1 can you add one of the Spider-Man films for the next non-MCU film to vote for

Just going to say it, no.

Look I understand that MCU Spider-Man doesn't show his origins and the audience will be confused to who Spider-Man is and his deal, but I'm not going to have them watch one of the two versions of Spider-Man, even if there are rumours that those two are going to appear in the next MCU Spider-Man film, I prefer for them to see the MCU version because I am focused on the MCU and not any other films. And besides, in Spider-Verse, it showed some spider-men that people don't know and it's still an interesting film, and we don't know much about them other than their short summaries.

Also, no, I'm not doing Spider-Verse, as it would confuse them much more than Deadpool did, especially when the focus of the film is Miles and Parker's origin is glanced over and had a reference that makes sense if you have seen the previous Spider-Man films.

Just letting you know, because of so much stuff going on with this film, I decided to have this in four parts instead of three, don't expect this for future films, it's just that this film has different battles and I want to separate them, the only film you might expect to have more than 3 parts would be Endgame due to its three-hour film length.

Now, let's start the second Avengers film!

NOTE (READ THIS): the Following story is following the film of 'Avengers: Age of Ultron', to avoid copyright issues, there will not be any use or descriptions of shown scenes, just the character's reactions and descriptions of what they see, to understand this fanfiction, you must watch the movie and read this fanfiction at the same time, there will be timestamps to where they have watched and when they give commentary before resuming.

The best way to read this is by watching Avengers: Age of Ultron on Disney+, which is how I managed to wrote the reactions and placed the timestamps.

Forgive the annoyance but I hope you can follow this story.

"There's no way to deny it, there's no way to argue about it, it's the most unfortunate truth and you have to accept it" the FWM started before taking a deep breath.

"Heroes are the makers of villains."

The audience stayed silent and thought about what the girl said, it was the painful truth, they have seen it in this reality and some cases of their reality, the League of villains know about the statement so well, with a few of them becoming villains due to heroes.

"I will say a quote that comes from the film that keeps hold of this statement, and I want you to think about it as you watch this film," she then raises her arms, revealing small yellow lines around her wrists, with a few lines dangling on each hand, as though she was wearing broken chains, "Everyone creates the thing they dread, let's begin…"

And with that and the quote in the minds of the audience, the FWM left the stage as the film starts playing.

00:00:00 - 00:00:37

After the opening, the film starts out showing the main object that had been seen and used several times in the past few films.

"That's Loki's scepter," Izuku pointed out, his mind quickly raced to realized what's going on, "so we're picking off with Hydra."

00:00:37 - 00:00:46

"Finally they found them," Bakugo said as the announcer saying that they're under attack.

"I guess they would be found one way or another, especially after Steve and Romanoff revealed all the secrets from S.H.I.E.L.D and Hydra to the public."

"And the twins with quirks are there too" Uraraka added. Which caught more interest to see what they do.

00:00:46 - 00:00:54

"Black Widow and Hawkeye!" some of the students cheered as they see Barton and Romanoff dividing through the snow with Hawkeye shooting at the back.

"Seems that the Avengers are already together," Asui said, hoping to see the rest of the team.

00:00:54 - 00:01:16

"Iron Man and Thor Might!" the same students cheered once more.

They then see Thor beat up a bunch of bad guys, with the knowledge that Thor sounds like the former symbol of peace, seeing him fight was cool to them, especially when he shows flight and super strength.

00:01:16 - 00:01:26

"Captain America!" (you get the gist)

They watch as Steve rides his motorcycle while throwing his signature shield, managing to hit multiple bad guys while catching it at the same time

00:01:16 - 00:01:35

(and the Hulk, three times is a charm, but the author don't need to mention it again)

"And with that, the entire team is fighting against one of the remaining bases of Hydra. Ultimate team-up!" Twice said.

"I guess this must be a very major situation if they're all together," Aizawa said.

"Of course, it is, they're now clearing out what remains of Hydra, no more they hide in the shadows to destroy freedom!" Twice commented.

"Whatever you say" Aizawa sighed from the fact that a villain is agreeing with him, as it felt somewhat strange.

00:01:35 - 00:01:40

"Now that's a manly shot," Kirishima said, as he was in awe towards the slow-motion shot of the entire group of Avengers together once more.

Thor striking down with his hammer.

Hawkeye jumping to shoot an arrow.

Black Widow jumping out of the car ready to kick someone.

Captain America jumping off a ramp with his motorcycle.

Iron Man passes through everyone.

And the Hulk roaring in the front while winding up his fist.

This was a very epic shot for the students, the teachers were impressed along with the villains as well.

00:01:40 - 00:01:52

While there were some chuckles from how Stark bumped from the unexpected shield from the main building, it quickly turned into laughter when

"Who gives a sh*t about foul language?" Bakugo said.

"Uh, Kanchan?" Izuku stuttered.

"What the f**k do you want Deku?" he turns to the green hair student, only to notice something else. Mirio covering Eri's already covered ears to try and hid swears from her.

"You know there's a kid in here right?" Mirio said with concern.

"The FWM didn't censor swear words? Seriously?" Bakugo said in anger.

(Bakugo, nowadays, kids around Eri's age start to use swear words, who gives a waste at this point?)

00:01:52 - 00:01:58

"Holy sh… shoot" Kirishima corrected, trying to not make the same mistake as Bakugo. "they have a satellite to target and analyze the field?"

"Why don't we have that in our reality?" Denki complained.

"Because we're don't have Stark's tech to do that" Power Loader answered.

"But seriously, if we have that, we could easily detect and capture so many villains with a that." Kirishima said, "and it's way more effective than what Project Insight was"

"Don't remind us of that horrible plan," one of the villains said with an angry groan.

00:01:58 - 00:02:33

"Well, they seem to be a big group and a very well defended base of operation, it would be difficult to have an element of surprise," Aizawa said as he watches Thor, Widow and Hawkeye take down a wave of bad guys with weapons, surprise to see them being able to take down heavily armed henchmen despite having a few gadgets and a literal bow, he understood the rest but the two seems a bit out of place.

Either way, the students find them amazing so he couldn't judge that harsh.

00:02:33 - 00:02:48

"Yeah, mature adults don't need to tell each other to watch their language, especially in the middle of a battle." Midnight said.

"There is no politeness in the face of war" Tokoyami stated.

