1. You should show Lady Nagant and how their society corrupted?

Okay, I am going to say a rhetorical question that should be embarrassing...


If this character appears in the Manga, please note that I don't read the manga, if she appears in Season 5 of the anime, please note I haven't watched the new episodes, only finished the first battle of 1-A vs 1-B.

I have seen this name appearing and something tells me that this character is proof of the flaws of society, and good to know that the government is hiding stuff from the public.

Heck, I even have a personal headcanon to another thing they hide that relates to the crime rate. Not going to mention it here, but again, something that sounds exciting when I get back to watching the anime.

2. If you intended to make the heroes change, you failed miserably

Perhaps I did.

Yeah, I admit that I might fail to make the heroes change, but as always, it's not a full-on change like 'oh my gosh, society is corrupted', but rather a slow change when they Guardians of the Galaxy where the protagonists were and would be considered criminals in their reality. And it's gotten to the point where they know that there are heroes in the MCU that has a criminal past.

Change, maybe not, understanding, I might have done that.

My goal wasn't to make a sudden change, but a slight understanding, to have them open up a little and take a look at the villain side and notice that it isn't always black and white. Those villains are people too and they have their stuff that isn't always about destroying and being evil.

I don't defend their actions and beliefs, just pointing out their beliefs that are completely different towards the MCU. They have to live in a system placed in their world and have to deal with and accept it. With sticking to that belief for 10 to 30 years that's been taught for decades.

3. You failed to make people change

And perhaps I did as well.

I understand how change work, it's getting from point A to point B. but you have to keep in mind that there have to be several parts in the middle that get someone to understand the destination of point B.

It's just that I don't focus as much on the teachers, so they're still on the long journey… maybe their car might have broken down.

So far I am doing changes for a few characters, some that I had been doing for a long while.

Let's just say that it's going to take a long while before the teachers get to point B, but hey, at least the remaining films don't focus on 'criminals being heroes' up until Infinity War when the Guardians come back.

All I can say is that I thank you for telling me that I have failed.

After all… failure isn't just the best teacher, it's proof that I am human and I have flaws, and there's nothing with that but a better understanding to improve.

4. are you going to do…


I am going to do Wanavision, Falcon and Winter Soldier and Loki, they have importance in the MCU films, since a certain character appears in the Back Widow movie.

I am NOT however going to do the What If…? Series, this fanfiction is focusing on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and not the multiverse, if it's completely separate from the main MCU timeline, then I won't do it, Loki is an exception since he originally came from the MCU and answer a question that happens in Endgame.

So there, I am going to do them, how I'm going to do them, I have an idea, but I will talk about it once we get towards them, more likely when I start doing the third Non-MCU film.

And with the questions done, let's begin the interlude, I had so much thought into this and it will give you the full insight of a certain character I want to talk about, that I heard are having a character problem later in the canon story.

A man laughs.

"What do you expect? It's not exactly your vibe." A man in wings said cheerfully to the man on fire cross towards him.

"Hey, are you done here because I can totally eat the rest"

The fire man shrugs, "eat whatever you want, you glutton."

The winged man smiled, reaching down to the fire man's food, having no self-control to have himself a nice tasty treat.

But to his own surprise, a new hand appeared, snatching up one of the sticks before he could reach to touch one.

"Don't mind if you do." A new voice said, causing both the two men to turn to see… two girls.

One that was holding the stick and biting off the food, with a covered hood and a smile. The other was smaller than the munching girl, covered in black armour, with her face masked, showing nothing but her white hair and one horn on the right.

"oh my goodness," the girl said after swallowing her food, "the number three hero Hawks and the number one hero Endeavor. Right before my eyes." The other girl holds a chair next to Hawks and pushed it back, dragging it around till it was near the older girl, who stood from the side facing the window.

The winged man, Hawks smiled, happy to see fans. "well, good to know there's at least someone who likes you, heh now."

The fire man, Endeavor stood still towards the introduction of the two girls. "excuse me, but this is a confidential dining, you're not allowed to interrupt."

"As much as I hate to say it, he's got a point." Hawks agreed with Endeavor, "we're in the middle of discussing something that's best left between the both of us."

"You mean about the Nomu rumours?" the girl said, going down to sit on the chair that the younger girl brought to her. "On how there's a possible chance that Nomus are appearing across the country, and how it might not be the cause of the League of Villains but someone else."

"Well… yeah…" Hawks said, once being chill and relaxed, but now getting a little worried.

"That's what you want to say to me? Rumours?" Endeavour stood up with anger in his eyes.

"Sit down, will you." the girl on the seat said, "we got a lot to discuss and we don't have much time."

"And who are you exactly?" the fire man turns to the smiling girl.

"if you want to know, please sit down and I'll explain." The girl said, "just hear me out and I can explain for my disturbance."

Endeavour was a little hesitant towards the girl's commands, thinking of arresting her and bringing her in for questioning, the thought was still there, but since this girl was compliant, he could use this moment to get information out of her.

He ended up sitting down.

"Great," the girl said, turning back to Hawks, "for a quick introduction, you may call me the FWM"

"FWM?" Hawks raised a brow from the name, before the younger girl steps next to the hooded girl.

"and this is my new best friend, you can call her… Cure."

