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Just when Wyatt appeared on stage, the film already start to play, as the lights around them darken.

Already some were wondering why the host was standing there but paid more attention to the screen when they heard the first words of the film.

00:00:00 - 00:00:12

This was already enough for Midoriya to get his notes ready, but not in a rushed or irrational manner, as the film tunes in a slow moment, the kind of feeling when people tell wonderous and not scary stories around the campfire.

00:00:12 - 00:01:43

They listened in, hearing the tale and origins of T'Challa's home, Wakanda, talking about Vibranium, which quickly caught Hatsume's attention, especially when it was mentioned that Wakanda became more advanced than the rest of the world.

Midoriya was interested when he heard about a heart shape plant that gave the first king of Wakanda the power of the Black Panther, he found it fascinating to see the mythology behind it, that he got it when he heard it from a god. He already jotted down the information and can say for certain that T'Challa, the current Black Panther, has this power. This interested Iida, as well as T'Challa, had something that he has, that the role of warrior extends to family tradition, a responsibility that he hoped T'Challa can take, especially when he becomes king after his father's unfortunate death. And hoped that Tenya could do the same for his family to become the next Iida hero.

The rest also found the rest of the story interesting, as it tells a tale of how tribes made their kingdom and kept themselves from the outside world. there had been some thoughts about their decision, some saw it being a good reason since the vibranium they hold could make them a threat to the world, or that by getting the vibranium it could create untold weapons that can do worse than good. A few see it as a good reason, as they remember the cultural history of other places in the world have problematic history when it comes to racism, especially in America, which was known for having African people enslaved, taken from their homes and working hard labour. That part of history that not many in the audience know because their historical knowledge is limited to Japan. Not to mention that racism wasn't an issue. at least until the introduction of mutant-types. It took many years for them to be accepted in society and there were still discriminations today, something some mutant types are aware of, and a certain lizard stain fan villain knows too well…

Either way, the majority can understand Wakanda's decision to keep themselves secret from the outside world. though many had a feeling that the film will make a change to the secret.

00:01:43 - 00:02:13

There wasn't much to say in the next scene, as it shows both a different time and a different place.

Some suspected that this opening will have importance later in the film, but they're unsure what it is.

00:02:13 - 00:02:14

"Is that what I think it is…" Hatsume muttered, seeing a foggy light for just a second. Many in the audience didn't notice.

00:02:14 - 00:02:27

"Looks like they're planning an ambush or a gunfight," Aizawa said, seeing weapons and maps, suspecting the men to be criminals.

"An executed scheme works with thorough planning," Kurogiri stated. Hoping that it would be a lesson Shigaraki would hold onto.

00:02:27 - 00:03:03

"Guess there's a reason, but for anyone else, it would be weird ribbit," Asui said.

00:03:03 - 00:03:37

"So, they have bright… whatever they are under their mouths to prove that they're Wakandans," Midoriya wrote, finding it interesting that one of the criminal planners turns out to be a prince.

That however brought many questions to mind. More likely answered if they keep watching.

00:03:37 - 00:03:42

A few were jumped when the black Panther appears after the lights had gone out and go on again.

"Panther in the night," Tokoyami said, who were many that were unfazed by the sudden jump.

00:03:42 - 00:03:55

"It would be surprising to find out a friend is royalty." Denki said, "and for said friend to trust them with the secrecy."

00:03:55 - 00:04:15

With the sibling reunion, many smiled.

"So that must be King T'Chaka," Iida said, happy yet cautious about the reunion, especially when earlier, it showed the brother planning something illegal.

00:04:15 - 00:04:37

"The guy with the Vibranium." Power Loader said, with many recalling the last time they saw Klaue.

"And the guy who got his hand cut off by an evil genocidal robot," Toga pointed out.

00:04:37 - 00:04:48

Hearing this gave some suspensions that Klaue will appear late in the films, with some angered that someone cause problems just to steal the rarest metal on Earth.

00:04:48 - 00:04:55

"It makes sense," Nezu said, "if what they saying is true, it would be nigh impossible for anyone to find Wakanda, no less make a strike heist."

"Have to agree there," Aizawa said, "the only way it could have happened is if someone from Wakanda told Klaue about their home and give them information."

"Meaning there's a traitor." Iida pointed, "if that's the case, who would…"

Then he remembers, the suspensions going full-on realization, the sudden realization happens to everyone else as they remember what they thought about the two before they found out one of them was Wakandan royalty.

"No… not his brother."

00:04:55 - 00:05:03

The suspensions were clear, the planning and rifles were the first of the worries, but when T'Chaka talked about what Klaue did and how only an insider would allow it to happen, many knew who told Klaue.

"But… why?" Iida muttered, being utterly confused as to how a prince of Wakanda wants to betray his kingdom.

The heroes were trying to make sense of this, not on if the brother did it, but why he would have done it.

00:05:03 - 00:05:16

But the thought shifted when another surprise occurs.

"Wait, he's Wakandan too!?" Uraraka said in shock. Along with everyone else.

00:05:16 - 00:05:36

"That explains why the prince is in America." Recovery Girl said, "if Wakanda were very advanced in technology, they would more likely have spies all over the world to see their developments and see if they were a potential threat."

"But to also spy on the prince is also another level," Midnight said, "really shock him towards that fact."

"Sometimes you can't tell who to trust." One of the villains said. "Everyone has a motive."

00:05:36 - 00:05:59

"Why do I have a bad feeling something bad will happen here…" All Might muttered, having a big feeling T'Chaka's brother is going to do something irrational or something that he'll regret.

00:05:59 - 00:06:22

Fortunately, the scene changes to show the kids who now notice the Wakandan ship lights before they flew away.

While All Might was relieved nothing bad happened, he still has a feeling that this opening has big importance later in the story and it wasn't telling the full story.

At the same time, however, he was intrigued that it showed a group of kids playing basketball who notice the ship, especially when earlier, the brother was looking at them, giving a suspension that the hope wouldn't be true.

If it was, it will certainly give him reminders of something he is going through.

00:06:22 - 00:06:55

They then see the Marvel opening that was completely different.