00:02:48 - 00:02:51

"Sokovia," Izuku said, as the film shows the location name of Hydra's last base, revealing to be in Sokovia, which is located in Eastern Europe. "never heard of the place."

"I know a lot of gemology and memorized European countries," Momo said, stating her knowledge, "but I never heard of Sokovia."

"No, I don't know what this Sokovia is either," Aoyama added.

"Perhaps it's a place that doesn't exist in our reality, only in theirs" Jiro suggested.

"I guess it's possible, this is an alternate reality after all," Momo said, "there would be different events, places and people who wouldn't exist in our reality, In fact, this is probably one of the few forms of media that showed an alternate reality where the age of quirks never occurred."

00:02:51 - 00:03:01

"Seriously? A monocle? Are you trying to make yourself obviously evil?" Present Mic commented on the appearance of Strucker, the supposed main guy of this base and the person responsible for his tech to be a challenge against the Avengers.

00:03:01 - 00:03:13

"Make sense, it's better to take out the weaker targets than the strong target, that there wouldn't be any support for the stronger targets or said stronger targets will be more focused getting weak targets to safety, delaying them." Kurogiri gave a viewpoint on Strucker's command.

"Is that why you attack us at the USJ?" Thirteen said.

"Ideally, we were there to kill All Might, Shigaraki was bored and he spent all that time getting goons, so he decided to use them against you, plans backfire sometimes.

00:03:13 - 00:03:42

"Once again, a distraction to delay the heroes," Kurogiri said as Strucker's men attacked people at a nearby city.

00:03:42 - 00:03:48

"Wait, the Iron Legion!" Mei quickly said the moment she heard 'Iron Legion' she slowly smiled to a grin. "he didn't destroy them all! Let's go!"

00:03:48 - 00:03:57

"Or rather remade the Iron Legion into a different way, which makes sense," Power Loader said as he and Mei were impressed by the new Iron Man suit telling civilians to keep away.

"I don't care, this brings more inspiration," she said loudly, "instead of having heroes or police wasting time forming barriers to keep people away from the scene, have bots place there, that way the heroes can be more focused on the villain, that's excellent!"

"If you can make it work then yeah," Power Loader said, knowing that Mei thought of another baby to make the world better.

00:03:57 - 00:04:14

From the thought of robots safeguarding the innocent civilians from danger, the students and teachers were hoping to see people watch in excitement as they see heroes go against villains, as most of them had seen once in a while.

However, the crowd's reaction wasn't the same.

"What's going on? they're not happy having the heroes there?" Uraraka said as the students hear the crowd telling the Avengers to go home.

"Yeah, I was near a villain incident and safe away from the scene and Avengers were there, I would watch," Izuku said, completely confused and more shocked when one of the

"Probably because we're more adapted to see hero fights," one of the teachers answered, "back in the early start of pro heroes, people had slight mistrust towards heroes because they were new and different, it was different back then than now. This reality is still adapting to heroes."

"But still, they need to know that they're in danger, even if they don't like them," Izuku said, as he writes about the Iron Legion new function after the events of Iron Man 3.

00:04:14 - 00:04:33

"Not two seconds and you're already giving up," Shigaraki said, a bit disappointed that Strucker now considers surrendering right after telling his men to never surrender. to him, a leader who decides to give up is weak.

But with recent events, he feels weak.

00:04:33 - 00:04:45

"Disobeying orders from Strucker, that's a bad sign," one of the teachers said.

"But still, it gives an interesting opportunity to see the capabilities of their quirks," Nezu said, curious about the twins and what they can do, especially after the tease from Winter Soldier.

00:04:45 - 00:04:50

With the Twins going out on the field, the first twin brought a shock towards some of the students, while others expected his capabilities, the first scene using his powers is enough to show what he can do.

"Now that's fast," Kirishima said.

"Indeed" Iida added, quickly catching his attention.

00:04:50 - 00:05:15

The following scene shows Hawkeye trying to destroy a turret, only for the male twin to appear and grab the arrow, then said twin attack, Barton, with quick pace right before he commented on how he didn't see it coming.

"I assume that's how his quirk works," Midoriya said, adding in the abilities of the male twin, "I never saw any with a speed quirk being that fast"

"I have to agree, Midoriya," Iida said, "I couldn't compete with him, I don't think my Brother could outrun him either."

"So for him to be a villain, he posed as a serious threat," Izuku said, hoping for the Avengers to deal with one of the twins interesting abilities.

00:05:15 - 00:05:25

While feeling worried about Hawkeye taking damage, Steve brought up an interesting name for calling the twins.

"Enhanced?" All Might said, "Is that what they call people with quirks?"

"Possibly," Nezu answered, "in the Deadpool film, they called quirks, 'Mutants', so there would be different realities where quirks would have different common terms; quirks, mutant, enhanced, meta or plain old superpowers."

The audience understood what the principal was saying. Superpowers is another term for quirks, it's just that the term 'quirks' is a more comfortable saying to ease the public for what they call their powers. The other words just make quirks sound dangerous, unsettling or egotistic. It would bring uncomfortably to those who use the other terms, especially those who are quirkless.

"I guess since this reality doesn't have actual quirks, it's very unlikely they would refer them to that." All Might said, thoughtful on the subject of interesting terms to describe powers that are similar to quirks.

00:05:25 - 00:05:30

"Now that's a critical injury," Recovery Girl said, as she notices the wound on Barton's side, "he'd be lucky to survive that, if he recovers, I don't think he would do more hero work. He might have to face early retirement."

"And this is why quirkless people can't be heroes," Bakugo said.

"Young Bakugo, quirk or not, anyone would still get hurt from that blast," All Might pointed out, having a similar feeling when his side was injured as well.

00:05:30 - 00:06:08

"Iron Man is just so cool," Hatsume said, liking the suit being in action as it attacks and blasts the villains out of the way, even figuring where the power source was for the shield and shoot a missile to blow it up.

"Yeah, just so manly" Kirishima agreed with the support student.

00:06:08 - 00:06:11

Right after Stark destroyed the shields, Steve then shows an interesting device that made Mei smile in glee.

"Hmm, a magnetic recall for Rogers' shield," Power Loader said, smiling at the recalled shield, "guess it would come in handy just in case he loses it."