While Endeavor still doesn't trust the two girls, Hawks was getting a little suspicious, especially the timing, after a snack, he's supposed to take the number one hero to a warehouse where the ambush takes place, and these two girls were a little unsettling, earlier thinking of them as cosplayers to unknown heroes, plus they seem too young to be villains.

Then again, kid villains are possible.

In the end, he continues to play it cool with the girl who has a queer name, "okay FWM… what do you want to talk about?"

The girl leans forward, putting her elbows on the table and hands together.

"Why does everything have to end with a fight or a promise?"

The heroes were confused towards the FWM's question, a strange way to start their conversation.

"You see it a lot in realities like these, it starts with a talk, but ends either in a promise or a fight and for this occasion, it would be a fight."

"Are you threatening us?" the flame hero started down at the girl.

"No… just stating facts," she turns to him, "people don't just settle down and talk, something thrilling has to happen to pick up the pace and excite the audience, as pro heroes, you would know these concepts very well."

"To stop the threat, of course." Endeavour said with Hawks nodding. "but what's the point in bringing that up?"

"it adds flavour for the foreshadow," FWM answered, "but more importantly, it's some concerns when it comes to your development." She looked at the fire man once again, smiling at his flames, "you are a terrible father, and you caused your family so much pain. Once upon a time, they were nothing more than tools towards your ultimate goals."

Hearing this angered Todoroki, a little surprised that not only he knows about his family, but for what he did to you, while Hawks was a little confused by what the girl was claiming.

"But now, you got your goal, the number one hero and all I have to ask is… are you satisfied? Don't say it and Author don't give a full explanation, we know how much of a waste person he is."

The girl then stood up, taking a deep breath, while the two heroes remain seated, looking at the girl.

"and here you are, the beginning of your redemption arc, trying to prove that you can be a better person, and after the fight, two will change, one will see you being redeemed, the other will continue to break because of you."

"That's enough!" Endeavour stood up, "how dare you make such claims."

"But it's true isn't it," the FWM kept her grin, "this is my and the Author's opinion on the matter, but I can only see you one way of being redeemed, and I have a feeling that it's never going to happen. Not in the canon, and certainly not in this timeline."

She turns around, looking out from the window. Hawks raising a brow, looking at the two girls and out the window, seeing the city.

"tell me, do you believe villains can be saved?" FWM asked.

"The answers obvious isn't it?" Hawks answered, a little uneased.

"Right, but I do like the idea of the word saved and it brought my attention when someone told me that the League of Villains is beyond saving."

"Of course, they are beyond saving." Endeavour said, "they're criminals and terrorists, they will be dealt swiftly."

"But the more I thought about it, I start to understand what it means to be saved…" the FWM said, with Cure approaching her, "saved means they believe in the state of society, that it's working, that they side with and not falter with the system. While people who disagree, people who decided to fight back because they see that the system is failing them… they're beyond saving…" the FWM looked at the little girl who grabbed her hand, while the hooded girl dives deep into her pockets.

"Yes, the League is beyond saving, but perhaps that can be a good thing because they have the power to change things."

"And do you know how devastating it would be for them to have that power?" the winged hero questions the girl.

"Not as devastating as the next League or the next and the next." The FWM turn to Hawks, "you like to believe that one day, heroes can have too much time on their hands, but you never said heroes don't be needed. It tells me that you don't want the game to stop, just to have timeouts."

Hawks had his eyes open from what the girl was holding, a custom-made pistol. He quickly notices the weapon having itch markings of a statement, written in English 'When I'm bored.'

Quickly, he made action, using one of his feathers to strike at the girl to disarm her, but in a quick action, Cure caught the feather that could of strike the armed girl.

"Why do all talks have to end with a fight or a promise?" She points the gun towards the window, Endeavor notices and attempt to use his flames on her.

But it was too late.

She pulled the trigger and fired at the window, causing the glass to shatter.

And the upcoming flying villain, that would of strike through and attacks the heroes, was hit by the bullet.

Both the heroes turn to see the shattered window and the bird dark being, plummeting down as orange sparks disintegrate until it disappears, vanishing before it could hit the ground.

"Man, that's some timing." The FWM laughed, enjoying what she did, before cutting back to see the confused heroes.

Hawks was the most shocked, even more than the people around them, who screamed and ran out of the room upon hearing the gunshot. Before it disappears, he notices that the creature was a Nomu, probably one that was supposed to be part of the ambush, he was angered that the League decided to spring it at this moment, it wasn't part of the plan.

But what this girl did, was an enigma that he couldn't decipher. It was as though she knew the ambush was going to attack, was she part of the League? was she turning against them? And why save them if it risks her getting arrested?

"What… what happened?" Hawks said as he and Endeavor surrounded the two girls.

"I'm beyond saving." FWM proudly claims, "and I just made major changes, I stopped the building from collapsing, I prevented your eye getting damaged, but most importantly…" she approaches the stance flame hero.

"I ensure that Shoto will never see you as redeemable."

"Enough with this!" he shouted, "you are coming with us!"

"No…" the FWM smiled, "I need you for one more thing, to show him a lesson that you learned. And perhaps it could help him instead of diving down into a character assassination."

Without warning, the next thing Endeavor knew was going grabbed by the girl as she replaces her pistol with a new weapon, she fires it and a portal appears.

"Cure," she turns to the little girl, who was looking at Hawks, getting ready to fight, "have some fun, I'll be back to pick you up when the next film is ready."

