1: Halo 'If the entire world of MHA were to watch the MCU? Like all of the sudden at certain times of the day or week, the entire media is hacked and every video is each movie shown to the world?'

They would more likely see it as a work of fiction.

Remember, there openings and credits still exist there, meaning that people would look at it and think that it's all fake. The reason the cast doesn't see this being fake is due to FWM telling them about how different realities would have other realities in works of fiction and added that their world is a work of fiction in another world (this was explained in The Incredible Hulk)

So it wouldn't bring a big impact, if anything it would just make companies like Disney, Universal and Paramount be a little confused that there are movies that they haven't made. And questions about Marvel since it doesn't exist in their reality.

Okay, time to do this! Time to introduce MHA with 'magic'.

00:34:23 - 00:34:39

"Getting more technical with your powers." Power Loader said.

"Guess it make sense that back then they call it spells, ribbit." Asui said, "it would be a time where modern technology and quirks would be magic to them."

"Just like how people long ago see Asgardians as magic." Midoriya pointed out. while writing the interesting word choice of a 'program'.

00:34:39 - 00:35:13

From the explanation to how the Ancient One power' work, she uses many words to describe how it works up until she uses a certain word that, for most, was a little troublesome and now concerning when it was confirmed from her words.

"So… overall… they're making magic," Kirishima said, snickering at the thought of it.

"Magic you say…" the masked villain in a top hat, Mr. Compress said, as this explanation now brought his full attention. As he is someone with an interest in magic as he dresses up as a magic street performer. Though even he knows that magic is just illusions that trick the human eye.

So for it to be told here, he wanted to learn more about it.

As for the rest, while Midoriya noted things down, there were some mixed thoughts.

Mainly that some of the smart students find this information a little uneased.

"So magic is really real in this reality." Aizawa said, making a facepalm and sighing, "I need a long rest when we're finished with this film."

"It does sound like magic," Momo said, "but there are some parts of science behind it."

"But it's magic." Uraraka pointed out, "how is any of it science?"

"Well, she did describe it as a program. Implying that the multiverse is a computer. From his description, a user can harness energy from the dimensions of the multiverse to conjure spells, like how one can alter a code in a program on a computer. With understanding how the code works and how to recode it, they can able to control the program, create and alter it."

"That explains the mirrors," Shinso said.

"Wait," Hagakure spoke, a little confused, "if it's drawing energy from other dimensions in the multiverse, does that mean we can able to do it?"

"What do you mean?" Momo asked.

"I think she means that we can make this magic in our reality," Todoroki answered for the invisible girl, "saying that this isn't limited to their reality since they are harnessing energy in other dimensions of the multiverse."

"I'm not sure about that." Momo said, "but it sounds possible, so theoretically, yes."

(Theoretically. Absolutely not!)

Hi, the FWM here.

I took you guys (I.e.: the reader) away from the screen room for a second just to give you a little bit of information before we continue.

Yes, I am aware that the sorcerer's can 'draw energy from other dimensions in the multiverse to make magic.'

Which indicate that people in MHA can do the same thing…

I'm here to tell you… no… they don't…

And here's why.

If you look at this whiteboard… oh right, you're reading this, you can't see it. Okay, let me try and get this through.

Imagine this whiteboard that I'm using as an example, being existence itself.

I am drawing a big circle, and let's say this circle is what you call an Omniverse. Though the Author usually calls it a 'Mariverse', it's his way of understanding existence and people call different things to cope with it.

Now I'm going to draw two smaller circles in this Omniverse, completely separate from each other. These two circles are multiverses.

Circle one is called MVC and circle two is called MHA.

If you haven't guessed it already, these multiverses are the two series, MVC is the Marvel multiverse and MHA is the multiverse of My Hero Academia. As a reference, I'm putting a dot in each multiverse, the dot in MVC is the Marvel Cinematic universe, or Earth-199999, or MVC-199999. And the dot in MHA is whatever Earth these guys are from, certainly not MHA-Core, which is the canon timeline.

Now. Each multiverse has unique natural laws, or as many of you might call them, the laws of nature. How is that important? Well, MVC has natural laws that have things that made the stuff you see in the MCU possible, from stuff that doesn't exist elsewhere like Vibranium to unexplained sciences like the 'magic' we see in Doctor Strange.

All of that is contained and only contained in the MVC multiverse.

Whereas the MHA multiverse has its natural laws, the most notable being the existence of quirks and anime-styled exaggerations.

Therefore, MHA can't do the magic that Doctor Strange can do because they are not in the right multiverse to do so.

Granted, you can bring things out of the respective multiverse, and they can still work, like quirks and vibranium, but trying to get something that ties with the multiverse into another, risks the object not be able to function properly or unable to work at all.

To give you another idea of what I mean, if you take the infinity stones outside of their universe and try to use them, they won't work. Now imagine Strange's 'magic' being the stones and you try to bring it outside the multiverse, same results.

That leaves only one question. Where are we? Where is this dimension that I use to have the cast watch these movies?

Well, it's simple, I am drawing another big circle that is another Omniverse, another multiverse named BOR and this dot is my universe. That's where we are.

How in the world did I managed to bring everyone from MHA to BOR if they're universes, multiverses and Mariverses away from each other, well that's because I have the technological means to travel between realities.

Let's just say that I have a portal gun that works similar to the one Rick has, except it goes through omniverses.

And that's pretty much how I got them here.

To sum it all, the cast of MHA cannot use magic in Doctor Strange and there aren't any magic sorcerers in their multiverse. At least unless their Creator decided to add magic to MHA. Which I know would pee all of you off and so would the Author of this fanfiction.

If you don't like this idea, then tough, this is how the Author sees existence and when he writes, he uses the Mariverse as a bedrock when dealing with the multiverse.

If you do like this, then I recommend reading 'The Mariverse' if you want to know more about how it works (not self-promoting, just letting you know where to look.)

Please note that ALL OF THIS IS NON-CANON and just an excuse explanation as to why MHA can't use magic. The Author doesn't want to get into trouble with the other creators and their world because he has his own understanding of how existence works and he put it all in his bedrock book.

Now back to reactions!

00:35:13 - 00:35:26

"That's what I want to know." Compress said, now interested, "I wonder if I can do the same, but I guess there has to be a reason for it to work."

00:35:26 - 00:35:36

"that's the right way to learn how to use power." Vlad King said, "years of study and practice is how someone can go from someone who knows not much of their quirk, to a fully proper trained hero."

"And someone with a little sense of control." Toga shrugs with a cross on her face. She then goes on a mental rant, not wanting to complain to the heroes. "I try the same and suddenly I'm a criminal for stabbing people just to even use my quirk. Let alone control it."

00:35:36 - 00:35:44

"Guess that's a good start." One of the teachers said, "study books is a first step to learn."

"But books are boring!" Mina complains.

