Question time!

1: Can you please don't include religious stuff, please?

Believe me, I don't like putting religious stuff in these either. I'm an atheist and I don't like writing religious stuff because I don't think I can give respect to those who believe in those other religions, I'm not against any religious belief, it's just that I don't think I can write good stuff about it.

It's just that I had to include a few of it since Ultron used stuff from the Christian bible, plus it's a good way to include Ibara since she's known for being a Christian.

Expect not a lot of it unless the MCU brings it up.

It's not me that includes them, it's the films, I'm just having them react to them.

2: Dormammu is not the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus is

I know that, but until he shows up in the MCU, Dormammu held that title. I know Galactus is stronger but once again, we have to wait until he shows up in the MCU if they can put him there.

3: you made some typos.

Indeed I did and I'm sorry. Guess those went over the editing and Grammary usage.

Good thing I used this fanfiction as practice.

Okay, time to resume!


When everyone left the screen room, they notice the new editions to the place.

First being a still cape inside a glass square case near the suits in their cases. There was also an image of the symbol of the New York sanctum near the floating Sokovia image.

Over at the place with the Infinity Stones wall, a new stone was added, the green time stone with the image of the Eye of Agamotto.

In the wall of heroes and villains, six images are added, four on the hero side and two on the other.

The heroes images have an image of Doctor Stephen Strange in his cape and black robes, with the label 'Doctor Strange: Mystic Arts Hero', the second was an image of Wong with his name on the label, the third was the Ancient One in her yellow robes with the label 'The Ancient One: Former Sorcerer Supreme.'

And finally and the most out of the place after the end credits of the film, Mordo in his green robes with the label reading 'Karl Mordo.'

Those who spotted him was a little unsure about him being part of the heroes when in the end it reveals he's going to become a villain. But then remembered that Mordo did aid Strange to stop Kaecilius, so that gives more of the hero part of him. thought they expected the image to switch sides when he shows up again.

Speaking of Kaecilius, there is an image of him and having black eyes, the label having his name and finally, there was an image of Dormammu's face, which make sense since it didn't show the full body other than the arm, the label reading 'Dormammu: Ruler of the Dark Dimension'.

Now seeing this stuff, they start their break by comprehending what they had seen as most of them went to a seat and relax.

Though one particular person had something in mind.


"Come on!" Mr. Compress said as he put his hands in the air and wave them around. Expecting magic to happen but for nothing to happen.

"I know it can work this time… just… forget everything you know…" the masked villain take a few breaths, trying to do the same with a calmer mind, but only in the same results.

Meanwhile, Twice, Toga and Spinner sat at the side, spending the past three minutes thinking about what they saw but also watching Compress as he tries to do magic.

It was a little funny to them.

Dabi approaches the villains of his group, noticing the suited villain doing some silly stuff, he sighed, "what the hell is he doing?"

"Trying to be like Doctor Strange." Toga answered with a smile.

"Yeah, magical! There's no magic!" Twice said.

The fire villain takes another look as Compress tries his hardest to wave around the circles only to do nothing.

He facepalms, having a bit of an idea as to why it's not working.

"You know, the FWM did take our quirks away right?" Dabi pointed out.

"Yeah, what about it?" Spinner asked.

"You think she can take away this magic?"

The three looks at each other, thinking about that possibility.

"Sounds reasonable," Twice said, "NOT!"

"Better to ask Compress that magic might not work." Toga said, getting up from her seat until Dabi put a hand in front of her.

"Please don't." Dabi said, "it's better if he learns for himself."

Toga looked at Dabi, "the guy actually has a sense of humour?" she thought, enough to make her smile.

So she sat back down and continue to watch one of her friends ultimately failing to make magic.

The fire villain walked away, sighing how worthless his comrades are.


After about five minutes, people could able to have conversations now that the thought of magic went out of their heads and accepted it.

And right away, a large group went towards Midoriya, mostly people from 1-A.

Meanwhile, for a student in 1-B, he had his arms crossed, a little upset and angry at the green student who was supposed to be his school class rival.

