1. What If…? Is canon, you have to include it

I know they're canon, of course, they're canon.

But you have to realize that they are separate timelines.

These What Ifs are happening in a different timeline and away from the main MCU that all the films and series are focusing on.

Unless they cross with the main MCU or if any of the characters from the main MCU and from the separate timeline make an appearance in the main MCU timeline…

Only then I'll include them.

Till then, I'll treat What If…? As I treat the X-Men cinematic universe, the Sam Rami universe, the Venom universe, as their own thing, they are in the same multiverse but not the same universe, and this fanfiction is about MHA watching the Marvel Cinematic UNIVERSE, not the MULTIVERSE.

But if you guys want it so bad, perhaps I'll add them on the list of Non-MCU after Phase 3, consider it the ONLY series I'll be adding on that series, so don't ask for The Boys or Invincible, I'm not doing them.

Also, I am planning to a One-shot to celebrate the premieres of What If…? and it will be MHA related so expect a new fanfiction on August 11th, (if I managed to write it all in time.)

Till then, here's a bit of a teaser towards this fanfiction and a clue towards its scenario:

'Himiko Toga wasn't born evil, her quirk made her that way.

Could anyone else do any better?'

Okay, time to resume this story once again.

This chapter isn't going to have a lot, but expect the next chapter to certainly have the juiciest details, reveals and reactions, I promise you that based on what happens next in the film.

00:38:26 - 00:38:42

After Spider-Man's talk, he notices something on the ground.

"The piece of tech that was thrown off from the van," Midoriya pointed out,

"It could be a clue to figure out where they operate," Todoroki suggested.

"And the start of his investigation." The green hair student said.

00:38:42 - 00:39:02

"A little too late now to show up now," Mina said, a little saddened that Parker couldn't prove to Liz nor Flash that he's friends with Spider-Man.

She doesn't like bullies and growl when Flash kept saying 'Penis Parker'.

Meanwhile for the teachers, while he didn't get popular points this time around, they were glad that Parker chose to pursue with the villains rather than doing something worthless, even though his pursuit was a failure.

00:39:02 - 00:39:17

"Certainly, something to look into," Midoirya said.

00:39:17 - 00:39:32

The next scene then shows the Vulture's workshop, where one of the weapon manufacturers used a cube on a fridge to pull out a drink.

"That is so cool!" Hatsume said, ignoring that it was a device that the villain use, "just imagine, you just throw something and it's easy entry towards even the thickest of walls."

"it also has a lot of potential risks and dangers." Her teacher pointed out, "while it would be convenient to get through a fridge without opening the doors, it could also be used for other things, like going through walls of bank vaults or high-security walls at U.A. a villain with that can go through the toughest of barriers and enter restricted areas."

00:39:32 - 00:39:35

"And had the Vulture arrived a couple of seconds later, he would have lost his hand," Power Loader said just when the cubes came off and the go through wall closes "as much as we want great to teach, Hatsume, you have to also think of the drawbacks and consequences if used by the wrong hands, remember this when you make your gear or inventions."

Hatsume didn't listen because she was more focused on more inspiration for this scene.

00:39:35 - 00:39:51

"He seems mad," Denki said.

"Well his members did screw up by catching the attention of Spider-Man and caused damage to their van, so it wasn't a good result" Dabi pointed out.

00:39:51 - 00:40:02

"Yeah, shouldn't leave things on the counter if you don't want people to look at it," Toga called out.

00:40:02 - 00:40:46

"at least these guys are trying to be secret towards their operation," Kurogiri said, "which explains why they haven't been noticed over the years."

00:40:46 - 00:41:10

The audience watches their conversation and notices how it's being dealt with. With the Vulture being the grown leader that notices the problems of one of their members while the said member is acting like a child, ignoring and not caring for a thing.

To the villains, they have seen such behaviour a couple of times and in their group, mostly with Kurogiri trying to calm down Shigaraki.

But for this instance and the teachers as well, they could tell something bad is going to happen.

00:41:10 - 00:41:22

"Good…" Shigaraki said, "hate this guy already…"

"You hate everyone Shiggy." Toga pointed out, causing the villain leader to groan in anger.

"It makes sense if their villain group has someone who seems unresponsible and reckless, especially when they're trying to keep under the radar." Nezu said, "but that being said, it does bring one problem…"

00:41:22 - 00:41:36

Hearing the threat, the villains were a little surprised but a little concerned based on how threats work.

"That is a bad move, my friend…" Compress said, having a feeling

Shigaraki meanwhile having a feeling that something good is going to happen, watched closely hoping for it to happen.

00:41:36 - 00:41:53

And it did.

The rest of the audience jump and shriek in fear, seeing Vulture used a weapon on the table against

The result was horrifying.

"He… he disintegrated him!" Asui said, a little startled towards the body forming into ashes.

