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On a landslide, in the next interlude, the FWM subplot will end and she will leave the fanfiction.

So be happy about that, but that means the conclusion will be in the next interlude, so expect an ending towards the subplot and once it's over, we can finally move on and forget about the whole thing.

Here are more What If…? Reviews (SPOILERS BTW):

Episode 7:

It was fun…

If you allow it to be fun.

First, I just wanted to say this.

Remember back when I did Thor and I suggested that Loki wasn't abandoned by Laufey, but the planet was in bad condition that he wouldn't survive the aftermath. And there were a few of you who said that I was wrong and that his real father purposely left Loki to die.


Turns out the child was just lost and abandoned, but not intentional. If it was, then Loki would have still died even if he was returned, him still being there means that Laufey cares for his son before him being taken, just that the planet was in deep trouble or perhaps Loki was hidden or lost during the final battle with the Asgardians and the Frost Giants.

Now there is proof! Even if it happened in another universe, it's still strong evidence because it's not part of the split, it happens before the split.

As for the episode, as I said, it was a fun adventure, a huge feeling of a planet-scale house party episode and just having a good time in the ridiculous scenario that you can have a suspension of disbelief for this episode.

Alright, I know I didn't like Episode 1 and 4 due to their continuity troubles, but I allow this one to let it slide, I know certain people in this episode doesn't feel like they should be there but and if I have taken this episode seriously, I would say this is a bad episode because of it, but unlike the other two that connects with the main plot of the episode, this one had them being in the background that I can easily overlook.

Overall, I like it. I wouldn't say this is the best episode or come as close as the last one or episode three, but this was a good middle, maybe slightly below average in comparison to the other episodes. But still good and enjoyable.


Episode 8:

That was… impactful and incredibly terrifying

Oh, my goodness, I was first afraid that the What If…? Series was going to divert from its original concept and focus more on a pointless subplot that makes the whole thing bare to watch (like Chapter 70 of MHA watches the MCU) but oh my gosh this was HUGE and got me invested to see what happens next.

What was here was surprising, shocking, and again, terrifying and I hope that there would be a conclusion towards this.

The biggest shock was how Ultron got the rest of the stones; it was just… too easy… really shows how much of a threat Ultron was if he had won.

This is probably the best DARK What If scenario we ever came across, darker than the zombie episode and it really shows the full potential of the now looming threat. If it keeps introducing new scenarios while this threat exists, I wouldn't mind this.

Sorry if it's a little late, I was sick for a little bit and couldn't do any work, so this fanfiction might be a little late than usual.

There is also the fact that I am now starting another year in my university education, so there might not be a lot of time, but I will update to the best of my abilities, so keep that in mind.

With that said, time to close off another film and just one more film till the biggest showdown.

01:17:29 - 01:17:40

The scene shows a very camera impressive shot of Loki and Valkyrie walking towards the Grand Master.

This suddenly gives attention as many wonder what the Grand Master Want with the two, with many having a clear idea and for what reason.

01:17:40 - 01:17:49

"Of course, you're going to blame someone after just being upset." One of the teachers said.

"To be fair, Thor technically took Banner away" Nezu pointed out, "this isn't just typical villains who are upset because they feel like it."

"Are you serious?" Toga was stunned by what she heard.

01:17:49 - 01:17:59

"And yet you used it on your cousin just because they apologised to you." Twice pointed out, "interruptions are never punishable by death! Mainly because it doesn't happen, people are so good waiting for someone to finish monologing."

01:17:59 - 01:18:14

"Which explains why they're there." Jiro said, "while they're not suspects, there are connections that could help give information or, more likely here, be part of the investigation."

01:18:14 - 01:18:22

"Being competitive, eh?" Present Mic notices Loki and Valkyrie giving lesser numbers.

01:18:22 - 01:18:36

"Because that's one thing you think of when you wake up in the morning, public executions." Mineta said in a sarcastic tone before shouting a serious tone, "what the hell is wrong with this guy?"

"Again, he seems to be an unwise yet calm man who thinks too highly of himself," Aizawa said.

"Still, at least it keeps Loki and Valkyrie doing something and not get into further trouble." All Might pointed out, "but it also means they're going to try and find Thor, don't know if they'll bring him to the Grand Master or help them."

"Knowing them, more likely," Uraraka said with many students and some villains agreeing with her.

01:18:36 - 01:18:45

"Good moves." Mina made a compliment, feeling satisfied when Loki was punched in the face.

01:18:45 - 01:18:55

Not much to say, but excitement towards seeing a short fight between Loki and Valkyrie, with many hoping for Valkyrie to beat the trickster up.

01:18:55 - 01:18:58

"Now Loki knows." Tokoyami said

01:18:58 - 01:19:08

Hearing Loki's statement, those who were curious about the Valkyries perked up in curiosity.

Midoriya quickly got his notes ready, a little shock at what Loki said, "so… that explains why there aren't any Valkyries on Asgard" Midoriya said, "they all indeed, died off."

He has a feeling the next scene or much later will explain her story and how she ended up on Sakaar.

01:19:08 - 01:19:55

The following sequence shows as much as Midoriya expects, a flashback of Hela fighting and slaughtering the brave female warriors known as the Valkyries,

Many, the female group especially, smiled when they saw them riding Pegasus into battle, and sadden when they have fallen along with the other Valkyries

ending with the last Valkyrie being saved by her fellow warrior, which gives not only shows how Hela would overlook the last one but to show how much Valkyrie went through and how many she has lost.

This clear many reasons to why she would end up drinking and perhaps whatever happened after, she ended up on Sakaar being a complete wreck, yet still live on towards the guilt, enough for her to forget all about it and have a different life. Questionable yet understandable.

With this being clear evidence, Midoriya wrote this all on his notes, clearing things up of the history and fall of the Valkyries.

01:19:55 - 01:20:22

"And Thor Might acts as if being on an alien planet is normal." Present Mic said.

"We all would equally freak out if we're on a different alien planet," Midnight pointed out.

"Or any planet really," Thirteen added, "despite quirks existing and plans being thought out for the past few years, we're not any closer from going to Mars or beyond."

01:20:22 - 01:20:37

"So in other words, you had lost control of your quirk." Tokoyami said, "like if Dark Shadow was bathed in eternal night."

01:20:37 - 01:20:48

"Guess it makes sense since you have been Hulk for two years," Iida said, thinking about Banner's powers, "if he goes Hulk, there's a chance he might be gone for good,"

"So, he dies if he goes Hulk?" Uraraka said, somewhat worried.

"Possibly," Tokoyami said, "Hulk had learned more than Banner did and to Hulk, this planet was paradise, so he wouldn't want Banner to come back at risk of leaving."

"And it's only a possibility but more likely," Iida continued, "given the circumstances."

01:20:48 - 01:21:02

"And I can already tell Banner would have several questions." Dabi sighs.

01:21:02 - 01:21:25

"Really sounds like he does," Shinso said, understanding towards Banner, as there were a few people who wanted to use his quirk over pity reasons, and constantly decline it knowing that it would get him into trouble.

01:21:25 - 01:21:33

"And he just did it!" Sero said, "and earlier you said you prefer Hulk over Banner, now you're just switching sides."

"It does sound like he's using Banner," Jiro commented. "plus, he's the only way he can get Banner off the planet, so he has no choice in this."

01:21:33 - 01:21:48

"That's a lot of PhDs." Momo was impressed by the number, "really make Bruce a genius."

"Well Hulk might be the brawns, but Banner is the brains," Hagakure pointed out, "he can outsmart his enemies while Hulk out-smashes them."

"Seven PhDs…" Midoriya wrote on his notes, "really difficult to get just one."

01:21:48 - 01:22:12

"Plus, nobody on this planet would know who Tony Stark is." All Might said.

01:22:12 - 01:22:16

"Okay, didn't want to know that!" All Might shouted while the rest was surprised at how Stark wears his pants.

"Hopefully it doesn't mean his trousers rip off if he transforms." Midnight said, somewhat inflicted to see it happen.

01:22:16 - 01:22:25

"Speaking of which." She said, just as everyone felt a little hard sense when they saw green veins on Banner's face. Worried that he would go Hulk.

