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When does love between siblings become too much? Lincoln Loud pondered this particular question a lot, lately. In recent years, as his body grew older and so did his sisters, he could not help but ask it in secret. What was love? Was it possible to become attached to a sibling in such a way? Was it healthy? The popular answer was no, so that must be the case. And yet, that troublesome question kept popping back into his mind. Ever since that fateful day, just a week before.

It was March 29th, Lincoln had just turned 13. Lori and Leni had moved out years ago, but they visited quite frequently. After all, with so many birthdays spread throughout the year, how could they stay away for long? He had gotten a strange mixture of gifts – his favorite comics and video games, but also clothing and even a grooming kit. He had some fuzz on his lip, but not enough to consider shaving. His parents had begun discussing growing responsibility, and the impending, soul-crushing reality that was adulthood. His chores became more strenuous, the pay slimmer and slimmer. Through it all, though, his sisters helped him. Lori and Lisa were particularly encouraging, being the true adult of the group with the former, and intellect of the group with the latter, though Leni still tried her best. Beyond that, Luan, Lynn, and Lola kept him distracted from his woes with jokes, games, and performances. Lana helped with many chores and always with a smile on her face. Luna's rock ballads were particularly uplifting. Yet through it all, it seemed Lucy's poetry was increasingly appealing. Dark, foreboding, and never once optimistic, it matched Lincoln's outlook of his approaching years.

That day, Lori made the announcement that Bobby had proposed to her, and naturally, she had agreed to marry him. The implications were alarming for Lincoln. Ronnie Anne, his longtime girlfriend-in-secret, was to become his sister through marriage. He was willing to overlook it, but Ronnie… She had become increasingly distant and unable to look at him. Their few talks were short and awkward.

"I'm sorry, Linc," he could still remember her saying, "I just can't get past the fact we're technically related.

"Well, not yet." Lincoln couldn't keep the desperation from his voice. Through the beatings and secrecy, the last two years with Ronnie Anne had been some of the best of his short life. "It's not like we're really related!"

"No…" Ronnie Anne agreed, "Our families wouldn't understand. Linc, do you know what incest is?" She had whispered the taboo with such disgust that Lincoln knew at once it was bad. He shook his head.

"It's bad, Linc. It's illegal and frowned upon." Ronnie Anne crossed her arms, grimacing, "By marriage, it's not illegal, but… it's still wrong. A sin, they say."

"Oh, who's 'they' anyway?!" Lincoln scoffed, "Don't you love me anymore?"

"Of course I do!" The teen seemed appalled, "But it's just too weird. I'm sorry Linc, it's just too much for me. Siblings can't love each other, not like that."

With that conversation, Lincoln's first love left him. He spent days agonizing over the breakup. A part of his soul had been ripped from him. He demanded sad songs from Luna, who, only too sympathetically, abided. He spent more and more time with Lucy and truly understood her poetry. He ignored Luan's comedy, Lola's acting, as well as Lynn's sports. In the end, Ronnie Anne was right. They were siblings, now, and you just couldn't love a sibling like he loved her. So 'they' dictated, so it should be.

At least he thought so before yesterday. He had been walking into Lucy's room, too depressed to remember to knock. All he had wanted was to lose himself in another one of Lucy's depressing poems, to forget about his day avoiding the love of his life. He didn't realize Lynn was there until it was too late. Just changing into her sports bra, she stopped dead at the same instant Lincoln walked in. They stared at each other, faces instantly blazing red.

"I-I'm sorry!" Lincoln began to back out, averting his eyes.

"It's cool." Lynn tried to play it off as nothing, but her crimson face said otherwise, "Nothing we haven't seen before."

"Yeah, when we were like babies." Lincoln cleared his throat.

"Look, it's all good." Lynn said, regaining some composure as she slid a shirt on, "See?"

"You're, um, not wearing shorts…" Lincoln found himself staring at her defined calves and thighs.

"My shirt covers my panties." Lynn shrugged, then smirked, "If it's making you too uncomfortable, I can find some shorts."

"Uh… Yes, please." The middle Loud sibling said, still staring at his sister's legs. When did they get so full?

"I gotta say, Lincoln, that look you're giving me is flattering." Lynn confessed as she bent to search through her drawers. Lincoln suddenly averted his eyes, face flushing with shame. Lynn frowned at the sight once she pulled her shorts up. "It's nothing to be ashamed of, bro."

"It's wrong." Lincoln said, remembering what Ronnie Anne had told him.

"It's a natural curiosity." Lynn laughed, "I never got why it was wrong though."

"What?" Lincoln looked at her with shock.

"Huh?" the older sister blinked, "Well, I don't know. I just never understood what was so bad about siblings being, well, attracted to one another. You know, the body reveals a lot about a person's psyche. It's honest and gives into impulse, not like people's minds. That's why I keep mine so healthy."

"So you don't think siblings… loving each other is wrong?" Lincoln asked.

Lynn suddenly stopped and looked at her younger brother, a slight blush creeping across her face.

"W-well, no." she confessed, "Who cares if, like, one generation gets a little messed up? I don't understand genetics – that's Lisa's thing – but who cares if one brother and one sister, eh… you know... It can't mess things up too much. So no, I don't really think it's wrong. Personally." After a second of eyeing Lincoln, she asked, "Why do you ask?"

