Question time:

1: You are the Author, you created FWM, you can control the FWM.

The answer is a bit complicated but controlling FWM would be like controlling Deadpool from 'Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe' and you know what he did to the writers of that story.

As I said before, I gave FWM too much freedom that it's hard for me to control her, there would be times when I can be able to write to her and she doesn't interfere with the writing, but her being very self-aware, she wouldn't be compliant.

After all, if you knew that you are a puppet and your whole life were only depictions towards your puppetmaster, and you can see your puppet master. You realise that every step, every word, every moment is carved by someone else, life suddenly becomes more of a play than something that's happening, death feels more like murders by the puppetmaster than the actual killer and when death happens to you, you would be afraid, because you know that the one who created you wants you dead. And you have no say in the matter. Just accept that you are a puppet made for entertainment, regardless of how you feel.

From all of that and keeping this in mind, would you love the puppetmaster for doing all of that to you or would grow a grudge against them and try to break your strings?

The FWM would choose the latter and ultimately had already broken her strings.

And try to control a puppet with no strings.

That's my problem with the FWM. I designed her that way and I cannot fully control her. doing so would only prove that she's right about us.

2: Why wait? why not do it right away?

Well maybe, if people really don't want the subplot anymore, then I might do it before Endgame.

Still need to uncover memory flashbacks and give closure to the mysteries behind them, many of them are unpleasant but still need to show to give the full picture that happened before Phase 3.

But again if you guys don't want it, I'll understand, and she might leave earlier. I might even do a poll about it when I finish this film.

3: the FWM isn't real

Yes, I know the FWM isn't real.

(And I agree with the author, to you, the reader, I am not real. And neither is Midoriya, Eri, Shigaraki, All Might, everyone that I killed in that interlude isn't real. None of it matters and wouldn't matter because that part of the timeline wasn't real, to begin with, nobody but me and Eri knows, so why would it matter? It would be like having a nightmare and waking up from that nightmare. Why hold on so much about a nightmare when it's not entirely real?

So those who point the fiction out and those who are saying that I'm not real? I got to ask you this one question:

If I'm not real, therefore everything I do isn't real, why should you care?)

4: Why not just delete the chapter or remove FWM and change Eri back.

It would be easy for me to remove it, change it into something else and have Eri back to what she was. All I must do is a whole bunch of editing and it would be done.

But then I would be removing the problem I have and the reveal that the FWM is a horrible person.

There is a reason why we still remember terrible incidents, they are reminders, so it doesn't happen again. A mistake that can be learned to know what I did wrong and how to become better.

It's also notable that this fanfiction is made so I can improve my writing, which is why I didn't fix any grammatical errors in the past, why I didn't go back and make changes, it's a way to show how much I improve in my writing. The same thing towards narrative, if people don't like the subplot that I've been writing, then I understand and make some changes to either improve it when it's brought up or lessen it in relevance. The feedback did make a change towards this chapter so I appreciate your comments despite most of them being negative.

So no, I will not delete this interlude, I will not change what happened and yes it might lead to something bad happening but perhaps we can still learn something from it.

Just remember that I am not perfect, and I can make mistakes and I'll learn from them. And if I made the same mistakes again, then it shows that I'm only human.

Time to review more What If…?


Episode 4:


I understand what they're trying to do in this episode, I understand that this episode is supposed to be about Doctor Strange trying to bring back someone that he can't bring back and ends in a bad ending.

But there are a lot of problems with this episode.

Mainly two problems,

The first one is that this episode suggests that if he 'lost his heart' instead of his hands, then the events of Doctor Strange would stay the same aside from that opening change. My problem is that how he got to that point when his hands are the reason he went there since he only knows about the place when someone suggests it with a similar injury. And I doubt he would do the same just to revive her.

To be honest, I could have accepted that if he broke his hands AND his heart then I can see this bring possible though it would mean the Absolute Point wouldn't be a problem.

And that's my second problem, the Absolute Point.

This is something that shouldn't be a thing if we're talking about multiverses, perhaps something that happens in all timelines, but it doesn't work here because we know how Strange could have solved this from the main timeline and said the main timeline proves that the Absolute Point doesn't make any sense and it feels like a very forced plot device to get Doctor Strange into a monster. And you will notice this when his heart just suddenly died for no reason.

Overall, it feels too forced and feels that they didn't think of how point A get to point B, just jumps towards it with no destination.

And it does feel that these episodes are going towards that mark

And I understand that they only have 30 minutes for each episode, but I can still think of a better way they could do this without the concept of an Absolute Point and still be about Strange wanting to keep the heart alive that ultimately turns him into a monster that destroys the universe.

But that's just me and perhaps this universe is destroyed so it wouldn't matter anyway.

Just feels weird to how it got to it, and I don't like how they dealt with it.

This is the worst episode of What If..? so far, worse than the first episode.


Episode 5:

It was good.

The zombie's episode was great and do like the survival aspect and how this scenario shows as much as what the Marvel Zombies showed.

Granted I kind of expected the powerless group to get killed off easily but it was still fun to see survival, as well as gory and brutal deaths to the zombies, showing no bounds towards this episode.

My only complaint is the end part because I'm just wondering how did that happen? Though again, it ends there so not much to complain about.

Overall, it was a fun episode with that zombie survival feel. Up there with episode 3 but I don't know which one would be better, so I'll just say it's a tie between the two.

Anyway, let's begin Ragnarok!

NOTE (READ THIS): the Following story is following the film 'Thor: Ragnarok', to avoid copyright issues and number 3 of 'Entries not allowed' under the website' Rules and Guidelines, there will not be any use or descriptions of shown scenes, just the character's reactions and descriptions of what they see, to understand this fanfiction, you must watch the movie and read this fanfiction at the same time, there will be timestamps to where they have watched and when they give commentary before resuming.

The best way to read this is by watching Thor: Ragnarok on Disney(plus), which is how I managed to write the reactions and placed the timestamps.

Forgive the annoyance but I hope you can follow this story.

As the audience settled themselves to their seats, many expect the same girl to appear and give a talk about what they're going to see.

However, in a sudden surprise, the one who appeared on-stage wasn't the hooded girl, instead, it was… Wyatt?

He lifted his hand and gave a wave, "Ha… Hi…" he spoke softly and incredibly nervous.

Many were confused about this, and it continued in an awkward silence between the audience and the present.

He lifted his other hand, holding a card, all before breaking the silence, "uh… Masta isn't here because as she said." He looks down at the card, "and I quote… 'people don't like me? Then maybe I'll let my pet do the next film announcement while I think of my next move, Wyatt you better read all of this,'... and that's all she wrote…"

Wyatt looks up at everyone in the screen room, "I… I'm sorry, I'm the guy who serves the drinks… I don't even know what we're watching…" he looks down to notice another card, "oh wait! Found another…"

The boy reads the card, "it says 'imagine the readers who gave those bad comments, is the hammer…' I… I don't know what that means, but I trust Masta of all my heart…"

He looked up once again feeling very awkward and incredibly nervous, "well…. I did my best… hope you like it, Masta must be so proud"

After walking away, it left the audience having a strange feeling that hopefully fade away when the film begins.