Watching the green boy with his notebook, opening it and turning pages, talking to his classmates, some of them are the girls. After everything, all of that made him sick to his stomach

Another student from 1-B approach the blonde, noticing his angry expression and his focus on 1-A. Kendo sighed, "let me guess, going against the other class?" she asked, expecting him to rant that would leave him hand chopped by her hand.

Monoma notice his friend and kept his anger, "no… I mean yes… they are our rivals; we are so better than them."

"Whatever you say," Kendo said, now gotten used to his idiocy to try and give one-upmanship to the other class, which really shouldn't matter for a hero course.

She kept going with his thoughts, "you said no, are you considering them not rivals anymore?"

"Of course not!" Monoma called back, "we are so better than them. It's him that I hate."

Kendo looked over at the group and suspecting one student that he would be talking about.

"You mean Midoriya?" she asked.

"Yes," he answered, "you heard what he said, you saw his alternate version of himself, him talking about being a vigilante than a hero, going against heroes if it means saving villains. never thought he would stand so low but here we are!"

This caused the orange hair girl to sigh, "so?"

"So!" Monoma turn to his classmate, "don't you see, 1-A is being corruptible, and it's all thanks to that little brat with his ideas of 'heroism' instead of what heroes should be."

Thinking back, Midoriya ideas does indeed go against what pro heroes are, and the concept of vigilantism is illegal to the point where they're not better than villains, which she agrees with and probably why she and Monoma was on the red side.

"Well, whatever he thinks, it really shouldn't matter." She said, "he has his ideals of a hero and so do we, it doesn't make them bad or good."

"Tell that to society." Monoma turns his head back, "they wouldn't agree with him."

"Maybe they could." Kendo suggested, "if he does well, perhaps he can change the way to how heroes are."

"Are you serious with me Kendo?" Monoma turn back once again, "people don't change, nobody changes, what he said is who he truly is, and to me, he's just a traitor."

"He's not a traitor," Kendo said.

"He is when he drops out of school and fight crime illegally."

"And why would you consider he would do that?"

"Because that's how every reckless dangerous, courageous person does." Monoma pointed out, "and if we need to have ordered for society, we don't need those people. and everyone in 1-A is like that."

Another sigh from the orange student, she was used to his superiority complex, with the belief that his class is better than 1-A's, and thinking about it, society does have that too when there's a ranking system.

In one vague attempt, she tried to say one more thing in hope that he would listen for once.

"Have you considered that it's not about us?"

"What?" Monoma didn't listen, a little more focused on the boy.

"It's not about who is better or if there's order at all, he has the right to say whatever he says and if he does drop out, at least he's going to do some good."

"And be added in the problems with villains."

"He's not a…"

"Vigilantes are villains Kendo." Monoma interrupted, "as the League, they had been, have been and always be bad people that don't are a decease in our world. Midoriya is one of them. You can't change evil."

Having enough, Kendo walked away, letting the stupid and self-serving copying student be himself with his thoughts and grudges. She didn't like what he does, as it makes her and her class look like they were pity and jealous when it's all just him.

But going away, he did point out one thing.

'You can't change evil.'

That's one thing she can agree with. But at the same time, who has the right to called good or evil?

It's something she has to think about and where Midoriya lies, believing that he isn't on the bad side, but rather something else.


Not a lot happened once everyone calmed down, as they do their usual thing when they're having a break, sitting down and talking about the film, getting themselves a snack, going to the bathroom, looking at the stuff from the previous and older films or going outside for some fresh air.

The latter is what Mirio as he watches over Eri who's wandering outside the cinema.

Since he met her and saved her, Mirio wanted to help Eri as much as he could, as she was the one he saved in his promise to save a million. Even now he can't because he lost his quirk, he was glad that he managed to help her, and now getting her through her troubles and her problems.

At least before, now she seemed happy.

He liked that Eri was smiling.

"As the Author said," a new voice appeared next to the blonde, "you like her when she's happy."

"Oh… FWM," Mirio smiled at his host for the films, "didn't see you there."

