Once everyone got out of the screen room, they notice the additions in the room.

There isn't any statues or buildings, the only things that are added are images to the wall and a book.

"What's this?" one of the students said, picking up the book, looking at the title, but it was in English.

"Let me see this." Momo said, as the student give the creative girl the book and notice the words and translate from English to Japanese, "pretty much a summarized idea of what's inside the Sokovia Accords," he looks down to see more text, "edited and improvised by the Eth Double you Em, written by… poopheads?"

"The government in a nutshell." FWM appear out of nowhere, "because a lot of people suggested it, I decided to give you guys the context of the Sokovia Accords so you can talk about it and what your final decision would be, whether you agree or disagree with it."

"Well, at least we can get some context," Midoriya said, looking at the book and opening it up, notice that there are only two pages. Not too long as the one in film, and all in English too.

"I literally copied and paste the provided information from the MCU wiki, I am really terrible at translating okay, don't judge me." FWM said, "but still, have a good read and determine if you agree with it and be a pro hero or go against it and become a vigilante. Not literally, but not agreeing with the Sokovia Accords is pretty much like not agreeing with the hero program."

"But they are two different things." Momo pointed out.

"I know," FWM said, "but use your imagination. Because with the other realities I have seen, you guys are lucky to have a reasonable but still corrupt government…" she then walks away and disappears.

Looking around more, the only other things that were added were the images in the wall of heroes and villains, two on the hero side and two on the villain side.

On the hero side, it has two masked images of the heroes that were seen in the film, the first being Peter Parker in his new outfit with the label that reads 'Peter Parker - Friendly Neighborhood Hero: Spider-Man' and the other being T'Challa in his suit with the label that reads 'T'Challa – Wakandan Warrior Hero: Black Panther'.

On the villain side, there are two images, one masked while the other isn't masked for obvious reasons. The first being the deceased villain that appeared in the opening, with the label reading 'Brock Rumlow - Crossbones' the other is the image of the quirkless schemer that tore the Avengers apart, with the label that reads 'Helmut Zemo'.

With that out of the way, everyone starts to relax, after Civil War, they need thirty-minute time to think before they go back into the screen room and see more madness that might come when they see the next MCU film.

(Just you wait guys…)


Most of the students seated themselves in the relaxing part of the cinema, they certainly needed it after watching the film.

While some collect their thoughts on the matter, there were a few who decided to take a look into the Sokovia Accords that FWM provided. While it doesn't have enough information.

It also doesn't help that the text is in English, meaning that only those who have good grades in written English could able to read the text.

For some like Iida and Momo, they read the text a feel a little unsure about it, to them, it felt like reading outdated underline of documents that support the quirk laws and registration.

But even then, after most of them read the text, they made up their minds.

"Alright, I don't see any problems with the Sokovia Accords." Momo was the first to spoke.

This perked up everyone who was on the blue side, as well as some who were on the red side, both curious of what she meant.

"Based on this summarized text, it seems that the Sokovia Accords shares similarities with our own laws."

Hearing this, some of the students were a little unsure. They gave suspecting faces towards the creative girl.

"Okay, hear me out," Momo started, "on this document, one of the things is that the enhanced individual must provide biometric data, legal names and an analysis of their abilities. It's almost similar to how we register our quirks."

The students think about what she said on one part, and it sort of make sense, when the quirks manifested, their parents or guardians, at least a grown-up, had to file information about the child' quirk. Midoriya recalls having to give new information that he has a new quirk before applying for U.A.

"Okay that sounds good, but what about this part?" Mina said, who read the document quickly before passing and notice some red flags. "it said something about tracking bracelets, which sounds a little unfair."

"It says 'those with innate powers must wear tracking bracelets'," Momo corrected, "it pretty much says that if your quirk is too dangerous, then you would issue a tracking bracelet, which again, share similarities with our reality."

"How so?" Kirishima questions Momo, "I don't have to wear some bracelet."

"That's because the laws changed over time," Momo explained, "back when quirks started appearing, they tried to issue a way to track dangerous quirk users, but when the quirk population grew rapidly, it became impossible. So they ditch the method of tracking and mostly use registering."

"Okay, but what about the part about those who sign can't do their activities outside of their borders?" Midoriya asked.