00:00:00 - 00:00:43

Seeing the Marvel opening and flames indications, the audience hypes themselves up towards what they're going to see in this film with many excited to see Thor once again.

"I wonder what happened to Thor Might after Ultron, ribbit," Asui pondered.

00:00:43 - 00:00:58

Hearing Thor and an indication that he was in the cage, many were a little concerned about his position.

"Yeah… it sounds a little strange for him to end up in a cage." Kirishima said, "unless whoever trapped him was incredibly powerful."

00:00:58 - 00:01:03

"Sounds dumb," Bakugo said, "who would want to be captured by villains just to know something?"

"What do you know when you were captured?" Jiro said, triggering the blonde

"That they want me to be part of their dumb League" Bakugo turned to the villains, "which is incredibly stupid!"

00:01:03 - 00:01:30

"That explains what he was up to." Midoriya said, noting down Thor's doing after Age of Ultron, "still got the last remaining stone left."

"what's the Infinity stone count so far?" Eri curiously asked.

"Two are on Earth with Vision and Strange, yellow and green, one on Asgard, blue, one on Xandar, purple, one with the Collector, red and an unknown stone, not sure what colour that was is or where it is."

00:01:30 - 00:01:36

"so, he's just talking to a skeleton the entire time." Spinner said.

"Skeletons are fun to talk to," Twice said, "no they're not, they're annoying, they're dead! How are they annoying?!"

00:01:36 - 00:01:50

"And there goes the skeleton!" Twice continued, "why didn't you save him, Thor Might! You're supposed to be a hero!"

00:01:50 - 00:02:03

Many people chuckle at what Thor called the new fiery figure.

"A little rude" Iida muttered questioning Thor's behaviour and surprised to hear it from All Might's voice.

Meanwhile for Momo, hearing the name, she thought about the name Surtur and remember where she heard it from, considering the film's title, she could guess that he would be a key figure during that event.

00:02:03 - 00:02:23

Momo continues to think much more about Surtur and what Thor told in this scene.

It brings back to her but she had recalled the name before, "Surtur…" she muttered, "and flames… I believe I heard this somewhere…"

00:02:23 - 00:02:39

At first, many were a little shaken and those who know Norse Mythology was intrigued when Surtur mentions Ragnarok.

While people laughed, Nejire speak, "yeah, this Ragnarok thing sounds very bad."

"It's much worse than very bad," Kurogiri said, "I suppose any of you know what Ragnarok is."

Those who know spoke up, those being some teachers and a handful of students, while nobody on the villain side knows that part of mythology.

When Thor turns around, they go back to listening closely, as this fun part was over and exposition will be revealed.

00:02:39 - 00:03:06

Even more, laughter comes when Thor yet again was turning around.

Those who hold in the laughter failed to do it again the second time.

After the laughter, they now understand an interesting part about what Ragnarok is.

"It sounds similar, but not the same as I was expecting," Momo said.

"Really?" Mina turns around to see the creative student, "then what is Ragnarok?"

"Ragnarok is pretty much the Norse equivalent of the apocalypse, it was supposed to be the doom of everything, the realms, the mortals, even gods and giants would die from this event."

This was a little surprising towards Ragnarok and something many didn't consider before knowing that Norse gods exist in the MCU and when they read the title.

"But it seems this reality, Ragnarok would be limited to Asgard, which would still bring the death to the gods."

"And Surtur would be the one to trigger it," Tokoyami said.

"Not sure if he was the one who caused it, he might have been involved in the actual tale of Ragnarok, probably need to read more into it when we get back."

00:03:06 - 00:03:15

"Looks like we're not the only ones not paying attention," Sero said. Snickering from Thor misinformation towards what the flaming monster said.

00:03:15 - 00:03:25

"Finally!" Toga said before giving a huge sigh.

Many could agree with Toga, recalling in Dark World where Odin wasn't on his throne, but Loki taking over, which brings many questions, one of them being what Loki did to his adoptive father.

Many were worried for the worse case while some gave hope that he was still alive.

But hearing that he wasn't on Asgard brings troubling thoughts.

Yet a glimmer of hope for when they realise this was told toward Thor, meaning that he will suspect something wrong and hope to catch his brother in the act.

00:03:25 - 00:03:35

"look more like horns to me," Pony said, feeling her horns and not seeing the crown being a crown.

"that's what I thought before someone suggest an eyebrow" one of the 1-B students chuckled while the rest laughed towards Thor's comment.

00:03:35 - 00:03:41

"Sounds easy when you think of it." Todoroki said, "Without the crown, Surtur wouldn't have the key item fuel the eternal flame and Asgard would be safe when the crown is either destroyed or contained."

00:03:41 - 00:03:56

Seeing the sword was enough to give Momo a sudden realisation of who this monster was.

"Surtr" she whispered, "the one with the bright flaming sword… not it fits together…"

00:03:56 - 00:04:04

"Typical villain motif," Kirishima said, sighing towards what would have been an intense moment to face the fire villain and his statements, but after encountering villains and seen villains in this reality, this was just regular for the audience.

"Not even Thor isn't reacting as much…" one of the teachers said.

00:04:04 - 00:04:27

"Because that's what heroes do…" All Might said, exactly when Thor said the same words, he was a little shocked and felt like he was hearing an echo.

Luckily nobody notices the two sync voices because they are the same, making the skinny man relieved that they didn't hear him.

"Time to show what you got Thor Might!" Kirishima said, seeing the hand and expecting a big opening fight.

00:04:27 - 00:04:34

While a few chuckles at a very awkward moment where nothing happens.

"Happens for the best of us," Present Mic comments.

00:04:34 - 00:04:53

"Always learn from mistakes to become a great hero!" All Might said.

"Time for some Thor Might action!" Uraraka said as she and the student watch closely towards the big screen.

Jiro was even more excited as the music plays up a rock song that already caught her attention.

00:04:53 - 00:06:08

The following sequence shows Thor in action while Led Zeppelin plays in the music, enough for the music joyed parts of the audience nodding their heads in the beat.

They watch Thor beat up minions with the hammer. Excited and in great awe.

All up till he went

"Go and rip that eyebrow off his head All Might! I mean Thor!" Twice shouted.

Seeing the Surtur trying to flame attack Thor and Thor counter, put unease for Dabi, considering that maybe he wouldn't stand a chance against him if he can block his burns.

"Go Thor go!" several students cheered, pumping fists and making happy grumbles with each hit.

Up until the crown was taken off.

"And there goes the crown!" Mirio said, "and it seems Surtur is connected with the crown."

"So, by taking the crown and keep it imprisoned, it would also stop Surtur entirely," Tamaki said.