Instead of the heroes in the MCU, it featured a lot of T'Challa and the Black Panther, with short scenes that they haven't seen before and believe will be shown later in this particular film.

"what the?" Mineta said, "why all of the sudden it show Black Panther? This hasn't happened to any other hero I think…"

"Because there is a reason, bust lover boy" Wyatt interrupts. Stepping in the middle of the stage with cards in his hand.

Everyone pay attention as their host read his cards.

"As many of you are aware, this reality is being retold as films in other realities, with actors having similar facial structures playing their roles."

"But what about Banner and Rhodes," Momo asked, didn't their actors change."

Wyatt shakes in shyness, "I… I don't know how to answer that." He kept reading the cards, "the actor who plays as T'Challa, Chadwick Boseman, was diagnosed with colon cancer, and after the next few films, he eventually pass away."

"So, you're saying… this was his last film?" Mirio asked, giving the audience a little fright as many liked the African hero.

"Oh no, he will appear in the next few films, but after his passing, the studios placed a special opening to honour the actor and his role."

The sudden news brought sadness in the screen room, like the same feeling when a legendary hero passes away or retire. Now they know there are only a few films left for Black Panther and have a feeling that either the character will pass away at some point, or he would be replaced by a different actor to continue his role in the films.

This especially shocked Iida, who wanted to see more T'Challa. He understands that nothing lasts forever and someone will fall for a sudden and unexpected way, just like his brother, who retired after his critical condition left him unable to continue his hero work.

He comes to terms with it and enjoys the little time that he has with the hero he admired.

After the opening, Wyatt left the stage and walked through the middle hallway between the seats before passing through the doors and closing behind them.

00:06:55 - 00:07:10

"So, this takes place a week after Civil War," Midoriya said, noting down within the MCU timeline he wrote a little bit earlier, trying to track when what films take place in.

"Meaning it's only been a short time since T'Challa apprehends Zemo and taken in Steve and Bucky to Wakanda after their fight with Iron Man." Iida pointed out, bringing things up to speed.

00:07:10 - 00:07:21

"According to the world," Hatsume said, a little suspicious towards the statement.

"If they're keeping their advancement a secret, then it would be a good strategy for them to seem poor," Kurogiri pointed out, "that way there's a small risk of being a target."

"Like how Hydra hid behind a S.H.I.E.L.D" Twice added. The warp villain nodded in response.

"In a way…"

00:07:21 - 00:07:28

A few take a deep breath, seeing T'Challa in his Black Panther uniform and realizing that after his father's death, the throne ends up to him.

This was a unique concept as it was the idea that a hero is both a warrior and a ruler, something that only someone with high leadership can foretake.

But for the moment, while the idea is in their minds, they are expecting Black Panther to be on a mission, whatever it is, they know that he will look cool doing it.

00:07:28 - 00:07:40

Seeing where the ship was and seeing the looming lights of the vehicles in the forest, the audience hypes themselves to see the hero in action.

00:07:40 - 00:07:52

Seeing the tech, many knew that the support girl of U.A was baffled in utter excitement.

"Oh my gosh, a live feed, third-dimensional tracking of moving vehicles, with interactivity towards said vehicles and overviews of the interiors? All within short notice of the mission?" Hatsume had stars on her unique eyes.

While her teacher smirks at both the tech and his student's reaction, "and remember Hatsume, this is just one of their advancements. Probably one of their smallest inventions."

He can already tell that this film would be like the Iron Man films for Mei. She would be excited about the toys than the fights.

00:07:52 - 00:08:07

"So, it's a rescue mission," All Might said, curious as to why the panther was tracking the vehicles.

00:08:07 - 00:08:18

"Good," Aizawa said, "important to never freeze, even one second can lose lives."

00:08:18 - 00:08:33

Already in action and the first thing that happens put everyone in shock.

"Did those disks stop the cars at their tracks!?" Denki shouted.

"I know right?!" Hatsume said with a bright smile, "imagine how many car chases can be stopped with those disks?"

"Though, if used on moving vehicles, it could cause damage depending on the situation, the jungle would be okay, but a public street would be bad," Midoriya said, noting down the Wakandan tech.

00:08:33 - 00:08:49

"And magnetic too, to prevent removal," Power Loader added.

00:08:49 - 00:09:25

Seeing the armed men prepared for an ambush and seeing the captive prisoners, all of them being women. Enough for the audience wanting to see Black Panther attack the men and save the prisoners.

"Can't believe they taken so many," one of the teachers said, gritting their teeth in anger.

"Problems like that are common in places like Africa, unfortunately," Momo pointed out, "even in our reality, third-world countries struggle a lot worse than over here."

"It's sad really," Asui said, with most trying to think more about T'Challa saving the prisoners, while those places have high crime rates and fewer heroes, what's important is that the Black Panther is there to save them.

(Author's Note: seriously, think about it, in a world where 80% of the global population has quirks, you would think places like Africa would be chaotic, with vulnerable places that villains can take advantage of and most of their poor conditions wouldn't deal with the fact that there are dangerous powers around. I even thought about a headcanon that the hero programs in those countries are a lot different and poorer than the ones we see in Japan)

00:09:25 - 00:09:41

"You guys are so screwed." One of the students said as they jumped when they saw Black Panther on top of a tree.

00:09:41 - 00:09:50

"What is she doing?" Iida said, a little worried for one of the prisoners, the one that T'Challa is rescuing, standing up and moving out of the truck, "it seems risky for her, more likely shot doing that."

00:09:50 - 00:09:55

"That's a strong throw!" Tetsutetsu said as people prepare themselves for the fight.

00:09:55 - 00:10:21

The following scene was the action they were looking for, to see Black Panther from the shadowing attacking the armed men, many were in awe as they watch him endure bullets when his suit protects him from such attacks.

They were also surprised when the rescue target managed a couple of gunners from behind and knock them out, making them impressed that even when they need to be saved, they come in to help with the fight.

Overall, it was a good start for the film.

00:10:21 - 00:10:23

And with almost all of them knocked out by the Panther, there was one left.

"Destroy him!" Bakugo shouted wanting to see a hero doing a big move against the last criminal to attack.

00:10:23 - 00:10:32

"Are you… damnit!" Bakugo was disappointed yet understood that the last guy wasn't a villain.