"Well, that's just logical jurisdiction." Iida said, "it's no different than a police officer trying to do their work outside of their city. They would be breaking the law because they have no authority to work there."

"Okay, I get it, but still."

"Midoriya, unless you're planning to become a hero abroad as All Might once did, you don't have to worry about this law." Iida reassure the green hair student "There tens of thousands of heroes around the world that can deal with villains and disasters in their respective country, we just have to deal with the ones in Japan. I guess it is a problem in their reality because there aren't many heroes that can cover the globe."

"Then it goes on to talk baselines laws that we have, enhanced individuals breaking the law, unsigned individuals can't join organized groups, and signed individuals breaking the agreement of the Sokovia Accords. These are what we have and we still follow them." Momo explained.

"Yeah, if you put it that way, it seems that the only way you can disagree with this is if you are determined to become an illegal vigilante, ribbit, or go against the government," Asui said, who could read some parts of the accords, but not the long, complex words. Just taking the word from Momo.

"I'm sure the Accords has additional rules and regulations that are not included from this list," Iida spoke, "but from this information, I wouldn't mind signing this."

"Well from the sounds of it, we already have," Denki said, not knowing much of what's going on but try to follow with the smart ones.

"In our quirk registrations, yes."

The students hearing this were starting to think that the Sokovia accords don't seem bad as it seems to be, there are indeed similarities with some tweaks due to times changing, they understand that the MCU wouldn't be a good place for the accords due to the lacking number of quirks. If there is a big world-ending problem and the heroes can't go there, then the accords would be bad.

But it can work in their reality because there are so many heroes.

Sure there are differences between the two and Sokovia accords might have more than what they read, but it's a system that works if all heroes agree to it.

And while most students can agree with the Sokovia Accords, even a few from the blue side, there is one who thought otherwise.

"I… I don't know about this…" Midoriya spoke.

"Don't know about what?" Iida asked.

"The Sokovia Accords and maybe to our version of it. It just sounds like it gives the government more control over the pro heroes and prevents vigilantism."

"But isn't that a good thing?" Asui asked.

"Not for people like Steve Rogers." Midoriya said, "as he said, the government is run by people with agendas and agendas change. I mean… what if the government is run by villains?"

The question from Midoriya caused shock from everyone, especially the ones who agree with the Accords.

"Midoriya, you're not suggesting such an incomprehensive concept are you?" Iida said, a little concern for Midoriya.

"I'm not saying our government is like that!" Midoriya stutters, realizing he mixed some words, "what I meant to say was that our government could be vulnerable to have corruption, someone with villainous intents could easily gain power by working on the good side, and then put out their action when they have power. and by then, who would stop them?"

Some of the students wanted to counter, trying to say that what Midoriya was thinking is out of line. But from the question given, they thought about the concept as well and consider who would stop a villain with political power.

They know a pro hero can't stop them, due to two factors, the first being that they are on the same side, a hero going against the same side is considered treason, it violates both the Sokovia Accords and the hero laws. The second is that the villain would have power over them, not by quirk standards, but by official rank, if there was a villain that controls heroes, then they would have the power to take away their status as heroes. if a hero tries to go against them, more likely they would revoke their license or mark them as a hero turned villain.

"To how I see it, the only people who can stop them would-be vigilantes and honestly, they seemed to be more heroic than pro heroes. maybe still hopes the definition of a true hero. Just like Steve, like Sam, like the heroes who are willing to help them because that's what a hero does, they save people no matter the consequence."

After Midoriya's rant, everyone was silent, thinking about what he said, and realise some parts that seem questionable with both the Sokovia Accords and the hero laws. There haven't been any instances where someone in political power became a villain, in fact, most of the villains they faced or going to face are street-level thugs or wanted criminals. And that comes from the definition of what the government said. Masterminds who can play at both sides of the coin would be a massive threat and if there was indeed a villain that has high rankings in the government hierarchy or an organization that's watchful towards quirks around the world, then they might have already won and the heroes can't do anything.

Of course, that's if there was one that exists, if they ever discover one, then they wouldn't be ready to face it or even want to face it.

Except for Midoriya, who would be willing to face a greater evil, even if it means the world sees him as a villain.

"If the government is evil and you try to fight evil, who's the villain of the story? the government or you?"