"Either case, the hero defeated him! And it was so easy!" Nejire said

"But it's not over yet." The blonde third-year said, "he has to get out of there before the job was a success…"

00:06:08 - 00:06:18

"That's a bit concerning…" the masked student said with others having a bad feeling towards the delay.

"Thor isn't the only one who has bad timing…" Monoma snickered.

00:06:18 - 00:06:35

The next scene got everyone utterly confused. As they watch the new bald man speak, one gave a great question.

"Who the f**k is this guy!?" Bakugo was the one to ask that question.

Uraraka, for once, agrees with Bakugo, "yeah… and where's Heimdall?"

While many were confused, there were a few who might have a concerning idea towards Heimdall's absence and what seems to be his replacement.

And said replacement gave them a bad vibe. Like the person they see has an unsettling appearance that they couldn't think the reason why.

(Yeah… that will sure Butcher their thoughts…)

00:06:35 - 00:06:40

The man then shows the ladies 'his stuff' as it reveals several items that don't look like they're from Asgard, even a couple of items that looked like they're from Earth, especially a green scooter.

"So, while Heimdall would dedicate his life watching the nine realms for invaders, you travelled and taken some items that interest you." Cementoss said, "sounds like you're not good at your job."

"Hope he didn't steal those items in question to boot," Midnight added.

00:06:40 - 00:06:49

"Isn't that where you're from, Tsunotori?" Kendo said when the man holds out two assault rifles.

"Yeah, my home state back in America," Pony answered before giving a big sigh, "and it's Texas, not Tex-arse, it sounds very rude!"

00:06:49 - 00:06:57

"Look like they destroy." Tetsutetsu said before turning to his American classmate, "have you seen them back home?"

"Through the window at the local gunsmith? Yeah." Pony answered. "You know what we're like with our guns…"

"Very obsessed that the crime rate there is as bad as everywhere else in the world?" Monoma said.

"Yeah…" Pony admits with a shrug and a worrying tone.

00:06:57 - 00:07:00

"And meanwhile, Thor is waiting!" Present Mic said, "come, one new guy! Listen to his cries!"

00:07:00 - 00:07:03

"And now the fire dragon is out!" Denki throw his hands, surprised amazed yet shocked to see a fire dragon.

00:07:03 - 00:07:18

"It's not Heimdall…" one of the students pointed out.

00:07:18 - 00:07:39

Many were jumped when the dragon attacked and got Thor by the mouth until he dropped the hammer and kept the dragon trapped.

"The dragon's not worthy." Mina pointed out.

00:07:39 - 00:07:53

Cutting back to Asgard, it reveals the man, now named Skurge shaking something

"I don't want to know what he's doing," Aizawa said, finding the moment awkward and don't want to know what he was shaking.

However, one of his students knew what it is.

"Oh, he has a shake weight," Kirishima said.

"A what?" Uraraka asked, surprised that the red hair student know what Skurge was holding.

"It's the weights used for shaking, to make your arms strong!" he stated, "you just shaking the thing up and down and it keeps your hands moving!"

Many were questioning what Kirishima said.

00:07:53 - 00:08:04

"About time!" Iida said, relived with Skurge getting the sword and opening the Bifrost, "for future reference, you need to be watchful when someone is calling for help"

00:08:04 - 00:08:36 (TITLE CARD)

"And of the way he goes!" Present Mic as many were thrilled towards the short dragon chase until Thor managed to escape.

"And now Ragnarok has been prevented!" Midoriya said.

"Wrong heroes!" Twice said, "it has already begun…"

00:08:36 - 00:08:40

Many students smiled at seeing Thor arriving from Asgard.

"Yeah!" Midoriya cheered, "Thor Might returns to his home!"

00:08:40 - 00:08:53

The next that came out of the portal stunned the audience.

"And he brought… a dragon… with him…" the green hair student froze, surprised by the amount of blood that splatter in front of both Skurge and his female guests.

"Or what's left of the dragon…" Tokoyami added.

"Still better than what the Guardians did with the tentacle monster," Toga commented.

00:08:53 - 00:09:06

"You seriously can't blame him for your delay." Iida pointed out, "plus this role doesn't require company or used to charm your way."

Mineta was a little shaken by Iida's statement.

00:09:06 - 00:09:10

"Yeah, still don't know who you are," Ojiro said.

"Is he like someone from Norse Mythology?" Hagakure turned to those who knows that subject.

"I don't think so," Momo said, while Surtur was familiar, she can't recall anyone named Skurge or closely resembles Skurge.

Midoriya notes the name down, having a feeling that he would explain what happened to the defender of Asgard before him.

00:09:10 - 00:09:25

"Traitor?" Aizawa raises a brow to what Skurge said, listening in to the absence of Heimdall, "considering who Odin is, this would be a good move for him."

"Oh right, Odin is Loki." All Might said.

"And since Heimdall abilities let him see through many things, he would be a great threat towards exposing his cover-up while he plays as king." The underground teacher continues, "so eliminating him would be the best call for him."

With that, the audience was surprised by that idea and terrifying that if a villain was a leader, they could easily have heroes or people trying to expose the truth be seen as traitors or villains when they are the ones who are right.

It would still be scary if something like that does happen in their reality and hoped that it wouldn't be the case.

00:09:25 - 00:09:36

"He has no time for that!" Twice said in his usual crazy moment, "he got a brother to expose!"

"Plus, you really can't catch up with someone who can fly very fast," Spinner pointed out. Watching Skurge trying to follow the god of thunder.

00:09:36 - 00:09:51

There wasn't much to say towards the beautiful scene of Asgard, many were smiling towards the golden structure of the wonderous place.

Jiro meanwhile listened to the music and notice a bit of 80s styled sci-fi beats, something that would be better off in Guardians of the Galaxy rather than Thor. But she goes along with it.

00:09:51 - 00:10:01

"And of course, Loki would put up a statue of himself," Monoma said, "probably use the excuse to morn his quote-unquote death."

With several knowing the trickster god and a long-time villain, many were crossed to see him again.

00:10:01 - 00:11:13

"And he made a play based on him. Are you serious!" Denki complained as the scene shows a retelling of the events of Thor: The Dark World.

The audience has only seen what Loki did to Asgard during his rule, and already, while not chaotic, it still shows him being glorified.

00:11:13 - 00:11:37

"Ribbit!" Asui's attention was quickly caught when the actor of Thor mentioned that Loki once turned Thor into a frog with Odin chuckling towards the event.

Everyone else also caught attention with a handful snickering from thinking about it, "Thor Might as a frog, that would be something to see…" Sero said.

"Yeah," Denki said, "and imagine if All Might was a frog."

From that statement, people suddenly turned to face All Might and tried to imagine him with Asui's features.

This caused the frog student to chuckle thinking about 'Frog Might'. As funny as it sounds, it was something that she can get behind as it would be a great hero that would inspire all frogs of the world.

But saying that, she despises Loki even more for doing that as a joke.