The ones who knew, a few heads turn to Shigaraki, who's known for having a similar quirk to that weapon, one-touch with all five fingertips and whatever he touches would do the same result.

And he was pleased with what Vulture has done.

"Finally." He gave a wicked smile.

Meanwhile, for Uraraka, she was certainly shocked the most and didn't like the man at all, seeing him as someone who came from familiar places but didn't like what he has done, going too far that she no longer feel pity for this man that she felt at the start of the film.

To most after this scene, the Vulture was seen as nothing more than a money-grabbing murderer, no different than the industrial villains who tried to steal power for nothing more but profits.

This was the villain of the film. A money-hungry Vulture. Who makes deadly weapons and does not care how much harm they will do to the world.

00:41:53 - 00:42:03

"What?" Shigaraki ceased his smile, "you killed a man accidentally?"

"he was going to kill him either way," Kurogiri corrected, "he was thinking more of using an anti-gravity gun may be to throw him away or have him float into space."

"Though that gun is much better, NO BODY TO DISPOSE OF!" Twice mentioned.

Hearing 'anti-gravity gun', while Uraraka didn't see Toomes as a good person anymore, she was surprised that he wanted to use anti-gravity to deal with the deserter and not the disintegrating weapon.

It showed a mistake he made that showed flaws in a person, but still doesn't count for him wanting to kill the person anyway.

In the end, she felt a little conflicted. But still, lean towards not liking the guy for now…

00:42:03 - 00:42:24

"Congratulations Aizawa" Present Mic said to the 1-A teacher, "managed to promote into the Shocker."

"Even if he sounds like me, he is nothing like me at all," Aizawa said, still not liking the fact that he can hear his voice to one of the members of a villain's group.

"Hey, at least they're using what was left from the ashes…" Present Mic said, causing the teachers to stare at the music teacher in question. "Okay, that sounds a little bad."

"Well don't worry too much Aizawa." All Might try to help the 1-A teacher, "at least you're not being called 'Thor Might' when the god of thunder shows up."

Meanwhile for the students, after the horrific scene that gave many scared and some flashbacks to when they confronted Shigaraki, seeing the Aizawa sounding villain getting the shock gauntlets made them wonder if he'll be a side villain that Spider-Man has to deal with before going after Vulture.

It's still interesting and a little exciting only because of the voice.

But overall, it shows how bad Vulture has become but gave a little insight into how his group operate.

00:42:24 - 00:42:34

"Sorry, but he's too busy with something more important!" Iida yelled, a little anger by Ned thinking about himself than his friend.

In this scene, the audience was a little surprised that Parker decided to use his workshop class to examine and figure out the glowing item from the villains.

"First chemistry, now workshop." One of the teachers said, "it's like he's using his own school as his personal hero agency."

00:42:34 - 00:42:49

"be more concern about your friend than a deadly weapon being cool," Iida yelled once again.

00:42:49 - 00:43:08

"It is…" Mei said with a smile. Causing the students to look at her with confusion.

"What? alien tech with human tech, I wouldn't mind building an interspecies baby."

"It's like she treats her inventions as actual babies" the people who know Hatsume too well thought at the same time.

00:43:08 - 00:43:20

"Good thing the teacher is lazy." Twice said when Parker smashes the glowing object off the device without getting caught.

Power Loader meanwhile sighs towards the teacher's behaviour, hoping that other American high school workshop teachers don't do the same thing as this one.

00:43:20 - 00:43:32

"Amazing high five sequences." Mina smiled, "really shows they're really good friends."

00:43:32 - 00:43:44

In the next scene with the two walking down the hallway, the audience were caught by surprise when two of the criminals appear.

This also surprises the entire audience.

"How in the heck did they get in here?" Mineta asked.

"Yeah…" Asui agreed, "schools are only accessed to students, teaching staff or guests, ribbit, and I doubt they wouldn't allow them to enter the school if there wasn't a real reason to."

"Either way, it means Parker is in trouble, and he's not wearing the costume." the purple student pointed out, getting the audience a little worried about what might happen.

00:43:44 - 00:44:04

"No, you should inform an adult teacher immediately!" Iida instructed Parker.

"Not a great idea," Nezu pointed out, "while I don't agree with Parker presuming dangerous villains when Stark told him not to, he can't tell others about them, it would more likely blow his cover."

"I see," the student in glasses said, thinking about Peter's next move, he looks at the screen, seeing what he'll do to deal with the two guys.

00:44:04 - 00:44:35

There wasn't much to say in the following scene towards Parker's stealth with Shocker and the other criminal, just suspense towards the scene and hoping that Peter won't get caught.

00:44:35 - 00:45:01

Gasps occur when the Shocker turn around, with relieves when Parker was gone.

The violins played in the background, still shaking up fear towards the stealth. Till it died down and revealed where Parker was when the two guys left.

"Thank goodness." one of the students take a breath, "and also a good place to hide and so quickly.

