"What? Where am I?" Izuku first thought when he was teleported to a different place, looking around him he can see a lot of faces that he recognised, and round him, a big dark purple room with chairs and sofas and… a food stand?

The first action he makes was approaching the people he knew, everyone in Class 1-A is here, Uraraka, Bakugo, Asui, Sero, Mina, Mineta, just to name a few, "guys, what's going on?" Izuku first spoke, but much to his surprise, his classmates had the same reaction, "I don't know, one minute we were learning, now we're here."

"Young Midoriya" Izuku turned to find All Might, who is in his skeleton form, approaching Izuku "are you okay?" "yeah," the Hero-in-training replied, "but where are we?"

All Might also have the same confusion, he doesn't know where he is, Izuku resume looking at who was here, everyone on the first year hero course is present, both 1-A and 1-B, as well as all the teachers, Present Mic, Midnight, Eraserhead, just to name a few, there were also a couple of students from other courses, such as Mei from the support course and Shinso from the general educations, the big three were also here and in a much bigger surprise, Eri was also there as well.

But it wasn't just them.

"You got to be kidding me!"

Everyone turns to find that the League of Villains were also present, Shigaraki, Dabi, Toga, Kurogiri, Spinner and Mr Compress.

"Villains!" one of the UA students shouted as they prepare themselves for a fight, the villains did the same, just as they were about to jump, their bodies froze in place, everyone was very surprised to see what happened to them, but the question is who's doing this.

"Wow, now that is an introduction!" in all a sudden, a small figure in black appeared in front of them, they wore a black hoodie and blue jeans with stylish pink shoes, "well it's always human nature for the heroes to beat the waste out of bad guys am I right", the figure turns to show off their hidden face, due to their hood covering the eyes, it wasn't clear what they look like, but they can see their mouth and some sort of ink running down their face.

"Who are you? Where are we? Why did you bring us here?" the former symbol of peace was the first to ask questions, only to find a grin on the figure's face, they walk up to the hero's still body and look directly at him, "my name is the Eth Double You Em, but you can call me FWM for short."

The FWM then turns around and walk away, only to stand in the middle between the heroes of UA and the League of Villains.

"I have silenced your quirks in this whole place, so your powers don't work here, I also removed all lethal weapons from yourselves, if you attack anyone, you will be punished, now we know the rules will you comply."

Everyone was silenced, the figured seems to be a girl, a young girl to note, she was very confident and without care.

"I said, will you comply or should we make you stand still the entire time?"

"If you answer our questions, then yes," All Might said

"Good, what about you villains, will you comply?"

"No, we will not-"

"Shigaraki," the purple shadow like villain interrupted the leader "I suggest we comply, we don't know how powerful she is."

Shigaraki grunts at the thought of it until he eventually gave out a morning "fine!"

"Good" the FWM snaps her fingers and everyone can able to move again, Izuku moved his fingers and approach the seemingly powerful girl, "so what's going on, did you brought us here?"

"Quite a quick asker you know that Izuku" the FWM smiled, "and yes, I brought you all here for one reason and one reason only."

"And that being?" Aisawa raises his brow,

"To watch… MOVIES!"

As the FWM made her announcement, the room lighten up, revealing more of the room, as there are more softas, the food stand is brighter and now there's a door with a theatre-like sign that reads "MCU 1 - Iron Man" in big English writing

"That's… it?" one of the students was confused about the announcement, though curious to why this girl brought everyone in a different place, pull them away from their lives just to watch some movies.

"I want every one of you guys to watch movies in this dimensional theatre, the food stand is over there if you want to have a snack or a drink, the provider of the stand is my human pet Wyatt, say hi Wyatt" everyone turns to look at the stand where a boy is wearing a cinema staff member outfit, he seems a bit disfigured as he constantly smiles and has one of his eyes wide open, with the other blinking, he slowly and shakenly waves his hand, saying "h… hi..."

