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With that being said, let's start the interlude.


As soon as people exit the room, they quickly see new additions to the cinema.

First was the wall of heroes and villains, two being added for the heroes, another added to the villains.

On the hero side, two pictures featured two female heroes, first was T'Challa's sister, in her battle gear during the final showdown in the previous film. The label reads 'Shuri: T'Challa's technology making sister', the other image was another person from the previous film, with the most recognisable bald hair, the label reads 'Okoye: General of the Dora Milaje'.

Quickly, Midoriya noted down the name of the spear lady's name, happy to know what her name was, at last, if it was already mentioned in the film, he didn't hear it at the time.

And at the villain side on the wall of heroes and villains, one image shows the maskless appearance of the film's villain, in the blue and black gear he wore when he extracted Klaue away from custody. One that some got them to remind themselves of a certain character in an anime they might have watched. The label reading 'N'Jadaka/Eric Stevens, Killmonger.'

Around the place, there were some additions.

Like the image of Wakanda, framed as a picture along with other pictures of other locations.

Another thing on display was a replica suit of the Black Panther and Killmonger's suit standing side to side near where the other suits were.

Lastly, on the wall, was a replica of Killmonger's mask that he stole in a museum during his introduction.

With that out of the way, break begins and people either rest talked about the film, gather break snacks or go to the bathroom.

However, one person had to get some time for himself, the one who left the cinema while a hero go after him.


Shigaraki just went out of the doors and walk through the empty space of wherever they are, just to get out what was a film he couldn't bear with.

The hero.

The fact he couldn't die.

The villain.

His past.

How it was dealt with.

It was… too much for him that he just needed to get out of there so he could try and forget it all.


Unfortunately, another big problem occurs.

He turns to see the man he hated the most in his life, one that tried to talk with him but couldn't leave him alone.

All Might.

"What do you want?"

The retired hero stops at his tracks, a little frozen from hearing the villain's anger.

"I… I…" All Might tried to find the words to what he wanted to say, he thinks back to their last conversation, one where he put pieces together and thought about what happened to Shigaraki to make him this way.

The question he thought of a long back came back to his head.

"Is there a possible way to break the cycle? And rescue the lost boy that I didn't save?"

But after the film. It was the best time to speak to him again.

"I think I understand now."

"Do you now." Shigaraki wasn't impressed, but fully turn around to pay more attention to the hero.

All Might think about this, he has to choose his words carefully, he doesn't want to make the wrong impression or be wrong at this at all.

He thinks about what happened to Shigaraki, how he wasn't just a victim of All for One that it created the monster before him, but like how Killmonger's villainous path could have been ceased, how Shigaraki's could have been ceased.

One main thought was if his sensei, Nana told him about her family, he could know more of them and perhaps have gotten to know someone close to him. Though she would have her reasons, mostly because it was personal, and he has to respect her privacy.

He also thought about what would have happened if he was there to save Shigaraki. But thinking more about it and back to the conversation because he didn't know much about the connections, he would have done what any hero would, arrest a murderer and bring them to justice.

He looked at Shigaraki after thinking and remembering Killmonger, his issues, his problems, what he wants and how he did them, he thought about Shigaraki and how similar they were, except Shigaraki's case it's one due to one reason and one reason only.

The same reason why he tried to kill All Might at the USJ.

"You were doomed… from the start…" he said, "and it's… because of me…"

He wasn't sure if he said the right words, the fact Shigaraki didn't respond or turn his back shows that he was doing something right.

"About time you figure that out." He said, "you are my T'Chaka."

All Might smirk a little, thinking about who could have been the T'Chaka of his situation. He doesn't agree, perhaps Nana was his T'Chaka since she could have done something that stop Shigaraki from turning villain but unfortunately it didn't happen.

"I… I don't know how I could… save you…"

"You don't," Shigaraki spoke up. catching the former hero's attention. "You don't need to save me, and I honestly don't want to be saved."