01:22:25 - 01:22:33

But relieved that he didn't, with many glad that Thor kept him calm down.

However, some had a bad feeling when Thor said Banner doesn't have to think about Hulk.

01:22:33 - 01:23:09

And with that bad feeling comes karma.

The audience watches in shock, as the scene shows a huge, Hulk-Themed parade occurs, and trouble comes to mind when Thor lost sight of Banner

"Oh my goodness!" Toga cried out with a big grin, "I know they lost Hulk, but this is the best and something Hulk needs!"

"Yeah, this looks a lot like those All Might parties or conventions," Midoriya said, recalling when as a young age, he and his mother went to those events and loving every bit of seeing All Might posters, merch, and cosplayers everywhere.

All Might smiled when he heard Midoriya talk about the parties and conventions, being the number one hero. He was aware that there would be conventions and events that were themed around him and he had attended to a few of them during his time as a hero.

But he suddenly realises a bad thing about this.

"And Banner is in the middle of this." He spoke, "he isn't wrong, this planet was made to stress him out."

01:23:09 - 01:23:18

"Oh no…" All Might said, seeing a big alien that was getting ready to fight. Worried for both Bruce and Thor.

01:23:18 - 01:23:21

But relived when the shock things activate on the alien, knocking him out before conflict could happen.

"Well… that was easy…" All Might said, yet cautious along with everyone when they saw Valkyrie.

01:23:21 - 01:23:39

"He has to improvise okay." Compress said, "it's not like masks are lying about to hide your identity,"

"Says the man in a mask," Ojiro commented.

"Which I crafted towards my appearance." He defended, "I thought ahead while Thor needs to improvise."

01:23:39 - 01:23:49

Many were confused and still cautious towards Valkyrie, not sure if she's going to take them to the Grand Master or help them getting off Sakaar.

Based on what they saw and how Valkyrie ceased conflict, some are considering the latter.

01:23:49 - 01:24:00

"Oh, you would know…" Mina said, giggling towards the fact that Bruce and Valkyrie might know each other when she and Hulk are good friends.

01:24:00 - 01:24:12

"Wouldn't that be nice," Dabi said, with villains with troubled pasts agreeing and considering that Sakaar wasn't a bad place if they didn't end up as gladiators.

01:24:12 - 01:24:26

"That's some bold courage right there!" Kirishima said, smiling along with others knowing that the drunk Asgardian is going to help Thor with fighting Hela.

Many were relieved from this.

01:24:26 - 01:24:45

"I get that he wants to differentiate from Avengers," Midnight said, "but… Revengers?"

This brings troubling minds to most, especially Iida who had been through the concept of revenge, though understood that what Thor and Valkyrie were doing wasn't due to the mindless rage for what the other did, but to do what's right and to protect the people of his home.

"I like it." Dabi smiled, "has a nice ring to it."

01:24:45 - 01:24:54

Many in the audience were pleased when they saw Loki in chains as Valkyrie's 'peace offering'. Making many of them fully trust her with her word.

"Loki, the god of mischief and always wrapped in chains," Tokoyami said.

01:24:54 - 01:25:02

"Guessing the illusions wouldn't work for his case." Midoriya said, thinking about how they work and how it wouldn't right there, "his quirk works more like projections, meaning that his physical body wouldn't be affected by his tricks."

01:25:02 - 01:25:34

"Or you could try the seven-hundred jumps," Hatsume suggested.

Shinso sighs, "don't think they would be crazy enough to do that."

"Have to agree with this guy." Mina said, "plus, Thor Might has a better plan."

01:25:34 - 01:25:38

Quickly, the pink student blew raspberries upon hearing the name of the 'big one'.

"I'm sorry, what did she call it?" Uraraka said, unsure if she heard it right.

01:25:38 - 01:25:43

Hearing the name right, the screen room turn into chuckles and laughter towards the name.

"Well it is the junkyard that has portals shooting out sh*t, so it makes sense for a city full of criminals and lunatics to call it, the Devil's anus!" Compress said with many agreeing even if the name was rather vulgar.

"So to get away from the Grand Master, Thor Might has to go up a demon's arse." Twice summarised before chuckling, "I'm sorry, but… Devil's anus… it's hilarious!"

01:25:43 - 01:25:48

The smart people who have an idea of what Banner was talking about looking at the anus and can see his description. "seems accurate." Momo said, "meaning going though that would be second to impossible, it's no wonder the locals of Sakaar calls it… that…"

"DEVIL'S ANUS!" Twice shouted.

01:25:48 - 01:26:02

"Okay… never thought to be confused even if my voice was talking about it." All Might muttered as he and many others didn't know what they said to what ship they need to get through the anus.

Only a few could understand and yet they consider it as an extremely difficult task, something that was beyond their control if they had that task, now knowing where to start.

01:26:02 - 01:26:18

"Shut it, trickster…" Toga said, a little disappointed the bottle didn't hit Loki.

01:26:18 - 01:26:27

"Oh boy…" Aizawa sighs before facepalming. He had seen this move many times with captive villains, who would plead and give offers towards their group or organization. Either in hopes for a lighter sentence for aiding the authorities or to set up an ambush that gives them a chance to escape.

And as much as he and several people, villains included did not trust Loki at the slightest, they were still eager to listen as it might give a possible way to find the right ship.

01:26:27 - 01:26:32

"Why did you say it that way?" Tokoyami cringed at what Loki said.

"Either with or without him, there's, unfortunately, no safe passage through the anus my friend." Midnight chuckle causing the birds head student to become angrier.

01:26:32 - 01:26:52

"For Banner, the last time he recalls, Loki was arrested when he tried to invade Earth" Todoroki recalls. "And you can't trust a backstabber."

"Or any stabber for that matter," Uraraka mutters.

01:26:52 - 01:27:07

"Very tragic," one of the students said, with some being surprised by what Loki did when they were children. "I guess surprising Thor would be something brothers would do in pranks… but stabbing him?"

"Really sounds like he was destined to be a stabber." Compress suggested.

"Just be glad stabbing is the worst thing he would do with animal transforming powers." Momo commented, "at least he's not like Zeus…"

01:27:07 - 01:27:23

"Revolution?" Midoriya perked up, "what did he mean revol- ohh yeah…" he suddenly remembers, thinking about one moment when Revolution was mentioned, seeing that as something that can help with Thor's plan.

01:27:23 - 01:27:31

The scene cuts back to a somewhat surprising shown of Korg and Miek, with Korg bring up a question that many notice.

And many not wanting to know the real answer just had slight speculation as to whether it's the former or latter suggestion.

01:27:31 - 01:27:40

"Huh?" one of the students was confused when suddenly the shocking disks were deactivated and removed. "what happened? Is this part of their plan?"

01:27:40 - 01:27:55

With Korg's statement, many now understood what Thor meant by Revolution.

"Oh, that's clever!" Sero said, "use Korg and his Revolution to distract the guards while Thor and gang sneak into the Grand Master's palace to take one of his ships."

"A move that worked on many occasions." Kurogiri pointed out. "mainly for villains towards masterful plots or break-ins."

01:27:55 - 01:28:05

"Yeah Revolution!" Twice shouted towards the scene with the Grand Master, "how that's for doing Contest of Champions!"

01:28:05 - 01:28:19

"Say if it differently, but it doesn't mean it's no different than slaves." Iida pointed out. "Forced labour is defined as slavery."

"Much like society." Himiko pointed out, "just with extra steps, either accept it or be rejected…"

01:28:19 - 01:28:36

"Despite having to commence a plan, it might help for the two to talk," Midoriya said, curious about an upcoming conversation between Thor and Loki.

01:28:36 - 01:28:56

"And yet, you two are working together for once." All Might muttered, with many finding the scene somewhat strange.

They had seen Loki helping Thor back in the Dark World, but here it was rather more trustful than it was previously. Even when Loki explain how they were never meant to be together, the actions he's making tells otherwise.

01:28:56 - 01:29:09

A few chuckles when Thor sent the armed alien flying, with many finding it somewhat strange that the two were acting casually towards the fight.