"Not only criminals in poor counties kidnap innocents, but they also put some of them under their rank and force them to do as they say," Momo added.

"At least she stops T'Challa from hurting someone who didn't ask to be there," Jiro added.

00:10:32 - 00:10:44

"And he froze," Aizawa said, sighing when he see the last remaining armed man with a hostage.

00:10:44 - 00:10:55

Luckily, the Wakandan with a spear appeared and kill the last man.

"he did," Aizawa said, smiling when she told T'Challa his mistake.

00:10:55 - 00:11:15

"Wait…" Sero start to put the pieces together, "so T'Challa wasn't there to save her, she was just in the middle of an undercover mission, and he was there to save her just to give her an invitation of his crowning?"

"Seems like it," Ojiro said

"Must be really special for all that effort, what? Is she like his girlfriend or something?"

00:11:15 - 00:11:59

There wasn't much to say in the aftermath of the ambush and rescue, just thanks and leaving. There isn't much to say on the scene and many are just glad that a hero managed to save lives from whatever horrid things could have happened to them.

Within the first ten minutes, they already see Black Panther as a great stealth hero.

00:11:59 - 00:12:24

"Okay, time to see what Wakanda looks like," Midoriya said, remembering the end credits of the Civil War where there was only fog and a giant statue of the Black Panther.

He was hoping for more and he was sure this film will show him the city.

00:12:24 - 00:12:58

The first part was nothing special or exciting, as the first part of the scene show the landscape of Wakanda, something they notice from the news video when T'Challa appeared, it was what they expect from an African country.

00:12:58 - 00:13:06

That is until the ship goes through the mountain that turns out to be a clocked holo-projection, before revealing what Wakanda looks like.

This caused the audience to lift from their seats, the first glance was a surprise to them.

00:13:06 - 00:13:37

Everyone had no words when they saw the city of Wakanda, seeing a whole city that was very African based, with skyscrapers with wooden roofs and shapes and sizes that are the most unique architecture.

Hatsume was squealing in glee from the sight, even so, when she spotted a fast-paced train with hoops, seeing it only one functioning part of what makes Wakanda the most technologically advanced place in both this version of Earth and theirs.

00:13:37 - 00:13:55

"Must be their way of greeting," Kirishima said, poorly putting his arms together to try and copy what the spear warriors did when the King arrived.

00:13:55 - 00:14:18

"Oh, so you got the hots for her," Ashido said, in addition to T'Challa freezing, seeing him staring at Nakia for too long gave the pink student that he was interested in her.

"Whenever there's a new hero, there's always a new love interest in the mix." She said before sighing, "I love hero romance."

00:14:18 - 00:14:45

"Words to live by girl," Hatsume said as the audience watch the conversation with T'Challa and his little sister.

With certain wording and the quote, Mei quickly notice the sister being someone who would work great in the support department.

00:14:45 - 00:15:00

There were a few chuckles when the sister, now named Shuri, give his brother the middle finger while walking away, even more, when the mother called her out without looking.

"Grown-up, yet still acting like children to each other," Tokoyami said.

00:15:00 - 00:15:18

"But not in the way it turns out to be." Iida sighs, remembering the previous film that got him interested in Black Panther, mostly because he can relate to the problems T'Challa has to face.

They got over dealing with the loss, now he expects this film would be to try and continue the legacy.

And it all starts with the mentioned ceremony that got him and many curious.

00:15:18 - 00:15:22

However, the scene cuts to a different location; London, United Kingdom.

This made the audience even more curious as to why the film is showing this place.

00:15:22 - 00:15:34

A new figure appeared looking at artefacts, masks, and tribal weapons.

Some expected that the figure looking over the stuff plays a main role in the film. But unsure of what.

00:15:34 - 00:15:44

Until they heard his voice.

"Wait…" Mirio said, hearing the voice and recalling someone who had the same voice. It was a 'Thor Might' situation, but unlike the one that sounds like a hero, this was something else.

"I heard it too…" Midoriya said, catching on the same as Mirio.

"It… it can't be…"

00:15:44 - 00:16:05

"Whoever this guy is, he seems to have an eye for history." Midnight said.

Meanwhile, for certain numbers, they heard the voice and realize what the voice came from.

To that information alone, they were a little cautious about what this scene was and what role the new person plays in the film.

00:16:05 - 00:16:27

This already raises a red flag for those who don't know what those do know.

"Wait, how does he know about Vibranium?" Hagakure said, "is he from "Wakanda or something?"

00:16:27 - 00:16:42

"Yeah… I can guess who he is in this film…" Midoriya said, his suspensions being clear.

"Well, he isn't wrong," Momo pointed out, "unfortunately, there are some items in museums that were stolen from their respective country."

"Even so, I'm not sure what he's going to do will be good," Iida said, very much worried, especially when the new man said that he was going to take the item.

00:16:42 - 00:16:53

"What does that mean…"

00:16:53 - 00:17:02

But before a student could finish, the woman collapses on the floor.

The sudden caution became clear for everyone else.

"Did he poison her?" one of the 1-B students said in utmost fear.

00:17:02 - 00:17:17

"Well… at least help is on the way…" Midoriya was shaken, seeing the men in green coats running through the building. Though a little suspicious when the camera shows a woman at the counter saying that she'll take a break.

He wonders if she has anything to do with what happened, the more he thought about it, he had a feeling that she was the one who put the poison in the cup.

"This feels very planned out…"

00:17:17 - 00:17:22

The relief turns to sudden shock when one of the medics turned out to be a man who was mentioned earlier.

"It's Klaue!" Uraraka shouted, now fearing for both the dying woman and the security around the medics.

If this wasn't a huge indication, they were sure what else it would be, as they all equally agree that the new figure with a suspicious voice was a villain, perhaps the villain of this film.

00:17:22 - 00:17:26

It wasn't even five seconds, and the guards stood no chance of an unexpected shot.

But there was one left. Confusing the audience.

00:17:26 - 00:17:35

"Is… is he letting him live?" Shigaraki said, seeing this as a completely dumb move for Klaue, "I would of dust him right there!"