"Well, I just appeared." She responds with hands in her pockets, "one minute I wasn't here, now I am. Here's a little secret, I am very fast for surprises."

The boy chuckled at her, though she could be a problem, he tries to think of the good parts.

But at the same time, he was a little curious.

"So, what made her smile?" He asked, catching the hooded girl's attention. "Before being here, she wasn't in the right place and I wanted to help her smile with the festival, but it seems you beat me to it."

"Indeed, I have." FWM smile, "but I wasn't thinking about having her smile. Rather help her with her quirk."

"Either way, to make a child happy will always be a good sign." Mirio put his hands on his hips, a little proud of what he said, "a smile is a very powerful thing. A sign to let the world know they can be happy can bring light when times are down."

Hearing this, the girl kept her grin, not responding or seeing one of the big three, just thinking about what he said.

"I… I guess you're right…" she said, "a smile is a powerful thing I like to think of it as a matter of identity because it's not about just the smile, but what they're smiling too."

"Yeah," the blonde smiled, "to see the joy or the things they like, the heroes they see to know that we can protect them."

"Or the burning fire…" FWM added before stuttering, "campfires I mean, that brings comfort to me, to watch it all burn and the flames to be free and wild."

"I guess people do like looking at a campfire," Mirio said, though finding it a little strange to think about fires.

"Back about identity," FWM continued, "do you think that when you smile at something, it could also show something you would become? I sometimes believe so, you smile at some cute cats and it shows you're a cat person, you smile all the time and you would be naïve, but smile at something that nobody else smiles at, and it would become a part of them."

"Then it sounds they like something unique." The boy said.

The girl breathes out of her nose, turning to see Eri smiling, noticing her eyes, surrounded by black liquid, similar to Kaecilius's eyes, (didn't think that can be brought up) and looking at what she did.

What the FWM did…

and she was proud of her work.

*Memory Flashback*

(You give a gun to someone and force them to pull the trigger, that would be manipulation. But if they pull the trigger without the need to tell them, do you consider it as manipulation or their own choices?)

Eri doesn't recall where she was or where FWM took her to.

She just watched the film about a scary war and a hero wearing blue and stars stopping a red face person. She doesn't know what it was or if any of it is based on something. But it was something to watch.

For the first few minutes, she walked towards for a while holding hands with the FWM, completely unaware of her surroundings. Then she finds herself sitting on a chair and watch the film up until the man in the blue uniform return back at a camping site with a lot of people.

The film came to a halt all of the sudden and the goggles are removed.

"What's going on?" she asked before seeing, finding herself in a closed room with only herself and the FWM, who she sees right next to a big cloaked thing, a leaned back, shaking from how large it was.

"I know you're a little scared," FWM attempt to talk to the little girl politely, "and you have the right to be, I'm just trying to help you out with your problem."

"My… my problem?" she stutters.

"I'm talking about your quirk" FWM explained, "from a little birdie told me, you can able to make things rewind, go back to what it was before and much further down the line. And from what I heard from you. people were hurt because of it."

Hearing this, Eri was shaken, the fear coming back, thinking about the reason she was afraid of her power. though she managed to be rescued by people who cared about her, she's still worried that she would harm them and would get away from her.

"Yeah…" she spoke out honestly, "I hurt people because of it, people die because of me…"

"Indeed, they do."

Hearing this, Eri perked up, feeling a little shaken when the FWM agreed with her. Fearing that she would say something bad to her.

But to her surprise, she said something else.

"That's pretty much what every Memorywalker does, they are born, they live, they die, it's like the Lion King says, it's the circle of life. I mean, I know so many people who died because of me and I don't care. Because no matter what happens to them, it's going to happen to them later."

"What?" Eri softly said, not understanding what she meant, not comfortable with it either.

"Yeah, forgotten, you're only six years old." FWM reminded herself, "the point is, you shouldn't be afraid of your power, but you shouldn't be told what you should do with it either. Nobody should use you for what you have, it's your power and your path to follow… I'm just here to give you directions"


"Before you can use your power, you need to understand it" the FWM continued with a smile, grabbing the black cloak "and from my experience, the best way to understand power is to first face your demons." She pulls away from the cloak, exposing what was underneath it. "And I have found your greatest demon."