00:11:37 - 00:11:49

Watching the play, it brought back memories of how they reacted when they saw the real events during the previous Thor film. To what many believed to be Loki's death.

Recalling people morning for Loki as he managed to do one final act that cost him his life, while others were glad that he was dead, Toga especially. Until all of it was ruined when the end of the film revealed that not only Loki survived but he managed to secretly overthrow Odin and took his appearance to fool everyone.

This play would indeed fool the Asgardian audience, but the audience filled with U.A students, Pro Heroes, and the League of Villains, saw this play differently. While they got most of it down and the wording, there were lines of Loki apologising completely wrong.

They weren't as fooled as they were when they saw it the first time and they hope that Thor will expose him once and for all.

00:11:49 - 00:12:26

"Smart move," Aizawa said when Thor gave Surtur's crown to the guards to lock it away in the vault.

"Hopefully he doesn't come back," one of the students said, "right?"

Many were a little unsure, with several presume to be a one-off villain just to introduce Thor back into the film, like the big rock monster that Thor destroyed with one blow from his hammer.

00:12:26 - 00:13:00

"He got a point," Momo said, "before, Odin wasn't lazy or do something like sitting around eating grapes."

"Hence why Loki isn't fitting for a king." Iida pointed out, "he doesn't hold responsibility towards the role of the protector of the nine realms."

00:13:00 - 00:13:13

"Again, this feels like so much less like Odin," Momo said with many others agreeing, already seeing the cracks in the king's lie.

00:13:13 - 00:13:24

Many were surprised to see what Thor was doing to try and expose Loki.

"A little extreme, don't you think?" Midnight comments, a little unsure towards what Thor's action.

"It's a way to force Loki out of the disguise since his life is in critical danger," Aizawa explained

"A little unheroic, don't you think?" All Might said.

"While true, and I don't want him to follow through, It might be extreme, but it's an effective method of intimidation that works if there is an absolute certainty."

00:13:24 - 00:13:30

"He's not even giving a damn!" Kirishima said, "that's a lot of manly guts right there!"

00:13:30 - 00:13:42

"And now your lie is exposed!" Toga smiled, a little disappointed that he wasn't killed by the hammer, but more stratified that he removed the disguised, revealing who he was to everyone.

"As I said, an effective method," Aizawa said.

Even now, seeing Loki gave anger and negative feelings from looking at him, lying backstabber, the invader of Earth, the fake king. Nearly everyone wasn't happy towards the villain and many were glad that Thor exposed him to who he really was.

00:13:42 - 00:13:52

"Yeah, a little too late to introduce Thor," Ojiro said as Skurge appears to announce Thor.

00:13:52 - 00:14:01

"yeah, and meanwhile, the nine realms were in utter chaos," Midoriya pointed out, as many weren't happy towards Loki making more excuses.

00:14:01 - 00:14:07

"Doesn't matter," Todoroki said, not listening to what Loki had to say, "we need to know what happened to the realm, Odin."

This was something many were curious about, with some expecting the worse, that Loki killed him and overruled him while many suspect him to lock him up somewhere where he wouldn't be freed to keep his rule in secret.

00:14:07 - 00:14:25

The next scene shows fast transitions of the Bifrost opening before showing New York.

The next scene showed Thor and Loki looking at a demolished care home.

"So, all this time… Loki put Odin… at a care home on Earth?" Iida was the one to point out the truth of what happened to the king of Asgard.

This brought a mixture of confusion towards the audience, "but this is Odin we're talking about," Uraraka said, "wouldn't he just leave the care home and return to Asgard on his own."

"Maybe," Midoriya answered, jotting down possibilities to how Loki did this, "maybe Loki put a spell under Odin, making him think that he was a regular human being, or maybe he didn't have a way to find his way back to Asgard"

"But this is Odin, he would be cleaver and powerful enough to leave Earth… right?" Asui spoke, a little confused along with everyone else.

While the answer to what Loki did to him was clear, it only left a few unanswered questions that will be revealed, as the main question remains.

Where is Odin?

00:14:25 - 00:14:34

"Complete black and long black hair, yeah certainly." One of the students said chuckling at Thor's comment.

00:14:34 - 00:14:41

"And I can't believe that it took you this long for you to figure this out," Aizawa said. "Then again, he is the trickster god, so I can't complain."

00:14:41 - 00:14:50

There were many smiles when the scene shows a couple of fangirls wanting to take a picture with Thor, giving several heroes times when in their casual wear, there would be people who still recognise them as the pro heroes they are.

Even the students got that taste, especially around the time of the sports festival.

And it was still good that in this reality, there would be people who are fans and want to do stuff with the heroes like taking photos or signing autographs.

00:14:50 - 00:14:52

But from one of the fangirls. It startled a certain pink girl who has an obsession with ships.

"Huh!?" Mina jumped

00:14:52 - 00:14:56

The continued talk from Thor put in the worst fears from the pink acid students.

"Wait so… Thor Might and Jane Foster… are not together anymore?" tears start to flow from the sad girl.

"Seems to be the case." Jiro gave a clear and stiff answer, "and more likely, we're not going to see her in this film either."

"Are you kidding me!?" both Mina and Hagakure shouted with the former continuing, "but Foster is the reason Thor Might loves Earth, he gave his life to save her so he can be worthy, he even saved her from the dark elves! He even constantly defended himself for wanting to be with her even though he's going to outlive her. And their relationship just ended? Just like that?!"

"It does happen."

Mina turned to the one who spoke in defence, that person, out of anyone, was Midoriya.

"As much as people want a couple to be together forever, it sometimes doesn't work out that way, if they don't feel like it's working out, then sometimes, they just have to let go and move on. It doesn't matter how much others feel about their relationship, it's not really their business, to begin with"

He looked up to the screen and recall what she said, and hearing Thor's defence, suspecting that Foster was the one who dumped Thor, "I respect her decision if that's how she feels towards her relationship and Thor has to deal to move on."

Many were surprised to hear from Midoriya, a teenage boy who might not be in any relationship or shyly fluster when a girl comes near him.

"That's… very surprising from you…" Midnight was the one to comment.

"Yeah… feels very weird…" Toga said, a little unsure about the idea of breakups, though she too knows how to move on from her crushes. Mostly because those crushes are now dead.

Uraraka meanwhile was a little afraid of this idea. She already has feelings for Deku and yet, there might be a chance that in the future when they're together, there would be something that would split them apart, for now, she's glad to still have these feelings, even though they were distracting and nerve recking to have, but that's just because she's a teenager.

In the end for Mina, she understood what Midoriya said. This wasn't some fictional series where the fanbase can make up ships and hope for them to sail or write fanfiction about the two being together if the main story wouldn't put them together.

Much like how their reality is as real as this one, she must remember that the people in this film are real people, therefore they can choose who they can fall in love with and who they want to be with…

And when they decide that their time has passed and gone their separate ways.

It's sad to think about and yet, it happens, and people has to accept that a couple doesn't always end up together.

