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"For the first film we will see when the age of heroes began, how one person can create a huge inspiration to create a world with future heroes, and I know that a certain and overhyped support inventor in this room will be more than excited to see this first film."

From the exact words that came from the FWM's mouth, Izuku already knew that she was talking about Mei Hatsume, which made him more than curious to see how this reality starts with a hero that an inventor like Mei would love?

Izuku looked at the girl who seemed to be curious, but he wasn't able to see his face based on his position and the lights going dark.

Izuku turns to see the exact background of comics flipping as it once again read the words 'Marvel Studios', the movie has begun.

00:00:00 – 00:00:54

"So we're starting in Afghanistan?" Iida said, surprised of the location to start this whole universe' story.

00:00:54 – 00:01:22

"He's certainly out of place" Izuku spoke, "yeah, he looks like one of those rich guys" Asui points out the obvious.

00:01:22 - 00:01:30

"Talks like one too."

00:01:30 - 00:01:51

"Oh, he's one of those people" Aizawa sighs, knowing what kind of person this guy is supposed to be, he hopes that this man isn't important to the main part of the story (spoilers, he is.)

00:01:51 - 00:02:11

"Judging on his questions and one of the guys wanting to take a picture with him, he must be somewhat a celebrity, I'll add him in my notes," Izuku muttered as he opens up his note and starts to quickly sketch.

00:02:11- 00:02:21

"MySpace?" Eri spoke out softly.

"I think I heard of that from somewhere, just don't remember it…" Mina said giving a thought of what it could be, "maybe their version of Facebook?" one student suggests.

"Or maybe an outdated platform thanks to Facebook?"

00:02:21 -00:02:35

Everyone was surprised, the action of this film just started.

00:02:11 - 00:02:51

"So the suited man is named Stark" Izuku whispered as he wrote the name in his note.

00:02:51 – 00:03:01

"Welp, there goes all those guys," Shigaraki grumbled and chuckled "died for something probably pointless."

00:03:01 - 00:03:16

"Seriously, this guy looks like he isn't supposed to be here, why is he there?" Asui spoke, which caused many to think about what they're seeing.

"That's what I thought too," All Might have to agree with his student "what seems to be a celebrity in a suit, going who knows where in Afghanistan and attacked in an ambush, he might as well be a civilian in a middle of a villain attack."

"Well, eyes might be deceiving," Nezu pointed out, smiling like always, "there might be something going on than what we can see."

00:03:16 - 00:03:25

"Wait a minute" Izuku suddenly realized something, "didn't one of the soldiers called the guy in the suit Stark?"

00:03:25 - 00:03:48

"Wait? What happened?" Ochako asked, getting a bit worried about the man on the screen,

"I think the explosion somehow caused his heart to bleed? I really can't say" Hatsumei attempt to theorize what happened but the light starts to fade in.

Meanwhile, Toga smiled from the sight of blood shown on Starks shirt.

00:03:48 - 00:04:17

Title Card: 'Iron Man'

Izuku realize the words he saw at the previous room before watching the movie, 'Iron Man' it was the most likely chance that the hero they're about to see in this film is named 'Iron Man' he quickly noted down the Hero Name, creating a unique page just for the hero.

"Oh I see, he was captured by terrorists." Aizawa was finally gotten the picture of the situation.

"Hey, remember when we captured Bakugo over there" Spinner talked to his fellow league member, but it was loud enough for Bakugo to hear,
"How about you shut it, Stain turtle!" Bakugo shouted which caused everyone to stay quiet.

00:04:17 - 00:04:25

Everyone was very surprised to see the man being more than just a celebrity. Especially Mei, who was very interest to know the man that is Tony Stark.

00:04:25 - 00:04:43

"What?!" Mei surprisingly shouted, "I didn't build my first engine till age eleven," "and graduating at a university at age 17, he has to be a genius" Power Loader, the support teacher added, he thought about Tony Stark being in his world, would he help the heroes with his tech and his brilliant mind? To the extent and according to the FWM, everyone in this world is quirkless, so it would make sense if Stark was also quirkless, and yet smart enough to do advanced engineering at a young age.

00:04:43 – 00:05:00

"Makes sense of the whole business thing, sometimes business runs in the family," one of the teachers said which caused Todoroki to shrugs, understanding the meaning of 'business runs in the family.'

00:05:00 - 00:05:20

"Sounds like this Tony Stark guy is this world's equivalent to All Might" Sero snickered from the thought of it.