"And that's why you failed at the final exam." Bakugo said. "you don't study too much."

"He might be out of line, but he's completely right," Iida said.

"But I'm not a bookworm like either of you!"

"Who are you calling bookworm, Pink!?" Bakugo shouted from the offence.

00:35:44 - 00:36:10

"You just have to keep going," Aizawa said, facepalming when Strange kept talking. Which displeased a new face with only one word in his name, Wong.

00:36:10 - 00:36:36

"Seems that he's moving up levels if Strange managed to read the starting books in a short amount of time," Momo said. Now interested in the books that are for 'masters only'

00:36:36 - 00:36:48

"The basic use for reading foreign languages!" Present Mic said.

"Don't you teach English classes?" Aizawa questions the loud hero's agreement on an online translator. Even he knows most of the time they would be inaccurate.

00:36:48 - 00:37:05

"And yet, there's a section that's for 'masters only'." Dabi pointed out, seeing Wong's claims a little questionable.

00:37:05 - 00:37:13

"But to read or to comprehend?" Compress said.

"Maybe a little bit of both." Momo pointed out, "you give a high skill level math book to Denki and he will not understand anything from said book,"

"Hey!" Denki shouted, feeling a little offended.

"Sorry, just using you as an example." Momo apologized, "the point is, for him to start reading those books, he has to read the other books that are his level."

00:37:13 - 00:37:43

"Thanks for reminding us about that." Uraraka said, feeling a little grossed out. "and to share that with Strange…"

00:37:43 - 00:38:05

Some of the audience chuckled after Strange's response to Wong's threat to whoever steal any books in his library.

"Yeah, even I would say that's a little extreme for late fees." Sero snickers.

00:38:05 - 00:38:40

After the awkward moment between Strange and Wong, the scene changes to show the villain of the film, Kaecilius.

"Okay, time to see what he's up to," Midoriya said, now a little curious about the page they stole from the library.

00:38:40 - 00:39:46

The following scene showed Kaecilius and his loyalist, doing some sort of ritual of some sort, resulting in them having darker black spots around their eyes, before showing a dark face. Before the villain used powers that the Ancient One used.

"Looks like he can use mirrors too." Midoriya said, writing the information down on his notes. "and as I suspect, what they can do, the Ancient One and eventually Strange can do as well."

"Still, he is a potential threat." The teachers said. Curious about their plans.

00:39:46 - 00:39:59

"Still need more practice," Nezu said, as the scene shows Strange trying to make magic, only to do nothing while the people around him were capable of summoning magic.

00:39:59 - 00:40:06

"Hold up!" Hatsume said, "they have teleportation ring babies that have users travel through the multiverse? That's so cool!"

"Guess it would be nice for going place to place, ribbit," Asui said.

"I would be amazing if we have a… what did they call them?"

"A swing ring." Her teacher, Power Loader said.

"Yeah, that."

00:40:06 - 00:40:28

"Okay," Midoriya said, putting the information Mordo provided on his notes, "based on his words, the swing ring works if the person can visualize the location, meaning the user has to think about the location. Would that mean they can teleport to locations they remember fondly, and if they're trying to go to places they haven't been in, would they need to get an idea of what the location looks like…"

"Deku… you're mumbling again." Uraraka pointed out, causing Midoriya to stop.

"Well, it seems that Strange is having a hard time using it." One of the teachers pointed out.

00:40:28 - 00:41:03

The scene then had Strange complained how he can't do it because of his hands. The Ancient One's response was to have one of her students, the one that Strange mistaken as the Ancient One earlier, named Hamir.

Revealing that he doesn't have a left hand.

And still can conjure magic.

"Regardless of your condition, anyone can make magic." Compress said, a little worried due to his condition when Overhaul blasted off his arm, having it replaced with a metal arm.

It gave him a little sense of hope that he too can make magic. (which will never happen).

As for the rest, they were a little surprised by the one hand magic-user, "okay, this shows full proof that someone can still do magic no matter if they have nerve damage or even have no hands." Iida said.

"But what if you take off the entire arm?" Shigaraki put out a scenario.

"Unlikely as it seems… I'm not sure," Kurogiri said. "maybe not. It just that it's rare for someone to have no arms."

00:41:03 - 00:41:16

"Have to agree." Aizawa said, "without control, it would just harm not just the user, but others around them."

Some of the other students agree and do not understand what the Ancient One said and agreed with Strange's confusion. Especially Midoriya, knowing that if he surrenders control of One For All. It would only pop off his limbs.

"She's not talking about controlling." Nezu pointed out, "since this is a mental and astral form of power, it would be a matter of the mind." His attention shifted to look at the screen showing Strange.

00:41:16 - 00:41:30

"Just a matter of clearing his mind and letting it go," Nezu said.

Though for most of the audience, they are still unsure.

00:41:30 - 00:41:41

As the scene shows Strange following the Ancient One, the audience was surprised at where they ended up.

"They're on Mount Everest!?" one of the students shouted.

While it was surprising, it was also very concerning, especially to where they are in the mountain.

00:41:41 - 00:41:48

"You can say that again." Sero said, "it looks beautiful, but I don't want to be there to see it in person!"

00:41:48 - 00:42:00

"Wait what?" one of the students said, as they and several other students were confused. And a little worried.

00:42:00 - 00:42:05

The students of U.A were jaw-drop when the Ancient One left Strange on the mountain.

"What the hell!?" Mineta shouted, "you know what would happen, Strange isn't going to last up there, why did you leave him behind?"

"Yeah. Ribbit," Asui said, a little concern for Strange's safety, "I wouldn't even last ten seconds up there."

"I can see what she's doing, and it's a good practice."

Every student was in complete shock hearing the words of a teacher, as they turn to stare at the 1-A teacher, Aizawa, who had a still face, ignoring everyone around him and looking at the screen.

00:42:05 - 00:42:19

Seeing the Ancient One waiting while Mordo talked to her, Aizawa gave a smile.

"She put Strange in a dangerous situation, putting his life in danger, and forcing him to use the swing ring to get himself home."

Hearing this from the teacher, All Might be a little shaken, "but Aizawa, what if he wasn't able to do it?"

"he has to," the teacher said, "it's either surrender or death. Meaning he would be putting all he's got, otherwise he would be a liability."

He turns to see his students, "maybe for a training exercise, I might bring my class to the top of a deadly mountain and make them climb down."

The students of 1-A were surprised by their teacher's statement. Uraraka was the one to speak after making a nervous chuckle "you wouldn't do that to us… right?"

The teacher didn't answer and looked back at the screen. Hiding away his smile in amusement.

His students can't tell if he was joking or if he's serious.

00:42:19 - 00:42:22

"Again?" Kirishima said as he was still one of the surprised students in the screen room. Even more, knowing that Strange wasn't the only one who was in the same situation "how many students did you take to Everest? How many of them returned?"