It was the truth that both have to accept, as they stood at different sides looking at each other in an awkward conversation.

"Saving means being accepted to society… and I don't think society accept me or is ever going to. Whatever happens to me, I know by the end of it all, I'm either going to die or rot in a cell, before that, I would take away things I don't like in this world, heroes, society, you…"

"But you do realize what happens if that happens, right?" All Might spoke.

Shigaraki remains silent. Not annoyed, rather trying to avoid the question entirely.

Causing the hero to ask another question, "is… is that what you want?"

The villain sighs, "at this point… I don't know…" he answered, "I don't know what I want."

"What do you want?" a question All Might quickly regret, that was a dumb question, like tempting to ask what the villain want in the first place.

But surprisingly, Shigaraki remained silent and looked at All Might.

"Haven't thought of one." He answered before turning around and walking away, before muttering "I'll think of one…"


Iida had been looking over the cinema, wanting to talk to a certain person, someone he wanted to talk to after seeing the film. He was a little unsure but he know that if he did, he would be as furious towards the hero's father as Spinner was.

With no luck, Iida turns to their host, hoping that he has some answers.

"Excuse me, Wyatt." He started, catching the boy's attention. "do you know what happened to Dabi?"

"Dabi?" Wyatt raises a brow, confused by the question

"He has black hair, scars on his arms and lower mouth, wears a black jacket.

"Oh," Wyatt remembers, before giving out a cheerful laugh, "that guy… what about him?"

"I'm aware that he was taken somewhere due to his… issues…" he remembers, thinking about what Dabi said to him and how it kept the thought of him when watching the films. "just wanting to know where.

"I… I think I was told to say something if someone told me about the boy who got away." Wyatt tries to remember, "I… I think it goes something like this…"

He coughs, preparing to what he remembers.

"He isn't Dabi anymore…"

Iida wanted to quickly say some sort of rejection, yet, it sounds like something of a change. Dabi isn't his real name, more like an identity that villains have to hide, Wyatt could imply that he managed to lose the Dabi name and change for the better…

Or worse…

Still, he would rather keep a positive thought and hope that wherever he was, he was doing okay.

"In other terms, he's not going to be here for a long while."

"I guess," Wyatt shrugs, unsure of a certain answer.

"Well," Iida accepted what the boy said, "if you can reach out to him, tell him that I can know that he's in great pain… and he can see me if he wants to talk about it."

The host in return was a little shaken, "I… I… I don't think… I don't think I'm the right person to deliver the message…"

"Well, you brought us here and got him somewhere right?" Iida said, "it's the least you can do."

"I'll… I'll… try…" Wyatt said just when Iida walks away.

Leaving the poor boy a little confused and unsure what he can do with the request.


As usual, Izuku Midoriya likes to sit down and talk to his fellow classmates and anyone who likes to listen to his muttering. As there were people curious about each film.

And he likes to give out information since being the hero-fanboy as he is, would note down everything he sees.

He spent the next few minutes explaining about Wakanda, Black Panther, the suit and the technological advancements, it even got Hatsume to join in and listen to the explanation. She glees every time he talked about technical stuff. More likely inspirations and filling her with hopes to replicate such a concept.

she was only disappointed that vibranium doesn't exist or have any access to the materials to create new babies using her already wildest imagination.

But while he talked about information that was overlooked, Midoriya notice something different from his notebook.

A certain part on his notes.

"That's… strange…"

"What is it? Ribbit," Asui asked.

Midoriya proceed to show the group his notebook, which contains pages that were missing. With ripped pieces of paper left.

"Did somebody take some pages?" Midoriya asked.

"That's probably me," Hatsume said, "remember when I told you to note down tech stuff and I promptly ripped the pages out."

"Yes," Midorya answered, flipping over the pages, "and you did it here" he showed the pages that were torn by Hatsume a while back.

"These torn pages are new, unsure what I wrote in them. Maybe… maybe it's not important."