"I don't think he's doing that…" Aizawa said, knowing Klaue's personality and behaviour, and how villains often backstab…

00:17:35 - 00:17:39

He knew he would shoot him in the back.

"That's a bit uncalled for?" Compress said, "why to give him the chance to run away if you're going to shoot him anyway?"

00:17:39 - 00:17:48

"Okay, that I can see your logic." Compress said, "you don't want the crime scene seems that it was done by professional criminals."

"Plus, it would make it look like it the gunfire came from the entrance rather than the middle," Kurogiri said.

00:17:48 - 00:18:03

Seeing the security camera, many students hoped that the villains would be caught on tape, that someone in the security camera room would notice and call for more security and the police.

Until it turned out the camera feed was showing what happened before the shootout.

"So they have a hacker." Jiro said, "but who is…"

Then it revealed the lady from earlier holding a phone with the camera feed, showing that she was involved with the incident.

"Knew it…" Midoriya muttered, having the feeling before until it was clear.

00:18:03 - 00:18:11

"A prosthetic hand?" Compress said, seeing the hand in action and curious of what it would do, especially for getting the item.

"Guess he would get a replacement after Ultron cut his hand off," Hatsume said, who also was curious about the device.

00:18:11 - 00:18:14

Some were jumped when the glass shattered.

"Damn!" Hatsume said, impressed by the activation, "he might have lost that arm, but he made an upgrade!"

"And upgrade that could be a problem when a hero goes against him." Power Loader reminded his student.

"Yeah, but even villains have cool babies."

00:18:13 - 00:18:44

"So overall, that's why they came here to steal the vibranium," Kurogiri said, "to take it and sell it."

"And their plan was very swift and well-executed," Compress said, "at best, they would be long gone before anyone notice."

This caused Aizawa to sigh, being a stealth hero, what he doesn't like are stealth villains, ones that can kill people or steal stuff without being on the hero's radar, even as an underground hero, there were villains he couldn't track nor trace.

00:18:44 - 00:18:50

"Everyone has their tastes." Twice said when the new villain took a tribal mask, "at least he has an eye for history."

00:18:50 - 00:19:10

With the villains escaping using the emergency vehicle as their getaway. Many had thoughts about this scene and expect the people who were seen being the villains of the film.

But for Midoriya and Mirio, they had an idea that the new man in the blue jacket was the film's villain.

"So you heard him, right?" Midoriya said, giving the blonde third-year concerns.

"Yeah, I can't believe it myself."

"Wait, who are you talking about?" Uraraka asked, noticing the two talking to each other, the people around the two also notice and were curious.

Midoriya turn to Uraraka, "do you remember the raid?"

"The Shie Hassaikai raid? Ribbit," Asui said.

"Yeah," Mirio "and you know their leader, Overhaul."

Uraraka, Asui, Nejire and Tamaki nodded in response. They didn't fight him but knew that Midoriya and Mirio had to confront the villain.

They all remember, how in their part-time at the hero agencies were part of a collaborated operation to raid a facility of a yakuza group known as the Shie Hassaikai, it was due to a drug that they manufactured that took away and bring back quirks, something that could cause a whole lot of chaos if they didn't stop it and take the… the…

It was all blank from there, there was a source and a reason to how they made it, but they couldn't remember. Like there was something gone from their memories.

Midoriya shook his head, going back to what he was trying to point out, "I believe whoever this new villain is, he has the same voice as Overhaul"

"For… for real?" Nejire said, a little shaken along with the rest, now understanding why the two were a concern.

With that in mind, they now have a feeling that this scene was an introduction to the film's villain.

(Author's Note: yep, the Japanese dub for Killmonger is indeed the same as the original Japanese voice of Overhaul)

00:19:10 - 00:19:33

The scene changes to show the ceremony, many recalled being mentioned and was interested to see it.

The whole feeling, seeing people in outfits and enjoying their time shows so many aspects towards tradition and culture for Wakanda. Showing so much difference and uniqueness towards the perspective, especially from an outsider view.

00:19:33 - 00:20:00

Meanwhile, the tech addicts, were in awe when the ceremony shows a device that drains away the water to clear parts of a waterfall. Many were impressed, while the support teacher and student were more impressed.

00:20:00 - 00:20:41

Seeing T'Challa, the audience notice his appearance, which made a few curious.

"Is this a ceremony or a battle?" Monoma asked, "because he doesn't look like he's ready to become king."

"Well, maybe crowning traditions in Wakanda is a lot different than regular ones" Kendo suggested, "just watch and we can see how it all works."

"I will be sure to write it all down because this whole thing is very interesting!" Midoriya commented, getting his notes ready.

00:20:41 - 00:21:15

"What did he say?" Bakugo said, surprised to hear what Zuri said.

"He's taking away T'Challa's powers," Asui states the obvious.

"I know what he said, frog!" the angry student backlash. "why would you want to strip away that power? That would be like asking to take away your quirk."

"Again, it has something to do with the tradition," the orange 1-B student pointed out, "there would be a good reason for them to do this."

00:21:15 - 00:21:43

"Woah…" Iida was a little surprised, seeing T'Challa enduring whatever he drank that took away his power. But have a feeling that even without power he would still do the right thing.

But curiosity fills the room as many wonders why the power of the Black Panther has to be stripped away from the new king.

00:21:43 - 00:22:07

Hearing Zuri, the audience now understood the reason for T'Challa's appearance and why his powers were stripped away.

"Okay," Midoriya starts jotting the Wakandan tradition down, "so, in crowning ceremonies, they allow other warriors from other tribes to have the opportunity to become King of Wakanda."

"And they do so through manly combat." Kirishima said, "either by yield or death."

"Which explains why he has stripped away of his power," Midoriya continued, "it's so for tradition's sake, it would be fair for the opposer and see who can out best the other without advantages."

"Of course, it would have stupid rules that hole them back," Bakugo complains. Not like the idea but can see the reason because to Wakanda, it's respectful.

"Sometimes rules are what makes things fair for both sides, young Bakugo." All Might pointed out.

"Yeah, like those stay level zones in MMORPGs, to keep players from one-shooting bosses," Shigaraki added.

"Said the villain who thinks losing means the other side is cheating," Bakugo barked back.