"Wow…" a new voice was heard, "I thought 1-A was self-centred, but I cannot believe what I hear from one of them."

Midoriya looked in the direction of the voice, where Monoma stood with a smile on his face.

"Now I can see why you have a villain counterpart, in fact, you seem to talk to similar perspectives. You say that you want to save people no matter the consequence, but you will also disregard the order, making you nothing more than a potential danger to hero society." The 1-B student walk towards Midoriya, who was shaking in anger from what he's hearing. "if anyone else in 1-A is like you, then we are going to be in a whole lot of trouble for the next generation of heroes, I for one would follow the means of becoming a pro hero, you seemed to follow an outlandish thought of concerns that don't exist, this is why 1-B is superior to you because you wanted to become a villain that causes chaos than a hero that protects order, Midori…!"

Then Monoma was attacked, but not by Kendo hand chop, but from Midoriya directly, as he stood up and cause a sudden unexpected punch to the copying student' face.

This caused the students to stand up as well, the closest dash to Midoriya, trying to make sure he doesn't cause a fight. The teachers and villains notice and look at the conversation.

"Why don't you shut your blathering mouth for one second!" Midoriya shouted. While being pulled back by Kirishima and Shoji.

The punch didn't knock out Monoma, he recovers by rubbing his face, he smiled and begin to chuckle, "case and point" he spoke, "you're not a hero Midoriya, just a massive hypocrite."

Midoriya would have thought of going after the 1-B student, but hesitated, he looked at the hand he used, now bruised from the punch, it started to shake.

"Young Midoriya?" All Might steps in, causing Midoriya to look at him, he quickly regretted his actions.

"I'm… sorry… I don't know what got to me…" he stutters, "I… I… I need time for myself."

Midoriya dashed away, running towards the exit of the cinema, not before Monoma yelled at him. "yeah, run Deku, run like the villain you are!"

"Monoma… you need to chill out," Kendo said, who was about to do her chop again until Midoriya punched him.

"Hey, he strikes first." He argues, "he's the one with the problem, not me…"


Storming out of the cinema, Midoriya tries to comprehend what happened when he punched Monoma.

During that time, he just felt… angry, rage towards how Monoma said, going against what he thinks, telling him that he's more a villain than a hero. It just felt like those times when people backlash at him, saying that he was wrong or that he would never become a hero.

Before he can deal with it. It was something that happened to him constantly and his answer that he would prove them wrong by reaching his goal of becoming a hero.

But after Civil War, seeing Steve Rogers, someone who has a similar path to him, someone he sees as a great hero, to fight other heroes to save his friend and for the government to make him a criminal, it felt like the same thing was implying to him as well.

However, Steve would never punch back, it always defence, as he did in the film, he defends from the armoured attackers when protecting bucky, a brainwashed Winter Soldier attacked first, Spider-Man made the first move and Iron Man knocked him before attacking Bucky. It was all in a case of self-defence.

Though Monoma felt like he strikes first, it wasn't physical.

"He was right…" Midoriya said in tears, "I… I made a mistake,"

He sat behind the side of the wall of the cinema, letting it all out, to realize the mistake he made.


It was time to speak to him.

The thought never occurs to him till recently, it was so obvious that somehow, he missed it.

He recalls words that All For One said to him and the promise he made.

That he'll smash his future to pieces.

But after watching the films, after looking at Shigraki, he starts to think about the conversation he had with him.

He always wonders why All For One does what he does, why he manipulate and toy with people's lives into his own interests. Why he took Shigaraki in and made him into the monster that tries to kill him and his students.

He answers that he was doing what everyone else was doing, the same that he did with Midoriya, passing on his heritage and his legacy to another.

It might have been too late, but it doesn't hurt to try.

Perhaps this would be a better way, no fights, no threats, no innocent lives in danger, no heroes and villains.

Just a chat.

All Might exhaled, getting himself ready to confront Shigaraki. Who sat all alone at the far corner away from everyone. Personally, he would of deal with Midoriya first, after what he did to Monoma, he can tell that there is something wrong and needs comfort. But he decided to give him time to think about his actions. For now, he wants to deal with this problem before he forgets.

"Shigaraki…" he spoke, causing the leader of the League of Villains to look at him in disgust. "mind if I speak to you?"