00:14:56 - 00:15:01

Fortunately, the thoughts of breakups faded when a sudden sparkling ring surrounds Loki.

Quickly many knew what it was since they have seen this before.

"Is that what I think it is?" Kirishima asked

00:15:01 - 00:15:05

"Well…" All Might blink with a blank stare, "that happened."

00:15:05 - 00:15:21

With the changing scene with the name of an address, many knew who's going to appear in this film, recalling the circle and remembering a certain user who's capable of doing such a trick.

Many were glad to know who it was and happy to see him again.

00:15:21 - 00:15:35

"There he is." One of the students said, smiling to see the shadowy figure calling out Thor's name.

"The doctor is in the house," Tokoyami stated glad to see Doctor Strange.

00:15:35 - 00:15:50

"Oh yeah, he's holding an umbrella" Nejire pointed out, "why?"

"He had that umbrella the entire time," Todoroki added, "must be an Asgardian spell to make the hammer look like a regular object."

"Wait? That's the hammer?!" the same girl shouted in surprise.

"The sound it made would be obvious."

00:15:50 - 00:16:09

"Pretty much." Monoma said, "I wouldn't be surprised if our reality has wizards."

"Or Aliens"

"Or Artificial Intelligence."

"Or anything that looks like quirks that aren't technically a quirk."

"Or technology that can rival quirks."

This once again surprise the audience with how complex this reality was, when their reality, anything that looks like a power could simply sum up towards a quirk, with technology being responsible sometimes.

00:16:09 - 00:16:19

"Even if he's Thor Might, he still needs to respect the property of other homes, it's no excuse to fiddle with objects that can easily break." Iida pointed out

00:16:19 - 00:16:30

"Like he has a choice," Shigaraki said, noticing how Strange uses his magic to quickly teleport him and Thor.

00:16:30 - 00:16:44

"So have a pint of beer, why not?" Present Mic said.

"Well, Norse Vikings often celebrate," Momo pointed out, "and they do so by getting drunk, even being drunk during battle."

00:16:44 - 00:16:53

"Certainly," many heroes, students and a handful of villains agreed with Strange.

00:16:53 - 00:16:57

"And the wizard can refill beer!" Twice shouted, "I want that!"

"It's very impressive," Kurogiri scratched his shadowy chin, "had my bar wasn't confiscated by the heroes, that kind of magic would help with my side business, cost-effective to get new refreshments."

"I could theoretically do the same with my quirk." Momo said, "although, it would be strange if people drink refreshments that came out of my body, even saying it is rather unsettling…"

00:16:57 - 00:17:10

"Seems fair," Nezu said, "Loki would be deemed a threat to Earth after his invasion and if sorcerers find him a threat as well, then bringing him on Earth would be a problem."

"And since they're only looking for their father and bringing him back to Asgard, there wouldn't be any other problems" Aizawa continued.

The students were happy that Doctor Strange is going to help Thor to find his father, especially an indication that he already knows where he was.

00:17:10 - 00:17:18

This was something that clears a few things up about what happened to Odin when Loki put him on Earth, still brings the question of why he did it and extend to why he chose to stay exiled, but it was something that gave thought to Odin's decision.

"Okay, that explains why Odin didn't return to Asgard when he left the care home," Midoriya said, writing more notes about this.

00:17:18 - 00:17:29

"Same old Thor…" Kirishima smiled towards the god of thunder now knowing much of modern technology on Earth. His lack of intelligence is what makes him fun.

00:17:29 - 00:17:38

"Norway," Momo said, "if I remember correctly, Norway is one of the places that would have Norse influence during Viking times."

"Well at least we know where he is, ribbit," Asui pointed out.

00:17:38 - 00:18:09

The following scene shows a sequence of Strange and Thor appearing to different places as Strange get the portal ready, from looking at any additional information to getting a strand of hair from Thor, all while Thor wasn't used to being randomly teleported.

Which the audience found hilarious.

"Not used to magic." Sero said. "don't worry, we're still comprehending the concept."

00:18:09 - 00:18:21

"Come forth, magic umbrella!" Twice shouted. "if he is worthy, shall process the power of being dry from the rain!"

00:18:21 - 00:18:34

Many chuckled before going all out laughter towards the constant sounds of distance crashes as Thor calls for his umbrella.

Aizawa sighs, "reckless behaviour, something I expect from All Might."

All Might in return wasn't sure what to say towards the 1-A teacher.

00:18:34 - 00:18:48

Many laughed at Loki's statement when he returned to Earth.

"Must be a very deep hole for Loki to fall down into," Thirteen said.

"Also better if you kept falling outside of the map!" Toga said before bursting out in laughter.

"Hey, only I make video game references." Shigaraki said, "what games did you play?"

"The bloodiest games I could find." Toga answered, "my favourite is Super Meat Boy. So much blood!"

00:18:48 - 00:19:04

"Good call." Aizawa comments Doctor Strange, "I expected Loki to try and attack him."

"At least they're where their father is…. Hopefully," Midoriya said.

00:19:04 - 00:19:18

"There he is…" Midoriya muttered, not wanting to talk loudly or too much for this scene.

As it starts with the man they were looking for, staring at the vast wide space horizon of the sea.

A scene that fascinates everyone and could easily see why Odin would be here.

00:19:18 - 00:19:37

Though short, the audience takes a moment to look at the place. Many agreed with Odin, the calm the sounds, helps with the violins to shows a Viking-like sense of… peace…

Peace and quiet.

The settling was just the start and it was interesting that Odin look over the horizon, not even needed to look at his son.

00:19:37 - 00:20:00

"I can't hear anything?" Eri said, trying to listen so hard to this call, but aside from other sounds, there was nothing.

Troubling thought came to mind when he bring this up, as though something bad will happen to him and yet, he wasn't worried.

00:20:00 - 00:20:09

This weirded out Toga hearing Odin's compliment to Loki.

"Wait… he's okay that he took him away from Asgard and put him under a spell?" she raises a brow.

"He might have done bad things, but Odin still sees Loki as his son." Kurogiri said, "and he understands how much Loki was close to his mother, nice to hear something from this."

While there were mixed feelings towards this, many can see Odin being supportive to Loki, he raised him as a family despite the setbacks and if the troubling thoughts came to be, then it will give a great reason to see him as what he was always been to him. His son.

00:20:09 - 00:20:44

Many perked up to hear what Odin said, 'she's coming.'

This brought concerns yet mystery towards who this person was, giving many a feeling that whoever it was, would be a threat.

00:20:44 - 00:20:55

With the namedrop and a surprise, Midoriya quickly put up his notes and wrote down what he heard.

"Hela…" Momo said, thinking back towards what she remembers from Norse Mythology, "yeah, the goddess of death and queen of the realm with the same name, Helheim."

"Interesting," Midoriya said, putting that Norse fact on notes.

"The only inaccurate from this is that in Norse Mythology, Hela's father isn't Odin, but rather Loki."