00:45:01 - 00:45:05

"Did he shoot a spider?" Jiro questions.

"Maybe it's something else." Hatsume said, "and since Parker is trying to figure out who these guys are, I can tell what it is right away."

00:45:05 - 00:45:17

But the film told the audience right away when the next scene shows Ned looking at a hologram, revealing the spider to be a tracking device.

"they're still where the criminals are going." Power Loader said, "therefore, more likely finding out where they operate."

"And all on an incy wincy spider" Hatsume smiled, filling more of inspiration towards this film and Parker's support gear.

00:45:05 - 00:45:46

"Maryland," All Might said, "if I got my US geography right, that's a couple of states away from New York."

"At least they know where they are," Midoriya said.

00:45:46 - 00:45:54

"Yeah, their place would be considered a lair," Kurogiri said.

00:45:54 - 00:45:57

"That's what I want to know," Midoriya said, "it's certainly away from where Parker does his hero activities."

"If he's going to go after them, I can see one way he could get there." Mirio considered an idea. "Do you also know what city is close to Maryland?"

00:45:57 - 00:46:02

"Oh right, the nationals!" Midoriya said, looking back on his notes and remember the quiz nationals that was mentioned during the school scene, "Parker could use the nationals to get to Washington D.C then dress as Spider-Man to get to Maryland."

00:46:02 - 00:46:18

"That was easy…" All Might said, a little concern for Flash saying Peter can't come back while their teacher welcomes him back with open arms. "Now he has a ride to Washington."

00:46:18 - 00:46:26

"And… same goes with… her…" All Might said, "don't want to sound rude but what was her name?"

"I don't think it was mentioned," Aizawa said.

"Protesting is patriotic." Monoma scoffs at what the teacher said, "very American."

00:46:26 - 00:46:44

"At least he's capable of entering the contest even if he not planning to compete," Momo said, impressed by his intelligence even if he focused his studies over to his Hero work.

"Who knows, maybe he might have some spare time." One of the students suggested.

00:46:44 - 00:46:59

"Good thing he also used the school trip." Midoirya said, "it would be an excuse to keep Happy off his back."

00:46:59 - 00:47:02

"I guess it is," Nezu said, "though it's a way for Stark to look out for him and watch over him when he's away, it also helped when Parker was in great danger."

"Which begs to why we don't have trackers," Denki suggested.

"Because, as Parker said, it's an invasion of privacy," Tsuyu said

"Correct Asui," the principal said, "I'm very aware that some of you don't want to be looked over all the time and want some private space, which is one of the reasons to set up dorms for the school. Both giving you your own space while staying close and safe here under school grounds."

00:47:02 - 00:47:16

"That might be a problem." Todoroki said, "if he goes to Maryland and nowhere near Washington, he will certainly be caught by Happy or Stark.

This left most of the audience wondering how Parker could work around the tracker that's in his suit. As it sounds very difficult.

00:47:16 - 00:47:46

After settling in at the hotel, the scene makes a quick change to Parker and Ned using a laptop towards the Spider-Man suit.

"What is he doing with the suit?" one of the students asked, "and is the suit… electrical?"

"I can't believe it…" Power Loader said in surprise, "I have seen designs in hero costumes having tech for support, but I think… there are components in the suit itself."

"It's like a fabric motherboard!" Hatsume shouted in delight, "that explains how he managed to put all those support stuff all on a skin-tight outfit!" with the red and blue being only a cover to keep hold of all the juicy bits."

"and whatever they're doing, it seems they're hacking the suit," Midoriya said while noting down interesting stuff towards Parker's suit being more advance than any hero outfit, most of them being cloth, armour plates or the user's hair. Some advanced suits had several installed support gears, but none of them could compare to the advancements that Parker has.

This is why both Power loader and Hatsume were incredibly excited to see what was inside the suit.

00:47:46 - 00:48:04

"Sound like a problem child," Aizawa said, turning to see the ones who often disobey orders, seeing Parker being the ones who would join them.

The ones who disobey orders meanwhile were a little concerned for Parker, fearing for his long run when Stark or Happy managed to catch him in the act.

00:48:04 - 00:48:15

"That's an incredibly reckless move." One of the teachers said, "avoiding the invasion of privacy, sure, but the tracker being there is for a reason."

"At least Happy can watch over a lamp." Twice said. "because I would do the same!"

00:48:15 - 00:48:28

"Wait a minute…" Hatsume shouted, "are you telling me that there's more to that Baby than we realized?!"

"It seems so," Nezu said, "and they're all blocked by the 'Training wheels protocol',"

"A very Tony Stark move." Present Mic said.

"Must be so Parker can slowly adapt to his costume." Power Loader pointed out, "and to see if there are equipment that he wants or doesn't want. The same reason why students don't start with several support gear but start with nothing, learn from their quirks and see what they need to control their quirk or make them stronger."