"Why would you care?" Shigaraki hissed, his voice seemed that he doesn't care about talking to him.

All Might thought about not speaking to him but hesitated that thought, need to be confident. "I just want to know about something, I know you wanted people to listen to you and I'm willing to listen."

All Might look around, seeing no chairs or sofas to sit on. He looks at Shigaraki who sat in the middle of a sofa, enough to fit both of them. "mind if I sit next to you?" he asked.

The villain looked up with no expression, "no."

"Okay…" All Might said, feeling a little awkward after the response, "then I'll improvise…"

He ended up lowering himself and sat on the carpet floor. "alright," he said once he was settled, "now I want to…"

"What are you doing?" Shigaraki asked. A question that stops All Might from talking as he turns to face the villain.

"I just want to talk, face-to-face," he said in honesty, "and since you're the grandson of my mentor, I'm going to give you a chance…"

"A chance?" Shigaraki made a smile, chuckling from the word, "that's rich from a hero, especially from you."

"I don't understand…" he said, "how is it rich?"

For a moment, Shigaraki looked down at All Might, though he's sitting on a sofa and the hero is sitting on the floor, Shigaraki was taller in height comparison. "Tell me this, if you find yourself in a crime scene and you see someone who murdered their family, what do you do to them and what will happen to them?"

"Easy," All Might said, "I would take them down, bring them to justice, murdering parents is a serious and moral-less crime and the punishment is imprisonment for a long time." Another second went by, this time filled with confusion, "what does it have to do with…"

"What if it was Eri?" Shigaraki interrupted.

All Might blinked from the question, "excuse me?"

"What if the someone was Eri, the girl over there." He pointed to the said girl, who's sitting next to Uraraka, dangling her legs as she listens to him talking with a smile on her face. "what if you found her with blood on her hands and her parents on the floor? What do you do to her?"

"Shigaraki, I don't think this is relevant."

"Answer the question."

All Might take a breath, thinking of the unimaginable concept and try to think about what he would do if he was in that scenario.

"Accident or intentional?" All Might asked.

"Does it matter?"

All Might look down, still thinking for an answer, he wasn't sure what he would do, he never been in such a scenario where a kid as young as Eri murdering their parents. But knowing the justice system and laws in place, he knows how to answer, just fear how Shigaraki would react, but an answer is better than no answer.

"She would be taken into custody, be added to the watch list and sent into a facility, either a juvenile with a light sentence due to her young age longer if the crime is her own actions or a quirk correction facility if it's due to her quirk misuse. Afterwards, she would be under foster care, but with a criminal record, or at least a note to what she did in the past."

"And you do this to any kid if you found them like that?" Shigaraki asked.

"According to the law, yes." All Might said, "but it didn't happen, so why do you mention her?"

"Because I was like her before." Shigaraki said, "and in a sense, I already told you what happened to me. I was in that scenario and your answer sickens me. Which is why I'm glad sensei saved me."

"Sensei?" All Might said, "you mean All For One."

"Yes." He answered, "unlike you, he took me in and helped me, care for me and show me the wrongs of society. Everything I am is all thanks to him."

"You know he's manipulating you," All Might tries to counter, "only using you for his own means, he's only going to do worse for you."

"Not worse than what you would have done with me?" Shigaraki snaps back, "you said it yourself, you would see me as nothing more than a villain and toss me away, you wouldn't even know that I was your mentor's grandson if you were there instead of sensei."

All Might was lost for words, thinking about what he said and consider what would happen if he was there when he set his path as a villain, if he knew about the relation, he would try and set him away from the path.

But since he didn't know, he wouldn't do that, just as he said, he would end up the same as any other kid who commits a murder crime.

"I don't care if Sensei manipulated me, and I don't care if he's locked away, I don't care if the rest of the members are going to abandon me and I don't care what anyone thinks." Shigaraki stands up from his sofa and looks down at All Might, "mark my words, when we go back to our reality, you will die by my hands and continue his game. It's what he wants from me after helping me for all those years."

As Shigaraki walks away, All Might remained on the floor, thinking about what he said.

'Continue his game.'

Suddenly, an idea came to his head, something he didn't consider.

The reason that All for One kept doing what he did, why he made Shigaraki what he is.