"Or rather the All Might of support gears!"

While they laugh the thought of it, Izuku wrote more information about Stark Industries, how Tony Stark runs the business and what they did, he was impressed that they make weapons to protect America but have little concerns since he saw the bomb that has the company name on it used against him.

00:05:20 – 00:06:37

"Make sense, if he is a genius inventor running a big business, he wouldn't be wasting his time accepting awards" Aizawa spoke, "which is one of the reasons why we didn't attend the introduction ceremony and start testing your quirks."

"It's a hero job, and I know Tony might be working on something important" All Might smiled right before he would regret his words.

00:06:37 - 00:06:41

"Or… he's ignoring the ceremony to do something unheroic-like" All Might was utterly surprised to the change of scene.

00:06:41 - 00:07:33

"Not even acknowledge how important the award was to the guy, what an asshole" Kimishira grows to Stark.

00:07:33 - 00:07:53

"Right off the bat asshole," Kirishima said towards Stark careless and jerk actions.

00:07:53 - 00:07:57

"Not bad?" Aizawa raised his eyebrows to that answer.

00:07:57 - 00:08:12

"Makes you wonder what would happen in the day when heroes are no longer needed to keep the peace" Shigaraki scratch his face with the thought of that concept, his perfect ideal to change society, the heroes turn to the villains, and couldn't disagree with them.

"It makes you think that if there are no villains, there wouldn't be any heroes, we would be obsolete," "but isn't that a good thing?" Ochako spoke out with that idea.

"Yes and no," Aizawa resumed the concept "yes that we will have peace, but that means no more pro heroes, no more U.A and you would have to take another job."

The students in the hero course didn't think about that. if there were peace and no villains, then what would be a point of being a hero?

00:08:12 - 00:08:25

"Wait what? How does that make sense?" Izuku looked up from his notes to hear the words, "it does for me, Deku" Bakugo smirked "imagine the stick being a quirk, if you have a bigger or powerful quirk than anyone else, then you become strong" "but would it achieve peace or fear?" Nezu added a question that gotten everyone else in thought.

00:08:12 - 00:09:04

"I somewhat had a feeling that might happen" Tokoyami sighed from the scene.

Meanwhile, Mineta opens his eyes wide to make sure he gets as much sights from the few seconds as possible.

00:09:04 - 00:09:33

"Stark is living at the edge of the sea?" "look at that house" "not even my house is impressive as this" the students talked about Tony's place, many were very impressed by how rich Stark is.

00:09:33 - 00:10:15

Izuku quickly wrote down the name 'Pepper Potts', having a feeling that she might be important.

00:10:15 - 00:10:29

"So… she's a maid?" one of the students point out the obvious, "yeah, every rich person has at least one butler or maid" "hey Momo, do you have one at your home?"

Momo didn't say anything and kept watching the film.

00:10:29 - 00:10:55

While other students saw this scene a little bland, Mei smiled to see Tony working on a car engine, she can tell that Stark had experience with engines.

00:10:55 - 00:12:57

"Hey, it's that guy earlier," one of the audiences said as the students realize who it was, Izuku kept a note in his head to add more information about him as he could be important later in the film.

"I guess this explains how Stark ended up in Afghanistan." Momo pointed as the rest of the students realize that the earlier scenes were starting to make sense.

00:12:57 - 00:14:13

"Talk about being irresponsible," Aizawa said, the rest of the teachers nod in agreement, seeing Stark as how they imagined an average rich American businessman.

While the rest were sighing from what just happened, Mineta on the other hand, was jealous that Stark had airplane girls dancing around him. "how he hasn't died from earlier scenes is beyond me" Aizawa said as the scene changes.

00:14:13 – 00:14:33

"That explains why he's there in the first place." Ochako said, "a bit weird to present weapons though."

"Well, it would be no different than any other presentation for a big company," Momo gives out an explanation, "people have to present their product before they but them, and since Stark is a weapons developing company trying to get funds from the American military, it would make sense to show how the weapons would work."

"It's like presenting your quirks in the early part of your course, but more a business structure for this case" Nezu added.

00:14:33 - 00:14:42

"It's possible," the shadow person next to Shigaraki pointed out, "but it's also a difficult task, both hero and villain, heroes can be respected by civilians and other heroes but feared by villains, and reverse for villains, but there are those who can be both respected and feared, like All for One and All Might."

"What was that?" Shigaraki said dully to his league member, while everyone was staring blank at him

"Just a thought from my head."