"Or maybe there's a reason." Kirishima said, "you don't just tear pages, I know you just use that eraser at the end of your pencil and rub it out."

"I guess so…" Midoriya admitted, realizing that the torn pages might have importance after all, "I'll look into it later…"

He looked around the cinema, a place he now remembers as clear as ever, and yet he felt that something was off, like something was missing, just like the torn pages, he felt this feeling just as he heard Killmonger's voice. Like there was a hole in his memory that he couldn't remember. It weirded him out, a little unsure what it means or if it has something to do with the place they're in.

He wasn't sure anymore. It felt like he's been in this place for a very long time.

For now, he shakes his head and focuses on his notes, "now, does anyone have any questions?"



It was one of the many things Shigaraki treasures.

No one around to annoy him.

No one to tell him what to do.

No one to hurt him.

No one at all.

He likes being alone.

As he sat down in a seemingly flat part of this strange world.

The certain place was a little off for Shigaraki, there were marks and different colours on the ground that stands out from the dimensional dessert. It was as though he was sitting on the empty foundations of an unbuilt building.

A perfect place to look at something new, a perfect place to be alone.

Hopefully, nobody would come to try and talk to him, like what All Might tried. Then again, nobody would dare, if anything, they would be afraid to be near him, thinking that he would kill them even without a quirk, as being known as a fearful villain towards the heroes eyes.

Which helps him find a place to be all by himself.

All by himself and thinking of all the thought he can have, especially to how much hate this entire experience, from seeing heroes and villains that are powerful than his sensei.

It reminds him of why he hates heroes so much, why he hates everything around him and would like to see everything destroyed

And yet, one question came to his mind since All Might ask him this.

'What do you really want?'

It reminds him of what Overhaul said of what he'll do when he changes society, something he didn't really think about as much as he could, he only used it as a way to get attention and to keep his teammates from killing him so he wouldn't kill them and use them as pawns.

And it all leads back to Stain, someone he disputes the second he talks about false heroes and true heroes, as if there are any true heroes or good heroes at all, to him, all heroes are bad and he wants them all dead.

The fact that people found Stain likeable and his former teammates look up to him got him to question why, it was enough that he had to talk to the one he hates the most of all out in public.

Now. he's at a point where he's just unsure of it all.

All he does is use what others say and put it to him, he used Stain and he had plans to use the quirk bullets for his main plan to destroy everything.

And yet…

He still comes back to the question.

'What do you really want?'

"Damnit!" Shigaraki anger at the thought. He grabbed a small pebble from the ground and threw it at frustration.

He continued to throw about four more rocks as he try to get the question out of his head.

But at the moment of throwing the last rock, something strange occurred that he notice when his temper died out.

It was something at the outside and beyond of the foundation, away from the cinema, he grabbed another rock and now focused on the area, he threw the rock.

The rock disappeared and what's left was an effect that seems like what happens when one throws a rock in a pond.

He walk closer, noticing the circle waves until they disappeared.

Shigaraki was incredibly unsure at this point, but something he want to figure out.

He was about to reach his hand to touch whatever this mysterious invisible wall was.

But hesitates, remembering that there was little time left.

He wasn't sure what he wants, but the best thing he can do is adapt.

Adapt until it becomes the thing he wants.

And he wants to know what was going on here…


As soon as the villain came back, the first thing he sees was people getting towards the screen room doors, as it was time to watch the next film.

The film itself already has a name. as it reads on the top of the doors.

'MCU 19 – Avengers: Infinity War'

"The Avengers are going to team up together again," one of the students said, while excited many were a little concerned.

"Sounds a little bit… strange…" Momo said.

"Yeah," Midoriya said, "the Avengers are disbanded, half of them became wanted criminals from the Sokovia Accords and the remaining two are still in space."

"Well whatever it is, I'm sure it's going to be the most biggest film we'll ever see!" Mirio attempts to lift his spirits as he sits down along with everyone else.

Right before the boy stood up on stage.