Chapter 6: Original Mario's Trick

(Dark Land)

The mini tornado brought Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi to somewhere in Dark Land.

Mario- We made it to Dark Land, but we're further from Castle Koopa than I was hoping for.

Luigi- No worries, Mario. We just have to follow Bowser's name in neon lights and we'll reach the castle.

Yoshi- And quickly! Yoshi scared Bowser fire again!

Mario and Luigi jumped on Yoshi and Yoshi began rushing towards Bowser's castle as quickly as he could.

(Castle Koopa)

Bowser was looking through the targeting computer of the Ultimate Star Cannon and saw Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi rushing across Dark Land.

Bowser- So the Mario Brothers are attempting to stop me even after I demonstrated how powerful this thing is. Guess the Mario's need a further demonstration. But this time, they'll get a better experience at this cannon's power! GWAHAHAHAHA!

Bowser was about to fire the Ultimate Star Cannon at Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi's coordinates, but suddenly, all he saw was an extreme close up of Kamek's face on the targeting computer as Kamek jumped directly in front of the cannon.

Kamek- WAIT! You can't fire that thing in Dark Land!

Bowser- Why not, Kamek?

Kamek- Your destructionness, if you fire that thing at any location in Dark Land…we'll be caught in the blast radius! You don't want to blow us up too, do you?!

Bowser- Oh…I never really thought about that…guess even a weapon like the Ultimate Star Cannon has its flaws. But no matter!

Bowser had the targeting computer redirect its target to Mario and Luigi's house.

Bowser- Let's see how those retarded plumbers do without a home! And maybe even parts of the Mushroom Kingdom at the same time!

Bowser fired the Ultimate Star Cannon again, but to Bowser's surprise, the blast was stopped halfway to Mario's house.

Bowser- Wha…

Bowser looked at the targeting computer again and saw Kyrin flying in the area where the laser was suddenly stopped.

Kamek- Isn't that the brother of Tabuu who sided with the Mario's?

Bowser- I see…the Ultimate Star Cannon do much to a god like him. However, it still won't do much good. He might be able to stop one blast, but can he stop them all?

Then Bowser programs the targeting computer to target multiple areas. Toad Town, Peach's Castle, Kongo Jungle, Hyrule, Popstar, Kanto, Mobius, Buramudgee, Skyworld, and Sequin Land just to name a few.

Bowser- Considering how fast this baby can rapid fire, I'll bet it will only be a matter of time before Tabuu's brother slips up and the Ultimate Star Cannon finally hits its target!

Bowser fired many blasts from the Ultimate Star Cannon and it fired each shot almost immediately after the previous shot like it didn't need time to recharge.

Bowser- In the meantime, Kamek, you keep the Mario's from getting to me!

Kamek- As you wish, my lord! I will give those Mario's a warm welcome!

(At the entrance of Castle Koopa)

Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi arrived at the castle entrance. Mario and Luigi dismounted off of Yoshi's saddle after they arrived. But they saw the Ultimate Star Cannon fire from the roof before they could get inside. But then they saw the laser blast get blocked by Kyrin before it could get very far.

Luigi- At least Kyrin's got things under control.

Mario- Yeah, but I don't know how long Kyrin can keep this up before Bowser gets a shot passed him. Time is not on our side here! Not to mention that piece of Tabuu's soul that still trapped inside that cannon. We better move fast!

Mario and Luigi each pull out a fire flower and turned into Fire Mario and Fire Luigi before entering the castle.

(A bit later in Castle Koopa)

After fighting their way through Castle Koopa, Fire Mario, Fire Luigi, and Yoshi arrived in a large room with Kamek waiting for them.

Kamek- The Mario Brothers…so good of you all. And you brought my nemesis, Yoshi.

Fire Mario- I take you Bowser still hasn't realized that Tabuu has been using him to do his dirty work…again.

Kamek- Tabuu? What does he have to do with any of this?

Fire Mario- Tell me something, Kamek. How did Bowser learn about the Ultimate Star Cannon?

Kamek- He read about it in a book.

Fire Mario- And where did this book come from?

Kamek- Uh…actually…I'm not sure. It just suddenly King Bowser in the face while he was taking a shower and…Oh no! I'm not letting you distract me like that! I'll bring you ****ing fools down and present your corpse to Lord Bowser! NAHAHAHAHAHA!

Kamek made his broom appear and got on it. Then Kamek fired a magic attack from his wand and fired it at Fire Mario, Fire Luigi, and Yoshi. They managed to dodge, but Kamek got more airborne and out of reach. Fire Mario and Fire Luigi tried to shoot their fireballs at Kamek, but he was out of reach.

Kamek- What's the matter? Am I too high up…

Before Kamek could finish gloating, one of Yoshi's egg bombs hit Kamek and knocked him off his broom and onto the floor.

Yoshi- Yoshi surprise Kamek no take egg bombs in consideration.

Then Fire Mario and Fire Luigi quickly fired as many fireballs as they could at Kamek before he could get back up. After the explosion, Kamek was knocked into the wall.

Kamek- This is starting to get out of hand!

Then Kamek created a purple energy shield around his body with his Koopa magic and got back on his broom.

Kamek- Let's see you like assholes like my new barrier spell! Your silly attacks won't be able to get to me now!

Fire Luigi- We'll see about that!

Fire Mario and Fire Luigi shot a few more fireballs at Kamek, but they didn't even scratch that shield around his body.

Kamek- NAHAHAHAHAHA! I told you your attacks were useless! Now time to die!

Kamek fired a few more magic attacks, but Fire Mario, Fire Luigi, and Yoshi managed to dodge.

Fire Mario- There has to be a way to get through…wait…

Then Mario remembered that in his dreams of his ancestor, the two brothers combined their fireballs for one powered up attack.

Fire Mario- Luigi, I think I have an idea! Can you charge a fireball to full power?

Fire Luigi- Like this?

Then Fire Luigi creates a fully charged green fireball in his hand. Then Fire Mario did the same only his fireball was red.

Fire Mario- I don't know if we can make this work like they did, but we might be able to make it close enough. Luigi, we're going to try and shoot our fireballs at the same time and see if we can combine them.

Then Fire Mario and Fire Luigi each shot a fully charged and they actually merged into one giant swirling red and green fireball aimed at Kamek. The combined fireball hit Kamek's shield and it actually knocked Kamek into the wall which his shield spell still active. Eventually, Kamek saw cracks in the shield spell.

Kamek- What the hell?! How is this possible?! My new shield spell is supposed to be unbeatable!

Then the shield spell shattered and Kamek was engulfed by the commanded red and green fireball. When the smoke cleared, Kamek was completely covered in soot and was lying on the ground, extra crispy.

Fire Luigi- Mario…how did you know we could combine our fireballs like that?

Fire Mario- You can thank Marco and those dreams he's been giving me. I remember seeing him and Loewy combining their fireballs like that for a combo attack multiple times in those dreams.

Then they heard the sound of the Ultimate Star Cannon firing again.

Yoshi- Bowser still firing cannon! Yoshi no like sound of that!

Fire Luigi- Agreed! Let's get to the roof where Bowser is and put an end to this once and for all.