The students meanwhile think about what the support teacher said and agree to his words, remembering what they started when they wore their costumes and how they changed during their time, and they suspect that they'll keep getting new upgrades and gear during their time at U.A and when they become Pro Heroes. to say something similar, they currently starting to get out of their training wheels.

Even the teachers knew how much they changed since their humble origins when they were the students' age.

00:48:28 - 00:48:43

"That doesn't mean you can be treated as an adult," Iida instructed, which the heroes and the grown-ups agreeing with him.

"Just because you can stop a bus with your bare hands does not mean you're ready to be a hero." One of the teachers said, "remember, with great power comes great responsibility."

Hearing this from the teacher, the students thought about what the term means and how Parker isn't following those words, he has great power but he hasn't shown any responsibility towards his power, as he wants to have subsystems that he hasn't gotten a glimpse on or know how to use them. It would be like a hero who doesn't know how to control their quirk, it could only lead to disaster.

Midoriya, while seeing Parker wanting to prove to Stark that he is ready and understand it well, he too knew that Parker isn't ready for those subsystems. he looked at his hand and recall every time he went beyond his limit and broken his arms.

As much as he wanted to see Parker proving he can be a hero, he also wanted Parker to understand his limits.

00:48:43 - 00:48:58

The hero side was a little worried, they agree with Ned instincts and did not want Parker to have these subsystems.

But when Parker brought up 'the guy in the chair', they were a little worried about what he would do.

"Please don't do it…" Midoriya muttered.

00:48:58 - 00:49:04

"And he did it…" Izuku sighs, having a bad feeling that Parker would later have troubles with his suit because due to malfunctions due to a lack of training.

But on the bright side, it would mean he can note down the functions on the suit that wasn't seen before.

00:49:04 - 00:49:32

After Peter left his room, he got a surprising encounter with Liz who offered him to go swimming along with the rest of the students.

"Talk about bad timing…" Mina said, who wanted Parker to talk to Liz more and take the offer but know that Parker has to decline since he has a job to do. "Why does hero stuff get away with romance!?"

"Because hero stuff is more important and a dedicated job," Jiro answered.

00:49:32 - 00:50:12

"Sounds like a nice activity," one of the students said, "you think Parker will take that offer?"

"It's hard to say…" Mina said, "my heart said yes, but my mind is saying no, it's so conflicted!"

This was also what the students were feeling, with the majority thinking that Parker should forget about the criminals since he's not supposed to and this offer being a good opportunity to spend time and be with his crush.

But they also knew that Parker isn't going to take that offer since he came so far.

Only the next scene will reveal his choice.

00:50:12 - 00:50:35

And so the choice was made, Parker choosing his original plan than to go swimming with Liz.

Most knew this would happen, while some wanted the other choice as it was the best choice for him.

"All well…" Midoriya said, "at least we can see…"

00:50:35 - 00:50:39

His voice was silent when he heard a voice.

"What was that?" he said, caught off guard.

"Her first words…" the voice of a support student said, feeling tears of joy and she heard the voice and the suit lightening up.

00:50:39 - 00:50:46

"The suit… it's talking!" Uraraka said.

"Must be one of the subsystems that were deactivated," Power Loader said, "including an AI assistant."

"So, Parker has his own Jarvis?" Hatsume said, "that is so amazing!"

"Guess it make sense since Stark often has AI, assistants, with him, like the late Jarvis and the current Friday," Midoriya said, already noting down the first discovered system for the Spider suit.

"At least it's an improvement and shows that Stark would allow Parker to have these systems when he's ready…"

00:50:46 - 00:51:03

"Hopefully." Momo said. "don't want to let your team down."

And so, Parker's pursuit with the Vulture criminals begins.

00:51:03 - 00:51:18

"he just arrived and already he knew how many are there." The masked student said, very impressed by the AI that can quickly do what his multi-eyes and ears could also do and in a short amount of time.

"That's the benefit of Jarvis AIs," Hatsume said.

00:51:18 - 00:51:39

"Very cool," Hatsume said, as she and the rest of the students found the audio and visual enhancing very amazing, even the pro heroes were impressed by the tech.

"Man… if heroes in our reality had to same tech and usage as this reality, we would be incredibly screwed." Toga said.

"And I thought staying hidden was hard enough." another villain commented.

00:51:39 - 00:51:45

"But mind that the messes were there because of another villain trying to do bad stuff." Todoroki, "without the heroes, you wouldn't even be alive to clean the mess."

"Exploiting the collateral and keeping all the gold," Tokoyami said.

00:51:45 - 00:52:04

The audience were alarmed when they heard another subsystem that made them a little worried yet relived that Parker quickly deactivated.

"Instant… kill…" All Might said. "Like, he shoots a web and they die?"

"Sounds like it…" Present Mic said before taking a breath and letting it out.

There was a second of silence before the eruption of complaints.