And with that, the FWM left through the portal, taking Endeavor with her. Leaving only the number 3 hero and a very young villain to face off each other.


When the audience got out of the screen room, they saw several things being added.

Mina quickly went to the Awesome Mix stand and quickly notice additional buttons

"fourteen more songs!" Mina excites, seeing each fourteen more songs, each of them labelled their song names.

She quickly presses the first song, Mr. Blue Sky.

As the music plays, the rest looked around to see more stuff, a small model of the Ravager ship, the Sovereign ship and Ego's pod all in miniature models along with other spaceships that were featured in the previous Guardian film.

Midoriya looked at the wall of heroes and the wall of villains, there was a swap with Yondu's image, being promoted to hero.

That being said, there were a total of four images added, 1 on the hero wall and three on the villain wall.

The only hero in the wall added was the green big-eyed girl who helped the Guardians, with the label reading 'Mantis' below.

On the villain walls, there were pictures of the gold lady, the ugly looking ravager and Ego in his human form, each of them labelled respectfully 'High Priestess Ayesha', 'Taserface' and 'Ego: The Living Planet'.

There were images added that was next to the other images that came from the other Guardians film, the Sovereign and the full scale of Ego.

And to top it all off, each long sofa contains a Baby Groot plushie, that the majority of the girls quickly spotted and rush towards each one to hug it and find it adorable.

"Are you kidding me?" Mina suddenly realises, being so focused on the jukebox that she didn't notice the Groot plushies until it was too late.

Not they're all being used, except one.

The Rocket Racoon plushie that's laid restfully on one of the chairs.

"What? where am I!" Dabi looked around, confused and worried.

It was a critical moment; he exposed his identity to his brother then suddenly that blasted girl took him away to this room.

He can still hear the film, he turns in the direction of the sound and saw a flat-screen television, not as big as a cinema screen, but television that's still showing the film. Seeing Ego Stabbing Peter in the back.

He looked around and saw that he was in an empty room, only a chair and a television.

The FWM did say he needed a timeout, he was angered for suggesting that, but he can't complain because he has no choice.

He sat in the chair and watch the remainder of the film.

He still hated Ego as it reminded him so much of his father, a man who only cares about one stupid goal, a goal that was the reason he was born, a goal that made him in great pain, a goal that put him cast away, ignored and have siblings until they become failures to join him.

He couldn't take it then and he can't take it now.

So when they finally blew up the brain and saw Peter watching his father dissolve into nothing, it brought a smile to his face. It made him think of what he would do to his father, to make him burn until he was nothing more but ashes.

Oh… how much he wanted that…

There wasn't much to talk about the aftermath, he didn't have any feelings or reactions to Yondu's death and the funeral.

But he took note of one more thing.

The scene with Gamora and Nebula as one of them prepares to leave.

It only made him think about how his conversation with Shoto is going to be when he returns to the break room, he doesn't even know if he can. Who knows how long he's going to be here?

At first, he didn't care about the Nebula character, even in the first film, he did perk up once when she double-crossed her father and joined forces with Ronan. But it was this film that made him interested in him.

Because they both have the same goal.

She didn't kill her sister in the end and it consider if the same thing would happen if he wanted to kill his siblings, would he actually do it? He could go down that path to insanity and attempt to kill them.

No, if he wanted to kill them, they would have been dead a long time ago

He continues to watch until the very end when an Old Man was complaining to the big head people, by that time, the doors open behind him.

"about time." He sighs, getting up and walking through the door, expecting it to get him into either the main room of the cinema or someplace over at FWM's house.

But to his surprise, the second he steps through the next room and the doors close behind him, the first thing he saw was a narrow hallway, with one person standing and staring directly at him.

His father, Endeavour.

"T…Toya?" he said in a state of shock, "is that…you?"


"my life, my lover and my lady is the sea…" Midoriya finishes up writing the lyrics he could collect in the Brandy song.

After Mina listened to Blue Sky, they agreed to listen to a certain song, that being Brandy, according to the film, it was a song that told the tale of Ego and Peter. And while they know much about who Ego was, they were still interested in what else the song has to describe them.

They heard the song two times, fully and listening to it for the third time.

With the lyrics written, Midoriya had a better understanding of the song and had an idea of how the song told a tale between Ego, his lover and Peter Quill.

Hearing the song again and again, Midoriya notices a key idea towards the song, not just for Ego nor Peter, but for someone else, and ultimately, it also share something that he and maybe a few people might have missed.

"Okay, I might have some ideas for the song to compare with Ego and Peter's mother."

This caught the attention of those who were listening to the song.

"We get that Ego is the sailor and his plan was the sea," Jiro point out something that was told.

"The Girl, Brandy, is Peter's mother." The green hair student said, "and the song is more about her than Ego."

"Brandy, you're a fine girl, what good wife you would be" Midoriya spoke the English lyrics, not singing it but saying it, "yeah, your eyes could steal a sailor from the sea."

He reverts back to Japanese, "it describes how beautiful she was and shows how much the sailor loved her, enough to he could of easily take the sailor away from the sea."

"But the sailor went back," Mina said, "he only cares about the sea, just as the later lyrics says… I think…"

"You're on point," Jiro said nodding with the pink girl.