"So, you just want us to watch movies?" All Might scratch his head in confusion, while the 1-A teacher of 1-A Aizawa stepped in "I'm sorry to say this, but we had other important things to do," "I agree, the last I recall, we were in the middle of academics" Momo agreed with her teachers, which caused FWM to smile, "oh don't you worry everyone, while we're in this dimension, time is paused, meaning that when we're finished here, you won't miss a second of your universe, so just relax and enjoy your time here."

With that additional information, some of the students were at ease that they won't be missing out, while others are still in concern, Izuku looked at the side to see Eri standing next to him, "well, if that's the case, then let's watch some movies then"

While the few people who are okay with movies cheered, the FWM approached Izuku, "while this event happens, I want you to have something," she then pulls up a notebook and gave it to Izuku, it was a book that looks exactly like his hero notebooks, with only a slight exception, as it reads 'Marvel', he opens the book to find that the pages are blank.

"What's Marvel?" Izuku asked.

"You will soon find out, but I suggest noting down every hero you see" then the FWM turns around and shouted, "now everyone, head to the screening room, if you want snacks, please do so, the movie will start in ten minutes!"

Izuku walked through the screening room with Eri on his side, Uraraka walked passed him "I notice you brought one of your notebooks" she spoke, cause Izuku to lose focus on the room, "no, the girl gave it to me, she told me to note down every hero, so I guess we're going to watch some superhero movies?"

"What's a movie?" Eri shyly but curiously asked.

Izuku turn to see Eri, he understands that Eri had a traumatic childhood, being closed off to the world thanks to Overhaul, but now he rescued her, he's trying his best to make her happy, he remember being her age to watch hero movies, there's always a movie for popular heroes, mainly All Might, which had some good and some bad movies, but interesting to see, it's also some of the only places to see movies based on heroes that are not in Japan, mainly because most of the movies come from the United States.

"Well, a movie is a story but shown in moving pictures, it can show interesting scenes and morals that can have people understand the meaning of the story."

With that explanation, Izuku sat down in the third front rows of the screen room, being next to Eri and Mirio on the left and the right, Uraraka and Asui, he looked behind him to find that Bakugo behind him, along with his 'Bakusquad' that consist of Kirishira, Mina, Denki and Sero, while in front the three people he can see was Mei, Shinso and Aizawa, his teacher of 1-A, though their heads didn't distract him with the screening.

When everyone is settled the FWM appears in front of everybody, with the big screen behind her.

"Now that everyone is settled, allow me to introduce the entertainment that you will be seeing," she started, taking a deep breath and letting it out, to start her prologue.

"As you already know, you all live in a hero society, where hero learn from school so that they can become professional heroes to beat up villains and save people from disasters, but you all have forgotten the meaning of a hero, while some of you have good intentions of being a hero, some just want to get money and fame from this role, only a few can call themselves heroes for the actions you've made, which is why I wanted to show you a different view."

As she speaks, the screen behind her faded to a red colour, "the films you're about to see are a different reality to yours, where the amazing event of Quirks never happen, but even then, the age of heroes will rise upon this reality, for the time watching these movies, you will see different heroes, some have slight quirks, some with powerful quirks, and a few that don't have quirks at all, you will all see villains that have understandable motivations, trying to do bad for their benefits, but also find redemption within those monsters, and overall show how this world went on while heroes kept fighting for what they believe."

As she speaks, Izuku notices the screen behind her, showing different pages of comic books, that featured heroes, but it was so quick, he couldn't see what they look like, only their arms, legs and action that isn't clear.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to watch, the Marvel Cinematic Universe"

As the FWM finished her sentence, big English words appeared, showing the words that she mentioned, "Marvel Cinematic Universe."

"let's begin."

Yep, I decided to make a story based on this

I have looked all over on the internet of fictional characters that I know watching movies or shows that I've seen, I only found a few good ones, but I want to be certain, I want MHA reacting to heroes from Marvel or DC, unfortunately, there wasn't much so I decided to make it myself

I will be trying my best to have them react to ALL of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies (excluding Incredible Hulk because that movie doesn't exist to my perspective) and I can get through this without any copyright problems… hopefully.

So I hope to join us as we start our journey.