"Don't mind Handjob, blow-up boy" Toga intervene, "he believes that if he's not getting what he wants, then it must mean the heroes are cheating."

"Nobody asks for your comment round hair!" Bakugo shouted at the villainess

"Did he say, 'round hair'?" round face thought in surprise.

"I think we're going off track," Midoriya spoke up, "it means that there's a chance someone will fight T'Challa, and you love fights, Kanchan."

"Not quirkless fights, Deku!"

00:22:07 - 00:22:40

"Nobody is even going to challenge him!" Bakugo pointed out after each tribe decline the offer.

"Don't say that too soon," Aoyama pointed out, "they wouldn't have shown or mentioned it if it's not being used."

00:22:40 - 00:23:24

After a somewhat funny and embarrassing moment from T'challa's sister, a sudden appearance occurs.

"Who are these guys?" Shigaraki asked, not sure about their appearance.

"They must be the Jabari tribe," Midoriya said, just when Shuri gave it away, "remember, in the opening, there was a mention of a tribe isolating themselves in the mountains when Wakanda was at peace."

"And they're still around?" Shigaraki added.

"Sometimes things can come in surprises, Shigaraki," the warp villain pointed out.

"Yeah," Midoriya agrees with Kurogiri, "but at least we get to see a ritual combat for the crowning."

00:23:24 - 00:23:57

The audience hears the words of the leader of the Jabari tribe M'Baku and sees what kind of tribe they were.

Based on their appearance, they see the Jabari tribe being more focused on tradition than advancement, especially when the leader insulted Shuri by calling her a child.

This caused Hatsume to grit her teeth, disliking the man already, "so? At least she's a genius… I think…"

Midoriya meanwhile wrote information he believes in his notes, additionally adding that the reason Jabari isolated themselves from Wakanda is more likely because they see technological advancement being something that could ruin their way of life.

Which he can respect since everyone has their way of living and understanding.

00:23:57 - 00:24:09

This other insult, this time to T'Challa caused the student in glasses to grit his teeth in frustration, "he tried to save him, and he managed to bring the killer to justice without blind vengeance."

He has an idea of what's going to happen next, and he wants the right king to win.

00:24:09 - 00:24:31

"Okay, time for some action!" Bakugo said, "it might be quirkless but it could be something."

Kirishima snickered catching the blonde's attention, "what's so funny?"

"I just realized, there are now two Bakus, M'Baku and Bakugo."

"For f**k sake," Bakugo complains, "first crossbones, now him?"

"Not saying you are like M'Baku," the red hair student defend his statement, "just find it funny that's all."

00:24:31 - 00:25:04

Just as the scene prepare itself towards the challenge, the audience prepares themselves to see the fight, with some liking how it adds flavour with music and mask wear, but were also curious about both Jabari and the Dora Milaje surrounding the two with spears, realizing that the combat includes a barrier to limit space for the fighters, didn't help when they're battling near a waterfall.

"Death or yield," Midoriya takes a breath, keeping his eyes on the screen, waiting to see the fight.

And so, the challenge begins.

00:25:04 - 00:26:03

The following scene was the fight between T'Challa and M'Baku. Obviously, the majority of the audience cheered on for T'Challa.

The teachers and Midoriya notice how the fight was going on and the difference between fighters of T'Challa and M'Baku,

"Already, M'Baku would be a difficult opponent, he seems to swing and hit heavily at expense of speed, his size allows him to make him seem stronger, while T'Challa, with his powers taken away, has the speed advantage, and his size allows him to dodge his attacks, that being said, he has to be careful and wait for the right moment to strike."

But with that said, he notice T'Challa, while managing to fight back, had taken some hits from the M'Baku.

00:26:03 - 00:26:20

Many become worried when they saw M'Baku getting a hold of T'Challa and making more insults, saying that without being the Black Panther, he is worthless.

This was enough for both Iida and Midoriya and grab hold of their palms, Midoriya seeing it as the same towards the idea of what makes Steve Rogers a great hero while for Iida, it was something else.

"Even if he's not strong, he has a respectful heart, because he knows from right to wrong."

00:26:20 - 00:26:24

"So come on T'Challa, show him what makes you a great king!" Iida stood up, now cheering on for T'Challa.

00:26:24 - 00:26:29

"Broke his mask off!" Kirishima said, "such a strong and manly move!"

"What he lacks in strength, he brings in instincts and moves" Iida added with a smile.

00:26:29 - 00:26:37

Many gasps when M'Baku stabs T'Challa.

"Is that even allowed?" Uraraka said, fearing for the prince's life.

"Victory comes from yield or death," Tokoyami reminded the gravity girl, "so killing the opponent is allowed."

00:26:37 - 00:26:55

And with the turnaround, cheers rain in the screen room.

"You got him now," Bakugo said, who surprisingly enjoyed the fight, "now throw that f**ker off the cliff!"

"It wouldn't be justified if he does that…" Iida said, while he enjoyed seeing T'Challa winning the fight, he was unsure about him killing an honorary warrior who respects tradition, in addition to his thoughts of taking a life. "Unless he finds a way to make him yield…"

00:26:55 - 00:27:09

The scene becomes intense, seeing T'Challa at the edge of the cliff, holding M'Baku by the neck, demanding him to yield while his men and the Dora Milaje comes closer to him.

Everyone was shaking at their feet, unsure of what will happen next.

"Come on, yield," Iida muttered, taking breaths and not blinking at the slightest.

00:27:09 - 00:27:38

In the end, M'Baku yields and T'Challa wins.

Many in the audience were happy towards the outcome with some seeing great respect as he gives M'Baku the chance to live by yielding and reminding him that he fought with honour, that his people need him, respecting not just his position as a warrior, but a leader of his people.

"He is so truly amazing," Iida said, having a lot of respect towards the new king of Wakanda.

00:27:38 - 00:28:23

Seeing the celebration and T'Challa crown king of Wakanda, many in the audience were pleased for the new king, especially with the fight to show that he was a strong and worthy warrior and leader to bring a new age for Wakanda.

Though as it is a new age, many wonder about how T'Challa will deal with the leadership as they see it as a huge responsibility. On top of having the hero-like responsibility of protecting it as the Black Panther.

