this is it guys.

Before either of them realized, days turned to weeks, weeks to months. They had been together for nearly two months, now, closer than ever. Their casual touches increased, a caress on the cheek here, a hand on the lower back there, the sexual tension increasing by the moment. The whole orphanage knew of their relationship, everyone overjoyed at the two of them finding each other, mindful of their pasts. Or what they knew of their past, anyway.

Elsa was the happiest she had ever been, and it warmed Anna's heart to see her sister's eyes alight every day, not only with their usual kindness and warmth, but love and joy. Anna knew her sister had not taken the death of her parents easily, knew that Elsa had taken it worse than she. Seeing her with Jack, hand-in-hand and with the brightest of smiles on her face, brought Anna one on her own, perhaps just as bright.

„What's with the grin?" asked Kristoff.

„Just look at them," she said, pointing at Jack and Elsa, cuddled together on the couch, his head on her lap. Elsa was laughing at something Jack had said earlier, her smile wide and toothy and so, so happy.

„We're cuter," Kristoff grumbled, but he was smiling, too.

„You bet."

„Hey, Astrid?"


„Wanna go on a date with me?"


Hiccup's jaw was on the floor. Astrid giggled.

„I'm kidding, numb nut. Of course I wanna go on a date with you," she said, closing the gap between them.

Jack came over to Hiccup's apartment later that day, bored out of his mind, only to catch them in the middle of the act.

„So, uh.. Jack.."

„Let's just say that I didn't see anything. Deal?"

„Oh, thank God. Deal."

The first time Jack had leaned in and whispered Good girl in Elsa's ear, she shuddered.

Coincidentally, she had taken him to her apartment that very night.

„I, uh.. I've never done this before, actually," Jack stuttered out sheepishly. Elsa smiled at him gently and pecked him on the lips.

„I'll teach you."

Jack was, indeed, a very fast learner.

On the other hand, when Jack learned Elsa had no gag reflex, he decided he wanted to marry her.

When Elsa's eyes fluttered open the next morning, her first instinct was to smile. So she did. Her smile quickly disappeared, however, the moment she reached for Jack, only for her hand to touch a cold pillow. She frowned, anxiety beginning to flood her veins, waking her sleepy mind. Her fears quickly abated when she heard singing coming from what she assumed to be the kitchen. She beamed.

After brushing her teeth and splashing her face with cold water, she padded to the kitchen, not the least bit surprised to find her boyfriend shirtless. What did surprise her, however, was his finesse and grace as he moved fluidly around the kitchen, instinctively knowing the location of all things.

Jack was humming to himself, singing Backstreet Boys under his breath, trying his best to cook an omelette. Looking at his phone on the counter, he followed the recipe, adding his own.. or rather, his mother's... spin to it. He sighed when he felt Elsa hug hin from behind, resting her head between his shoulder blades. Relaxing at her touch, he turned around and kissed her forehead, muttering, „Morning, beautiful."

His arms found themselves wrapped around her waist, her hands resting on his chest.

„Good morning yourself, handsome. Whatcha cooking?" she asked. Jack melted at the last sentence.

„An omelette," he said, „found the recipe online."

She could see he was excited, „But?"

„But!" he exclaimed, „I remembered my mom teaching me. You know, to be more independent and stuff."

„Men who can cook are attractive," Elsa said.

„So are women who aren't afraid of taking charge," he leaned in, whispering the words against her lips.

Elsa smiled into the kiss. „Anytime," she whispered back once they let go.

„Anyway, yeah, following the recipe and adding mom's spin to it. Also, I love you and I love touching you just as much, but could you maybe let go of me? I'd like to, you know.. not burn it?"

Elsa pretended to think about it for a minute before shaking her head. „Nope. Mine."

The smirk on Jack's face made her both excited and nervous. „Yours," he grinned, before lifting her up and turning around, capturing her between himself and the counter. This time, it was Elsa's turn to smirk.

They did not eat breakfast that morning.

Four months later, Jack found himself an affordable apartment.

A month after that, Elsa encouraged him to try and pick up college. A huge, breathtaking smile on his face, holding his acceptance letter, was the greatest reward for the evenings she spent tutoring him.

He started college three months later, at the beginning of the new semester.

They moved in together a year into their relationship.

Elsa took over her father's company a year later, her diploma still warm from printing. Jack had never been so proud of her, standing tall and proud as the newest CEO of Arendelle Industries, a snowflake necklace clearly visible around her neck.

Jack majored in English and Education with honors four years later at the age of twenty three, his valedictorian speech moving even the coldest of hearts. Then there was his girlfriend, best friend, and the rest of the orphanage gang clapping and cheering for him, making him smile. When he saw them after the ceremony, he hugged Elsa tightly and cried. So did she.

„You did it, love. I'm so proud of you."

„I wouldn't have done it without you."



„Marry me."

He had never kissed her this passionately.

Jamie Bennett gave a speech at the wedding, as did Hiccup, North, and Anna. Jamie's was the only speech the couple had asked for. It was also the only sober one.

They got matching tattoos of snowflakes on their wrists along with their rings, signifying their bond and love.

Following in the orphanage's footsteps, they decided to start fostering two years into their marriage, neither of them even thirty yet. When they fostered a teenager who had just lost his parents, they immediately knew what to do.

„Sometimes, grieving people do stupid things," Jack told the boy one day, „However, that does not mean that's all we ever do."

When the boy threw himself at the two of them, neither Jack nor Elsa hesitated to hug him back.

Their love never diminished, it had only grown stronger each day.

Elsa was his light in the darkness, pulling him out from the abyss whenever he fell.

Jack was her anchor, grounding her in a way she both needed and wanted.

Destined for one another, finding each other at last.