00:14:42 – 00:15:08

"I was about to disagree with firing once, but I also understood what he meant by that," All Might said in thought, "what do you mean?" the teachers asked, "firing doesn't always mean missiles or bullets it can also mean quirks, just using your quirk once against an enemy can be all it takes to take down your opponent, it doesn't always, with people with stronger quirks, but it fully depends on the quirk itself."

"Yeah, like that time Tokoroki used his ices to froze me in the tournament," the tape student interrupted, "all he needed is to fire that quirk once and he won."

"Correct, but it's also better if we never fire at all, given how our world works, that case would be a rarity."

00:15:08 - 00:15:25

"Now let's see some action" Bakugo grinned while looking at the rockets, the students around him would know that the boy with an explosive quirk like watching explosions.

00:15:25 - 00:15:45

"That. Is. AWESOME!" Bakugo laughed at the big explosions, "with one missile, caused such destruction" Tokoyami made an attempted edgy quote.

"No wonder Stark Industries is the best guns provider in that world, his weapons are deadly" the teachers having a conversation about what they saw in Stark weapon's presentation

"This can also be a problem if they fall into the wrong hands."

"Yeah, imagine if villains had their hands of such weapons, it would cause devastation for not just the city but the country."

"Don't get any ideas, by the way, villains" one of the teachers turn to the league, in which Shigaraki made a soft grin. Imagining what he can do if he had such weapons.

00:15:45 - 00:15:55

"At this point, we can tell that Stark has an alcohol problem." One of the students said as Izuku wrote down 'possible alcoholic' on Tony Stark's page on his notes.

00:15:55 - 00:16:26

"And it all comes together," Izuku said watching as the vehicle exploded once again, having a sense that he's only watching the starting of what would be an origin of a superhero, and now he knows more about Tony Stark, who he is and how he ended up being captured by terrorists in Afghanistan he's more than excited to see how Stark will deal with his situation, and if he survives the experience, all Izuku can do is watch, just like everyone else.

00:16:26 - 00:16:42

"I heard reports of surgeries from doctors and saw some myself," Recovery Girl said as the teachers turn around to the old lady, "I don't need to do those however with my quirk, but not everyone has healing quirks."
"Do you think Stark will be okay based on those images?" All Might questioned, trying to take a doctor' note on the scene itself.

"I can't tell, because I don't know what or why he's in surgery, to begin with."

"It has to be something to do with that chest bleeding after the explosion," Izuku said, pointing out what he wrote from his notes.

00:16:42 - 00:17:06

Everyone was grossed out from the scene and how long the tube was.

00:17:06 - 00:17:29

"I'm calling it, that's the bad guy" Kimishira called out.

"You can't just assume people are villain by first glance, there has to be evidence first," Iida told chopping the air with his hand towards Kirishima.

"Well maybe he is" Izuku joined in the conversation, "he's there, he's wearing a suit, and have signs that he might be the villain of the story."

"Young Midoriya, you must never judge a book by its cover."

"I'm not," Izuku spoke back to his mentor, "just pointing out signs, and I don't think he would be the villain, it would be too obvious and early."

00:17:29 - 00:17:57

Everyone in the cinema seats were shocked to see such a thing planted onto Stark's chest, some were worried that it would be some sort of bomb that keeps Stark captive, others thought it was something else, the technical individual on the theatre like Mei and Power Loader was intrigued to the device's purpose.

00:17:57 - 00:18:18

"Atrial septum?" the students questioned.

"The heart, he means the heart" the U.A medical doctor fills the confusion.

00:18:18 - 00:18:44

"That's somewhat clever and also dangerous," Power Loader said, "he has something electrical inside of him, there's a slight chance he could be electrocuted by the magnet or the battery," "though it's better than being dead" medical hero try to counter-argue with the support hero, "if he wasn't put into immediate surgery, which I doubt he would, he would have died within minutes, so at least they tried their best to save his life.

00:18:44 – 00:19:20

"Guess he's not the villain, but a prisoner," one of the teachers said as Kimishira felt a bit embarrassed that he got a prediction wrong.

"That also explains why he's there too and not with the other bad guys."

00:19:20 - 00:19:52

"Famous mass murderer?" Izuku looked up from hearing what the bald man translated, "Is there some sort of dark history we don't know about Stark?"

"I think he meant that he's a successful weapons provider," Power Loader corrected, "since he runs the company that builds the weapons, it would be on him to how the weapons are used, and since he called the shots, he would be the reason towards all the deaths of the people that were killed by his guns, both in Afghanistan and those bad men who happen to acquire Stark's weapons."