00:06:11 - 00:06:38

And with one move, the students smile from the team-up action of Captain America and Thor.

"They took the shield hammer bash and made it a move!" Uraraka said as she liked how it's used to knock out all the upcoming villains and destroyed a big tank.

00:06:38 - 00:06:59

As victory came near for the heroes, the following scene showed henchmen shooting directly at Iron Man who took no damage due to the armour.

Then he suggests to talk and shot everyone without killing them, he said it was a good talk and one of the henchmen said it wasn't.

That brought laughter to most of the students, some of the villains and a handful of teachers.

"At least Stark managed to reduce his act of unnecessary killings," Aizawa said.

00:06:59 - 00:07:09

"Why would he get out of his amour?" Hatsume complained as she sees Stark leaving his amour.

"Having bulky suits on would limit you to do smaller tasks," Power Loader explained, "and since he's using a computer, it would be better to do it without the suit than with it, this is also why I don't wear my hero costume when designing my gear."

00:07:09 - 00:07:44

"Finding it cool to find a secret door in a castle, is he a child?" Aizawa said sighing from the Iron Man.

"Well it is Tony Stark, and we all know what he's like," Present Mic commented.

00:07:44 - 00:09:06

While Stark is going through the secret passage, the following scene shows Romanoff and Hulk, with Romanoff calming the Hulk down and then Hulk reverting to Banner.

"Assuming from this, Banner might control how to use his quirk, but he doesn't know how to turn it off without support or go unconscious," All Might said.

"I feel that having the Hulk in the Avengers is a risk," Aizawa argued, "that means he has no way of deactivating it in certain situations, he can still hurt if he loses control, this is why it's better for heroes

"Well, they're just trying their best Aizawa." All Might attempted to argue.

"Trying is not good enough."

Meanwhile, for the rest of the audience, they found it an interesting moment between a red beauty and a green beast.

The girls liked this scene, as it shows that even when Widow is a badass, she's also nice to help others, the one who liked her the most within this scene is Himiko Toga as it reminds of recent events when she helped Twice from controlling his quirk by wrapping his head with cloth.

00:09:06 - 00:09:30

"Be careful cap," Hagakure warned as she notices the female twin approaching him.

00:09:30 - 00:09:46

"Wait, she just shows up, knocks Steve back then left? Why?" Toga questioned the twin's action.

"I don't think she's fully working for Strucker, maybe the twins have a different motive against the Avengers" Dabi suggested.

"Well, either way, they managed to get rid of that monocle-wearing idiot," the villain girl said, feeling glad that what remains of Hydra is finally captured.

00:09:46 - 00:09:59

After Strucker was captured, Stark continued as he approached a big room full of interesting things.

The main part is one of the big Chitauri aliens.

"Since Hydra was technically S.H.I.E.L.D during Avengers, I would guess they clear out any alien corpses left in New York and put them in hidden areas, that would include this base," one of the teachers said.

"But that leaves one interesting question that matters," Iida said, "just what exactly were they doing here?"

"We'll find out soon enough for sure," Nezu said, having a feeling that the base was holding something big, especially when Strucker mentioned that he was at a verge to complete something, whatever it was, it's now stopped thanks to the heroes.

00:09:59 - 00:10:21

"What are they're doing with the scepter and all the alien tech?" Midoriya said, being so curious on what Hydra was doing, he made notes on what he saw, but he doesn't understand any of it, he knows that most of the Avengers won't know and their job is to stop Hydra and secure the scepter, but sometimes heroes have to know what's going on to understand the situation.

Then, when they saw the scepter, they also saw the female twin, catching some who notice in surprised, fearing for what she would do to her, especially since Stark is out of his suit.

00:10:21 - 00:10:35

Quickly, some of the audience were jumped from the big Chitauri now alive and breaking through the place.

"What's going on?" Uraraka said, "what did she do, did she revive that big thing."

"it would be amazing if that's the case," Asui replied, "but it's not, she used her power on Stark, so what's happening is happening to him."

While others don't get it, some did and notice what's going on with the scene.

00:10:35 - 00:11:43

For the entirety of the scene, the audience remained silent, watching the whole thing unfold.

What Stark saw horrified him more than the audience, as they see the rest of the Avengers in front of him, dying or dead, along with broken things such as the unbreakable shield cut in half, Stark came near Rogers who, in a rather scary move, jump at him, telling him that he could have saved him before he died, then Stark watched as the Chitauri army roams towards a portal leading to Earth, as though another invasion has begun.

Then Stark woke back to reality.

Everyone wasn't just silent, but stunned.

"What…what… was that?" Nejire stuttered while the other two of the big free froze in silent to what they saw. Same goes with the students and most of the teachers, and while for some villains it was nice to see a group of heroes defeated, they didn't like the scene as it showed the world being invaded by aliens, a concept of Loki being successful of taking over the planet. A concept they reject.

Nobody said anything, except one, who understood what he saw. Or least how he sees it.

"That… is a hero's nightmare…" All Might spoke.

To the former symbol of peace, this was, of course, a vision, but it was also a nightmarish vision, one that shows Iron Man failing to stop Loki, then see his teammates corpses, with one of them saying he didn't save them, putting the deaths of heroes and innocent on him. That's a burden when being a hero, or at least the number one hero when a hero fails to save the day, they have to face consequences, from the deaths of those in the incident or knowing that villain will continue making more crimes, and when it happens, the heroes are to blame for not doing their job.

To All Might, what they saw, was a representation of a hero's fear of failure.

00:11:43 - 00:11:51

"Oh good, it was just an illusion" Mina sighed in relief along with some of the other students.

"Illusion." Midoriya repeated the pink girl's words than putting it on the female twin's page, "that's probably her quirk, she's capable of giving illusions to people when she's close to them, what we saw wasn't real, it was something that only Stark can see which was made by her."

"Good eye," Nezu said, now having an interest of the female twin's power, not only it would be more powerful than her brother's, but it would be more dangerous and a threat to the Avengers if she makes her moves correctly.

"But I believe she can do more than just illusions," the principal suggested.

00:11:51 - 00:12:20 (Title Drop)

And with the end of castle battle and the shown title, there were many thoughts towards the audience.

While most of them are people feeling excited to see the team back together, others had great cautious that something bad is going to happen, especially with Stark's vision with them defeated, then after, the twins allowed Stark to take the scepter, indicating the audience that they know that the weapon would do badly in the hands of heroes than in the hands of villains.