"I seriously don't want to know," Jiro said, feeling somewhat horrified from thinking about what happened to the previous students who ended up on Everest, only hoping that they survived.

And now hope Strange can do the same.

00:42:22 - 00:43:02

Once the students got over the shock, they remain silent as the film was, with a scene showing Mordo and the Ancient One waiting while the scene makes a quick cut of Strange trying to open a portal with his swing ring.

For everyone (aside from a few of the villains) they were very concerned that Strange might not make his way back, the wait was utterly suspenseful. None of them wanted to talk, with thoughts on their mind that Strange will manage to do it.

00:43:02 - 00:43:14

And then a portal appears and Strange came out of it.

Everyone gave a huge sigh of relief.

"like I said." Aizawa said with a satisfying smile, "put them in a tight situation and they'll pull through everything they have. and they'll prevail, it's my way to go beyond and plus ultra."

"Seems that you're right." Nezu said with a smile, "perhaps I can arrange that field trip idea you mentioned for your class."

"Please no!" everyone from 1-A shouted, now thinking that it was serious.

Both the teacher and the principal chuckled that their students brought their joke.

00:43:14 - 00:43:26

"Hey, he learned how to shave with broken hands!" Pony said.

"Seems that he adapted with his condition very well or just starting to adapt to them." Ibara added. "though his new short facial hair suits him."

00:43:26 - 00:43:58

"Surprised he never heard of her." Present Mic said, when a more experienced Strange ask Wong for a book and bring up Beyonce, continuing with how Wrong has a one-word name, "she has a very beautiful voice and her songs are lit."

"Her music is cool." The musician student said, "not my style, but good to listen."

00:43:58 - 00:44:06

"So much for 'no knowledge in Kamar-Taj is forbidden'. Hey Wong?" Compress sighed, a little interest in reading such books, remembering reading many magic books in his time before becoming a villain.

00:44:06 - 00:44:27

The scene shows Wong reading a book while listening to Beyonce.

"So, he does know about her." Present Mic said, "and listening to Single Ladies, I see!"

Then it showed portals with Strange taking bookings from the shelf, each of them had Wong look over his shoulder and see nothing. But notice when Strange took his book. Causing laughter from the audience.

"Well, that's one way of getting the books you need." Recovery Girl snickered.

00:44:27 - 00:44:34

"No wonder he wanted to know astral projection." Nezu said, "he wanted to read books in his sleep."

"Wouldn't that tire him though?" Momo questions this.

"The body rests, but the mind stays active." Tokoyami stated. "and also it means he would learn so much more in a short time."

00:44:34 - 00:44:48

"Like combining plus ultra and quirk misuse." Twice said, when the Ancient One talked to Strange about rules that don't make any sense, "Plus Ultra! But I can't, it's against the law! Screw rules!"

00:44:48 - 00:45:13

The Ancient One then used her ability to make a mirror shatter from thin air.

"Okay, more of her mirror powers," Midoriya said, getting his notes ready, having a feeling that she's going to explain how it works when both she and Strange enters the mirror.

00:45:13 - 00:45:35

"So it works like a personal dimension that doesn't affect the world," Midoriya said, writing it down and finding it interesting to how it works and how it can hide from the public eye.

"And a swing ring is required to escape, meaning it would end up as a prison if the traveller doesn't have a swing ring."

"I guess if someone who has a similar quirk to this, it could be potentially dangerous." Aizawa said, thinking about the problematic dangers of the mirror dimension. "especially for what it can do on the inside."

00:45:35 - 00:45:57

"So true." All Might sighed when the Ancient One gave a warning to Strange to how dangerous knowledge can be, "this reality alone was already enough to show that there are dangers that even I wouldn't imagine."

"Alien invasions, flying cities, corrupted organizations in governments." One of the teachers listed, "really don't know how many of us could handle such situations."

"And now there's magic to worry about."

As for the students, they understand what the Ancient One meant to potential dangers in the multiverse, it was easy to think that it can be a villain with a quirk they need to overcome, but then there's the FWM and the powers shown in the MCU and other films, it got to a point where they feel that there might be other realities that have dangers that make the most powerful beings in the MCU look small power-wise, and they wouldn't stand a chance.

It just shows how weak they are in comparison and how much they don't know.

00:45:51 - 00:46:13

"Doubt she's really old." Mineta said, "she looks like she's in Midnight's age."

Midnight had an eye twitch hearing that, as though the purple little boy called her old.

"Well, she might have a special spell that extended her lifespan," All Might said, "there had been records of some people being able to live longer or look younger due to their quirk."

The former symbol sighed, giving himself a mental thought, "and an unfortunate fact about All For One…"

"So, in other words, she could be hundreds of years old." The female teacher said. feeling a little relieved. Why does she need to worry about someone like the Ancient One? She's also bald and bald woman are not attractive.

(This is the mental thoughts of Midnight, not the Author, sorry if this paragraph offended any bald ladies out there.)

00:46:13 - 00:46:29

"Sounds like Mordo is a very reliable student for the Ancient One." One of the teachers said, a little glad to hear someone who pays attention and trust their master to show them the right path.

"Seems to be more blind loyalty than following the master's guide." The warp villain muttered.

00:46:29 - 00:47:06

Mordo then explains a little backstory of Kaecilius, how he started being a broken man searching for answers, became a student to the Ancient one and start questioning her methods. Then left to do his own thing.

While it's understandable for most students and teachers. Seeing it as a student traitor story. They also notice the similarities between Kaecilius and Strange, as they both were desperate before going to Kamar-Taj and after learning the mystic arts, they start to question the master' teachings. Even in this scene, Strange was asking questions.

Strangely, it feels like the villain of the story reflect on the hero and how the hero can end up on the same path as the villain.

00:47:06 - 00:47:18

"You cannot beat a student' questioning." One of the teachers said, "as the Ancient One said, answers would only bring terror."

00:47:18 - 00:47:28

"Excuse me?" a certain support student perked up when hearing about imbuing magic into objects.

00:47:28 - 00:47:37

The scene shows Mordo using the 'Staff of the living tribunal' as it turned into separate parts with magic and used as a thick whip before putting back to its staff form.

Seeing this, brought excitement to Mei Hatsume, "wait, does that mean… magic babies?"

"Oh boy," Power Loader notice his student' excitement. A little concerned for her yet again.

00:47:37 - 00:47:45

"Well, we're dealing with mythic arts." One of the students said, "I expect them to have big wordy names for basic objects and weapons."

00:47:45 - 00:47:52

"Decides you're ready?" Monoma questions his statement, "what does he mean by that."

"I think the relics have a mind of their own." Midoriya said while writing it down on his notes, "maybe when a powerful user come along, the relic would allow them to use their power, while someone with little knowledge won't work for the relic.

