Many of us have underestimated the value of a wave. At bay it is deemed harmless, almost calming. Running along the shores, kissing the sand only to be pulled back and brought back again and again be it by will or by force.

When it draws away too far from it's lover- the land- or is at battle with the turbulent wind, its power isn't one to be reckoned with. But few know the many underlying benefits of these commodities.

They help predict the weather, help guide a ship to wherever it wills to go, just to name a few. Waves keep the momentum of the world. In them travels energy. One of the strongest ever known to man.

It was no wonder Luffy knew as soon as he met her. Bringing her along was one of the best decisions ever made in his life. He had hit the ultimate jackpot and did not want anyone else. More valuable than his dreams, than his hat, than the clothes off his back; that was Nami.

His very own wave.

To be continued...

Author's Note

It's my birthday today (25 years old and a day of overthinking and a combo of mixed thoughts filled with both anxiety and excitement for the future) and with a random surge of inspiration, I conjured this simple fanfic for you guys. Let me know if you enjoyed.