Either way, it was a great big opening start that had action, epic moves and the introduction of the twins and their capabilities against the Avengers. For now, the audience assumes they are the main villains of the film as it seems they have plans for the device.

00:12:20 - 00:12:49

After the title, the scene shows the team in an aircraft while opera music is playing, revealing Banner with headphones listening to such calm music.

"So listening to calm and peaceful music is one of Banner's tactics to keep himself from getting angry," Momo said, liking the song as she feels at ease, especially after a big opening battle.

00:12:49 - 00:13:08

"Well, he did destroy that turret while you aided Barton," Izuku said, as he writes down the concept of Code Green and the lullaby, as it indicates that Code Green is situations when the Hulk is needed while the lullaby is how they make Hulk back into Banner.

00:13:08 - 00:13:26

"That's not something Banner wants to hear," Recovery Girl complained, "it made it sound like he brutally murdered those henchmen"

00:13:26 - 00:13:37

"You really should of just stop it from there," All Might said, feeling embarrassed towards Thor on his wording, especially when he has his voice.

00:13:37 - 00:13:53

There were some chuckles from the students when they saw a label that reads 'Jarvis is my co-pilot'.

"Relying a lot on Jarvis huh Stark?" one of the teachers said.

"Of course, he's been there since Stark built his suits, of course, he would assist him, very handy to give him information during battles" Mei commented.

00:13:53 - 00:14:28

"After everything that you guys been through and now managing to stop Hydra, you deserve a revel," Nezu said with a smile with cautious, "through the job is never done, a hero must have a break once in a while."

00:14:28 - 00:14:41

"Stark Tower is back!" Sero said as he and the other students and teachers were happy to see the building once again.

"No, that isn't Stark Tower, it's the Avengers Tower," Izuku corrected the tape student, "notice the A, it's now their team logo."

"Looks like you got your wish," Asui said, as she and the rest of the audience liked the new look for the tower as it seems to be a beacon of the Avengers just as how U.A is a beacon of the next generation of pro heroes.

00:14:41 - 00:15:08

"I should of guess Steve would be the boss, being the captain and all," All Might said.

"Stark doesn't seem to be the leader type, but he sure stands out from the rest," Kirishima said, "and that's from a team with green monsters and a Norse god that sound like All Might"

00:15:08 - 00:15:35

"That's one way to describe their quirks," Mina said, a bit confused on how Hill described their abilities.

During the explanation of Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, the twins from the earlier scenes, from their names and backstory, which brings an interesting explanation on why they volunteer to be experimented on to gain power.

He also put down the detailed explanation of their abilities, with Pietro's having the requirements to be fast while Wanda not only the illusion vision ability but also neuroelectric interfacing and telekinesis.

"I might be early on what their quirks are called, I think Pietro's quirk would be speed," the green hair student said after noting down information of the twins, "but I don't know what Wanda's quirk would be called."

"Midoriya, leave the naming to me as I have the cards please," Present Mic interrupted, "I'll let you know once the words appear on here."

"They haven't shown up on the cards yet?" Aizawa raised a brow.

"Yeah, weird right?"

00:15:35 - 00:15:48

"That's Ironic coming from you," Compress said, remembering the captain's origins involving a scientist experimenting on him, and the said scientist being German.

00:15:48 - 00:16:18

"Fascinating," Power Loader "automatic repairs for the Iron Legion, guess it save some time."

"Don't the pointer bots get repairs?" Iida questioned.

"Only on production, repairs are manual, which is time-consuming."

00:16:18 - 00:16:34

"Make sense," Nezu said, "it's wise to know the capabilities of a weapon before it gets confiscated, that way if it gets used again, then he would know how to counter it or find any weakness."

00:16:34 - 00:16:55

Hearing Jarvis about what the jewel of the scepter has, it brought attention to the smarter group of the audience and the two-support people when they heard computer.

"I wonder what he means by computer," Izuku said, putting it on his notes to try and understand more of Loki's scepter.

00:16:55 - 00:17:13

While the lesser intelligent people didn't understand what Dr Cho was saying, the rest found it very surprising. With most of them being in shock to know what's going on with Hawkeye.

"That's both a scientific achievement with medical recovery."

"Of what?" Kirishima asked, still confused until Banner said that she's creating tissue.

"You see, Dr Cho is creating skin tissue for Barton and put it on his critical injury, giving it a full recovery as though the damage didn't happen" Momo explained.

"Meaning that Barton can go back into the field." Recovery Girl finishes, "while I can heal injuries and broken bones, ripped flesh is something I couldn't do, what she's doing with her machine is beyond my capabilities."

"That sound very useful," Midoriya said, making a new page for such a device, "just imagine what that can do for heroes who'd taken damage, early retirements rates can rapidly decrease, people can be treated better, this is very impressive."

"It does," Power Loader said, "but creating human tissue is a very different task that's more of a biological topic, way out of my field, and I don't think anyone in our reality has figured it out."

"And if it does then it's more likely a secret, no doubt villains would try and take such a device to keep themselves healing, for this reality," Aizawa added, "I don't think her machines are public, only limited to the Avengers."

Either way, for the audience it was something interesting and useful that seem to only exist in their reality. Showing that while there aren't many quirks in this reality, it's without question that they are advanced in technology. The Iron Man suit is the prime example.

00:17:13 - 00:17:31

"Don't worry quirkless hero, matchmaker Mina is on the case!" the pink girl said as she starts to think of possible ships for Hawkeye.

(They don't know it yet, don't comment about Barton's family)

00:17:31 - 00:17:48

"Of course, she would be interested in Thor Might," Mineta said, feeling jealous.

00:17:48 - 00:18:16

In the shown scene, Stark showed Banner a holographic showing of Jarvis, which seems to be an orange ball.

From what Stark explained on what Jarvis was caught interest towards the two support and others who were interested with computer tech.

"So Jarvis started as a Natural Language User Interface which evolved into assisting the company and Iron Man," Power Loader said, finding it fascinating on what Jarvis is,

"Wait, what's a Natural Language UI?" Nejire questioned in curiosity.

"Think of it like a program designed to find certain words on the user's commands then place them into an order," Power Loader explained, "think of it like the voice you speak to on your phone."

