Chapter 12: The Nacrene Museum- Part 1

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Walt POV:

When the new morning arised, we packed up our bags, and we were off to Nacrene City.

Giovanni POV:

"I'll never give you either!" N shouted at me. I smirked, and threw a Pokeball. A Zen Darmanitan was released, causing it to go haywire. Fire Blasts everywhere, setting carpet and plants on fire, smoke billowing out of the castle. N tried to call his Hydrigeon to stop it, but Darmanitan quickly defeated the dragon and moved onto greater things. If Dragonspiral had to go down to make the Academy go down, I was willing to do that. "Reshiram, go!" N shouted, as the white fiery dragon was released. "Fly away, I'll meet you later." Reshiram flew off into the distance. "Why you little!" I angrily yell at that green haired twerp. I grab him by the collar and through him out of his puny window, him falling through the clouds. "Now to find that dragon."

Walt POV:

We reached Nacrene City, and we stopped at the Nacrene Museum. We got separated into groups. It was Arkon, Eden and I, Ace, Xander, and Brianna, and Tristan, Celeste, and another kid. We entered the Museum and started looking around.

Celeste POV:

I let Sylveon out of her Pokeball to wander with Tristan, Aaron and I. Aaron and I were in the same classes together, and Tristan was just a hot-shot first year. We found some really cool fossils, as Aaron let his Archeops out to show him the fossil that he came from as an Archen. Then, we walked over towards the back of the museum, when a trapdoor opened beneath our feet, causing us to fall downward into a pit of darkness, Sylveon and Archeops left behind.

Sylveon POV:

Got to get to my trainer. I've got to. I look around, and see a boy with brown, shaggy hair. That one Celeste was telling me about. Arkon. I run at him, and use Dazzling Gleam and write in sparkles, Celeste trapped. It ends up being, Celst tapped. He looks at me, and says, "Are you Celeste's Sylveon?" I nod my head, and I get him to follow me. When I come back, Archeops is gone. We find him near the fossils, and I point to the fossils, and then the trapdoor. Arkon gets what I am saying, and looks around. He finds a button, under the exhibit. A boy with black hair and a girl with brown hair catch up to Arkon, just as he presses the button. They fall into darkness too.

Walt POV:

The last thing I remember was screaming. We landed a few stories below ground on a large net. We both groaned in pain. We looked around, and we saw Celeste's group down there. "What?" Eden was the first to say anything. "I don't know, it's like a maze." The unknown boy said. "And who are you?" He said. "I'm Walt, this is Eden." I said. "Nice to meet you. I'm Aaron." Aaron led us through the tunnel to reveal a large maze. "Do you think this is a gym, or just a creepy labyrinth?" Eden said. "I mean, the last one was a cafe. Maybe." I replied. We decided to split up, Tristan, Celeste, and Aaron go one way, and Eden and I go the other. Eden calls out Dratini to use Flamethrower on one of the many unlit torches on the wall. She took one, and gave it to me. I led the way through the twists and turns, and I found myself at a dead end. We went back, to retrace our steps, but we were lost.

We looked around for anything to help us back. We were lost. So, Eden and I decided to split up to find an exit.

Celeste POV:

Tristan, Aaron, and I turned another corner, staying as close to the light as possible. After a few minutes, we found the exit, and Aaron shouted to the two others. Eden shouted back, and they heard footsteps going fast. Then followed by a bunch of slamming noises and "Ow…." After ten minutes of that, they finally reach us, and we walk toward the light at the end of the tunnel.

A/N: Thank you all for reading Season 2 Chapter 2, or Chapter 12. I would like to dedicate this chapter to my Robin, named Robyn. So here's the obituary.

Robyn- Didn't have a last name.

June 3rd, 2020 - June 4th, 2020

Robyn was a baby Robin bird who was killed after a Hicks Gas truck slammed into the tree, knocking the baby out of the nest. We found him around 1, and we put him in a box. We found an article telling us to leave the baby for an hour. But, the mother didn't come back. So, we drilled holes into a plastic container and the lid, and we twist tied the box to the tree as a nest, hoping the mother would come back. She never did. Then, it started storming. We had to cut the twist ties, put the lid on the container, and put Robyn in the shed, and waited. Of course, the shed had a vent so it could breathe. The next morning, when we checked, Robyn was lying upside down, eyes closed, dead. Robyn died of his injuries, which was all caused by the Hicks Gas truck slamming into the tree, also ripping up our yard, which we were trying to fix in the process. So, Hicks Gas trespassed onto our property to replace our neighbors propane tank because it was leaking, which he didn't care, because "it normally did that," as the fireman said that it was a big hazard. The Hicks Gas trespassed on our property to replace our sadistic neighbor's gas tank, ripping up our yard, and killing a baby bird that was too young to fly in the process. Hicks Gas has blood on their hands. Luckily, the second baby bird could fly away after we got him from under our house. Rest in peace, Robyn.