00:28:23 - 00:28:31

"Wakanda Forever!" Twice shouted, putting his arms together, with knowledge from the Dora Milaje doing the post, he followed what he remembered. Kirishima did the same.

"So, it is a salute," Iida said, slowly processing and learning to do the Wakanda salute as he put his arms together in an attempt to copy the pose.

The rest of the 1-A students notice Iida making the pose, with Uraraka snickering to keep her laughter and the rest getting the idea that T'Challa was a hero Tenya look up to towards this reality.

00:28:31 - 00:28:55

The celebration shifted to a more quiet moment, the audience stop their cheering to look at the screen, noticing people and flowers.

Quickly Midoriya knew what was going on, "the heart-shaped herb," Midoriya said, "they're restoring the Black Panther powers to T'Challa."

"Since the powers come from a herb and Black Panther had been around for generations, further towards the founding of the Wakanda nation, it wouldn't be a surprise that they kept hold of the plant.

"Radiation, serums, spiders and now herbs" Mina pointed out, "talk about a way to get a quirk,"

"Yeah…" Midoriya nervously chuckles, "next thing you know, a quirk might come from eating someone's hair."

He nearly damned himself for mentioning that ironic when he got One for All by eating a string of All Might's hair.

Fortunately, Mina took it as an example of a non-quirk related power, "yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if the next hero we meet got theirs by getting hair in their mouth."

00:28:55 - 00:29:10

"What now?" one of the students asked when the ancestral plane was mentioned.

"Remember their concept of death in Wakandan culture," Midoriya said, recalling a note he wrote during Civil War when T'Challa talked about Wakanda's idea of an afterlife.

With that in mind, Midoriya was curious about how it relates to gaining the Black Panther powers, thinking that maybe the concept from the culture originates when the kings find themselves in this ancestral plane.

He wasn't sure until he sees it himself, so he allows himself to watch the following scene and make notes of it afterwards.

00:29:10 - 00:30:10

The scene shows another part of the Black Panther tradition that was strange yet interesting, seeing him being buried, for some who were curious about the culture of Wakanda, they saw this as a way of reawakening, like to gain the Black Panther powers, one must go to the ancestral plane before waking up again as the new Black Panther.

It does bring light towards their concept of death that it was never the end, that even in death, they are never truly gone.

The scene also features a flashback to Civil War to show T'Chaka's death, it successfully reminds the audience what happened and reminds them how far T'Challa has been in his journey as a hero.

To know that this sequence was the beginning of his journey as a king.

00:30:10 - 00:30:43

And with speculation, it had some sense into it, as T'Challa rises from the ground in the Ancestral plane, the place felt, at peace, with a calming night sky with interesting lighting effects.

They notice Black Panthers resting on the trees, many consider to be the previous warriors of the Black Panther.

"I'm getting so much Lion King vibes from this…" Uraraka smiled, remembering another African themed film that she liked.

00:30:43 - 00:30:55

With the panther jumping down, many were surprised when he transforms into T'Chaka, the previous king.

"Reunited at last," Iida said, happy for the two, but knowing that this was only for a moment.

00:30:55 - 00:31:35

"All part of growing up," Iida said, seeing T'Challa going down with his father to tell him to stand up, showing that the son has become a man and on par with his father.

00:31:35 - 00:32:00

"That is not what he was talking about…" Iida said, right before T'Challa said the same thing, which gave him a slight feeling that he was on par with him as well.

Hearing T'Chaka speaking in a different language, reading the Japanese subtitles, he had a clear idea that T'Challa was talking about something else.

It reminded him very well of his relationship with the hero he was inspired to be, his brother, Ingenium, who was his motivation and his reason to practice becoming a hero just like him.

And after what he had been through, he can see what T'Challa wasn't ready for.

00:32:00 - 00:32:07

To lose that admiration.

Granted, it's not the same for Iida, his brother is still alive, but was forced to retire, in a way, the hero part of him died and at the same, it felt like he was losing the most important aspect of him. His feeling was so much towards that idea that it put him on a path of going after Stain, a mistake he certainly regrets.

It wasn't just Iida who had so much thought about what T'Challa said, as Midoriya thought about if he was ready to be without All Might.

He remembers what All Might told him about Nighteye's future vision, that All Might will soon die, he hoped that All Might would survive even when he is retired. Maybe the vision didn't come to be.

But still, he wasn't sure what he would do if he lost the hero he admired.

00:32:07 - 00:32:15

Now it was All Might who had thoughts towards this scene and remembering what he told Midoriya about his foretelling death that could happen soon or next year.

What T'Chaka said gave him great regret.

'A man who has not prepared his children for his own death has failed as a father.'

He thought about this and realized that what he told Midoriya and how they deal with it might not be the best outcome if things don't go their way. And it was all within the promise he made to not die, to overcome this death.

But he has a feeling that it will happen regardless and if he does and if Midoriya wasn't ready to lose him, then he would have failed as his mentor.

He didn't prepare Midoriya for what will happen when he passes away and now, he fears for what his successor would do if it happened.

Perhaps it wouldn't be too late, the boy still has so much to learn and as a teacher, he can help his student deal with loss and prepare him for the inevitable. Even if he breaks a promise, he once made to him.

00:32:15 - 00:32:36

Tokyami gave out a sigh, "great advice from the passed king in hopes for a better future."

00:32:36 - 00:32:51

Hearing the advice, many taken in what he said, that being king is hard for a good man, something that can be understandable, as history showed a range of ruthless kings or ones with questionable morals, but it was because the responsibility takes a huge toll, to not only protect the people but to make sure that everyone is happy and make the kingdom the greatest. It was hard, near impossible to have both and that's how a king would struggle.

Even with the nice advice, with a good touch of having trustworthy people to support him, the audience can see the challenge that T'Challa has to face, and something to think about throughout the film.

00:32:51 - 00:33:10

"Welcome back to the world of the living," Present Mic said as T'Challa rise from the recently buried dirt.

"That means he now has the powers of the Black Panther again," one of the teachers pointed out.

"Indeed," Nezu smiled.

00:33:10 - 00:33:27

There wasn't much to say about the scene, as it shows a regular day at a busy street in Wakanda.