Maybe, in a metaphorical sense, he's trying to prolong the game. It's a game that he started all those years ago when he ruled Japan and gave his brother One for All.

He turns to look at Shigaraki, who's talking towards the cinema exit. And think about the reason All for One made him his successor.

It's to ensure that his game lasts as long as he could.

It might be too late to prevent Shigaraki from being what he is, but at the same time, he's starting to think that the traditional way wouldn't work either. If he kept seeing Shigaraki as a villain, as a monster, as the new successor of All for One, then in a sense, he wouldn't smash his future in the face, he would make it come true.

If Shigaraki can't be saved, even if he was arrested and sent to the same prison as the most fearsome villain in the world, then All for One already won.

All Might remain on the floor, his mind starts to think of a question.

"Is there a possible way to break the cycle? And rescue the lost boy that I didn't save?"


Eri had a good time relaxing for a little while, listening to the grown-ups talking about the film, she doesn't understand most of what they're saying, and there was something that happened, but she didn't mind, at least she's with people she's comfortable with.

But just then, Shigaraki walked past her, his attention was faced towards her.

She notices and looks at him, he had that look and face that shows that he's keeping an eye on her, not in a creepy way, but in a concerned way. As though he sees something in her that everyone else is oblivious towards.

Then again, it wasn't the first time someone looks down at her.

*Memory Flashback*

Midoriya was curious about a certain object that's on the little girl's head.

"Hey Eri" he started that grabbed the girl's attention, "just wondering, what are you seeing when your eyes are covered by the goggles?"

"My goggles?" Eri asked, but while she asked the question towards the goggles on her head, Midoriya' movements slowed down till it went to a full stop.

This shocked the little girl, she quickly looks at her surroundings, noticing that everyone was staying still.

"What's going on?" she demands an answer, as she is filled with fear and uncertainty.

"Sorry if I spooked you, the FWM said, walking through a wall and entering the scene of frozen student, teachers and villains, "but I'm just making sure you don't speak right away."

"What do you mean?" she asked. Just when the FWM approach her.

"I'm just being honest; I advise you not to tell anyone about what you see in those goggles." She pointed to the goggles on the girl's head.

"But why?" she asked another question, all in complete curiosity.

"Eri… what you seen through your goggles; they're not meant to be seen by anyone here," the hooded girl pointed to everyone. "they will not understand what you have seen and they might see it as troubling and bad."

"But it is bad." Eri counters. "if it's bad, they can help."

"No, they won't." FWM said with a straight tone, "if anything, they'll disregard it and go against me, and if they do, then I wouldn't be able to help you. Plus… I got a surprise for you, something that will certainly help you with your quirk problem. If I can't help you, then you will have trouble with your quirk. If you want help, all you have to do is be quiet about what you have seen, and once the break is over during this break, I'll give you the surprise."

Hearing this, Eri was a little unsure about the FWM. She remembers that she's going to help her, but when she looked at the goggles, all she saw was nightmares, her being chained up, being chased by Overhaul, she wanted to tell someone about them but didn't have the courage to. When Midoriya brought it up, she was considering telling.

"You don't even need to lie," FWM reassures the little girl, "I'm going to snap my fingers and resume time, from then, I'll interrupt the conversation, changing the subject and you don't need to say anything. All you have to do is trust me."

Hearing that part, Eri thought about it a little more, she told her that she's going to free her, and if she is going to help her with her problems, perhaps she can be trustworthy. And if it goes wrong, then she'll tell on Deku and Lenmillion.

"Okay…" she said.

"Thank you," the FWM smiled, "don't worry, I'm about to give you something that will change you, all you have to do is play along."

After taking a deep breath, the FWM pulled back her arms on her back, and snap her fingers, making the people around them move again.

"What are you guys up to?"

*Memory Flashback ends*

After Shigaraki passes through and walked towards the exit doors, Uraraka notice Eri's expression, "Eri, are you okay?"

This snaps the little girl back to reality, "oh, yeah…" she spoke, while thinking about how much she been through since the FWM took her to this cinema. Is she proud of what she did? Maybe, it felt good, they probably see it as wrong, which is why she's not telling anyone.

"I'm just enjoying myself…"

She turns away from the gravity girl, as a tear came from her eye, she quickly wipes it away before anyone else sees.