"Sounds dumb." Bakugo said, "that mean those pieces of junk are completely useless."

"Useless maybe, young Bakugo, but powerful in the right hands," All Might pointed out.

00:47:52 - 00:48:18

The following scene shows Strange conjuring his weapon, making magic with his hands.

Then a sudden attack from Mordo as they both fight, but end up short when he disarmed Strange's magic and used his 'Vaulting boots of Valtoor' to make steps up in the air to make a finishing blow to knock Strange.

While it was a surprise for some of the audience, they were impressed by Mordo's combat skills. Showing that he is a fighter.

But also show a lesson on how Strange has to be prepared for when he has to face combat.

"still got a lot to learn than just magic." Recovery Girl said, "though combat might not be suited for you, especially when your objective is to repair your hands."

00:48:18 - 00:48:57

There wasn't much to say about Strange taking the watch and using his computer to type to Christine, which many presume to be Palmer.

For Mina, she found it very sweet for Strange to let her know about what he's up to, to show that even if he pushed her away the last time he saw her, he still has feelings for her.

Others know that he was thinking of sending an email, but didn't send it, especially when he looked away as though he decided to do something else.

00:48:57 - 00:49:16

"Looks like he's taking one of the books from the Ancient One's collection." Compress, "and without Wong's permission. No less."

"Wonder what he's reading and the contents of the book." Momo was curious about the books that seem to have a language that she doesn't understand.

Having a feeling, Midoriya gets his notes ready again, having a feeling that he's going to learn something important.

00:49:16 - 00:49:41

The scene then shows an object in the book and the same object in front of him.

"I have a bad feeling about this…" Power Loader said, a little concern for the object.

Even more when Strange decided to use it.

00:49:41 - 00:49:47

"The Eye of Agamotto," Midoriya muttered, writing the name on a new page, having a feeling that the item in question is going to be important. After the name is written, he focuses on the screen getting prepare for what this Eye can do.

00:49:47 - 00:50:46

The following scene shows Strange using the Eye of Agamotto for the first time.

After opening it, he starts using it as green magic appear on his shaken hands.

"looks like this kind of magic is different than the others, ribbit," Asui said, fascinated by the symbols.

Then Strange start to use it on an apple, with one wave, the apple gets eaten up, then the reverse wave turns back to when it wasn't eaten.

This surprised the audience.

"wait a minute…" Midoriya said, a little shocked, "don't… don't tell me it's…"

But he didn't finish, as Strange uses the magic again, having the apple not just eaten but rotting. Then with a wave again, it turns back to a regular apple once more.

"He's… manipulating… time…" Midoriya said, his pencil on the note, but still trying to comprehend what he's seeing.

"He's using the Eye of Agamotto to manipulate the state of the apple and the phases it was in different points of time." Momo attempt to analyze the scene, "he can able to have it till it was eaten to the point where it's rotting to back at its previous state."

"Meaning he can eat the same apple over and over," Kirishima said.

Meanwhile, for the little girl, Eri saw Strange manipulating with the apple, noticing how he's reversing the apple.

"It's like… my quirk…"

"I think you're right," Mirio said, "except he can make it go forward and backwards."

"Yeah," Eri said with a frown, "and I only can do backwards."

"But that doesn't mean it's a bad thing." The blonde third-year student reassured, a little worried that he said the wrong words.

"No… I don't mind that…" the girl said, "I now know more about my power now…."

00:50:46 - 00:51:09

Strange then use the Eye on the book, going to the part with the ripped page and putting it back together.

"Hey, the pages are back." Hagakure said, "now we can learn what was on them."

"You're right." Momo said, "but I think Strange just made a copy of the pages, Kaecilius still has the original, I think…"

"But wouldn't that cause a paradox?" one of the students asked, "having two of the same things existing at the same time?"

Momo wasn't sure and did not answer.

00:51:09 - 00:51:18

"Oh…" one of the teachers suddenly realized, along with everyone else after hearing three things that Strange said.

The latter two gave red flags for the heroes and now concerned for what it means and how the villain of this story is going to use the information on the page.

00:51:18 - 00:51:27

Strange was about to do something bad, as it shows mirrors in front of him

Everyone was worried, then relieved when someone stopped him."

"For this instance, having something forbidden might be a good thing." All Might said, "no wonder he wanted those pages."

00:51:27 - 00:51:38

"Haven't gone to that part?" Denki said, "you're telling me the warnings came after the instructions? Who in the world does that?"

"To be fair, you would completely overlook the warnings too," Todoroki said which shocked the electric student.

00:51:38 - 00:51:52

"That would sound really messed up." Toga said, hearing the loud noise of Mordo.

"Yeah, imagine being in the same moments over and over. especially if it's in a fight." One of the students said. With some of them thinking about it and feel alike unease from it.

"Again, the warnings should come first!" Denki shouted.

00:51:52 - 00:52:01

"Then perhaps the book that has information of breaking the space-time continuum should be forbidden," Dabi said, still couldn't let go of the earlier statement on how Wong claim that Kamar-Taj has no knowledge that is forbidden.

00:52:01 - 00:52:05

"Just as heroes defend the law." One of the teachers said.

00:52:05 - 00:52:14

"That's actually useful." Iida said, "someone with a photographic memory is capable of excel in their studies and remember minor details that would be overlooked."

"And he used it to get both his PhD and his M.D. at the same time, a very resourceful doctor." Recovery Girl said.

00:52:14 - 00:52:20

"That's something I want to know." Midoriya said, "clearly this isn't just a place where they heal people, especially when there's magic, combat and other threats. It's more than just treatment."

"Hopefully Mordo will explain," Iida said.

00:52:20 - 00:52:56

It wasn't Mordo, but rather Wong who explained, saying how the Avengers protect the world from physical harm while they protect it from mystical threats.

Midnight attempts to piece it all together of what it meant. "So… the sorcerers are like pro heroes, except they don't focus on villains or disasters, but out-of-the-world and dimensional dangers, stuff that not even Pro Heroes could handle."

"Yeah…" Midoriya said, writing it on his notes, "and if the Ancient One is the latest of lines of sorcerers, it made me wonder about the previous leaders and how older they were."

"It's also interesting that the first sorcerer also created that Eye." Nezu pointed out, having a feeling that it will play a big role for not just the film, but for when he sees Doctor Strange.

00:52:56 - 00:53:27

"The sanctums huh…" Compress said, now more curious on how there are places around the world that protect the planet from dangers.

"I'm surprised that this Agamotto went from Hong Kong to England and America to build these sanctums," Nezu said, a little impressed on how someone from thousands of years ago travelled around the world, but considered it of him being a powerful sorcerer.

"So, without the public knowing about it, there are magic people that protect the world from dimensional threats." Mina summarized, "that's really cool and… a little surprising."

"You think there something like that in our reality?" Hagakure suggested.