"So does that mean when Stainy inspired villains, he has a higher kill count for when they kill people?" Toga jumps up, "yes and no Miss Toga" the purple shadow answered, as Toga return to her seat.

"It's like that quote from a show I recently watched, 'giving a gun to a killer would be no different than pulling the trigger', so in those terms, Stark would be the biggest mass murderer in America, possibly the world."

00:19:52 - 00:20:10

"Hatsume, this might be a good lesson for you" the Support teacher turned to his students, "if you managed to invent powerful weapons or support items for heroes, you have to realize that you would paint a target on your back, if that ever happens, be sure to be careful.

"Don't worry about me Sensei" Mei gives a thumbs up to her teacher, "even if those baddies try to get a hold of my secrets, I'll make sure I knock them dead with my babies before they know what hit them!"

The villains didn't know if they fear or overlooked Mei's response, but they hope they won't counter one of her 'babies'.

00:20:10 - 00:20:19

"Expected torture for those who refuse" one of the villains chuckled.

00:20:19 - 00:21:11

Everyone in their seats is surprised to see how many weapons the terrorists managed to gain, and all of them coming from Stark Industries.

"Does… Stark knows that he's giving guns to terrorists?" one of the students have the urge to call out, "I think there's some sort of secret trades that we and Stark don't know about."

"That would be the case," the school principal said, sipping a cup of tea that he has gotten from the refreshments stand. The teachers would ask how, but they fear that the Principal's high specs will spoil the rest of the film.

00:21:11 - 00:21:49

"As if" Shigaraki complain, "we usually kill our prisoners instead of setting them free."

"Or turn them into Nomus."

"That too."

00:21:49 - 00:22:35

"And I thought All Might's speeches were annoying"

"What?" All Might was surprised from Aizawa.

"But either way, I almost felt bad for Stark, all that effort, all his time towards the company, only to show nothing but death."

"Even worse since he only just realized his intentions."

"Yeah, imagine leaving that legacy behind."

The students thought about it and hoped it won't happen to them, while the villains sighed knowing that it's destined that they leave such legacy, especially if they become successful in the future.

00:22:35 - 00:22:52

"Oh, he has a plan!" Mei squeal from a single second of the scene, "I can tell from his inventive eyes he has an idea!"

"Is that obvious for you? Even I can't tell" one of the hero students said.

"That's because you don't have the support spirit" Mei replied watching the montage of Stark working on his secret plan.

00:22:52 - 00:23:30

"Sounds like a very international terrorist organization."

00:23:30 - 00:24:15

"Wonder what they're working on that requires Palladium?"

"Do you know what they're planning to make?" Izuku asked the support people.

"The heck I know," Power Loader said while Mei was too focused on Stark work.

00:24:15 – 00:24:50

Upon hearing that name, Yinsen, Izuku wrote the name down his notes, so far, he wrote 4 names, Stark, Potts, Obadiah and Yinsen. As well as other notes such as Stark Industries and the Ten Rings.

00:24:50 - 00:25:21

"Ooh, Stark made something that glows!" Mei smiled, curious to what Stark has made.

00:25:21 – 00:25:53

Shinso turns to see Mei who had open wide eyes and her mouth gasping so large from just hearing those words.

"Three… giga… joules… per second?"

"That's… beyond any electric output, I ever heard" Power Loader was as surprised and as gasped as Mei.

"I don't get it, how large is that?" Izuku asked as he put in the numbers on his notes.

"To give you an idea, you know Denki's electricity quirk" "yeah" "that single power source is about over a million of him at his maximum power, if he let out that amount of electricity, he'll probably be an idiot for the rest of his life."

As Denki was somewhat insulted by the teacher's explanation, he too was amazed by the amount of power.

00:25:53 - 00:26:16

"He's building a giant mech?"

"Not a mech, a bodysuit."

The students and teachers suddenly realize what 'Iron Man means' Izuku quickly put down the real identity of the hero on Iron Man's page; Tony Stark.

00:26:16 – 00:26:39

"Umm, wouldn't the terrorists be cautious about the glowing light on Stark's chest?" Izuku noticed.

"I doubt they'll notice" Aizawa answered, "either Stark told them that it keeps him alive longer or so the car battery won't hold him back."

00:26:39 - 00:27:23

"I know that feeling…" All Might thought, as at one time he was the number one Hero, he had everything, but his master died, he turned away his recently deceased friend, it wasn't until he met Midoriya, he got something to keep going.