"Oh, that makes more sense," the blue hair girl said, now understanding what they meant.

"I guess Jarvis was designed to understand Stark's speech pattern while linked up with several devices and programs that give the UI access."

"And here I thought he was a very advanced AI," Mei said, now finding the orange ball interesting.

00:18:16 - 00:18:40

While the showing of Jarvis was interesting, what Stark shows next made Jarvis look small in comparison.

"Now's that's a big blue ball," Mei said, incredibly impressed and amazed by the size.

"If Jarvis is supposing to be the most advanced UI on Earth, then what's inside Loki's scepter is much greater, perhaps it's more than a UI." Power Loader said, having the same feeling as his inventive crazed student.

From hearing her teacher, Mei realized something much more on what he's suggesting, "please tell me what you're telling me."

00:18:40 - 00:18:56

When Bruce straight out said what Mei was thinking, she gave started to breathe rapidly, he faces grinning much more that it scares the scariest of the League of Villains.

"Oh my… oh my… that… that thing is…"

"Yep," Power Loader said, though happy to see such a concept, kept him tamper as he's more controlled than his student.

"Wait, I don't get it," Denki said, with him and most of the students confused, along with teachers who don't know much of technology. "why is this a big deal?"

"What!" Hatsume turn to the electric student in shock, "are you serious!? This is probably the greatest discovery! Bigger than metal suits, bigger than creating human tissue, we are talking about actual artificial intelligence!"

"But isn't artificial intelligence a thing, even in our reality?" Izuku asked.

"Yes and no" Power Loader replied clearing up an explanation, "while we have something that can be considered AI, like our pointers at U.A, but they're just following programs and commands within their coding. We never achieved actual artificial intelligence, one that works similar like a human brain, for that to work, it has to have the ability to think, that takes so much work and coding that it would probably take a lifetime for someone to achieve it."

"So for Loki's scepter to have something like that is like giving birth to a new baby!" Mei said, who out of everyone was the most excited to see this discovery.

00:18:56 - 00:19:00

"Okay," Izuku said, quickly putting the name Ultron on his notes, remembering how the film title has that name and that it would be an Age of Ultron.

He listened carefully to know what Ultron is, something that Stark had in mind.

00:19:00 - 00:19:13

"Now that's a much better idea," Mei said, agreeing without thinking, "just imagine, instead of one that follows program and commands, it thinks for itself to do justice!"

The rest, however, had mixed feeling, while some thought that it would be cool, others didn't think so since the subject is talking about AI that can think, from that point, they either think that the AI might think differently or see it being bad after seeing movies where robots take over the world.

Those who thought the latter had a feeling that this film will be about that.

00:19:13 - 00:19:39

"Then the bouncer will find those people and throw them out!" Mei said before she realized what she said, "okay bad metaphor but you get the point."

"Why do I have a feeling that this is another 'Freedom or security' debate?" Asui said.

"Well, it seems to be," Momo said, "if Stark managed to do this, the Ultron Iron Legion can be the protector of Earth, preventing alien invasions and villain attacks without causing human casualties and decreases human injuries, in fact, it could make pro heroes obsolete."

With that in mind, there were concerns on the heroes' side, thinking about pro heroes being obsolete, it was troubling if this happened to their reality, then everything that they're working for would be all for nothing since there are machines that can do a better job.

They didn't like the idea one bit.

00:19:39 - 00:19:59

"Not telling your team wouldn't be a good idea," Aizawa said, now seeing Tony as the man he sees him as, someone who thinks much of himself instead of others.

00:19:59 - 00:20:20

And with that, there were many thoughts on Stark and his Ultron Project, the idea of harnessing artificial intelligence from the jewel of Loki's scepter and putting it within the Iron Legion protocol.

Power Loader started it off, "First off, this idea might be a good idea on paper, but there are so many setbacks that can go wrong."

"And even if it does go right, people might feel uncomfortable that robots are protecting their world." All Might added.

"People were uncomfortable with quirks when they appeared All Might," Mei said, "people learn to adapt, that's what keeps us going!"

"Yeah, but that means there wouldn't be any need for Avengers or heroes, what would happen if Ultron fails to face against a stronger alien? What if it mistakes small-time villains as terrorists, for someone from the support course, I thought you would be cautious towards such topics" Iida said.

"Iida, this is Hatsume we're talking about" Uraraka pointed out.

"That aside, I can see why Stark is doing all of this" Nezu interrupted, "he's afraid that he can't do a better job of protecting his world, but he wants to make sure that everyone is safe, he believes this Ultron project might be the key to keep the world safe. Especially after what Wanda showed him"

00:20:20 - 00:21:02

As the scene shows a montage of Stark and Banner trying to harness the jewel, the debate of Ultron kept going.

In the end, there were mixed thoughts and considerations, while Hatsume believed this was a good idea, she was the only one to say that, the rest either seeing this being bad because of the possible drawbacks or that it would ruin traditional pro heroes. on the villain side, they don't like the Ultron idea since it's the implication of having security more than freedom, similar to Project Insight, except that it won't cause a lot of casualties, but it could make people fear of making the wrong moves.

Overall, it was a lot of think about, and only a little time before Stark managed to create Ultron.

00:21:02 - 00:21:19

"Enough science and computer sh*t, it's time the to REVEL!" Twice said.

00:21:19 - 00:21:26

Just as Stark leaves, the audience saw a computer screen that was running tests, with one being a success.

"I guess Stark did it," Kurogiri said, "now let's see what it does…"

00:21:26 - 00:21:35

"His first words," Mei said, staring directly at the screen, trying not to blink at any moment, finding the words adorable as a baby.

Everyone around her finds her incredibly weird from her expression.

"And thus… the age of Ultron begins…" Tokoyami said. As he and the rest of the audience watches closely to the first moments of Ultron

00:21:35 - 00:21:56

As Jarvis tries to help Ultron understand what's going on, the audience looks at a strange place of blue squares, it made them wonder what they were looking at.

Some thought that it was inside the Ultron program while others believed it was an inside visual look of a computer. Especially when the orange square seems to represent Jarvis and the camera moving is supposed to be the eyes of Ultron.

When the AI say that being without a body feels strange and wrong, it brought red flags for most of the audience.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Aizawa said.

00:21:56 - 00:22:12

"What is it doing?" Mirio asked. As the screen shows flashes of images, starting with Tony then the rest of the Avengers.