The second she looked at what was underneath the cloak, she starts to panic, nearly tripping over her chair the second she saw who was under the cloak.

It was a man she knew for a long time, a man who done so much to her, a man she still fears.

Her papa, Overhaul.

She sees him, strapped in chains, he wasn't wearing his mask, and his hands… were gone…

He opens his eyes, waking up, right when he was revealed to the girl. "What… where am I?" he spoke, looking around till he set his eyes on the girl. "Er… Eri?"

This caused the girl to shake even more, "eek!" she tripped over her chair, landing on the ground. she stared at the man who did so much bad to her. "Why… why is he here?"

The FWM gave a confident smile. "Because he's been a bad father." She starts to walk around, looking at both a frightened girl and a surprisingly frightened man. "Oh Overhaul, you are the worst. Someone who done so much bad to this poor little girl, having her use her power, then tear her apart and put back together, hoping to pull the cure out of her…" she turns to the girl on the floor, moving back away from both Overhaul and the FWM. The hooded girl saw this and sighed.

"If you ask me… it would be better for him to suffer as much as you did…" she then pulls out a small knife from her pocket and walked towards the girl.

Eri in return was frightened, scared for Overhaul, but also scared for the girl with the knife, fearing that she might use it on her. She turns away and closes her eyes, feeling that something bad will happen.

After a few seconds, she takes a peek, noticing that nothing happened, seeing something a bit strange to her.

She was looking at the blade, but not towards her, but towards the hooded girl. "But that's just me… this is your choice…" She said, offering the knife. "Free yourself from your chains... and be yourself…"

She looked at the knife again, still shaking, but slowly understanding what she's supposed to do.

She grabs hold of the knife and stands up.

Slowly and still afraid, she walks towards papa. Overhaul notice and was hesitant, "Eri… what are you doing?"

Eri would have been scared from the face of Overhaul alone, but this time it was different. Usually, he has a scary face that made her want to run away, with a scary mask that covers his mouth, so she doesn't know if it was real with a haunting mouth.

Only that his mouth was… regular. And now being angry or scary, but… afraid?

"Eri… don't listen to her… please…" he said not in a scary voice, but a shaky voice. Like he was frightened.

Why? Why is he frightened? After everything, why would he be afraid of her?

The chains moved, bringing the flat square thing down till Overhaul was at level with the girl. Looking at the man eye to eye, she notices the man being afraid, shaking, now scared, there was a slight tear that came out.

Lies, all lies.

She turns her head to look at the knife, her hand was shaking, with the idea that came to her head over and over.

'face my demon'

'Make him suffer as I did.'

'Be free from my chains.'

She knows what to do, she grips the knife as hard as she can and turn back at a shocked papa.

"Eri, NO!"

But it was too late. Eri made her move, as hard as she can, she pulled the knife back and lunge toward, stabbing the man by the side of his throat.

The girl breathes out letting go of her knife and stepping back, looking at what she has done.

She watched as blood lashes out from Overhaul's neck, he wasn't able to breathe, choking as the blade was stuck by his neck. Up until he dies from blood loss.

It was… easy…

All this time, Eri was afraid of this man, seeing him as a big monster who she can't escape from. But after this, she saw who he truly was.

He was just a man. A scared fool who is simply afraid.

Watching him die? She had seen death before, and in each of them, she was afraid of what she did. But not here. because she felt different.

She feels… satisfied… like she was free… watching him die? Though still shaken, was something that she liked.

And for the first time in her life. Eri smiles.

*Memory Flashback ends*

"You're a good listener," FWM turn, looking down at Mirio, "but my message to you is that when someone smiles for the first time, then what they smile at would be part of them."

She pulls out a gun and fires.

The next thing she knows, Mirio was looking at her with a smile on his face, "she wasn't in the right place and I wanted to help her smile with the festival, but it seems you beat me to it."

The FWM smiled and laugh before turning to the happy student, "indeed I did…" walked towards Eri, who no longer have the black liquid, she quickly wiped them away before the boy notice...