"Who knows." The pink student answered, "I mean, there might be and maybe we just see them as quirk instead of magic."

"If so, I would like to meet them." The masked villain said, "not to do anything bad, but to learn their ways of the mystic arts."

"And do something bad," Aizawa said.

Compress blinked out, not wanting to answer due to his motives that seemed villainous. He probably needs to consider other things before searching for these sorcerers.

Either way, he wants to learn to make actual magic.

(not going to happen, pal.)

00:53:27 - 00:53:35

"Dormammu" Midoriya repeated the name that Stephen brought up, writing it down on his notes, having a feeling that it's going to be something frightening.

00:53:35 - 00:54:04

The following scene was Wong explaining about Dormammu, how he's a powerful entity that draws from the Dark Dimension and how he's on a quest to consume every world in the multiverse, with Earth being the most hungered.

Like the discovery of magic, like the most mind-numbing moments in the MCU. This might take the cake of power.

It wasn't like the dark elves where they want the world in darkness, but the fact that Dormammu would bring not just Earth, but several other worlds.

The audience was stunned and silenced by this. Having a very large concern when Dormammu brought up what makes him threatening.

"Seriously…" Kirishima broke the silence, "compare to our reality, the MCU has a lot of things…"

"And now there's Dormammu, the consumer of worlds…" one of the students said. "do… do you think he could consume our reality?"

Though many had thought of the possibility, several starts to think about it when it was brought up.

And the thought alone was terrifying.

If they have sorcerers in their reality that they don't know of, then there have to be sanctums that protect their world.

But if there wasn't…

"I… feel… so small…" Shigaraki said, even he, who often don't like people and would think about killing him, was frightened of how powerful Dormammu, even thinking that his sensei, All For One, wouldn't be capable of defeating such a threat.

This entity was the One above All.

(Wrong person, Tom.)

While many are still thinking about the implications of a superior being that could consume and destroy their world at any given moment. Others try to shake it off, hoping that the being wouldn't find their world for a long while.

For now, they just see how he can be a threat to the MCU.

00:54:04 - 00:54:12

"Meaning those pages are incredibly dangerous." All Might said in high concern. "Such a thing is better off destroyed, why would they keep that in a book in a library?"

"So that's Kaecilius's plan." Kurogiri said, "he wanted to have Dormammu consume his world."

"What kind of insane person would do that?" Denki complains.

"One that lost his way." The warp villain answered. "but I wonder how Strange is going to react to this."

00:54:12 - 00:54:27

"In other words, you didn't know what you signed up for." Todoroki said. "they should put the warnings first about their group rather than the instructions."

00:54:27 - 00:54:45

Then all of the sudden, with a warning, but still surprised, the doors to the London Sanctum appear with someone running out but killed by Kaecilius, before he made a surprise attack using a big magic ball which knocked Strange to another door, closing the gateway.

"What's going on?" Uraraka asked.

"I think it's part of the villain's plan…" Asui said. "and it seems Strange is in another Sanctum, ribbit, either in New York or Hong Kong."

00:54:45 - 00:55:32

Strange keep looking around the place till he went outside. Which answered where he is.

"New York it is." Sero said, "why is it always New York, we been in that place like five or six times."

"Well it's the birthplace of heroes," Ojiro said, "where the first recorded pre-license vigilante started at."

"And in this reality, where the First Avenger started at." Midoriya pointed out.

"And where the Avengers tower operates when aliens invaded" Iida added.

"And for this cause, where one of the three sanctums are that protect the world." Tokoyami finished.

"I guess so." The tape student admitted, "and we have visited different places before, so I really can't complain."

00:55:32 - 00:56:05

While Strange explores the place, he comes across three see-through doors, doors one showed a jungle, another showed the ocean and one showed a snowy mountain. He opened the ocean doors to find the wind of the ocean.

"Okay, that explains how he got from Nepal to New York." Mirio said, "and how earlier, they went from Kamar-Taj to London."

"Because they use teleporting doors." Mirio's friend said, "like the doors in Monster Inc."

"Except instead of going into a child's bedroom, they go to the middle of nowhere." Tamaki added. "and the settings can be changed."

00:56:05 - 00:56:25

Exploring more, Strange look around the different artifacts that make them look like exhibits. Up until he found a red cloak.

"Did that cape move?" Aoyama pointed out.

"I think it did," Midoriya said, noting down a possibility of a sentient cape.

00:56:25 - 00:56:50

"He moved fast!" Denki shouted as Strange notice the mirror effects and Kaecilius appearing. "how did he go from London to New York."

"A swing ring, obviously." Mineta said with a dull face to his pervert partner, "I might be a pervert, but at least I'm smarter than you."

"Guessing after London, New York is his next target," Midoriya said, having a feeling that Strange need to defend the place and become a defender of the sanctum.

00:56:50 - 00:56:57

"At least Strange wouldn't be alone to defend the place." Present Mic said.

And so, the battle at the New York sanctum begins.

00:56:57 - 00:57:14

"You were saying?" Shigaraki said, smiling not just the fact that a heroic defender fought and died so quickly, but for the hero at the screen room to be wrong.

"And now they know about him." Dabi said, "wonder how long Strange is going to last against them…"

00:57:14 - 00:57:36

"Must be a little confusing when someone has 'Strange' in their surname," one of the students snickered at the moment where the villain was confused towards Doctor Strange' name.

"Tell me about it." Midoriya said, having a somewhat familiarity, "I mostly turn around to people whenever they say green. Thought they were talking to me."

(For those who don't know, 'midori' is Japanese for 'green',)

"You know, I just suddenly realize something." Kirishima started, "the film is called Doctor Strange right, and the hero of this film is Doctor Stephen Strange. Does that mean his supposed hero name is also his actual name?"

"Oh yeah." Midnight said, "I'm always a little unsure when it comes to using given names for hero names, like Shoto and Tenya."

"I already decided a hero name," Iida interrupted, remembering his confrontation with Stain and how he wanted to be called by his brother's hero name.

"We'll talk about that once get back to U.A" Midnight inform the student in glasses, "but, anyway, Doctor Strange does have a nice ring to it as a hero name. Even fits with his magic abilities and sorcery. I would give it a pass despite it being a given name."

The rest of the audience can agree and now more aware of the name of the film and how it comes together.

00:57:36 - 00:58:06

The following scene starts the fight, as the two followers attack Strange while he uses his powers to defend himself, only to get pushed back. Forcing him to retreat.

"This isn't good for Strange." All Might said, "the villains have more experience in the mystic arts than Strange, not to mention outmatched."

00:58:06 - 00:58:16

Kaecilius uses his mirror powers to stop Strange from running, as the visual showed Strange trying to run, but the hallway became longer.

For the audience, it was weird visuals that made it a little scary, like running towards a door, but the door being pushed back as he runs towards it.

