in amusement of the young boy.

"Time to get you to bed." Hermes whispered, as he stood he lifted Orpheus up and wrapped his arms around his shoulders and torso and helped him to and up the stairs to his lover.

"Thank you, Mister Hermes. For everything" Orpheus sleepily told Hermes as they continued their way to his room.

Hermes smiled at the young man.

"Anytime, son. Anytime."


Thank you for reading this chapter! I'm sorry this took so long to get out, I had some minor writers block with this. I hope you all like this! I will try to get the next chapter out as quickly as possible! I hope you all are safe and healthy and social distancing! Love you all! -Emma