01:29:09 - 01:29:23

"Chaotic and lawless and yet he wants to take freedom away," Toga said, who herself agree with Thor towards the fact that Sakaar was chaotic, enough for her wanting to stay there so she can go around and have fun, but her mind didn't come to Loki being there.

And for another comment towards Loki, Uraraka just had enough. "could you please shut it." She demanded, causing the blonde villain to turn around with a confused face. "you said nothing but bad things towards Loki."

"What do you're defending him?" Toga asks with a glare

"Heck, no?" the gravity girl responds, "but I can't help but see why you of all people don't like him since there are many similarities with each other."

This angered Toga, "there's nothing about each other?"

"Both prefer using knives and often stab people, both of you would betray if given the chance and most importantly, you wouldn't give a second before taking a life. If you think about it, wouldn't that take freedom away?"

"Oh f**k off," Himiko was furious, "I desire freedom, it's the very thing that got me to become a villain in the first place"

"Ultron desired peace," All Might pointed out, "and look what that got him."

"How about we change the subject and carry on this chat…" Toga attempts to change the subject, "I… I just don't want to talk about it."

Uraraka wanted to say more, but decided to keep hold of it, they are watching a film and having a whole conversation would work better during the break time,

So she decided to hold it off till then. Because it will be something the crazy villainess needs.

Meanwhile for Toga, while she was conflicted and remember the conversation, she was eager to listen to the conversation between Thor and Loki.

"Me and Loki…" Toga muttered, "we're nothing alike…"

01:29:23 - 01:29:57

(Author's note: this moment was when I found out Thor's Japanese dub voice was the same as All Might original voice, you can find it on Youtube)

Hearing Thor's answer to Loki's question of how little Thor sees his adopted brother.

The answer they got was… different than what they expected

It was a very interesting concept that many wouldn't empathise with, only a few could have some idea.

One of the Todorokis had a bit of understanding, seeing how he's going to approach his brother, this scene helped him a bit because he could see the position he was in and what position his brother was him, meaning it's better that they didn't know each other or if better, see each other again.

But for him, it would be difficult.

For others, like Midoriya and All Might, see this towards a similar concept that sparks the creation of One for All, the conflict between brothers. All for One and his brother, the first welder of One for All, decades and nine users, it was as though the shadow of the first user never left and confront his brother every time, even if it's through someone else and generations beyond, something that All Might wants to break and something that he fears towards Midoriya and Shigaraki.

"A vicious cycle" Yagi muttered while thinking about his situation. He looked at Thor and Loki, feeling glad that they came to an understanding between the two, knowing that they can't change who they are or if they can trust each other.

He agrees that it would be better if the brothers were separated.

01:29:57 - 01:30:00

"Get what?" a student question.

01:30:00 - 01:30:08

"I guess… Get Help would be like their duo ultimate move?" Midoriya suggested, a little unsure and wonder why Loki doesn't want to do 'Get Help', whatever it is.

01:30:08 - 01:30:21

In the scene as follow, the confusion turns into laughter.

"Oh, now I see why they call it 'Get Help'." Sero said through his laughter, "Thor use Loki as an injured victim for a distraction, then throw him to knock all of the guards."

"It does sound like it would work, ribbit." Asui smiled, "it was amusing seeing Loki getting thrown like that."

"I honestly like it." Compress said before ending his laughter, it's an ultimate duo move that while embarrassing for the villain, shows the trust of cooperation!

"Seeing him being thrown like that lighten my mood," Toga muttered before joining the crowd of laughter.

Overall, everyone enjoyed the surprising Thor-Loki duo ultimate move that they call 'Get Help'.

01:30:21 - 01:30:28

"Woah." Hatsume looked at the Commodore and was impressed by the design, "really like the shape."

01:30:28 - 01:30:31

"Why did Loki made an illusion of himself?" Mineta questions with no answer from anyone.

Because many who knew were facepalming in utter disappointment.

01:30:31 - 01:30:44

"Of course, you go around and do that!" Toga shouted, "who here knew Loki would betray Thor, AGAIN!?"

"Always be cautious when working with a villain," Aizawa said, sighing with his face looking down.

01:30:44 - 01:30:55

But looked up when Thor was holding a remote, with many surprised when Thor managed to predict and counter Loki's betrayal.

"Huh… that's new…" the 1-A teacher said, as it was beyond his expectation, he felt proud of Thor, pleased that he was cautious and execute when a contingency occurs.

"Thor Might felt Puny God, but you will feel the shocking disks!" Twice commented.

01:30:55 - 01:31:21

Hearing Thor's statement about Loki, was once again similar to their conversation in the elevator, explaining how Loki seems to never change.

This hits a bit more towards Himiko, and it was something she agrees with. Something that made her different to Loki.

Something that made heroes like Loki.

"I can change," Toga muttered, not wanting others to speak, "it's the rest of the world that needs to change, life is hard as it was…"

01:31:21 - 01:31:29

"Yeah, good luck trying to get that shocking remote." Denki joked, "it wouldn't be hard, it's just over there, your body is just being shocked every second!"

"The guards are more likely to appear before Loki could move an inch," Jiro said.

With that, some who didn't like Loki hoped for that to happen, though those same people had a feeling that Loki would find a way to get out of his situation.

01:31:29 - 01:32:02

"But he will." Kirishima said, "outrun those spacecraft, Thor Might!"

People get themselves hyped; they didn't say very much as the scene was preparing for a spaceship chase.

01:32:02 - 01:32:37

The following scene was not much to say, but rather thrill and enjoyment, with people happy to see Valkyrie's ship helping Thor's ship, and laughed when Banner was kicked out and entered Thor's ship, with many being worried that he might fallen down, feeling relieved when he holds on.

01:32:37 - 01:32:45

"Not while the ship is on their tail." Midoriya said, "hopefully there's a gun that can shoot from behind."

01:32:45 - 01:32:50

"Never mind," Midoriya said, a little disappointed yet intense from the given information.

"What kind of sci-fi spaceship does not have guns!?" Bakugo complains.

01:32:50 - 01:33:00

"You had to ask, Kanchan," Mina said, a little surprised but jumped when Bakugo was triggered.

"Don't call me that, pink!" he shouted, "nobody calls me that!"

"What about Midoriya?" the red hair student asked.

"Deku shouldn't." he turned to a jumped and shaken Midoriya.

Meanwhile, for the rest, they were a little weirded out by what the ship was used to.

"Well, I guess the Grand Master has his style…" Mineta said

"That I agree with." The R-rated teacher said, "imagine a ship designed for such pleasure."

"A ship fit for a king…" Denki said.

Jiro was annoyed by this and was about to use her earplugs to shock the two perverts until they were suddenly stopped by a teacher.

"Please don't." Midnight said, "let the youthful boys have some imagination…"

"Still incredibly weird." Jiro said, feeling completely uncomfortable from both what's on-screen and what she's looking at. "certainly, wouldn't go on that ship."

01:33:00 - 01:33:11

The audience hisses in fear when they saw Valkyrie's ship taking damage, hoping for her to get off her ship, with many expecting that her ship would be gone either way.

01:33:11 - 01:33:30

"Good, she's alright," Tetsutetsu was relived along with everyone else, "just did a manly jump."

"Though that means they have no weapons," one of the 1-B students pointed out, "her ship was the only one with guns."

"Then they have to improvise."

01:33:30 - 01:33:46

With the trust towards the metal student, the audience watches in excitement as they witness Valkyrie jumping and destroying one ship with her sword.

"A great legendary warrior." Uraraka smiled, "living up to her name."

01:33:46 - 01:33:56

"Because he's a genius doesn't mean he knows what pilots would know." Iida pointed out, though hoping for the genius not to crash.

01:33:56 - 01:34:26

The audience, mostly the students were cheering on as they watch Thor and Valkyrie tear down the spaceships. Being excited to see strong heroes taking down fast pace ships with nothing more but their fist and strength.

Many see the two as being worthy as powerful Asgardians.

01:34:26 - 01:34:33

"Valcaholic already told you there's no gun on the ship!" Twice pointed out, "the ship was made for sex! Butt stuff! Don't be so childish! Sex ship!"