"I believe it's gaining data, recoding everything inside mainframe of everything related to the Avengers. No different than how we memorize information in our brains. Only for this case, very advanced, expanded memories and in a short period of time."

00:22:12 - 00:22:30

From this moment, their biggest concerns came to reality, when Ultron searched for peace, he saw images of war, from politics to death to destruction and war.

It was also a moment when Mei's excitement of the Ultron project shifted to the realization of disaster, her smile slowly faded as the scene turns back to show Jarvis and Ultron.

00:22:30 - 00:23:01

Concern came to Hatsume, she was too blind to see a new baby that she didn't realise what said baby was doing. But when it attacked Jarvis, that hit her hard, "oh no…" she muttered.

Meanwhile, for the rest, they were shocked to see blue lines attacking Jarvis, the UI started to stutter until they couldn't hear his voice. Then the scene shows the machines working on one of the Iron Legion bots underneath them.

"This was what I'm worried about the most" Power Loader said. "Tony Stark, what have you done?"

00:23:01 - 00:23:18

A turn of shift changed when the scene shows a party going on, with several people enjoying their time.

"Should we worry about Ultron while the revel is going on?" Uraraka asked as the audience has the curse to know that something bad is going on while there was a party.

"Guess we have to try and forget it for the moment," Nezu suggested. "though that task would be difficult."

00:23:18 - 00:23:46

"Whatever that story was, it wouldn't be impressive for someone like Stark and Thor Might." Spinner said when Rhodes told a story on how he brought a tank to a general.

00:23:46 - 00:24:08

"That's nice to hear from their girlfriends," Izuku said, as the film explains what's going on with Pepper and Foster, and an explanation of their absence.

For the girls, it was really strange to see Thor and Stark talk about what their girls are up to and their achievements, while it was nice that they were thinking of them, it also seemed to be the two trying to say which one has the best girl. It was strange because usually, it would be the girls who say who has the best guy, but once again, it was good to hear what they done after their films.

00:24:08 - 00:24:20

There were some chuckles from Hill's cough and Thor saying that Jane's better. Giving more indication that the two were saying which girl is better.

00:24:20 - 00:24:34

"At least they're still looking for Bucky," Midoriya said as he listens to Steve and Sam's conversation and an update of what's going on after the events of Winter Soldier.

00:24:34 - 00:24:41

"This reality is crazy," Hagakure said, with many students and teachers agreeing.

00:24:41 - 00:25:00

"See, telling it to civilians is much easier than telling it to a Norse God." Twice said, as Rhodes told the same story to random people at the party who laugh instead of silence.

00:25:00 - 00:25:12

"So it has a lot of alcohol, got it," Kurogiri said.

"If it's not meant for mortal men, why did he give it to Steve?" Shigaraki asked.

"We've established that Steve can't get drunk from regular alcoholic drinks due to his regeneration from the serum." The warp bartender explained, "this beverage might make him drunk, so I think it's okay for him to have it."

00:25:12 - 00:25:16 (STAN LEE CAMEO 11)

In a surprise, a familiar face counter-argued with the Norse thunder god.

Though he wore a hat and darker shades, Mineta quickly recognized him, "another appearance of the Old Man."

"I guess since he was there at Steve's celebration during the war, it makes sense he would have military experience," Momo said, thinking more about the Old Man's appearance.

"Yeah, but he was still old back then," the purple pervert countered, "there is no further proof, no way to deny it, he is immortal!"

00:25:16 - 00:25:26

"Excelsior?" one of the students questioned. As it shows a fully drunk Old Man being dragged away by two men.

"That's Latin" Momo explained, "it means ever upwards."

"Huh, wonder why he said that? It seems a bit random," Izuku said, as he put in another appearance entry of the Old Man – attended a party at the Avengers Tower, appeared as a World War Two veteran with experience of storming Omaha Beach, he asked Thor to give him his drink only to get extremely drunk, he was dragged by two men in black shirts, while was being carried away, he said a Latin word, 'Excelsior'.

"Maybe's that's his version of Plus Ultra," All Might chuckle from the thought of different mottos of reaching potential.

00:25:26 - 00:26:38

The following scene was a bit strange and it confused some of the audience, as Bruce and Natasha had a conversation that seems to be a bit of role-playing, where Romanoff talks about having troubles with a guy and explain what she sees in him, all while implying the guy being Banner, but talk as though they're not talking about him.

There wasn't much to say about this scene except for Mina to add another couple to ship, even though it would compromise with an existing ship.

"Here we go again," Asui said, who notice the pink girl's smile.

00:26:38 - 00:26:54

"Even Steve gets it," Mina said, happy that Captain America notice the possibility of the two being together.

"Wait, I thought you want Steve and Natasha to be together."

"Ships can change Tsu," Mina counters, "besides, Steve seems okay with it."

"Are we just going to forget about Betty?" Izuku asked.

"Who?" Mina said.

"You know what? Forget it, I can see them going their separate ways" Izuku then make another note on the page with Betty's name, 'unlikely to appear again'.

00:26:54 - 00:27:01

"And as in up close, he means kiss," Mineta said, still remembering the time in Winter Soldier where they kissed to get away from Hydra agents.

00:27:01 - 00:27:10

"I guess he can have that title, he's almost a hundred years old and she still doesn't have a girlfriend," Mina said.

00:27:10 - 00:27:29

"Is he talking about the hammer?" Mirio asked when Barton said that Thor's hammer is a trick.

"For someone who had a go with the hammer, it's not a trick, we saw All Might and you picked it up," Nejire said as everyone recalled when they had a go with the hammer.

All of them have a feeling that the same experience is going to be shown on-screen.

00:27:29 - 00:27:47 (Hammer Test: Hawkeye)

In the start of the hammer lifting attempt, Barton tried but couldn't lift the hammer.

"Guess he isn't worthy," Izuku said, putting it on his notes.

"Him being quirkless, he still needs support from others, not to mention a lack of willpower that makes him worthy." All Might said, trying to see reasons to why each person isn't worthy.

00:27:47 - 00:28:11 (Hammer Test: Iron Man)

The next person was Stark who not only attempt to lift the hammer but said that if he lifts it, he can rule Asgard when he pulled, nothing happened.

"Well that's a bit obvious," Aizawa said.