In some way, he felt that Stark will one day find his Midoriya.

00:27:23 - 00:28:28

"Looks like we found our main bad guy" Kimishira smiled.

"Do you think so, you got it wrong last time?" Bakugo said.

"I'm just saying what I think."

"Either way, red, they are starting to suspect foul play," Denki said.

"Will you two shut up and watch the damn movie!" Bakugo shouted which silent the two.

00:28:28 - 00:29:34

"He's not wrong there," one of the teachers said, as they smiled to the thought of a short history lesson.

00:29:34 - 00:29:57

"What an asshole" Shigaraki moans about the bald man giving the speech, "it's not about the weapons, it's about the power and fear."

"Which in this case are the weapons" Nezu talked back to the villain, "or have you already forgotten that we're watching a quirkless world."

00:29:57 – 00:30:46

The students gasp from the sight of red rock and the words from a foreign language, Izuku turned around to see that Eri's eyes were covered thanks to Mirio, knowing that something bad might happen.

While the villains were smiling, hoping for the bald man to do some damage torture.

00:30:46 – 00:31:22

"Ahh," Toga complains, "I want to see his mouth burn" the word from the vampire girl was a weird sentence that made everyone, even the villains questioned towards her mindset of the scene.

00:31:22 - 00:31:35

"That's such a manly scene right here" Kimishira holding his fist as he watches Stark in his tank top working on his machine in a cave.

The scene for Mei Hatsume got her excited and amazed by what she's seeing, a man working on a big project, one that will save his life as well as another, and he's building all of it using nothing but the materials used to build a complex missile within a cave using not the latest tech, but the tools only terrorists can able to gain.

It was like watching the origins of a support hero in their work of the greatest inventions at the worst conditions.

00:31:35 - 00:32:02

The second he saw that mask, Izuku quickly sketched the face.

"So that's the mask of this 'Iron Man'?" the class 1-B teacher said, not impressed of the design, "it's just in early designs, this would be his first suit, everyone has gone through changes, even heroes and their outfits."

The students smiled from what Power Loader said, they had changed their costumes in one way or another, though many are kept the same, some have improvements to make the suits better.

00:32:02 - 00:32:58

"We're about to see some action, and about time" Bakugo smiled, knowing that he will see Stark's plan unfold.

00:32:58 – 00:33:26

"They're blowing the doors off?" one of the students was surprised from the bomb by the door.

"Always have a backup."

Meanwhile Izuku, Iida and Orchako were very surprised to see a bomb at the doors, they remember the time doors blew up onto Izuku at the development studio, it was a very nervous moment, especially for Izuku and Uraraka.

00:33:26 - 00:34:10

"These terrorists will not know what hit em!"

"If that suit can deal with bullets, then yes."

00:34:10 - 00:34:30

"Nooo!" one of the girls cried out, "I don't want him to die!"

"As sad as it is, he's giving more time for the computer to upload so Stark Suit will work properly, it was probably the best options."

Though the teacher was right, as the students watch Yinsen running off firing, deep down, they know that he's doing the right thing.

he's being a hero.

00:34:30 - 00:35:07

"Stark's Baby number one is a go!" Mei said at the edge of her seat, waiting to see Stark in his full bodysuit.

00:35:07 - 00:35:40

"Boom!" Bakugo shouted as he watches the terrorist starting to fire the room.

00:35:40 - 00:35:58

"Tony Stark in the Mark 1 Iron Man" everyone looked around to see Present Mic, shouting throughout the room to announce the hero "Quirk: Quirkless, not that he needs one, he has the Iron Man Suit that allows him to become a powerful man of armor!"

"What was that?" Aizawa questioned the loud DJ teacher.

"The girl gave me these cards," Mic said as he showed off the cards, "she told me to announce the heroes and villains when appropriate."

"How many cards do you have?"

"Three, including the one I announced, she also said that she will give me more cards when we watch later films."

00:35:58 – 00:36:55

"That was… menacing…" students gave out their thoughts of that moment.

The villains were almost scared, maybe because they saw terrorists watching the door breaking in front of them, that a hero in full body suit is going to ruin their day, not to mention the ones who tried to fight back are probably dead.

If they were quirkless, they too might be afraid of this Iron man.

00:36:55 - 00:37:00

"Ah, the flaws of the machine" Power Loader started "even the greatest tools can have weaknesses."