It shows the audience just how powerful someone can be when they can manipulate the environment around them.

00:58:16 - 00:58:20

"Alright, fighting time!" Kirishima said, "and he figured out how to use shields on his hands!"

00:58:20 - 00:58:23

"Almost," Todoroki said as the shield on Strange's right-hand goes off. Despite this being a situation for the hero, it causes some laughter from the audience.

00:58:23 - 00:59:02

The following scene resumes the fight, as the followers start sticking to walls as though gravity doesn't affect them, and doing performances that continue to give the struggle for the sorcerer-in-training.

Up until, Kaecelius manipulate the environment once again, rotating the room and having it move so that Strange would be falling.

"I get that this is the mirror dimension, but can you imagine someone with a quirk that does this?" Denki pointed out, who's in utter surprise by what he's seeing in this film.

"Yeah," Midoriya said, "with the ever-shifting environment, Strange has to think quicker and act faster towards his surroundings if he could defeat them."

00:59:02 - 00:59:06

"And I think he figured something out," Midoriya said, noticing the three doors just as Strange did.

00:59:06 - 00:59:12

"Good move!" All Might said while the heroes smiled that Strange managed to get something from them and kick one of the followers outside.

"That's right, he can use the doors to get them away from the sanctum." Uraraka recalls the doors from earlier, "now all he has to do is rotate the knob thing and the follower would be trapped in the desert."

"And that's if she doesn't have a swing ring." Asui pointed out.

00:59:12 - 00:59:27

Strange tries to rotate the knob to change the location but was attacked by another follower. All while the follower in the desert runs towards the door.

"Come on…" Nejire cheered for Strange, "you can do it…"

00:59:27 - 00:59:34

"Yes!" the girl of the big three clutches her fist in joy when Strange managed to turn the knob, closing the door. "that's one down."

00:59:34 - 00:59:37

"And another." Nejire continues, "all that's left is Kaecilius. Push him into those doors!"

00:59:37 - 00:59:42

"Or not…" Tamaki said, as Strange left the room and ran away from the villain.

00:59:42 - 00:59:54

The chase continues, with Kaecilius catching up to Strange up until they went upstairs, with Strange continue to struggle.

"At least it's just him and Kaecilius." Present Mic said.

"Maybe, but he still has more experience than Strange." Aizawa pointed out.

00:59:54 - 01:00:05

"My point exactly," Aizawa said.

"Man and I thought the villains at the USJ were hard," Kirishima said, recalling when he had to fight criminals at the USJ.

"That's because they're low-rank criminals, idiot" Bakugo pointed out, "this would be like if one of us was fighting that black brain bird by ourselves."

"Well, then good thing All Might was there to save us." Kirishima tries to think of the good thing.

Meanwhile, for Izuku, he was a little curious about the cup that Strange tried to use against Kaecilius, with the villain pointing out how Strange doesn't know how to use it, it implies that it does something that Strange wouldn't able to do, making him curious on what it does if he knows how it works.

But in the next scene, it would be used as a throwable object to distract the villain.

01:00:05 - 01:00:28

The scene continues with Strange getting beaten up by the villain, being tossed around and smash through glass. Showing how powerful the villain was.

"This isn't good." All Might muttered, now worried for Strange.

01:00:28 - 01:00:36

Everyone was worried when Kaecilius attempt a final blow to Strange.

But then something peculiar happened.

The moving cloak reacted and saved Strange from the blade

"What?" one of the students question the scene, as the villain tried again and the cloak once again defended Strange.

"The cape… it's defending Strange…" Momo said.

"And Edna Mode claims that capes kill heroes…" Aoyama smiled, liking what he's seeing.

01:00:36 - 01:00:45

"And there goes the cape again!" Mina pointed out as Strange was pushed off the rails and for a quick moment, saw the red cape following him. "Does that mean…"

01:00:45 - 01:00:52

With seconds of quiet, the next second reveals Strange, now floating in the air and wearing the cape.

"The cape!" Uraraka said, "he's wearing the cape."

"That's right," Present Mic said, making an announcement "Doctor Stephen Strange, or Doctor Strange, he's a sorcerer that uses the mystic arts of magic, now he dawns the Cloak and Levitation, a relic sentient cloak that not only aid Strange but give him the power of flight!"

"Just like any other relic, the Cloak has its own name," Midoriya said, adding more to his notes and about the cloak that Strange wears. "And with that, Strange is more prepared to fight Kaecilius… I hope…"

01:00:52 - 01:01:08

"You weren't kidding about aiding Strange," Sero said, happy that the cloak is getting Strange away from the villain.

01:01:08 - 01:01:25

But then the scene shows Strange looking at an axe and reach for it, only for the cloak to stop him. it follows him trying to reach there only for the cloak to keep pushing him back.

"What is it doing?" Uraraka asked, a little confused about the cape's action.

"I think the cape is pointing something" Aoyama answered, "and Strange isn't noticing it."

"But what is he pointing to?"

01:01:25 - 01:01:30

It pointed to a strange contraction of some sort.

"How is that going to be useful?" Bakugo asked.

"I think he needs to trust in the cape with this one," Kirishima said.

"Screw that," the angry student said, "use the axe and kill that bastard."

01:01:30 - 01:01:45

Strange threw the thing on the wall at Kaecilius and as follow, he starts to move around while the contraction does something.

"Wait what?" Toga was surprised as the contraction continues to do its thing, making the villain take a couple of steps back, kneel and his arms back, up until he was forced into a position and trapped.

"It's a capture thingy!" Hatsume said, now excited from what it did. "That looks complicated, yet it works completely fine! What a beautiful baby!"

"It's very effective to capturing villains," Aizawa said, impressed by the device.

"So… I guess the fight is over?" Kirishima said, a little confused.

"As long as he stays in that device… I think so…" Midoriya attempt to answer.

And with that, the first part of the New York sanctum attack was over.

01:01:45 - 01:02:01

When Strange took away the mouthpiece from Kaecilius, Midoriya got prepared for his notes, having a feeling that Kaecilius is going to give information and his motives.

01:02:01 - 01:02:12

"Certainly, put it on." Bakugo said, "that way he can shut up with this nonsense."

01:02:12 - 01:02:30

"Now we're getting into some major realities," Tamaki said, a little shaken towards what the villain said.

The rest meanwhile thought about what Kaecilius said and too shivered at the thought, many could accept it, but it was still a worrisome thought. Especially to those who had lost people before.

01:02:30 - 01:02:48

They listen to Kaecilius and they were a little unsure about what he meant, towards Kaecilius talking about 'the One' and how their world can live forever.

Most see it as delusional non-sane from an insane man who wanted the world to be consumed by Dormammu.

But a few, while a little unsure, is trying to understand what he's trying to do.

01:02:48 - 01:03:05

"Time isn't the greatest enemy." Spinner pointed out, "it's not a villain, it's a natural part of life."