Not before looking at the wiped tear on her hand. It had a black gooey colour.

"It's better if they don't know…" she thought, "not yet…"


For a long while, Midoriya remained in the same spot, thinking about what he did.

He was more calmed down, he still stands to what he said, and honestly, he shouldn't punch Monoma, he knew that Kendo would chop her and nobody would care.

It just slipped out…

"Oh yeah, forgot you went out." a new voice was heard that jumped Midoriya.

He turned to see Shigaraki.

Normally, he would be scared of him, just like the time when he had a conversation with him at the mall, threatening him and the people around him if he didn't let him talk. But knowing he doesn't have his quirk, he can't harm him. not to mention that they were in this cinema for a long while that he was gotten used to him.

"Can't seem to have time for myself." The villain sighed.

"You… you like to be alone?" Midoriya asked, a little frightened but curious.

"Yes," he said, "and yet everyone bothers me, I hate it."

"I see…" Midoriya said, still shaking.

There was a brief awkward silence between the two, one sitting while the other stood up. Shigaraki sighed, as this feels a lot like when All Might tried to talk to him.

"So… you saw what I did?"

"All of it," Shigaraki answered.

"Yeah… I was a little out of line…" Midoriya nervously chuckle.

"It's not out of line at all," Shigaraki said that stops the green hair student's laughter, "if he did that to me, I would just kill him right there and then."

"You know, there is one thing about you." Midoriya spoke, "you often want to kill people. and I'm sure you do… just wanted to know why do you do it?"

From the question, Shigaraki looked at the green-haired boy, Midroiya was a little shaken, fearing for the worst.

"I find them annoying and I hate them," the villain gave a surprising answer to Izuku, "nothing much, I just hate people."

"Well… is there someone you… don't hate?"

The villain doesn't answer, just look down at Midoriya with a crossed face.

"Sorry…" Midoriya tried to apologise.

"Whatever." The villain said, "I just… find it difficult with others… talking to them… being with them… they annoy me…"

"Sounds like a problem." Midoriya said, "how do you deal with your members?"

"I don't." he said, "in fact, when we get back, they're leaving the group."

Shigaraki still feels a little frustrated that his pawns are leaving his side, if he ever sees them again, he plans to kill them. Given the chance of course.

"You know, the world doesn't revolve around you." Midoriya bravely said, causing Shigaraki to look annoyed at him.

"Then who is is revolve around? You?"

"Of course not," Midoriya quickly answered, "it revolves around... no one…"

"No one?" Shigaraki raised a brow, "what? not others? Not heroes? not the innocent?"

"Well… it's just that nobody is really control of their lives," Midoriya said, "things just happen and we have to deal with it,"

"Oh don't give me the 'use it for good' bullcrap," Shigaraki said, a little annoyed.

"I wasn't going to say that," Midoriya lashes, "just saying that sometimes you have to play with your deck, but you also have to know what cards you have before you play. Not just yours but your friend."

"Game terminology huh," Shigaraki thought, now understanding it a bit more. Though a little confused on one thing, "what do you mean friend?"

"well, don't always think the person you're duelling with cards as an opponent… or I maybe not an enemy… I don't know…"

"Whatever…" Shigaraki sighs, "I'm going back inside."

The villain walks back into the cinema, once again, leaving Midoriya outside. And he remains there for a little while.

The conversation itself was a little weird for him, probably because he was trying to give friendly advice to an enemy, he wanted to help Shigaraki with his problems, but at the same time, he didn't want to say anything that would make him stronger or smarter in his villain path.


A little later, two people went towards the wall of heroes and villains, looking at a certain new image that's been added after Civil war. They were so focused on the image they were unaware of each other.

It was only when one of them turn around to notice the other.

"Oh… didn't see you there," Iida said. Noticing the black jacket purple covered villain staring at the wall of villains.

"Whatever," Dabi said.

Usually, Iida would ignore the villain and walk away, but he was a little curious about what he was looking at.

"I presume you're admiring the villains from this reality, is that correct?" Iida approach Dabi.

"Not really." he replied, "just one, Zemo."

"How come you're looking at him?" Iida asked.

"Because he got his revenge, right?" Dabi turned to the hero-in-training, "and yet, after getting it, he has nothing left, is that the reward vengeance has to offer?"