01:34:33 - 01:34:40

"Nope…" Mina giggled, "but it is pretty."

"And it might work," Midoriya said.

01:34:40 - 01:34:49

Before the pink girl could ask, she saw the fireworks working for Banner's side as it was a distraction to cause the ship to crash.

"If there are no weapons, use flares," Midoriya said, who was writing down notes on the stolen ship and what it has, as well as the disturbing facts to how it was used.

01:34:49 - 01:35:13

Everyone gave a huge sigh of relief when Thor and Valkyrie got back to the ship.

"So… cool…" one of the students said as they were in awe towards the exciting high chase action.

"Now then…" Present Mic said, "Time to get up the anus!"

He let out a snicker after making that statement.

01:35:13 - 01:35:19

The scene made a change to show Korg and the rest of the warriors.

"Great, not only Thor Might is escaping, but also the rock dude," Kirishima said, happier to see such a nice guy having a way to escape.

This caught attention to some, mainly as they recalled what was left behind.

01:35:19 - 01:35:27

"Damn, forgot Loki was there." One of the students said, with many in the audience know that Loki wouldn't be left behind or he finds his way to rejoin his brother.

01:35:27 - 01:35:37

"I know you are very polite, man, that's manly," Kirishima started, "but you really shouldn't trust that man."

"But he will." Toga sighs, "and more likely betray them and leave Sakaar by himself. He found his way out to live another day."

"He wouldn't abandon Thor Might?" Hagakure asked. With several people, not just villains having stiff faces.

"It's Loki Hagakure," Mina said, "the god of mischief. The guy who would backstab people more than he kills people

"Hard to say really." Midoriya added, "but Thor did agree with Loki that it's better off if they are no longer together, and this was his chance to get away from Asgard and everything.

"But he would still be a threat to the universe." Cenmentoss pointed out, "he would start making havoc or find a way to rule something when he regains his strength. We'll more likely go to see him in another film."

Many were still unsure about this, but since the anus would be too dangerous, the audience wouldn't see Loki taking the big ship just to catch up with Thor to fight Hela.

(But unknown to them, that is exactly what's going to happen and it's going to be a good thing.)

01:35:37 - 01:36:07

"Alright, time to go up a demon's butthole!" Twice said, hyping himself up as he and the audience watch the heroes navigate the Devil's Anus.

It was intense that they couldn't keep their eyes away from the screen, hoping for them to make it through.

01:36:07 - 01:36:14

A sudden cut caused the audience to lose the hype, now curious about the new scene with Skurge.

"I don't like where this is going…" All Might comments.

01:36:14 - 01:36:25

"That has something to do with wolves, probably," One of the villains said, while the rest can see the innocent Asgardian civilians being incredibly unease by Hela's pet wolf.

01:36:25 - 01:36:53

"Don't tell me he's going to execute her on the spot!" one of the students ask, causing many to worry about the sudden turn of events.

"Dark overlords tend to use executions, a way to make people talk to show how serious they are," Tokoyami said.

From this, the audience was worried for the innocent, giving several reactions towards the scene, the only unfazed were some of the teachers, who while disgusted, understood the bad action and the villains, who are used to death.

01:36:53 - 01:37:21

But both had a feeling that heads will not roll in this scene, as they and a few students notice the Executioner's behaviour.

Seeing him paused and looking to Hela and the victim, as though he's having second thoughts.

"He's… he doesn't want to do it." Midoriya muttered. "he's beginning to see he's on the wrong side…"

01:37:21 - 01:37:28

The audience was relieved by the sudden call from one of the Asgardians. Just before Skurge could drop the killing blow on the innocent lady.

Within the seconds before cutting to the caller, Midoriya notice the shaking, showing fear for what he was about to do and felt thankful for someone calling out before he end up with blood on his hands.

He wasn't sure if Skurge is going to remain loyal to Hela, but this was the first sign that while he was a coward, he isn't a monster.

01:37:28 - 01:37:40

"Enough with sudden executions, the heroes got out of the anus!" Twice announced with his finger pointing upwards.

"And just in time too." Spinner added, "Heimdall is running out of time."

01:37:40 - 01:37:55

"What's going on," Hagakure asked, a little worried when they saw knocked out Thor, Valkyrie and Banner.

"More likely temporarily unconscious due to them going through an intense wormhole, seemingly not good for human or Asgardian comprehension." Nezu explained, "they're completely fine, just be thankful they got out of the anus."

Some snicker towards the last word from the principal's statement, "still can't get over with that name…" Denki chuckled

01:37:55 - 01:38:11

"They're back." Uraraka cheered with many being happy that the heroes returned. "We are getting so close from the final battle…"

01:38:11 - 01:38:22

"Yeah, you see Bruce, some evil witch with immense powers had taken over the throne and you three have to stop her from… ruling the universe." Toga summarised the situation for Bruce, "so yeah… it will be a great time to go Hulk… good luck…"

01:38:22 - 01:38:36

"A distraction to ensure the people are safe." All Might said, liking the plan despite the chance of Thor getting killed.

"The people are all that mattered," Aizawa said, "keeping them safe and getting them off Asgard would be the main priority.

01:38:36 - 01:39:00

"I think it's a bit too late for a distraction." Midnight said, noticing Hela being at the entrance of the secret hideout.

This caused the audience to worry about the people that were hiding. Shaking in hope for Thor to draw her away somehow.

01:39:00 - 01:39:05

"Good," Bakugo said, "they need to use some damn firepower!"

01:39:05 - 01:39:14

Seeing the set of clothes that Thor had gotten, many were excited to see Valkyrie in a new outfit. The girls especially wanted to see her in a badass suit to show how much of a heroic warrior she was.

01:39:14 - 01:39:26

"That's pretty much what any of us are trying to do," Ojiro said.

01:39:26 - 01:39:50

There wasn't much to say in the following scene, as it was information, they already know with Thor reacting to it

There wasn't much from the reaction, just a bitter understanding that Asgard had a dark past despite the stories he was told about them. To see the truth and yet keep it in the past because the present is what matters.

01:39:50 - 01:40:02

"And there goes the doors." Sero pointed out with many worries for the innocents, "they're too late!"

01:40:02 - 01:40:16

But to their surprise, expecting to see several Asgardians backing up and trembling in fear, they saw the hideout completely empty, with a bright light at the other side.

"There was another way out." Midoriya state the obvious, "meaning Thor can keep Hela from going after them."

01:40:16 - 01:40:31

Seeing the Asgardian refugees travelling into the city and Heimdall telling them to go to the Bifrost, many knew what their plan was.

"That's right, the Bifrost." Uraraka suddenly recalls, "with Heimdall having the sword, they can use the Bifrost to escape."

"So long as Hela doesn't catch up or go after them." Asui pointed out one of the possible outcomes of what could go wrong.

"Hopefully Thor Might can distract her long enough before that could happen."

01:40:31 - 01:40:43

Seeing the suit up, the audience watch closely as it reveals Valkyrie in her new battle suit while holding the weapon in somewhat a distracting position.

This doesn't stop Present Mic to call out an announcement, "Valkyrie! A former member of an elite force of woman warriors who sore their life to the Thone, this one is the last, but still a great, drunken warrior!"

"She certainly looks like one." Midnight smile, "just look at the cannon she's holding."

"She will make it rain…" a blushed Toga giggled, having dirty thoughts from seeing this scene alone, "so… huge…"

(Author's Note: seriously, you can interpret this shot differently)

01:40:43 - 01:40:58

"A man sits upon a golden throne," Tokoyami said, as the room gets silent, hearing the loud banging, anticipation for what's to come, calling Hela out.

01:40:58 - 01:41:19

"Just talking, to buy some time, but to have one last conversation before a fateful battle." All Might said, taking breaths as he watches brother and sister chat.

01:41:19 - 01:41:27

"Seems that way." Kurogiri said, with some students, teachers and most villains agreeing. "first he imprisoned Hela when she goes on a massacre, then pretend as if she didn't exist."

"Yeah, and Thor had some experience of his own," All Might said, "being cast out and banished when he started a war."