It was interesting to see, to see how well the city mixed African themes with advanced technology, it was indeed something they haven't seen in any other film, so it was very fresh.

00:33:27 - 00:33:55

Hearing the conversation between T'Challa and Nakia, many were interested in their conversation as well as knowing much about the seemingly Black Panther's crush.

"You the kind that would step up when people are calling for help," All Might said, with him and many on the hero side liked that there was someone who would be willing to help others in need, even a few of the villains were impressed.

"It also explains why she was in an undercover mission," Shoto pointed out.

So far, many liked Nakia.

00:33:55 - 00:34:08

Then she brought up a good idea that has so many debates.

With the majority seeing the good reasons for Wakanda to share what they have, some question the concept.

"As much as it can help people, it can also bring problems," one of the teachers started, "drawbacks include countries using the resources for their own means or creating weapons that could cause consequences."

"Hence why Wakanda hid in the first place," Nezu said, "but most of this stuff would be very political."

"Yeah, I would rather leave that to the ones who know what they're doing," All Might said, as the former symbol of peace, he had to talk to many politicians to make a world a better place, stuff that sometimes goes over his head.

"Speaking like a true poster boy," Aizawa comments that gave a little shock to the retired hero.

"Well… overall, there has to be a lot of considerations and a lot of planning if they were going to do this."

"If they ever do it," Toga speaks up.

00:34:08 - 00:34:25

"She has a point," Midoriya said, "back then, it might be impossible, but times do change."

"Quirks are a good example of how far we change compare to pre-quirks, ribbit" Asui added.

00:34:25 - 00:34:35

Mina giggled towards the queen comment for both T'Challa and Nakia, liking the two being together already.

00:34:35 - 00:34:51

Just like the busy streets, there wasn't much to talk about in the following scene, as it just shows some huts.

Though many were surprised when they saw a rhinoceros inside a fence and being fed an apple as if it was a horse.

This brought funny thoughts to some in the audience, thinking that in Wakanda, they ride Rhinos and wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

00:34:51 - 00:35:19

The conversation that Nakia was brought up with the talk between T'Challa and his friend, with the friend bring up a problem that some in the audience already thought of.

"That is the biggest thing about refugees," one of the teachers said, "they sometimes have problems. Taking them in would mean being involved with said problems."

"But as heroes, we must deal and overcome their problems, right?" Midoriya asked

There was a pause for a short moment, the teachers end up looking at each other, and attempt to think of a possible answer that wouldn't put them in a bad light.

"Unfortunately, it's complicated, it could be a problem that can be solved, but it can also be a problem that does bad than good for both parties, sometimes it can bring more problems for the provider, sometimes the refugee is the problem."

"In short, the world is filled with problems that not one person can solve," Kurogiri said.

"Correct," Nezu added, "it's the harsh truth, nobody can be everywhere at once and fix everyone's problems, there are just some things that are out of control and out of our hands."

"Like us." Toga said, pointing to herself.

"I guess I know what you mean," Midoriya said, "but it doesn't mean you can't try."

00:35:19 - 00:35:32

"And a very bad decision." All Might said, not even sure why the friend brought it up.

"Even though they can completely do it if they try." Hatsume said, causing others to turn around and question the support student, Mei noticed, "what, just saying, they are very advanced and can take over the world if they wanted, just be glad they're not like Hydra or something. Being truthful, that's all…"

00:35:32 - 00:35:51

"Dual wield, handheld holographic projections on a live feed," Mei said, "and the disk is tiny!"

"Smaller than the ones we have," Momo said, "and they are only capable for pre-recordings."

Meanwhile, for the rest, they heard the caller and were curious about what she was talking about. Expecting to be new that can spring T'Challa into action.

00:35:51 - 00:36:08

"So, they found out about Klaue and learned what he was going to do with the artefact," Aizawa said.

"That does sound like a big opportunity," Present Mic said.

00:36:08 - 00:36:22

"But that is the difficulties of capturing him," Aizawa said, thought a little shocked to hear how long it's been.

"Thirty years?" Kurogiri said, "that's a very big number for a villain to last."

"Especially one with a high wanted level as Klaue," Compress added, "at least towards Wakanda, everywhere else just see him as a slightly above average criminal."

"Yeah, but still," Spinner said, "most villains don't escape from their first villain attack. Much less last at least more than twenty years."

"Meaning that he's incredibly smart and slippery," Aizawa said, knowing villains that can get out of sticky situations by outsmarting the heroes, there had been a few times when a villain managed to free themselves from his scarf grasp, as there were quirks that can break the fabric material.

And for one who's been on the run against a country with the utmost advanced technology and gets away with it for nearly three decades shows how dangerous he was and the risks there will be if they go through with the opportunity.

00:36:22 - 00:36:38

"I see where this is going." Iida sighs towards T'Challa's friend. Seeing similarities.

00:36:38 - 00:36:48

"Good call" Iida sighs again, this time in relief, "as someone who went through lost, T'Challa made a good choice not bringing him, more likely, he would compromise with the mission by trying to kill Klaue the second he sees him."

"Plus, they need someone to protect the border, make sure Wakanda isn't defenceless while their king is away," Spinner added.

00:36:48 - 00:37:04

"At least he didn't promise to kill him…" All Might said, glad that T'Challa kept his lesson back in Civil War.

"Time to take down that one arm b*stard!" Bakugo said, hyping himself up to see another action for this film, the combat was interesting, but not enough for him, so he expect the hero to be at his fullest.

Hatsume meanwhile was also excited, hoping to see more gadgets for the hero to use during the mission.

Overall, everyone was excited to see Black Panther in action.

00:37:04 - 00:37:42

However, the scene shows a different place in Wakanda, seeing it, some speculated based on the appearance that it was a mining facility, a place where they collect new vibranium.

00:37:42 - 00:37:55

"Guess this is just a stop before going to Korea" Ojiro states the obvious.

This excites Hatsume, who had an idea that T'Challa's sister is a tech genius, now she hopes and expects this scene to show off new babies that could certainly bring huge inspiration. Even if they seem far fetched due to the lack of vibranium.