"Unfortunately, yes." Iida closed his eyes. Now starting to think of a possible reason he's talking about it and why he stared at the certain picture. "is vengeance consuming you?"

There was a pause, as Dabi looked away from Iida but still answered, "I know it's consuming me, and I wanted it. But after looking at Zemo, I'm starting to fear it."

"How so?" Iida asked another question, he knows it was a little risky and Dabi has the right to not tell him, but curiosity got the best of him.

"Well, I want to get back at my father, the man who did so much wrong to my family," Dabi started, having a little confidence to tell someone else about his story. "focused on one child and ignore the rest, he abused them, he made mom go insane and put her away. And none of us can do anything… I ran away… trying to become stronger so one day, I can make my father pay for what he did to us…"

Iida listened to this; he didn't react as much, just a little lightened that he wasn't the only one in the group who went on the road of vengeance. Though in his case, the person he's after was a family member who did wrong in the family. He doesn't know much about it since he came from a good family, just wondering how bad was his father to do that.

"So how come you're afraid?" Iida asked.

Dabi snicked in response, "I fear… that I might be going too far in my vengeance… losing track to what's important. I want to destroy my father's reputation, I want to break my father… but I'm now afraid that I might burn my entire family just to get back at him."

"You know that wouldn't do any good." Iida said, "at that point, you would just become worse than your father."

"I know that." Dabi quickly replied, "I'm now afraid that I might end up doing that. And I don't want that."

"Then I recommend leaving the path of vengeance."

"And let the old man win?" Dabi said, "Nah, I'm already consumed enough, but now that I'm aware of it, I might as well burn out and take him with me to get it over with."

"You know there are alternatives to killing him." Iida tries to suggest to the villain, "from this abuse, you can tell someone, tell the authorities about it and they can deal with him more justly."

"I know about that," Dabi turned around, now looking at the student in glasses. "but who's going to win in that? a villain that burns people… or the number one hero…"

From that question, it caught Iida off guard, with those words, he suddenly clicked two pieces together.

Dabi notices his shocked face and realizes what he said.

"Wait…" Iida said, "is Endeavor… your father?"

Dabi looked around, fearing that everyone near might hear Iida, luckily everyone wasn't near, they were focused on other things.

The fire villain sighed, he did say it, "yeah he is…" he admitted, "and you're going to shut your mouth about it."

"But why keeping it a secret?" Iida asked.

"Because I don't want Shoto to know about me." He said in a whisper, "I don't want him to know that his presumed dead brother is a villain."

Iida was overall shocked to what he's hearing, and from a villain, though he's in the path of vengeance, he has a little control of his limits, and from the conversation, it seems that he's afraid of losing that control and becoming nothing more than a monster that lost its purpose.

"This conversation is over," he said, walking away, "tell anyone about this, and I'll go after you when we get back…"

He wanted to talk back at what he said, but he didn't think it would be a good time. Just aware that he's being consumed by that vengeance. Something he knows very well.

Understand the difficulties of Dabi's situation, Iida was unsure about how he could have solved it. He always thought that Endeavor was a very efficient hero, being able to take down villains on a very high count. He didn't know about his family side.

It was a huge dilemma, not only for family purposes but for the state of hero society, now that Endeavor is the number one hero. If the public knew about what he did to his family, it would cause panic and potential collapse.

This was something that Iida shouldn't be involved in; it was a family issue after all. But at the same time, he wanted to interfere. Knowing that he can get out of his own vengeance, perhaps he can find a way to have Dabi get out of his, and somehow in some way, bring orderly justice to the one who wrongs him, doing it the right way. If Winter Soldier, who is believed was too far gone can be saved, then maybe he can do the same for this villain.

That's what T'Challa would have done…


Once it's one minute till film time, Midoriya went back to the Cinema, now calm after what he did.

"Hey," he waved to the group, "sorry for what I did earlier…"

There was no response, as they get themselves lined up.

Walking towards the doors of the screen room, the group notice the name of the next film.

'MCU 14 – Doctor Strange'

While the students find the name a little strange for a hero name, there was a medical hero who was interested to see if this film is going to feature a medic hero. It could be that or a hero that uses science.

Either way, everyone was interested, knowing that this is going to show a brand-new hero. they went to their seats and get ready to watch the next film.