00:37:00 - 00:37:07

While some of the people in the theatre laughed at that small moment, Shigaraki gave a sighed, "he was right there, and vulnerable, you could of end him right there and then, instead you somehow, SOMEHOW shot yourself."

No one listens to his complains, as they either ignored or chuckled at the scene.

00:37:07 - 00:37:24

The laughs turned to gasps, as they suddenly saw Yinsen shot and barely surviving.

"He did give Stark time" the teachers gave a small sigh, "though I respect his heroic actions."

00:37:07 - 00:37:40

"Looks like you're wrong again Kimishira" Sero smirked to his friend, which caused the Red Riot to jump, "Hey, you don't know that, maybe he survived!"

"A quirkless surviving that, yeah, I don't think so," Bakugo said.

00:37:40 - 00:38:03

"So all along… he was planning to sacrifice himself to save Stark?" Izuku was amazed at what Yinsen did for Tony.

Ochako was started to feel into tears, not too much, but the liquid start to form from his eyes "a bit sad that his family died."

"He's a man with everything and nothing" Deku quoted an earlier saying from Yinsen, "and now he can see them again."

00:38:03 - 00:38:31

Everyone had felt of pity for the bald man, they barely knew him for 20 minutes and already showed where he stands. The villains, though had negative intentions, respected the man's attempts to help someone, the teachers thought of him as a man who could of help in the long run but respected his choices. The students saw him as someone who didn't have anything and used what's left to save one person.

To everyone's eyes, Yinsen was a hero, which is the most surprising thing to think.

The first-ever hero that was shown in this universe isn't a Pro Hero, isn't a man in tights, it was a simple, quirkless man, a prisoner of war, with nothing to lose, but to use his own life to save one person.

Izuku put on the notes next to Yinsen's name Died a hero – 'don't waste it, don't waste your life.' (last words).

00:38:31 - 00:38:50

"Have fear terrorists!" Mei jumped from her seat, making a bad All Might impression, "for Iron Man is here!"

00:38:50 - 00:39:14

Everyone was stunned from the flamethrowers from Tony Stark's suit, though the ones who thought differently are the Todorokis.

Shoto was interested in the flames, but it very much reminds him of his father, who is known as Endeavor, he's glad that he isn't here with them.

Dabi smiled at the flames, for something that he likes is now shown on screen, fire and flames to burn everything to the ground.

00:39:14 - 00:39:25

"He's burning all of his bombs and weapons" one of the students called out, "this is a bad thing."

"What do you mean?" another student questioned, "he's destroying them so that the terrorists won't use them to hurt people."

"But HE is in the middle of them all, they will explode."

"Then let's see the fireworks" Bakugo stated, smiling for the incoming explosion.

00:39:25 - 00:39:58

"It's getting more intense," Izuku said, "do you think he can survive this."

"I have no doubts," Mei giving a thumbs up to the green hair boy "I bet he got something else to hide from that suit."

00:39:58 – 00:40:15

Everyone in the room sighed in relief that Iron Man managed to get out okay, the ones who were more excited than others were Mei and Bakugo.

Bakugo was shouting and laughing, happy to see the biggest explosion, though the Jericho explosion would be his top explosion, it was great to see something going boom.

Mei was more than happy that Stark managed to escape, but also the fact that he used rocket boots, an idea and invention that Mei had created and showed off during the sports festival.

00:40:15 - 00:40:54

"Now he got out, he has to walk through a dessert to reach back," Izuku said as he finished making the quick sketch of the first Iron man suit.

"Hope he'll be okay."

00:40:54 - 00:41:55

Everyone in the cinema cheered for Stark's escape, he was captured and imprisoned by terrorists to force to build a deadly bomb, but he instead made a battle suit to escape, though Stark lost a new friend, he got out of there with his life.

Somehow in some way, this will be the origins of how Tony Stark becomes Iron Man

"The Age of Heroes has begun" All Might stated "from here, Iron Man realize the truth of his company and become a hero to save it, as well as many lives."

"I hope you're right All Might" Aizawa replied, "though he'll need improvements of his skills to become a hero. Because he survived one moment doesn't mean you'll earn the skills, just experience."

"But experience is all you need to motivate your future, take these words students, what happens in our future, if we survive the troubling experience, what happens next is up for you, make sure you make the right choice."

The students nodded their heads towards the hero they look up to.

"That applies to you too villains," All Might turn to the League who felt like they're being left out, the leader just hold his arms and shrugs, ignoring the comment "whatever, I don't need advice from you."

To be continued…