"I guess so," Midoriya said, "but another interesting thing is how Ego gave a huge impact on Peter's mother.

He then says the lyrics once more, "Brandy walk thought a silent town, and loves a man who's not around, she still hear him say."

"In that context, the girl is all alone but still loving the sailor, and forever love him even when she's lonely," Jiro said.

"Really romantic, if you think about it," Mina said.

"I also like this part," Midoriya said, "she could feel the ocean fall and rise, saw its raging glory… and Brandy does her best to understand."

"I believe we hear this when we saw the flower in the 1980s opening." Midoirya pointed out while reading a few of his notes, "what I said is exactly that scene, he was foreshadowing his plans and told them to her, but she didn't understand them fully."

"Well, I can't blame her." Todoroki said, who sat quietly listening to the song that Ego said was based on himself, as much as he doesn't like him, he was intrigued by his classmates discussing it. "as much of a bad person he is and even if he did kill her… she still loved him till the end."

Shoto made a slight turn, thinking about the similarities, a man who loves someone so much but has other intentions, and he took intentions over their loves.

The lover meanwhile remains in love.

He wasn't sure if the same can be said for his mother, maybe she still hates him, maybe she moved on, maybe deep down she still loves him, he doesn't know and it's best not to ask.

"Brandy deserves better than any sea." He said before standing up and walking away. Leaving everyone confused.

Except for Mina who pressed on a button and listen to The Chain.

There was nothing but silence, as the two flame users stare at each other, confusing, anger, shock, each of them felt all three.

Dabi wasn't prepared for this occurrence, he has no words, if he had his quirk, he could easily burn him right here and right now.

What broke the silence was the FWM, appearing, hands in her pockets.

"Family reunion huh?" she smiled, turning to Endeavour, "told you your long seem dead son would be here"

"I… I didn't expect it to be… him…" the grown-up person in the room spoke, still, in shock to what he's seeing, earlier, the girl took him to this place and told him about the boy he long lost.

But he didn't know that it would be someone who's from the League of Villains.

Is that how bad he became? That he pushed one of his children far off the edge that they turn into a monster?

What kind of father was he back then?

The FWM turn back to Dabi, still having a grin, still hands in pockets.

"So… Dabi…" she spoke, catching his attention, "you feel it, don't you?"

The black hair villain was confused towards the hooded girl, but looking back at his father, he could feel so much from just looking at him.

"it's not anger, it's not even pure rage. It's the tight squeeze towards a sickening clench on your heart, the kind that grinds your teeth till they are sharp enough that bites through metal, the arms, not resting because you know that the one you seek is still out there, being himself, doing what you don't like, and you had enough of that person, enough to make you want to intervene and tell them that their existence is everything wrong with their world and you…" the girl takes a step, not looking at Endeavour but at Dabi.

"You want the thing in front of you gone forever, wiped away from existence, believing that if it's gone, you can finally rest and smile at your work, your… masterpiece…"

This made the villain blinked, it was a very exaggerating way to describe his feeling, but it comes close.

"In short, you hate this guy and you want nothing more but to wipe him from the face of this earth."

While Endeavour was being suspected towards the girl's words, Dabi in turn understood what she meant, he chuckled, seeing the girl and his old man.

He was there, right in front of him and whatever she's doing, he can't tell if she's playing a trick or if she's serious with this moment.

"Can it be arranged?" he asked saying it as a joke.

The FWM however, reacted with a grinning wicked smile.

"I like your style!"


It was quick… it caught the two flamers off guard.

One was in confused shock.

The bother was struggling to breathe… as blood begins to squirt out of his neck.

Dabi watches his father… it was happening… all these years, it was happening…

He's going to get what he wants…

He watched as his old man collapses to his knees, struggling to breathe from his slit throat.

Dabi wanted to smile, he wants to feel joy, he wants to laugh and feel finally free from the pain he felt every single day of his life.

But as the flame hero reach his arm towards him, as the girl stepped away, Dabi couldn't feel any of them…

"T….Toya…" Endeavour barely spoke, with his windpipe cut, he couldn't let a breath out. tears let out from his eyes. Realizing what's going to happen and what would be the last thing he sees.

"Please… forgive… me…" and at the last word, he collapses to the ground, blood flowing into a puddle.

Both Dabi and FWM watch, one was smiling, the other couldn't believe it.

For what felt like an eternity, Dabi stared at the corpse of his father, remained in shock. It was too much to process what happened.

He wanted this, but… he didn't expect it to happen, it's like that feeling that if someone wanted to get something that seems so far out of their reach, but when they managed to grab it, the first thing would be that it would be unbelievable, even if they wanted it.

His stare stop however when someone steps in and sack on the large back of his father, using the body like a comfy chair.

He looked up and saw the hood of the FWM with a grin as wide as the devil.

"So… Dabi…" she spoke, "all I have to ask is… are you satisfied?"

The flame villain remained silent; he was lost of words towards what happened. He clenches his fist, feeling a mixture of anger and confusion…

And sadden.

"You feel it, don't you?" FWM said, remaining on top of the fallen Endeavour. "that feeling when the job is done, you focus so much on the journey that the destination turns out to be a disappointment."

"w… why did do that…" he stuttered, his eyes angered at the young girl, "he wasn't yours to kill."

The response made the girl chuckle a little, confusing Dabi more.