"Shows how much he improved over time," Aizawa said.

01:41:27 - 01:41:48

"A civilization can prosper into peace, but none of them had humble origins," Kurogiri stated, "all of them start with blood, death and wars."

"So true," Nezu agrees with the warp villain, "even in the age of heroes, what got us here was from all the trouble, chaos and death that happened in the past."

01:41:48 - 01:41:59

"And that's what happens," Toga said, sighing negatively towards the film's villain, "people can change."

01:41:59 - 01:42:13

"You tell her," Monoma said, seeing this moment as the end of the conversation before conflict occurs.

01:42:13 - 01:42:27

"And it comes all full circle," Midoriya said, recalling a quote that was brought along the way.

'A wise king doesn't seek out war but must always be ready for it.'

He was very surprised that Hela remembers the quote, as though she too follow it, from what they saw, at first it was as though she was seeking out war, but recalling her actions, she was rather more being ready than seeking, with her making claims and hoping for the other side to bid her commands, and when they don't she attacks. in some sense, that could be considered being ready for war than seeking it.

The only time she was seeking war was her conquest to rule the nine realms and everything else.

But in any case, with the two getting ready, everyone gets prepared as the final battle and the major moment of Ragnarok begins.

01:42:27 - 01:42:37

Some were a little disappointed that the scene cut before either Thor or Hela take the first strike.

But it gave some sense of hope when they saw Heimdall and the Asgardians walking on the rainbow bridge.

"Nearly there," Uraraka muttered, while happy to see this, she along with several others had a feeling that there would be something that will block their escape.

01:42:37 - 01:42:55

"Of course." The gravity girl sighs, expecting something bad will block their path, "there will always be a problem."

01:42:55 - 01:43:13

"Yeah!" one of the students cheered as they notice the gunshot from Valkyrie and Banner.

"Blast that Wolf to hell!" Bakugo roared.

01:43:13 - 01:43:31

With many hoping for the innocent to flee, what was behind their approaches, an undead army with Skurge leading.

"Crap! They're trapped!" Mineta said, shaking in fear, "what are they going to do."

"The heroes have to defend them," Aizawa said, "very difficult, but protecting them is the biggest priority."

01:43:31 - 01:43:47

The scene cuts back to the fight between Thor and Hela, many cheered for Thor, but notice that he was losing the fight.

01:43:47 - 01:44:06

"You're not a savour, Hela," Jiro said, hating the villainess as many worries for Thor after being thrown.

01:44:06 - 01:44:14

Many jump when Thor was cut, seeing Hela seeing Thor as something that wasn't a challenge to her.

And the strike had been very worrisome.

01:44:14 - 01:44:19

But even more worrisome when another jump occurs, many shrieked in horror. Seeing the great wound from Thor's face.

"Bitch just cut his eye out!" Denki shouted.

While many were scared and frightened, Toga, liked when she cut Thor's eye and saw something she wanted in these films.


01:44:19 - 01:44:26

"Like father, like son," Tokoyami said, "both share the same scar."

01:44:26 - 01:44:36

"A Bakugo thing to say." Sero joked. "But seriously, they need something else to take down that dog."

"I can think of one," Satou said, especially when the scene changes to show Banner.

01:44:36 - 01:45:07

"Okay good!" Bakugo smile, "it's about time you use your damn quirk, especially in this situation! Go Hulk"

Many were pleased to see this, yet they were a little worried consider what Banner said about what would happen if he became the Hulk again.

But with what's going on and how powerful the wolf was, they can't see any other option to keep the innocent Asgardians safe.

"Time to get angry…" All Might said, smiling to see the monster becoming a hero.

01:45:07 - 01:45:15

But the smile falter when Banner landed.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?" many shouted in sync.

"Not again…" All Might sighs, recalling a similar scene that had Banner crash landing onto the ground before he could go Hulk

"Okay, first time had the strength and not splatter." Shigaraki recalls as well, "but he has to be dead here!" there isn't even a crack on that bridge!"

"I don't know about that…" All Might said, grasping for hope.

01:45:15 - 01:45:22

Which he already lost when they saw the still and broken corpse of Bruce Banner

"Okay never mind…"

The hype towards seeing Hulk again was rather a silent disappointment, but many had a feeling that this was also a fake-out, just like what happened last time.

01:45:22 - 01:45:38

But at last, many were relieved when they saw Hulk again.

"Okay, taking it back again," All Might said, quickly going buff to make one statement.

"HULK SMASH!" then he goes skinny again.

With that, the audience hypes themselves again, waiting to see Hulk going against Hela's Pet Wolf, Fenris.

01:45:38 - 01:45:50

Excited about the fight, they quickly notice the situation and yet again, begin to worry for the heroes.

01:45:50 - 01:46:18

"And there goes the ship. Now blocking their way out," One of the teachers said, not helping one bit to make the fight even less comfortable for their students.

01:46:18 - 01:46:26

"Heimdall no!" a shout of a support girl caused everyone to worry about the all-seeing guardian of Asgard.

01:46:26 - 01:46:30

Then greatly relieved when a sudden shot saved Heimdall.

The reveal to the shooter caused a huge shock in the screen room.

"Wait, Korg?" Iida said, confused as everyone else.

"How did he end up on Asgard?" Kirishima gave out the biggest question in the room.

"Unless… no way…" Iida suddenly realise.

01:46:30 - 01:46:36

Hearing what Korg said, with still confusion filling the room, several in the audience suddenly realize how the prisoned gladiators ended up on Asgard.

"Wait… don't tell me…" Toga said in shock, in complete disbelief based on everything she had seen in a certain person who wouldn't make this move.

"I believe it is…" Midoriya said, in complete shock as she was.

01:46:36 - 01:46:52

There were big shocks, eyes widen, jaws drop, when they witness Loki on a huge spaceship arriving just in time when there was trouble.

"Oh… my… what!" Toga was the first to shout, in utter disbelief in seeing what she's seeing.

The teachers were very shocked, many want the civilians safe, to ensure none of them was slain by the undead soldiers or eaten by the wolf or fallen off the bridge.

The students wanted to see something that will come along and save them. They wanted to see a hero come in and save everyone.

They completely didn't expect that hero to be Loki.

"I'm… I'm out of words…" Present Mic said, still in awe towards the unexpected rescue.

"You're not the only one," Aizawa said, in the same shock, but kept it cool, "but this is a great opportunity, if they can't escape from the Bifrost, they can go off-world using the ship."

01:46:52 - 01:47:02

Taking the 1-A teacher's words, people start to board the ship, with many was thrilled to see this happening, still in disbelief that Loki would come to aid the heroes. But it was surprising nonetheless.

Himiko especially was taken in from, seeing this, hoping that Loki would never change and remain the backstabbing, betraying villain as he was, never to help others when it doesn't go their way, like when she did when she secretly helped the heroes against Overhaul. But more importantly, she no longer gave her the excuse to what was different between her and the god of mischief. Contradicting her hatred when she pretty much does the same.

"Crap…" she sighs, knowing that her conversation with her rival will be inevitable.

01:47:02 - 01:47:08

"Only Heimdall would see that coming!" Sero said.

01:47:08 - 01:47:25

They witness the battle with Loki and the Sakaar gladiators, seeing them putting up a good fight.

And yet, with the death of one and trouble of another, many notice that even with aid, they are still unmatched against the undead army.

01:47:25 - 01:47:39

"We know who he is…" Denki said, taking a breath, remembering the amazing power that he loves, mostly due to his own quirk.

While others, especially Midoriya, notice the appearance of Odin yet again.

01:47:39 - 01:47:55

"What's going on?" one of the students asked, with many people

"Seems to be those moments." All Might said.


"You know, when you are in complete thought and think about many things, like how we process information before we execute the action. You see it often in Anime."

"But for this occasion, it's if Odin himself is speaking to Thor, and might be…" Midoriya said, keeping his eyes towards the screen, having a feeling that Thor's moment is going to be the big driver of motivation that will help him fight back against his sister.

01:47:55 - 01:48:05

"Is he?" Kirishima turned to Momo, "in Norse Mythology I mean."