"HOW IN THE WORLD IS THAT A SUBSYSTEM!? WHY WOULD YOU WANT THAT!" many students, few teachers and a couple of villains shouted in question.

"Sounds like an optional function." Aizawa said, causing everyone to look at him, "it is a very unjustly function and I don't like that Stark putting it there in the first place, but I can see the reason behind it."

"Me too." Nezu said, "keep in mind that these subsystems are only for when Parker advanced enough in his training to be a proper member of the Avengers, so when he goes into a mission that is similar to the New York attack or Sokovia, he can use the instant kill function to eliminate threats such as androids, aliens or higher-level threats."

"Personally, I wouldn't even want that on him at all." All Might commented. Still surprised.

"And more likely Parker would permanently deactivate had he gone through the proper training and given the option." The 1-A teacher said, "I honestly don't see Parker as a killer and I don't think he would take a life."

Once again, many were relieved that Parker quickly turned it off. As most of them know a hero shouldn't take a life unless it's necessary.

00:52:04 - 00:52:08

With the spider hero jumping into action, many were a little shocked when he landed on his face.

"What just happened?" Kirishima said, a little worried.

00:52:08 - 00:52:28

"I'm sorry What!" Denki shouted, "he has over five hundred ways to shoot his webs!?"

"And he only knows how to properly use one," Jiro said.

"This is what Ned tried to warn you," Iida said.

Meanwhile, for Midoriya, surprised by the large number, he put it down on his notes, already trying to think just how many combinations can a web shooter can have and if he can reach five-hundred and seventy-six. Which is an incredibly large number, more than ten times more than the number of Smash moves All Might can do.

00:52:28 - 00:52:35

"Dampers…" Midoriya said, hearing how the Shocker gauntlet having dampers and if he doesn't turn them on, he would more likely shatter his arm. Seeing the device, he can tell that it works similarly to a strong punch and could compare it with his One for All punches.

It suddenly made him think about having a support gear that he could use to reduce the strains from his arms with every punch he makes, there was the gauntlet that he once used made by Melissa Shield that he unfortunately broke.

Maybe when he gets back, he could get in contact with her and talk about getting another one, All Might has a way to contact her, and until then or when she gets back to him, maybe he asks Hatsume about making gloves for him that would work similarly with the gauntlet. Perhaps if possible, she can work on them while they're in this place.

00:52:35 - 00:52:57

"I can see so many problems with this," Aizawa said, having a bad feeling that Parker is going to fail this pursuit.

After writing rapid-fire and taser webs, Midoriya was ready to see more abilities that Spider-Man can do, as well as how the Vulture criminals deal with heists.

00:52:57 - 00:53:41

"And there's the Vulture…" one of the teachers said as the following scene shows the flying villain approaching and putting anchors on the truck before opening a hole with the cube that was used earlier and dropping down.

"As much as this is bad, they are very effective." One of the teachers' comments, "even checking for alerts."

"These villains are very organized and know what they're doing," Kurogiri said.

00:53:41 - 00:54:12

"Taking away the bad is the good first step to keep the villain from fleeing." Aizawa comments as the rest of the audience get ready to see the two fights.

00:54:12 - 00:54:23

"And out of the five hundred combinations, you chose the most ineffective function!" one of the students complain as the fight ensued.

"This is what happens when you let an AI choose," Aizawa said, "and why you should know everything about your abilities and moves."

00:54:23 - 00:54:38

And just when they thought they'll see a fight, it quickly ended when Parker enters the hole of the tuck and knocked himself out when the cube was removed.

"Aww." One of the students were disappointed, "and just when it was getting good…"

"At least he stopped Vulture from stealing anything from the truck." Midoriya pointed out a good result, "but now Parker has to deal with a bigger problem…"

00:54:38 - 00:55:01

"Looks like he's up," Sero pointed out.

"Where is he?" Uraraka asked, curious about where the trucks were going.

"Probably the worst place for him to be at," Nezu said.

00:55:01 - 00:55:06

"I wouldn't bet on it," Aizawa said, thinking about how secretive Vulture is trying to be, "they were getting the stuff without getting caught, if they were intending to steal the entire truck, then he wouldn't go to the back or carry bag to collect the stuff inside."

"Also, more chance of an investigation towards the missing truck," Vlad pointed out.

00:55:06 - 00:55:29

With the reveal, the audience was surprised by how large the place was and the description that the AI gave to him.

"He's screwed up so bad…" Present Mic commented.

"For high tech and dangerous materials, it makes sense to have a storage facility with tight security." Power Loader said.

"And the spider managed to get in without getting caught," Shigaraki said, "and he wasn't conscious during the trip!"

This caused a few snickers from the audience to how Parker accidentally ended up in the highest security facility in the eastern seaboard of the United States.

"How is he going to get out of there…" one of the students said, as many were curious about Parker's situation

00:55:01 - 00:55:36

"Hopefully," Mirio said, "if they're putting in more stuff in here, then it would be a chance for Parker to escape."