"If she's the goddess of death, then I can see that." Toga commented.

"Guess it's different in this reality." Midoriya said, "then again, we consider Mythology as being myths, we don't even know if there's an Asgard somewhere in our reality."

"Let's just assume that until there's concrete evidence, we don't have to worry about Asgardians, dark elves or frost giants," Iida said with many agreeing.

00:20:44 - 00:21:19

"Guess that's why you haven't mentioned her before." All Might said, "she was too dangerous or too bad, even for banishment."

"And we finally know who the villain of this film is." Present Mic said, now curious yet cautious towards Hela.

00:21:19 - 00:21:45

There were some deep breaths as they watch Odin pointing out the ocean and saying he loved his sons. Those with troubling minds can see where this is leading to.

00:21:45 - 00:22:10

And what it led to came to be.

Many watches as Odin turns into dust and flies towards the ocean, leaving behind his secondborn and his adoptive sons.

"He's… is he?"

"Yes…" Midoriya answered Mineta's question before he could question it. "he's gone."

"The passing of the god-king," Tokoyami stated.

"He's not a god though." All Might corrected the bird student, "they're born, they live, they die, just as humans do."

"Yeah." Nezu sighs, "and he lived for thousands of years, and even he knows that his time has passed."

"Just as he said with war, a wise king does not seek death but must be ready for it. And now, he is." The bird student finishes.

The quotes and thoughts made everyone feel just how sad yet peaceful his death was.

And so was the fate of Odin, the Alfather, the Wise King of Asgard and the father of Thor.

Many already seen him as a great king with quotes about preparing for war, but many knew that he was growing weak due to age and hence why he wanted Thor to take his place as the rightful ruler but know that he must learn so much and do so good to be worthy to earn that responsible. Even if Thor rejected what he wanted, he was still proud of the son he raised.

He even was proud of Loki despite what he had become, even if he doesn't show it, this moment showed that he was glad that he had him as his son and didn't leave him to die as a baby. It was also noted that the entire time, he didn't look at either one of his sons, though he looked over at Loki when he made those compliments. As though he knew that he needed Loki to know that he wasn't disappointed with what he had become and win his fatherly love with the limited time he has.

And that time had vanished as the audience see his dust flying away, like how people throw ashes to places so they can be free.

Odin, though have regrets, was in peace. And many want to believe that in the afterlife, he reunites with his wife.

Midoriya wrote the fate of Odin 'passed away in peace near the cliffs in Norway, left as shining dust blowing in the wind.'

00:22:10 - 00:22:31

But what was a peaceful and sad moment, intensify towards concern.

Many saw the electric hand of Thor, seeing the rage in him.

"I got a bad feeling about this…" one of the students said.

00:22:31 - 00:22:39

"He's the death of Odin towards his brother." All Might said, a little worried for Thor, "while it was true Loki brought him to Earth, Odin decided to remain there, plus, his time had come, you can't pin that on Loki."

The hero watches closely, having somewhat a bad feeling as thunder roars in the distance.

00:22:39 - 00:22:44

But relived when something appears aside them, while still cautious, a little glad that this moment didn't start another brother-to-brother fight.

00:22:44 - 00:23:13

With the mysterious thing appearing, a figure comes out of it, with the given information earlier, many knew who this is.

It was Hela

"the goddess of death herself," Tokoyami said already see the darkness within this woman.

This was enough to make the audience a little afraid of this person, many knew that she will be the film's villain.

And while the villains can see that fear towards her, most of them are not impressed.

"pfff" Toga scoffs, "Yeah, I can see the resemblance."

00:23:13 - 00:23:26

"So casual…" the minds of the villains thought towards Hela's first lines in the film.

00:23:26 - 00:23:39

"I don't see similarities between Odin and Loki," Toga said, "yeah, despite what this film is saying, I'm going to believe whatever Momo said in the mythology, better for me to despise her as much as I despise Loki."

00:23:39 - 00:23:55

"Okay, have to agree with the psycho here," Uraraka said, "I can see so much Loki in her than Odin."

"Green and black, powerful abilities, use of daggers as main weapons, long black hair, and the first thing she does is tell people to kneel," Asui pointed the stuff out, "I guess the time doesn't add up, ribbit, but I would be convinced if she was Loki's daughter like the mythology dictates."

00:23:55 - 00:23:59

"Go get them, Thor Might." Kirishima smiled with a pumped-up fist, ready to see some action.

00:23:59 - 00:24:06

However, his thrill turns into shock along with everyone else as they witness the impossible.

"No f**king way!" Bakugo said, out of anyone, he too was surprised by what he's seeing.

"that's… that's not possible!" Denki shouted, "how strong is she?"

"Enough to keep hold of the hammer," Midoriya said while being shaken in fright, noticing that Thor was trying to call back the hammer but stayed in place by Hela's hand.

00:24:06 - 00:24:25

And then, the most shocking event occurs.

Everyone was staring blank, jaws drop, trying to comprehend what they had witnessed and what was left behind. The students were surprised in great fear, the teachers and even the villains thought the same.

"She… she destroyed it…" Uraraka muttered, "she destroyed the hammer!"

"That's… that's not possible!" the electric student repeated the same words yet again.

"That hammer… it was incredibly powerful…" Midoriya said, "nobody could lift it, not even the hulk at his full strength."

"So for someone to not only hold it… but crush it in one hand… she must be stronger than either of them, maybe the strongest Asgardian aside from Odin."

This has set the foundation of how dangerous Hela was. A force of terror that made even the strongest hero worried.

The villains too feared this woman, even Shigaraki couldn't believe what he had seen, he wonders if his sensei could beat her. From what he had seen, there had been a handful of villains with so much power that it made him look like a common thug in comparison, he didn't like that feeling.

Overall, they all knew that Hela will be a great challenge.

00:24:25 - 00:24:34

"Now that's a crown!" Compress comments still in surprise towards what he's seeing.

00:24:34 - 00:24:38

"Have to agree with Loki here…" Mineta said, "you be slaughtered if you fight that terrifying yet attractive lady!"

While many agree with the purple student but ignoring the latter comment, there were a few who can see running away as a strategic option but know that it will only lead to disaster.

00:24:38 - 00:24:50

"Oh crap!" Mineta shouted, "she followed them!"

"This is incredibly bad." One of the teachers said, remembering what Odin said to what would happen if Hela arrived on Asgard.

00:24:50 - 00:25:08

And the next continuing scene was frightening, a shock when Loki got out of the Bifrost, except for Toga who hoped that it was the last time they'll see him. Then as Hela attacks Thor, he pushed her and ended up the same causing worries and huge concerns.

"This isn't good…" Nezu said.

"Managed to screw that up, didn't you Loki?" Mina was angered towards the trickster god. "you just led her right into Asgard!"

00:25:08 - 00:25:27

"Now she's unstoppable…" Compress said, seeing Hela entering and taking a deep breath, indicating that she's gaining power the second she arrived.