"Deities sometimes have more than one role, but I don't think Thor was the god of hammers." Momo tries to think about the different roles, "mostly lightning themed, such as thunder and storms."

"I believe he was also a god of trees," Iida said, trying to put his knowledge of Norse mythology and their roles.

"That doesn't sound correct." Denki said, "trees have nothing to do with lightning."

"Either way, his father is trying to tell him something."

01:48:05 - 01:48:14

"that makes some sense," Midoriya wrote down some notes, "what Odin is trying to say is that Thor had that power with him all along, the hammer was made to help him use the power properly and focus on what he has all this time, this could explain the sparks and the lightning powers he had against the Hulk, could this mean that…"

"Stop yapping Deku!" Bakugo shouts, silencing the green hair student's muttering, "let Odin finish so Thor Might kick his sister's ass already!"

01:48:14 - 01:48:21

"it's… not?" one of the students' questions, with pretty much everyone was confused about Odin's statement.

01:48:21 - 01:48:33

"I think I got it," All Might muttered, "he's trying to say that Asgard isn't the city, but the people, trying to say that the people are more valuable than where they live.

He also found his other statement fascinating, on how the cliffs in Norway could also be Asgard if the people live there, indicating that the city shouldn't matter, the throne shouldn't matter, nothing on the floating land matters, but it's about the people.

Only a handful thought about this with the rest being unsure about what Odin was trying to say.

01:48:33 - 01:48:56

With Odin's last words and the music intensify with the camera zooming out, some in the audience know what's going to happen.

"Show her what kind of god you are, Thor Might," Denki said, getting ready for what could be the major point of the battle.

01:48:56 - 01:49:18

"He is… the GOD OF THUNDAAH!" the electric student shouted, fully hyped and excited as many were when they saw a big lighting strike that knocked Hela down to the ground.

"let's go!" Kirishima said, watching closely, hearing distant drums that hyped him even more.

01:49:18 - 01:49:34

"YES!" Mina said, "Zeppelin's back!"

"Such a manly entrance." Kirishima was awestruck when the scene shows Thor rising with lightning all around.

"Have no fear, Thor is here!" All Might announces.

01:49:34 - 01:50:50

The following sequence is a series of epic comebacks, first seeing Thor in his full power beating up Hela's undead army using great strength and lightning attacks.

This excited Denki very much every time Thor appears, happy to see a hero with electric powers taking it all without a single use of the hammer that gave him the power, proving that he owns the power.

"The Power of Thor baby!" Denki commented, "he has the power of Thor and nothing else."

"that makes more sense when you think about it," Midoriya said, noting that part on the hammer's page.

It wasn't just Thor appearing but also Valkyrie as she got into the action that awestruck many people, seeing a sword-wielding warrior slicing down undead foes, along with Heimdall and Loki. The audience was incredibly impressed and happy to see them fight back.

Then there was Hulk going against Fenris, those who love Hulk were cheering on when he appears on screen and with the wolf flipped over, they overly cheered.

"That's how you do it!" Kirishima shouted, "be the man, Hulk!"

All of this while they enjoy music that they hear from the opening, the song with screaming and rock, enough for the music people to bang their heads towards, as they listen to the beat. Jiro having a good time while Present Mic tries to sync in with the screaming parts of the music.

Overall, everyone is having a great time and it gave the boost they need to watch the heroes fighting back and getting the upper hand against the evil goddess of death. They also notice Skurge having second thoughts with a few being pleased that he threw away the axe.

"Already giving up like a coward!" Toga teased. "Face it, you already lost."

01:50:50 - 01:50:56

During the music, there were some now worried as they saw the wolf's large fangs piercing deep into Hulk's leg, green blood spitting out.

"I should be flustered by seeing this, but other than the fact that it's radioactive, green is certainly not a good colour for blood" Toga commented, "it just makes it look like it was mouldy."

"Don't give up Hulk," All Might cheered the green monster on, "endure it and go plus ultra!"

01:50:56 - 01:51:05

"And there goes the wolf!" Twice pointed out, "falling down to… space?"

"Yeah, I don't understand it either," Iida said, "but I just assume it's 'Asgard Magic,' as they call it."

Midoriya wrote down the fate of Fenris, Hela's pet giant wolf 'dropped down by the waterfall on Asgard, down to the vastness of space, more likely died from exposure of space'

01:51:05 - 01:51:09

"Hold on Hulk," Hagakure said, "you kicked that wolf's butt but you need to join your allies in the fight!"

01:51:09 - 01:51:15

"Oh, Christ." One of the students facepalm when they saw Skurge, "he's so much of a coward, he's trying to board the spaceship as a stowaway."

"He is filled with great fear." Shouji pointed out, "trying to go the easy way route."

01:51:15 - 01:51:25

"Now, the final boss," Shigaraki said, who wasn't having a good time but enjoy seeing the destruction of the undead army.

"You are powered up," Denki called out, "hit her with your greatest lightning blast!"

01:51:25 - 01:51:37

"What?" Denki was in disbelief that the epic lightning blast he had ever seen in a hero wasn't enough or anything against Hela. "how powerful is she."

"Damn, she's a plus boss." Shigaraki groans, "the exact reason why I don't play plus games, because the enemies will always be higher than your level, no matter how much you grind."

01:51:37 - 01:51:42

"Best strategy I can think of," Monoma said, "I don't think we can kill her."

"But that won't work." Midoriya said, "she's not going to stop…"

01:51:42 - 01:51:52

"As they said, if they leave while Hela is on Asgard, she can just grow her power and figure out a way to leave Asgard without the use of the Bifrost," Midoriya explained, "by the time that happens, she could be powerful enough to wipe out everyone in a single stroke, maybe destroy planets."

"So, what you're saying, Young Midoriya," All Might spoke, "they have to either banish her or eliminate her."

"She can be considered as much of a threat as Ultron or Ego," Midoriya said, "still not liking the idea, but it's the only way to stop her."

Many do agree that Hela has to be killed, while the villains fully agree with the idea, others had concerns but understood the reason, mostly due to it being the last effort to stop Hela.

"But that begs the question," Compress steps in, "how can they kill her if she's too powerful for even's Thor Might's greatest attacks?"

"I can think of one…" Nezu said, already knowing how it's going to end from the clues during the film.

01:51:52 - 01:51:55

Toga really wants to say that she wanted Thor to do 'Get Help', mostly knowing that it won't work and it would more likely kill Loki, which ultimately was something that she wanted.

But her conflict from seeing Loki sudden change and the words from Uraraka sticking to her kept her mouth shut.

"Don't think the greatest trick would work," thankfully her best friend said it for her. "GET HELP, as she would care for his adoptive brother. I just want to see him die."

01:51:55 - 01:52:11

"That it is…" All Might said, remembering the film and what it was shown, he had the same idea that Thor had, "save the people, no matter what happens to you, or what happens to the place, so long as they safe, that's what matters…"

At this moment, Midoriya suddenly realise what Thor must do, "Ragnarok…" he whispered.

01:52:11 - 01:52:23

Hearing this from Thor, many realised the intense power of Hela, enough for Thor to make this harsh yet understandable decision.

"Wait," Asui said, still in question, "Is he saying that to stop his sister… they have to cause Ragnarok?"

"It's the only way, unfortunately." Nezu gave a clear answer, "it will certainly make sure Hela doesn't grow in power and probably killed from it."

"But wouldn't it destroy Asgard entirely!?" Uraraka added in.

"It won't, Uraraka." Midoriya said, placing his hand on her shoulder, "like Thor Might said, Asgard is the people and while Ragnarok will destroy their home, they will be safe."

01:52:23 - 01:52:28

"A very bold move," All Might said, seeing it as a harsh decision that many feared for and a morally question towards the value of lives over homes.

The will and harsh choice to destroy a city or a country just to save everybody on it when they escape.

A decision that thankfully will never happen for the audience, but could only pity that Thor must make that sacrifice for the betterment of his people

01:52:28 - 01:52:58

There wasn't much to say in the following battle, as it was still awe-seeing, but one that can clearly show that Hela has the advantage, seeing this more of the two holdings her off than to try and defeat her.