00:55:36 - 00:55:54

As the wait starts, the audience watched the following scenes. Starting with Parker giving the AI a name.

"Karen is a pretty cute name," Hatsume smiled towards the suit baby, "so we have Jarvis, Friday and Karen."

"Don't forget Ultron," Shinso added.

"I would rather forget him thank you very much." The support student frown "He's a bad baby,"

00:55:54 - 00:56:13

After giving Karen a name, the next scene shows Parker testing his suit systems, giving Midoriya some notes to write, from ricochet to web grenades. All before showing that the suit has webs that form as a wingsuit.

The green student begins to mutter, "all of those web combinations are very useful, the ricochet is good for attacks in different and hard angles, while the splitter doesn't seem good for the direct range, it does work for shooting two targets at once or for launching or for keeping hold of structures that has two pillars, as for the web grenades, they are very effective for capturing a single villain or maybe even a group of them with less risk of destructive collateral. And since it's sticky, then they wouldn't be able to escape in comparison with a regular rope net…."

Midoriya continues to write down towards Spider-Man's abilities. The students near him decided to let him be, already used to his muttering.

00:56:13 - 00:56:46

The next scene shows a nice conversation with Parker and Karen, as he talks about the idea of telling his crush that he's Spider-Man but afraid that she would be disappointed.

Hearing Karen's response, gave those who were invested with Peter's love life a very touching moment when the AI told him that Liz wouldn't be disappointed at all.

"She did say that she doesn't care what he looks like, only love him for who he is," Mina said, a little surprised when an AI was giving love advice. "Really wish AIs can do that"

"Maybe one day they will my pink friend!" Hatsume said, who also love this scene and the interaction with Karen.

00:56:46 - 00:56:52

"Being stuck in one place and doing everything you can do, only to realise little time has passed," Tokoyami said.

00:56:52 - 00:57:14

In search to find something that could help him get out and finding something similar to what they had. the audience was shocked when it turns out the glowing source was an explosive energy core.

"What!?" most of the students shouted, "that thing is a bomb!"

00:57:14 - 00:57:20

"Radiation could blow up that thing, and I would guess the results would be devastating," Kurogiri said, "which explains why the government would keep it in a safe facility, it could cause disaster if it's used in public."

"Let's hope Ned didn't put that thing in a microwave or something…" a teacher said, now a concern for Ned's safety and people around him if he was carrying the item.

"Now Parker really need to get out of there and warn his friend." All Might said.

00:57:20 - 00:57:38

"At least he's going to try and get out of there." Midoriya said, "hopefully they wouldn't detect him trying to hack with the lock."

"and hope he gets out before it's too late," Todoroki added before the scene changes.

00:57:38 - 00:58:01

"It took him two-hundred and forty-seven tries, but he managed to get it done." Power Loader said, "such commitment in a desperate situation."

"Now time to get back to Washington and warn his friend," Cenmentoss said.

00:58:01 - 00:58:48

The following scene wasn't much to talk about except for a happy celebration that Peter's school team managed to win the contest with the strange girl being the one to take the winning answer.

While it was a good thing for the team, it doesn't cover the worries for the bomb that could explode if interacted with radiation.

00:58:48 - 00:59:04

"Is that true?" Denki asked, hoping for the smart people to answer, "I know there was slavery in the US centuries ago."

"There have been several sources indicating that it was," Momo said as little she knows about American history, it was something she knows from reading books and websites.

"Even the security considered it as possible," one of the students commented on the guard's response when the teacher wasn't sure.

"Great monuments and structures that will last for years to come, built by the unfortunate ones," Tokoyami said.

00:59:04 - 00:59:25

"Are you kidding me!" Kirishima shouted when Peter tried to warn Ned but didn't listen enough that Liz took the phone.

"Peter isn't having a good time trying to warn them…" All Might sighs.

00:59:25 - 00:59:45

"That is bad…" Hatsume said eyes open, "X-rays has radiation… that thing is going to explode!"

"come on Spider-Man…" Midoriya tapped his feet along with several others, getting even more worried for Parker's friend. Fearing that he won't arrive in time before it detonates

00:59:45 - 00:59:54

"Up high on a tree," Sero said, "nobody can steal his bag when it's up there!"

00:59:54 - 01:00:12

Many were scared when the core detonated, causing cracks on the top of the Washington Monument

"Not the American monument! One of its great treasures, slave-built treasure!" Twice said.

"Wait, so no explosion?" Bakugo said, a little confused, "doesn't bomb usually explode like they're meant to."

"Maybe in a different way," Jiro said, "his friends are certainly in danger."

01:00:12 - 01:00:21

"So in other words, Spider-Man has to get them out of the elevator before it collapses" All Might said. "He has to figure out a way to enter the monument and get up there."