"Even if he managed to make changes, his behaviour and irrational actions make him unworthy to lift the hammer" All Might said towards why Iron Man isn't worthy.

00:28:11 - 00:28:18 (Hammer Test: Iron Man with Glove)

"That's not going to work, idiot" Dabi said to Iron Man who tried to lift the hammer using one of his gloves.

"I mean it could," Toga suggested, "Uraraka used her quirk on the hammer and she managed to lift it."

"Yeah about that…" the FWM appeared next to the League of Villains, "during that time, while I did activate her quirk, I also lose the weight of the hammer to a reasonable amount,"

"So in other words, you made her cheat?"

"Of course" the FWM replied, "And also I'm not saying this to recon that time because the hammer's weight would be too much for her quirk to handle," the hooded girl said with her hands up, "thank you for letting me know that by the way, I have seen a couple of reviews about this and I guess you're right, but it shows that the Author can make slight errors." She then disappears when everyone looked at the screen.

00:28:18 - 00:28:23 (Hammer Test: Iron Man with Glove and War Machine)

"Now this is getting silly," Aizawa said, sighing from the fact that Stark is trying desperately to lift the hammer, "wanting to lift the hammer alone makes you unworthy."

00:28:23 - 00:28:33 (Hammer Test: Bruce Banner)

The scene then changes to show Banner trying to lift the hammer but to no avail.

"Well the Hulk didn't lift the hammer in Avengers, why would Bruce be any different," Todoroki said, remembering when the green monster wasn't able to lift Thor's hammer.

"Probably because he fears himself and his anger issue, also guilt towards the destruction he causes, he wouldn't be worthy," All Might said.

00:28:33 - 00:28:48 (Hammer Test: Captain America)

And then finally Steve Rogers.

People watched, wondering if Steve was capable of lifting the hammer;

He holds the handle and gave it a pull, while it stayed still, many notice something off that happened.

"It moved!" Uraraka said, with her and the ones who notice the movement was surprised as Thor on-screen who also noticed. "it moved a tiny bit, does that mean he's worthy."

"I guess it makes sense," All Might said, "countless times he put others before himself, he sacrificed himself to save millions of lives from Hydra, back in war times and dealing with Project Insight, he allowed Bucky to try and kill him without fighting back because he doesn't want to hurt his friend, only when he needs to when saving lives. I'm surprised that he isn't worthy to lift it completely."

"But. It. moved!" Kirishima said.

"I can only see two reasons to why he couldn't lift it, one, when the hammer was being lifted by Steve, it saw him as a possible candidate of being worthy, but not enough to lift it entirely."

"And the other reason?"

"Two, he is worthy and he's pretending that he can't lift it, with that small nudge being a slight mistake when he fake pulling."

(Author's Note: turns out to be the latter, and the very reason why I didn't have Izuku having a slight nudge as Steve had when he attempts to lift the hammer, Izuku is possible worthy but not completely. And not completely means he's not worthy. There is no chance to slightly lift the hammer, you're either worthy or not worthy.)

00:28:48 - 00:28:55

"Makes sense, she has red ledger!" Twice said when Widow denies her chance to lift the hammer.

00:28:55 - 00:29:08

"If that's the case, then explain how All Might and dot eyes can lift it!?" Bakugo asked.

"Because they're worthy," Kirishima said, being a captain obvious.

00:29:08 - 00:29:30

Without warning, a high pinch sound was heard, then followed by splatters of black liquid, a figure slowly moved towards the group.

They saw the back of the thing, some of them find it frightening, while others find it strange and hostile. As the body seems to be one of the bots, only not completed, which parts showing and other things missing with wires dangling.

"Talk about an incomplete baby," Mei said, having a bad feeling towards who this is and what it would do, even if it looks weak.

00:29:30 - 00:29:41

When it turns around, it revealed one of the Iron Legion bots, not fully completed, but functional.

It brought several chills under some of the student' spines, the unsettling of an uncompleted machine, with a robotic voice, but what makes it complete the scene was what it said.

'How could you be worthy? you're all killers'

"Well… he's not wrong…" Kurogiri said towards what the robot said. "technically each hero of the Avengers had killed someone at some point in their lives."

"I want to disagree with you, but after looking at the films, you're right" Aizawa agreed with the villain, "aside from having his weapons killing people before the cave incident, Stark caused major lethal injuries to some of the terrorists he fought while wearing the suit, same goes with Hulk when he attacked soldiers, Thor killed several aliens and possibly hydra agents, Steve had to kill during a time of war, Black Widow has red on her ledger and Hawkeye being an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D would have gone in missions where he had to kill targets, so yeah, they all killed before."

With the 1-A teacher's explanation, the students were surprised to realize the fact, while some already knew, the thought of each Avengers member having a body count never came to their mind.

Aizawa notice the students thinking about the fact, "I guess you're thinking the same thing, but unfortunately that's the truth," he took a deep breath before giving a small lecture, "when you become heroes, you might encounter a moment where you have to kill the villain to save an innocent. While you have to make sure no one dies, you might run out of options. This only happens in rare moments under certain circumstances, so I doubt most of you would go into that moment."

And with that, it left the students thinking about the idea of killing someone to save someone, a soul for a soul, but most of them believed that there would be better ways to stop the villain without killing them, they just hoped they never go to that situation

To think, that thinking about killing comes from Ultron's first interaction with the Avengers.

00:29:41 - 00:30:02

Mei was confused on what the bot said, "Had to kill the other guy… who did he…" but then she realized what it meant.

"No..." he heart broke when she realized who it killed.

00:30:02 - 00:30:09

"That's true, but that doesn't mean you have to make them," All Might said, "there are better options than ugly choices."

"That's easy for you to say," Shigaraki said, "but for most of us, we have nothing but ugly choices,"

"Shigaraki, I'm sure you could… I'm…" All Might was loss for words, he wanted to say it, but it wouldn't feel right.

"Could what? choose not to be a villain?" Shigaraki said, "no, I didn't choose to be a villain, neither did they," he points towards the other members of the league, who felt a bit annoyed when their leader mentioned them.

"Being a hero or a villain isn't a choice, it's a result of how other depict actions, good intentions can seem villainous and vice versa, and it all mixed in with ugly choices. I don't want to get into it, but overall, the robot's right, we all have to face ugly choices at some point with no other options."