"Oh man… you are similar after all." She spoke.

"What do you…"

"The truth is that you don't want to kill him really, because that would mean you have nothing else to live right?" the girl stood up and walk slowly towards the boy. "a thing about vengeance is that it isn't about killing the main man, it's about burning the world around to ensure that the man suffers, and when there's nothing left but you and him… you take him out… only you get to do it, only you wanted it, no one else, just you and him…"

She stops very close to Dabi, enough for him to attempt to step back, he was afraid of her, but don't want to show it.

"But there's no reward by doing it, isn't there?"

Dabi remained silent, the words she speaks, were relatable in a sense, something he thought of once or twice when he thinks about how he'll get his vengeance. The maybe the reason he wants to keep him alive, to make him suffer before he dies by his hand.

And probably the reason he didn't feel satisfied when she killed the man he spent years wanting to kill. Right in front of him no less.

"Tell you what?" the girl said, making a twirl and walk away from the flame villain. "if you want, I can get more people you want to kill, I can bring your brother here, the one who cares about you, or what about your sister, she would be fun."

"Don't… touch them…." Dabi was angered, causing the girl to stop and turn around.

"Oh… what about your mother? I can bring her right here and we can kill her together! Isn't that what you also want, to murder your family? I'll let you hold the blade this time round."


The FWM put hands on her back with a gleeful smile, looking like a creepy smiling girl, seemingly psychotically innocent.

"But Dabi, isn't that what some reviewers say about you? isn't that who you are? A freak of nature that's wants nothing more but to wipe away the man who abused you, the woman who hurt your brother and the siblings who felt the similar experiences you have to go through?"

"No…" Dabi quickly said, but attempt to recall himself, "but… but…"

"But what?" FWM asked, "because all I see is an evil, heartless boy who wants nothing in the world but to give and enjoys pain, suffering and death to everyone you seek, more so your father or your brother can defeat you and better themselves."

The girl laughs insanely, putting a hand in her hoodie pocket, "that is your reason to exist Dabi, that is your supposed character, your role in the play…"

She pulls a gun from her pocket, making Dabi stake a step back, the girl gave one big grin.


Without his flames, he was defenceless, the feel of being quirkless but him in a state of fear, something he rarely feels.

And everything she said, made him feel so small, he didn't know what she's going to do.

"But I say… FUDGE THAT!"

In an unexpected turn, she points her weapon at the corpse of the body and takes a shot.

At first, the flame villain didn't know why she got a corpse, it was already dead.

But just when he takes a glance at the body, it began to vanish, white sparks appear and fade until the body was gone.

"I just broke a time loop just to give you this short lesson about vengeance…" she said in a serious tone, "you can kill Endeavour whenever or however you want, the bastard deserves it, but keep in mind that you'll get nothing in the end, so when it happens if you managed to do it, have a backup to collect what you have left."

And so, when the body vanishes, the FWM walks towards the exit door.

Dabi… had no words to speak to what happened or what he learned, he learned a lot, much of it went over his head, and it was for one reason.

"You're insane, you know that?" he said, "even more insane than me."

Just when the girl was at the exit, she said one last thing before disappearing, "I've been in the vengeance path long before you did pal, I know how it feels…"


Dabi walks through, finding himself in a different room entirely, he might have been here, it was as though he has been here before, but can't remember.

"Didn't expect you to be here."

Dabi turns quickly, hearing a familiar voice, in the hallway, he sees the former leader of the League of Villains, Tomura Shigaraki.

"Let me guess, little brat took you here to deal with your past?" he asked, which surprised the flame villain.

"I… how… that's a very specific suggestion," Dabi answered, finding it strange how accurate he was.

"That makes three of us" the white hair chuckled before slowly walking past him.


"There's a little girl, one attached to those two annoying heroes." he said, "never knew how familiar we were…"

Dabi recalls based on his words, more likely talking about the white hair little girl. he didn't strike to be someone like Shigaraki, she seemed so… innocent, it's incredibly opposite to the man-child that was his leader.

"So… what did she show you?" he asked, "a father right?"

"And let me guess," Dabi growls, "the same is with you two as well."

Shigaraki turn back and gave a nod.

"Does everyone have a problem with their own farther?"

It was a question that Dabi is starting to see, originally, he hated his own father, but didn't know how much many others has problems with their father as well. Both in their reality and the MCU reality. It's starting to make him feel generic towards his supposed vengeance.

"Just be glad they're dead." Shigaraki turns away.

"But… I don't…" Dabi said, yet again, that made Shigaraki turn back to him.

"I wanted him to die, I spent my life wanting him dead. And when saw him collapse, bleeding through the neck, it was… unsatisfactory…"

He then looked at his scarred arm, all those times he burns himself because of the gift from his father. his body was nothing more but scars, he can't even recognize himself anymore. "now, I thinking about what I have left."

"That being?" Shigaraki asked.

"At least one I can talk to…" Dabi said, thinking back about Shoto, "but I don't know if I'm ready."

"Nobody's ready for anything." Shigaraki interrupted, "there wouldn't be any cheaters if it's predictable."

"That doesn't help." Dabi was crossed from the statement.

The leader villain sighs, "look, I don't care about your past, in fact, I don't care about you at all, but if you don't think you're ready, how about you wait till the right moment, plan ahead."