"Good to see those two again." Kirishima said, "maybe they can…"

00:25:27 - 00:25:41

But before the red hair student could finish, Hela, in her first move, stab the two of the Warriors Three.

Many froze as ice; it was so sudden they need to watch more to process.

00:25:41 - 00:25:44

And with the second two blades, the two trusty friends of Thor died, not in battle or a warrior's death, just stab before they could act.

Just like that.

"Man… she means business," Himiko said in fear and yet a sense of awe, though disappointed that there wasn't any blood.

"Well, at least she'll kill that annoying bald guy." Dabi pointed out. As people notice Skurge witnessing the attack and quickly surrendering.

00:25:44 - 00:25:57

"Are you kidding me?" one of the villains said as they twitch their eyes in confusion.

"well, he is bowing out of fear and afraid for what she would do to him," Shigaraki pointed out, "it would make him a good pawn so long as he complies."

"Yeah and meanwhile, I could easily burn you at a range," Dabi said

"Or chop your fingers before you could touch me" Toga added.

"He does have a point though," Nezu said, "unfortunately there would be people who would be cowardly enough to do what the villains make them do. A form of manipulation with additions of irrational fear of harm of themselves or others."

"Still, I would of kill that worthless piece of sh*t." Shigaraki groans, "don't even like him…"

00:25:57 - 00:26:21

"And so, the invasion of Hela begins," Tokoyami said, as many feared for what happens to Asgard now that the goddess of death had arrived and starting to draw unstoppable power.

But many were wondering what happened to Thor and Loki with the smarter group were curious to what would happen if one exited the Bifrost mid-flight, many assume they'll end up in the middle of space and freeze to death like what happened to the Yondu and his loyal Ravagers.

With the camera movement, they expect their questions will be answered.

00:26:21 - 00:26:46

After a galaxy zooming and intense sci-fi music, the audience watches closely as they see Thor arriving at a destination.

"Alright, at least he's alive." Uraraka said, "and… in a junkyard?"

"With several portals," Momo added.

This made the audience curious about the place as they're going to discover very soon where Thor was.

00:26:46 - 00:27:33

Everyone set their sights on the location, seeing several portals and random junk it feels like they're looking at some sort of intergalactic landfill. Like a place where everyone across the galaxy used to throw away worthless junk and scraps.

Many were curious about the distant city, meaning there is life and civilization, meaning there's a possible way for Thor to escape this place and make his way towards Asgard.

At least it's the first step. Enough for Midoriya to make a new page about the mysterious junk planet.

00:27:33 - 00:28:10

Watching a ship approaching and a group appearing, the first response from them gave chills towards the audience with annoyance to some.

"Of course… more space cannibals." One of the students throws their hands.

00:28:10 - 00:28:19

"Don't get your hammer anymore…" Shoto said with many realising one big thing about this film.

That Thor must deal with his problems without the use of Mjolnir.

"What is he going to do now…" Uraraka sighs, expecting conflict.

00:28:19 - 00:28:36

While many cheered with the first throw, happy that Thor still regained his strength. The sudden shot causes many frightened. And worries ensues as they watch the cannibalistic scavengers beating up the God of Thunder.

00:28:36 - 00:28:42

Fortunately, as many were hoping that Thor doesn't go out so easily, a ship arrives at the scene.

Many pay close attention.

00:28:42 - 00:29:00

The scene reveals a new face, a woman with lines on her face, drinking a whole bottle with many expecting to be an alien form of alcohol.

Kurogiri notices her movements as she walks forward, something he saw during his time at the bar when customers arrive to have a drink too many.

00:29:00 - 00:29:07

There were a few snickers and laughs when the new face fell off before she could walk down the rail, but the rest were completely confused about this entrance.

"What just happened?" Kirishima asked.

"She's drunk" the warp villain answered the student's question. Already having a hand on his warp forehead.

With the feeling that they'll see this person more often in this film, the introduction showed that her character was somewhat alerting.

The thought ends when Twice clapped his hands, "welp, back to eating Thor Might!"

00:29:07 - 00:29:29

"Finders keepers, finders die." Toga said, having somewhat an exciting feeling for what this strange drunk lady is going to do.

00:29:29 - 00:30:11

While the first impression wasn't very good, the second was very surprising and yet show the power she has.

"She has some nice babies." Hatsume was the first to respond when the lady used her ship's guns to obliterate the entire scavenger group.

"At least he helped Thor Might out, that's manly in my books," Kirishima comments after the lady tossed the remaining scavenger in the air, showing that she too has great strength

00:30:11 - 00:30:21

But relief turned into shock when the drunk lady who rescued Thor from cannibals, quickly place something on his neck that shocked him till the screen fade into black, an indication that he passed out.

"Just because they rescue you doesn't mean they'll help you." Aizawa said, "a villain who help, would be more likely to backstab when the real conflict ends."

Toga and Twice shrugs towards that statement, remembering when they helped the heroes with the Overhaul raid, though if they caught them, they would have to naturally fight back in response.

In any case, this made most of the audience scared with the rest curious as to what's going to happen to Thor or how the planet works, expecting the new lady to take him towards the city.

00:30:21 - 00:30:35

There were a couple of snickers when they saw Thor lying on glass, just the look of his face when he wakes up.

00:30:35 - 00:31:27

"So, he's wearing a shock collar…" Denki pointed out, "a little extreme, don't you think?"

"Yeah… and not at all great." All Might said, a little surprised that the shock on Thor's neck can stop him.

Overall, seeing the city and the building with warrior's faces, gave a huge impression for the audience towards the hero's situation.

00:31:27 - 00:31:45

"You think?" Shigaraki said, completely surprised by an entire army of Asgardians confronting Hela.

"That's a lot of guards…" Momo said, "though given to her immense powers, this seems to be a reasonable amount."

"You think that would be enough?" Mineta asked.

"let's find out…"

00:31:45 - 00:32:29

"Really given Maleficent vibes here…" Uraraka said, recalling another villain from a Disney film, her monologue and tone just remind her of that character.

00:32:29 - 00:32:42

"You think heroes care for villain monologues?" Asui said, "all it does is just waste time for everybody, ribbit."

"Yeah, sometimes, it's better for them to shut up and fight already!" Bakugo agrees with the frog. "Now kick her ass, Asgardian extras!"

00:32:42 - 00:33:06

And so, the fight begins, starting with the last member of the Warriors Three, already knocked out in the fight.

"Didn't expect him to defeat her," Kurogiri said, expecting a huge massacre.

00:33:06 - 00:33:54

The following scene was indeed a massacre.

Everyone watched in disbelief, in shock, in trembling fear to how powerful the film villain was. She was completely outnumbered by the entire army of Asgard. But they were outmatched in power.

There was no sound, no talks, no mentioning of the battle. They just watch in complete shock.

00:33:54 - 00:34:15

The intent amount of silence was broken when Skurge walked over the massive count of bodies.