"Just give them more time…" a whisper spoke in the audience.

01:52:58 - 01:53:01

"Sometimes a bit of madness is all that's need to do the right thing," Toga spoke, but she suddenly realises what she said.

"Did you… agree with Lo-"

"Shut it!" Toga interrupted Uraraka's voice.

01:53:01 - 01:53:27

"Crap!" one of the 1-B students shouted, as many were suddenly worried when a spear pierced through the ship.

"That's not good!" Mina said, shaking intensely.

01:53:27 - 01:53:35

Seeing Loki running and grabbing the crown, many notice him pausing when he saw the tesseract.

"Even with his change of heart, he still picks up old habits." Aizawa sighs, having a feeling that Loki is going to take the powerful object before activating Ragnarok.

01:53:35 - 01:53:42

"There's still those undead dudes going towards the ship!" Tetsutetsu pointed out. Causing the audience to be worried for the people inside the ship. Hoping for Hela not to bring another spear and keep the ship in place.

01:53:42 - 01:53:55

"Come on… Heimdall or Korg, or anyone…" Mineta said, seeing one of the gladiators getting slain before giving a short pushback.

01:53:55 - 01:53:58

Fortunately, it happened with the least expect sounds.

"Was that gunfire?" Snipe asked. "that doesn't sound like sci-fi but modern range weaponry, who would…"

"I think I know." The half-American interrupted, recalling something earlier in the film.

01:53:58 - 01:54:07

Another surprise occurs, as the audience saw Skurge, who had been a coward working for the villain in most of the film, stepping up to defend the people, while holding two guns he got from Texas.

"Finally." Nezu said, "he gained courage."

01:54:07 - 01:54:33

The following scene shows Skurge being at his best, as the audience watch him shoot his guns at the undead soldiers before making a jump that even the two harden student can call manly.

"Despite being Asgardian, he used the American way to defeat those baddies!" Pony claimed, both cheering and forgiving Skurge when he protected his people.

"And this, Pony is the reason your country has a gun problem," Monoma said

"Can't argue with the second amendment, just have to deal with it," Pony spoke in English, confusing the students who are not up to date with their English skills and some villains who have little to no knowledge of the topic.

01:54:33 - 01:54:43

"But like all guns, there can only be a limited number of rounds," Snipe said.

01:54:43 - 01:54:54

While many were pleased to see Skurge manning up and fighting against the horde, the sudden one strike met his fate, many of which knew what would happen the second he got off the ship.

"No…" Pony weakly spoke, sadden to see the man fallen. "He just redeemed himself."

"And he did so till the end." Ibara said, attempt to comfort the horse student. "he died protecting Asgard and did the right thing."

With that, Midoriya wrote the fate of Skurge, who while only shown in this film, had an interesting arc, being a coward who takes opportunities so he can take what he wants and gain popularity, and when life threatens him, he cowers and joins the dark side, during the film, a few notice his reactions to it all, seeing him as a coward, someone who would rather be on the side that is winning, giving up almost immediately when he had the role of defending the gate of Asgard. Even being a coward when he boarded the ship, trying to hide away and live another day.

But what he did caught everyone off guard.

They remember hearing that Skurge wants to prove himself, and yet he wasn't able to do anything, until that moment when he fought back and protected Asgard before single blood of innocent was slain.

It was his redemption, and he died a hero.

And so, Midoriya wrote how he died, 'he died fighting against Hela and her undead army, betraying her yet saving what's more important, stabbed by a thrown knife, died proving himself that he can be a good man.'

01:54:54 - 01:55:11

"Here we go, people!" Twice gets hyped, "It's the END OF THE WORLD!"

"Very convenient that they placed the Crown next to the Eternal Flame, ribbit," Asui said. Some are still not sure about why they decided to put the two pieces near each other if the purpose was to stop Surtur from destroying Asgard, especially when they wouldn't have any knowledge of Hela's existence.

01:55:11 - 01:55:26

"But it will." Shigaraki said, getting himself ready to see destruction, "you already lost."

01:55:26 - 01:55:37

The villains were smiling with a few cheering when they saw the big flaming monster rising, destroying the palace.

For the heroes and students, many of them didn't like to see destruction and disasters, especially the pro heroes, who knew the consequences when it comes to collateral damage, there are times when it can't be avoided but nessassery to take down a villain.

But never in their life, until this moment wanted to see a monster destroy a city.

"He got what he wanted," Aizawa said.

"But needed to defeat a greater evil," Nezu said.

"He's as tall as a house!" Twice commented, "a mountain you idiot! Shut it!"

01:55:37 - 01:56:01

The first part of Surtur's reckoning was bare to see, to see so much destruction.

Yet nearly everyone was okay with this as they know it needs to be done and there wouldn't be any casualties since they're all flying away from the destruction.

Those who love seeing destruction were having a great time watching. Shigaraki especially, who always had a fond of seeing things destroyed, to see empires crumble to the ground.

01:56:01 - 01:56:17

"Very true." All Might sighs, "so long as people are safe and the villain is defeated, the monster can wreck the entire world for the betterment, don't like it, but it's needed."

"Plus, they managed to get everyone out of the city," Iida pointed out, "there won't be a single innocent casualty from this disaster… hopefully."

01:56:17 - 01:56:27

"Of course!" Kirishima throws his hands, while he loves Hulk smashing, he completely disagreeing with his actions of fighting Surtur.

"Hulk, I know you like to smash villains, but you need to let the villain win this!" Mina said.

"A hero-in-training, saying to let the villain win?" Compress mentions.

"Only for this one time!" the pink girl defended herself.

01:56:27 - 01:56:41

A few chuckles from hearing this, "telling Hulk NOT to smash? That's something you don't hear every day…" Sero snickered.

"Like telling All Might not smash." Present Mic added.

All Might himself smiles, "well, my smashing days are behind me. So I can comply."

01:56:41 - 01:56:54

"Good." Midoriya sigh in relief, "was wondering how they would get off-planet…"

01:56:54 - 01:57:11

"Hela isn't going to back down without a fight," one of the teachers said, as the audience witness Hela rising with big blades trying to fight back against Surtur, but the blades do nothing to him.

01:57:11 - 01:57:15

"Time to plunge that sword deep into Asgard," Todoroki said, expecting the biggest destruction to happen and to see the villain of the film fall.

01:57:15 - 01:57:25

"Bye-bye Hela!" Toga smiles to see the death of the goddess of death.

Present Mic makes a short joke, "she is Hela out of there!"

And so, the major defeat of Hela and the end of her reign. Who came across as one of the most powerful beings in the MCU reality, and if she stayed on Asgard, could potentially be the most powerful being. Making her early defeat necessary to ensure that not only the people of Asgard were saved, but the entire universe.

While the audience didn't like the villainess, some found Hela interesting, mainly for the fact that after all the films that came before, Hela was the first major female villain, it mainly gave a sense of inspiration for the only girl in the League of Villains. While she wouldn't follow her footsteps and saw more Loki in Hela enough to have a grudge against, she found her attacks and moves very interesting, throwing blades doing moves to dodge attacks, she couldn't help but feel inspired to do similar moves.

But in the end, like all bad guys, they were defeated, apprehended or dead by their downfall. The latter is for the goddess of death.

Though it was very surprising that the only way for the villain to lose is to let another villain win. A concept that was very familiar for both heroes and villains, as there were times when villains would go against each other, the League of Villains know this when they betrayed and gone against Overhaul's yakuza gang.

Overall, many found Hela an interesting and threatening villain, just being glad that they didn't have to deal with her, all agreeing that Hela would instantly kill them with a throw of her blade. And now, the rest of the MCU didn't have to deal with her too.

And so, Midoriya wrote down her fate 'Hela – the goddess of death died by the hands of Surtur during Ragnarok when he plunges his sword down to destroy Asgard, she was hit and crushed by the sword's impact.'

01:57:25 - 01:57:35

With the death of Hela comes the death of Asgard's home.

The students, teachers and villains watch as the city goes in a fiery blaze as if a meteor or a nuke was dropped.