Once again, Dabi still has a big distrust towards Shigaraki, but the last part made sense.

He just needed time, to wait at the right moment to talk to his brother, it might be during this break, maybe after the film or the next, he needs to think about what he could say and expect answers from him. maybe the next couple of films would show something about brothers and how they deal with each other, either as working together or fighting each other as heroes and villains, maybe it will not show anything about that at all. He still has plenty of time to find a good moment for him to talk to Shoto, in hopes that he can collect and keep hold of what he has left.

"I think I got something," Dabi said, already have an idea in mind.

"That's great," Shigaraki walks away, "if you don't want to see that someone, you always stay here, I can even show you someone that I despise the most."

"What? All Might? The green kid?" Dabi said, following Shigaraki in curiosity.

"No… the one got me in this path…"


Twenty minutes passed and Mirio was a little worried.

He was looking around the cinema, even going around the building, finding a little girl he lost after the film.

"Hey, have you seen Eri?" he asked, interrupting a conversation between Tamaki and Nejire.

"Nope." Tamaki quickly said,

"Nah, I haven't seen her either.

"Actually, I know where she is."

The FWM appeared behind Mirio, causing him and Nejire to jump and Tamaki to quickly walk away from the conversation, already too nervous to speak to his host.

"Oh, FWM," the blonde said, "perhaps you can help."

"Well, I know where she is, she's off having the time of her life training her powers."

"that's well… assuring…" Mirio said, thinking about all the times FWM took Eri to different places, this time, the hooded girl was here, meaning that Eri must be all alone.

"You know… I was thinking about those times you took her to those places, and I was wondering where they are."

"Actually that makes a good point," Nejire joined the conversation, "a few times you took her to these different places, but are you worried that she might get hurt, or worse. Especially when he doesn't have an adult with her."

"Hey!" the FWM was angered by the third-year girl student, "I'm a grown adult."

"You look like a child though," Tamaki spoke at a distance, listening in with their conversation.

"Okay, I'm might look physically twelve, but I'm nearly twenty-two years old."

"So… age doesn't apply to you?" Nejire said, "you're an immortal child?"

"In a sense, yeah." The FWM proudly smile.

"Back to the Eri situation," Mirio keeping the subject, "if you say that, I understand, but I want to know where you're taking her, you know so that I can fully trust you with the places you go to with her."

"Tell you what then?" she attempts to cooperate with the big three, "how about the next time we go somewhere you can tag along, then you can tell everyone that I'm trustworthy when I get back, is that a deal?" the girl then pulls up her hand.

"That sounds great." Mirio smiles, shaking her hand in return. "I would be looking forward to that."

"Trust me, I won't disappoint you." the FWM grin before walking away, "she is very sweet you know," she turns away, "and much happier when I filled her with Love."

"Love?" Tamaki raises a brow.

"Yeah, because she's a very great friend." She starts to walk away, "and I think it's time to pick her up, be back with her in a bit!"

*Mirio is looking for Eri and ask FWM, she tells him that she's at her another place having fun*

*Memory Flashback*

While Aizawa was a bit more concerned, Izuku notices something strange on Eri's white hair, just at the side of her horn.

"Eri?" he asked, catching the girl's attention, "what's that black thing on the side."

"Oh…" Eri jumped, looking at the side, swiping the black goo away. "um…"

"Eri," he came close to the girl, wiping the good from the hair, and looking at this.

This was very suspecting.

"FWM," he shouted, demanding the girl who approaches him in return.

"what is it?" she asked, a little curious towards the loud yet sleepy man.

"Care to explain this." He showed the hooded girl a piece of black goo on one part of his scarf he used to wipe it off Eri's hair.

FWM stared at the scarf, "well… it's clearly not a symbiote."

"Then what is it?" he asked, "and why is it on her?"

"At this point, its effect would be in place, let's hope it works"

"What works?" Midoriya jumps in with the conversation, slightly confused and suspicious towards the girl.

"The essences I put inside her," she gladly answered, "it's required for her transformation."

"You didn't say anything about a transformation," Aizawa said, no longer trusting the hooded girl.

"Not if it works…" FWM laughs, chuckling madly while looking at the 1-A teachers.

"Alright," Aizawa approach the girl, "you need to stop whatever you do…"


A big gasp came from the little girl before screaming came as she watches the grown-up man, struggling for his life with his neck slit.

She quickly looked around and saw people… frozen? None of them was reacting to what happened

It happened again.

She turns back to the man, who was struggling on the floor before looking at the FWM in surprise. The feeling was much less scared since she did kill her papa. But still in shock.

"Alright Eri," FWM wiped her stained blae on her hoodie "want to be a hero?"

"wha… what?" she stutters, confused towards the older girl.

"This how I'm going to help you, want to control your powers?"

"But he'll die!" she shouted, a little scared from this experience.

"He's dead anyway, isn't he?" she asked

Eri couldn't believe what's happening, he looked at the man who's about to die, she can't just stand there, she has to do something.

She quickly rushes towards him and holds onto his hand, she took several breaths and think about activating her quirk.

Her horn grew and her powers start.

She closed her eyes, hoping that she can fix the man's damages. She holds tightly, and tighter, thinking so much of saving the man.

But for a long while, the arm was gone.

Eri opens her eyes and saw that he was gone.

It happened again.