Midoriya meanwhile, on Kaecilius page, start to think about how he sees time as an enemy. He was eager to listen, he doesn't agree with him, but want to understand him.

01:03:05 - 01:03:45

With what he said. Midoriya now understands what Kaecilius is trying to say. In addition to looking at how he's acting, the way he's shaking and looking straight at Strange with content.

"He's… afraid…"

The words of the green hair boy caught the attention of the audience, a mixture of curiosity and confusion.

"Afraid? Of what?" Asui asked.

"Of death."

Midoriya look back at his notes, remembering what Kaecilius said

'Time is an insult, death is an insult.'

"Kaecilius is afraid of dying and want to live forever." Midoriya started, "but he also wants the same for his universe. To make everyone live forever."

He looks at the notes once more and look at what Kaecilius said and the information of Dormammu.

"He believes that Dormammu is eternal life, and want the universe to be part of the dark dimension, but he doesn't know that it consumes all. Just believes it would give everyone immortality."

"And that is really a bad thing," Kirishima said.

"I guess it makes sense," Mirio said, "sure, everyone wants to live forever and nobody wants to die, so it's rational that people would be afraid of dying or want to not die… but what is the point of being alive if there's no living. I don't think anyone in the Dark Dimension would even be alive based on what we have seen from it."

"So overall, Kaecilius is just trying to achieve something that he doesn't fully understand or misunderstood as something else." Iida summarized. "Still having motives that should be stopped, but at least we know why he's doing this."

01:03:45 - 01:04:16

"That's what I want to know." Denki said, "I mean, it could be a rare spell that she would have cast."

"Or maybe…" Midoriya said, slowly realizing something.

"What is it Deku?" Uraraka asked.

"No… it's nothing…" Midoriya said, "just hope that it isn't true…"

01:04:16 - 01:04:40

"No…" Midoriya muttered, blinking from what Kaecilius said.

"We know the Ancient One had been alive for many years, and the Dark Dimension is a place beyond time… so if we put two and two together… adding with what he's suggesting… but… that would mean…"

Midoriya is slowly figuring it out, he was close to the answer, but still in denial of what it means. "he called her a hypocrite for a reason…"

He decided to keep it to himself, it doesn't seem others had figured it out, if it's true and when it's mentioned, he would start to explain.

01:04:40 - 01:04:54

"Really bad if it corrupts." One of the teachers said to Strange's question.

01:04:54 - 01:05:02

Mina raises a brow, "what does he mean by…"

01:05:02 - 01:05:13

Before she could finish her question, Strange was suddenly attacked and stabbed. As it reveals one of the lost followers appearing from a portal and chuck him down the stairs.

"I was wondering when he's going to show up." Dabi said, "does it take that long to use a swing ring?"

"I mean, he might not have one in hand." Toga pointed out, "maybe Kaecilius was the only one with a swing ring and that guy has to steal one from Strange."

"Overall, Strange is in trouble." Compress said, "and he doesn't have his swing ring…"

01:05:13 - 01:05:33

The scene then shows Strange struggling while blood drips on the floor (that made Toga happy) as tries to get away from one of the followers as he walks up to him, making a blade from the air.

Many are worried for Strange, hoping that he would find a way out of this, but with him being incredibly injured, it was hard to tell. Recovery Girl knew he needs medical attention to survive his wound.

01:05:33 - 01:05:40

There was a lot of fear when watching the man getting ready to kill Strange.

Then the cloak attack.

The fear dies down, and turn to chuckle as the man helpless struggle to get the cape of him with said cape chucking him around the place.

"Go cape!" Aoyama cheered, happy to see a cape being useful.

01:05:40 - 01:05:43

"And there's a swing ring!" Uraraka pointed out, "Strange can get away from them!"

01:05:43 - 01:06:16

The scene shows Strange using the swing ring to get out of the sanctum, though it made the audience curious as to where he's going, as there was still a problem with his condition, simply getting away would only cause him to bleed to death later.

Until he arrived at a different place and happens to be the hospital, looking for Dr Palmer.

"Well… she's going to have a surprising visitor…" Mina said.

01:06:16 - 01:06:39

"I guess a lot is going on for Doctor Palmer huh," Sero said.

"Someone she knows and hasn't seen for a long while, appear right in the blue wearing different clothes and needed medical attention?" Recovery Girl pointed out, "yeah, it would be a lot for her to take in."

"But at least she's trying to save Strange' life, right?"

01:06:39 - 01:06:48

when Strange tried to talk and stop moving, it shocked many.

"Seriously?" one of the students said, "he is really dead?"

"No," Recovery Girl reassure the concerned students, "he's still alive… barely… just unconscious due to the blood loss."

01:06:48 - 01:07:06

While Palmer tried to save Strange's life, the audience jumped when an astral projection of Strange popped out.

"Oh yeah, the spirit thing." One of the students said, "he can still be awake when his body is not."

01:07:06 - 01:07:22

Another surprise when Stranger speak, causing Palmer to be frightened and moved away from Strange's body.

"Wait, so he can communicate to anyone in the physical world while in the astral plane?" Midoriya said, writing it down as an interesting ability that Strange can do.

"Guess it works very much to still talk to Palmer and make sure she doesn't make any mistakes." Recovery Girl said, smiling that the magic doctor can still help even when he is unconscious.

01:07:22 - 01:08:01

"Man, she's taking this whole thing very well," Kirishima said, noticing how scared Palmer was, but still going without question.

"Guess it's an emergency thing, ribbit," Asui suggested, "to help first and ask questions later."

01:08:01 - 01:08:08

Meanwhile back at the sanctum, the follower also went out of his body and appear in the astral plane.

"That's one way to get the cape off him." Compress said, "granted it leaves his body vulnerable and the cape would still deal with his unconscious body, but still."

"And the portal is still open." Dabi pointed out, "meaning he can go in there and find Strange."

01:08:08 - 01:08:24

"He found the body," Todoroki said, as the follower found Palmer and Strange's body. "I wonder if Strange and the follower can fight each other in their astral forms."

"You mean we're going to have a ghost fight!?" Mina said.

"Well they're not ghost but…"

Before Todoroki could continue, another student smiled at the thought, "a ghost fight sounds awesome."

01:08:24 - 01:08:32

"Yeah! Time for a ghost fight!" Present Mic announces as the scene shows the astral world with Strange looking at the follower while Palmer is completely unaware of their fight.

Shoto sighs, "Again, not ghosts…"

01:08:32 - 01:08:55

The following scene shows a ghost fight, as the two trade punches at each other, with them trying to get up and fight back.

This was an interesting a cool moment for the audience as it showed something unique in a battle. As it's a literal battle between spirits.

And while they fight, some objects slightly moved, even with palmer pushed back when she when they fought on the operating table.