Mirio watched as the hooded girl and the horned girl walk away, heading towards the distant house even though FWM told him he can't go to her place, she allowed Eri and Shigaraki there. It caused a little suspicion, but still think that the girl is in good hands.

(like I said, he doesn't know what Eri has become. And I guess this is the part where you drop this story because nobody likes seeing Eri becoming a villain, but as I said before, I just gave her the knife. It was her choice…

More on this in the next interlude…)


The inspiring support inventor-in-training was please with what she made in her time at the cinema. From her version of a less powerful arc reactor and her own Iron Man suit. And thanks to the films, she is inspired to make more stuff, such as the clothing changer.

So far, she's thinking about how things can be stored and used on the spot and she's starting to think about how the arms can able to assemble and disassemble for any hero. She already built the arm, but she has to figure out how those arms can able to grab hold of the clothing and put them on the heroes without harming both the human, the outfit, the gear or the machine, she had to account for different shape and sizes, as she has to think about body shapes, genders, mutations, etc.

It was a good idea, but there were so many variables she has to consider, which made her wonder why Tony Stark only made the device for himself. Her attempt might as well be the reason.

However, like every other device, Hatsume has so much more when she gets back, and hoped for more to appear as she watches more films from the MCU reality.

While going through the blueprints, she suddenly heard a noise to her side, she turns to see something new, a piece of paper.

"What's this?" Hatsume said, now filled with curiosity towards the paper.

She picked it up and notice the wording, it was addressed to the FWM and the language was in English. The support student sigh in relief, remembering her times learning to speak and write English. As someone who's inspired to get her babies out in the world, she has to talk to the companies, even ones in foreign countries if given the opportunity.

It wasn't her favourite subject, but necessary for communications to spread her voice.

And it was easy for her to read the paper:

'Dear FWM

Here is your result on that sample you sent for your whole 'RHD project' you keep talking about.

I honestly don't know why you're doing this and I don't care, but this sounds familiar to his project with similar methods, the only difference is that he didn't go to the UTS multiverse to get the essence. Which by the way, I found in your sample.

That being said, I'm happy to say that it's stable and can able to be used on any Memorywalker. Just be careful not to put it on a BCLG like yourself. But knowing you, I guess you're going to use this on someone you like, making her (and I know it will be a girl) your so-called friend.

I don't care what your intentions are for this, so long as you don't use it on any of my customers or my staff, I don't care if you say that they are expendable pointless Memorywalkers, I still need them and they're better off dying for my business than for any of your semantics.

From your old friend.


"Wait… RHD project? essence? Friend?"

After reading the paper, she understood most of it, she doesn't know who this 'T' person was, but from the wording, the person sounds like a manufacturer of some sorts, it sounds like a company, she wasn't sure what they sell and there isn't chance she would know about them, let alone approach them.

Either way, this sounds a little troubling and she probably has to tell someone about this.

She needs to play it cool though, don't do anything irrational. She places the paper where she found it and pretend it wasn't there. After the next film, she would talk to one of her teachers, maybe one from the hero class as they can help with this situation.

For now, she has babies to think…


With break nearly over, everyone lined up at the screen room doors.

While getting to the door, a certain villain was very disappointed that for the entity of his break, he spent most of it waving his hands around with nothing accomplished.

"Don't worry Compress," Toga attempts to comfort the sad magician, "you'll figure it out."

Once everyone arrived at the doors, the title above the doors showed up with the name of the next film.

'MCU 15 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'.

"Alright! the space criminal heroes are back! RACOON! I am Groot! No, you're not!" Twice shouted towards the title.

"Volume two?" one of the students raise a brow towards the film's name "as in like… manga labels?"

"More like music labels." Jiro pointed out, "I think this is a reference to Quill's Awesome Mixtape."

"That means more 80s music, right?" Mina said, which brought a smile for both her and the hero-in-training who likes music. Excited to hear more old music that they liked in the first Guardians film and now listen to during their breaks.

And so, everyone takes their seats and get themselves ready to watch the next film.