"No…" she was in tears once again, she looked at the girl, "I… I killed him…"

"Don't worry about it Eri." The FWM tries to calm the girl down, who sat on the floor.

"But… he's dead… and it's my fault…"

"Our fault." FWM reassured her, "but he isn't gone forever… just temporally, you can still save him, do you want that?"

"Y… yes…" she answered, wanting to rewrite her wrongs.

This made the hooded girl smile, "good, all you have to do is trust me, and don't talk about what you saw and I will talk about it with you, alone, because I gave you a wondrous gift."

"Just please… don't hurt him…" she kindly asked.

But in another surprise, the FWM strike a blade in Eri's chest, she looked down to see the blood-stained blade, now with much more blood… her blood…

"Don't worry…" FWM takes a breath as Eri left hers, "it will be as though it never happened…"

The next thing she knew, she was standing, and Aizawa, the man who she watched die, standing right in front of him, more alive than ever.

The girl kept her promise. She couldn't believe it.

What happened?

"Eri?" he asked, catching the girl's attention, "what's that black thing on the side."

It was the same words as before, she didn't know how to respond, just happy that he was alive again.

Suddenly, the FWM appeared once more, she wanted to run towards her and ask a million questions, but she was still in shock, still processing what happened.

"It's nothing, probably where we went…" she stuttered, knowing that if she brings up the black goo again, then what happened before might happen again.

The man was a little suspicious towards her answer, but quickly turn as another girl shout out to everyone.

"Okay break starts!" FWM said before disappearing.

The man left and the two boys offered her to sit down with them.

Eri remains still, not wanting people in this place to get hurt.

She has a lot to think about…

*Memory Flashback ends*


The audience was ready, both Dabi and Shigaraki returned from FWM's place and Eri came back from wherever she was.

"Had fun?" Mirio asked.

"Totally!?" she answered with a gleeful smile.

"if you're happy, then I'm for it." Mirio smiled, still pleased to see the little girl enjoying herself in this cinema. And a little excited for when he goes to another place when the time comes. Hoping that it will show what FWM was doing with her.

For now, They lined up along with everyone else as the doors begin to open and people enter in.

The label on the top reads the next film:

'MCU 16 – Spider-Man: Homecoming'

"The Spider Hero is back!" one of the students said, remembering the character in Civil War.

This made the students in the audience excited as he was a hero who's around the same age as them, they can easily relate with him as he seems to become a hero-in-training under the wing of Tony Stark.

Now they get to see what he's up to after his debut as the end credits promise his return.

They all get themselves seated as the FWM appears on stage.

Before we finish off, I wanted to say one last thing to a question

'You got Dabi wrong, he would want to kill his family to hurt Endeavour.'

'Does he hate Endeavour AND his family?'

'Your Dabi is out-of-character!'

'fix Dabi!'

Please note that everything I am going to say is MY opinion and MY deconstruction towards Dabi's character, it might be different to yours, it might even be different to the canons'. But I want to say it right here.

Before I talk about my counter to these questions, let's begin by understanding who Dabi is and what's his purpose and character in MHA.

Dabi is the idea of someone who is like Shoto, who's been through the same thing as Shoto, but let the pressure take on him, resulting in him running away and Putting him in a path of vengeance towards Endeavour.

Endeavour is an awful person, someone who spent his entire life trying to reach number one and surpass All Might, and before his retirement, Endeavour couldn't care less about his family, he had an arranged marriage based on quirks and had a child to be his successor, but each one who didn't meet his expectations, he cast aside and breed another. The challenge is very harsh on the person and Endeavour couldn't care less, all he wants is for his child to surpass him and All Might. That's what Todoroki had to deal with.

And that's also what Dabi has been through.

Living in a family, the only one who can be blamed is the man who cared for nothing and arrange everything to be as bad as it is. Everyone else are victims of his abuse, more so that one of them went insane.

So I have to ask, I understand Dabi hates his father, but why would he hate his family?

They are not abusers like Endeavour, they didn't do anything bad to him, and I would like to think that the mother incident would get him to run away, if not being the reason to run away (and if it's not, then it does take some account on the reason)

Why would he hate his mother or his siblings if they have done nothing wrong?

You might have reason so here's my answer to them

1. Because they didn't do anything or go against Endeavour?

That doesn't mean they are bad or enough to give them a grudge, in fact, his villain path shows that he will be the one to stand up against him. plus the mother incident would mean he wouldn't hate his mother if you are implying that reason since she's the one who did something.

2. Because his mother hurt Shoto and it made him think she is no better than Endeavour?

Then why would he hate Shoto or his siblings?

3. Because his siblings were his successors after him?

Well two of them are already failures to Endeavour like him, you would think he would empathize with them.

4. Because he does with no any other reason and he just hates them?

That's not a good answer and doesn't fit with his vengeance against Endeavour. It would make him another Shigaraki.

And believe me, one Shigaraki is already bad enough.

So far and from what I have seen and what I feel towards the character, he is someone to destroy his father, not his family. There are two reasons for this.

If he doesn't care about not just Endeavor but his family, then he wouldn't go for the trouble to hide as Dabi instead of his real name, if he was a villain and use his family name, it will certainly give a strike towards Endeavor's reputation because it's a hero who has a villain for a son, people would question to Endeavor's skills in rising his family or his family having dark things that would make him hated by the public.