A few couldn't bear to watch some like Ibara, Asui and Koda looking away, not wanting to see everything burning, just relief that no one aside from Hela was on the world within its destruction.

"And there goes what was a great city," Midoriya sighs, looking back to all the times they saw Asgard, a wonderous place with gold and artefacts to show great power, enough for regular Vikings at the time to see them as gods.

"As sad as it seems, Ragnarok was a fascinating topic," Momo started, thinking about the mythology version of the disaster, "it's unique because it's one of the few mythologies that has an impending doomsday, Greek Mythology had a belief that their gods are still alive and with them, watching down from Olympus, but for Norse, they acknowledge and accept that one day, their gods and the worlds they came from will die."

"Yeah," Iida said, "come to think about it, it sounds like it's their way to come to terms with death to know that nothing lasts forever, it's sad yet peaceful."

"Just be glad that we don't have Norse Gods in our reality." Nezu said, "and that Ragnarok only limits to Asgard and not Earth as the original Mythology applies."

Even with that thought, many were still sad about the destruction.

01:57:35 - 01:57:49

Fortunately for them, Korg was the one to speak, giving a hopeful speech, saying that with foundations, they can come back and rebuild to make a better Asgard.

This was very fond of the audience, to know that even when everything is destroyed, they can come back and build back what was lost, especially when they knew that in the past, Asgard was built under lies, blood, and tears. With a sense of hope that Thor and survivors of Asgard would build it under hope, unity, and peace.

"Yeah, I like that idea Korg." Midoriya smiled, "once Surtur finish with the destruction, so long as there are foundations…"

01:57:49 - 01:57:53

But before Izuku could finish, Asgard was blown up, the foundations destroyed, nothing but crumbles of rocks.

Midoriya froze in embarrassment, "never… mind…"

"Well, so much for that idea," Mirio said, suddenly realising that Asgard has no home and can't go back to rebuild.

01:57:53 - 01:58:00

A few snickers, when they really shouldn't but found Korg's comment and apology a little tickling to their senses.

"It's still a good speech." Mirio said, "you were trying to comfort everyone and give hope when there was none. Nothing to say sorry for."

01:58:00 - 01:58:28

It was information they already know, that Asgard isn't the place but the people, stating that their home doesn't matter, that the people matter most, and if it wasn't for Thor or Loki managing to get everyone out of Asgard, they would all die.

Even then, there were a few who believed the heroes could have done more but understood that Hela was too powerful, that the destruction of Asgard was the only way everyone can be saved.

But there was a couple of questions that lure into the audience' mind.

What now? and where will they go?

01:58:28 - 01:58:46

"Got himself a new eyepatch," Power Loader said, "looking a lot like his father."

"But not making similar mistakes," Kurogiri added.

01:58:46 - 01:59:13

Seeing Loki and hearing their conversation, it came across a huge change for a long-running villain that many believed wouldn't change. Hearing Thor giving thanks to his brother, gave a sense of reality that not all villains are bad, that they find redemption if they had a chance.

It was unfortunate for the villains in the screen room and gave them a good understanding that even villains can change, that they can turn things around and become the heroes of their story. This impacted most from Toga, she had only seen a few animes, but enough to know about villains getting a redemption arc that ends with them joining with the heroes. She saw this moment as the completion of Loki's redemption arc.

It was something good, yet, it was something that feels like a fantasy, that no villain in their reality will have the chance for a redemption arc, or at least one that doesn't end with them being in a cage.

And after Loki catch something to prove that he was there and not an illusion, Himiko couldn't help but felt in fear that not only Loki was no different from her but was better than her. Because he found a way to achieve something she has yet to achieve, for someone to accept them.

01:59:13 - 02:00:03

"Really ironic," Kirishima said, smiling towards the scene with Thor sitting down on his new throne looking at the vastness of space, "once he didn't want the throne and yet here he is, King of Asgard, not in a palace but with his people, leading them to their new home."

This gave a huge sense of a new beginning for Thor, and a new beginning for his people. With their home destroyed, a new path was carved, trying to find a new settlement where they can rebuild and become something better.

With people having a big feeling that the film is going to end soon and end without showing their new home. They can only hope for the new Asgard to prosper.

02:00:03 - 02:00:13

"Yeah, the cliffs in Norway!" Twice Joked.

However, some had a feeling that Thor is going to make his new settlement on Earth. This would be logical since they feel that Thor saw Midgard as a second home.

02:00:13 - 02:00:19

"Excuse me?" Iida said.

a sudden tone went down when many quickly notice Korg carrying a seemingly dead bug.

02:00:19 - 02:00:26

"Guilt does that," Mirio said, "at least you cared for him and want to cover his body, maybe for an honourable burial being your friend and all…"

02:00:26 - 02:00:32

"Thank goodness," Mirio said, taking an exhale with many others being relived that Meik was still alive.

"At least you carried him to safety," All Might said.

02:00:32 - 02:00:36

The film ends with Thor choosing his destination, Earth.

"Obviously." Nezu said, "looks like humans are going to be surprised when Asgardian refugees arrive on their planet."

"Hopefully somewhere on this planet, they would find a place they can call home." All Might said before watching the credits.

02:00:36 - 02:02:44

As they watch the credits of the film, the audience thinks a lot about the film.

At the start, many were very concerned with the title alone, those who know about the mythology had a feeling that Ragnarok will come into place and had some sense that there would be a film where the event would be the focus.

The film was very entertaining with several comic relief, and a mixed style to what they usually see in the Thor films, but most elements they have seen in Guardians of the Galaxy, especially when Thor was on Sakaar, as they can see the Guardians being there and it would fit so nicely, so it was an interesting change when they saw Thor in there, giving the idea about how the films that they saw all exist within the same universe when they look different to each other.

They also like when Hulk came back, someone they haven't seen in a long while in a complete surprise, all helping Thor to stop Hela.

And seeing the stuff in the credits that reference what was shown in the film, they overall enjoyed watching it and had high hopes for what comes out of it.

02:02:44 - 02:02:51

After the first credits, the scene cuts back to the ship, giving attention to the audience, having a feeling that there's still one more surprise for them to react to.

02:02:51 - 02:02:58

"Aside from finding a country or somewhere that accept alien refugees, there wouldn't be a problem for Thor Might being on Earth, it means the hero is going to stay there," Iida said.

"I don't think Thor or the Asgardians, or the gladiators are going to be the problem." Spinner interrupted.

02:02:58 - 02:03:04

"Oh…" Iida said, as the audience, villains included, suddenly realise one problem with Thor going to Earth.

This brings a smile to a vampire villain.

"Yeah, that's the problem," Toga spoke, "he might have saved Asgard, but Earth isn't going to forgive him. Worse case, Strange would make him fall for all eternity."

The audience thinks much about this and saw Himiko's point, recalling that Earth would dislike Loki and wouldn't want him to come back, especially when last time, he was the cause of the alien invasion in New York.

"He might have won Thor's trust, but the world will never see him being good, that's the harsh truth we have to accept."

02:03:04 - 02:03:11

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?" Jiro said, having a sense that Thor is going to jinx his words.

02:03:11 - 02:03:27

A sudden scene was intense when they saw a much bigger ship appearing, causing cation and a huge concern for the audience.

It made it worse when the scene cuts black.

"What the?" Uraraka spoke, "that's clearly concerning, and they just got out of a disaster, they can't handle another one!"

The cliff-hanger made much fear for the safety of Thor and his people, having a great feeling that their troubles weren't over just yet, that whatever the bigger ship wants or the reason it was there, they can only imagine the worst.

02:03:27 - 02:09:43

With troubling minds for the rest of the credits, the end credits show Sakaar, with the Grand Master leaving his crashed ship.

"Wait, the Grand Master was on that ship when it crashed?" one of the students pointed out. "that sounds like a high risk for someone like him."

02:09:43 - 02:09:50

Those who despise the Grand Master smile when they saw salvagers approaching him. Remembering the encounter with Thor, the villain's side wanted to see karma get the better of the Grand Master.

02:09:50 - 02:10:13

"Yeah, this guy is food." Twice comments, "Eat him, space cannibals!"

With that, the film comes to a close, the doors behind the audience open and they…

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