This now caught the attention of the heroes, seeing this as a major rescue operation with little time to have. in a historical building no less.

"Time to be a hero, Spider-Man," Midoriya said, watching the screen without looking at his notes, not wanting to miss a second to how Spider-Man can save his friends.

01:00:21 - 01:00:55

"Thanks for letting us know of their danger lady!" Mineta shouted. As many students don't like hearing bad things about a situation especially when one says that they're safe while the most honest gave out the brutal truth.

01:00:55 - 01:01:16

"Unexpected troubles and just making things worse…" Midoriya said, a little shaken by the situation.

01:01:16 - 01:01:37

The following scene shows another subsystem, his spider symbol detaching from the suit and becomes a little spider drone.

"That is so adorable!" Hatsume said, pleased towards seeing so much tech from Spider-Man's suit.

"At this point, Parker is like a little Iron Man," Asui said, "except that Parker has a Spider Quirk, ribbit."

"And hence why support gear is always amazing!" Hatsume shouted at the frog girl.

01:01:37 - 01:02:06

"Really scary to be that high," Uraraka said, even she was feeling a little shaken towards the height.

"that's about over five hundred feet," Momo said.

Most were a little shaken towards the height but some weren't due to their own experience of being in high places.

Midoriya could remember being incredibly afraid of falling during the entrance exam, but later learn to be okay with it and deal with great heights.

"I know what you mean Peter," Midoriya muttered.

01:02:06 - 01:02:14

"Again, can you please stop making us worried, computer lady!" Mineta said before getting his head bashed by the support girl.

"She's being informative! You little runt!" Hatsume complained.

01:02:14 - 01:02:37

"Break the glass to get inside and save your friends…" one of the students said, watching Spider-Man trying to break the hard glass with his web and feet.

01:02:37 - 01:02:48

But problems come in when helicopters came in, making the audience more worried for the Spider Hero.

"Why are the police trying to stop him!" Uraraka complained, "don't they see he's trying to rescue the people in trouble."

"They're unaware of that." Aizawa said, "for all they know, they see someone trying to reach the top of the monument. Quirk or not, it's illegal to climb up private towers and historical monuments."

"Also, Spider-Man being in the level of a vigilante" Nezu said, "meaning the police isn't going to let him go free and try to stop him."

As much as the heroes and the few caring villains hate what they're seeing and hearing, it does make sense, they only hope that Parker could overcome these problems and save his friends before the elevator drops.

01:02:48 - 01:02:57

"Yeah, forget the trophy!" one of the students shouted, angry at Flash.

Another gasp of fear when the elevator was getting looser.

A very close call for what might happen.

01:02:57 - 01:03:13

"They can't shoot him? can he?" one of the 1-B students asked

"They're Americans, shooting things is literally one of their solutions to everything," Monoma said, making his foreign classmate a little upset.

"Stereotypes aside," Kendo interrupted, "Parker isn't complying, so necessary force would be needed,"

"Unfortunately…" Nezu said, seeing the Spider climbing up, giving a feeling that Parker has an idea to avoid the helicopter and break the glass.

01:03:13 - 01:03:24

"Please die…" Shigaraki said, "I've been waiting for a hero to die and there hasn't been one…"

"What about Quicksilver?" Dabi pointed out.

"He started as a villain, that doesn't count."

With the scene making the situation even more troubling, everyone watched closely, hoping that Spider-Man can survive this and see how he's going to solve his problem when he's at the top of the monument.

01:03:24 - 01:03:47

With the scene as follow, the first relief was when Spider-Man used the wingsuit to go over the helicopter blades then use the lower tail of the helicopter to swing into the building and breaking the glass.

"YES!" many cheered, just when the elevator fell and Parker webbed it just in time.

Everyone gave a huge sigh of relief afterwards.

"You just barely managed to do that!" Uraraka smiled, "you managed to save your friend…"

01:03:47 -01:03:57

Her smile suddenly dropped when the elevator doors broke and Spiderman fall through, and the elevator continued to fell downwards.

"You had to jinx it…" Toga said to the shocked and worried gravity girl.

The relief was gone and fear returned.

01:03:57 - 01:04:05

Then the relief came back when Parker managed to web the ceiling and used his body to stop the fall.

"Spider-Man did it again!" Mina cheered, "and I'm not going to jinx anything!"

"Still incredible to how Strong he is," Asui said, "that's All Might strength right there…"

"Yeah…" Midoriya said, recalling how Parker's spider abilities make him stronger than an average human due to a spider trait relative to his size.

01:04:05 - 01:04:12

"Good call," Midnight said, "movement would only cause a weight shift."

01:04:12 - 01:04:31

The audience watches without words, seeing the other helpers coming along and getting the rest out of the elevator with Parker instructing them to move and get out as they can.

All up until the final person, Liz.