But doing that would also bring down the reputation of the rest of his family. If he hates his family, he can very well use the name to break them.

I don't see him hating his family because he doesn't use the family name, he hides his name to keep it away from his family and only be personal to his father.

Is there another reason to hiding his name?

Again, you might have answers and I will counter

1. Because he wants nothing to do with the Todoroki family?

Then he would be an idiot and waste a good opportunity to destroy their reputation, and again, that would make him a bad character for being an idiot. It's not like Tomura Shigaraki who was raised by All For One to hate his original family.

2. Because he would put a paint a target on his back to villains because he is related to the number 2 hero?

A) he would give his reason and say he is against him and the villains would understand.

And B) if they don't, he can easily burn them if they attack him and no one would know.

3. Because the family can easily say that they purposely disown him?

That would make the Todorokis seem like the bad guys and further give my points to why I see problems in hero society.

4. Because he wants to just change his name?

Again, wasted an opportunity that would achieve his goal better.

To me, Dabi is a name he gave himself to keep his true identity to the world, and additionally to ensure that it's not about the Todorokis, that's it's just him and Endeavor.

Another thing would be the fact that Dabi would know where his siblings live, he would have years spying on them and he can use his time to track down the place where his mother staying, he could easily walk straight up to them and burn them at ANY given moment, even WAY before he joined the League.

Killing his family will go towards his hatred of them and make Endeavour suffer, even if he didn't care, it again, brings down his reputation as it makes him heartless towards his family.

So I have to ask, what's stopping him from doing that?

The fact he hasn't done it or attempt to do it since he ran away, would bring major questions as to why he didn't do it sooner?

My answer is that he isn't targeting them.

And to an extent, he still has feelings towards his family and keeps them safe as much as possible, because if he truly hates them, the first thing he would have done is go towards one of them when Endeavor isn't present and engulf them in flames.

So no, I don't see Dabi hating his family and he would least likely kill them.

I can still see him attacking Shoto, either because he is Endeavour successor or he might be confused that Shoto is becoming like his father. but he wouldn't go far as to kill him, the same goes with his mother or his siblings because that's all he has.

A key point about vengeance is losing so much of yourself, that when you get to a certain point, it drives you to have nothing when everything is over.

If he kills his family, he will have nothing. if he gets his vengeance, what does he do next?

He has no purpose beyond Endeavor and he would have no reason to live afterwards, and to me, his family would give him more purpose and encouragement to his vengeance in the first place.

It's not just that having a purpose, but also a potential to make Endeavor change.

I am aware that in the manga, Endeavor is having a redemption arc, and it's beginning to happen in the Anime, but how I see him being redeemed is for him to face the past, that coming from Dabi who is lost and angry at him. he is someone who needs his help more than ever, even if he doesn't want it.

To me, if he wants to be redeemed, he needs to stop fighting and see what he did to his son, not take him down, not kill him, but to get him away from his dark path and stop his vengeance without using him as a stepping stone or cast him aside, because if he does, he will still be no better than what he was.

If Dabi is beyond saving, then Endeavor will NEVER be fully redeemed to my eyes.

Now with everything I say, there will be one thing that any of you guys would most likely tell me.

You can also say that everything that I said is not who Dabi is.

You can say that Dabi is a cold-hearted villain that cares about nothing.

You can say that he hates his mother.

You can say that he hates his brothers.

You can say that he hates his sister.

You can say that he will be willing to kill them the second he sees them.

And all of this, you can say that it's because it's what it said in the canon. That everything that is in the canon is in his character.

And all I have to ask you is this one question:

Do you like his character?

I did before the reveal.

I don't now.

I don't like him that way and it's nothing that I have thought about his character the second I knew he was a Todoroki. I had once thought of an idea of who he could be and to what reason based on what I saw from both the past of both Endeavor and Shoto.

And from that, I created my own idea of who Dabi might be.

The Dabi in this fanfiction is that idea, how I see Dabi, everything I was hoping for who he could be.

If this was before his big reveal, you could of agree with me, if we were in the theorizing predictions around the time of Season 4, this could have been his true character.

And since fanfictions can work like multiverses, everyone is free to share how they see the characters we watch, that's what makes these stories very interesting.

Does it make him out of character? Of course, because clearly the writer of MHA and me are different and have different ideas as to what the character should be.

And I have to ask, putting comparison's aside, think of the two as separate people, I have to ask.

Who is the better character?

The canon or mine?

You might prefer the canon, you might see Dabi hating his family and wanting to kill them as good characterization or what he's supposed to be.

But I am different and don't see it that way.

And with the changes I made for this fanfiction, Dabi is completely different from his canon counterpart, out-of-character even, but it's not out-of-character for me.

When in the anime it's revealed who he is, and he makes those statements, then I will not see Dabi as the character Dabi I knew anymore, but just some generic villain who has potential but wasted enough, that making him not a Todoroki wouldn't change the slightest of the character I now despise.

In conclusion, I see Dabi as someone who's on a vengeance path only against Endeavour, and there wouldn't be a reason for him to hate the rest of his family. And if this makes him out-of-character, then so be it, because this Dabi is much better character-wise than the canon version.

And if you don't like my version for any reason aside from him being out-of-character, that's fine.

That is all I have to say on the subject of Dabi.

See you in the next chapter guys…