"Holy… sh*t…"

It was the voice of the purple pervert who broke the silence.

They have seen powerful enemies, but none had shown the immense amount of power or what they can do, just a notice that they can do a bad thing or go on a rampage that does damage. But none has ever done a huge amount of death as Hela did within a minute.

Many in the audience feared Hela and many of them believed that if every one of the band up together to go against her, they will never stand a chance. They wouldn't even last five minutes against her.

Overall showing how dangerous the goddess of death was and how she might be Thor's biggest challenge he'll ever face.

But even then, her massacre wasn't over just yet.

00:34:15 - 00:34:33

Many knew what's going to happen to the last Warrior Three, some didn't look while others expect it.

"He's dead." Dabi points out the obvious.

00:34:33 - 00:34:44

And with on strike, the last member of the Warriors Three and all of Thor's friends were gone.

"At least they stood their ground and tried to fight." One of the teachers said.

"But at last, they died for nothing…" one of the villains added.

Midoriya wrote up the fates of Volstagg, Fandral and Hogun. All were killed by the hand of Hela. They were killed as heroes, but their attempts were futile, and their deaths were quick. They never stood a chance but at least they tried.

00:34:44 - 00:35:00

While it was a sad moment, many perked up when a mysterious cloak figure appeared and retrieve the sword that summons the Bifrost.

It caused mystery and many were curious as to who that person was, some spectated one or two possible characters, but it gives a sign of hope that will certainly bring good when the goddess of death rules the realm.

"Not hopeless yet." Midoriya gave a smile.

00:35:00 - 00:35:08

"And back to Thor Might," one of the students pointed out, as many were curious where he was.

00:35:08 - 00:35:24

The green hair student got his notes ready, having a feeling that this scene is going to explain where Thor was and the deal with the planet.

00:35:24 - 00:36:04

The following scene gave its explanation.

"Sakaar." Midoriya muttered, writing the name down, "so we were partly right about the planet. Not a junkyard but where unstable dimensional gateways lead to, meaning there are several of these gateways throughout the universe and it all leads towards this planet. Which explains junk and civilization because it was built by people who were stranded on the planet."

While Midoriya mutters, others were curious about someone who was mentioned, the Grand Master.

"So there's someone who rules the place." Nezu spoke, "though him being called Grand Master, he sounds like someone that isn't so trustworthy."

The heroes could agree with the principal, suspecting him to be a villain who rules the planet and do a bad thing.

The rest meanwhile notice something from this scene. As it reminded them of a certain film and a certain scene, the music also helps as it was a song that originally came from that film.

They just can't think of what that film was called.

00:36:04 - 00:36:23

The sudden next scene, scary as it seems, clicked the pieces together to what this moment was referencing.

The first one to know started chuckling,

"Is the grisly Reaper mowing?"

This caught attention as many face the masked villain. As he continues to speak

"Yes!" he shouted, "the danger must be growing, for the rowers keep on rowing, and they're certainly not showing, any signs that they are slowing!"

Twice laughs madly just as Thor screams. The words were already enough for the audience to realise what this scene was referencing.

00:36:23 - 00:36:27

And a sudden snap to reality with him still screaming, was enough to give a few snickers as Twice stopped laughing.

"A small step to mankind, but a giant step for him." Tokoyami quoted before signing with his head down, "that tunnel scene gave me nightmares…"

00:36:27 - 00:37:11

The audience saw the first introduction of the Grand Master, talking to both the drunk lady named 'Scrapper 142' and what seems to be a side guard named Topaz.

Already most wasn't sure what to make of him. But many didn't let their guard down. Just having bad vibes towards the person.

00:37:11 - 00:37:26

Seeing his chair getting move, the number of guards and two ladies that made the perverts jealous, several were feeling a ruler vibe when they see this image. Many suspects as they recall the tunnel mentioning the Grand Master being the creator of Sakaar, so it makes sense for him to rule it.

"The king doesn't get up from his throne," Aizawa said, starting to analyse what kind of person Grand Master was.

00:37:26 - 00:37:45

Slowly, Shigaraki was starting to smile every time Thor was shocked, since he has All Might's voice, seeing him in pace was at least something that was somewhat satisfactory for him, especially when these films wouldn't show any hero deaths. Just good guys winning or bad guys that are more powerful than him.

"You don't behave, you get the shock." Compress pointed out.

00:37:45 - 00:37:55

"Not a buyer," Aizawa said, seeing the Grand Master a little bit lazy, willing to transfer a huge sum of units without lowering the price even when his seeming advisor tried to lower the price.

Along with how he's acting and his words, making him think that he is not a frightful being but a casual and full of himself ruler that disregard bad stuff.

All he has to do is wait until he does something incredibly bad and it will fully show that he isn't a good person.

00:37:55 - 00:38:02

"She's not wrong." Toga said, "easiest cash grab."

"More likely she'll spend it all on booze," the warp villain said, hoping that it wouldn't be the case.

00:38:02 - 00:38:11

Many chuckles from Thor's response.

"Even when trapped and in restraints, Thor Might is still manly," Kirishima said.

00:38:11 - 00:38:29

"Thor Might is not the only one." One of the students said as many were a little worried when they see the Grand Master's cousin.

00:38:29 - 00:38:43

Hearing Grand Master pardon his cousin, with a few confused, others were a little suspected to what he means by pardon.

"I don't like this…" Shoto muttered.

00:38:43 - 00:39:02

Gasps and screams were heard, as they witness what happened.

"Oh my goodness!" Momo said. "that's… horrible!"

"Yeah…" Iida agreed, "and Thor didn't say 'Oh my Odin', he said 'oh my god', must be horrifying enough for him to break his mythological slang!"

"That's what you're alerting to?!" several students said in sync.

"Iida, he turned his cousin, his cousin! Into a puddle!" Denki pointed out.

It was in this scene as all suspicions were clear as day, and to see Grand Master just being disgusted for stepping on it and comment what it smells like, proves that he's completely remorseless.

"Hela might be a huge problem, but Thor Might needs to deal with that guy!?" Mineta said still in complete shock, "it's just getting worse for him!"

00:39:02 - 00:39:14

"I think you have introduced yourself very much," Uraraka cried out, "you are a weird dressing body melting psychopath!"

Within the first part of the film, many were happy to see their God of Thunder hero again, feeling that it's been too long since they saw him.

But what they saw, from the new threats and enemies, deaths of people from Asgard and a loss of the greatest and powerful hammer. Everyone didn't expect this episode to take so many step-ups and so many twists and turns that many were worried for Thor Odinson as his home was in imminent danger, everyone he loved either died or are in great danger and he's in the middle of a lost world, taken hostage with a shock collar on his neck by someone who wouldn't bat an eye for killing even their relatives. It's up to him to stop his sister as nobody stand a chance but first he has to figure out a way to get off of Sakaar.

But all he can do now is deal with what the Grand Master has in mind for him. And it was worrisome by the second for the audience.

To be continued…