Shigaraki then looked down at his hand before sighing and closing the said hand.

"Most of us already have."

00:30:09 - 00:30:24

While this scene confirms that the robot is indeed Ultron, some of the audience thought about what it meant when Ultron called its body a chrysalis, as it could mean that the current form isn't its full body.

Then both Hill and Thor gotten ready their weapons, the teachers thought of the same thing, fearing that Ultron will become hostile.

00:30:24 - 00:30:34

The audience was jumped when bots smash through behind Ultron, Steve managed to lift a table before he gotten knocked back and everyone ducked out of the way.

"I did not see that coming!" Denki said as the first conflict against Ultron starts.

00:30:34 - 00:30:49

The following scene was utter madness, as people dodge out of the way while the bots, turning out to be the Iron Legion, were blasting everywhere, the audience feared for the safety of the Avengers. But Mei was shocked and disappointed that the machines are going against the heroes.

"This is probably why you shouldn't have robots be in control of the public's safety," Aizawa said, "a villain with hacking still could easily turn it against civilians and heroes."

"Yeah, like what happened at I-Island," All Might said, remembering when villains managed to hack the island's security robots to take the island hostage.

00:30:49 - 00:30:57

When Banner and Romanoff jump at the bar counter, Bruce landed on top of Romanoff, face on her chest.

While there are chuckles from the students, Mina and Midnight liked the perverted scene. The former due to her wanting the two to be together while the latter just like moments like the scene.

Mineta meanwhile felt jealous that Banner managed to do that, ignoring the fact that he apologized right after.

00:30:57 - 00:30:59

In a quick cut, the scene showed one of the Iron Legion bots grabbing Loki's Scepter and flying off, while most didn't notice, a few saw it just as it cuts back.

"I guess he has more plans for the scepter" Midoriya said, noting it down before resume watching the fight.

00:30:59 - 00:31:59

The remainder of the fight had the heroes managing to fight back, as they run and dodging, Thor using his strength against one of the bots, Stark jumping onto one and stabbing it with a metal stick, while Steve caught a shield that Barton threw and used it to destroy the remaining bot.

While the battle ends with the Avengers winning, some notice parts of the fight, while a few saw one of them taking the scepter, another was when one of the bots hesitated from attacking Dr Cho. As though he notices something significance towards her.

In the end, most of the students cheered that they managed to stop the bots, but the rest of the students, teachers and villains knew that this was just only the beginning.

"Well, there goes the Iron Legion," Mei said, feeling sad to see destroyed babies.

00:31:59 - 00:32:19

The questions from the now villainous robot caused deep breaths and sighs, but they listen and think about the two statements he pointed out.

'You want to protect the world, but you don't want it to change'

'How is humanity saved if it's not allowed to evolve?'

For most of the audience, these two statements could heavily reflect on their reality.

Towards the first statement, the League of Villains agreed with what Ultron said, as they see heroes having that mindset, wanting to be the ones to protect the world from disaster and villains, but overall, they wanted to keep things as it is, not to improve, not to find problems with their actions and try solving it with anything but a punch. They hoped that their message would be to break the cycle and have a better system than what it is, unfortunately, and for the current moment, they feel that they're prolonging the system or make it worse, not changing it.

The teachers and students wanted to deny the first and second statement, but there wasn't anything wrong with what he said, it's their hero job to protect the world, but it's also their job to keep it as it is, never to change into chaos, they protect the world, but don't want it to change.

As for the second statement, while it has different implications in this reality, it could mean an interesting question, if people can't use their power, are they truly saved? In most theories and consideration towards quirks, some see it as the next evolution of humanity. However, heroes and the government prevent people from using their quirks to keep order.

But does that mean they're saved? Or are they restricted, being unable to go beyond, being unable to go plus ultra? With quirk laws, the answer is yes, not everyone is allowed to evolve, only pro heroes have that privilege.

Some consider that maybe the license to use quirks is the reason why so many people are trying to go into the hero course, not become heroes or just to be popular, but to have a chance to use their quirks freely because only a hero's occupation allows that.

Overall, it was something to think about from what Ultron said to the Avengers as it reflects not only the status and intentions of the group but the troubling flaws within hero society.

00:32:19 - 00:32:35

"Thank you for smashing him, Thor Might!" Bakugo said, being careless to what the robot has to say. But for most, they try to understand them.

Most of them notice a certain word, 'extinction', not death, not destruction, not disbandment, extinction.

"That could mean something," Izuku said, putting it down in words, "but how does that lead to peace?"

It was once again something to think about, as the audience notice that Ultron, while attacked the Avengers and threatening them, he's still on a mission to achieve, 'peace in our time' and believed that the Avengers 'extinction' would achieve it.

00:32:35 - 00:32:59

As Ultron started to power down, then powered back in a new body at Sokovia, the audience listened to him to notice a certain song before the song itself played as the castle was shown on screen.

"Is… is that Pinocchio?" Hagakure stuttered, frightened by the creepy way on how Ultron sang the song.

"I think it is." Asui said, remembering watching the classic Disney film that originate in pre-quirk times. "the song being got 'I've got no strings' when the puppet sang on how has no string."

Those who saw the film remembered the scene and thought more about why Ultron sang that certain song. Maybe it's to indicate that he isn't a slave to the system, that he isn't going to be controlled…

Or maybe, it's the idea that he is aware that everyone is in strings with what's going on with the world. That the heroes and villains are puppets controlled by strings and Ultron is the only one who's aware that the ongoing conflicts are one big game, and thus, free from his strings and try to end all of the conflicts once and for all.

"I am not going to see that film the same ever again after this film," Mirio said before turning to see the shaken girl, "and I guess this ruins Eri's chance to watch it without thinking about Ultron."

Overall, at the start of the film, it was obvious that Ultron will be the main villain, an AI from Loki's scepter and harnessed by Tony Stark to achieve peace, only for it to go against its creator and have a different approach for peace.

While most see this as the typical 'advanced AI turns evil and wanting to destroy humanity' story. Others thought that there is more than that, as there is a true reason to why Ultron is doing all of this. But they know his intentions will cause deaths. All to achieve peace. This brought attention to Izuku and All Might who are curious about how Ultron sees peace and how he's going to achieve it.

And with that, the Age of Ultron has begun.

To be continued…