"Seems they can still interact with the physical world but as slight movements," Midoriya noted, "it would be random movements that happened with no peculiar reason."

"Like in those ghost shows on TV." The student said.

"Pretty much," Midoriya said.

Hearing this, Aizawa put his hand on his head, "people still believe in ghosts?" he sighed, as supernatural conspiracies often give him a headache. Mostly because it can be easily summed up as a quirk or a coincidence of other stuff that more logical than ghosts, magic or aliens.

And yet, some people are stupid enough to believe it.

And this film isn't helping his pain.

01:08:55 - 01:09:06

The scene made a calmer cut with a guy getting a bag of crisps from a vending machine. And just before he left, it made a surprise with the two fighting in the astral plane and more packets fell out. the guy turns to see the fallen crisps and took some for himself.

This causes many chuckles from the audience.

"Lucky guy." Sero said, "like getting two packets at once."

"But for this case, he got many." Shoji pointed out.

01:09:06 - 01:09:20

More fighting back at the operating room, with the follower managing to beat Strange.

The audience said nothing up until the follower made a kicking, causing a flatline noise before showing a flatline.

"Oh no!" Uraraka shrieked, completely worried. The same goes with everyone else, even Recovery Girl was concerned.

01:09:20 - 01:09:29

"Yeah, quickly Palmer!" Uraraka shouted, "use those medical electric thingy"

"They're called defibrillators," Recovery Girl said.

01:09:29 - 01:09:37

And with the press of the defibrillators, Strange glowed and caused a shockwave in the astral plane, knocking back the follower.

"What just happened?" Denki asked.

"I think… the defibrillators put out an electrical output on his spirit body." Momo attempt to explain.

"At least the follower blasted off," Uraraka said, hoping that Stephen was alive.

01:09:37 - 01:09:49

"Isn't that dangerous though?" Nejire asked, a little worried when Strange told Palmer to use the defibrillators again.

"For a beating heart, it's a risk, especially when the voltage is up." Recovery Girl, "but I think there's a reason for this, not anything medical."

"I know what you mean," Aizawa said, "it showed that it worked, so he has to use it for his advantage in this… spirit battle."

"You mean a Ghost fight?" Present Mic said.

"Whatever, I'm too tired for this…"

01:09:49 - 01:10:10

While Palmer ups the voltage, Strange grabs the follower.

Most already figured it out, but others are wondering what he's doing.

Up until Palmer used the defibrillators and Strange's astral body glowed so much that it caused lights in the operating room to blast off and, to finally end the fight, the follower's astral body exploded.

"Alright!" Denki smiled, "I don't know what's going on but that's how you use electricity!"

But these words turn to surprise as the scene showed the follower's physical body. Completely dead.

"Oh…" the electric student bite his words, "he killed him…"

"Guess that's the consequence towards destroying the astral body." Kurogiri said, "destroy the spirit and the body becomes nothing more than a shell."

"Either way, the fight is over," Shigaraki added.

And so, the astral battle between Strange and the follower (or as Present Mic calls it, a 'Ghost Fight') was over.

01:10:10 - 01:10:26

"At least Strange is still alive." Recovery Girl said, "though he's freaking his former love interest a lot in a matter of minutes."

"Yeah," All Might said, "guess Strange has a lot to explain when he gets patched up."

"It does bring back unpleasant memories though." Recovery Girl said, remembering when she needed to help All Might after his fight with All for One for the first time, a time when she discovered One for All.

(Author's Note: Correct me if I'm wrong, did Recovery Girl know about One for All after All Might's first battle with All for One or before? If it's before, I'll change this.)

01:10:26 - 01:10:50

"A little reasonable." Momo said when Strange said he wrote emails but Palmer did not respond or read them, "he did leave a very bad impression that last he talked to her."

"But he did try to contact her, that's a start," Mina said.

01:10:50 - 01:11:05

"People do act like that when they're at the edge of death." Recovery Girl said.

"Still, he apologized," the pink student said, still having small hope that they would end up as a couple again, even if their history says otherwise.

01:11:05 - 01:11:35

"Excuse me what?" one of the students said when Strange explained where he was and it ends with Palmer saying that he joined a cult.

01:11:35 - 01:11:44

"Wait… is Kamar-Taj a cult?" Jiro asked, with her and many other students confused towards what Palmer called the sorcerers. When they think about cults, they think of a band of villains with extreme religious beliefs that does bad things in the name of their god. Or a definition of a cult following, where people would become villains when a bigger villain make claims or say stuff that inspires them to commit crimes, like what happened when the hero killer Stain was arrested.

"It does… sound like one…" Kurogiri said, getting attention from the rest of the audience.

"I have to agree with the villain with this one." Momo nodded, shifting the attention to her. "a cult is defined as a group of people who follow a particular person or a belief, either worshipping their ideals or make practices that would be considered strange or dangerous."

"And Kamar-Taj is a small group of people following the Sorcerer Supreme, the Ancient One in that current role. under her guide, they make practices to learn about the mystic arts, which would go under the category of strange and dangerous" the warp villain added.

"By that definition, Kamar-Taj is indeed a cult." Momo concluded. "it's not an extreme cult… legally speaking, but they are a very unique one, especially when their beliefs are true."

With that, the students learned something about the definition of a cult, they didn't even consider that it was one until Palmer pointed it out and the discussion between student and villain say that it is.

01:11:44 - 01:11:50

"Well, Stephen admits it." Nezu chuckles, finding the idea of Kamar-Taj as a cult very lightening.

01:11:50 - 01:12:14

"Yeah, even I find it impossible enough to believe," Uraraka said, understanding how in an explanation, Palmer wouldn't believe what Strange said.

01:12:14 - 01:12:30

And with that, Strange enters the portal with Palmer witnessing it, more stuff she's experiencing that would be mind-blowing for her.

The same goes with the audience, as the film had a lot of mind-blowing moments, with the concept of magic being real and could be possible for their reality to do. A villain with an interest in magic was thinking of trying to do this magic (and going to fail at.) and others were still unsure about what they're seeing or how it makes sense. For their entire lives, the only things that can be considered strange in a quirkless world would be quirks. But for another thing like magic to be added, and it just makes the who thing crazy and hard to comprehend.

But there were also threats, which Strange has to deal with. They only hope that he can find a way to defeat Kaecilius and stop him from opening a dimensional gateway for Dormammu to enter and consume the universe of the MCU.

It sounds like a large challenge and with the knowledge of magic, the heroes are unsure how they can defeat such powers.

Making it good that magic doesn't exist in their reality.

For now, they continue to watch and see what happens.

01:12:30 - 01:12:37

Not before a mop drop onto the floor, causing Palmer to scream. Causing a few chuckles and small pity towards Palmer and her newfound knowledge about magic.

"Yeah, after all of that, anything can set you off," Monoma said.

To be concluded (of this film)…