In a series of unforeseen events and circumstances, the crew was invited over to a villager's home for dinner with her family. It was the least she could do since she and her husband were robbed on their way home. The bad guys ran into the Strawhats and were sent flying. The happy couple was able to get their things back.

After a delicious dinner, their hostess went into the back and brought out a little human. On high alert, Luffy and Nami were both abrupt to abandon their seats to have a look at the infant in her mother's arms. The baby girl was no more than 2 months old and for some reason Luffy and his navigator couldn't take their eyes off the child. The cuteness was too real and it was honestly the most precious thing they had ever seen.

"Babies are not super. Cute but keep them 10 feet away from me." Franky said striking a pose. He had baby sat Kokoro-baasan's grand daughter in the past and the amount of crying and poop was enough to put him in a mental hospital.

"I'm used to babies. Some might even call me a pro."

"Really Usopp?" Chopper couldn't believe his ears. Usopp was a master of everything.

"In fact, it was me who fathered the strongest men who ever lived. Does Edward Newgate ring a bell?" Usopp rambled on and on and Chopper had a billion and one stars in his eyes.

Zoro gave the child one look and escaped outside to train. Sanji excused himself too to smoke thinking to himself that he hoped she grew up to be a fine young woman one day. He mused himself with the thoughts of women and found that more entertaining than babies.

Brook strummed a fine tune on his violin and Robin helped herself to a book she borrowed from the shelves. All weren't as bedazzled when it came to babies. All but a certain captain and navigator.

Their fascination did not surprise the rest of the crew because even though they knew they would deny it, Luffy and Nami had loads in common.

"Can I hold her?"

Nami frowned upset that her captain beat her to it and as soon as the child was placed in the pirate's arms, Nami had a lot to say.

"Not like that, Luffy. Like this. No not like that. Hold her head up, her head."

She took the liberty and showed him exactly how it was done. Though Luffy tried, the poor baby looked like she was about to cry and Nami had to do something.

The child smiled and grabbed her finger and Nami shivered in delight and cooed at the little wonder. The maternal instincts buried deep inside her was at full force and she could not wipe the silly smile off her face.

"You're really good at this, Nami," said Luffy. He envied her. Always had and always will. There were very few things she wasn't good at.

He was shocked when she gave him a second chance and this time he got it to a T. The child watched him curiously and flashed a gummy smile. And Luffy faltered a bit. It was like a flying arrow stabbing his heart through and through.

"Good job, Luffy." Nami was proud of her captain. He was a natural.

"I want one."

"Leave that until you're Pirate King, captain."

"Yes, of course." Luffy was smart enough to know that much.

"But I get what you mean. I wouldn't mind having one too."

The captain and navigator grinned at each other and sighed simultaneously admiring the child's beauty feeling all fuzzy and warm.

It was inevitably a day to remember. And one of the best days of their lives.