"No reason." The younger brother sighed, "Besides, it doesn't matter what I think. Most everyone else thinks it's wrong."

"True." Lynn muttered, "Mind if I ask you a personal question?"

"It's only fair since I asked you one." Lincoln shrugged.

Lynn looked conflicted before she opened her mouth, "Do…" then shut it, finally she asked a seemingly completely different question, "Why have you been so mopey lately?"

Lincoln blinked. He supposed he should have expected that question. "I guess I owe you an explanation." He shrugged, "Ronnie Anne broke up with me."

"Whoa, what?" Lynn's jaw dropped. It was hard to keep their relationship secret when you had ten siblings. "No wonder you've been so depressed, dude. That thing was going on for, what, two years?"

"Yeah, just about..." He muttered, looking down and slightly trembling.

"Why?" Lynn asked, not seeing why she would do that.

"Because we're related now!" Lincoln exclaimed in anger, a single tear escaping his eye.

Lynn burst out laughing. "Oh man, I'm sorry Lincoln!" Lynn wiped a tear from her eye, trying to regain her composure, "She's more of a prude than I thought if being related by marriage is too much for her."

Lincoln glared at her before dismissing her burst of laughter, "Were you serious earlier, that there's nothing wrong with it?" He asked.

"I said I didn't see anything wrong with it." Lynn corrected, putting her hands up in surrender, "Most… most people doesn't like it. Too much bad stuff can happen."

"Like what?" Lincoln asked, still not understanding everything that had happened.

"Ok, well, um." Lynn scratched the back of her head, "You'd have to ask Lisa for the genes part, but think of it like a sports team." She shrugged.

"Sports team?" Lincoln arched an eyebrow in confusion.

"Yeah!" Lynn grinned, "It's like one big family, right? Well, if two members start dating, it messes up the whole flow of the team. Plus, if they end on bad terms, it could really hurt the team. You see?"

"I… guess?" He said, still not quite understanding, but still getting the general point.

Lynn's grin faded slowly. She fiddled with her fingers before speaking up.

"I admit, when you asked about dating siblings, I'd thought you had one of us in mind." She laughed, her features adopting a crimson hue.

"Not… particularly." Lincoln confessed.

"But you have thought of it." Lynn chuckled, failing at hiding her blush entirely, the pink hue quickly changing to crimson.

"Not really, no." Lincoln admitted, "The only girl I've ever thought of has been Ronnie Anne."

"Well, there's plenty of other girls out there." Lynn suggested, "You live with ten of them, after all."

Ever since that conversation, Lincoln's mind had been a storm of implications. He's not sure how much had been real and how much had been hormone-infused delusions. Had Lynn blushed, or had he just seen what he subconsciously wanted? Was she really sanctioning an incestuous relationship, or was this more wishful thinking? A part of him was scolding internally, disgusted by what was frowned upon by most. He, for himself, did not understand why, though. He felt a familiar presence looming over him, the shock of it launching him forward.

"Lucy!" Lincoln gasps, clutching his chest.

"Hey." The youth responds in her monotone.

"Come to recite more poetry?" The boy asks. At this point, Lucy's sudden appearances shouldn't have come as such a surprise to him.

"Actually, I was hoping to comfort you." Lucy explains, "I overheard your conversation with Lynn yesterday."

"What?!" Lincoln's heart felt as if it just stopped.

"Relax. I'm not judging her." Lucy says.

"I-I wasn't worried." Lincoln smoothed his shirt, "How much did you hear?"

"Enough to know that she is looking at you more as more than brother." Lucy responds, as unfazed as if she were discussing the weather, "Lynn was right. It's just her body being honest."

"So if you agree with it, why should I worry?" Lincoln shrugs.

"I never said I agreed – just that I don't judge her." Lucy corrects, "But I do agree with Lynn's statements. I believe it is the strength of the individual to break free from standard beliefs, to shatter the bonds imposed on us."

"Uh… yeah." Lincoln clears his throat.

"You should worry, though." Lucy continues, "Lynn and I might agree. Lynn might even be interested. I know others are."

"Wait, you do? Who?" Lincoln was already confused enough over a single sister loving him; the prospect of more sending his stomach into spasms.

"I hear a lot in the air ducts." Is Lucy's only response, "It's not my place to share those secrets."

"Fair enough." Lincoln agrees, "Can you at least tell me who won't approve?"

"Mom and Dad, to be certain." Lincoln winces; he hadn't even thought of that, "Ronnie Anne and Lori. Possibly Stella, Liam, and Clyde."

"Stella, Liam and Clyde's cool with a lot of stuff." Lincoln not sound too sure.

"This isn't like most stuff, Lincoln. You know that." Lucy explains, "Still, I think you should think about this. You should ignore the rules implied by others and strive after what you really want. But you should first find who you want, if you want any of them at all."

"Is that something from your vampire romances?" Lincoln forces a chuckle.

"Remember what I've said, Lincoln." Lucy backs out of his room, fading into the shadows beyond the door.

Lincoln's mind races. Others? Lynn isn't the only one interested in him? Actually, Lucy had never gave confirmation that Lynn was interested… Still, Lucy was right that most wouldn't accept it. Most of his siblings, and especially his parents, would probably condemn him if he even pursued this.
But he had experience with dating in secret.

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