01:04:31 - 01:04:45

A sudden shock when the side that Parker was standing broke and Liz fell, many were worried when Liz couldn't reach for Spider-Man's hand, but fully relived when Spider-Man used his web to grab hold of her hand. Managing to save her while the elevator fell and smash into the ground.

Many hope that this would finally be the last bit for Parker to do before he managed to complete his rescue mission.

Especially when the webs above him is starting to break.

01:04:45 - 01:04:57

"As much as I want to see that, it would just make the whole thing weird wouldn't it?" Mina admits.

01:04:57 - 01:05:05

Luckily people don't have to think about Parker's choice of kissing her just when the web snap and he fell into the smokey abyss.

"He's fine," the vampire villain said while everyone else froze, "he can easily use his web to lose his fall!"

Overall, Parker managed to save his friends just in time and barely. The students were happy while the teachers were most impressed, though seeing other ways that he can do or what could have been prevented, it was just a matter of worse circumstances that resulted in a bad scenario.

01:05:05 - 01:05:08

"Can you shut the f**k up about that!" Bakugo shouted at Flash who asks if Spider-Man is friends with Peter Parker. "can't believe he has to save your stupid ass."

01:05:08 - 01:05:14

The next scene cuts back to the Vulture hideout showing the Shocker practising with his new weapon.

"Shockzawa is really getting the hang of that gauntlet." Present Mic said.

"Shockzawa?" Aizawa raises a brow towards the name.

"Yeah, Thor Might got one, so why not have one for you."

"Please don't say that name ever again…"

01:05:14 - 01:05:29

"Seems that heist was their only chance to earn a profit…" Tamaki pointed out, "but when the spider interrupted their plans, it brought them back to their problems."

"Meaning he managed to weaken them in a sense…" All Might finished what the socially shy third-year student said.

01:05:29 - 01:05:39

"Okay, I'm a bit curious about this 'high altitude seal' he's talking about," Denki said, as he and many students, teachers and villains were curious about something that the inventor was talking about yet their boss kept denying, to that idea, it would mean something that would be a high risk for them.

Some teachers and villains suspect that Adrian will eventually do that heist since they are currently in trouble with resources.

01:05:39 - 01:05:58

"Happens all the time for long-running villain organizations when they least expected it," Kurogiri said, in which the teachers agree, especially Aizawa, who taken down several cases of criminals who were hidden for years, playing smart and either do their crimes in low places or away from the eye-seeing public, at least until he came along, caught them in the act and arrest them.

He imagines the Vulture and his crew as one of those organizations.

There would also be an incident where heroes would stumble upon these groups and start investigating something that was hidden from them.

01:05:58 - 01:06:13

In the seconds of seeing Toomes face when he saw the news of Spider-Man saving his friends and classmates, Aizawa notices something… very different…

In his expertise as an underground hero, from investigations and interrogations, it's his job to see the expression of everyone and tell what they're feeling or how they're dealing with their current situation, it was a talent to show if someone tells lies or if they are being serious, as well as how they would react towards news.

Normally the reaction towards Spiderman would be seeing the eyes of hatred, an expression that tells him that this person wants what he sees him dead.

But instead, he noticed… confusion? It wasn't a reaction he expects.

"Somethings not right…" Aizawa said, making him wonder why he's confused about saving people that he would more likely don't care about if they lived or died?

It was quick before the scene changes, but it leaves a feeling that maybe there was something towards the rescue that had him think about Spider-Man. he just doesn't know what.

01:06:13 - 01:06:22

Seeing May hugging Parker, made the audience happy that the students managed to make it home safe, especially after what happened in Washington.

01:06:22 - 01:06:46

"So true…" the teachers thought in sync towards the teacher's comment during the school news, recalling how they lost Bakugo to the villains during the school camp ambush.

Though a few in the audience wonder what happened last time when Parker's school lost a student during a school trip that made the teacher said 'not again'.

01:06:46 - 01:06:58

"Well, that's a win for Parker." Mina said, "because of his rescue, he managed to give himself a mania for his school,"

And with Parker walking with a smile on his face, it was showing a bright day ahead of him.

At least for the student side.

For the teachers, they couldn't help but think that there will be a bigger challenge for him, the Vulture is still out there and they're still concerned for Parker going after them, especially when his investigation towards the explosive rock put his friends in jeopardy, though arguably, he didn't know about it and it was a mistake with misinformation that he couldn't access until he got Karen.

Though with the new subsystems, also put concern for when Happy or Stark finds out that Parker hacked into his suit and unlocked systems he's not allowed to unlock because he wasn't advanced enough to get access towards those abilities. Even Midoriya was concerned as it was like him using more than 20% of his power when he can't control it. So far Parker managed to deal with his suit problems and he can tell he's learning about them.

It could happen much later in the film but till then, the audience was happy towards Parker and find the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man as a hero that the students could look up to, as he covered his issues of trying to adapt to his abilities and use them more effectively towards his investigation.

To be concluded (of this film)…