00:37:55 - 00:38:12

"Ex?" Mina suddenly hear the word and was a little upset, "so they did dated and broken up?"

"At least T'Challa can't stop staring at her, meaning there can be a chance." Hagakure said, trying to cheer up her pink friend.

"Hey, I get it," Mina was accepting, "plus we saw Doctor Strange where former lovers become good friends, and I don't mind that."

00:38:12 - 00:38:19

"Show me your babies Shuri!" Hatsume shouted, now happy to see new devices that will appear in the upcoming confrontation.

00:38:19 - 00:38:28

"Okay small, but useful," Hatsume said, still happy even when the first device was communications "Especially unlimited range, it would sure help out when they are in dead zones or underground or places that are too far for radio communications."

00:38:28 - 00:38:36

"So, they're the devices that stopped the cars," Power Loader said.

"Only for these new babies, they have remote access," Hatsume added, "meaning they can have full control with the vehicle"

"Very useful towards car chases or when they need an emergency vehicle." The support teacher said.

"But wouldn't it be easier just to throw the car stopping disks?" Denki asked.

"Only when they're within range," Snipe pointed out.

Power Loader continued, "yeah, there would be occasions when the getaway car is too far away, so it would be wise to get a car to catch up."

00:38:36 - 00:38:53

"Sometimes old school works," Kirishima said, remembering how his admiration, Crimson Riot was old school but still see him as his idol.

"Plus, sandals are comfy," one of the teachers said, pleased to see T'Challa going towards something classic.

00:38:53 - 00:39:04

"Back to the Future, right?" Sero said.

"Part 2, when Marty wore those lace adjusting shoes and the size fitting jacket," Mineta said, "and I thought we would get something like that."

"It would be cool," Hatsume said, already liking the idea of size adjusting shoes, who was stunned when she saw the solves turning into shoes the second T'Challa put his feet on them.

00:39:04 - 00:39:10

"And it's sound-absorbent too!" Hatsume was even more surprised.

"I would like a pair like that," Aizawa said, impressed by the tech, "it would work well for undercover missions, making it harder for villains to detect when they can't hear footsteps."

"That's the power of technology!" Mei stated, "I swear, the tech in this reality is making quirks look weak in comparison!"

00:39:10 - 00:39:13

this caused a few chuckles from the audience.

And the 1-A teacher to sigh, "that sounds like a pun Ms Joke would make."

00:39:13 - 00:39:34

"It does take time for heroes to put on their costumes, unfortunately," Momo said.

"Unless you're Iron Man" Hatsume pointed out, remembering the quick changer that inspired her to make her own to ensure that a hero is ready for duty instead of wasting precious minutes putting on their outfits.

00:39:34 - 00:39:41

"They're… necklaces…" one of the teachers said, a little unsure what Shuri is trying to show T'Challa and the audience.

00:39:41 - 00:39:51

"Agreed," Aizawa said, "that just makes you stand out."

"So that's why you wear black?" Present Mic asked.

"You wear black too." Aizawa reminded the loud hero, "though your hair stands out."

"Thanks," Mic took it as a compliment.

"But yeah, dark clothes are better when you're sneaking in the shadows."

"No light to blend in within darkness," Tokoyami said, understanding and agreeing with his teacher.

00:39:51 - 00:40:10

When many people question necklaces and not the full suit, this moment not only answers their question but amazed many of them.

Mei Hatsume was the most surprised out of them all.

"Holy crap!" Hatsume was stunned, "she broke Stark's record of getting a hero suit on."

"It would work very well for sudden situations," All Might said, remembering times when there's a villain attack or someone needs saving, he would go ahead and solve the problem regardless of what he was wearing. He remembers that when he first met his successor, he was chasing a villain in his casual wear and not his hero appearance.

"Certainly." Hatsume said, "if we got this tech, all you have to do is think about wearing the costume and bam! I am here!" the last part she made an All Might impression.

"it would work very well for quick hero changes, ribbit," Asui said, "plus, not to worry about changing clothes and fearing for perverts peeking in." her eyes look at Mineta.

"Hey, I learn my lesson when I got hit in the eye," Mineta defend himself.

"If they didn't plug in that hole, you would certainly do it again," Denki pointed out.

"You would too, traitor!"

"But saying that, it more likely work for those full-body outfits, I don't think it can work for my outfit."

"Or mine" Ojiro added.

"and maybe not mine," Momo nodded after a quick thought towards the concept.

Meanwhile for Hatsume, seeing how the necklace fit within the suit, made her wonder if she could replicate it. Unlike Stark's automatic suit changer with the drawbacks of the machine doing the dangerous pulling, there must be a requirement for the fabric to go on and off again for quick use, which, for current technology, seems to be impossible. Maybe with nanotech like the ones she heard of at I-Island, but it isn't fully developed and expensive for hero costume use.

This made her wish that she can get some vibranium, seeing so much potential and overflowing ideas she can use to make powerful babies.

For now, she can only dream.

00:40:10 - 00:40:25

"Annoying right," Hatsume said, "like when heroes come in and make a mess with precious babies because they don't know how to use them properly."

"Or they keep blowing up," Uraraka muttered, not taking Hatsume seriously.

00:40:25 - 00:40:35

"Wait!" Hatsume, being more surprised than ever, "are you saying that the suit is kinetic absorbent as well!?"

"What does that mean?" one of the students asked, causing those who know to turn around to face them.

"It means that kick absorbs the impact energy," Momo said, "like withstanding damage but also taking in that damage."

"But what happens to that energy?" Hatsume was curious, hoping for the scene to show it to her.

00:40:35 - 00:40:46

"Why do I have a bad feeling from this…" Iida said, a little worried when the sister put up a recording, granted it works for research purposes, but additionally knows another reason for that recording.

00:40:46 - 00:40:55

With the second kick that sent T'Challa flying, a few laugh while the others, especially those who had been through Hatsume's work, felt a sudden chill.

"Great…" Iida said, "I pity you T'Challa, you have a Hatsume for a sister…"

When the laughter died out, was like a nice moment with an interesting look towards gadgets that will be used later in the film. With that in mind, they get themselves ready to see what's ahead for T'Challa, to do the one thing his father never managed to do.

Apprehend Klaue.

To be continued…