Epilogue: #HappinessWasSoHardToFind

Schneider Medical Center

Los Angeles

January 24, 2014

11:30 PM.

Freddie Benson was fast asleep on his back in bed, when the door to his hospital room opened and a small blonde in a purple raincoat stepped in. It was of course long past visiting hours, but go tell the rules to Sam Puckett, Invisible Ninja.

Once she'd made sure the door was closed behind her, she stood there looking at Freddie a moment. She had bet he'd still fall asleep around the same time he had when they'd spent school nights together; she'd won that bet with herself: She could hear his steady breathing and though the room lights were off, enough was coming through the window to see his eyes were closed.

She opened her raincoat, quietly removed it, and set it on the chair. Under it she wore an old Galaxy Wars tee-shirt of his with sweats. Slipping off her already quiet shoes, she approached his bed from the left in her stocking feet.

Thanks to her intervention with the second opinion, Freddie now had only a cast on his right leg and some gauze on his face. She hated that he'd gotten hurt even that much, hated that it was on her behalf. Hated it.

But she was so happy to be here, alone, in a dark room with him again.

She gently got into bed atop the covers and slid up next to him. The bed was small, but so was she, so with a minimum of scootching, she was able to find a comfortable position in which to lay. With one arm gently around him, and her head on his chest.

Controlling the urge to grasp him tight like a teddy bear, because she didn't want to hurt or wake him, she sighed deep and big. She'd almost forgotten how relaxed, safe and warm she felt, sleeping with Freddie.

She lay there a minute listening to his breath and heartbeat in the otherwise silent room.

And then she said,

"I miss you...and I need you."


A/note: This epilogue is in part a tribute to "iSnuggle" by someone who called themselves Smileys. Its my favorite fluff story about Sam & Freddie of those I've read (which is quite a few, but nowhere near all).